BGN Radio #83: Grading the Eagles' First 4 Weeks


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I am here with Jimmy Kamsky from philly voice Jimmy. How's IT GOING BRANDON. Get Harry doing well. Jimmy it's it's a very interesting spot that were in in the sense of like how much has changed We did a podcast for you last week when the eagles were wanting to staring one in three in the face and it looks like with Teddy Bridgewater starting at the cowboys might even be able to jump out to four now but those things did not happen on the eagles went into Green Bay as I predicted how I will pat myself on the back for that and and somehow win even though it didn't necessarily make a ton of sense when you were looking into that matchup going the feeling of how people are feeling not so great against the team so I guess that's kind of where we are like just kind of looking at the eels outlook right now Jimmy how how much did last week's win over the packers and if you want to include the cowboys losing in there I think that's definitely relevant relevant of course the what's the outlook now I mean had Dallas one and the Eagles lost as Vegas never knows kind of expected or at least that was probably the most likely outcome. The division is I don't say it's wrapped up after week four but they're in a huge position of power after just the first quarter of the season in three games on the only real other contender in that division because it's the giants are into but I mean who's taking them seriously disley. Make up that ground. It's like kind of a season long venture at that point 'cause you're not catching them anytime soon and now the difference between four now versus one and three and three and one versus two and two is just enormous so this is a huge week for the Eagles Alley Dallas too by the way the rams lose who has lost in the NFC that was sort of worthwhile packers. Obviously I mean it doesn't really matter because I don't think they're any good anyway. The Falcons hold a tiebreaker over them so they lose kind of a bad week for you know sort of the top the quote unquote top. NFC's absurd the NFC teams the eagles aside really the perfect week for the outsiders. Their playoff odds that you will tint went up twenty. One percent basically is a pretty big twain yeah just from one in week one week in week four by the way huge win the thing that gets me or the stat that I can't get over and I keep coming back to is how Aaron Rodgers is fifty the eight zero in one at home when leading by ten points at any point in the game yeah up ten points eagles in Green Bay last week I brought this. It's up to you Jimmy. Last week I had brought up like the back against the wall back against the wall thing with this team like they respond they have they are resilient bunch. I think some of their resiliency is because they themselves in the foot too much like the it'd be nice if all elected for sure yeah. It'd be great if they didn't have to be so resilient but they are resilient. You can't say they just they fold easily and wanted kind. We talked about it last week. Where you know last year the head into that week fifteen matchup up Carson Wentz has the broken bone in his back. We didn't know the extent of his injury at the time out if I recall and there are at least double digit underdog I think it was closer to into touchdown underdogs heading into. La that week and they go out and they you know bullet went out of there but I don't think it's really the same thing this year. You know it wasn't isn't like you know sort of a defeated franchise at that point you know at this point heading into week four but I think certainly most people were picking the packers to win that game and they come away with a huge win not only on the road but an alien lambeau against Aaron Rodgers but on the short week heading on a Thursday game really really a big deal to to be able to do that against a good team and they've done in the past did it in twenty seventeen against Carolina when North Carolina was a better team than they are now. Obviously the Eagles are rolling at that point in the season that year but you're right. I mean the resiliency that that this team has showed is impressive and I think they've kind of earned. I guess quote unquote back off a little. If take on things aren't going well sometimes because they do tend to turn it around yeah and I think that's definitely something you can give Doug Peterson credit for to add feel like his players always play hard firm for him. They don't just quit her fold or give up on him. One of the reasons the eagles able to beat the packers Jimmy as you highlighted on Philly voice this week is because got it at a pretty big impact in this game at the same time Nell Snag Laura who was killing this team and he talked about that last week just entirely coincidentally had one target and no receptions against the packers amazing how us were better without going to so much snaps. He played over seventy snap snap safari. I think he played the most of any school player than not that I think you're right and at the Sean Alshon clearly not one hundred percent and what did he get like eight targets thrown to him quite a bit or ten even out he only had three catches of if if not mistaken but they threw Toma. Lot and Kevin King was all over him all night and I think that's maybe the only thing that I would point out in terms of the the idea that Carson Wentz has lost faith in Nelson lower. They won't go on his way on purpose. Is that he This is totally anecdotal and I probably shouldn't even be talking about with Ella mud but my sense is that he probably saw a lot of Alexander Nike. There are better match ups to to attack than than that of course. I think it's fine to say things on the podcast like yeah. That's that's. That's one thing that I always like that. Gets me about radio. I feel like radio. Guys can say anything. It could be completely wrong. They say it like it's fine because no one's GonNa like take a clip of that far away and it's just gone yeah right. It's gone whereas you might make Typo gets. Take screen shot a black about five months later in there. It's not like someone like says something in there. I mean someone might call up into the station incorrect you but whatever ever or as opposed to like there's some comment and then a bunch of other people are competent so just a quick aside there that I think US writers have have much harder but now that we're on a podcast address. Please thank you yes. Please feel bad for us but also we can say anything we want in. There are no consequences at all literally like to preface when I don't they don't know for sure I still like to preface. I I will continue to do that so for the running back rotation. Obviously that was another big running backs in general the offensive line I mean they they just kicked but in this game awesome vintage eagles off into line performance where they just they just dominate the other team. They were just like they were the better team that that's GonNa win. They they want to build in the trenches. They want to dominate it that in that way and the eagles were able to take advantage of a bad packers run defense. It's a good defense overall but a bad packers run defense it was impressive. What did you make of the running game in this game to me. Specifically as it relates to the playing time for Jordan Howard in Mile Sanders like how how should that be handled moving forward. I do like the way they complement each other. In terms of theoretically that is in terms of their skill sets where Mile Sanders is sort of more of the explosive guy has more speed certainly than than Jordan Howard whereas Jordan Howard is the kind of guy that if there's a hole there it's GonNa hit it any. He's GonNa take at least everything that's there might not get a lot more than that but he's going to run through contact and he's going to quote unquote fall forward and whatnot and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. He's kind of your big guy and I think they kind of complement each other. Well and I didn't totally dive into this but I know that your colleague there a Ebi. Gm Michael Kissed wrote an article about a sanders in Jordan. Howard and I know that the analytics people that have taken a look at Mile Sanders in what he's done in his carries. It's not pretty much you run through. Some of you know you know some of those analytics piece talking about them all those nerd staff basically so oh you know what some of them are nerd stats and some of them are like so like pro football focus. I don't like the way they'll just arbitrarily assign a number two right. I think the things that are very the kinds of stats that are put out that are kind of very easy to determine their not subjective a little bit more objective like yards after contact for example. It's pretty easy to Seattle on the first guy contacts and we can see how many Arctic it's after that those kind of stats are good so I obviously allow that stuff is valuable that these guys are putting out but go ahead two run run through with you know what what they're kind of saying about miles. I mean this is from football outsiders like he ranks thirty four at thirty stakes in Dr you can look it up. All these stats on full outsiders dot com for more contacts in these are just a bunch of letters like what the heck is delay in but even something like yeah. I think our listeners know that stuff is that's fair. I think some do some might not some newer listeners maybe success rate twenty six thirty six broken in percentage of attempted tackles amounts to twenty four th at eight thirty six and even saw this in