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The Coast to coast in Canada across North America and around the globe worldwide web. This is race line on the race line radio network presented by Baru and race line is driven by the twenty twenty Subaru wwl Rex and Rex Sti the atypical sports cars by the Subaru. The attainable sports car that's fun to drive, and by general tire anywhere is possible. It's another Subaru candidate presentation of your National Radio Motorsport Authority the race line radio that Rick I'm Eric Thomas hosted anchor. Still toiling of the home studio will Weber is our supreme commander in Race Line Master Control Josh Sancho still manning the network buttons as we show thirty for the season a season certainly like no other this week the very latest covid nineteen news and schedule adjustments as the virus remains dangerous role part to, but any cars fast speed Felix Rosenquist after his. First series win and why Asu racing shot out of the box. Oh Hot. We're going to reconnect with their old friend, trevor? Siebert who has started a very unique racing series for hobbyists and veterans. NBC. The Avian. Are. S One series and we have some sound as well with f one McLaren's rising star Landau. Norris in the race Ramp News F. One churns in England Ferrari. Pinpoints their problems and colpon brand new. GIG. So for race fans everywhere powerful sport powerful radio which are twenty eight year on the air across Canada. This is a race line radio network. This is Alex Zanardi and you're listening to race lions radio. Eric Thomas, race line on the line radio network made us news an opinion on the line race rap the latest results in news around Covid Nineteen, we start with Formula One the British Guam pre at silverstone no fans and dull as dishwater until two laps to goal. Then all hackers broke loose both Merck's shred left front tires. However Lewis. Hamilton has a big enough lead to limp home on three wheels for his second win in a row third the season eighty-seven of his career and seventh win of this GP, Max for stopping arrived. Second Charlotte Clare Finishing Third Montreal's land stroll ninth off the pace in this one. But in the points at least Toronto's Nick Latifi Fifteenth Racing Point brought in former Reynaud force India pilot nickel Hulk Berg to sub for Sergio Perez who tested positive for C. Nineteen for this race and the next one at Silverstone Nico did not start the engine simply would not fire toughest to break for sure points into the second race at silverstone the seventieth anniversary of the British squad pre Hamilton leading ball toss by thirty in driver's Mercedes over red bull. By sixty eight, that of course in constructors F one file Ferrari with a big tech staff restructuring due to the terrible performance of their cars save maybe Leclair a new performance development department going in, and here is the key to it design Arrow legend. Rory Byrne one of the key architects Ross. Brawn Michael, Schumacher era of Ferrari dominance. Once again, play a role in developing this car. Now they're getting it however, Ferrari chairman. John Elkin warns not to expect Ferrari to be back on pace and she'll maybe twenty twenty, two cost cutting in A. Chassis freeze limiting the changes they say can make to their cars to make them better. Elkin blames long running and deep seated project errors and structural and aerodynamic weaknesses in the red cars. He also says Ferrari has been down on engine power in general since the hybrid era began rather damning, we have mentioned the emergence of Montreal's Land Stroll and racing point this season and rightly. So but another kid is looking pretty darn good is twenty Belgian British pilot Lindo Norris who's got McLaren up near the top again, he has been more than noticeable. Things I really wanted him pre one as Dr I've done much better at. predefined details just to work on these things and we thank Sky Sports F one for use of that Clip Norris six at silverstone indycar see nineteen forcing yet another schedule adjustment three dates now doubleheaders mid Ohio supposed to go this month pushed ahead to September or October Gateway Saint Louis later this month and back on the Indianapolis Road Course on October all now twin bill weekends and like Toronto because of that, there are schedule victims. PORTLAND. At a double header at Laguna Seca California have been canceled and well this is coolest hack from race Lamberto guest coal. PEARN is jumping back into the game, but not Nascar Canadian won the cup championship in two thousand seventeen as Martin through rex junior's crew chief ed carpenter racing is hiring to be lead engineer on Connor Dailies Indycar for Indianapolis five hundred hearn admits the learning curve will be steep oh. Yeah. But he can handle it. Turn is another Canadian on the e our staff by the way Lee Bentham is driver coach for Ed carpenter, conor daly and Rina's vk indy pro two thousand they ran three on their own at mid Ohio. The winners Brandon Eve's Artem Petrov. Rob, Toronto Rookie, Devlin, Di Francesca, what a story scored seventh second and third, and he takes over the points lead in the series with that red deer. Alberta's Parker Thompson frequent guest pair of thirds and Fourth Montreal's Antoine Komo's scored fifteenth eleventh and seventh in that Triple Bill Nascar Cup at New Hampshire with our seen one thousand nine prerecord restriction postscript