Ep. 689 - Being Radical Means Never Having To Say True Things


Alexandra Cossio Cortez. Accidentally spills the beans. We examined Tucker Carlson's populism and the border wall war continues. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Oh, man so much to get to today. Wow. Wata news breaking over the weekend. Plus, plus, as you know later today, if you are a subscriber over a daily wire, then you're you get two extra hours of me every single way it's going to be unbelievable and get to all of the news of the day. I we need to talk about how you send your packages. How you do your mail? So I know that you've been heading down to the post office with this giant box of stuff that you need to send off via the post office and post offices. Great don't get me wrong. But you know, it'd be easier. If you didn't have to do that if you could just sit at your desk and make sure that all of your mail goes out on time with the proper postage. Well, here's the nice thing. You can we do it the daily where offices. 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The Democrats that the Democrats are taking seriously, you know, the ones who are considered the new leaders we should be taking. We should be taking serious stock of the Democrats that the media say are the ones we should be paying attention to. How do we know which ones? Well, let's say that there were democrat who'd been ballyhooed as the new wave the Democratic Party, a democrat who've been featured on social media democrat you've been featured by with profiles in Vanity Fair, the New York Times and the Washington Post a democrat who was featured on sixty minutes over the weekend. Would it be fair to pay attention to that person? I think yes. And I think that if people said we shouldn't pay attention to that person that that would be a bit of media sophistry if the game were be the Democrats pay attention to a person, and we're supposed to ignore that person. Lest we be accused of being obsessed with that person that would be a bunch of crap. Right. So the person of whom I'm speaking, of course, as Alexandra Okaz your Cortez. Now, the reason that a lot of folks on the right like to cover Alexandra Okaz Cortez is because she says dumb things a lot. Don't you? Reg thought she says dumb things only sometimes she says dumb things routinely. Like all the things she says ninety percent of the things she says her dumb. The only thing she says that are not dumb are things that are pop culturally related. So when Alexandra Okaz you Cortez talks about like instant pot recipes on instinct in on Instagram, not so dumb when she talks about how she's a pretty good dancer. Not so dumb when she talks about economics. It's like she stuck her head in in oven. Okay. The the things she says are just diabetic. And she gets caught out saying the Arctic things on a routine basis, but this does not seem to dim her appeal any for Democrats, which leads to an ironic situation, the same Democrats who accused Donald Trump of lowering the standards of truth and fact, the same Democrats who say that Donald Trump lies on routine basis about matters of policy are worshiping at the altar of this brash, new persona Alexandria, Okaz, yo Cortez whose brash knew precisely because she wants wealth thousand votes in a democratic primary in a heavily blue district that has majority my. Minority. And we're the Representative happened to be a white person until Alexandra Okaz, your Cortez took over the racial issues. Only interesting in so far as it had an impact on the voting pattern in that primary. K the reason that I bring this up is Alexandra Qazi Cortez's on sixty minutes last week. She proposed what she called the green new deal. The green new deal would have required within twelve years. One hundred percent of United States economy to be on renewable energy sources right now only seventeen percent of the us economy is supported by renewable energy sources. So we're talking about the cost of tens of trillions of dollars at a minimum using the current technologies that we have and if we wanted to develop new technologies, we are probably talking about hundreds of trillions of dollars in order to get to a completely green new deal. She also suggested that we should have racial and gender based equity handled by the congress of the United States, and that we should raise the tax rates radically. So she did this interview on sixty minutes because she is the new ideological thought leader, which makes sense. I mean, we already had the idiocy of watching Bernie Sanders be the Eddie. Illogical thought leader for the Democrats Bari watched the Democrats trot out a seventy a near octogenarian socialist loon bag was never passed a single piece of decent legislation from Vermont be the ideological thought later for the Democrats. So why not prettier dumber Bernie Sanders? How that we can go with that? Right. So sixty minutes brings out Okasha Cortez, and she says some things about policy so she begins by pushing a seventy percent marginal tax rate. This is her big policy proposal is that what we should do is. We should pay for her green new deal, which as I say would cost tens of trillions of dollars by you guessed it, texting rich people more you have a progressive tax rates system. You are tax three. You know, let's say from zero to seventy five thousand dollars may be ten percent or fifteen percents, etc. But once you get to like, a Tipi tops on your ten million dollar. I sometimes you see tax rates as high as sixty or seventy percents that doesn't mean all ten million dollars or. Taxed at an extremely high rate. But it means that as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. Okay. This is like watching my four year old daughter explained. Basic addition to me, I mean that she has like a certain amount of kind of baseline understanding, but she doesn't really get it. I liked it. Alexandro Qazi, oh Cortez is explaining to Anderson Cooper, white promise you pays the top tart top marginal tax rate. She's explaining how marginal tax bracket works to to Anderson Cooper on national television. This is the new wave of the Democratic Party. You see like when you get to like the very tippy top in the top tip toes when he like the ten million dollar. That's taxed at a different rate than like if you made five dollars. Yes, alexandria. We know and still immoral to steal seventy percent of a dollar that somebody makes for your own private purposes. Also, the notion that this is going to pay for virtually anything is nuts as she. She basically says, okay, if you make over ten million dollars, then we should hacksaw of that at a seventy percent rate and one of my favorite things about this. Is that people in the democrat party are then repeating this. No, it's it's not that bad. Why would that be so bad? There's a thread on Twitter this had seventy five thousand retweets from a person named Diana Anderson. I don't know who this person is this person wrote. Okay. So a lot of rich white folks are freaking out about what a seventy percent tax rate on the wealthy would look like. And they're scared about it and bleep even though it's literally what rich baby boomers are he dealt with first of all rich baby boomers did not deal with it. They had massive tax loopholes that were applicable during the Eisenhower era when the top tax bracket starting about three point four million jointly for households was at ninety one percents the effective tax rate for those households is about forty five percent. Here's what this person says though, they say post World War Two tax rate peaked at ninety four percents on annual income over two hundred thousand dollars. This is post World War Two. You will remember when we were still paying off, you know, a massive military