Episode 202: Look at These Lips (Feat. Raheem DeVaughn)


What's that what's at this lip service? I'm Lee G._D.. McGuire I'm Stephanie Santiago. I'm Larry Al Rahim Tobar. Hello nicest smooth. That's a lot of pressure to be the love King expectation I think his expectations what has limited to just you know sex or relationships or in the expectation of like you know your mate but like in all seriousness like the love king the whole love King thing is not limited to just you know aren't trying to be sexy got it. You know <hes> you know. It's more the loved it. I have people the love that half a community. I hope that I in most cases carry myself like a King and a humble king in a sense of light walking amongst the people polling piano service to the people like from community aspect is more as more than his music every time I see him. He's be humble to come into the hey how you doing but he does talk like that. All the time. Yeah I feel like our minds is in a gutter because I was I think about love and he said not but I I chose. Girl is pretty told me hey. What's that move like? They said it's not a picture. I took ballet Gemina. Okay Yeah. I'm a Sagittarius and Macapa core capricorn nature. When I'm dealing with Iota tour she may fifth horse? So what does that mean exactly about you <hes> we we have like we got like a different kind of loyalty we loyal to we very stubborn and bull headed and creatives children say do you have any children do it again Barbie Leasing territory my both of my dad's my biological father and my stepfather who I was raised by both there may seventh and may ten ORCA and everything that you're explaining I see my dad. We're home bodies that same part of the tar being born May next Netflix and chill she personality defined by charm impracticality. You have a special brand of wit and charisma greatly enjoy. Although you easily connect with people you may may prefer to only open up to a select few and we're givers like we will give that's why exit you have children because both of my fathers were very generous not only with their time in their finances but with their love for all all of their children ten children for me because I got nineteen brothers. Yes tough for me yeah. Wow you're just as bad. I've always struggled with night. I don't see my kids as much as I want to. You know what I'm saying and and so I'm definitely in a place like right is figuring that out like you know what I mean like in. They cool what they're cool. They're understanding the mothers cool understanding budgets for me like I need. I need your energy. You know what I'm saying so it's <hes> but but the payoff like that the trade off for the gift that we have as creators and artists is like there's a lot of people that need your energy to make sense. Yes so it's a it's a is a very slippery slope slope with that. You know what I mean and in is you know unfortunately parenting does not come with a handbook absolutely look now and you know so it's trial and error a lot of that is contributed to the way I was raised. You know may not like my my father was not in my household but he was in my life and I think part of that <hes> so it's kind of like trying to break the cycle of light the level of compatibility and not being. I'm not cooled that so those I know I'm not cool with that. It's like you always working towards the goal and it's a lot to juggle because you know you gotta keep them. You got to keep the bills. Keep the bills pay lights on and making shorted. They had the light that I didn't have but you can't buy love either. No you can't get it's been just like conscientious of it in the mindset so it's working towards that for many mothers and do they get along for for now is no it's a level of discipline. It comes with being someone's child's father or having being or having a child with a woman not being in a house. You know saying I think I think we're really get crazy. We can get crazies. It's like if you you know are going from bad to be between the mother it tight for destruction. You know like you know so it's it's a love them disciplined understanding happens like you know at the end of the day Kudos to them because they they allow me they make some very huge sacrifices sacrifices that allow me to beat the riding Var that the world get the joy and you know what I'm saying like I is it. Ain't I know it ain't easy. You know what I'm saying for them yet alone. My my children so again again by co-parenting is cool thing when you know when when it's done properly to any of them get back in the failing of like I._B._M.. Together like when maybe you're out with your child together or something like that does ever get to the point where they're so you know we should get back again. Oh no think Nah I mean I think you know <hes> you know damn in in their life. I'm sure you know what I'm saying so it's cool. You know what I mean. That is not a toxic the situation you know what I'm saying. It's been it's folks in a row is missing challenges in there. I think everybody goes through that but again when you when you send it on the child and what's best for the child at the end of the day it will force him to grow up. That's intimidating for a man and that they're datings. It'd be like Oh you have a child with <hes> with the love game again. It depends depends on it depends on who they're dating it depends on you know how insecure security <hes> you know what I mean me <hes> but it's all good man more for like just keeping it's crazy I just saw <hes> I was in essence right and you know when I gaze was torn with genuine singing background for him so I popped up g brought me out or whatever ah thought was very <unk> during his show that you know knowing I remember when he first started dating so like you know Sam also very I also have a very close relationship with <unk> professor griff off a public enemy and he brought Griffin stage. That's nice. You know what I'm saying like. Solo was part of the set nice. You know what I mean a lot to get to that point to May. Maybe maybe not but the point I'm trying to make. Is that that that mindset that's great in terms of like you know I think for us as people are Black Brown color in particular no saying I know that that's how I see a lot white folks they could operate like that but we have to stick mutation is put on us as far as like having baby fathers and baby mothers and they're just being negative energy and that can't the energy can't exist and expulsion have to be honest to community. Oh you got to be honest and your emotions and you know and luggage or old feelings you may be carrying or you