Electric Hummer SUV Launch Edition is $110,000 | 04 Apr 2021


Coming up on show one zero four to the electric hummer is getting an suv version alongside the truck launch additions. One hundred ten grand stick around. We'll give you the details also on the show today. We're talking about 'em version of the bmw x. The misano aria goes through last minute winter testing. And we also your question of the week Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you're listening around the world. Welcome to b. news daily for sunday fourth april. My name is marcin. Lee and i go through every story so you don't have to but electric. Hummer suv then launch addition. We know costs hundred and twenty-five brand following the electric pickup truck. Now the hama is going to be released in suv form with three hundred miles of range and one hundred ten grand price tag for the first edition reservations already full by the way so telling you about it but if you got the cash burning a hole in your pocket calm actually get the first edition. They've all gone. Didn't say how many that could be too. Well it'll be more than two. But you know what i'm saying that according to the verge. Gm which is producing the electric hamas gmc brand said the suv going to production early. Twenty twenty Is it just me. Say yes before. You've heard i'm going to say is it just me or is it getting a little bit tiresome. Hearing about some caused coming out in two thousand hundred twenty three when there are so many great ebays either on the market now very same i know they want to create hype around the electric hummer. But really. thanks for telling about that. We can all the now and white two years four or there are less pricey versions coming even later a grind version and a low end eighty grand version because i've always thought icy grind was the low end of the market version will have two hundred and fifty miles of range and it comes in the spring of twenty twenty four so maybe hibernate for the next three years if you on that one well previously. The company said their electric pickup truck. We'll be assembled hopefully by the end of this year starting with the most expensive trim level but if that slipped into twenty two wouldn't be surprised the fully enclosed hungary so i don't the truck but the suv version is actually a short shorter twenty inches shorter than the pickup truck. Despite this it can still comfortably sit five adults. You can fold down the receipts to open up. Eighty two cubic feet of combat cargo space in the back. More storage under the floor says the rub report dot com website. The massive cargo space accessible via power swing out tailgates. They full size or amount. It's better tire. The cabin also features the trucks sese to remove infinity. Reef this guy panels the infancy rafe. You can still them in the front of the car. The front will the fruits and if you want to convert it into a kind of four by four. Suv convertible thing. You can take off the roof and stick him in the front news. The hummer suv is less powerful than the pickup. Could be disappointing to some people. There is a trade off because the shorter wheelbase There is less room for batteries. The thing that's not like a a module two of the batteries but the new model has a shorter turning radius. So there you go silver lining. Gmc unveiled the suv and a commercial. Yes that i during the nc double a. men's final full basketball tournament. The ad was right to bombay style. Lebron james and highlighting the signature hama features like extract mode where it lifts up or crab walk says automotive news. Gmc's not confirming the volume targets. Or even where. The suv version will be made but sources say gm ability suv Factories zero in detroit's alongside the pickup truck. Well they want to build twenty three thousand suv versions of the per year. Once they finished up production edition one model Starts one hundred and five but then seven grand less than the pickup truck for the first edition but you add some fees on top of that as an authorized package which will take the price over one hundred and ten well. Gm has yet to detail the precise batch respects for the suv The little store its power in. But we think it'll be a double stacked by tree. Eight hundred volts jogging on three hundred kilowatts charge speeds and offering over three hundred miles equipped with optional power station function. It'll do vehicle to load or whatever you wanna call that you can plug stuff into the car. This is a pretty powerful verte. It's a six kilowatt power supplies so that really is plenty of power tools. You out camping and having a heater on maybe cooking as well. Six kilowatts is plenty of appliances Gm says the maximum output off. The suv is a bit down on the truck. It's going to be a one hundred and sixty seven horsepower. Less i- hundred nineteen brake horsepower of the suv which is still plenty nor to sixty in three point. Five seconds they keep giving this talk figure out which is the talk of the wheels of eleven and a half thousand pound feet of talk which is a stupid figure so To give out the real life figure could be a thousand pound feet of torque which is impressive. That's an impressive number but give this crazy. Inflated talk figure seen explained their best last year. Let me tell you how seeing the explained. Gmc keep giving this crazy. Massive number for talk to car and up corresponds to wheel talk which is traditional most to talk multiplied through a mission drive ratio. Well jason penske from engineering explained has a video that spells out the difference and he a piece that he published following tesla's claim of the roads to having seven thousand pound feet of torque. Well if you take a dodge challenger s altea demon. Which is what he did. As the example it produces nine hundred and seventy two newton meets of engine talk and multiplied through the gear ratios. You can actually get fourteen thousand talking. I but most have a final drive reduction of about eight to one. So maybe that will be just around a thousand In normal car language pound feet of torque which like i say if only they would do every other manufacturer does it would still sound very very impressive. Advice the hummer suv. What you think of it. Would you get the truck the suv. Or neither. I haven't gone particularly one hundred grand bowling abutting holding pocket so i'll be getting neither however These are great