spend, by the way, two hundred thousand dollars in nineteen forty six was like three million bucks in two thousand eighteen in the decades following it dropped to a marginal tax rate of seventy percents of all income over two hundred thousand dollars annually. Yes. And if you'll recall the nineteen seventies sucked. Comically before Ronald Reagan massively cut the top marginal tax rate. And this person says let's take let's take an example of what would happen if we had a seventy percent income tax rate for people making above ten million dollars. So let's say you're Dwayne the rock Johnson. You made sixty five million dollars last year in one year. So that ten million dollars cutoff is gonna hit. You seventy percent off everything above ten million dollars. That leaves you with sixteen point five million dollars. Wow. That's a big hate. You think on paper? Yeah. That's a lot of money to just give up in taxes. No, not non-paper in reality. Giving up forty five million dollars is a lot of money to give up. But this person says that rates still leaves the rock with nearly twenty million dollars considering his ten million is also taxed at a lower rate. That's twenty million in net pay for a year, which is still a lot of money. So what's the rock winding about? Here's why this is so intensely stupid. The reason that this is so intensely stupid is because everyone will start using tax avoidance strategies. How do I know this because France tried to do exactly this? A few years back. Let's go back in the way back machine to two thousand seventeen like two years ago. The prime minister of France was named Edward Philippe. Okay. And he had in he had tried to impose he tried to impose along with Emmanuel Macron economic reforms that have led to a massive wealth tax. What happened all the millionaires left, France? In two thousand sixteen twelve thousand millionaires immigrated from France, a in two thousand fifteen ten thousand millionaires left, France, it's Hearns out. You know, rich people are really good at picking up and moving. It turns out that rich people if you try to tax them to seventy percent rate above ten million dollars. You know what they'll do? They will just sell their houses and leave and Golovin in Carlo. If you think the rock is sticking around to watch forty million bucks of his disappear every year. So Alexander Okaz, you Cortez can pay off her green cylindrical supporters. You are out of your damned mind, you're crazy. It's not going to happen. And even the Washington Post, basically ignored. They do a full economic workup mom. This is my favorite part. I I love this. This is what they say. They say oh Cossio Cortez's suggestion for nearly doubling taxes on people earning more than ten million dollars would bring in seven hundred twenty billion dollars per decade. Seventy two billion dollars a year except that except that. That's not what's going to happen. Here's buried deep in this article from the Washington Post, the real number is probably smaller than that. Because wealthy Americans would probably find ways around paying this much higher tax. Yes, I think you think maybe the rock just wouldn't do as many movies. I wouldn't work as hard. If I knew seventy percent of my money. We're going to the federal government. Already an enormous amount of my money goes to the federal government. You think I would take on extra jobs? Just so I could pay the bills for the stupid ideas of our congress people. There's something deeply immoral about stealing seventy percents of any dollar that anyone makes. And if you think that Alexandra caused Cortez knows how to spend her money better than the rock knows how to spend his money. I don't know what to tell you. I'm with Cardi B, and what the government does with my bleeping money, and neither do you. And the fact that the federal government is now trying to seize that money and people are cheering this on is not. So this is the new democratic push is that they are going to massively raise taxes. Yeah. Go with that. I also love the baseline lie that is being told here, which is that if you raise the top marginal tax bracket seventy percent that's gonna pay for everything you crazy. It ain't people in Denmark are paying sixty percent of their income off the top in income tax. If you make above sixty thousand dollars a year, you wanna pay for Bernie Sanders like programs. You can have Bernie Sanders like taxes and those Bernie Sanders like taxes do not look like a top top marginal tax. Bracket increase. They look like a massive middle class and lower class tax increase because you must expand the tax base. If you do not expand the tax base, you're not going to take in more income. But that was in the dumbest thing Okaz, yo Cortez said she really spill the beans here. No. I'll explain in just one second first. Let's talk about how you can make your business better. So how can you make your business better? Well, you probably have a couple of employees as or, you know, low down on the ladder or maybe a need somebody better. But not sure how to find him or maybe you don't need to kick anybody out. 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Dan, Crenshaw is a war veteran who lost an eye in combat. That is clever is witty was great. When he went on Saturday Night Live has received one one hundredth of the media attention that this twenty nine year old former bartender socialist from New York is receiving like one iota. And then Crenshaw doesn't say dumb things all the time. And he actually has a record of service any happens to be smart. But you know, if media, then none of that matters. Right. If you've media, the only thing that matters that she's a democrat because she's a democrat. We have to give her all sorts of Louis, and if you attack her if you say that her ideas are bad, then this is because you are a sexist just the same way that if you say Elizabeth Warren is a charmless hack, then this is because you're also a sexist because if you talk about likability. But you're talking about a democrat. This means that you're a racist or sexist or big in some way. Okay. So the dumbest thing that Alexandra Okaz Cortez said was so dumb on the sixty minutes interview that even Anderson Cooper looked at her and almost vomited in her lap. So Alexandra causing Cortez was asked Pacific about the fact that she says a lot of things that are. True that in common parlance, she lies a lot that she she will just try it out arguments that make no sense, she'll say things that are blatantly factually, false, listen to response because it is telling about the way so many folks on the political left think about what politics is an explains why younger generation folks are turning socialist. But she's about to say is a sign of deep immorality deep philosophical immorality. But she says it with a straight face. And so we take it seriously. I think that there's a lot of people more concerned about be precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally, right? Factually, correct is important absolutely important. And whenever I make a mistake. I say, okay, this was clumsy. And then I restate what my point was. But it's it's not the same thing as the president lying about immigrants. It's not the same thing at all. Yeah. It is. So what she says there is that feelings don't matter about your facts, right in my slogan is facts don't care about your feelings for her feelings don't care about your facts. So if she's morally right she can lie. She can get facts wrong. We shouldn't worry about her being semantically or factually accurate. We should worry about any of those things. Accuracy is of no consequence. When what you're saying is morally, right. So you might say that we should take her seriously. But not literally