Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Theresa Chaze and Brad Williams


Welcome to Rebecca. Sounds Reveille this is a special show show today that I want you to be really excited as a veteran a marine. I am just overjoyed guests that I have today. Because she's focused on something. That is an unscripted TV. MM series that continues the highly effective peer support therapy. I'll let her tell you the vendor that comes witness and it is unlike anything that is really going out there. There's some things that are similar to this but this has healing and positive grows rather than I don't know in endorsing being here. That really doesn't get to be a resolution into a problem that many days after having seen serious trauma and you know I'm all about overcoming trauma so this is absolutely elite essential. She has something this whole horses in heroes in you got to hear about it. I want her to tell you everything about that and that she's doing like well. I'm just going to list it and let her explain. It never can say goodbye. Chalice island this mean all my I'm GonNa let her tell you all about it. Welcome no and I love you too. That wherever you're at and cheer her on because she's supporting the veterans of the United States military who have served and this is going Out to all those who are serving. Thank you and thank you for those who have served. Welcome to the show to reset chase. Welcome Rebecca thank you for hosting me. I am so excited to have you. You are welcome in. You're welcome for everything that you're doing big you there. It's as a writer producer. That is how Sir I support the military. I support our veterans but frankly the only thing I'm capable of shooting off his right now. I live it either so much about you that I want to share with the world because you your your innate nature with everything that you are doing is absolutely incredible writing directing producing you have this TV series these horses in heroes. It is unscripted. And you're just making this. You have this year. Saying heroes will be telling veterans stories and they work together to find new copious notes for their physical emotional challenges. Yes and the ethicists will be on the veterans because a are people the magic posible car to the war machine and our death awkward. I prefer crawls so listen heroes will be to apply therapy repair supplier therapy. And and by combining the two in giving veterans a chance to tell the world about themselves to share their stories. Because that's where the emphasis is you know. The horses are great. They're cute. They're wonderful but the veterans need permission to seek l.. So many don't because they think the ramifications will hurt their careers or make them feel like they're not big big tough. This guy's even marines need help. Okay can I. Can I just jump. In Theresa I have to say you're nailing it right on the money and when I went to the VA myself. I was told old the one the one group of the United States military. That is the most reluctant that they have the most difficult difficult time getting to draw out the need that they have breath and accept the assistance armories correct. Well you you know once a marine always a marine you know so you've got the reputation of being tough guys in tough guys you know just suck it up and never you know. You're you're next to post your show it because Tuck guys you know you know tough guys. Don't cry and tough guys. Don't don't run their colors colors. Don't run but sometimes you just have to give him permission to say it's okay to feel mad sad and you know how those who serve living life that most people can't imagine they leave everything they have known behind in going into situations and where they see the most horrific things and most people. Don't you know sign up to go kill somebody. They sign up to help to protect and to make situations matter. You know. Now I'm GonNa put this there are too many psychotics who are accepted in if you that year if you go into recruiting and say I want to kill as many as I can. They're getting out the door. Yes but most people who Google rule choose the life of service do so because they do want to serve. They do want to help. You do want to protect connect yes it involves guns and killing because when the bullets are flying you know you have to fire back. Yeah most people would prefer to be healthy and rescuing people and really being positive influence. But you do what you have to do at the time. I'm getting a job dot. Yes and so. Nowadays there is more help a veterans from World War One. Well Yeah civil war every were you wanNA name on roared when they came home. They weren't the same person and their families are expecting. You know they feel like they're the same in that they haven't change and they expect their you know their family member to be the same person yes hurt. No way person can really come back and be the same. You're hitting on something. That is the right on point and any type of trauma that someone faces. Chief is something in the brain and is it is a tra- what no different than stubbing. Your toe breaking your leg if they different in in the brain that is a trauma and oftentimes. We don't want to really look at it that way and say okay. We'll that needs wing just just like a broken leg needs healing and this is theresa and it is the same for police officers. That are seeing things on a daily basis to in bringing this back and not doing it exactly the same that you're talking about. I'm really want to stress. How important what you're saying is in what you're doing wing to provide support for