on this next week cup notes we've lost another legend Maurice Petty of Richard. Petty Department Has Eighty First Year on earth known simply as chief Maurice. Engine. Genius. Who supplied the Horsepower there propelled petty enterprises to legend status with brother. Richard Maurice scored one, hundred, Ninety, eight wins and seven titles. Godspeed chief NASCAR XFINITY and trucks idol this week Nascar to hear this stepped in and pulled Canada's Alex Labbe off the track at an SEC a road course test at Daytona Labbe as a full-time xfinity driver as you know and the rules state, you can run one series only at Daytona this year and with no practice and qualifying for the senator cars for races whether Nascar. Believed the SEC test gave Labbe. Advantage is still somewhat unclear that Askar Pinch series report brought to you. By general tire anywhere is possible. Go to general tire DOT CA click on the NASCAR banner on the homepage to find the best generals for your vehicle a weaken speedway the NASCAR series postponing their inaugural run on dirt scheduled for the August eighteenth weekend ahead to next season the we community and Lanman hundred C. H. L. coverage still in phase two, covid nineteen, restriction speedway really had no other choice you can. Contact them on the website for more INFO on tickets already purchased sports cars at Road America ELKHART LAKE GO TO MCI DOT COM for the latest Canadians in the support stuff we can tell you about at least recent guests tomatoes Kalmar Selley second of the challenged. Series Ron Toronto. Scott Maxwell Eighth MTCR Toronto's Mark Wilkins Third James Vance scored fifth. The rally news is presented by the Subaru wrx and wrx Sti the Atypical Sports Cars Pacific Forest Rally Merit BC slated for October third canceled. Nineteen concerns they consulted with pass volunteers to gauge the practicality of running this rally. But after talking things over with the BBC provincial health officer, they thought it best described this year's rally and focus on running it next year that is the right decision. This tentatively leaves the Rally Charlotte Walk Back October twenty fifth as the new very late season start to the Canadian rally championship presented by Subaru drag racing well, John Finally confirming what we pretty much all surmised. He shuttering the team, all four of. His nitro cars, himself, daughter Brittany, Robert Height, and Rookie Austin PROC for the rest of this season force says the C nineteen compressed schedule and lack of fans will not give his sponsors of proper return on their investment. So it's all parked until a fresh start and a full schedule in twenty twenty one, the decision also puts to rest the sixteen time NHRA. Funny. Car Champion. Multi Time Race Line Ready August is definitely not retiring bikes the Canadian superbike schedule getting a little clearer after the double. Bogey they plan the next event for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Toronto August fifteenth and sixteenth no spectators faces in the pits several dirt track operators in New York. State are Suing Governor Andrew Cuomo for civil rights, violations, damages, and injunctive relief over the state. See Nineteen health restrictions ed greatly affected their events, schedules and revenues. The tracks are Lebanon Valley Albany Saratoga and airborne speedway's owned by longtime promoter how he commander along with genesee and Fonda speedway's most of these tracks host Canadian drivers, their basic legal. Is this new. York. State allows large church and religious gatherings with social distancing and masks. Why not speedway's ransom Ville speedway by the way newstalk six, ten, CK TV coverage on the network is not part of this group case. They have yet to open their sixty third consecutive season and that's it. For this week on the race wrap your questions, your opinions your comments on headlines of the news are always welcomed. Let's hear from Yala Gist, day safe and sensible with masks on at a safe distance share. Your racing thoughts and opinions with your fellow gear heads across the network could win the grand prize in the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag trivia contests we play in a few short minutes. Okay. Well, let's burn another pit stop next Trevor Siebert on his new PC based having on our s one racing series. Then later part two with indycars Felix Rosenquist. This is race line presented by Subaru for more INFO at news on wwl wrx wrx Sti NBR's Ed Quick Subaru Dot ca this is the race line radio network. Hi this is Mario Andretti. Line Raider returns in a moment. We are Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority. We are the race line already network I'm Eric Thomas Nice to have you with us. We got to know road racing veteran Trevor Seabird from the old players, GM and Atlantic series gigs way back in the nineteen eighty s also dabbling in cast car slash NASCAR stocks. He's got a brand new SPEC car thing happening in British Columbia for sports net six, fifty, the fan the avion are s one series for veterans and Hobbyists. That runs area twenty-seven and Oliver BC plus some oval events at Penticton speedway. So let's get. The skinny on this in part one with good friend Trevor Siebert back with us on line radio. Trevor we spent about I don't know ten minutes before we opened up the recorder here trying to figure out the last time unite converse that I said I hope to heck