now, I was informed by Democrats that Donald Trump had lowered the standards of the presidency when it came to truth. I was informed by Democrats that Donald Trump had destroyed our politics because he says a lot of things that are factually untrue. And I've said in the past when Donald Trump says things that are factually untrue that he should correct them. And that he's wrong and sometimes long and that that's bad. But Democrats don't actually care about all that with Democrats actually care about is the narrative, so Alexandra Qazi courts has when she says facts, don't actually matter what matters is being morally. Right. This shows why we. We are in the state that we are. She is not actually saying anything different from what Democrats have said for years for literally minds lifetime. Democrats have been saying my entire lifetime that it is okay to lie so long as you get to the end point that you are seeking if you Brock Obama you can lie about liking your doctor and keeping your doctor because the ends justify the means. The ends are morally, right. Therefore, the means not telling the truth to the American people. That's okay, too. So when Okaz Cortez says, I don't have time to tell the truth. People worry too much about me being factually accurate instead of morally, right, one of the ways, we decide whether you are morally right is if you are factually, accurate, it's pretty easy to tell. If somebody's lying all the time to you to get you to do something pretty obvious giveaway that what they're trying to get you to do is probably not morally, right because the truth shall set us free. When we hear a group of facts that are laid together to form an argument, then it is inherently more convincing than a group of lies that are put together to form an end point. If we know they are lies if you have to lie to get somebody. To identify with your conclusion, then you are not only doing it wrong. You're doing something immoral itself. There's certain cases in life where lying is necessary. And they're sending the Nazis at your door. And you've got somebody who's a resistance to the Nazis hiding in your basement. Do you lied to the Nazi the typical moral answer would be yes. Although count would say no that is not what we're talking about. Here. We're talking about here is basically lying to the American people because you think that your point is better than their point. And this is what the Democrats are doing these days. I don't like it when Republicans do it. I don't like when Democrats do it. I don't like it. When Donald Trump says things that are not true about the economy or about immigration or about the or about the state of the Middle East. I don't like when he does any of those things to support his political viewpoint. It's no better. When a democrat does it. But to pretend that the standard has only been lowered on one side is joke. The standard has been lowered on both sides for years, and it was lowered by Democrats a lot earlier than it was lowered for Republicans. She just let the cat out of the bag. So spare me or? Lectures about Donald Trump undermining American politics the same left that disdains Donald Trump for his supposed abolition of basic principles of the presidency that same left cheers on Alexandra causing Cortez. Every step of the way that same left tells us, the Barack Obama never had a scandal that same left says the Brock Obama never told the lie that same left says the Bill Clinton should still be held up as some sort of Halcion of the presidency and his wife should have won in two thousand sixteen. I'm not I'm not gonna take moral guidance from these folks just not going to happen. And I'm certainly not gonna listen to Democrats when they also claim that they actually want to compromise. The Donald Trump is the one standing in the way of compromise. And this becomes particularly galling when you're hearing it about the walls, the Democrats are claiming they don't wanna compromise. But the or that Donald Trump doesn't want to compromise that they'd love to reach a compromise. But Trump won't compromise again Okasha Cortez. She just says things that are inadvertently true. Like Democrats don't care about the truth. And also, we'd like to tax the crap out of you. She also says Democrats have compromised too, much Pasha can't name a compromise. Name democratic compromise of the last say fifteen years, the last time Republicans and Democrats compromised on a Bill, honestly, maybe sequestration even that was not really a compromise house like two thousand one seven seven eight years ago, but she says Democrats have compromised too much, and there's something and then deeply telling about the facts that she thinks the democ. Rats have compromised too much when she can't name a single democrat compromise in the last ten years, we as a party have compromised too much, and we've lost too much of who were supposed to be in who we are. And the Democratic Party has lost. I think so I think I think we've compromised things that we shouldn't have compromised, whether it's judgeships with Mitch McConnell weather is compromising on climate change. I think we've there are some things that we've compromised a little bit too much on. Okay. They've not compromised on judgeships, Harry Reid nuked, the filibuster and Mitch McConnell has rammed through judges and on climate change Democrats have not compromised when I oughta they just haven't had the power to get through their radical agenda. So again, just a bunch of nonsense, but it does demonstrate with democratic parties head is out there radical they don't care about truth when it comes to at least if she's Representative of them. I'm not saying every democrat. There are a lot of Democrats out there. I assume who are still carrying about truth who'd still like some compromise would still like some moderation, but not in the leadership not in leadership because. Closey can't step on Okaz GIO Cortez because she knows the passions with Okaz Cortez in the same way that the leadership couldn't step on Bernie Sanders because they knew that the passion was with Bernie Sanders. So what does this lead to well leads to the government shutdown that's happening over the border wall? So let's talk about the latest on the border wall in just one second first, let's talk about how you protect your property. Well, the way that you ought to protect your property is with ring today over a million people are using the amazing ring video doorbell to help protect their homes. Ring knows home security begins at the front door. It does not end there. So now, they're extending that same level of security to the rest of your home with the ring floodlight Cam and just like rings amazing video doorbell floodlight. 