people that are having something that is bruised ruses or needs a little bit of kind of a a cast or mindy or within the brain? It is okay to do this and there is support with what you're doing. That's one of the things that the show will do. It's it's not. Just a cast members once it now airs and goes through the screening. All the millions of veterans out. They will be given permission to see how. Because you've got these eight veterans who are having courage to tell their stories and so if they can will still cannot years ago. I was in order for Before close house and I started talking to the veteran I saw his World War Two hats and thanked him for his service in welcome. Welcome you home home and we chatted for awhile and he was in his late eighties early nineties and he survived the battle of the bulge. Oh my goodness and you talked about his. You know nearly freezing to death and being in their wins by died in his you. You know crawling across the floor to be there with them and only thing is buddy wanted you know he didn't. There were some that were so badly hurt and there were the medical supplies where it such need that. Someday just comfortable and he young in his body were in the group or the just may comfortable but his buddy wanted to see the picture of his family and that's what he wanted to die looking looking at so his buddy crawled across floor and got the picture out of his back. And that's who was there when he died died and his you know he went on due to continue to fight for his family. In what I hear it. They didn't want to know. So you know. The older veterans right now are almost more more risks. been the the current ones current conflict. Because they you know when they came home they get three hots cats in and out the door and even though there were more veterans more veterans organizations now like the W in American Legion. It was a social club but it was not for healing. It was you know and they do amazing. Work do amazing work. I would love to partner with them with horses heroes. I think we can help each other out of a lot but it was not the same as getting health and so older veterans especially those from now you know when they came back they got spit out. They they ed absolutely no respect at least those from Korea and from World War Two they were received a braves in their laurels. Girls but there are other age where starting to look back and really reevaluating their lives and all those feelings and emotions experiences at they locked away are not coming out and they are having a hard time dealing with it because you know there are tough guys and they're supposed to suck it up but they think that just because it it happened so long ago that you know it's impossible he'll or it should matter but it does matter and it's never too late. Yes is in effect so many other areas of your body to oftentimes. We don't understand why certain things are happening Ryan getting sick all the time. Why do I feel illness? And it is because of something that's going on in our brain that saying. Hey recognize that I need. I need need to be treated for any medicine I need. I need to do this and I think what you're seeing is really good and important and valuable one of the questions I have though Theresa you mentioned the family the failings not wanting to get involved and wondering if maybe some of them don't know how to respond to this. Maybe they're thinking well I don't want to. The person may not want to talk about what is so. I don't WanNA ask in question. Or what do I do in. So maybe they're feeling awkward. What would you say would be a good way for for a family member to get to do this because I know that there are people that have said if you know this person had peace? PTSD do do not ask them any questions. They don't WanNa talk about it and I can tell you firsthand from incidents that I've seen on the streets for being an officer one of the best things that I have been able to do. It is talk about incidents will it. I am not as therapist or psychologist. I haven't even played one on TV looking for my own personal experience for having. PTSD from another source is that you let the person person take the lead listening without judgment is the best thing that you can do. And that's one of the things that the horses are are really good at working with the horses and other therapy animals horses six especially they reflect back the handler in with their feeling. And so when you're working with a horse they help you identify your triggers. Because they are so sensitive. They're young they're on hasn't alert. You know fight or flight and so when you're working with a horseman at all do they keep you in the present red. They yeah they reflect back what you're feeling so you can identify what your what your triggers are. So Ah Okay let me ask you to reset Do you sit on the Horse in talk to it. You stand next to it in caress me. How does this order program? There is a a international group called Path Professional Association Repair Narrow Beauty Carson Sniff K.. Not only have you teach you how to here for worse which you also do writing their warm of of equity therapy call gala and Net and and that is all. That's yes you are working with the horse yet. You met with horse. You spent time with the Horse. We take care of course and so they feel that writing a horse is demeaning to the horse. That's interesting okay. And it's not something. I agree with the PUTTER programs. Really work with the if you can accidental horse for whatever reason maybe gala would be better for you because you do get the interaction physical