the game that one's a little more subjective but forget you but I mean just looking at even even putting those aside and just looking back at the game that one play where mile centers had that huge run into space and I think he was like darnold savage. Was the guy left yes. I don't see make a miss like it felt like he just runs like right into it. Make a mess like make that move and maybe you're GONNA get caught from behind okay but more down the field. That's the point being with miles sanders in all these numbers and everything thing and even the first play of the game the first game. He has a huge hole on the bone. They're taking that is exactly that the phrase I was. GonNa use like I just think he's not looking God awful awful like in a vacuum you look at his yards per carry and whatnot but I think when you're talking about opportunity costs like I think he could be better and he's you know he's a rookie. I'm not not saying like this is the end of his career. He'll never get better. He can't improve the season is going on. That's not what I'm saying. It's not gonNA kiss to saying. I just think like he is still has some. I mean the title of this article is Literally Mile. Sanders has a long way to go. That's the point like he has a lot of work to do moving forward and I think when you're looking at that in in the context of this running back situation. I've really liked what I've seen Jordan Howard going into the season Jimmy. I know you were you were talking about how like you should just give it to sanders and and he should be the guy. I was kind of more of the mind that like that was Ron Howard clearly yeah well this line bringing it up embarrass you. I was the mind that like Howard Howard you have a role and he should early in the season and like I think miles can kind of plays way into more playing time whereas like Howard's the more defacto option and but I think moving forward I think it should be Kinda. How how it has been kind of a fifty fifty split but I think right now I think you WanNa see and this could change depending on the match up up the I think you WanNa see more Howard I think he's he's played well and one thing that really stands out about him to me. Is that and you kind of set. It kind of are Kinda. Dislike falls forward but I mean that's true like he does not take negative runs yeah. He is always gaining positive yards. It's nice to see that so I definitely think for as much as this running back rotation as always gonNA be rotation and they're going to split playing time. I definitely think Howard should kind of get a little bit more of the workload. If you're KINDA GONNA favorite for it one way he's caught the ball better than expecting to the catch and run that he made against Green Bay on the wheel route everyone every running back in the league play a few slick but you know we've seen in the past for guys like Ryan Ryan Mathews with like drop passes like that and you know he's making the plays that he should make but he also had like like a nice catch. I believe it was week. One offing around yeah leaked out onto the flat bathroom and it should have been incomplete you it's it was a pass you wouldn't expect them to make or we wouldn't expect him to catch and I mean like an interest off the ground. He grabbed it. I mean it was a minimal gain as Newton easily miss that play but oh you know he's he's he's done. Well catch the ball from my perspective when I look at that that running back rotation. I still think the ball mile sanders you don't. You're not GonNa like just let them waste wasted on the bench because that's a guy who you want to be good by the end of the season so I think you gotta keep giving them opportunities. He's GonNa work through it and I think that you will think of him as as a guy that has a lot of skill and can be a very good player so I don't think he just want to let them collect dust. I think he keep giving the ball but you're right. You gotta the have Jordan Howard in their more because he's the guy that is producing more than anyone else right now and that's that's where I met with a definitely don't want never see sanders that I definitely definitely think you know if you're if you're leaning guy a little bit more might be Howard especially right now. I can be the situation where like it was like week. One right he only got like a couple of touches and like dance Provo Meanwhile is getting touches like you shouldn't be like that and I don't think it will be. Let's move onto biggest concerns moving forward yeah. I think that'd the B. Two okay and they're kind of hand in hand in the past Russian the secondary. Let's do pass rush. I because there's more to talk about the secondary. I think the Palestinian pretty cut and dry I mean they just they just got better. Get into quarterback I mean I don't know what more analysis we need that. How did you think they did against the packers because I felt like they've data showed yeah. There are better or better I think Roger's being like elusive in smart in a slippery as he is kind of like made that Patras not look good but I mean they made a huge flay. They meant a gigantic play that Derek had strips act is huge. Yes organic that Um fairness and I'm going to you know kind of crap on the play that he made but they they have a tight end coming across the nation to try to block him as a similar kind of play that that he made against the Vikings in the NFC championship game tight end tight end the packers tight it ended biking said and for that matter to really terrible trying to block them Credit Barnett for making the play that he should make also credit him for getting the ball out instead of yes settling for the sacks. We did a good job. They're forced to fumble. Eagles recovered a believe they scored a touchdown drive so give him credit for that but not winning their our one on one match ups against offensive line and the one guy who really was winning matchups later in that game was Brandon Graham and that was really kind of a product of Brian Bulaq getting hurt and I had to put in a backup tackle who stunk I mean like that guy was really bad and Brandon Ramsey mop so far on the season they had three sacks. That's the worst in the NFL four or five other teams that have five sacks. I believe the eagles have three and that's the worst in the. NFL and I don't think anyone would have foreseen that. I mean I think we we all kind of recognize that the off the defensive line was concerned in that it might not be as good as they were a year ago and certainly not as good as they weren't twenty seventeen but I don't think anyone would have predicted that debut last in the NFL in sacks after the first four weeks yeah. That's that's bad good interesting that here. Erin inch shots from football outsiders tweeted out this week you guys are actually six in pressure rate according to Sports Info solutions and yet they are somehow dead last in adjusted secretary so that compute I it's really weird. I think so I feel like one of the things that the coverage just isn't good enough and that gets us into the second biggest concern here that you mentioned this secondary lane well with and they're not but they're also oh now minus those players that weren't playing well so Ronald Darby dealing with a hamstring injury probably GonNa be out definitely out this week of antibiotics injured by Andrew in your Sunday. Ho Who I'm sure we'll be talking about that so point later and then Sidney Jones who once again. I know you're shocked. Sidney Jones hurt once once again. Guy who played only twenty seven percent of his possible games going into this year is hurt once again with another soft tissue injury and of course y'all males who started started the season on pop and remains. Ill Mills pup strap is on IRR YEP. That's bad luck to like top six hundred already down for the second year in a row. Yeah I mean they're. They're starting chained in Sullivan at one point last year. I city plays this week. Only they only have three hundred corners roster right now that are healthy right and then the practice today as limited by today were recording us on Wednesday just right but he practiced on Wednesday limited but he practiced and if they if he weren't gonNA player he was GonNa play another corner my now I guess they can call a guy up at any time from the practice squad when they do that. Obviously that will be the clear indication that he's not can apply but he's I think he's GonNa play yeah. I agree and I think they added rose named Ryan Dj White Gene Harris who they got red eye of DJ in Ryan Lewis were the two corners they had in both of those guys had a little bit of NFL playing experience. That was kind of an effort to get those guys. I think they only call one of those guys up Sydney as a setback or something he can't play of course they brought a land Orlando schedule pack as well. Yes very crucial honestly honestly what he's GonNa Start. He's he's starting slack owner. I would imagine. Ob result in Sydney on the outside skeptics on the plane. You're slot the secondary. What what can they do to fix it Jimmy. Is there a trade out there. We heard on Ma Tuesday evening here. Chris Mortenson had said that the eagles are still a highly highly interested said in Jalen Ramsey they offered reportedly a first round pick a second round pick to the Jaguars who said no thanks okay. It's Kinda sound like the Ramsay thing isn't going to happen in the sense of like now. Schefter was on ninety seven five this morning and said like he doesn't think the jobs are going to move on from Ramsey. Adam Kaplan said something similarity similar. It seems like that might not be happening. It's