know what I'm saying. That doc plays a role in it to my son's father and I we're. We're like best friends. It took us a while to get there but when I tell people what how hot is I shouldn't be surprised why not where we were best friends. When we were together you know we had our issues breaking up and now it's been almost eight years on? We're good friends right. You know you get through it. You got so I want to ask you this. I had a debate with the guys on the morning. Show Oh Klay about this right and my whole thing was always feel like for me. Relationships have always worked best when both parties are very independent people choose to come together and then be able to depend on each other but know that I can hold it down but I choose to rely on you for certain things not that I have to but because I know I can and they said that when you're in a relationship you can't be independent anymore. So I'm going to get your thoughts on that. <hes> I think for for Mel of emails you had is definitely important to maintain your sense of independence but whether you are single or in a relationship we Johnnie somebody we all want something. You know what I'm saying. Someone's not or at least know we had the option of being able to lean on somebody. Not just you know in a financial state but emotionally physically spiritually you know bounce also ideas off of you know. That's I think so. I think you know for somebody you know for for for Bravo had ice cold heart stone are only by his bullshit. You know what I'm saying F for The Independent Renaissance a woman you know of of today <hes> you know is much you know we all need something. Women were attractive or do you think that they're attracted to me. I think some in some of them are Tim updated aided by women that are in a position of power that make more money than them and and Y. You know what I mean like. It's a it's a from what I'm hearing in the streets. I E you know but you know I wanted a man. I don't I'm not looking for my lady. That'd be my momma like you know what I'm saying. So you know you got that mentality to floating out there where you know a lot of times we always you know as men are we. You know we on we a lot of gold digging out here too now the moments together they like you know what I mean and you know they living off of a woman you know saying that's why it is important to be independent because we're not really necessarily independent be able to stand on your own too because what happens if we're together and you're the provider and you fall off and I'm not I'm here depending on you now. Where do we stand? You know what I mean like. It's great if you can pick up the pieces when they're able to drop it to like you do have to have a side of independence and do things on your own because it will benefit their relationship periodic to wholly independent people that come together that he is a power for couple relationships and don't drive because the finance or sex right so like you can be a part of the team still be independent star player still part of it that guy listening to you what you was kind of trying to let them know like you can be independent doesn't mean that you're not a part of this thing. I don't need you to do everything myself here. Let's say I can handle business regardless. I can help you and I think for me I know. Oh how if I really care about somebody that allow them to help me and that's how you know you really care because it's hard for me to take help from people unless I have strong feelings for them but other than that. I don't want something from me because I don't WanNa feel like I owe somebody something unless I care about them too right right you know and then I also think red flag when a guy wants you to give up your independence like if he's like Oh. I don't want you to work anymore because he wanted to. Control you right. That's a control friends. Stay home and do this thing. I think that's weird and I'm not really going for. I and I'm not saying that if you're like oh stay home and me you know tonight. I'm not feeling well. Of course I'm GonNa do that but if you just don't want me to go out at me Bo volume have you ever told any woman occurs independence. I'm a hustle and go get it. I make moves things as a do. A lot of people rely on me so I need that that energy Kinda Kinda Kinda be the save you not moving or you're not you know how your own business or you know <hes> it could be appetite for destruction. You know saying like so you know. I'm a work hard. Play hard kind of got like in that so you if you've got things going on as actually Kinda Great Kinda occupy the time that we await from trevor or you might find yourself it kind of really over analyzing time apart I share and you know what I'm saying problems immediate Amman and a dozen idol Tom could be the biggest can be your biggest enemy biggest challenge. You know what I'm saying girl take charge until you what to do sometimes definitely Anina some boss Bossy Sassy but in the bedroom which I knew she was leading up here for you Bob boss now keep it real. This is from Danton. They sent us a bunch of toys but the rumor. Is that a lot you guys don't really like toys in the room because they get intimidated when they're women like toys to play with toys. Do you think that that's you and have you ever used toys to the situation or whatever is really about the prevalence of with the woman into but like among one of those guys rely on toys for stimulation for my woman like come on man look at my mouth they like to mail men's sexual health and wellness second skin silicone warming stroke vibrates and it's rechargeable. Oh my guys strokes the Dick uh-huh masturbation type with your normally get dish. Not I'm Julie Pam. Hey in China. It's like was it. They want to touch out. Come out. Take the guy I mean like this. Do you mind if we take it out of the boxes. Do you do your thing demonstration. I mean I ah get it like you know a lot of pros and cons to dislike being into yourself and use it to know you better than yourself. Have you ever used the twin. I mean on a woman but like you. I never used cock ring ring. Get right I mean I mean I mean like certain things certain things that we that we do for in in an act of intimacy off or not always for you know what I'm saying listen. When you talk about sex you have you have the people have you had gave her an givers and take you know saying A. and whatever seaver a think meaning Angela Open on Christmas morning well upside down and go ahead? Let him play down. They are just like you want to receive the pleasure or you want to be the one that's