risks. Okay so like if you have a back injury. A hip injury the horse for some reason. This would be an alternative attorney. Tim Because you're you're getting a lot of benefit with this particular program. Okay that makes a Lotta sense because some people will be like. Why can't do that program in? I know now I can hear it. I get it. I can't do that. They're gonNa make me do this. I can't do that. There was a local half center in the area and she started her program because her daughter car accident and they've never expected her to live. Then when she did is like Welsh. She she will you know she won't have any have auction and every time they set a bar that they thought she couldn't go where she did and working working with the worst round her out and she still has some emotional and physical issues but choose back at her feet and she is is going to college. They thought you know she's finding now correct. Act Yes this is amazing so if somebody wants to get involved in the program trees today intact you how does the what do they do. Well horses in Heroes I you know right now. We're the tiger state. I'm still looking for resources. But if they want to play more about program they give me a call at two three one nine four three two nine. I'm also on unlinked. Dan A Muslim facebook. If you look for Theresa May's or unfaithful if you before horses in Heroes TV series excellent and I also WanNa talk to you about some other work that you're doing. Yes the I do not before I let you ought to be doing any title of stallion work or I can't. I can't let you go without talking about never hear it is never give Viking. Yes I say this story one in what you have going here. I write and produce projects that are based on on AIDS gender ethnic diversity and horses in heroes. I originally wrote before I left industry mid nineties and even without the benefit of the Internet I found Katherine Hepburn because I wrote the role of Amanda for her. Oh how I licensor the script and I got this Nice backsied thank you very much. Good good work when I'm retired and and so I wrote back and basically I sent me a nice note back. Thank you very much not retired if I had known then what I know now. There always various four levels of retirement and I would of course but but never can say goodbye is a traditional Goldstein. With a reincarnation twist it tells about Sarah Jane and Rhonda. They get married in spite of her father's objections and she dies in Childbirth Because this happens in the nineteen fifties sense lurch there there baby not handle formula. He is he is forced to marry Audrey in order to you know as a as a wet nurse and Audrey made the snakes a sad sad mistake of falling in love with Rhonda and Oh my goodness she has a very interesting path. She she she's not willing to give up on being a bellows and although welcome the power that goes with it and she ends up killing a a child later on and so they come back. The little girl Randy as up being trapped in the house her ghost and only way she can be freeing. It is if appearance you know when they come back remember what happened and learn how to forgive and if they forgive she's going to be freed to also reincarnate Darnay because her new mommy is waiting for her and her mommy says she. Is You know if so if a body gets ready in the soles neck red there the body will die so her mother her new. Mommy is getting ready to give up on having her when in the face and other people bring them back together again. It's a forgiven Remember the love Randy gets free if they decide I to go for the revenge. They were denied in the past if her grounding item is is destroyed which the fire would take care of that and something that you know when coming back obvious been trying to do then and hersal gets lost in the boy whole news. It's it's it's about love. It's about forgiveness in second chances and it's about overall romance I love this and and so okay so somebody wants to find out more about this. How do they get a hold of it? Well if facebook as never African sacred by again they can contact me and I. It's I've got an amazing cast. I've got dull haze I get G Wallis Conway in Goodie at this is amazing so park you going keep going. I've got a NIGGA CIPRIANI Alphabet Sean Harmon. I've got a run here. Let me check my list. I don't want forget. Anybody Really Estrada and duly Japan and Laurie and Natalie she and some others the more and so the well rounded gas. Yes you do. This is amazing. MAZING I am again. We're yeah the big thing looking for resources kid. I one it will really quickly no the cast to go off to Charlie's island in Tokyo bads. Okay Chalice islands started as a new duck shadows movie when I had my radio show. I hosted David David Selby and he told me that the warners contract for the The rights was coming up and the original cast wanted to to do something more in line with original TV series so offhandedly suggested I do it well I wrote. It wrote a script left but I wasn't able to give to give the right warner as need the money. And they've got an open ended. Lease the rights. Bobo open a yeah I waited. We must say I have not heard of this before. That's what I was. I was told that you know they've got the rights you know for so long that it's it's you know it's you know open ended that is I'm sure there's an end date but so far so far. That late is yeah I get it. So I- edited out out the dark shadows Credit Chalice Island. So we've got the dark shadows Gothic for Suspense Romance Mance and the wicked cliffhangers and I am working on getting as many from the original the actors from the original series