it's time for the Eagles to start floating out there super interested in like Chris Harris or something. Get that price back down. How do you like Chris Harris Chris Harris. Yeah so do I apologize player and you know what I think. The Eagles would also like about him is his artillery. Yeah got that inside outside. Versatility also the cost. I think would be pretty reasonable. He's all I know how he loves him. He's an old. Oh Guy how he would love him out of the Broncos own for so they have every reason to start selling some pieces there and it says he's he's in a contract year and the rest of that division is tough tough so it's gonna be able to come back and win him. The other dos near there are already there. I mean the chiefs are she's. She's now not yet yeah Dan right so they're already done the division down for out. The raiders and chargers multiple wins not looking good for the broncos in yeah. I think Chris Harris would make a lot of sense in terms of like a rental because you know you don't WanNa be giving up a third round. Pick for him bombing. That's probably what it would cost. I mean yeah who'd rather have golden tate at the trade deadline last year or Chris Harris at the trade deadline this year. I think they just need. I mean that's hard to do because like different such a bad spot a receiver last year other at advance invalid corner too well and I and I know I've the benefit of hindsight knowing how bad tate was now but we I think we all knew how bad that trade was immediately. I didn't like that trade right if they would have been more like okay yeah amenable to. I think the third was this like that would've been a deal breaker for me. I think that's a big difference so you could trade for Chris Harris. In whatever ever guessing a third it'd be too much. I think you're looking at a fourth for him right in terms of what if you're trying to give up if you're the eagles are you giving up a third for Harris. Ideally I wouldn't want to what they do the okay so what they do have is they have that third compaq for holes. Maybe you justify that means to after the complex occur for those of you do not totally up to speed on the comic world they those picks are made after the round in which they're labeled so a third on Compaq that the topics happened after the third bounds essentially over I guess after the first thirty two picks if they label them differently you could call him a fourth round pick. We're just getting into semantics six year I guess but would you basically give up a third slash fourth round. Pick whatever you WANNA call it for Chris Hours. I think third is tough yeah. I I agree. I four is it's. It's still pretty pricey but he's a good player. He is good is tweeting by the way that he can't wait to get out of there. I think fourth is the right value and obviously if you don't resign him than you could try to get a compaq if he signed somewhere in free agency so you would recoup some of that value last name that you end up here Jimmy. It's not in the secondary on the Defensive Line Gino Atkins Jason Lockenfora. I put something out about him being a trade possible because the bengals are done to clearly you watch that game by the way. I did the They're all my God. They might think they might be as bad as Miami. I I would really hate to root for a team that had orange and black of their main colors and was perpetually actually this really mediocre that that would be really hot. Take care all right. It's on Monday night. They are bad but generally speaking. I kind of the uniforms I don't hate him. I think aren't black are good colors despite the I thought I thought you I thought you were saying that. You didn't like him. No I was just kind of making a flyers reference Anti added. I wish again yeah it would suck to root for a team that was as it's just frustrating in so unsuccessful right yeah but the flyers are turn on the bengals level in terms of ineptitude not quite but pretty frustrating so so no so no. I can yes I can I think Gino Atkins's still still go player and you put him next to old version of Fletcher Cox at that a nasty dual on the interior and they need help there. I mean we'll take a little. Let's actually take a minute to discuss Fletcher Cox. Fletcher Cox is not the Fletcher Cox that we've come to now not even close. That's a a big reason for. It's not just the edge rushers that are getting to the quarterback it trickles down from him. He's not is I mean he's clearly not under percent and he's not he's not the same player that he it was. I think that cannot hurts the first of all the defensive tackle next to him. Were that is for the address for next to him on the interior on obvious passing downs and then you know the ED rushers are getting. Maybe more attention. They're getting chipped more so than they would. If Fletcher Cox were balling out the way he normally would be otherwise so I think there's was a big trickle down effect on when he's not the same player that he is. You put another guy like Jean Alaskans next to him. You know maybe cut down on the doubles that he's getting in. That kind of jump starts says play. Maybe if the teams are still insistent on doubling Fletcher Cox Geno Atkins GonNa make them pay be next to him problems. G Lankans is again the AH thing he's thirty one years old you. WanNa keep trading. These draft picks for older guys. You're going to have her a year or two. Some pull your roster moves. We are talking about this. In previous episode to your roster eventually is going to get to the point where it's really old and you really run the risk of having to have a total rebuild after only two three four years of of serious contention. I think the EAGLES WANNA contend for a decade as opposed to just three or four years so it'd be careful about that but at the same time I mean he really does help you in the short term if he can get into to your point Jimmy Zero stats in the lines did not record a single stack. I know like that doesn't necessarily mean everything but that's not that good. That's that is arguably your top talent overall and the team. You WanNa be on to something nothing yeah. That's that's horrible so for as much criticism awesome as Carson wentz might get in that loss or something like again like Fletcher Cox doing literally nothing in that game. is a big problem and he wasn't listed on the injury report really think for the First Time Amel season this today Wednesday maybe the the layoff helped him a little bit. We will see elude certainly hope so. I need that but yeah just about does it for our takeaways. We'll take a break here and then we're going to get back into a report card for the eagles. Grading the unit on the offense on the Defense Doug Peterson had Jim Schwartz Howie Roseman. We'll be back after this second of this baseball. Truly it is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week along with John. 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Room are talking about these Doug Peterson is definitely putting weight into this Jeffrey. Larry is probably who's listening listening to the podcast right now by our heroes got his pan out right now he's ready to these agreements exactly or using grades degrade his roster also we'll. We'll start the offense in start with the obvious position that is fullback to me. Had it now well. They do have a fullback. They do also and they're like boys. It was in some snaps for kneel downs but otherwise every snappy played this year as resulted in a touchdown. I believe what does that say. Get Him on the field. He should play every snap APP at idiots. quarterback people basically Carson wentz okay interesting plus. I think he's been good. I would remind us. How are we grading this by the way this was set. Some ground rules. Are we grading on just what we don't know anything about the players were just like like before. The season begins like aliens. We drop down on the earth. We have no players histories and we're just grading on what they've done so far this season with no regard guard whatsoever to expectations our doing it or we grading on a curve on expectations. I think it's up to you. I think there's there's no rules here. Jimmy we make up the rules. You still both ways then we'll separate grades but will kinda talk. You know how they've been. You know expectations. Let's do it that way. Why would you carson to be plus. He's been good said well. He's made some really nice plays like the play that he made in Atlanta where he's fallen to the ground any heads Mac Was it yeah that's amazing using play on fourth down yeah. There's been some of that this year that we didn't see as much of last year twenty seventeen he was a human highlight film not so much early on the season though now it wasn't wasn't not not like your thing in the I mean it started to come on the panthers game. It's a nice place early like that sure week one where he's running around in the pocket he escapes like three different guys and then he hits on the Field Nagar scores. I think this year they were there but his numbers weren't like amazing leasing. MVP quite like hype numbers to the first four what I'm talking about like highlight reel plays where he makes a plane. Just go wow that was awesome. Yeah he had had not many of those at all last year they are in overabundance 2017 yeah. This is starting to see them. Come back a little bit like that play up to Atlanta China that image. I mean how many players how many likes that play none right Selig. No Rogers been a few that I can that are capable of that but me mahomes home he shows. He's got a lead skills when he's making that kind of play so I think we've seen some of that. Come