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When deciding how and when to safely return to the workplace you need to be informed. That's why IBM Watson helps. You prioritize employee safety with Watson works a set of a infused capabilities. Let's put smart to work visit IBM. Dot. COM Slash Watson works to learn more. Fried Passion and pageantry of college football leaves here. The Paul Finebaum show our three podcast. act. program. Live of big early part of the show. Dealing with the big ten issues Wisconsin. On pause we have talked to many many other people right now gives gives me great pleasure. Welcome back to our program booger McFarland. Booker has been too long. How are you doing? Paul what's up baby I'm doing outstanding. It's been a long long time. How are you? My friend? Okay. I'm not seeing you. But then again, that would apply to pretty much the whole free world. You seem like you're you're keeping busy to to a degree. Yeah Paul. You know just talking college football and hanging out with Chris Berman and trying to keep random. I got a pretty full schedule Buddy. What I have gotten I don't know him very well run into obviously. Around. Espn but what's it like to work with one of the legendary figures in sports? Broadcasting History. You know ball he's a wealth of knowledge. and. oftentimes, the mistake people make when when you arouse somebody like Christopher yourself is we want to talk a lot. The best thing you can do when you around his listened because he's stories for day, and if you listen, you'll learn your. You'll hear some magnificent stories back. You gotta remember. Before anybody ever heard a fine Bonnie McFarlane Burma started like he was there day one with the SPN Nineteen, seventy, seven, seventy, eight something like that. So he's been around a long time. He knows where a lot of killers is a very policy I I just sit around and listen to stories all day and try not to. Hurt my side laughing saw. Can, imagine. Booger let's get to college football and we are. At the mid point of some leagues, the beginning of others today we learned about the big ten we had many conversations with you before the season about what should be done or shouldn't be done. How do you think it's going so far? I think overall is probably going as well as. Could, be expected I I think as pertains to the big ten is this just came out with Wisconsin, I think the big ten is painted themselves in a corner and they're going to have to deal with whatever comes out of it as far as Wisconsin basically having to cancel a game I don't think they're going to be the only team that has cancelled game I. think if you're one of the big ten, you just hope. That Michigan and Ohio State and Penn state some of your marketing programs don't have to counter game especially as we get closer to selection Sunday where the College Football playoff is determined. I think when you look great. Thank you and the SEC dumb Paul. They did the one thing that most of America. didn't want to do which was sit back relax way be patient. Don't make a decision to you have to. You have to make a decision then you make one and you know I think so far. So good I if we could only get Dan Mullen to take the coronavirus serious I think the would be in pretty good shape but you know he wants to put ninety thousand in the understand and I don't even know what Florida's going to be the play this week they got six new so. Other than flawed I. Think yes. He handled pretty good in the big twelve. I mean th, they're social distancing their defense as always I mean that nothing nothing about their defensive. Strategies chains, and we'll see what happens with the packs with the PAC. Twelve to me is going to be a fascinating scenario. You especially dealing with what's going on in California and Arizona Those states have been a lot. They're still going through a lot and only with the Koran of our with the tires. It's GonNa. Be Fascinating to see what happens out there in California. The big picture. Starting with Alabama Losing Jason Waddell, some people have written them off which. I think is maybe premature considering how much talent? Is On that team, but it does affect them in what ways do you think it will hurt them the most. They lose an experienced explosive playmaker that doesn't mean that they don't have somebody behind him. You know guy like slave bowling our Louisiana where number eighteen and he came in and gets Tennessee had three or four catches obviously devante Smith is is is really good. They have play makers but what happens Paul is. In, Waddell was the guy that in eating when he touched the ball, where did a kickoff return a punt return of slant a hitch he could take ninety five yards and not that devante. Not. The meet you can't but waddle head that that that extra year that I if you ask Kirby smart and I know you had on your program yesterday I, did you talk to curb Kirby Smart Curb your tail you he had his best quarterback on water. He went right buying for eighty five yards like that's a scary feeling but again, Nick Sabin recruits well, nobody's GonNa feel sorry for Alabama they got other five star players on the field and as long as Jones played at the level he's playing Paul I think people are right to put Alabama and Ohio state and Clemson Kinda penciled them in the playoffs because it's going to be tough to beat those three teams Kirby said he's sticking with debts Bennett I mean not that I expected him to say anything else. But Kim Georgia survive a against Florida next week and maybe against Alabama again. With him at quarterback. No and and and if I were call curb, your takes care about telling the same thing I like the mailman it's a great story I. Love It. It's good for you know talk about it on the radio and it's a it's GonNa make good good thirty for thirty one day. But if Kirby smart is trying to get over the Hump Fall and by hunt by me winning that a championship, I, mean, you know, let's let's start with an sec title and then we can move on to the national titles. He's GonNa. Do that you gotTa have a playmaker position and look no further Paul and Georgia Lsu that have struggled. At that position, a Lotta town elsewhere what happened Lsu fall last year when they got a quarterback, I mean they it was it was records. I just feel like Kirby can have the same thing. They're Georgia I'm not sure what's going on with JT Daniels. I'm not as connected down in Athens, but it seems to me Paul that if bin is the best, they have necessarily a lot about at Daniels now neiman transferred I don't even transfer because he was going to get beat out by Dan you but evidently you know he got beat up by peanuts I just think when you go against a team like an Alabama. When you go against Florida. I. If they can out how to play defense again, because m hit them pro forty