that I can Mr for his already said. Yes David Selby in astrada night naturally Strada To really on the Brain Catherine Lay Scott at is an James Storm is reading. I am looking for introductions to Kate Jackson Jackson and Nancy Barrett. Radyr other I would love more marker Laura Think is the most beautiful woman in the world. I don't care if she's she's seventy years old she you know she is so dramatic and I just growing up. I watched it what it was originally on the air and yes I'm a fan and I'm GonNa Gopi but she's you know even back then she. He was the most beautiful woman I thought in the world and she's still is thanks Katherine. My Scotch is very beautiful but there are as many of the original cast as I could get and then I'm going to ask some younger characters and but the original the cast is going to be frightened. Sarah unlike in that movie anticipate that we will talk about we just it was horrible. Oh Oh ha ha dare. I accidentally watched a few minutes on TV and it was arrested with what was going to happen. I you change the channel or mediocre. TV Oh that bad. Yeah ouch you know. Sometimes even a band aid kit fixer things. A bad project will be a bad project no matter how much money to throw at it and so but I bet you you learned so many things from that in this is yeah this is what they wanna share with the audience. You know the there are out gers and there are things. Things were abandoned camp they explain you have an opportunity to look at that and say okay. What can I take from nap is going to make something else better the next time? You may do it and you have that you absolutely done that and this is what's making you successful at what you do. I want the audience to think about that. I want the audience to you. Think about what have I done in the past. It just didn't work right and need to think about what I can use from that that will actually arrest me in a a direction. That's going to bring about something positive so I'm really glad that you mentioned that. Well Edison tried. I forget how many times to make a life hall and when they said well you failed that many times he goes now I found that was just how many times it took to find out. That didn't work. I found the right one. So it's just a matter of new persistence. Agents being hazardous being open to change into new ideas and getting up one one more time and you follow them. I love it. I love it. Touring set go ahead. Well the life is full of opportunities and when we help each other and we when we courage to say to a person what do you need that is how you change are your own life and other people's lives I agree with you. It's very rewarding to you. Do that for both parties and what you are doing right now and what you've done pass that has launched you to where you're at. I am so amazed with everything you're doing and I really want to ensure that our veterans have an opportunity to get connected with you as well as all all of the things that you're doing and everybody on a on a wide scope so if you will share with the audience they can connect with you and follow what you're doing and more maybe even get involved with some of the things you're doing if you like to know more about the courageous you so you can call me at two three one nine four three nine. I'm on facebook as Theresa. May's Blinken as Theresa. May's among twitter. I because they're just dominates so much time in the days of the a week so those are the primary but I will do my best to help and if you can help me make connections to help make the projects real one of the things that I'm looking for with horses in heroes. There are a lot of corporations that support veterans. We are doing an updated active version of old school where corporations in sponsors a show. Okay and so you know little caesars has a really good program to you know. They help veterans get their own franchise for has a really good program and I just found out that tractor supply also has has really big programs. You know I would love to hear from you if you want some positive socially responsible. Hello Yaar I would love to hear from you. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you for everything that you're doing. Rebecca thank you for your service. Thank you for coming home and becoming whole and for helping others. You know what you're doing is so amazing being because you do need to step up and you know when you went into the service. Raise your hand. When he came back he he found another way to raise your hand to make a difference? Thank you oh gosh. I've got tears. Now wow what a way to cope so thank you so much awesome said and I wanNA thank all of you out there for tuning in today. This is really something very special this show and I hope that you will have a chance to watch the show and I really hope that if you know a veteran or you know someone in the military or someone someone that has had a trauma that needs assistance. Please get this show to them. They don't even have to talk about it with them. They can see it and and they can take this on themselves without having to confront anybody and that is something special. They've tuning in. I ask you that you share the show with everybody. You know on social media and not on social media and everybody that you don't know on social media get it out there. Thanks for tuning in Rebecca. It sounds Reveille Welcome to Rebecca sounds. Reveille what a show today. I gotTa tell you. This is exciting. Because the guests they have been on the show before are and what aghast he is because he is so knowledgeable with finances and I wanNA talk about