delivering the pleasure you know. Some people get awful like you know providing the pleasure tours trait ah we liked to provide the pleasure. I'm going on the gentleman Jim Manaka's so I got a little bit seventies definitely the receiver. I'm definitely a giver. It's like I want to make you feel it gives me pleasure by knowing what I'm doing is to tax when you have two people that are givers. WHO's taking the check this here yeah yeah here you go so here's your instruction? They know you Dick By. It's probably adjustable like is it a little tight. It might be a little tight I don't. I'm glad that we're able to give you some gifts this. I gave him the coin yeah. It's a cool decoy rechargeable <music> cleaning spray like guys your bigger or smaller spilled it did he zones made a mess okay now here we have some booty Ling and this is jailed wearable silicone beads so I assume okay so not here you go. This is pretty actually grabbing it. I knew it such a gymnast you know I can. I can actually use this size because I've been saying that I'm going to <hes> Everson Lisa and was here until it us what to do to be able to have her since for you steph thank you plug. I'm not using a handle on how to the tip on how to take anal. I've I've been saying it I was going to try and do this helped me. Actually this one this one is going to be better and you try to one another time this one. It helped me because she said that you gotTa wear a book Blood Angela even see that I could use okay now. This is a pussy pump by his mind again weird things the same thing. I don't WanNA black my blow dryer all my aw does four okay <hes> it's automatic automatic hands-free section so I guess you can just stick it on here and it just like does it suck the section and vibration effects. Yes I guess it sucks vibrates on your on the Co litterers or on many any questions you let me see I've broken my lawyer ever and I broke it now. This is GonNa be no justice. Guys like hurt it. That'll refusing to gifts here so you can feel this way. No longer breaks. This is the actual size of it and this is second skin silicone. It's molds to your most sensitive areas snob walked in few situations nations and Lloyd Maria Dresser know why the only one that we're paying now. I have underwear feel this feels like are you aware today at the body building gee. Maybe you can use this to replace other sorry. I'm so thank you don't feel it up so much. I think my body on what's going on. This is true Sarah. Thank you actually has a flexible bunny ears that can shape perfectly to hug your clitoris. Oh that's fun all right who wants this. One walks refund good use for it all right so let's get back to listen more questions. We have some more toys to play with some way Budi Blink. Have you ever used by plug on someone. Yes okay so what's that like to get her ready for Ainhoa like the fifty fifty shades of green only here come on that's getting ready for Ainhoa or was it just for fun while you were having sex the bleeding I use area. He squirts every time the loan <music>. Have you let me ask you. This two percent is like two percent piz. Let me listen. I'm glad you did it goes to try to tell people that and they think I'm all in favor of Sporting. I've never screening all in favor of skirting by the ridges of finger or you're talking if he reaches up in wow the king I you know I mean you know the various stuff you hear things you know watching. Have you ever fell in love on the first night of course. I don't think who has I have. I've been falling falling in love with you. Falling in love with the crazy or you falling in love with just a flesh is love at first at first night is very tight night the attention you have the thing I remember once upon a time when women telling me like you supposed to be one nice thing and here we are to data. You know what I'm saying you. Would you be a birthday gift to me. You know so damn even work out. She's winces somewhere met you or Nami. Basically was the first time we only okay well. When I say one night stand? I'm not really in the same night Brad Knighton. We'll have you put it was kind of like hey like my only intention was to be what you intimated. Intimately wise brands out one time and had one up on you will participate is being turned into a relationship or situation ship or whatever you want so you must have been dealing after that first time too because you stuck around for you to follow up it was. Working time is really about as you hit it right on the nose really about was worth your time. What keeps your interest you know for me personally? Hey guys remember the days when you were always ready to go. We do too now. You can increase increase your performance and get that extra confidence in bed with blue. Dot Com blue shoe brings you the first two Abo- with the same F._D._a.. Approved active ingredients as Viagra Cialis so you know they work you can take them anytime day or night and since they're chewable they work up to twice twice as fast as a pill. This isn't just for guys who can't perform as for any guy who wants a little extra function to enhance their performance. Most guys talk a good game but if you're one and done blue can even help you follow through around to below Jewish prescribed grabbed online and shipped straight to your door in a discreet package. No one person doctor's visit no waiting in the pharmacy and no more awkwardness Baluchi was made in the U._S._A.. And since it prepares ships direct it's cheaper than a pharmacy visit Blue Shoe Dot Com and get your first <music> shipment free when you use a special Promo Code Lip Service. That's only five dollars for shipping. That's B. L. U.. E. Dot Com Promo Code Lip Service. You can try a free so you don't leave your women with blue balls. What is the best trick on women's ever done onto you there too? Damn I never experienced that before kind be like where they put your entire endowment deep throat down the throne only like bowls shaft live dabbles kind of challenges that are you walking or you walk in and it's like okay. There's more bodies than you expected. Okay say them not playing like a surprise three so not a plan for somebody. Unlike situation thought a threesome ended up being a Fox you could be with one woman for the rest of your life in just one woman. Only I mean learning more about myself every day. You know what I'm saying like <hes>. If it's for the right reasons in the right woman you know updated updated women who who want monogamy dated women who Arina Swing and outdated women who you know I mean I guess is either one or the other right so it really just depends