back. I think he's done a good job of not really making many mistakes. He had a rough first half against Atlanta in a very anomaly of a situation so maybe forgive that first half a little bit based on those factors but that half side doesn't make many mistakes you take that into account and then you take into account the monster second-half coming back from that bat first half in Atlanta. He played really well. My opinion is Detroit game obviously through very little of his own and then in Green Bay. I don't think he was as good in that game as he was against the Falcons and lions even though they come away with a win but certainly good they really relied relied on the on the run game in that game just Kinda. You know how they plan to attack defense that struggled stopping the run going into that game also when they got the run game go on hobbies. Stay with it. I mean overall I think he's at he'd be sign up for the season that he's had so far before. The season began especially given the circumstances yeah that it definitely has to factor in the narrative on Carson wentz would be a lot more positive nationally especially not that it's negative but I think it would be even more positive if they win. At least one of those to falcons were yes lines games. I think people are looking at two in to kind of holding that against him a little bit too much when I don't think it should be so I'm giving Carson Winston minus minus. He is on pace for thirty six passing touchdowns eight interceptions six point six yards per attempt but that's GonNa come up when you get the shock isn't that great. It's not great but part of that. I think it was the game plan especially this week. They didn't want the packers of a great pass rush so that wasn't just about ran the ball to attack the run defense latterly. That's that's definitely a factor. I think is completion. Pretend to come up. I mean he's had to deal with the most drops in the league at this point so like some of these things for sure that hurts us why no-doubt yet improve as the season goes along. I feel pretty satisfied with Carson. Wentz definitely think there's room for improvement. I think he's he's left someplace out in the field but overall a minus B. Plus. I think we're in the same territory. They're running back. Go ahead you go first. This astray be. I like what I've seen at a mile sanders in terms of his ability but you know the fumbles. Those are an issue. I think leaving yards on the field are an issue. I think Jordan Howard has been pretty much everything you honestly could wanted him to be. I don't think he's been disappointing. Being by any means. Darren sproles is still around. He was over utilized too much which isn't really so much on him but I think he can kinda. Give this team something as a role player still corey clement it hasn't taken an offensive touch yet so not really factoring him in there w some was asked about him today so. I will give him a B. What about Eugene B minus. I almost went C. Plus the reason. Why is I mean the fumbles. The only lost one of them but that the foam kill yeah that was big huge play in that game I mean it was sort of predictable like it was an issue of his out of college and you know he barely played in preseason so you didn't get a lot of reps. Were guys are trying to read the bottom sands so you don't have fumbles really in training camp that kind of flew under the radar a little bit in terms of you know things that he had to work on like we all. Kinda took a close look at him during training camp but in terms of pass protection and I think he's actually been pretty good at that so far and catching the football and fine like he's had a couple nights catches down the field but for me those fumbling issues remain a concern and they hurt him obviously in the lions game and Howard's me good. I like what I've seen from him so far so he kind of saves that great a little bit for me. I I was really expecting big things that maybe this was. Maybe my expectations were too high for miles sanders but I thought he was going to come out to be really good right off the bat. I mean we've seen plenty of examples or rookie running backs just step into the NFL and immediately are just really good. I've lost your I thought he had a chance to be one of those guys and he hasn't been those other point just kind of making in this article too just that like other running backs running back that I mean that that that have been good immediately as rookies this year will you have the medicine that Madison I write in from the vitamins. Relative stepped up. We had this discussion a little bit about. The receivers levers the rookie receivers that have stepped up immediately because we had this discussion about. Jj Drastic gives Tony Pollard David Montgomery Enin speaking being other receivers. I guess we can move into that Jimmy Yeah. Let's hop on you can go first time since I went I with the running backs yeah. How could he not. It's it's a tough positions agreed. I feel like just because of the the injuries in the flux there because like you have to factor into Sean Jackson having awesome week one. He won the gate one on the gained but he was a he was. If you're going to say what player was the biggest effect on this game was drawn Jackson yeah so it's hard to like. Give him an f you know after that you know look at Galore in his native plays in really brutal arguably losing two games for them with the fumble. Jj Bruins Day Day Day is done. You know zero nothing. Nothing not even like you know. That's the thing that's why like people people were kind of getting mad when I I tweeted out like his stats and how other behind him are outperforming him not saying Jeez careers over at my point here is that you should be doing something like you should not be giving this team nothing at at all. That's a a failure like disappointing earlier shore no doubt I think you have to go d. I think you have to give him the D. I will go. I guests for tight ends. Another kind of tough position degrade mean because you look at the got her injury and now we have that drop against the lions which was horrible but then there are so dominant dominant with him. I would give the tight ends a I'll give them give them to St Jago Bay. I had my I had my head as well. God's Goddard's performance in week four as well documented by now by just him as a blocker with Melia two catches for sixteen yards. I think it was three three targets that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how awesome he wasn't. I came as a blogger. The two inches that he may were actually big plays one was a screen it runs down inside the five yard line and the underlining scored a touchdown on that was a lot last year to like so many receptions either first downs or touchdowns. He's very efficient. He's not like it's like racking up yardage. Sam Bradford style shorter the sticks like the impacts. Yes I agree I mean I think I have to give them a plus. If I'm including including Alex Ellison they're always at your new. Is that your new guy. He's like your new. Dj Kinney Not really I just thought it was funny the back thing and how he's been affected I mean I like Alex for what he is. One more thing we have to so numbers are down. There's good reason because the Shawn's out alshon is out I mean the lions made no bones about it they were. We're just doubling them all day as they should. Yeah I mean 'cause you're you're basically forcing the eagles to beat you with the Nelson Aguilar and Mac who can very much beat beat his own team and jj so I think his numbers are going to grow as these guys start coming back from injury and got her hope to God Rachi help or it's numbers oddly enough. Alshon will help and then when to sean comes back. That'll be a big help for clearing up short intermediate middle the field. I'm flying with this season. That hurts is as far as well yet and going to the point like a number of earth's catches. I think almost all of them is not on where for first downs against the Green Bay packers so he was again he was making impact like chain. Moving plays getting to the offensive line. I guess we agree this as a whole as a unit okay. It's a tough one because it is say Milo is I. I mean that's one of the worst games I've ever seen any player at any position have ever Alma without any hyperbole. It's really like one of the worst games I've ever seen a a player play. A game against Atlanta is horrible yeah like I kind of made gifts of all the all his worst plays and and I had like let's say like I had like twelve and I cut some things out I could easily advocate and just it was he was horrible to the point where like if if I were the eagles of our Doug Peterson I go to them and I'd be like exhibiting okay at home. God on your personal life. Is that bad Saudi factor that let him so. I was like where we said before who was the biggest reason for the Eagles winning week one and we say to Sean Jackson and I take the easy answer for who would be the biggest reason they lost and weak too for me is saying okay he was that bad and yet you often spine was so good against the packers is probably the reason they right now recently won that game to Saima's credit he has gotten past that it seems and has made significantly better obviously Alan how you play worse but he's been a legitimate left guard in the NFL since then so he's been better. The rest of the offensive line has Kelsey I think he started. Maybe a little bit. I don't see started slow because his bad is a lot better than a lot of other centers best but he's he was really really good against Green Bay and I WANNA say it was getting alliance too but after