some things that may be of concern for you and so does he. There's things that make you lose sleep at an I gotTa Tell Oh you when it comes to. It seems to be that we almost anything and it affects as in so so many ways the ripple effect is absolutely unbelievable. The guest they have today is been on the show several times and I really love having him because says he's got over twenty five years experience in addressing financial concerns of retiree and eaten business owners and he has very strong communication issue. He's very personable and what he likes to do is really focus on the clients and concerns. This is really important because because if you're a bird is something that falls outside of what seems to be sort of like what what everybody else has. Well we need to address. That and Brad wants to do that for you. Brad Williams is the guest today. He's the president president of Brad Williams financial. I've got to tell you. The biggest wool is safe artie and safeguarding. He go with. Words and actions unquestioned. Integrity is what he does. And this as you know with the background that I have. It's absolutely essential with integrity from being a United States Marine and also prior law enforcement. This is is absolutely essential in my book. I'm GonNa Bring you now on the show. Welcome back Brad Williams. Good good afternoon. I'm so excited to have you here and back on the show and I know that there is so much going on which we concerned and losing losing sleep over it. What's going on right now? Well it's just a lot of money stress A lot of people lose sleep over their money and I don't know if that's something new but maybe with this fast paced society and being always connected digitally it becomes become more apparent For a lot of people also You know the Connected Society brings a lot of benefits. But it also means that you can't can't hardly turn anything off Clients can email you in the middle of an and Just a lot of things going on but people. There's been many the articles written recently about people asleep over their money and and that that comes from several directions for several reasons. You know that's not really a good thing. It's really not helping digital all the time and having no off button and actually elite couldn't think of something else that needs your pocketbook coming from your pocket book and I I'm GonNa give you perfect because it happened to me earlier today and I was using a program that allows you to use the reversion. And if you you want to upgrade its queen to clean of hits you in your face and say if you want to continue further boom. You've got to pay. Hey this amount so what was really interesting is that I thought okay. Well maybe I you know maybe I need that so I clicked on the button and then I I realized. I don't think that I can do that amount. So there was stressed there because because I was debating the value of what I was doing with what I could spend. And that's a good thing Too many people today don't do that so that they they have this. Get it now attitude. You didn't just put it on the card and not worry about you. Know How much it's going to cost. And everything should be all about return on investment and and that might even be just return around for for your relaxation. You're GONNA spend on your take time off to recharge and that's good. That's what you should do but it's also about things like college and college is one of those big expenses that people stress over. But what I'd suggest is that today. We have the wrong focus on college. I know when I went through college. I pretty much paid as I went and I didn't take out student loans but college college wasn't that expensive because there weren't that many student loans but because student loans the government got involved and they just increased student loans when the tuition gets was increase. It's like this big game. That's played between the colleges and the government and we're the ones in the middle and so what happens. Is You get all these kids and parents that are stressing over college and the expenses of college and the kid gets out of college. You Got Fifty Thousand Dollars Student Loan. And he's got a degree that's not marketable but yet he's gotta pay that student loan back and his not discharged in bankruptcy when what should have happened in the beginning is I sat down and said okay okay. This is what we're looking to spend. How are we going to do this or are we going to finance if we finance it is their return on investment commensurate with what we're spending and and I think if people did that a lot of times that come up with maybe we need to look at another plant? It's interesting that you say that and something that you set is also very interesting in that. oftentimes people go okay. I can just filed for bankruptcy but you made a great point in that. The student loan is not discharge. -able that no you're stuck with and that'll affect your credit. I mean this is something newly way out from what I understand to delay heated on a a student. Loan is to continue your education and keep moving forward in college. That's that is the only way that I know of and oftentimes we don't do that because we have to. Now go into the the employment field and look for work for that. We can thrive in in. Can't stay in school so yeah and you're exactly right. My daughter bowed. His daughter graduated from over several years ago. Would and I got her through there without any student loans and So she started her life without that weight on her shoulders but she went in there and worked and I kept telling her You know this ride is GonNa last as long as you realize what it's worth and you make good grades. Did you stay there. You don't make good grades. You can come home. And so she understood and she did. She did great. She got degree in mathematics and at great grades and has the great job now but the the fact is so. Many parents need to sit down with their kids and figure out a are they ready for school be what kind of degree they want and see how among willing to pay for that and how and so often I know with stories I heard back from my daughter is kids. Would Max out off their student loans and spend a lot of that money just partying and having a good old time. 