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When you go to ring dot com slash again. That's ring dot com slash men. Go check it out right now ring dot com slash Ben ring as well worth your time. It's gonna make your house say for make you feel more secure ring dot com slash Ben. Okay. So the democratic intransigence that has been pushed forth by the democratic basis. Exactly. What I predicted last year. I want anybody who's been watching the Democratic Party predicted last year. This is not a party that was gonna come to be reasonable. This was a party that was going to come in and push the most radical agenda, they could and refuse to compromise on anything. So Donald Trump has asked for something like five billion dollars for a border wall, which let's face it would not be sufficient to actually build the border wall. The actual cost of aboard. While apparently is between eleven and thirteen billion dollars. Not five billion dollars in any case. Five billion dollars is a pittance. Here's what we spend every year on virtually everything else. And we do in fact have a border problem. Huge numbers of people are coming across the border in two thousand fifteen is according to the Washington Post, the d the year Donald Trump launched his White House bid with a promise to build a wall on the Mexico border illegal migration to the United States plunged thirty one percent following near its lowest levels in fifty years in two thousand seventeen President Trump's first urine office he continued to insist on the urgent need for a border while even as legal crossings dropped even further with parts of the federal government shutdown over what is morphed into a defining symbol of Trump's presidency. Administration officials are clamoring louder than ever only this time they face a bona fide emergency on the border is according to the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, and they're struggling to make the case there's truly a problem record numbers of migrant. Families are streaming into the United States overwhelming border agents and leaving them holding leaving holding cells dangerously overcrowded with children, many of whom are falling sick in a letter to lawmakers on Friday, the White House and department of homeland security made a fresh appeal to amend immigration laws. Announce his legal loopholes and blamed for creating a border security and humanitarian crisis, but this is not going to happen. So long as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats refused to compromise. Now that humanitarian crisis is not being created only by the lack of a border wall. It's also being created by our immigration procedures which require us to arrest people, and then people have to go to an immigration court and while they're not an immigration court. We there have to imprison them or let them go which catch and release all of that is a mess and cleaning that up should be top priority. But Democrats are not interested in cleaning up any of this. And they're particularly anti the idea of a wall because they don't want Trump to have a victory. So you end up with idiocies like this Nancy Pelosi out front and center saying that the wall itself is immoral. This is what she said last week. Is an in morality. It's not who we are as nation. And this is not a wall between Mexico and the United States that the president is creating here. It's a wall between reality and his constituents his supporters. What the hell does that mean a wall between reality and his supporters will how how do I love the nobody in the media just asked how explain when she says, this isn't a wall between the us and Mexico that is literally what it is wall between the United States, and Mexico some sort of physical barrier that allows our border patrol agents to know when people are crossing illegally why this is immoral in any way, Democrats have yet to explain I love that. They can just shout slogans like it's immoral and it's not who we are. Whenever a politician assures. You it's not who we are the aware. All they are trying to do. Shame. You into not asking the question. Why why not who we are to protect our own border? Why Allah mansion there are certain things that make us not who we are. Right. Imprisoning children. Not who we are because Zahi are but building a wall on the border. That's not who we are President Trump responds by saying we'd like steel barrier. Please this isn't that doesn't that tough. He tweeted out VP Mike Pence and group had a productive meeting with the Schumer Pelosi representatives today. Many details of border security were discussed we're now planning a steel barrier rather than concrete is both stronger unless a person good solution and made in the USA. I don't know why Trump thinks this comes across like a compromise. Obviously, it's not come across the compromise. Nonetheless, his trotting out members of his administration to claim that. It is Mick Mulvaney, who says new chief of staff was on meet the press, and he said that President Trump is compromising by shifting from wall to offense, which is not actually a compromise. But here he is fences that we have built on the southern border ones who already they're under Republican leadership democrat leadership there in San Diego and El Paso, more than ninety percent defective in preventing criminal immigration. We need more of that. Do we need it from coast to coast two thousand miles all the way across no. And the president has admitted as such there are. In the middle of nowhere. Where technology will be better. But a barrier. Call it a wall call it offense. The president actually said he didn't care what you call it. He even offered to let the Democrats helped him design something he says as long as it's affective. He doesn't care what you call it. We made something to prevent people from coming into this country illegally. The president isn't wrong on this. And Mick Mulvaney is not wrong on this. I will say that the tactics that are being used by both sides are obviously pandering to their respective bases. So when it comes to the Democrats are pandering to their base by saying, we don't need a barrier of any kind that walls themselves are an imposition. Ooh. It's so terrible. Eric swallow who wants to run for president for some odd reason he tweeted out that a wall separates us. And then right like citizens and people trying to get in illegally, correct, Eric swallow. And then he said that's not who we are in the US literally. That's how you define a nation is by separating us from them. And it doesn't mean that them are bad. But it doesn't mean that you have to separate populations. Otherwise, you don't know who's a citizen, and who is not a citizen. So Democrats are pandering to their most radical base. And then President Trump is pandering to his base in the sense that he should have done this immediately pun entering office. He had a Republican congress had Republican Senate holding his own senate's feet to the fire would have been a better move than trying to hold Nancy Pelosi's feet to the fire. Now, President Trump is supposedly considering using emergency powers to build the wall. According to CNN on Friday, President Trump said he was considering using emergency powers which would allow him to use military funding to build a wall on the us Mexico border. He said, I can do it if I want he said, we can call the national emergency because of the security. I haven't done it. I made it, but we can call a national emergency and Bill that very quickly. So presumably Huby talking about invoking two separate laws. One is tenuous code section two eighty four support for counter, drug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime that provision says that the secretary of defense they provide support for the counter, drug activities or activities to counter transnational organized crime of any department or agency of the federal government. If such support is requested by the official responsible for the counter, drug active. Or by the appropriate state officials, and this could amount to the maintenance and repair of equipment that has been used to stop such drug related activities. So isn't it's never been invoked in this way that you have somebody on the border, and then they say to the president we need border wall. Please misdirect funding from other department of defense priorities to the wall because of counterdrug activity. Also, it would be kind of a stretch to suggest that this would fall under maintenance or repair or upgrading of equipment that usually amounts to making the equipment better, not building an entirely new barrier. That spends thousands of miles of United States were legally speaking, it'd be difficult for the president to do this nor really should he because we