'In Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson': Ep. 8


Wednesday june fifth. The phone jarred me awake from a deep sleep. It was landon saying briefly. Tersely you come in here. I resent what did not see how it could be morning and sure enough. I saw with amazement. That the hands of glock said four twenty. Nothing good can come from a phone. Call at four. Am ladybird goes over to linden's bedroom. Her anxiety rising. It was cracked up again. Those in his room looking is oh he had never been to sleep and all the tv sets were on. And i realized that something was happening gentleman. We've kept the on. We've heard an alarming report. That robert kennedy was shot in that ballroom at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. A very loud noise like a clap of thunder was hurt. That heard it. I can stand up to kennedy. Had been shot. You bring you more jews as we learned it. So far all the information we have from best-case studios and abc audio. This is in plain sight. I'm julius wag crystal clear episode eight. Claudia all my life. C. a linden ladybird have both had a fraught relationship with bobby kennedy. It dates back to nineteen sixty when i was openly opposed to his brother jack pudding. Lbj on the ticket. They've been through extraordinary times together. Great things and terrible things. Jack's victory in the election his assassination in dallas the passing of major civil rights laws. The murder of martin luther king just two months ago. they've been uneasy allies but mostly adversaries. None of it matters anymore. Beholding had taken place under the eye of the television camera and we saw over and over film of the shooting itself and her light correct gunned open shots event. It has senator kennedy call. My senator kennedy has been shot thirty. Hold onto the guy. We don't want another long running away from him. I saw him lying on the floor on a pool of blood andres head bam a unreality about the whole thing a nightmare quality. It couldn't be your drained it. It had happened before it had happened before jfk. Then dr king. Now this three assassinations in just a few years. And every few moments that would come on screen smiling phase of senator kennedy tasting the wine of victory making little jokes with f. l. by his side and then we go through the whole thing over again. He age of television has its downside. Then asked me to get some coffee. I went into the kitchen or not nine. That coffee of covid lot wise and searched until i fan instant sanca and put the kettle. Don at t and cream and sugar and the president. I took a tray back. Facials television kept repeating the hideous story. Joe not clear on what happened going in for brain surgery. Steve determined that the bullet had lodged somewhere behind the ear reports. That operations of this sort can take up to four hours so this may still be a long vigil. We repeat at the hangs on for almost twenty six hours. Mounts into montage thai everybody was stricken face the air of unreality. This can't be happening. And then the need is deep wracking. Sob my country. My country moving martin luther king just two months ago day and president kennedy. The worst fears of the american public been confirmed with the passing of senator robert kennedy. That came at one. Forty four this morning pacific daylight time. Senator robert kennedy was brother. President john f. kennedy was murdered about five years ago died early today at what must have been the zina's of his brilliant political career. That's from a massive brain injury inflicted by an assassin's bullet in the days that follow. It's like time has stopped in the white house. Phone calls meetings waiting. There's a portrait of president. Woodrow wilson that used to hang in the grand staircase at the white house. It was painted after he had a stroke in one thousand nine hundred nineteen one that left him incapacitated in the back of her mind ladybird has always worried that some similar fate might await. Lbj know what. I always say in wilson's country. Its message to me is a president should have his portrait painted reasonably early in the office. Time's running out for lbj. He'd had his portrait painted in nineteen sixty five but neither of them like the result although it does hang in the national portrait gallery today. Lbj is scheduled to sit for a new portrait. The day before bobby's funeral the timing is definitely not great but they decide to keep the appointment. Maybe sitting still for an hour is exactly what they need. The artist is madam. Elizabeth shumita off a russian emigre. She was in warm springs georgia with franklin roosevelt. Doing an initial sketch for his when he died from a cerebral hemorrhage in april nineteen forty-five now with the specter of death hanging over the white house the president the first lady and madame schumer tov gathering the lincoln sitting room linden allowed from letters from his son-in-law chalk in vietnam white house photographer yuichi okamoto shoots a few candidates in a few of the images. You see lady bird sitting by the window watching. She's not the artist or the subject. She's the one orchestrating this moment. Fixing it in history. Saturday june eight was a day for me completely. Detached from the normal capsule of time suspended in unreality burial of santa. bobby kennedy. We barely and read the papers which were drenched with every aspect of the story. The johnsons fly up to new york