'cause I knew they didn't have to pay the Piper until they got out of college so they ended up with a lot. More student alone they needed in the May have ended up with a degree that really want marketable. You know. That's a good point because it's very very interesting that you have pointed out and I want to share something Two things one went that some people don't know what they WANNA do survey why for a liberal arts such something very general in they think that that will official to them and then in in some ways it is honing in on a specific offers offers a lot of benefits as well wanting taking many people don't know is that you can petition for additional res If you qualify for them and so I did what and I ended up with several other degrees in how I came to know who this was really interesting in the book when I was getting ready to graduate from college and they said you know I find that very I wonder if I have to retake all of these classes to get that degree as well ask someone. Hey do I you know interesting all these classes and they said no you just with a degree and I went. Oh Okay and so so so I did and I and I thought you know this really helps me in the sense. You know. People's new really specialize in one be good at one thing and that's great but when you're out job-hunting hunting sometimes a little extra something so for me to only have a degree in law enforcement. Well that really narrows the scope and since I'm retired we are now in law enforcement. What am I going to do so three to know that I also have a degree in business because that really broadens the opportunities entities for me if I wanted to or if I was able to go back into the workforce and in look for you know that wait so if the great idea you know something to think about what is important because we're said when it comes to the student in loans? I mean these are not just chargeable and education's really important end. Parental furious and the parental involvement is so crucial so and this is something people do for over. And I think there's more to that I it. Correct me if I'm wrong. Brands as being people very severe. It has a fresher finances. Yeah they are. You know the I mean finances put a lot of pressure on you in many for ways your family your marriage your health so Having a solid plan knowing where you're going where you've been you know like anything. It's having a written plan of some sort or another is is a solution lead. You know whether you're on course I mean nobody ever sets out to take a trip and just gets in the car drives they used to be you gotTa Map out. You figured out where you're going you laid out you're out you knew about when you were going to be certain milestones and that let you know you Bronco Worse and boom then all of a sudden you got there but if you just if you handle your life like just climbing climate in the car and head for vacation open vacation find you well. That's that's why people are stressing out. Because they don't have a plan That's a really good point. Wait as a really good point. If you my my thing my raise has always been held a grand at if you plan. I know what you're saying if you build to plan plan to bail so that's exactly right you know there's just you have got to make the steps even small steps to get where you're going and if you don't think about these little baby steps of of things that you're doing you're not going to get there so when it comes to finances one of the things that's really hard for people to do is talk about their personal life and what's going on within their baking. We have very embarrassed map. Especially there's mismanagement there and so right what I like about what you what you and your firm Newly Bounds the foundation of your firm his integrity I agree and confidentiality and this is really so crucial and for people to know that you really really value. Then you WanNa meet their needs and that you're going to address them and they shouldn't feel embarrassed to continue and talk to you about what's is going on in their in their world with money and even sometimes initially they talk about relationships. They say this is where my money's going in you can be able to decipher. This is what this person needs. And even if they don't know what their need is you'll be able to decipher it because you yes and so often even people who've been very successful done a good job of planning safe retirements. It's my practices. Focus for are those who are at or near retirement versus young people They saved here save their but they've never really put together the replan of what to do that. How to employ those assets and so they come in initially and they're all stressed 'cause they don't know what retirements GonNa look like they're in retirement or they're right at it and they're just really stressed over that and then we sit down? We come up with a written financial plan and then all of a sudden you just see the the window. Oh I