that but he's playing the way Jason Kelsey plays Lane Johnson is playing the way that it lean Johnson plays Brandon Brooks is just being able to play at all week one is incredible and I kind of like a an undercover story so far this this year now he's been able to come back from that Achilles injury and not only come back but he's been awesome like those sneaks. They don't work without him. Comeback Player of the Year Brennan Brooks. They'll never get it because he's an offensive lineman buddy show. He should be should be in the conversation while they won't get it also because he played the full season last year. Usually those awards go go to some player. That like was gone for the whole year or they just sucked for whatever reason so that won't be him. there should be some kind of award for him. Be Eh one you want to call it because his recovery from that injury coming back in the short amount of time that he did in the way that he's played came. Back is nothing short of incredible. I mean nine incoming the pro bowl at the least `specially space good for him. So what did you give them. You didn't even give him a great empire. Peter's sorry we should him too. So people are down Peter's. I I kind of agree with some people that that thought the play really well first couple of weeks but I think he's been a lot better too. I think people were you know. Kinda raised raised eyebrows a little bit when he had the illness was out for basically the entirety of the second quarter game. was that hot line team. NCAA he was overheating. He did that last year. In the Falcons team week one like he couldn't finish the game. It was like two that's right yeah so ah I kind of agree with the little eyebrow raise their but he was used very good against Green Bay so I'll go. I'll go P. Plus Yeah I was GONNA say be. I don't think it could be a given how small performed one game but there were so good against the packers so recently might be little the little bit that for me to attacked. changed my mind. I'm going be will put it there. I just think that it'd be better moving forward late. They have to continue to keep it up now. Talking to the offense will wrap up on Doug Peterson while Ah Yeah Peterson Dougie pay going to give him a b plus so starts still really frustrating big issue for this team the way that I think he has handled adversity which is again. I think a trademark of Doug Peterson like one thing you can look at him and point Ed like you can you can point to that being like a proven thing without Peterson like I think a a lot of times the coaches it's hard to like exactly Parse who who is exactly responsible and to blame for what but I think one hallmark of this team under Doug Peterson has has been their fight and I give him a Lotta credit. I mean Doug Peterson was awesome in the packers game like that was a big reason why they want back like when was Xavier road it said in the two thousand eighteen. NFC game the best combination of US yeah. I think I think honestly I would not be surprised at Gerry. Alexander was saying something similar and the packers game. I think things can get better. The offense needs to get better overall but it's it's been a good offense despite like injuries in issues with this this and given that tough circumstance against the Falcons. I'll give Dougie P. A. B. Plus. I'm a minus wow yeah. I think he's been great. I mean even beyond the packers game which everything you said I agree with in that Falcons game though I mean the way that they kind of weathered those injuries he had to change the game plan on the fly first of all you throw out almost just all like a huge percentage. Jason Kelsey was talking about this in locker room where they just throw out a huge number of running place that they had in their package for that game because Dow Scott was going to be out see how he got asked how big of a deal as douse card to the run game. He said you saw Green Bay. you saw what happened ended in Atlanta where we couldn't run the ball. Effectively bubble is because they kind of had to change the and you know what maybe we'll get to. How in a little bit five. Maybe you don't build Kinda refuting myself here but maybe it'll build a game plan so heavily around the run game with two tight right and sets would you don't have a third tight end on roster so you know you can certainly second guess that I guess but but going back to the resiliency that the thing those like intangibles that he brings to the table and the way that I think is players play for him in the way that he can get his players to play for him. You Know No. It's not something that you can point to in terms of Lega statistic or anything like that but I I really do believe in Doug that way and you know what he's kept US aggressiveness up. He's he's comfortable your burdens and in situations that warranted he goes forth now when it's warranted you look at so many other games around the NFL and that's just mind blowing that they I mean you look at what was it. I think it was a bears vikings this week. The bears have a fourth and three. I think it was at the Vikings thirty four yard landing on my job thirty four fourth and three. He's got the punt team out there stupid. Zimmer your calls a time out and said as soon as saying thank you. We'll take the ball situation. He calls a time out and then Matt Nagy thinks better of it and he goes for and they get it but he was. GonNa punt gs four three on the thirty four. You kidding me like first of all kick a field goal. If you don't WanNa go for their Kika field law we we know that field goals and Lord they're going. They're not going to go for a fourth and three hundred thirty four holy yeah. I'm not a big. Nagy guy either not at all a fraud and I. I am really not a Zimmer Guy. We'll go we'll go by who should be so anyway the the point the point to be made there is when you see all these other games around on the around the NFL and some decision making that goes on there and it's not all doug by the way who's making these fourth-down decisions. It's it's the you know the guy in the booth talking to him saying hey make sense to go oh here but hey credit him for being the coach. The aggressive coach to the is no situations because it could be way way worse with another coach. Yeah I mean Doug is humble enough to take that advice and he's also fearless enough to actually execute Chun definitely think he deserves credit in those regards now moving onto the defense this great stick downturn. WE'RE NOT GONNA go with defense event. Not just passive line you can go. I see minus. Yes yeah I mean they have what one sack the Barnett has the only see the other two are Jernigan and Sunday. Ho That's just not good enough no matter how you cut it no matter what pressure statue looking at like and some of these games. I remember like week one. I think it was like Novyny Curry and Brandon Graham and Josh Josh wet like they had all combined for like maybe one or two quarterback hits like this any way you cut it like the production is not there like it needs to be for. It is team. I'M GONNA go deep Barna had what the six hits six quarterback hits the I two zero. That's good. It's fine. You'd prefer them. I'm Debbie hits when the quarterbacks does the ball but the did affect the quarterback I guess and the Strip sack was so huge. That was a huge play but he's he's. He's clearly been there most productive edge rusher so far yes brand makes a few big plays per game in the run game has not done enough as a pass rusher in my opinion although he did give rusher after blog at her against the packers I mean a lot of pressure after blog at her kill me the tomato candidate put in place him and they've got nothing from. Kerry and they've gotten very little from swells actually owl a little pressure but on the you know pyramid curry to the chronicle backups cups they had a defensive end heading into the season last year in Chris Long Michael Bennett and difference in production is enormous. I would still like to see some day on hall. Honestly it really would cause why not it's crazy. It's crazy that that gym shorts or whoever's making those decisions. Jim Schwartz is looking at that and going to keep putting carrying being there right like and hall played finally against the Packer think he'd like to snaps in one of those he had a nice rush on right away immediately so like this why not not give a chance. Please please put obvious passing down move. Pat Move Raymond side so going over to defensive tackle them. You know leaked actually goes down. It's not only Jackson but Timmy Jernigan well and it's just such a bad luck thing because of the way the eagles like they had really gotten decimated defensive tackle last year and some of that was their fault because they invested invested Nada and that wasn't a good idea is Jericho he was done and then journey obviously they knew like he was not going to be a reliable option mm for them so some of that was their own fault last year this year though I mean they tried to fix it. They bring in me dachshund. They resigned to me journey. They trade for her son Ridgway. They made an effort to to fix this position and it was looking like a loaded head into the season and then when he was and they're not and then on cut trayvon history too. Yep Ed how that all worked out yeah but I think the biggest thing there you hit on just Cox not being even if all of those things happen. Cox was still himself like you're probably fine fine and I just don't think they're even fine at that spot now with Cox not being himself so I if I'm getting that position. Why am I going to give them anything less than the the defensive ends. I'm