for the funeral. Service is held in saint patrick's cathedral in midtown manhattan york was a strange side streets lined with people who stood sound motions for three days. Television had been invoking the phrase like a greek tragedy and indeed. There was much of a greek. Play out this. These craft the voiceless course new york. Abc news commentator frank reynolds. Good morning one hour now. A solemn requiem mass will be said for senator robert francis kennedy forty two years old like his brother. The victim of an assassin's bullet all during the night until shortly before five o'clock this morning the people of new york and for that matter people from all over the country some from all over the world. I'll ask the task senator. Robert kennedy police estimated that forty thousand persons at slowly walk past the casket on the presidential limousine. The secret service car behind on the fenders first lady in black white trim with color president and a grade. I don't know glorious but a small chairman proud. Gosh lady thought. An kirk escorted in saint patrick's that magnificent setting include any sarah and enjoy pierre salinger. Jfk's former press secretary escorts johnson's to their seats. He looked absolutely stricken as we approach the dark shiny coffin with a flag talk candles and he paused briefly and so today and then turned and took the seats that was shown to us a front row. The enormous neo gothic cathedral is packed with four thousand mourners artists. Intellectuals journalists lieber leaders like cesar chavez and dolores huerta civil rights leader john lewis cabinet secretaries and dozens of members of congress candidates running for president from both parties. Knock george wallace. I had noticed. Just as we moved into ac- the congregation silently and without signal had risen. It was mrs jacqueline kennedy and black and failed with a two children entering. Jackie had almost fainted. When she entered the cathedral she passed in front of us sat in a front row seat on the right hand side with all the numerous kennedy family. Somehow it seemed ethylene. Her children slipped in more quietly. The celebrated conductor leonard bernstein. A friend of bobby ethel's mahler's adagietto was a ceremony of staggering drama and beauty. I can see only the back of the director which was in itself a study expression of the utmost passion comment and data and that little piece in this whole most say always you were away on. The flag draped coffin in the middle of the with. It's an incredible burn. This has been the only thing the most unbelievable event in the nation's life as i have shared it heightened made all the more so by president. Kennedy's assassination nearly five years ago. Behalf of mrs kennedy or children obvious last surviving brother. Senator ted kennedy gives the eulogy want to express what we feel to those worn with us today in this cathedral around the world strong and composed his eyes by red graham completely through his voice began to quaver came under controls and it comedy the acid. His brother be remembered. Simply as good and decent man Wrong and tried to write it so suffering and tragedy so awhile and tried to stop many parts of this nation those he touched and sought to touch him. Some men see things as they are in safe. Why i dream things that never were and say why not. As the johnsons make their way out of the cathedral. They stopped to greet teddy and her children. And bobby's mother rose. And then i found myself in front of other is jacqueline kennedy called her name and put out my hand a hard to know how to describe next few moments of time. She looked at me as though from a great distance as though our an apparition jackie and lady bird lived through so much together so much tragedy. Maybe finally too much for jackie to summon that generosity. She'd shown to ladybird almost five years ago after dallas failed extreme. Hostility was it because i was alive. Linden lady are back at the white house by one pm. They wait for the train carrying came from new york. The train travel slowly. There are crowds lining the tracks for almost the whole way from salute from their hands over their hearts. It takes hours to arrive at union station in washington and actual campaign train. Senator kennedy would be on the platform of last car. Today feels endless. Sambre visitors at the white house nonstop television coverage they that's where his calf get rest on a one foot high platform covered in velvet family and closest friend joining three cards. It's almost ten o'clock at night. When the funeral procession finally begins the journey to arlington national cemetery. The president's limousine follows fourteen cars behind the hearse on the way. The cortege stops at the lincoln memorial overlooking the national mall since late. May the mall has been the site of a kind of large scale protests called resurrection city a fifteen acre encampment over five hundred makeshift dwellings. Health clinics and community buildings. It's home to thousands of people from all around the country. The reverend jesse. Jackson is the quote city manager. Resurrection city had been built in the weeks. Following martin luther king's death the legacy of his poor people's campaign. The national park service had even given the encampment. Its own zip code to double o one three celebrities. Like sidney poitier marlon brando and barbra streisand a visit to lend their support. It's a highly