didn't know I was in such great shape even though they ring great shape they're stressing because they didn't know and so having a written plan whether you're young middle age or old knowing where you are. That's the key and then you know what to do about if you've got shortfalls you know what to do about it. You know if you're stressing over healthcare well look at your different healthcare options. If you're stressing over college well maybe you need to delay it. Maybe need to the co op or something like that. Maybe needed for a lot. I think America get back to the college thing I think. American kids have been sold a bill of goods. That college is the only way way. And I'll I know some of my most successful clients financially are people who know skills you know when it's hot people people want to be cold when You know they want their water to run in their lives to turn on. So if you've got skills to plumber electrician Heating and and air conditioning guy. I've got a kind of heating and air conditioning company. And he's begging for apprentices and people come work uh-huh he's got so much work so people I just don't want to seem to get their hands dirty anymore. They want to get the corner office right out of college or go to college to flounder around and that's part of the stress. But that's what you're seeing is really so good because not necessarily value themselves because in writing Ford sold as Willett. Good and misperception that you have to do. This equals this for Success S. and that is not the case we all have special skills. You get us to us in different own success in our own dreams in won't leave perceive to be successful and you have to follow that in Houston thing Rodham Zeke we think about the digital. Ah we can download all this stuff and weaken read all this stuff and Isaac Plug it all in and see if it works press with components that are missing. I think we really I can read this but I can't really understand how to apply it. I can see it but I understand in the part of person to person in being able to all of these things and the auditory understanding really solidifies. Hell the road. It's going to take and I kind of an in- result just on digital I think that's lacking and This year therefore and that's tried and one thing is there's a difference between wisdom and knowledge. I I could have gained every word of wisdom resume or everywhere to knowledge from Encyclopedia Britannica but if I don't have any employees that in real life it doesn't mean no good is. Everybody remembers somebody in their life. Who is probably the smartest guy in class? And the smartest guy in the room. And then at the thirtieth reunion you know the guy's a janitor now I don't mean to put janitors. All work is is valuable. Don't get me wrong. But they're thinking he's GonNa be you know something special well. He accumulated knowledge but he hadn't a wisdom and he didn't have any practical application too. So it's it's about In that dovetails. In with what you're saying about the Internet you can study everything and and get everything you could possibly dream of from the Internet. What are you GONNA do? What what good speakers I go to seminars all the time to enhance? It's my skills and knowledge and my focus is always whatever I get out of this workshop. I at least WanNa bring two or three things back to the office office and employ them immediately. Now the rest may come in time or they may not but I'm going to take something from this workshop and start using it right away. Yes and that's what knowledge be is. Okay what am I going to do with this knowledge. Now'll I haven't this is really important because the things that like. You said wisdom practical application and the question. From what am I gonNA do at imple- that comes to my mind inside spirits and specific tax software. That if you to upgrade to a package that they have then at the and send you federal and state taxes all you get a download for fans knew into it software for your finances club located so complicated if you don't do. This is a great eight minutes have but if you can't use it I don't understand it and not really I mean you can see a need to plug your speakers in there and you're still going what I'm GonNa do. This is great. What am I gonNa do with it though? I don't know what to do with this. I've got numbers in. It's no different than you looking at my bank account. What's in there and I go no one out? So what do I do with it. How do I fix this? How do I resolve is how to reform word? How how do I get happier and healthier with my finances so I don't sleep and have to worry and having Zaidi need we you know? Probably one of the best things to sit down and write out the general life plan. You know if you're young. What would you hope to accomplish if the end of your life right yourself a narrative what you would like people to say about you? What did you do what did you what did you accomplish in in your life And then sit down and figure out okay over the next five years. I WanNa new car I WANNA buy. I have I WANNA go to Europe. I WanNa China You know have one hundred thousand in the bank or you know some goal that you've got and then say okay How do I do that so to my five year goal is to save one hundred thousand dollars then not counting interest that means on these save twenty thousand dollars a year? Is that practical. So that's the first thing and I look at my paycheck and you know if I'm only making forty thousand dollars. You're probably not a practical goal unless I get another job so then I need to modify Ogle but what I need to have a goal to