going to give them a d plus there as well. Maybe that's generous. Why am I give him. The plus like what does Pfizer has done a couple of plays in the backfield. Nothing like you know dominant. I'm like okay when he was when he was in there. He did have a sack and one of the only three sacks yeah but pretty disappointing moving onto the line nine backers tough to evaluate highway for me a little bit nicer random making a pretty big play in the packers game although dropping pick six earlier you know it's funny so we got the assistant coaches Monday and how you I know Kennel Joel The linebackers coach. Who's pretty good about. Just you know being in his answers. You know we're talking about. Nigel's dropped interception in now. He has a penchant for that. Somebody brought up about redeems himself. He makes the interception essentially seals the game and I'm like yeah. That was Kinda. GimMe so jost subsidy goes was was it is it is it a Guinea with him. Jot them funny but his hands are very good. Obviously obviously as we've seen he did make a big play as the umbrella guy. has it s not good. We're not good is playmaking in twenty seventeen there is there's a stretch of that season where he is run around the please all over the field at times really see that at all in twenty eight team a little bit towards the end of the year. I guess this year. What do you think I can't really recall him doing much outside of the packers game he was a big storyline packers game and he did a good job album that interception by the way his role on that play was to Kinda like Yuga. Get the attention of the of the card. He's trying to get the attention of the guard so that like he was faking a blitz trying to get the guard to believe that he was coming on a blitz and free up you know one one on one match up with one match elsewhere on the line do supposed to occupy the garbage you dead drops out of the blitz and Rogers you you know throws it now expecting him to be there because it gets. He got sort of faked out by that blitz to at. It's a heater any candidate. You can't handle it. I mean I don't know how many I don't know how many people on the planet could catch that pass route Aaron Rodgers thrown She can at a close distance. You know you don't make that play and we all look at that plan. Go on to pick six plan. How many people on the planet could actually say they make that catch. I could do it yeah. I'm sure he gets but yeah you expert you expect you expect professional ballplayer to make that play and he didn't make it but you know he did redeem himself to some degree although dough down. I don't what are you doing yeah right. Eh Down the field and see the guy like trail behind them. Guys can take a big swing. Yeah Yeah what greater you give them the linebackers the Lazy See. I would say C. minus just because like I think this doesn't matter ultimately a girl. It's not a big role in the defense. Let's just isn't It's it's hard to people wanted to be. It's just not moving to the corners man. What great can I give this group. F Plus Count as a real great sure you can have lots of I'll give them enough plus star Pike as everyone. I'll say F plus the cornerbacks. Go that harsh on him. I'M GONNA go go date. The plus for me by the way is because Rassoul Douglas. I think he's getting in week one past two weeks. He's been pretty solid. He certainly has been hasn't been the quarterback who the other defenses like. Hey look at this guy. We can pick on him like fifty times. A game like Darby was and Maddox was last week at I'll give him credit. He gave us blades this but he battled and I think asking a what is he five nine. You're asking five nine nine slot corner to all of a sudden. We got some guys you're on the outside now and we solve. Auntie play a lot of different roles as a rookie in two thousand eighteen. Maybe he world will spoil by that now. 'cause he plays safety plates. Lack only played outside corner. You played great outside corner in that Ramsey yes and then he but you know a guy gets hurt and all of a sudden unlike. Schwartz Schwartz said it in one of his injuries. He hasn't played outside corner since like the beginning of training camp still he's gotten no reps on the outside at all and then if you guys could get hurt. He's gotTa go out and he's got play him. I thought he battled. I gave up some place obviously but he made some plays I wouldn't kill him for the performance performance that he had at night high level of difficulty he could have been better but it's a high high level of difficulty with what they're asking them to do you. I mean I like Mattison. I am not one to to repair easing great this year. Now I great. He's basically a little bit of a disappointment. Maybe he'll use awesome in offseason. You thought maybe okay this could be a guy who really steps up and be playmaker He was last year but great hasn't been quite the case yet. I still have hope for him and his potential based on these shown overall. I'm so I'm sticking the F. Plus for this group. What about you. You said Darby was really bad before he got. I mean he's not a hundred percent. I think Sydney has not been great. Either said he's not been great either clearly and just the not only the injury thing which is obvious thing. I don't know man like I any more yes yes. That's a big reason why I was so down that pick nick and I think a lot of people. I think you were to kind of yeah. A lot of people were excited about that because they're like. Oh Man Retell pick. I'm not happy in that and he's not anything looking close to anything like a top fifteen page like nothing like that. The rebuttal to that is but what about Jalen Alan Smith and you know what Jalen Smith is an outstanding example of a guy that was injured. You take him later than he would have gone normally now. He's player that you know. Maybe got to steal bill but jail. Smith's are pretty few and far between like if you look at the quote unquote also Turkey Tigers yes. It took them a long time to to get over that injury and they were patient. They stuck with them and a paid off. You've factor that in and they also paid him a ton of money too. He wasn't an awesome player at a cheap price for a long time. Right is what really Liga player for cheap for one year and then they pay them but still you know he's certainly a success story in terms of dry down Jauregui but the there is a a long long list of players that were quote unquote the injury I who have not panned out and it's far more likely that they're not going to pan out then they are so it looks good on looks. It looks good on paper and leg when you do like a mock draft like those were fun guys to Kinda have in there because you think you're like you know. You're getting getting this big steel patient per year. doesn't work like more often than just doesn't work. It's never really worked for the eagles either How many can we think of other guys like Jackie Cornelius Ingram one of those guys at six that would be like it's Marshon lattimore right or the one that isn't the saints heroin the money and I think the niners took them is drafted like so the niners remember when they were like really good. You thought contenders for a long long trend bulky was there yeah they took like three or four guys like that and Melwork down natta panned out not a single one two three or four those injury is none of them worked out because because they had like not only were they like going to be contenders. Super Bowl contenders every year for a while they were overloaded with draft picks so I gotta made sense for them to do that because they are going into that redraft like eleven picks so it's like okay well. We got a good roster. If you just took a regular healthy I might roster anyway. They're taking all these into their tall. Guys and none of them worked out getting back to some Sydney that bothered me not only him getting toasting coverage but the the tackle attempts on the Air Jones owns touchdown run it. He can't wrap them up like he just dragged him into the end zone. I remember the play and I remembered the second effort by Jones. I didn't know that's that's. I've been an issue with Sydney's this place. Frankly it's not good enough. I'm sure you remember being back not as win office on Jeffrey dislike reconstruct him and they called opioid Hi Sean on that play but still like it's not a good look if you're an NFL player in you're just getting late bodied out there on the field and I think that's something that's happened the Sydney. I don't love it like so like his lack of strength. That's that's sort of lesser concern like the actual place strength on the field. Jim Schwartz talks about he's talked about this on a couple of different occasions but the one that we really went into it like he's like you know. I've I've coached some cornerbacks that are four hundred pound benchers meaning. They bench four hundred pounds and you know they're they're. They're strong in that way and when you get when they play on the field you don't see evidence of that necessarily in their game on the field but he said what does due you to be like that sort of that that's a strength in the way Rome is it allows them to play sixteen games were sitting. It didn't just doesn't have that kind of strength and he's going to be at a disadvantage in terms of being able to stay healthy safety Malcolm Jenkins. I think has been Malcolm's inking. He's just a freaking football player. They sound like you know Dorky. football talk but the the blocked field goal against. Detroit it come on that's awesome. I mean it would have been even more often if the eagles actually Riley game in justify that because I