visible rebuke to lbj's great society and the idea. That lady birds beloved beautification campaign offer any kind of meaningful improvement to people's lives as the procession passes. The crowd is singing battle. Hymn of the republic. Written by abolitionist. Julia ward how in eighteen sixty one at the start of the civil war. The secret service tells lady bird. She should not lower her window to listen. Lining the route to arlington. There are crowds at times. Six people deep holding candles in silent vigil. Many who have waited all day for. Bobby's funeral procession to pass a great white moon riding high in the sky. A beautiful night. This is the only night funeral. I ever remember an incredible unbelievable cruel and wrenching time. Eleven days later. A hundred thousand people gather at resurrection city for a rally. It's june nineteenth also known as juneteenth. The days celebrating the emancipation from slavery actor. Ozzie davis master of ceremonies. Bill cosby performs mahalia jackson. And pete seeger saying an earth. A kit addresses the crowd in both english and spanish. Kereta scott king is there. This place holds special meaning for her stand here today with many mixed emotion. Five years ago nine my late husband. Dr martin luther king junior still at this very spot and tall the nation about his dream hushed crowd listens as mrs king reads a message and i should like to read to you a telegram which are seen from another jazz race victimized by the same tragedy which my family and i won't victimized by today on this most important dame all american maya heart and fran With you the finest memorial. Dr martin luther king what be the tangible action our country tanks now to implement the program he and my husband about so deeply dine business. Apple candidates maybe. The death of our s k. Has sapped the will of washington and the country or the hope that peaceful protest can bring real change that the mainstream media had turned on resurrection city. Depicting it as a disaster. It had rained for thirty days. Straight people in the encampment are sick. And they've messed up the grass on the national mall. It takes all of ninety minutes for hundreds of policemen just riot. Helmets and jackets and armed with shotguns and tear-gas dismantle the place. It's the day after. Resurrection city is destroyed on their way to the airport lady. Bird and her policy age. Sharon francis drive past the remains of the encampment. We pass the resurrection city site. And she said she wished could know what they were thinking and how they felt news wanted to have an embassy with them and couldn't know them well enough realized she couldn't lady bird is on her way to portland oregon to give a speech to the annual conference of the american institute of architects. It's a profession. That's doing some soul-searching at the moment are architects. Who profited from massive urban renewal contracts. The hulking towers of inner city housing projects somehow complicit in the problems tearing american cities apart wednesday. June twenty six. I had breakfast and read my speech in the comfortable. Little room with the sheraton motor inn and andro. The civic santa by the american institute of architects was having its annual convention with less than six months ago in the johnson presidency. Lady bird is ready to stop pulling any punches. She's introduced by secretary of agriculture orville freeman. Thank you mister secretary. As you may know my concern has been expressed in an effort called beautification. I think you also know what lies beneath that rather inadequate word if ever. There's a time to move beyond flowers. The summer of nineteen sixty eight is it and go straight to the terrible legacy of urban renewal the destructive a of unfettered freeway construction i earnestly hope that acid. The station is remembered for more than its mammoth three ways and vast urban superblocks for more than isolated impersonal gigantic public housing projects of our cities. Too many of these great projects seem to me to be reproaches. Not signs of progress. But like so. Many aspects of ladybird. Johnson the substance of what she's saying goes pretty much unnoticed. Thank you for letting me share this morning. And the thing about her and flowers. It's very hard to shake after knee. That came a panel discussion on nature. Leading off with all the freemen all announced that under your white and very lovely was being named from the the mrs lbj. Another one of those times. When i wish i had acquired a nickname but it just been cloudy all my life. I thought a lot about that nickname lady bird. How it makes her seem so approachable at least in that era but also how it obscures. How serious she was. I wonder if she ever felt it diminished her especially as she grew into her ideas and the work she was trying to do became so much more substantial. Claudia her actual name certainly has more gravitas and it might have felt like a better fit as she became a more powerful public figure but like the thing with flowers a feminized euphemism if ever there was one nicknames can become pigeonholes and their implied identities are hard to escape. If you don't know about audible it's the leading provider of spoken-word entertainment. All in one place audible has the largest selection of audiobooks. So you'll never run out of options choose from bestsellers and new releases. Including my new book ladybird johnson hiding in plain sight. Which is the basis of this podcast. I've been immersed in this work for years. But when i listened to the talented kirsten potter read the book. I hear so many more dimensions to the characters and their compelling stories audible also gives you access to thousands of popular and binge worthy podcasts and now with audible plus you get full access to their popular plus catalogue. 