on. I'm learning how I got. You know you gotta learn the sexist and everything no no saying plays a big factor but as a really about what you what you want what you gravitate to how disciplined you can be you know what I'm saying understanding that everything you see amen for you to touch Hamson negative into bat is a challenge though you know what I'm saying like women challenge from Dino secret like woken alerts like I love everything about a woman petite. Not Plus is whatever you know what I'm saying. Bring it. You know what I mean like. This is like when when when you know when a creator may like shit he showed out. I feel got burping. That's more dangerous somebody that doesn't have a particularly tight dangerous I mean can you be that he would never actually gives you. Actually he gives you potentially more variety and in a good way you know what I'm saying like not having a title like physical tight tight but it ain't a physical type. It's like is one of them without word conversation. Thanks chemistry by as kind of conversation piece that happens like finishing your senses and just kind of like or you just know chemistry thing about talk about all the Tom all like pheromones and energy is real feel for magnet. I'm a firm believer that women no within thirty seconds to a minute wherever they need to like run for the hills they pennies like I'm like fuck this Nigga so point like it might be before. I should do it morally the next seventy two hours so let me whatever or debt like you our forever friend zone he asked me is just not happening. We think we know but it never turns out the way that we I okay. I believe that we know but there's been a couple surprise tread. I meet and L. Never and why he now. Is there such a thing as whack pussy like it just doesn't feel good physically yeah. Call Weapons in court Pussy on court are experiencing or like where it was kind of like want some like you got up from like ten you just wanted to just you just wanted to be able to say you know what I'm saying like but like the actual tap wouldn't good like a waste of good. It's like dry not just wasting in just like it's an energy thing didn't clink click chemistry to have cameras have or the proper proper conversations and call it the naked tango for no reason not to like really being tool with if the person in Dance Moves Bernie somebody that I think is like has the best sex athere and then someone else that I like about maybe that Jack Beatty. I learned a long time ago sexual. What about what about somebody who was person his personality you hate it but they're sexist? Good does that happen of course course is kind of getting on your nerves or you know you don't learn other than in the bedroom. You know what I mean like. I think men can do that yeah. There probably was one guy I wouldn't even say I dated him when I was younger and he was really getting bad but he was weck see that's how he was as Corny like he thought he was mad cool. He always has sunglasses presence here. What are you doing situation where the guy with an intelligent enough for me and I didn't learn that until being around him more and more that I'm telling you you mean like like he was like no? I remember again yeah. He was like a dumb blonde and that he was like everything else about him. I really like but then when he got the talk and I'm just like I. It wasn't like you make it was mute because yeah because me talk about our own personal lie that I saw your face then I couldn't take it anymore Tak- unattractive and I couldn't do it anymore. See we have standards them right now. Is there such a thing as being too busy for a relationship because you're a busy busy person. We all are pretty busy heavy. That'd be both say though you make time for what you care about your you make time for what you care about me like I think about what you told not agree with that. I mean you make time for what you care about. I think it is such thing as being too busy for relationship but sometimes we still want what we want and sometimes I think that more we want <hes> and you you know men. Have we as men. Sometimes we feel like we could tell the woman a lot of times like we tell 'em hey light Yo. I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for a relationship or we tell you right and it is not like here is <music> autophagy noted you so but you know you got some. You've got some bomb plus he so you taking like my shit. I'M GONNA CHANGE HIS MOM guys. I'm not ready but then they bring you around your family. Whatever whatever wherever the ingredients offer influence? You feel like I hear you but you ain't you ain't ever GonNa take you on vacation. I'm not ready for a relationship though oh come meet. My mom like guys do stuff like that. Well you know I'm working. I'm working on a book and one of the things that will be in the book you know saying don't don't take my shit because I confine scared. It's it's song. I've learned that that you have to treat people. Don't treat the person you're dating like your girlfriend. Not Girlfriend like your wife is level seditious girlfriend like your wife. What is that treat the person pitcher dating my girlfriend? My girlfriend like you're white. I don't treat a girlfriend like your way. Every title has title for reason my boyfriend chase me like his wife or his it so here's a cat on only only in the event only in advance you know for you know and it works on both sides shitty only only in the event of the potential potential. You know what I'm saying then that's where it gets. That's that's where some shit though to like. What I'm saying is is is women are here you know m man fucking on one another and they know they ain't got no intention that Shit keep it Alba's right but like all the gassing and necessary and capping and then what I have realized capacity accountability is Israel? You know what I'm saying and they hold you. You know you some women out here. That's GonNa hold you accountable to what you say. That's GonNa hold you accountable to what you say and especially on hold you accountable by what you say. According to what you do you know what I'm saying <hes> in Business Life love whatever you accountable to what you tell me is how you is what you do. She shown you act like you know what I'm saying. I'm Arby's thing is there sometimes as easy in the matters dealing with matters at heart and just like you know they married women women in a relationship. Do you let them Kayla by in you like ask about right right guy here on cool. So do you like if they come to you like this happen. Equity would you let them confiding you like as far