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f5: Transition is Hard, Not Impossible


Here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart from teaching into farming. What's been the biggest biggest hurdle what's been the hardest thing to deal with well? I didn't have an experience farming. I didn't grow working on farm so you know basically. Hey Hey undoing a career change of something. I don't know a lot about so you know that would definitely difficult. What an interesting transition is my seasons of kind of shifted? Because when you're a teacher you have summers off. And now when you're a farmer centers are you busy time so and with kids especially when they started getting older and getting into school that will I foresee that being more and more of a challenge So that'll be something we address you know more and more years ago on And then kind management just because because yes farming difficult but I truly think anytime. You're starting any new business no matter what it is. It's going to be demanding on your time. And as years go on it gets easier and I'm experiencing that now second year is so much easier than the first year. So it's just there's a lot to you starting a new business no matter what you're doing so it's it's just figuring out the time in the sacrifices making sure those sacrifices are worth. It was irving point in there where you just. I thought I made a mistake. I should not have done this. I mean obviously you have moments where you're like. You're not having the best day or something like that but I've never ever truly said like this was the wrong move. And so that gives me confidence and in doing the right thing thinking of them hearing that and hearing how things have evolved. What advice would you have to somebody? WHO's in a similar situation to yours? Let's say they're a mom. They have a few kids. Maybe they're stay at home mom. Maybe they work part-time or full-time job and they've been thinking about farming arming. But they're trying to think about. How do I do that with my kids would would you say to them or would you start asking them or talking to them about well? The first thing that jumped out of my head is to keep an open. Mind where you're going with your business because I didn't necessarily proceed my I business being where it is today and like I said I've kind of luck. My community helped me shape who I am and what I'm doing so you may go in thinking you're going to do x y Rienzi but just keep an open mind to hire business may change to support your knees but also your community needs recognize that there are going to be challenges is especially with kids and a family and have a support system. If you're if you're doing this all on your own it's going to be incredibly difficult and you know. Maybe you don't have family nearby. Maybe you do but connect with communities through church through school through athletics. Whatever but find the support system for you but also for your family you know part of being a business owner is? You're you're the one making the decision so made them in a way that allow you to be successful but also allow you to be happy and enjoy what you're doing.

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