because that selling out. I mean i did say at the start of the podcast. They won't tell us how many sold so well as selling out really. I suppose unless we know the data behind it nice headline is supposed to say we sold out but the great great vehicles that get people talking. Do i really want to drive a hummer and in the wrong country for style. I rode the small and it wouldn't in my driveway in the world. When i buy one absolutely no other like how it looks on the outside all the inside. Actually it's very utilitarian isn't it. It's kind of as a working vic. Allowed understand it. But how many hamas get used as working vehicles. How many trucks get used as as working vehicles in the. Us just got used to take the kids to school. So what are your mak- this. I'd love to hear from you next. Bmw the x. is in the knees. The electric crossover is going again. M version in twenty twenty three. It'll reportedly have five hundred and sixty horse power. According to bmw blog and the performance they will guy by the name of the x m sixty more upgraded power more suspension Tweaking the styling or be more aggressive says motor. Juan dot com bmw. Taking orders for the regular vanilla. I xe the xe extra fifty in june delivery styles in twenty twenty two but prices on cheap for eighty five grand and it'll have to electric motors Produced five hundred horsepower enough to do not sixty two one hundred k's in way less than five seconds hundred kilowatt hour battery in that by the way three hundred miles or four hundred ninety three kilometers. Epa range for the bmw. I x next nissan arias Getting some last minute. Winter testing development of the car is wrapping up nissan subjecting subjecting the final cold weather testing in japan's northernmost main island. While the winter weather is still heavy. Aria is production. Ready right now. So nissan isn't really changing anything substantial just final tweaks goes up against the full model. Y kia launches. Later this year round some says auto weeks dot com. The aria goes on sale. Only the second half of this year to battery sizes are the sixty three or eighty seven kilowatt hours pricing starting around forty thousand dollars prior to incentives. The larger battery will give range of over three hundred miles. And there's a few videos floating around online at the first impressions. The nissan lesson Some journalists and car review is film are really liked the look of the our big compact family car by the way low tech like the inside. The inside reminds me very much of the outing. Five in the the center console moves forwards and backwards. It moves out of the way. If you want your shuffle leah bam across from passing drive. I don't know why you'd want to do that every day. But it's gonna be useful. Gets the center console back the white if you've got nobody in the receipt so just kind of two people in the back as well and you know it using that central rear seat also. The tech looks pretty good. The driver systems stuff. Looks really good on. The aria starting looks pretty good because they dumping chatham oh everywhere from japan so come to sit on the rights. What the leaf is the question. I sometimes a post. I didn't think it leaves the leaf up the creek without a paddle. I think they'll continue to make a direct replacement but of course is a proper. Ev from this end with battery management's proper active thermal management to keep it in good shape. Next we'll go to sweden an efforts to reduce battery whites by building batteries. The pulse of the actual cost structure or promising concepts now team swedish. Researchers has made a big advance in the area developing a structural battery system using carbon fiber. Ano- says panic. We'll tesla has been developing structural battery packs as well. We'll see on the model y coming out of berlin on the road and perhaps even in the semi truck as well but the system that tests were going for is individual cylindrical battery cells held in place by matrix. The provides structural support as part of the car's frame nonetheless policy serviceable and they essentially pass of the car. Tesla's method embedding cylindrical. cells into housing. That just happened to be part of the car's frame. That's what vehicle. Structural good approach but the swedish team have gone even further now from chalmers university of technology. The concept makes every component of the battery of structural materials is a proper structural battery pretty much. Every part of the battery supports structural. Loads not have free loadings electrical cells in some big matrix. I still up nick. Describe it which tesla's white it contains carbon fibre the serves simultaneously as electrode a conductor and load bearing materials. The latest research breakthrough paves the way for massless storage. In vehicles and other technology says sitek dot com. It's tempt massless storage. Because in essence the batteries white actually vanishes when it becomes policy that load bearing structure calculation. Show that this type of multifunctional battery could greatly reduce the weights of an ev. At the moment. I gather it's still in the lab. At of course tesla launching cows with their version of structural batteries. This summer so still work today but all sounds really promising. Okay that's the news. Hey it's time for you. A question of the week i'll answers i was talking about. Incentives moisture favor incentive and is really interesting. The says we got in this week now. Rajiv kicks off raj. Narayan says i agree with you. A subsidy off the price of av may not be the best incentive off. The manufacturer increases the price to take off some of the incentive. My chevy bolt is now suddenly much. Cheaper now is no longer eligible for a tax credit. Purchase post purchase incentives. Maybe better perhaps they set amount of free charging free access to infrastructure or even discounted or even know registration fees. He says yeah. That's what we have here. we think would vehicle excise. Gt otherwise known as the road tax attacks but people call it but his vehicle excise duty and he's based on co two and it was just when i drove a fossil car. It was one of those things that you just accepted his pov ownership with insurance and putting petrol in the car but the biggest engine the engine the more tax you pay tax however with an event they wave so zero now. I'm bitterly for so long now. Now totally used to getting