points when you walk into a house, say when you go at Clemson, you gotTa have a guy at the position that you you don't have to coach around i. feel like right now Kirby smart as having a coach around the mailman and not coach for him and Kirby wanted maybe Kirby knows something we don't I I'll leave it up to him but I just know. From a playmate standpoint, he's not on the same level as Jones as a Justin feels they trevor Lawrence at some other restaurant quarterback in this league. Let's talk about this weekend because Lsu has been all over the place and so has your your good friend Gus Malzahn they meet in an epic game the loser this game has a hard time convincing anyone that the season will be worth playing the rest of the way. But what happened Saturday in Auburn. It's going to be a fascinating display of which team. In. Which quarterback shows up you know vote Knicks quite frankly hasn't lived up to the billing. You know I remember his first game against Oregon. You Know Patrick his dad was in the stands and we were all you know cutting away shots of bow shots, Apache thinking we were GonNa have this great story but quite frankly he hasn't lived up to it joy gatewood transferred and I got I got a feeling that have gatewood was still there. The gave with might be get some snaps and as far as issue it doesn't sound like Miles Brennan is GonNa play. So now you got a freshman quarterback only played one game TJ Finley who's GonNa go on the road yeah. It's not gonNA be a hostile environment as for eighty five thousand but it's on the road in the SEC against one of the better defensive coordinators in the country and Kevin Steele. So to me Paul it's GonNa be fascinating and also intriguing to see which quarterback. Can can kind step their level of play up because families never done it on the road and Knicks hasn't done it in a long time like he struggled you gotta think Kevin's going going through a lot of Tenley gusts going to do what goes typically the there's GonNa be a Lotta Lotta tricalm in a lot of temple and you know food people but it ended today which quarterback plays the best and that doesn't turn the football I think is going to be the one that ultimately ultimately say the season because I hey, i. If Auburn loses this. Then you know I can hear the headlines Monday you know is still worth seven million if coach loses this one then we're GonNa be talking about championship hangover and maybe the book sales you know took the script going to go down for coach owes new book so this is going to be a very very High stakes game maybe not for championship purposes, but for just having a good season and kind of keeping the momentum of your programs on. Before you go off this week but I just want to get your impressions of Jeremy Pruitt Stewardship of this Tennessee program, and I know where we are all excited with winning streak but. It's been. It's been grim a grim watched the last couple of weeks. and. You know I'm willing to give Jeremy a four four year recruiting cycle before I can really judge. You know he's he's Kinda hitching his wagon to jared guarantee tunnel right now and that hasn't gone well, he's been up and down like the stock market and and hopefully for Jeremy say he can go up a little bit more. I WANNA give him a four four year cycle before I can really judge him I know they're loved the expectation fall he's done some good things Tennessee's plan better. But. If we wanted Tennessee to be what Tennessee was, you know when Peyton manning was there, which was a national program that could go in any state in America and recruit they're not there yet and it's up to Jeremy to get there. Now maybe he's waiting on arch manning to come out in the future. I don't know hey, that's a long way away your Jeremy you got out a way to beat somebody upper-echelon teams like I can't take you serious in this conference until you can beat Auburn Georgia. Florida. Lsu Alabama like I can't take you serious that you beat me more than a fluke. Okay. until tuna seeking to beat that little routine fall and and do it consistent and you know want to it over here it's going to be tough for me to take them here. And finally This is his fifth year he did beat Georgia last year but. It seems like will muschamp is living week to week in spite of having a fifteen or twenty million dollar buyout. When, when are you supposed to turn the corner even at South Carolina? Yep I thought last week's laws on the road Lsu when she was starting to freshman quarterback. When you got fifty to put on, you was it damaging a loss? We'll much that he's having a long time. a lot of momentum they. It'd be Florida but they play Florida. You can see improvement I'm just not sure what the what the ceiling is for for South Carolina like if you were to ask. The people on the board you athletic director what's our ceiling because if there really is? Probably, GonNa say when the National Championship I don't think. So okay. So what's your ceiling is your ceiling every four years when the east and go go there Mana. Okay. If that's the case then you've been, he's still hasn't achieved that. So I I would love to know what they think the ceiling and maybe you can tell me Paul what do the South Carolina fantasy when they call because I gotta be honest and Real is realistic with themselves. They can't think national championship yet. They gotta think okay. What can I win the East what did you hear from those fans when they call we really depends on the week I mean they are they are the most hot and cold fan base. I've ever heard a week ago they were feeling great and then Monday, they were right back to what's it cost to buy we'll must champ out. And Next week, they're going to call you ask you. What's going to be the capacity for the independence? Bowl, let. I we've gone over. This conversation has. Reinforced how much we miss you hear bugger comeback soon I know you you've got a lot going on, but it's always great to have you on. It's always good to be on I can't wait to see you back in the studio because it lasts check you weren't in the studio, right? I. I am I am marching my way. Through this pandemic. But Hey, listen you come back soon booger always great to have you. We'll do later fall. You gotTA BOOGER McFarland joining us. It's always a pleasure. It's always cool to have him and really appreciate that more of your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five. Thank you for listening to the Paul Finebaum Show podcast the Paul Finebaum show weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern. Look haunted. I don't think. So what about those two girls come stay with us? Truly frightening. Missing Mana Guy goes great service. We've Caca you get twenty, four, seven access licensed agents. Thank you creepy girls. 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