don't want the president routinely using national emergency powers to do stuff. He can't otherwise get congressional approval for ten US code twenty eight oh eight is the other one that he theoretically could use this construction authority in the event of a declaration of war or national emergency. This is what he's talking about with the national emergency under this provision of US law in the event of a declaration of war. Or the declaration by the president of a national emergency in accordance with the national emergencies act that requires the use of the armed forces the secretary of defense without regard to any other provisions of law may undertake military construction projects this is only been used in the aftermath of nine eleven to build up military bases in certain areas, and it's supposed to be an emergency use. Right. Supposed to be the congress. Just hasn't had time to consider the reprioritisation of defense funding. It is not really supposed to be a way of overruling congress. When congress doesn't want to do something, the listen, again, I'm in favor of the wall. I'm in favor of Trump putting pressure on congress over the wall. I've in favor of Trump saying that he's happy to shut down the government don't really care about any of that. When I do care about is you don't get to expand the national emergency powers of the executive branch without understanding that Democrats will do exactly the same thing. The other way, wait until the shoe's on the other foot and Democrats declare that they are going to have to build out some sort of facility that you don't want them to build out some national surveillance facility that you don't want them to build out because congress won't give them what they want and it's national emergency. Wait until they do that expanding. The powers of the presidency is never good idea. Even when you think that the president is somebody of your party who's doing something that you like this would be struck down in court, and it it should be struck down in court on just a second. Only talk about an ideological rift. That's broken out inside the Republican party that I think is really deeply deeply important it's because of a monologue Tucker Carlson gave that brings brings it up on against this think maybe the most important thing that we talk about today. But first, let's talk about your investment strategy. So you don't know all that much about investment, right? I mean, you're you're kind of a newbie to the market and you've never really tried investing before. Well, the best way to try investing. It's a start investing in the best way to start investing is by using the Robin Hood app. Why because Robin Hood is investing app lets you buy and sell stocks options and cryptos all commission free folks in my office are using Rob Andrew all the time. 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Sign up at Shapiro dot robinhood dot com that Shapiro dot robinhood dot com again, I've looked at the app it is beautifully designed. I mean, really clear really easy. And folks in my office are using it to learn how to trade, Shapiro dot, Robin, Hood dot com. Go check it out right now. Shapiro dot robinhood dot com and get that special deal of free stock like apple Ford or sprints help build your portfolio. Okay. I want to get to what I think is actually the most important section of today's show, which is Tucker Carlson's take on populism and the the debate. That's now broken out on the right over the role of government in American life in the economy. But I you're going to have to go over to daily wear dot com. And subscribe so today it begins starting today. Day. The Ben Shapiro show is rolling out two more hours of me. Okay. You can listen live on radio in a bunch of markets across the country. But only subscribers will be able to get the full three hour show on demand. 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Now, the things that are really important that we like to discuss because while the left is a real threat. There is also a serious debate. That is broken out inside the right over the role of the free market. Now. I know that a lot of folks who are kind of older conservatives Reagan conservatives, they're not necessarily aware that this debate has broken up because it's been glossed over by a lot of politicians lot of politicians say things like I love the free market by. Well, once you add that, but to the end of I love the free market while you're really talking about is government interventionism in the market the person who made I think the best case for such intervention is a made that case last week. He give them on a log on his Fox News show. Tucker Carlson is about a fifteen minute monologue regarding the future of economics and politics in the United States. Now, I've interviewed Tucker Carlson, we did a Sunday special on my podcast with Tucker where we discussed a lot of these issues. I really think the Tucker is wrong on a lot of this. But I think that the economic populism. He's espousing is becoming increasingly popular in a Republican party. That has forgotten a lot of it's free market capitalistic roots and his ignoring the benefits of the free market in favor of government interventionism. I think they're looking for fixes in the wrong places. I think what ails America right now is a crisis of soul. What America right now is a hole in the American heart a whole that used to be filled by community and social fabric and religion and that has fallen apart. And now people are seeking to fill that hole with economic solutions in the same way that some folks on the left seek to fill that hole in the American heart with economic solutions. They tribute the problems in America too, bad policy, and there's truth to the idea that the American government has pursued bad policy, but I would say that bad policy is largely welfare based Tucker. And a lot of members of the Republican party are now claiming that the bad policy is trade based for example, that we need tariffs or that. It is a failure of redistributionism that we need higher taxes or these are cases being made by actual populace inside the Republican coalition. So I think the strongest possible case this was made by Tucker over over the last week. And he basically argues that the social breakdown that we are seeing is result of government. Non intervention is wishing more government in our lives. So here is what Tucker here. Here's I took her to let off his monologue. What kind of country will it be? Then how do we want our grandchildren to live? Those are the only questions that matter the answer to the muse to be obvious. The overriding goal for America is more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true is anyone still believe that cheaper, iphones or more? Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China are gonna make us happy. They haven't so far a lot of Americans are drowning in stuff and yet drug addiction and suicide or depopulating large parts of the country. And we knew thinks the health of nation can be summed up GDP is an idiot. Okay. The health of a nation cannot be summed up in GDP. I don't know a single Republican conservative who believes that the health of a nation. Overall can be summed up in GDP, and I have decried the breakdown of our social fabric in a time when we are freer and more. Than we have ever been and that that breakdown that was not attributable economic. And here's where Tucker goes wrong case, what Tucker says is our GDP has gone up and their life expectancy in the last couple years has gone down. Obviously, that's an economic problem. I would say no what we've seen over the past two centuries is a massive rise in life expectancy a massive decline. Child mortality, our children are alive in our parents are alive because of the rise of free markets and capitalism and innovation and entrepreneurship low taxes less government regulation, all of that has led to the prosperity. We enjoy if we are blowing that that is our own fault that doesn't have to do with our capacity to get those cheap products, and he can cry cheap products from Amazon as much as he wants. But you have a nicer phone. You have a nicer car. You have a nicer house. You have a nicer table. You have a nicer microwave. You have a nice a refrigerator you have all those things because of the free market. Nobody said that that stuff was going to make you happy, but to conflict, the two problems is though the nicer refrigerator is what has made you unhappy is a huge mistake into mistake made by people who are on the left and also. On the right? So what I would say is. Yes, all the stuff has made us more prosperous. It hasn't necessarily made us more happy. I don't know a single religious person who's ever made an opposite convention, by the way, Moses says this Jesus says this every major profit of the Old Testament says this that stuff isn't going to make you happy the Beatles. Said it right the stuffing to make happy. But Tucker seems to think that if you redistribute the stuff than that may make you more happy so Tucker goes on. And he says that what we really need is an economy that is structured for us, the people now, this sounds a lot more like Bernie Sanders than Intel's like Ronald Reagan, and this is happening inside the Republican party. So here's what Tucker had to say goal for Marica is both simpler and more lucid than mere prosperity. It's happiness there. A lot of ingredients in being happy dignity. Purpose of control independence above all deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children there what our leaders should want for us and would want if they cared. So I agree that our leaders. Don't want enough. Social fabric for us. But again, this is not an economic problem. And when Tucker says, this is an economic problem. He's got a problem self when when he says that the goal in America is happiness. No the goal in America's pursuit of happiness. If you fail to pursue happiness properly that is your fault freedom is about getting everyone out of the way. And then it's your job to pursue happiness, which the founder saws an actual goal. Happiness was not just like what you wanted today. Happiness was pursuing virtue in accordance with reason. That's what happiness was to the founders. And so the idea was government was going to get your way get government out of your way. And now, it's your job to pursue happiness and free economy allows you to alienate your labor and to act like a free person in doing so, right? All of that is good and necessary in vital, but the economy and your spiritual existence are two different things. So the second only got two more from Tucker on this. Because I think that he's he's not wrong when he points out that we have a soul problem in the United States. He's wrongly says we can fill that Seoul problem with an economics solution or when he says that we want dignity and. And self control independence for our children. That's true. But that's not a problem that can be solved by simply slapping at tariff on China. These are as parent. These are problems that are solved by you. Talking to your children about values and morality and decency. That's where the latte comes in seventeen year olds are not committing suicide because pops didn't because pops lost his job at the factory in nineteen Ninety-four seventeen year olds are committing suicide because their parents got divorced seventeen year olds are committing suicide because they live in a world without values without social fabric and without guidance. That's why seventeen year olds are killing themselves. That's why the opioid epidemic is happening. It's happening because yes, there were markets created for addictive substances, and that's a place where we can talk about how the market has failed. But that's not really what Tucker's talking though, what he's talking about is the idea that economy ought to be chained up, and it ought to work for us, except you can't enslave economy more than you can properly enslave a person, nor should you freedom matters. So Tucker continues by saying that the. The problem here is not is not that. We don't know. What to do? It's that our leaders just don't care about us. And this I I think that our leaders do care about us. I just think they suck at their jobs. I think they care about pandering toss for votes, I think maybe what we ought to have is a leadership class that is more concerned with doing right then is concerned with pleasing its own population. Edmond Burke, talked about this a lot that the British statesman. He suggested that being Representative of your public didn't just mean, channeling what your public wants in any given moment. It also meant sometimes standing up to that public and saying that what's best for them is not necessarily what they think it is. Maybe what's best for them is freedom being elitist is it so funny took a rails against the elites, I really do tests. I think people who think they can control your life are the people who are wrong. Tucker seems to think that the people who control your life ought to simply take control of the the ring that is the government like the JR token ring that is the government and use it on behalf of you. My view is that that is an elitist point of view. Nobody should control. That ring ring does not belong to anyone read. The the market is something we hold in common. Our society is something we hold in common. You don't get to seize the power from that society. And then administer it top down for the benefit of any particular group. No matter how much that group happens to be suffering is a here's Tucker. They'll making this case what our leaders don't care. We are ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people. They rule. One of the biggest lies our leaders. Tell us is that you can separate economics from everything else. That matters economics is a topic for public debate family, and faith and culture. Meanwhile, those are personal matters both parties believe this that is not true at all the Democratic Party. Does not actually believe that economics is a tub topic for public debate. But family, faith, and culture are personal matters. That's nonsense. He called the Democratic Party in this monologue, functionally libertarian how disconnected you have to be to believe that the Democratic Party is functionally libertarian they want to control every aspect of your life. But they are functionally libertarian it's because Tucker and a lot of populace or trying to cry. A third wave right at a new wave of people for not Republicans and not Democrats populace accept it turns out that both. If there is some sort of consensus is from Democratic Party, and the Republican party that they ought to control too much of your life. Not that they agree that we shouldn't control any of your life, but they ought to control too much of your life and restructure the economy to their liking right Tucker makes the case that social conservatives have blown it why. Because he says the market forces have destroyed the family. It's again, this is Tucker railing against the free, Mark. And this is happening inside the conservative movement. Now, I like and respect Tucker a lot I think Tucker is smart. And I think he's really talented. But I think that this is dangerous stuff from a conservative point of view that Tucker suggests that families are being crushed by market forces here, here's what he has to say that families are being crushed by market forces never seems to occur to