as they tell you about their personal their problems and then really no you know why because I'm so I'm so true with it. I feel like I feel like that's me hating on that on like you know what I'm saying. <hes> I WANNA give you less we unless we unless we had a place of really really really like friendship. Where where where I notice you like? That's a real slippery slope what I'm saying. I won't be that God. I feel like they could be like you know what I'm saying. I don't WanNa feel like hey. Hey you know like Daddy. That's kind of like breaking codes but don't tell me about your relationship to you. Please them but they didn't into like you know no bandwith Igor. They belong to somebody else. You've done it but you not into it. I mean I think or or you don't you don't know like you know what I'm saying like. It's like after it is after the Oh by the way you know what I'm saying. I was still debating fly by the way I have a boyfriend or by the way I'm married. I'm married Shit like I all all the time like you know there's a lot of people in the grave in in prison for you know what I'm saying for Pussy. Has Anybody ever tried to put a baby on you. That wasn't yours Kinda like I saw spy is Saas by the first the firs- out we'll take back the first out this is the first and it a heart your heart art. You gotta be careful with that for anybody. That's been out there because they have you know how you you can you can use my find yourself becoming like you know hating women and hurting people. You know what I'm saying and indirectly you know not when you don't when you don't deal with that you know what I mean it. Would they say <hes> Mama's maybe pop mama's Baby Papa's main. You know what I'm saying like you know so yeah definitely been through that have to be devastate in our eh find out that you that you you know saying you're going to go into you know rub bellies in hospital visits and there and watch the baby names to find out that you know that's not your child and not only just you get family your family and had a baby shower your mom your dad your daddy like he's a basketball player not happened to him when he was in. <hes> you know once a college his high school sweetheart they got <unk> pregnant and when the baby came they did the baby shower all of that families knew each other always and when the baby came and it wasn't his but you know what I learned how to always he's a fucking asshole ever since he doesn't look at things from both sides right and unfortunately it's a real fucked up guys out there to make babies had no intentions or whatever so so for the women out there they might they might disagree. Do I know he's GonNa be a great day. You know what I mean. Britain is very again it passed. It's very very selfish. I hope is is. I try to look at everything on now but they were high school sweethearts Dow all supposed to be but I think that that's probably what the women's thinking like. I really did hope it's because she fucking don't even know she had no Birla. Those scenarios where you like you know what I'm saying what's up like to say my kid and you say who the daddy and they could tell you the address Dennis like I you know what I mean valued like what kind of get like on what kind of game you really plan so how would you how do you think she should have handled that situation like to- both of y'all. I'm not sure whose it is with me on. Nobody's ever going to what I'm saying like in myself being like I learned like no matter how hard it is 'cause I've learned some valuable lessons when it comes to choosing and line and honesty and is just like that La trying to eventually <music> another way I might have had a baby who looked like the the caveat today. What did what did she do? She got a tight in the do just like you and they are going to be fathers types Jason all of their mothers of their children look alike and me and my siblings you can look at us and not selling mother because we all tight that's true right. You better hope phrases. That's the only thing they get away with <hes> Asian one and a black one Spanish one and something else. I don't know but you never know to still even with that. That's shown you yes. My hair is Pale was the Pale L. is thing I've ever seen <hes> who was read my mother's like a little Brown and G G because sometimes one parent could be darker and the baby come out looking like that and then the other kid come out. Children can also take the traits from nick grandparents looking live nothing like that baby big. Come out singing baby it all right. So what do you think are some things that you could do to be a better mate. Oh by the way I got brand new album out. Oh that's like the greatest ship for are going down in history as some uh-huh greatest you know a project like is my greatest body of work my contribution of black music you know what I'm saying. It's the soundtrack to like relationship knife your bedroom game beach. Just all of that like you know what I mean says is definitely with the research arm being sold music. Black Music is asking a question minute by get this out. Black Music is the only culture is only cost discarding like where's where's it's tweeted as its as disposable you know what I'm saying so we have to remember to reclaim we ought to reclaim our our in our culture and our existence as bloggers bloggers as black radio depends on so. Don't you know what I'm saying. It's the only thing is treated like you know what I'm saying is discarded so again. It's all available all social media or streaming platforms <music> all your mom and pop stores. I'm one of those few artists is still sell. C._D.'s very jackson-lee came in with a C._d.. Of meeting the number four album this we rb album congratulations that J street we'll be streaming crazy right now streaming crazy right now not just once on the entire album. You know what I mean your brothers. You won't put that on just let that marinate me right. You were just in South Africa to question aalto. We'll get back to the things that you think you could do. Better as like if you could improve on some things about yourself and critique yourself being being being being open to the ideas like damn deep question right now what are some things. I feel like I could would make me a better mate. I don't know I think that I'm Kinda in space where just understanding that everything takes his time are you open and patience and my open to like you open when you're with somebody. Are you open for love. You open like all of that. You know what I'm saying. Is You know what it is doing a better job here. It is doing a better job of juggling