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Dc a bill to fund a new round of highways is making. Its way through congress. The plan will do all kinds of damage to dc communities mostly the black neighborhoods of this segregated capital city and congress has given. Dc's still new local government. A kind of ultimatum. Start building freeways or lose the funding for a new public transportation system. The metro in their ambitious plans for the neighborhood of anacostia lady. Bird and architect larry halpern had proposed rerouting part of that new freeway system in order to preserve a prime piece of public land called kingman island. They hoped to develop it as a vast park in the inner city. The project had stalled. But in the wake of martin. Luther king's assassination. There is renewed momentum for it but if the freeway bell passes the island will be more or less destroyed and their hopes for the park along with it unless lbj can be persuaded to veto it. Sharon francis talked about how lady bird approached her lobbying effort with lbj. She wanted to reassure me. But but all the editorials and material up were really of opposition to the bill She had conveyed to him and she kind of make the decision for him. It's been very sympathetic to those people who are urging a veto pleaded. Bird's not just sympathetic as she told sharon she's working behind the scenes with cabinet members like stewart udall who are most opposed to the legislation. But even if he's sympathetic to linden really doesn't want to veto a democrat lead bill just as he's leaving office. Lbj signs it into law and with it. He signs away any chance that his wife's signature legacy project will ever see the light of day august. Sixty eight is convention. Mont the republicans. Gather in miami. Where richard nixon is the favorite for the nomination. The democrats will be in chicago. Linden ladybird had to the ranch. But with bobby kennedy. Gop various factions in the party has started putting out feelers about drafting to the top of the ticket. As far as lady birds concerned linden's decision is irrevocable. She's already started packing up. Her things shipping them home but as they head to texas for the month. It's not entirely clear that lbj thinks done. Friday august nine. I was up early. Had a swam with lyndon about twenty and a half. The day was going to be a busy date. Would as much air traffic is delays. That was a flurry of arrivals. We got the message that some to eastern plane was circling and about to land one of the many visitors to the lbj. Ranch is mississippi. Senator james eastland eastland democrat yet a hardened opponent of desegregation and civil rights but he's a senior member of congress and he and the president have to work together. Lbj's invited him to the ranch because he needs something from eastland and vice versa. A brief detour here for context back in nineteen sixty four despite extensive news coverage and public outcry eastland told that he didn't believe three civil rights workers and mississippi had gone missing. Senator thank you dependence. Senator eastland on nine one hour. Got three kids. What can i do well. I don't know. I don't believe i don't believe in three minutes down here. I believe it for this here. Come down to go after a six week search. The fbi found the bodies of the three civil rights workers. James chaney andrew goodman and michael showrunner buried in an earthen dam on a farm in philadelphia mississippi. Not a publicity stunt now in one thousand nine hundred. Sixty eight as eastland is arriving at the ranch. The president is meeting with his secretary of housing and urban development robert weaver weavers the only black member of lbj cabinet instinctively. I thought that senator eastland secretary went. But what are they exactly a cozy little company. So perhaps i could be useful by meetings and not to eastern and around the place by linden conducted his business with the secretary. Senator eastland has come to the ranch to do a little horse. Trading islam is chairman of the senate judiciary committee. The president has nominated his longtime personal lawyer. Abe fortas is now an associate justice on the supreme court as chief justice. Lbj needs the senator support. Get ford is confirmed but eastland has another agenda at the eastern was determined to talk. Politics said you know your husband's gobi nominated don't you. I said no sir not at all not going to be any movement of that sought that is not with any portion behind it. And if he were he wouldn't exam eastland is surprised her conviction and her clout with the president who seem some have taken aback believing as i had hoped it would happen that way but bentivoglio unshaken in his conviction as a democrat. Eastland is looking at the election. Pragmatically sure he's got differences with lbj like civil rights. but the administration's poverty programs have played well in mississippi. And anyway there's no great alternative as little as they see. Add as much as last between them. He would rather see