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#823 A Prayer for Wisdom (Proverbs 8:1011)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot proverbs chapter eight versus ten and eleven take my instruction instead of silver and knowledge rather than choice gold for wisdom is better the jewels and all that you may desire cannot compare with her. How do you see the value? Oh you of wisdom here God is saying in his word as clearly as can be actually beautifully an poetically and powerfully. That wisdom is better than silver wisdom is choicer than gold that it's more valuable than jewels. All that you may desire in this world cannot compare with wisdom like believe this you think of silver gold and jewels like more and more stuff afflict picture the shiniest the newest the nicest the best all that you could desire in this road all the luxury all the possessions. You can Dr Desire in this world. And God's says all of them cannot compare with wisdom wisdom is better than all of the riches of this world so if that's the case then let's seek wisdom in his word let's pray for wisdom from God let's ask it continually for wisdom like we work for money. We work for possessions. Let's that's work. All the more for wisdom work all the more for this treasure that is better than silver gold jewels or anything. We could desire that this world offers. God We pray right now for wisdom. God I pray my own life every faster my life as a husband is the dad is a pastor as a leader as a man. Just an everything I think and desire and say and do you gotTa pray for wisdom brave for your wisdom. I want your wisdom more than I want. Millions of dollars want your wisdom got helping to want your wisdom like that gotTa pray for this for others got help us to see. Wisdom is better than being a billionaire that it's better to be wise. So God we pray your grants wisdom that wisdom and flow from fearing you from time in your word from walking with you in prayer and worship ship from close relationship with you God that you would guide and lead and direct us by your wisdom in us. God please be so I pray for wisdom in our lives and we pray for a right view of wisdom compared to everything this world offers in. Jesus name Amen

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