it's not going all the way back to the old players GM series because fans across the network remember you from that and also from Atlantic and some stockcar stuff as well. Has it been that long players GM since you and I chatted I, hope that's not the case. Is it? I hope not. Mir spoken between maybe wouldn't do some Pinta off or. Stuff for Atlantic stuff or things I've done along the way the it may have been far back. But that's okay because I get asked about that particular series to this day very often when the racetrack was one that. A lot of people's minds and it's just a funny story here and I. I, Digress because I remember the first time that you guys ran at the at the Honda Indian Toronto in eighty six and you're there with with with ron fellows in the rest of the crew and the first time you go in to turn one of the princess gates with those stock tires and the tires are Holland and I'm talking to Bobby Ray Hall he looks up at this noise and he goes holy exploitive. I've boy you guys put on one hell of a good show and everybody remembers it that way Dr Well you know the cool thing about that whole series. Of course, I mean, we had significant backing for the series with players enter him. You know the thing that I really liked about that series was that the everybody for the most part was driving exact same equipment and I mean when I say the most part and it was up a little. Bit of tuning on system suspension. But other than that the corey got given was exact same thing and it came down to the driver and a little bit of the car prep before and know and good entertainment good entertainment. Now, you're still slugging in this you got something interesting going our good friend Todd Lewis pointed me to it and I said I'm going to do a piece on this trevor because it's long overdue the the ad the on our S. Series in identical cars, two seaters. There's an element in here for stock car racing on Ovals, and on road courses there's even a sprint car element in this as well. Trevor Give us the dollar ninety, eight tour on what gave you the idea to put together this do we call it a a club series club experience? Is that accurate? It would be close I guess we'll just back up you know to it all started with with the construction of area twenty seven, which you know I'm one of the founders there and Lee Design and the engineer and the contractor of the tracks. So you know and of course, I was a ton of fun doing that and I started to think of what the heck we do with that racetrack. When it comes to comes racing as you know racing in Canada and in particular in western Canada has been been very decimated over the years where the loss of you know a lot of the you know Westwood Way back in Vancouver Indie. Racing, speedway in Calgary. So. It's burn. You know how to great little. That's now shutdown stand You know I got this crazy idea like why don't I build a purpose built car that we can do ovals and road course racing on their something that. That's pretty much anybody can drive but my whole focus was was a couple of things number one that every car would be identical and I mean identical in every way shape and form You know because it goes back to the players EMT that I I, really don't want to start series where people are racing with their wallets. There you go. You know but everybody to be in for the same Bach and have the same opportunity and so that's where it started as a bit of a crazy idea because of course, he start with one car you come up with a prototype and then you convince anybody standing within ten yards you should get involved. And so I gotTA gotTa low-lying. Fruit. Early, you know a few guys that jumped in, got some cars and and You know that's four years ago when built in track but we're up to we're up to fourteen cars now and and you know got interest in in another five or six for sure. All indications are we'll have twenty cars track by next. Year Cool. You know what we do with all those cars is we actually run to series with those we run what's what we call the challenge series and we run a cup series, basically a novice group and it says the Expert Group in and the whole reason for that again is getting back to cost you know share the car. For example I might my father who is eighty one years old was driving in the novice class you know he's sold years ago. And having a ball we've got we've got four ladies now that are running in. That that are showing some great promise to move up, and then those people wanted to get you know get into it and get. And get the experience they can move into the expert class. So it helps from that perspective you're put drivers in the same car I didn't throw a ton of horsepower out we run a GM crate engine in it at six o four crate engine, right but about four, hundred, fifty or so. then we converted over to a dry sump system for nice. Get the engine down and back and. The reason for long jetty. Well, there is Trevor Siebert part one on race line ready own as rapidly expanding BC based adding on our s one racing series more next week with part two with Sieber. Okay. Well, let's fire off another pit stop coming up entries and comments for the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. This is the race line radio network. Hello this is Jackie's to graceland media returns in a moment. Canada's National Buddy all motor sport variety by Gosh the race line radio that break I'm Eric Thomas Checkup. My