lyndon nominated and anybody now before the democratic party but in terms of a last-minute draft in chicago another run for president for lbj. No way finally at ruled back to the main house considered believe so mannion's convertible just going around the barn conveying secretary. Were until the plane and that other business securing eastland vote for abe fortas. No dice with one foot out the door. Lbj just can't rally that kind of support. And the ford is chief. Justice nomination fails regularly scheduled program will not be seen tonight so that. Abc news can bring you color coverage of the nineteen sixty eight democratic national convention. Good evening from the international amphitheatre in chicago. Within twenty four hours convention will begin at this moment. It is the column and the eye of the storm just outside. The building is bring with more police than i have ever seen in one place and beyond them their federal troops convention in chicago opens on monday. August twenty six thousands of anti-war protesters descend on the city. Mayor daley has deployed twelve. Thousand police officers and lbj's backing fifty six hundred national guardsmen and five thousand army reserve troops. The cops have shoot to kill orders against anyone out after curfew police state but the police haven't heard that yet. Another guard is pushing. The people back with rifles. Some people down now rifle butterfly young blond haired man about twenty years old streaming down his face. It's been like this for free straight nights confrontations between youthful demonstrators chicago. Police martin times off us. What seemed to be unnecessary and often brutal for us to get their captives into patio sites from afar. It seemed like a stephen colbert of emotions and hippies and ups and standing by packers have been without being me. I would like very much. What is looming up. Because of a spectacle to their time a twenty six year old aretha franklin opens the convention with powerful rendition of the star spangled banner. The new york times reported that quote aretha franklin saying what too many years notably those of thoroughly rattled. orchestra was the first soul version of the star spangled. Banner of get a better line. Back in texas lyndon is still hemming and high. He calls texas governor. John connally to have him sound out. Southern state delegates was eastland riot. Would they draft. Lbj the answer is a definitive. No relaxing is to look at this from a distance of a noncompetitive. Have been talk about going to the convention make thought about in valedictory speech to receive good wishes on birthday and under bright they. I mean no decision. On his birthday while ladybird is planning a low key. Party eh daughter lucy's house in austin. Lbj still working on a speech. He might give that night at the convention. He's on the phone with hubert. Humphrey mayor dealy members of congress. No i made a plan skilling rather doubt that well i don't know i might change my mind but i have made plans to go and i don't know easy august the twenty seven. It was probably a strange and dramatic and in a way sand birthday as any he'll ever have. Meanwhile back at the ranch. President johnson had dinner at daughter lucy's house. He celebrated his sixtieth birthday absence but not forgotten by his party. Convenience chicago lucy's house a small group of journalists sing to the president. Someone asks if he'll be going to chicago. I have not decided yet. Linden says it's almost six in the evening and then sat on the sofa. Newsy brought in his cake with one candle on it. We took land on his lap cake and gave len abe's properly began making a mess. It was all very low key but some are in a way the atmosphere burden by about twenty of their local friends to join them at the ranch to watch the convention on the three console. Set eating dinner off of tv trays in the living room at a station had been made irrevocably on march thirty first but somehow there was a special saying goodbye this week rahu political life. There's a candidate set of black and white voters of the johnsons in bed. The next morning passing the phone. Back and forth linden ladybird and their girls gathered around the tv set. Just like the rest of the country watching it. All unfold clue. We go on to this strange year. Old is undergoing convultions around us at party. Our country the whole world. Iran iraq in year. For linden physically. It must be mentally and spiritually. And sometimes i think the greatest courage in the world is to get up in the morning and go about days. Were that has one of things. I like about him. On and on and on Every inauguration has special drama. I suppose the special dramas invest one is the game. The best in has played with richard nixon. Eight years ago he was defeated president of the united states. Something politicians recover from and like the surprise ending of a story. He's back today. The winner to be sworn in as the thirty seventh president of the united states. Former president. Johnson's leaving the capital to which came as a young doorkeeper. Thirty eight years ago. You'll go to andrews air force base where he taking off so many times before or texas at his ranch but this time of course it will be very different. Indeed january steps one carrying his faithful companion and stopped at the top the family and turned and waved conscious. Goodbye tableau. I looked over my shoulder and that was a silver