my career uh-huh understanding that <hes> everything kind of has his time in this place so I'm very one dimensional so one of the things that I know that like that. I still like a challenge for me that I know from like you know my oldest. My oldest son is thirteen right pretty much and I remember kind of light a time where his mom's like Yo- you just always like being in my own world like like you know what I'm saying in terms of my career and the things that I feel like like important to me. Just put the phone down guy set the phone down since I got to the point Sur in days to connect back to a vet to disconnect and invest into your your family your children you'll lady. You know what I'm saying. Your Mom Your Dad. You know what I'm saying and that's something that I think I still struggle with to this day. Because I'm so passionate about what would I do and I think that I'm truly addicted to like making music in what I do not necessarily not not so much to accolades and fame or like you know what I'm doing to get a piece of pussy or something like that but so much this is insight like you know like I don't know clubs and that's I'm getting paid in the bag to do it. You know what I mean like a lot of times. I'm in a different city like if it's obscene going get going and club or you know a Zadie zadie child pull up now. I'm being in the studio. You know what I mean like or. I'm going to be doing some community where it go like building a legacy. You know what I'm saying right and <hes> and I just I just really every before the world knew my name. I works for Chevy Chase Bank. I worked for giant food. Our foot action alleged job. I was at tower records like every job I've ever had adding a customer service or whatever but I know what hard work is since I was like as thirteen fourteen years old you know so I try to dibbled and dabbled in the streets as I say quick that was not for me. You don't mean like so. All I know is hard work. You know what I'm saying so sometimes I'll so consumed by Donana people that I take care of the people that depend on me. You know what I'm saying. It's like you lose sight of the fact that the people that really matter to you most. They're hurting. They need you day you know saying and about like just in some money or it's about time situation. You know what I'm saying. It's about physical year. The real thing for me in the last two years is is having no I believe in protecting my family a loved one so I don't put business completely out there but a particular family member where I had to see like get guardianship of them go in and go in my world had stopped everything. Athena's moving in my world and go and take care of them eight and get them back right. You know what I mean and that right. There Kinda like was groundbreaking from me great because it was I was on <hes>. You know what I'm saying. It wasn't able to do it it. What you know what I mean no other family member whatever it was Kinda I got the call we think the only one that they can make this APP and stop every day regardless of what was going on and in a going on at the time but I made it my business to you know any you know sometimes when you move so fast like the Creator Universe will do things grab your attention? You know what I'm saying just like just just like the people take for granted and your world. You know what I'm saying like so they'll go grab the attention. It'd be like Yo. You know what I mean like you. Can't you can't so you saw sewed so I think that for me. There's still a work in progress and that's something definitely I am. You know without notice challenge that we're going okay. That's fair enough now that you know. Is it warm out. Finally the last thing I want to do is stay in the house standing over the stove trying to cook like something. There's so much fun stuff to do during the summer. 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No it ain't too much we can do you know see we talked about this before about initiating more being more aggressive at less than that I learned how much I'm an extremist though so I got to be careful because you're doing you don't want someone like you doin' Shit and then it'd be like picking out the bushes like I'm street like you know what I mean like I just I learned about my personality addictive personality in an extremist so I'm very extremely competitive right so those those things can be appetite for destruction when you're talking about like sex intimacy because abby first of all don't I'd also learned to everybody deserves to be able to have to be able to have what I'm offering go for you. You like in create learn that you know what I'm saying. That's still something that's like. You know work in progress and understanding. You know what I mean but like you know. I think that you know you do you do as boys do men. Do you know saying at the end of the day there's always multiple attractions to whatever again is about what you open to your mate which I'll try and explore which I try to do you know at the end the day I know trophy for nobody and women are not a trophy to be necessarily early life confident and just move on when are discarded. You know what I'm saying. That's not denied to learn to think I think that's any man needs to know that all these here that you act accordingly from you know what I'm then. What is the most orgasms you head in a row the most or the most orgasm orgasms I've ever had in a row again like you? Just can't I'm more. I'm more into what how many she had. ooh You know saying like acting list emotions that come to light. Can you come and go a game right. After when I'm saying is is I if I'm coming our incomes. I'm not ready into active view like for me for me. Personally to active intimacy is about I'm totally I'm on some. Please like me so not to say that. I'm not there to enjoy myself going to have a good time right. That's what you enjoy is pleasing somebody. That's how you go go mega album. I should say like steam in Lebanon United Right not not now now. What is what is best though is when you encounter someone who got the same and that's when they can get all kind of like you know it'd be laid back? No you lay back it just Kinda just Kinda just organic like you were in a great c._N._N.. Mind when you did this album I'm I'm in a state of mind when I make music and I make music daily as I walked in here in the studio which I forgot. I get a couple of hours in here too late to well before I wanna I wanna own so because because I'm constantly making music and real time I'm physically write anything down right. We dealing with real live emotions