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What's up I'm Ben Hale and this is the easy living yards podcast creating beautiful yard should be easy let's jump a and create the Dream Yard you deserve so you can enjoy more time doing what you love a forest trees that were eighty hundred fifty feet tall right covering the ground shade sunlight rarely hit the ground where I live three hundred years ago right now son escapes actually ty into this stuff but think about it our yards used to win where I live in southern Ohio are yards used to be a forest my commitment through easy living yards to you is to make a bigger positive impact on the environment in the world we live in talking about seven generations ahead in seven generations how we care for those are offspring seven generations for the people your podcast today we're going to be talking about something really interesting why do you matter why do you are offspring that we will be their ancestors right we won't ever have a possibility to meet them how do we care for them how do we make this world grandkids so you know the native Americans had this awesome story that they told I can't remember which tribe it was it was some native American tribe that would talk about the a better place for them right that was a an amazing story when I first heard that and I think that should so much should be more part of our society today right trying to spend just a you know twenty minutes of quality time with our kids can be difficult and crazy maybe you don't have kids right but you get what I'm talking the things that make us think about life right about what's important we get so caught up into our day to day grind into hustle but and so that's where you know we've been talking about why should we care for the environment and my commitment to the environment here easy living yards and when you work with easy even yards whether it's through what you're inspired by on this podcast or whether you choose to join the membership and really commit to making a positive changing landscape in whatever way missile whatever you WANNA call it right getting the kids at school getting the kids home from school getting them to soccer practice baseball practice you know getting into music lessons whatever it is keep does matter and it does make a difference likewise for the people in this world what we choose to do with our landscapes does matter to and that's what we're going to talk about today matter I know sometimes they get really crazy philosophical on some of these shows right well I haven't done it enough and so the month of October we've been really diving into it it's the ground almost everywhere shade rarely hits the ground big changes so the reality is what we do in our landscapes does matter and what we choose to do with our land through our landscapes through what we think about our lives and through how we live with purpose and intent and that carries all the way through to caring for the people on this planet vert is right and so really with these episodes a really wanna drill home what's important why do we care about things we've talked about some stuff about the environment in the all about here at easy living yards is making that landscape purposefully so you can live life purposefully okay life is help you have a beautiful landscape that you can be proud of but also a low maintenance landscape that has a positive impact on the environment okay that's what I past couple episodes right why should we care about the environment what do you care about the next generation do carry about your kids and what their life will be like when they grow up do you care about your maybe it's tough to earn but right money is a concept right. I don't WanNa get deep on this but time is a finite resource we don't know how much of it we as well making our lives better making lives better for the people around you might think it's crazy that I'm tying all this stuff together and I think it's you know how Lee right life is crazy life is busy we get into our patterns into our habits and next thing we know five years ten years twenty years thirty years we've been really getting deep into some of that you know some people call this wishy washy stuff I call it really important stuff the things that make us think is not meant to be wasted guys that's my true belief in our lives here is that we're each meant for some sort of purpose some sort of life with intent whatever that means for you you have a pretty yard right that stuff sucks away our life it sucks away time from things we could do that are more impactful with our life so that's why I wanted individually and it's up to us to figure that out for ourselves so today we're talking about my commitment to a better world through the people in this okay so let's just jump right in so when it comes to making a better world through the people in this world it starts with the yard is something that can add to your life and does not take away the time from your life just to take away time from your life in order to have another obligation to you it starts with me okay it starts with us you can change your yard and you can change your life how you perceive your yard and what it does for your life can change your life and how you live with intent three yard changes your life this is how it all ties together right when you see okay what you do with their time matters right our time is very precious there is an unmet limited amount of money we could potentially earn it our lives have and when it's gone it's gone when our time's gone it's gone rate and so what we do with our time how we live with purpose how brings you refreshment brings you an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and you you create that landscape in a way that gives back to you in that way it also do that's when everything changes so when you're committed to having a beautiful yard that brings you fulfillment self critical a lot about our yard so think about how much negative energy comes from your yard and also how much negative energy we direct energy comes from our yards if I think personally I'm being honest here all right so we kind of talked about this recently word our yard that's reflected back to US guys right the more negatively negatively we think about something the more negatively we allow tons of work to weed into Mo- into maintain like it does on your neighbors property okay think about this how much negative back to you in the time that you aren't required to maintain it that's when we win okay so let's create a beautiful yard we don't have to have a scrubby landscape. I see okay so just think about what you're doing okay I don't want to get off on a tirade I want this to be an inspirational show for all of us okay but but it because we're not super super proud of our landscape I'll be honest right I have a lot I would love to do with their yard and so I ended up being a lot of self critical or I ended up beating is to embrace the people in our lives that means something to us and to have good fun memories together we've been living ourselves in our own yard in our own life with that with Pearson and Graham from the welcome home podcasts I had such an amazing time just talking about outdoor entertainment with him that's about living three yards guys right it's about living with your pets your children your pregnant wife a lot of these chemicals can have very harsh effects and they're not always things we can directly chemicals okay. I hope you think about what you do when you spray something on your yard and what it means for the those people yourself included in your family that it affects all right I think that's enough about negativity right now I get to I'm so used to saying it now I'm pronouncing it properly so let's focus on positively let's get some that's just you know it causes all sorts of problems negative energy with the people around us because they don't see that beauty that they want to have in your yard instead let's create that more negatively we allow inside of us because reality it's an internal thought right negativity is is something we perceive in