present. The bright and clear and full of rama remanded rather precious after note. Who said he would look at the moon in years to come and remember what blunder that he was there and both linda and i look back at the presidency with one that it's august one. Thousand nine hundred nine ladybird and linden head to san clemente california to visit patent dick nixon. Four of them fly up. The pacific coast dedicate ladybird. Johnson grove in redwood national park. That bird had pushed for and that lbj signed into law in october. Nineteen sixty eight nixon under intense. Public pressure has little choice. But to build on the johnsons environmental agenda passing a raft of legislation and establishing the environmental protection agency in april nineteen. Seventy american celebrated their first earth day building. Consciousness had always been lady birds plan as she said in her eighties looking back. I never forgave. Linden's boys for turning my environmental agenda into a beautification project. But i went ahead and talked about wildflowers. So as not to scare anybody. Because i knew if the people came to love wildflowers it eventually care about the land grew by the summer of nineteen. Seventy protests in the streets lawsuits in federal court. Stop construction of all the proposed new highways in washington. Dc including the one that would have destroyed kingman island and twenty nine thousand nine hundred nineteen. The government proposed half a billion dollars for vast campus of arts and recreational along the anacostia river. Just like the one larry halpern ladybird had tried to make happen. Nineteen sixty eight. Who knows if it'll ever really materialize. But at least today kingman island is a nature preserve and at the end of nineteen. Seventy lady bird published a white house diary. A carefully edited version of the diary. She kept during her time in the white house. This series includes entries that were in the book and many more. That weren't a white house. Diary made the new york times bestseller list and stayed there for thirteen weeks. Linden's memoir published. The next year. Never made the list just a few short years later on january twenty second nineteen seventy-three lyndon johnson suffered a massive heart attack the lbj ranch. He was flown to the hospital. In san antonio lady bird was in austin on business and arrived at the hospital just minutes after he died he was sixty four years. Old women gathered in houston today as a symbolic torch marked the beginning of a national women's conference for that so via case the lack steps did at twenty six hundred mile. Relay from seneca falls new york site of the first american women's rights convention back in eighteen forty eight more than two thousand runners have passed this torch all the way to houston at the nineteen seventy seven. National women's conference in houston ladybird. Is there with coretta. Scott king bella. Abzug betty free dan barbara jordan and maya angelou their on stage in front of twenty thousand women rallying behind the equal rights amendment. The conference's captured in a special on pbs. And as ladybird takes the podium. We hear her connect with the women's movement in a way she never quite did during her time in the white house I watched the women's move belong more to my daughter's than to me. But i have come to know that it belongs. To women of all ages ladybird spends the next thirty years championing all the same issues that defined her time in the white house from environmentalism to public access to nature to documenting the historical record of linden. Johnson's political career and of their presidency. Really lady bird. Johnson died in two thousand seven at the age of ninety four. Thanks for listening. To in plain sight ladybird. Johnson in plain sight was written an executive produced by adam pinkus and meet julius wag. It's based on the work. I did for my book. Ladybird johnson hiding in plain sight executive producers for abc. Are victoria thompson. And eric johnson. Our producer is an karki alley. Gallo is our associate producer. Susie lou is abc's archival producer associated producers for. Our cable are isabelle. Vall and dana shaffer. This episode was edited by adrian. Lily with additional editing. By vanessa willow and help from lindsey craft. Well it was mixed by dean white. Our theme music is crossbones style by cat power. Original music is composed by sam rats. Are our music. Supervisor is linda cohen. Our artwork is teddy blanks chips and why special. Thanks to kevin famine best-case studios and thanks to joshua cohen liz lessee and stationed goo at abc audio. My kellyanne beth hoppy at abc news long for him. An an rosenberg. Kimberly brown who handled are legal and standards review in plain sight is a co production of s k studios and abc audio. Some material was edited for clarity and time be sure to subscribe to the in plain sight podcast and if you like what you heard leave us a review that we could see the burning. The negroes paddock tear. It was one of the most violent attacks in american history and one that americans were afraid to discuss. Some people were threatened with their very lives if they talked about it from. Abc audio comes a new podcast about the massacre of hundreds of black americans and why it was kept a secret for a century listened to tosses buried. Truth wherever you get your podcasts.

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