Tell Tales Collins, an inside track motorsports news magazine. You can also view Thomas Tales at sports net dot CA. So way we fly once again with the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contests other grand prize pack to win. If you qualify by answering the Subaru Trivia questions correctly in your email comments entries go into the break with winner drawn at random at the end of the. Track racing season still hanging onto this qualifying question for a few more weeks the twenty twenty, two Subaru wrx STI reported to come with added engine power hominy horsepower is the next generation wrx STI projected to put out repeat the question. All right. The twenty twenty two Subaru wrx says he I supposed to come with added engine power how many added horsepower or how many horsepower total actually is the next Gen wrx STI projected to okay. Okay. US Eric at race line radio DOT CA to. And enter the Trivia contest to win the prize pack. That's Eric at line radio DOT CA capital. E., R. I k., the symbol line radio big word no gap in their DOT CA Eric at race line radio DOT. CA facebook and instagram will work as well. Race Line Radio Network three words all squished together for that one and on twitter at et race line. Okay. Let's go to the mail bag and get some entries and some comments. Donald Jeff says back in with other comment listening on sports net five, ninety, two fan in Toronto Eric I. Think Nascar should move the New Hampshire Motor speedway race to Iowa this way fans and drivers get another short track and NASCAR schedule the race at night. So fans don't get sick from the heat. They won't in July August summer's Day and seeing where New Hampshire refuses to add lights for night racing. Why Not Reward Iowa and give fans a a nighttime short-track instead, what's your take? Well, let's put it this way Nascar needs the New England Market Donald That's there's no question about that and I don't know whether moving into Iowa as much as I love short track racing in Iowa's Dandy little. We just saw the indy cars put on a great show there, and they always do they are not going to abandon the New England market, and of course, New Hampshire. Motor speedway is the number one arena for that, and of course, we just had Bob Baer the founder of that speedway in New Hampshire, die at the age of ninety one and he was a beloved individual. So I can't see NASCAR abandoning. The Track New Hampshire and go run on the short track at what's a nice idea. But I just can't see a NASCAR that Paul Anton, our good Buddy Dearborn Heights Michigan faithful listener on. K. L. W. in Windsor former price pack winner brings up a topic I have focused on before Eric and appears to me the recent rain delays of NASCAR races at least five since they returned can be attributed to my opinion to the late start times. It appears the TV networks determine these late starting times as part of their programming with a hot. Summer weather, it is not unusual. The daytime heat can result in rain events in the late afternoon. What do you think here's another entry, the Trivia contest, the two, thousand, twenty, two, Subaru wrx guys supposed to come with edit engine power he's got it down. Got It correct and way to go Paul Anton look at it. This way it is part of the TV strategy and that's is the one word answer your question Paul is Television Nascar wanted to get the. West Coast viewers three hours behind out of the morning three PM Eastern gets them to noon on the chance of larger TV audience only reason. But you're right about summer heat and humidity accumulating that can result in late day rain but TV audience revenue wins in this case once again. So get used to these late Sunday afternoon NASCAR starts. I really think they're here to stay send us a contest entries and our comments us. Eric Radio DOT CA to connect to netter facebook. Instagram Race Line Radio Network, and via twitter at E. T. race line, the qualifying question and hanging onto this one for a while the twenty twenty two Subaru wrx Sti supposed to come with added engine power, and it will how many horsepower is the next generation wrx STI projected to put out. Okay. The two, thousand, twenty, two, Subaru Rex guy come with edit engine power. How many HP is the next Gen wrx STI projected to put out. Okay. Let us set up. Another pit stop will then we'll move to part two interview with newest indycar winner fetus Felix Rosenquist there we go and why the chip Ganassi racing squad was so darn good and so fast coming out of the box. This is race line presented by Subaru for more of the be ours Ed Sports Coupe go to Subaru dot ca slash ERS ed don't you dare go anywhere there is lots more to do lots more to come. This is the race line Radio Network Lewis Allison you're listening to race line radio. US National Radio Motor Sport Authority it's our twenty eighth consecutive season on the air across. Canada, we are the race line radio network. As we mentioned last week always have a lot of Atta boys for drivers who pull off their first victories. It's an historic occasion for any driver Canadian or wherever they're from gase racing bolting under the INDYCAR gate with new. Zealand's Scott Dixon winning three in a string with his Swedish. Teammate adding affords in the second race. At the Road America doubleheader. Why did this team could asi racing have such a stellar start here's part two of our interview with Felix, Rosenquist