them. They refused to consider it questioning markets. Feels like apostasy. Both sides in this missed the obvious point culture and economics are inseparably intertwined certain economic systems allow families to thrive, you know, which economic systems allow families to thrive the same economic systems that allow individuals to thrive free markets allow families to thrive socialist countries. Do not have solid families communist countries do not have solid families when the government becomes your family your family falls apart. If you believe the capitalism has undermined the free market. I mean has remind the family what I would suggest is that cultural forces have undermined the family at the same time the capitalism has eliminated poverty globally again. That's our fault cultural forces and economic forces may be intertwined, but not so much. So that process that added prosperity means that families are falling apart. So how exactly does Tucker make that case? So I would make the case that the economic forces that have led to the decline of families now largely line the welfare state, so the welfare state that is convinced people that they don't need to stay with their. Partner when raising a child that has destroyed the family, and you can see the statistics in nineteen sixty basically the white illegitimacy rate to make this a non racial issue. The white illegitimacy rate was near zero today. It's thirty six percent. Then that that doesn't happen because of simple freedom in the in the free market that happens because people have been incentivized not to stick around with their kids, and with their wives, and wives. Have been women have been incentivized not to stick around with their husbands. But Tucker, basically proclaims that the free markets have led to the decline a family. He says that male wages declined because manufacturing has declined. First of all, it's not factually true manufacturing has not disappeared. It's remarkably stable the rest of our economy has grown manufacturing represents less of a percentage of our overall economy than it did fifty years ago, but it represents exactly the same amounts of productivity that did fifty years ago the middle class in the United States is not disappearing and then he suggests that women are making too much money. And that's why they're not getting married which again is count contrary to what's. Actually happening. The women who are not getting married or not women making one hundred thousand dollars a year. And then having a baby out of wedlock at the women who are not getting married women who are making twenty thousand dollars a year and don't have marriageable husband and her getting knocked up. I mean, that's that's worth single motherhood is coming from. Now, the the real problem that I have we're finally comes down is that Tucker, basically suggests that we have a rich class in the United States of elites, we're not helping out the poor class in the United States enough, and they ought to be doing so with money. Mike contention is that this is not a money problem. This is not a money problem. There are plenty of market failures. They're plenty of problems with the market, and we can talk about those. But to pretend that capitalism the market capitalism. He says market capitalism is a tool like a staple gun or a toaster. No market capitalism. Is a representation of our deepest values of value. That suggests that we are free individuals with the capacity to alienate our own label labor to contract with each other to to make deals with each other to make free choices in our own life market capitalism is not one choice among many it is the only free choice in a in a land of tyranny. Market capitalism. Isn't the problem here? The problem is a problem of the human soul, and the breakdown of the social institutions that inculcated virtue and that virtue was necessary to upholding a stable free market in which people could live together in peace and solidarity. Okay, with all that time for some things that I like, and then some things that I hate so things that I like today. So over the weekend, I went I saw aquaman now. I know everyone thinks I'm a DC partisan because I am a DC partisan. But hey, I'll say it. I thought Justice league was abysmal. Right. I said it at the time I thought Justice league stunk. And when I saw the preview for aqua, man. I think I mean, look kinda cheesy, and it is, and it's great became the first of all the special effects are better than anything you've seen in a marvel movie in the recent past and the special effects in this movie are actually first-rate there a couple of scenes that just look great and Jason momoa who plays. Oh, man, something he's a great actor, but he plays Jason momoa. And it turns out chasing the MOS really good at playing Jason momoa, alchemy is basically a dude, bro. And it's kinda great. It's kind of fun. So here's a little bit of the preview, which doesn't do Justice to the actual movie, which is raking in the money as well. It should 'cause it's a pretty good movie. And it certainly a lot of fun to watch and look at here's a little bit of the preview. My father was a lighthouse keeper. Mother was Queen. But my way of bringing people to go. Get unite votes. Schick it out author is talking to the fit. Made me what I. Okay. So it's kinda great and chasing memo is kinda great. And there's really terrific action set pieces. What's amazing about the DC universe? Is that they really blew it. And how they roll this thing out. So they rolled that man of steel which is the superman movie, and then they did not do a standalone Batman moving. And then they did not do a standalone wonder woman movie, and then they did not do a standalone or cyborg movie. Instead they rolled out Justice league. Right. They did they did man of steel. And then they did Batman v superman, and then they did Justice league all of these right back to back. I think they'd wonder woman right before Justice league. Actually, what you have to do is what marvel did. Right. You you bring out each of these heroes individually in their own movie, and then you have the crossover so they blew that. But anybody who says the DC universe's dead? Wonder woman is a standalone franchise, and that's making all sorts of money aquaman is now standalone franchise, this movie is going to make more money than wonder woman by leaps and bounds. It's made a bunch a bunch of money because it's a pretty good movie. Sammy into alkyl man is alive. And it means that wonder woman is live engineered to recast superman an engineer to recast Batman. It means that you need to do. A cyborg movie. That's actually pretty good. And then it means that you need to do another crossover moving basically act like Justice league didn't exist. That's that's that's what has to happen in the DC universe. But the DC universe is very much alive and kicking and good for the people who put together, which is a fun movie. Okay. Other things that I like today. So there is a rule in politics that there are certain things that you are not allowed to say that you just can't say one of the things you are not allowed to say it, and you're not allowed to talk about is what they call rapid onset gender dysphoric. So we talked about this a few months back. There was an abstract from Brown University that specifically talked about how basically gender does four he was being treated like cutting or like believe me your anorexia. There is becoming a trendy thing. Among certain groups of particularly young women, and then people were sort of doing it in groups that that people who are surrounded by folks who consider themselves trans general more likely to start considering themselves transgender Abigail schreier has a very very gutsy column in today's