the letter. You still have to register it so i still get sent to bill and it says please pay us zero pounds and you still have to go through the procedure of going online putting in your reference number and saying hey we got government. I'm giving zero pounds and they go confirmed if given us zero pounds a next year. It's a bit odd. You kind of okay through the rigamarole of it. It's about five minutes not really a hardship. But it's a good incentive. I like kinda forget about it because you know you think about what you think about. So i guess it's true. Actually if i still owned the piston kyle be very expensive to run next. James redmond says. I think people need some persuasion to try and even so i would incentivize free. Evey for twenty four seventy two hours. You've covered the insurance and let people try any evey for free says james. that's a really good incentive. I've never really heard of that on a national scale or anything like that. I've heard of small individual projects around the world that do that. But that's a really cool incentive. That wouldn't normally be thought of as an incentive but certainly sample size of one but my wife was unsold idea even though i made navy Podcast and an unranked about she did not want to drive one herself. She's like i'm fine with our. And then when i finally said look just we'll get you zoe. We'll we'll you can take it out and just have a play and kind of came back from that. And she was like well of course. Why wouldn't you why. Why would you drive anything else it was. I was smooth and quiet. And she's like we can. We can so she just needed to drive. One next marina. In new york says company vehicles cover far more miles than personal vehicles so i think fleets and working vans should get more incentives. It might not be popular with private buys but would get more miles driven electrically than any other incentive interesting tony and his bolt. Ev says it's not so much. An incentive for vs but more countries should do like norway atta surcharge or taxes to the cost of petrol and diesel cars to make them more expensive. This doesn't stop anyone buying a petro. If they want to go ahead it doesn't mean people will probably choose an though because we will want to save money. Sylvia email sylvia hudson says the best kind of incentive is one which constantly reminds you of the benefits rather than a single incentive the point of purchase so ongoing things like tax breaks or low fuel costs lower rates have company contacts. Good reminders about the choice that you have made which is to drive. Ev veronica in london. She said why don't more countries lift value added tax the at on tv. We've seen this in the following. Covid the government have given the hospitality sector a temporary vat rate reduction hospitality. And he has to charge five percent vat than the normal twenty percent their customers and that is in order to lower prices if you know to to the public and to stimulate the sector after all vat she says is an optional tax applied to most things or services that we have to buy a vat is the third biggest revenue generator in the uk for the government after the tax that we get our wages and the national insurance that we pay on our wages interesting actually. Vat is entirely discretionary and the government could say hi to pay on abc's for this year. Which would immediately take twenty percent off the price that we pay as buyers wouldn't affect the comic because tool and there'd be some lost revenue for the For the government so There's the downside death. Joey bono or bono joey from own solutions email to say. A point of sale rebates in the us seven and a half thousand dollars off the sticker price at the time of purchase finance. I'm on the ev. Any now and i'm quite interested in the vw. Id full says. Thank you very much to everyone who emailed this week can flow. So i did choose to read out. Thank you very much for sending them in less at a brand new question. New question of the week time sponsored by immobility norway dot com. So which do you want to see your favorite comic launch which. They haven't already which i don't see on the roads the maybe haven't hasn't been announced or if it has still hasn't might sway to the streets. Favorite comic can making watt a v. Tell me email address is hello at evening. News daily dot com says next sunday as vice patriot is how we found. The show. couldn't do without you. Premium partners and phil robertson electric future. Brad crosby porsche of the village in cincinnati audi of cincinnati east volvo cars off cincinnati piece national charging dot com and aloha charge dot com. Jimmy team derek. Riley from the view on youtube channel has the audi each on. Gt coming to his channel. Portland richard at s eve cut uk buying and selling vs and he my bulletin oy dot com hydrocare partners david and lisa allen. Thank you guys gareth. Also boothby looking forward to the getting down to millbrook cottages their five-star gold self-catering cottages api charging but a solo. top guy. check him out on online. Darin mcklusky he runs the novo state's yucca cooking and yuka cooking from shift to electric dot com raji marianne and ian sill part of the show. Thank you for our executive produce. Adrian dollar alex funding. He is on the frank. Candice host. Andrew jefferson andre green. Andy eamon carolinian. I say kevin byard fusebox blunderbuss jones and brian thompson. Bruce bohannon charles kris hopkins christopher off coleman cam and greg roach anthony davis there infringe david david outings and invited prescott decide e. Don't mcallister from screen costs online. Dot com edco. Taint eric hanson. Every union you'll be reuben. Headley rights henry leissner griffiths. And what he watkins. Jack ugly store. Yes jim morris. John short john lewis bidding mc bid face legend. Kennedy john montek one. Gonzalez's kevin asan lawrence the allen lebron muscle with young me up and mike winter nights and buber on the patio freeman mealy roberts from sussex as had asked him paul stevenson gloss peacocking the robots oxen vs film shape charleen. Right monroe linke macronix. Now to roll from the arrest thinks channel on youtube a robot grace report mitchell. Psychic pain stephen steve jong toughest. It has types and the plug. Sika abba youtube channel. See next weekend or over. There is no such thing as self charging hybrid.

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