on race line radio it's always a thrill. No matter what you're driving in any series to grab that for chequered flag isn't it? Yeah, it was really cool feeling in many ways you know first of all, it's my first win, which is fantastic in the car, which is you know one of the top series in the world motorsports I thought it was a extremely special to to do it with my number ten entity data crew Dave in in looking for this win since two, thousand fourteen and a lot of the guys on the car has been working since then on the car, for example, Ricky Davis, my crew chiefs and Barry ones or my my strategist, you know they've been working there. Everyday, to get this win was just cool to see how how special was to them as well. You know I mean if not only about the here, you know we we're working at the team and yeah, just really called Hano award major work for it though I mean you know you look at the youth movement in Indycar and it's always good for the health of the overall series when the youngsters can can get up there and challenge some of the the veteran guys but paddle made you work for this one? Didn't he? Oh Yeah. Big Time. Yeah. He came dot came down to the to. The final couple of laps and We had some really good. You know five by five actions I recall on us in a row there it was I won't allow that both me being Pado all all the crowds. Love US for sure you've got a relish fights like data especially in in single seater open wheel cars because you know as they say, they're not necessarily Tesla's Felix but when it does happen it, it's is pretty hair-raising. Stop you you. You'll like battles like that where you're going if you probably if you pardon the stockcar racing term door to door if you know what I mean. Yeah I mean that's what special with India carcass it's. Only real formula. Car. Championship. Where you can actually have some you know contact through the car. So pretty heavy and they're very sturdy. You know they're built very robustly to to be able to do that and and it happens every race and it's it's it's pretty cool that we can. We can give that kind of action in a in a former car to to the city people watching you gotta be careful though because you can bend stuff easily in those even though they are as you say built robust and sturdy if you don't do it the right way you can then stuff can't you? Exactly we wheel-to-wheel it's never really a good recipe but we'll to carbon fibre normally nothing to break too much. No you're not. We try to stay away from what? Happened does Felix Rosenquist rides a number ten NTT data or data Honda for chip Ganassi racing in the NTT indycar series This particular month is is seems kind of strange for someone like me who's been covering the the the Indian Toronto since the very first one Felix in Nineteen eighty-six, you were fifth their last year. Certainly, Dickson has had a fair share of success in Toronto and you were fifth there last year as we said, kind of odd not to be going north of the border because you know the fan base here for indycar racing is pretty big. Yeah. Toronto is is probably my favorite track on the calendar. The place I want in the lights and I just love that the city itself going there and you know street tracks have always been my strongest side I'd say in racing Iraq feel strange snowpack, Toronto and also a lot of outer street track. But yeah I'd definitely miss that fun for sure it's it's a great great event while we're talking about the schedules, the one hundred and fourth running of the Indianapolis five hundred and you just talked about that a few seconds ago you know being delayed from May to August Zach, kind of throw the game off a little bit when all of a sudden you see the goal line. Can Restart Prep for India all. We're not going to get a chance to do that until further down the line kind of make a think about it a different way I think the biggest difference from us on on the inside when when you look at technical a point of view, you know obviously the temperature might be different. It's a different time of the year. You know the wind might be different. It's just very driving the five hundred at that time of the year will feel different not only from a spectator point of view, but it will feel different than the car on those everything. So sensitive to you know hair humidity. One, yeah win and all and all that. So I think from that point of view might be different. Otherwise you know it's it's the five hundred. It's the same point. Drivers and hopefully, it will happen trout's as well. I. I'm not thinking too much about it. It's kind of good I'm sure you mentioned responsible handling of the covid nineteen thing and end the professional way that it was done. You had almost limitless fans at road America and it's different doing these races without fans I mean I can't find a driver anywhere that I've interviewed during this pandemic that likes the idea of racing in front of empty or near empty grandstand. You really you guys really do feed off that feedback from the fans not only during the race but certainly before and afterwards in when they're not there, you really do miss it. Don't you. Do. It was funny because in the beginning of the season, I didn't think about it because we had testing we haven't had an a rating say you didn't really compare it too much. But then at Road America when we had the chance for the first finding what when you park your car on