Wall Street Journal talking about all of this saying like other social contagion such as cutting. Alenia rapid onset gendered is four year overwhelmingly afflicts girls, but unlike other conditions this one though not necessarily at sufferers gets full support from the medical community the standard for dealing with teens with they are transgender is affirmative care. Immediately granting the patients stated identity there are to be sure if you dissenters this idea of what we're supposed to do is therapist is to affirm. That's not my job says psychotherapists, Lisa Marchiano, if I work with somebody who's really suicidal because his wife left him. I don't call his wife up and say, hey, you gotta come back. We don't treat suicide by giving people exactly what they want. But giving into patients demands is exactly what most medical professionals do when faced with RO GD like fashionable and tragic misdiagnoses of the past. This one comes with irreversible, physical trauma, and this this columns a gutsy column talking about something you're not supposed to talk about. Which is the fact that rapid onset genders for you is a thing that it is not a reflection of a deep seated biological need to change your gender that the treatment for it is not always effective, and that maybe what to consider more seriously before we go along with the time. To mutilate your body because you said six months ago and discovered six months ago that you remember of the opposite gender because you went to gender. Studies course Brown, and it's pretty gutsy columns you go check it out in today's Wall Street Journal. Okay. Time for a couple of quick things that I hate. So the Golden Globes were last night they were predictably terrible the the Golden Globes. I don't even know why anyone pays attention to the Hollywood Foreign Press association, which is like seven guys who are really old from places we don't care about. And they gave the top musical drama were musical or comedy award to the to the Queen movie which apparently to bohemian rhapsody, which apparently wasn't even very good. And then they gave the and then they gave the best drama award to believe green book. Correct. Which is a from from biolo- counts, rather, mediocre like, okay? But it's only special not a shock. They're also not a shock when a bunch of people got up and made leftist messaging points because this is what we do now. So here's Christian bale Christian bale won a best actor in a comedy award for vice because we have to give lots of awards to movie that no one has ever seen or Wilsey vice a movie about Dick Cheney apparently scrawled by Krant scrawled in Cran by Adam McKay, Christian bale gets. And and credits Satan for his inspiration and playing Dick Cheney he should know since he allegedly had a physical altercation with his own mother and was screaming at the lights, the lights, people famously onset, Christian bale famous crazy person talking about how Satan was his inspiration for for Dick Cheney during Hugh to that Geezer over then Adam. He he's he's gonna find somebody. You can you can be absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody. So he went Lasko be fail. Twentieth. Thanks, Mitch McConnell next after they. Thank you to Satan to give me inspection on how to play this role. Okay. So he's the second prominent prominent leftist after Saul Alinsky, thanks Satan for his inspiration. But it is amazing. How everybody claps and cheers in Hollywood for all this sort of stuff. Do you think anybody in Hollywood ever have the balls to do a movie like this about Hillary Clinton who actually is extraordinarily periodical like you can just do a parody of her fulltime? Of course, not the best part of this Golden Globes, by the way was the opening monologue were Andy Sandberg along with Sandra. Oh, is that who that is she so the the the two of them did a monologue in which they made no jokes because this is what they have been relegated to what's funny about this. Is that everybody gets the joke. But nobody's willing to say that the joke is that everyone in Hollywood is a nasty nasty horrible human being will destroy somebody's career on a whim. Here's the opening monologue where they deliberately make no jokes without mentioning that the real reason they're making jokes because everyone is scared crap less in Holly. He would have having their career destroyed. Kevin Hart has had his career destroyed. Gonna have fun give out towards and one lucky audience. Member braille host beyond scars. Now, some of you may be wondering why the two of us are hosting together. And there is we're the only two people left in Hollywood who haven't gotten in trouble for saying something offensive. Oh that reminds me, you know, what race of people really gets under my skin and the Hollywood half marathon because it messes the traffic, you know, I hate that race of people. It's the worst race of people. Okay. So again, this is what humor has been relegated to and they don't even get that. This is what they've done, right. This is what Hollywood is done laughing at their own inability to laugh at things so well-done Hollywood just really really experts stuff right there. Okay. Final point in the things that I hate today. So I want to mention this last week. I had a meeting with some folks at a charity. I don't wanna mention which charity is really not relevant. It was a non-partisan charity involved in a cause it is supremely nonpartisan. It was is charity in the arts. Right. And they were looking for a board member. And I was seriously considering joining the board of this of this charity because why the home on and then it occurred to me I've worn them. Look, I'm political which means that probably there will be other people on the board who don't like what I have to say. But who cares? I don't like what they have to say. We're all here to help out people in the arts, and one of the board members said, well, there may come a point where there's a bunch of resistance to you. And we have to throw you off the board and it occurred to me that we now live in a reality. So nasty and terrible that if you are of the right wing, you cannot actually be on a non partisan board helping people in completely nonpartisan ways and completely ended on ways out of fear that somebody will target you. And other members of the left are on the nonpartisan board. We'll see fit to destroy your life for having tried to do something charitable. That's where we are. Well, same thing is true. In comedy. The same thing is true in Hollywood is true across the board. It's really nasty and it's really ugly. If we can't get together on nonpartisan boards, even do good things out of fear that someday somebody is gonna come down on one of the members of the board and the other members of the board will see fit to destroy that person. Who's just they're trying to do the thing. I don't know how we're gonna get along. I mean, you wanna talk about the breakdown of the social fabric that has nothing. To do with economics in everything to do with values principles and decency all of which seemed to have fled via the door. All right. Well, we will be back here. A little bit later today. So go check it out over at daily wire dot com. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show is produced by send you a Hillary all executive producer, Jeremy boring, senior producer Jonathan. Hey. Our supervising producer is Mathis clever and our technical producer is Austin Stevens. Edited. By Adam say wits audio is mixed by Mike Komiya hair and makeup is by just over production. Assistant Nik Sheehan. The Ben Shapiro show is daily wire forward publishing production copyright, four publishing. Two thousand nineteen.

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