in that current state of how I feel typically most of the time I made museums between the hours of light nine P._M.. In not is they say some of the most the greatest time for creatives between I don't know why but they say between like three and four and that's typically like when I'm in there like okay when I'm in my zone you know what I mean so I don't care what I gotTa do the next day like if this morning news taking kids school a flight whatever I just gotTa get it in like this. Is this a part of me you know saying and so is so so it makes it easy to put out albums I got I got a fifteen years worth of music already recording damn listen listen just a second my drop. This is seven hour. This is the second time I dropped in alas not in the last eight nine eight months. Yeah you just like I'm on my second. Decade are going to be a problem and for far I too long. I've been purposely. I will admit I purposely in my light or like not out of insecurity but just being humble and and I'm still humble but it's a time and a place for that and I know that I'm not I know that I know I'm tapped into my inner goat `ISMs and I know that I know I'm great at what I do and I'm one of the greatest of my generation you know what I'm saying and I don't. It's not a grammy that Denisa Chinese it that I need to tell me that it ain't obt award show that my team can change management wise agents whatever he loves you guys they don't really care about is is in connection with the consumer in music lover in what I'm saying and I was doing that before long before it was cool to do. You know what I'm saying. Now you gotta almost damn near do it right you know what I mean because between social and that's why you see so many artists crashing and burning because it's just like it's just like a dull aw I could smell fear. You know what I'm saying and is this like you know. People come up on your naked they can they can sense that you the real deal. Are you not the real deal. Are you full you fool in the people. You know what I'm saying like you know the big always say like open. Mike's stuff like that always expose our musicians because you can go to open mic. You can take the best of the best a let let and let let let improvisational moment happened right at U._C.. WHO's contrived? WHO's the real do who's a student at a cry who real musicians are right who crop comfortable than they skin? Who you know what I'm saying? That's across the board. Whether you're talking pop country hip pop rb or what have you so <hes> you know I'm done dim my light and and and everything has its time has of course you know what I mean. I'm glad you know it's. There's no reason to me is is is Tom but everything everything happens when they're supposed to being consistent for such a long time and putting out says gray music. Are you selling any of these songs artists. It's funny you say that I think my biggest flaw at doing. My career is being selfish with my plan <unk> bridge selfish saying I think I have a very distinct sound you do and now I'm ready to give it to the world right meaning any artist you want to go in the studio. You want me to do out more you the EP whatever light let's get it. You know what I'm saying. I'm I'm currently working on a number of things on one of the prizes super excited about is V. Bozeman saying guy so we in the studio heavy working on her project and it's not just limited into a song is a body of work is sound. You know what I mean. <hes> <hes> assisted by the name of era you may remember grenade from being on Motown just like <hes>. It's a it's a it's a it's a plateau artist working right now different things I I've worked with. I wrote in Russia in the past. Jamie Foxx contribute to t pain projects <hes> like you'll be really go our Atlantic. Oh Our love super outlook. It'll happen. It's all right before the world and she's always been man. I think that would be as I'm so I'm so happy for her like we have in this crazy like to to now look up over on the charts with the Ireland is of the world. <hes> you know Daniel Caesar's no you. You know have a great first week and you know see my name is Chris Brown or Kurt Franklin or a whoever right in his like brow like speaks to speak to staying power cease to like you stick to your guns like at some point it it they catch up. You know what I'm saying for me on someone who I really love respect who is like a mentor to me and so many levels doug fresh got a great relationship and I remember one time. He pulled me to the side. He said you the last one Brian. I didn't know what he meant. I understand what he meant when I know what he put on the radio what he meant you know what I'm saying and so for me. It's a it's the concept of the last man standing. I understand that this that for me creatively it's a marathon is not a sprint and as long as you keep moving you know you get on the track and you just keep moving you sprint when you need any to you. Slow down you need to you might even walk but you never stop. That's right you know what I'm saying if you never and as long as you never stop moving you know you start looking to the sock focus run out of graph. They stop for a minute if I never stop moving you know what I mean. Allow yes so so it's it's the last man standing effect on you know in type the opposite nosov music fifteen years Wayne we anticipate. We know it's on Tommy the MAZAS claiming on like that but like it's a lot of music you mentioned Chris Brown just now so we think about the whole situation he's going through with words that he used because you don't use words stories like that and your Song Chris from a different generation I look as we had the same birthday. That's great so that's my brother. You know what I'm saying. That's my brother and at the end of the day I love I remember the dated Quiz Walking and walking job Affleck. I remember the day he signed it. He was there bright eyed bushy tailed to now so at the end of the day <hes> the trials and tribulations of life but just what they are you know what I'm saying he has he has he has run his course of like had to my mind and regardless of like the pitfalls or the highs and lows want that you can't take from his as a conic. You know what I'm saying he has he has he has taken journey. Just you know so you know I'm big home he did that. You know what I'm saying from afar <hes> the people that are around you can't can't can't can't can you build you up or tell you down. You know what I'm saying so <hes> you know I don't know who is who who who is voice voice a reason if you know saying around him but definitely you know saying you gotTa