race day, you see all the fans walking towards attract easy everyone camping and just brings another level mystery to the event that it feels like there's more state and and you're you're being watched in a different way and we really cool you know that that's why we love. So yeah, I mean obviously we know that everything has to be handled with care and Well would definitely do miss. Her double header wrote America doubleheader on the Oval at Iowa doubleheaders are still kind of odd mean you do you have done doubles before in the series certainly has doubles before even in Toronto but is is a different mindset going into weekends when you've got back to back days with back to back races Felix. For, sure, you know that you Kinda have to yourself a little bit. It's also long week and you want WanNa look up the car right but it's cold when it gets a second chance on the same week and like liking road. America I wonder how to a tough first day and then you can bounce back on the second. You know he's still the same amount of coins but it it it yeah. I like the idea of it and I think a lot of others do as well Yeah. But otherwise say same points just had to. Bring home. There's all kinds of discussions about the canopy around the cockpit. We certainly know Felix why it's there for added safety added protection Used to visually there. Yeah. There has been some discussion about the heat and the air flow in the cockpit. How have you found the injustice? The you you said it was warm in there. Do you think that's going to become an issue and do you think they maybe need to improve the airflow inside there? We're we're improving asks us, we're going on here small. Upgrades every race that we can sort of play with But the fact is when you're dealing with temperatures like an weather near body temperature, you know one, you know near like ninety seven Fahrenheit then it becomes very difficult to coup, but without having an artificial cooling fans or you know some kind of free device But yeah, you know you get to the point where it's just going to be hot. No matter what you do and the more time you spend in that environment, you just going to keep heating your body up the more and more So at some point, you just want get out there almost become claustrophobic. Certainly. Not Nice to be in there, but it it. It's part of the challenge and you know the ones who have prepared well physically during the winter or spring even you know they're they're gonNA live in the final lockstep I'm sure about the extra special to make sure you're staying hydrated in that situation, right? Yes. We can drink in the car, but it normally gets pretty hot the water But yeah, you're taking what you can get up on. Sure xactly. Felix have enjoyed this. This is long overdue and I'm glad we had a chance to spend a few minutes with you continued success. We know that first win in the second race at road. America is the start of many many more my my friends. So thank you so much for this for your fans in Canada and listen we hope to see you down the road and continued success for the rest of the season. Thanks so much. Thanks. Thanks for having me there is part to with Felix Rosenquist on race line radio since recording that they have improved the airflow. And as he talked about doubleheaders, they've added a few more because of the see nineteen pandemic. Oh by the way, seven time Nascar Cup champ Jimmy Johnson finally got his Indycar test with Ganassi on the Indianapolis Road Course in one of Felix's cars signed me up for more Johnson commented he loved all of it and team manager Mike Hall who we talked about in the interview with Felix. Very impressed with Jimmy's tested indycar start for him is on the radar for sure. Okay. Well, let's fire off at final stop. Then we're back with the last lap for next week's guest show lineup and more. This is race line presented by Subaru power to the heart pounding Garhwal Racks Sti for all things. wrx. Go to Subaru DOT CA slash wrx. This is the race line radio network. This is called fern and you're listening to race line radio. Eric Thomas Race across Canada on the race line radio network white flag signalling one more to go. So here's what we're drawing up for next week, we're going to push play on part two, Trevor Siebert who's avion are s one series is growing great guns in British Columbia. We planned to reconnect with Canada's call pearn as well hired by ED carpenter racing to be lead engineer on Connor dailies. Indycar for the Indianapolis five hundred plus a few more entries with commentary for the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. But when checkers fly, we say Goodbye Hugh Norma's race line. Thanks going up to Trevor Seabird Todd Lewis and Teo Sports and Entertainment Felix Rosenquist Kelly Krause, Anna winning her and chip Ganassi Racing Landau Norris McLaren and Sky Sports F. One big thanks as well. The supreme commander Will Weber and Josh Santos for operations in pre and post production. So from all of us at Race Lime Radio I'm Eric Thomas still reminding you to use your hand to stop the spread race line coast to coast and the race line radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by. So Subaru wrx wrx Sti. NPR's Ted learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible. taught you all again next week and we'll do it right here on race line radio. took.

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