get to and so writing that down That helps because it puts it in writing riding but it's more than just put it in writing in his then saying. How do I get there if I want to drive to Gulf shores for Burbank Ation? That's a great goal. I what roads am. I GONNA need to go. What towns am I going to go through along the way? How much time is it GonNa take me to get the Montgomery how much time I lived in Alabama by the way? How much time is it GonNa take me to get the mobile And so I know if the Sixth Hour I'm supposed to be mobile and I'm still in Montgomery I've got a problem. What's my problem to slow? You know Gary too much in the car whatever. That problem is it because life is like a journey and if you treat it like a journey and you plan it out like a journey then you'll get to your destination a lot easier and the the thing is I think too many people just wing it and get a job they show up. I can't tell you how many times I've called on companies and doing their retirement plan and and you talk to some of these employees and they say well you know I really don't have enough to put into 401k. And you watch them get in a trust. That probably has a five hundred dollars a month. Carping I well I mean it's okay to have a big draw but is that a good long-term investment uh-huh and maybe you should get something smaller or cheaper. Put some money aside for the future. These are decisions that are made every day what stress-induced the cloud is the daily decisions. 'cause they don't know where to go they they're out of money at the end of the week. All right. They don't know why well. Maybe it's because you went to starbucks twice every day during work and you spent like twelve bucks on coffee yes You went out to lunch for fifteen dollars dollars every day and then at night you went out and did some at night so the next thing you know you made five hundred dollars a week and you spend three and then you're scratching your head at the end of the month wondering why you don't have any money while you follow your tracks. That's a really good week because we often those things just as they go. We don't think about it sometimes. The physical enjoyment is more than what we think about in terms of our finances and we go to start in these things have made it so so easy for us. I just loaded up on the APP. Go to the driver is already ready for me and offense I mean. This handover cash ashes anymore. You just wave card you know. Yeah that's right it'd be you pre order it and it's ready for you. There is no way twenty four And it's funny that you say this. I used to be two days starbucks for myself. I don't do that anymore. Because now caffeine insensitive kind of weird go there have too much caffeine and men become. Kathy's I wanNA throw that out. There people You need to be aware of how much caffeine intake you happy because it really can be detrimental to you but Yeah that these things and that affected my finances. I mean. I was fine at the time but I could. If I didn't money I could have had. It saved because later on I ended up become retired in. I could have had a little bit extra cash in my bank account which is important for your retirement. Years is because you're on a fixed income at that time so is pretty interesting. What happens ends when you're doing things and slowly money kind of just trickles out of your account? It's it's very interesting so Yes the money just trickles out and I is just amazing. What happens happens when we don't really plan and and we could use those down? Run down the road and expected expenses comes up. This is A. It's a a really amazing that you mentioned that well and there's like like what you were saying about software. There's so many tools that you can do planning with. But then people get them they get them out of the box they plug them in. They download them and they find out how complicated okay did they are and they go. Hey I'll do that tomorrow and tomorrow turns into next week next week. Turns into six months from now yes they still hadn't done so it's taking that step decide what you're GonNa do and then take the first step. I love it. And so one of the first snaps snaps B. to contact you and get a in a life Iran going. And where can they get in contact with you Brad. Best best places My website which is asked Brad Williams dot com. So if you have a financial question just ask Brad Ed Williams I love it. Do you also do estate. Planning I work with an attorney to do that. I'm not a an attorney but I'm able able to streamline the process because of my experience but I I have my attorney friend. Take care of the the Nudge of it. So you you have full service. This is wonderful book so I WanNa thank you so much for being on the show and asked Brad Williams dot com is your website. Thank you thank you. I think all of you retuning another episode of Rebecca Sins Rally. This has been very formative. We covered a lot of things. Yeah I think you can use in your life to think about to begin to change and make a direction that allows house you to leave. Better have lessening Zaidi and to move your life that really brings success to you in the way you see success and also this is something that you can share in families so I ask that you to take an opportunity here to not only narrating friends family colleagues. Those you know in those. You don't Oliver Social Media but also take the time to watch in again because there is so much good Clinton here. Thanks for tuning in. I look forward to bringing you another tastic. Yes you're rebecca sounds rally okay.

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