keep the right people around you that you trust but you got to also be willing to be open open to the idea with somebody. Say Abraham like that ain't right. You know what I'm saying and if ain't nobody telling you that you might have a lot of people don't give a fuck about it's high with media though because people no no I'm saying there's nothing no one can do about it. Yeah you know what I mean so she's Oh boy I get it. I'm a tourist so many times I wanna like while out and or speaking about or speaking my mind a really say how I feel you know what I'm saying or really cold people out on different things or whatever you know what I mean shocking if you shit like day Old San when people say like hey man how you today man I'm cool if I if I had to complain when nobody want here anyway right you know what I'm saying so feeling you really tell them a senior way and it does what they go. They're going to go hug somebody else. Tell them you'll bed new. So you gotta be careful. Those bring you bed news releases about the company so you keep and if that means you gotta stand alone walk along. That's how you see me on what L._A.. I'm never alone to create a with me and it's a lot of people out here that love me you know but I'm not into a lot of people that you know Success Breeds Evian Jealousy and whatever you know what I'm saying so it's on again man you know I got an basketball Chris is this is the Israeli about at the end of the day. I'm sure he loves himself is really really the real question is how many people around and really love them and really got his best interest and really the voice of reason and whatever what people that you know what I'm saying because I sit back and watch the show and watch the fireworks and then get to check and you know what I'm saying so you know and I think that that's something that we as artists you know artists a lot of times we torture ourselves because we give so much we pour so much into other people report so much into the culture and wanted to us whereas are beautiful kids. Even your parents Aritz will take you through the ringer for some of us. You know what I'm saying so light. You know it's not a whole lot of care I can't you know I'm a conic in my own sense but I can't imagine what it'd be like at that level. I think that's part of the reason that's probably reason why kind of like dim the light little bit because I want to do what I want to be known what I what I realize at the end of the day now like it ain't going to happen. We'll never I was born to to do what I do. This is my gift and let it shine as bright as do and if that's what come with it so be you know what I'm saying but I'm GonNa keep some room was around me. They can be like a boat. That's all wack. Go back in the studio. Get Downright. You know what I'm saying and a legal move. You bought the me right or you need to take that down immediately. That's how you feeling cool. Let's talk about it. Go get a counselor. Let's you know what I'm saying but don't don't don't don't do that right you. No you gotta go because you have somewhere else to be. Go No shit. That's what he's saying. We shall we talk now. You can combat. Did we get they. They will give me a watch. We got some silicon lubricant for you. This is not gonna Lug Clown. Obviously I told you I gave your giant forest next review. I got this little pussy poem the real real real gotTa Look Yeah I would love to. I love to come back. Come back and we're GONNA talk about all about eve come in. I didn't think he was really going to show us him. Dan We me and he was and I was like you've gotta come to lip service to say yeah. That's another me too. I've been calling myself out on my on my follow through game okay. Do you know what I'm saying getting better. Excuse me a lot of times we don't we blocked all blessings by the Sydney following through on situations another tactic from the book. You know what I'm saying. What's the three day three gators three the greatest gifts that the creative fucking three greatest this gift that to create a universe where you give given us in your opinion greatest yes three three three three gifts family love take two more oven love outbreak? John Palgrave a break down in a book though but are the three things once I discovered thinks is like my whole world opened opened up a whole universe right and it's the it's the it's the it's the three gators gifts in my opinion are the gift of time from the time we were born. We are running out of time so the gift of time right. It's a gift a free will and decision from time. We wake up you can you can decide whether you're going to be a no show at the lip service you can decide. You won't do the Preface Club we decided not wash away gopi productive get a bag not get a bag whatever right so as to give the time <hes> gift a decision and give a gift to one another. You know what I'm saying. Give the relationships I really cultivating and a lot of times roles with people industry or whatever and you stand unnecessary my and just cause. You ain't simply say hey. What's your name would you do you never know what what they had to offer to offer them? You know what I'm saying and sometimes it ain't nothing is simple conversation. Did you say something and drop a jewel on the more. My focus has been thinking about jumping off a bridge. You know what I'm saying. There's nobody acknowledges great. You know what I'm Kim and Jessie acknowledgement that you can so again you know as long as we use the gift of time free willing decision and one another property is all good so I'm definitely by amy goes on those those are extensions of it for me but like it's really about <hes> you know accountability and of course you know on my word. Definitely I'll be back alerts the punt. Thank you yelling enjoy. That is a great love making album. It's a great taking on vacation with you. A y'all have a good time is definitely a contender for rb so album of the year on a decade of a lifetime. I think that this body work is very special and it feels that way. You know it's only been like a week or two sisters out but I've never had this much momentum with an album out and I can gauge it now because of social media because of different platforms because you know people speaking getting a minor talking about it so you know don't don't worry if I blow up. You know blow a more than I had. Don't don't don't go crazy. Don't don't don't don't be don't be selfish. It don't be selfish with the spread spread spread the love man. That's what you know what I'm saying like about dot divine.

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