would have gotten more play intention Malcolm jeans huge- hugely important for the team in a big reason why the team should do it at some point definitely reward him as I'm sure you'll hear in a Bijon radio sports minute on the protest Brian Macleod Rodney McLeod. I think has been underrated. Yes he had some big plays in this packers game breaks up that touchdown Jimmy Graham on the feed he it blows up the RPO on. I think third and goal to set up fourth and goal. I think Rodney has been underrated especially given expectation of him coming into the season the coming off this. ACL FIVE MCI suffered last year. He's been great yet like guys that suffer serious injuries. WanNa have last year every year. They come back back. You know when their timetable has come to fruition in their back on the field and they're practicing in whatever those guys always get asked you know how you feel on. Are you back to one hundred percent. Blah Blah Blah Blah and those guys will always one hundred percent of the time say yeah you know I feel great that by knees totally back back in fact I think it feels better and then they get on the field and they're clearly not hundred percent with Rodney. He looks like he's back under percent Yup. He's I think his speed need. I mean he's never like a blazer to begin with but whatever speed he had before I think he's regained that fully. I would give these safeties a we're. We're not gonNA talk about Sendero. Honestly I don't want to in the sense of like. I wish we didn't have to talk about him because he was on the team. Fortunately he is and we do have to talk about this. I mean Minnie the huge play in the packers that pedio sure yet that Saves Eagles four points right there but man. I think the bad clearly has outweighed the good with Andrew Sunday host so far especially when you're factoring in that he's GonNa cost you a fourth-round Compaq. If he's on this roster the big play that he did he had the bad bad of the big bad play anyway that had was Atlanta where Darby is it looks like Darby's beaten on the play by Calvin on the touchdown in the back of the end zone but if you watch that play we talked about that appointing quarters on that right yeah I live. He just doesn't drop agent while he got he quote on Bites on nothing chip. Kelly Kelly phrase he bit the cheese but there was no cheese like there is nothing even there but he was biting pompey bid up on something and way out of position and then he realized that the ball's about the over his head and he's like a any tries to recover from back when he's not even close to to play when really makes that catch and you know what's what's funny is that I think I I think we talked about this already but the tell that with Jim Schwartz on on those kinds of places you ask them like should Darby have gotten help Bamut and if he has an opportunity to sort of save a player that he knows that questions going but he knows that the question is is is thinly veiled as did Andrew Sunday screw that play out and if he has the opportunity to to sort of stick up for a player then any will if he if the answer is yes that player screwed up. His answer is always going to be yeah. You guys know that I'm not going to answer those kinds of clubs now. It's a dead giveaway. That player screwed up. I mean we we didn't even need Schwartz to answer that question. He's not getting coverage is really is really the easy easy way to put it. I'M GONNA say I guess be for the SAFETIES. I'm going to be wow that's fair. Send really hurts them. I think Jim Schwartz I think Jim Schwartz I think for as much as the defense has had some struggles that I guess I'm kind of going to get into this a little bit more. How we I don't think there's so much on Schwartz as they are Howie heading Jim Schwartz for frustrating as he can be the way he has handled what he has to work with overall the I think he was a huge reason why they almost win that Falcons game. I mean had three turnovers a great yeah and the way like the defense really picked it up there so I know people get frustrated that sorts. I know people always want to Schwartz fired. I am not among those I looked at the lions scheme the the only gave up our twenty. I guess it was twenty in that game and six of those were off turnovers. I think Schwartz is definitely still I would classify him as a a good defensive coordinator. I think he's top quarterly yeah and so. I'm going to give him a rather. The gripes with Schwarzer very nitpicky and I think he doesn't get enough. Read it for her. Scheming up plays that the that the players aren't executing so we already talked about the Nigel Brad an example for jobs they faked drops in the covers Roger Restores play. He's got the play this year where they run a zone blitz and Fletcher Cox drops in the coverage of the throat right to make play so like he's generating these opportunities to have these huge big play turnovers and the players aren't always executing them. I usually get credit for those because the player didn't make the play Um so. I think there's a lot of that going on too but the I I don't think he's above criticism. There are certain things that you can look at that. He does that art that is deserving of criticism awesome but I think oftentimes way over the top and Super Nitpicky in our I'm GonNa be plus with Schwarzie while people are GonNa be mad. I know you're you're out care Howie Roseman. You can go first. I give first for shorts yeah. There's good and bad. I think the old guy strategy needs to go. Oh into the shed at work that one year twenty seventeen where they he hit on a lot of low-cost older guys and it's just not working this year like those guys are getting hurt. The ones that aren't getting hurt aren't performing for the most part not in love with the free agent acquisitions than he made this off season buskens say they got enough out of the draft. I mean they're only making five Pixie to last two years and that certainly factors into how how he strategize that I fear that they're gonNa do is together. GonNa give to a give up too much for some kind of player whether it's in one of the three guys that we already discussed or someone that's not even on the radar at the trade deadline but you know this. This is a when we actually went into a little bit of detail in during the last episode about how he did not have good off-season in our opinions slow harsh 'cause does he did win the Super Bowl but I'm going to go see houses. AC MINUS GUY to be issues. You brought up to me secondary. Yeah the issues with those units backed on players that the that you know we're coming back from injury or injury prone the pass rush. They didn't do enough to ensure that Jim Schwartz could run scheme the way that he wants to run yeah and the young guys who are at those positions like Barnett who these men bad but you know incident Jones in Brazil again I got you're not getting WHO's. The Star like where's The star Talent Yam the sponge. They're not hitting on stars with how he picks specifically so let's say. I don't think he's done amazing. I would say a little bit below average so I guess that's why I'm putting on a C. minus okay so that was a super long segments are super long break back after this Jimmy Campsie with a BGN radio minute in the Eagles win over the packers on Thursday Night Eagles Safety Andrew Deo aol was criticized for lowering the crown of helmet and striking teammate of automatics and the head Maddox was taken off in a stretcher and snowflakes everywhere criticized Sunday. Oh for UH recklessly endangering another player since when did Philadelphia becomes such a soft town. This was the city that rightfully cheered when Michael Irvin had his career cut short when he suffered a head injury on the eagles turf in nineteen ninety nine. Since when do we have to change the diapers of every her player and Rub Vasa lean all over there hines and tell them that it special. I'm I'm different from everyone. Else's this football and frankly if I'm the eagles. I'm taking the money that OTA skipper. Malcolm Jenkins wanted and I'm giving it to Andrew Sunday help Bob Jimmy Kamsky with this. BGN Radio Minute yet Sports Radio Rebecca here Radio Episode Three Young Gotten to become ski your Ambient Radio Timmy. Finally we have arrived. there really isn't a ton to say about this game in the sense that this is a team eagles us. I feel like to me. I think you'll agree with me. This should this beat up on this team. They really should. I don't think there's people are trap game like stop. Don't know what a trap game means means. If you're seeing this is attracting and I hate that phrase so that no one knows what trap gaming trap game does not mean that your team plays a bad team and it's automatically like a trap because you're expected the beat them by lot no games in the NFL were good teams play horrible teams and they just beat the crap out of them. Look at the dolphins this year yes. It's not a trap. It's just that the jets are terrible. Their offense is like pretty much last in every category. Sam Darnold is in my opinion not gonNA play. Would you agree with that. Jimmy yet doesn't he's. GonNa play like how how could they will. Ny You're rushing game to play. He hasn't been having engages in as ain't person so I can understand them rushing him to play or I can understand that they will do that and I think we discussed. There's a loss pod but that lean with monod I it can be it can be enlarged and invitation ahead on it. It can rupture and you can die from that so like they gotta be really has been clear for contact yet. I mean we're all as as you know you and I cover the eagles fans or fans of the team. We've