inside ourselves. Elizabeth tent matters and if we waste that time mowing grass pooling our weeds trying to keep up with the Joneses figuring out what the how to just about something else or about ourselves right so the more negatively we allow to happen anywhere the more negativity reflects onto us right okay so here to try and prevent those negative thoughts from resounding inside a me too me more positive about my landscape to be more thankful for what we have a little bit when I had the you know the gals from welcome home on a few episodes ago by the way guys if you haven't heard that episode it was such fun recording really think about that negative energy that we might be directing at our yards or really that negative energy is long as we allow those negative thoughts to be inside of us that you have professionals come in and create this space that's beautiful but it takes tons and tons and tons and tons of work right once that and being envious of that for yard that you can be proud of that you can enjoy in likewise your neighbors perceive it as something of value and beauty at the same time let's create that yard that doesn't it how much negativity is there when you come to think about your yard what about when you think about how you have to mow your oh I have to mow my yard as best possible to live our life more fully okay so how do we do this how do we actually do this well of course this has positive energy going here let's get some good juju going right all right so when it comes to what I wanna do with our landscape I can't say the word negatively today apparently I'm just positive to say the word negative guys that's the problem here right so the more negatively we direct towards something you've thought has an effect on our body and our wellbeing in her mind in in the way we feel during the day it so I'm making a commitment make our landscapes a home for all sorts of creatures that can live in harmony with us okay they don't have to be pests they can be something that lives next to us peacefully with the space I already have in the opportunity to improve it so I challenge you to do the same make a commitment to be positive about the space you have right now at our yard because I believe that we can create a safer space for my family without those chemicals so figure out every way to do something else without the maintaining that beautiful landscape an intern use that time for something more important let's also designer landscape with purpose that we utilize that space and together we make a big difference that is important to me also replace that neighbor envy neighbor envy live with intent. Okay that's what I WANNA do I want to help you live with intent and you in doing so helping me live with intent because this I feel is it's really about removing the work from her landscape so we can enjoy that space that time with our family with the people we love let's hope after we'd my yard to treat my art after go spray my yard or mired isn't good enough right I think all of these things except for the treat part because I refuse to whether you live in an Hoa or not right whether you leave in a community with certain landscape regulations let's design beautiful landscapes that people would be crazy to me with pride and purpose so instead of being jealous of what your neighbor has in their landscape or how you know they have some you know they spend all this time making a beautiful space or they pay all this money the beauty we already have in our landscape I've still going to try and motivate myself to always improve on that and and so in doing so be thanked for this portent part of my purpose here is to help you figure out how to have a better yard in doing so I'm hoping you and everybody else listening that commits to making a change make positive change features if you love ladybugs all these creatures deserve space to live there's fewer and fewer spaces nature preserves in undisturbed locations where the contain a beautiful low maintenance landscape let's create landscape supports biodiversity okay there's more than just US living here on this planet creatures can live our yards are the new national forests guys they're the new nature preserves there the new wildlife habitats so let's create one in each of our own landscapes let's change the world we live in let's reframe what it means to have a yard okay casse remove let's create landscapes they're easy to maintain our easy for you easy for anybody that has to maintain them you don't have to be a plant other creatures the monetary value for the home and a place to grow so. I'm going to wrap guys this is kind of a short episode it's a space to create educational opportunities for your kids is it's based to create play space for your kids to enjoy childhood for what it means to them that causing problems if you love butterflies if you love birds if you love visa to distance where they won't sting you this is what I'm talking about all this have pride and purpose in our own landscape design that beautiful landscape with purpose the purpose being that we are going to save time it's a space for you to relax de-stress and to connect with your own internal spirit that's what landscapes should be guys back to you gives back the time from you having to maintain it also gives back energy for you it's a space to relax it's a space to be a family art is not a place that should be a burden to maintain it's an asset for our lives whatever amount of space you have let's create it into a space that gives it's my hope that we can create communities that foster interconnectedness holistic living voluntary associations with each other that reduce our development impact on the world around us the world we live in that are properties are part of and benefit the environment around us live with passion and make tomorrow better than today. I want to turn that frown upside down guys I want to remove those work burdens are that's what that's what we're talking about on the show with all these nuts and bolts that we talk about these are development impact on the land we live in benefit the environment around us that's what our landscapes can be guys that's what I want it to be for us in about proud about with the beauty interaction we have the space for we can be happy for the habitat and the cohabitation help you wherever you are right now in your landscape gone over to easy living yards dot com slash ask and we'll get started to help you with your landscape today it's absolutely own property and that's what I want it to be for you so here's the having hoped to creating these landscapes together guys if you're interested go ahead ask me a question I know that's a mouthful let me say it again. Create communities that foster interconnectedness holistic living voluntary associations with each other that reduced keeps her valuable piece of property that has value to our lives in value to our homes okay the beauty pieces what heads physical monetary so these aren't low maintenance landscapes where we stop cutting our grass and we let it grow long shaggy and everybody hates it right no these are landscapes integrated in our community one over to easy living yards dot com slash membership check out the options there today all right guys leave you with that thanks for tuning in make sure you if you're interested in the easy living yards membership where you can commit to making a major change major positive change in your landscape where we can make a positive change together do with low maintenance landscape design right that's what we talked about here on the show low maintenance landscapes beautiful landscapes landscapes integrate into our community evalu- right but let's think about value to our lives all those examples. I just talked about making his space to live in make it something that we're pride Welcome to episode eighty nine of the easy free all we're going to do is have a super quick chat about whatever question you have an of course. I'm always GonNa ask you for that opportunity to think about joining the easy living yards membership

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