been beaten to death by the phrase clear contact you know all last off season with Carson Wentz. Yeah he has not been clear for contact yet and any problems won't be yeah exactly it if he does play. How good is he going to be first of all. We're not talking about Aaron. Rodgers here like a hell of a sudd- is Sam darnold like this. you know scary quarterback quarterback to face it doesn't matter if he plays or not who cares they'd sixteen points in week one when he started against a good bills defense but still one of the most expensive touchdown to you by the way they they one offensive touchdown this year of the jets one offensive touchdown and another thing with the the quarterback situation is like with the uncertainty that Donald might not be able to go they they have to prepare. Luke Falk the start right so it's not even like Donald is taking the full workload reps and practice this week correct these not one hundred percent capacity at all and again from what I was hearing in reading and seeing like Donald wasn't conditioning when he's been away since he's had mono and this this is the first week he's been getting back into actually throwing a football so like again. He's not gonNA be at one hundred percent even if he did play in the unlikely likely event so far as bad as the defenses and I get a team to be hanged up right now for sure and I get it's concerning because like you have a gimpy Sidney Jones you have Orlando Scandal you have Craig Deans and then reveal out there. It's not a great group yeah but I mean I feel like those guys are good enough have to get by this kind of Luke. Falk led offense yet like when this when this line came out and I saw was fourteen like it's a little rich like but I always look at it from the Eagle's perspective like the Eagles aren't they like Mike Vehicles haven't shown enough to be fourteen point favorites over anyone and then when I started looking harder harder this jets team. I'm like wow that's a bargain like. I didn't watch be higher. Actually of you did this. Jets team is is straight offensively anyway defenses. The defense isn't good either but at least average they have some good players like Alex really good. CJ mostly might not play but he is going to play and they'll get Clinton Williams back. It looks like extremely talented player but only played a little bit in week one and then got hurt but this offense the quarterback is obviously I mean you're talking about an undrafted guy who's years ago who is on his third team and it was a third quarterback behind darnold and trevor. Do you see that Trevor Siemian injury by the way we know disgusting yeah. I'm glad I didn't yeah I try to avoid seeing those and I saw that with my accident and it was gross but yeah I mean. He hasn't been good in two games plan. I mean they had the the total yards in in those two games is. I think it's under four hundred arch right around there so they're never passed for. Just under three hundred games and lady on bell has done nothing. Their offensive offensive line is horrible. It's it's awful if the eagles can't get pressure against offensive line is huge. I mean we are already think there's there's a problem. It is a huge problem. They can't get anything against against this crap. I mean there's his taken seven sacks so far okay bell is averaging under three yards a carry two point nine edge against snatch the steam bishops smash them. They should be taught them. They should be deceived by like four touchdowns it should be they should not say they should they should cover the span definitely at the very least the jets leading tight end right now is Ryan Griffin who has four receptions for fifteen yards 'cause herndon handed suspended and like their leading receiver is Jamison crowder who needed some things in Washington but like he's your best ask receiver. I don't think he's their best receiver is based motor right now right by me. You Know Luke. Falk isn't getting getting ready. Anderson deep balls yeah and obviously when you know like that's one of the biggest only on might be the only thing you have to worry about. The offense is I don't get deep literally allow Ryan Griffin Award crowded do whatever they want underneath yes. Yes don't get beat up by Rabbi Enersen in your fine. Yes I definitely think the the eagles like I feel like four. I think their offense could have some slow moments We seen him start slow. They're not going to have to Sean probably this week. The jets fence isn't bad. I think six opponent yards per attempt. I don't think it's just like the eagles are GonNa cut through the jets defense like a hot knife through butter necessarily the whole game but I think they're going to have enough possessions on offense because of the jets offense won't be on the field and honestly I mean the eagles could score some defensive points in this game with how bad that data is going to be where I think. This one is really cut and dry any kind of path to victory for the jets yeah. That's the that's the thing so I guess that looks. It's like like winning. Williams coming in wrecking Somali like guided Jarrett did and some kind of it would have to be some kind of like defensive slash special teams touchdown for the jets. They have three of them this year. They have those apply pick six by CJ Moseley week one Yup hip who's not going to play this week. They had a garbage muffed punt touchdown against the Patriots Patriot for thirty nothing at the time they they have some scrub back. They're feeling positive. Often jets jumped on it for a touchdown and then they had a pick six even even the later in that game by Jamal Adams when Tom Brady was already out of the game itself they have three defensive touchdowns but really only one of them mannered. That was the one week one against the bills. a couple closing notes on this jets matchup here. The kicker thing isn't issue to Samphan has has not for Penn State. Alumnus Sanford has not attempted to kick for them yet but in his career in regular seasons two or three in the midst from the thirty to thirty nine range in these four at five on extra point attempts we saw the debts have kicker issues in the preseason when they're playing the eagles so I mean even if this game somehow does come close. Maybe taker blows it. A couple more stats on wanting to read for you. Jimmy go and deliver kicker analysis there. I mean you know I gotTa bring it in. Our is notable label for something else. What did he do. Wasn't he like the Penn State didn't he. Yes he went to Penn state he was. I said that to me. You know I'd swine. He's at the rim. I mean he made. He missed a like a lot of kids for them. If I recall I think so. I'm not Penn State Guy Myself. We gotta get a Lombardo on the phone. Yes carry these depth. Stats you go right ahead. the eagles are ten in. Oh in ten all time games against the jets so I just think that's a little interesting in the sense that I knew some jets fans growing up and they would always give me crap as an eagles fan growing up. Tell me how the US never won the Super Bowl but now that the the super bowl in the jets never jet fans. Were riding you about no super bowl. When I was the sixties come on now. Uh Not quite that oh no no no no the jets super bowl is in like the sick rice point being eagles fans have they can take their. There's no room to take any crap from Jeff. Smith Breath Right Adam Gates is thirteen and twenty four in his last thirty seven needs as high coach. The jets are two and seven on the road since the start of two thousand eighteen guy. That's Y'all think we really need to go much further than just terrible so I don't know I look the jets team sucks. I think anyone trying to get worried about trap game or anything psyching themselves out way too much and I think this one's cut and dry win this game by Multiple Sports Carson Wentz is going to continue to look good. The defense will be able to hold on against this underpowered Jeff offense the Eagles win. They advanced three and two and all of a sudden. They're in a pretty pretty decent spot after giving where they were a couple of weeks ago. Eagles thirty eight jets thirteen. I didn't even get my scripts. I go right ahead. Hello have anything more than than I was. GonNa say thirty one to six okay. Wow Yeah so we have. We have the same any margin of victory then so they definitely cover. She'll be convincing. One should be a if of all those according to add that should should be a relatively stress free Sunday of course legals. We always find a way to make it more stressful than they should but this has been be generating code eighty three. I have been branding the gum. This has been Jimmy Campsie from philly voice. Make sure you continue to subscribe to the leading nation. podcast feed intake our other episodes. The kiss select show the Babes on broad. Everything else will be have have coming up. We should have if I am not mistaken a special new show coming up in the near future so stay tuned for that jarring potentially as soon as next week so very exciting things happening here here at nation in BG radio. We will talk to you next time. Hey there podcast pals. I'm John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hidden season one of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation look the baseball season is one hundred sixty two games long and there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness you could ever want and make sure to check out our other great podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin endless grocer. Subscribe on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP.

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