GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 153: Champions League Group Stage Draw is Here!


I want to know the latest and soccer then listened to the golden state media concept's soccer podcast M. L. S. is the world the premier league. We've got you covered the latest update hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer podcast. A Listen. Thank you for tuning into the GMC soccer podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network I'm your host Steven Melendez and I'm going to be bringing you the latest and greatest in soccer news from around the world. How is everyone doing out there welcome back to your favorite soccer podcast. As you guys know I'm Steven Melendez from Miami Florida just really excited to be talking to you guys. Once again, we have a lot of exciting things to talk about the group stage draw for the champions. League is already out of you know we have some Domestic Cup games that have happened throughout the week that we're going to be talking about and I have a brand new top ten series coming your way. For you know a few shows now. Let's get right into what we're. GonNa be talking about in today's show to start be episode I want to be talking about the Champions League group stage specifically groups A and B I feel like it'd be good just to break them down to groups per episode just like get into detail about each group next we're GONNA be talking about the DFL supercup showdown between Byron Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and then in the third part of the show I'm going to be recapping the round of sixteen match ups in the About Cup. Yeah. I've been doing that for a little while now and I just we're getting deeper into that competition I'm excited to see all these New, matchups you know that await us, and then of course, the last part of the show my favorite 'cause I get to be creative on this one we're GONNA be talking about the top ten goalkeepers of all time. Yes I am I done pretty much of each position now in the world and now we're moving into the all time category and I'm so excited to learn about some of these guys because as you guys know I have not been a fan of soccer forever twenty six years old I've been a fan for maybe like sixteen years now and I'm just excited to just learn about all these really exciting players throughout the history of soccer so. Let's just get right into it starting with the Champions League group stage preview starting with groups a. b. now, what I going to be talking about in this segment pretty much just you know the groups and how each team the each team's history in the Champions League going to be talking about their top players they're going to need to step up in order to really you know make some noise in the group Deja advanced to the knockout rounds, and of course, where they're going to be ending up in the group I have a couple. You know. Surprises in here, some that you guys might not expect So let's get right into it. With, Group A we have Byron Munich I say now Athletico Madrid rb Salzburg and Lokomotiv Moscow. Now, this is obviously the whole yacht, the holders in this group with Byron Muench in you know having one last year, and you know pretty much being considered the best team in the entire world and they have experienced in this competition of course, pretty much every single year even dating back into the you know like the Mid Nineteen Ninety, one, thousand, nine, hundred seventies they won three back to back titles from seventy, four to seventy six one of the only clubs to ever do so along with Real Madrid and. Then they did, and then then it took a little while for them to win again. But then they did win in two, thousand, one, an and twenty thirteen when they defeated Baru she, Dorfman and then of course, last year beating PSG and much dominating the entire tournament. So they come into this match or they come into this group obviously as the clear favorites and nobody including myself expect him to finish any worse than I in this group even though they do, they will have some tough match-up against Athletico Madrid and you'll dig Diego. Diego. Yoni side. Obviously he's a really good tactician and his defensive. Tactics obviously, extremely good. Probably one of the best in the world in my opinion but let's get into some of the top players that Byron Munich has on their team. I've talked about this plenty of times. in my shows but one more time just for good old sakes and for this you know Champions League preview. So they obviously got Robert Lewandowski Thomas Mueller men will newer Leroy sonnet have a bunch of great players but I feel like the most important player in this group is going to Thomas. Mueller I usually always say Lohan dowse casey usually newer but I feel like in this one when they're taking on a team like Athletic Madrid rb Salisbury who likes to get out and running you're going to be dealing with. Problems in the midfield and Thomas Mueller takes care of that I mean yes. They also belong it's got to really handle that but they don't have Tivo anymore and I feel like without Tiago in the lineup. They're going to need more control and more you know just. Just, more this handle that midfield with more consistency and I feel like Thomas is really going to help with that, and he is considered to meet is going to be the most important player. For the group stage matches, of course, as they keep on going on, they're going to need that star power of Lewandowski Taos Ski. Newer to stop you know a lot of these goals. The thing is in in this group, you don't have a lot of like star power in the fords. I mean obviously athletic Madrid now have Luis Suarez they have a jaw Felix, but the way that they play is Berry. Out of here, a conservative and I guess, maybe if the Eagles Simione, he sees this new side any you know he wants to ramp up like the way that they played change it up which I doubt because he hasn't done it in all the years that he's managed athletic the so I just expect them to you know play the same way they have, which is why Mueller is. Going to be extremely important in controlling that midfield, they can control that midfield and Mueller, just manage it and pass and and and you know play solid defense throughout the throughout these matches. There is no reason borrow Munich shouldn't be able to come out on top handily and be probably you know the most dominant group in the group stage once again, this season just like they were last year. so I expect them to finish first in this group. No doubt about it. Next, we have Athletico Madrid, they have yet to win the Champions League. they were runners up three times in their history, one in seventy four, and then twice in two, thousand, four, hundred, one, and twenty, one, two, thousand, fourteen, and another twenty, sixteen, both of those being losses to reopen dribbed during their three peat. Of course that honestly hurts even more when you consider the fact that those are their rivals. So athletic obviously have not had the best of luck in this tournament. And I'll I feel like a lot of the has to do with their style faith I don't feel like being conservative and and playing defensive really gets you wins shirt keep you very competitive in literally every match you play. That's why it's let me go up. You know some of the most consumer probably the most consistent club you'll find around but they. Need, to find a different gear on the attack and I feel like this season when you have a guy like Louis Suarez Jau Felix they no longer how our murata they loaned him out to drew. But you know I'm held career. You have a lot of players that can really get you going and they showed it in that one match against. Granada that I already talked about. Now. The most important player in this turn out in the group stage for them go and pretty much for the entire tournament is still going to be John O. Block. They're probably the best goalkeeper in the entire world or he is the best goalkeeper Maine Tara World. There's no doubt about it. He has been as consistent as they come between the sticks and. He's going that he they're going to need more world class performances from him in order to really make it you know through this tournament. Group stage that I don't think they have anything to worry about I do not believe I'll be is going to. Produce enough on the offensive end especially with them just. Relying on a lot of youth so I don't expect them to really make a big run for second place I mean can always happen but I just think Athletico Madrid or have too much. Quality are managed well enough to just make it into that next stage Second because I just do not see them. I mean it honestly to me it all depends can athletico changed their style of play camping no longer play conservative candidate try to change it up and you know. Get Out of their comfort zone if they can I could see it if not then just you know they're going to continue to finish second goal against a team I in the end and but the thing is in the knockout rounds I feel like they definitely have a big chance. I already had them as one of my via saw my last episode out on in the top ten teams that can win the Champions League. Because, I just love the addition of Luis Suarez and they're attacked looks you know another year of Jiao Felix is GonNa Look Great. Obviously, they still have John O. Block and of course Jose. Jimenez they were able to keep an Thomas partee You know they were able to hold onto a lot of their key pieces. So this is definitely still one of the best in the world no doubt about it but. I keep going back they they need to improve that A. The attacking tactics, they just do if they don't it's probably going to be the same old same old for Athletic Madrid but they have the personnel now I feel like they have the best personnel that they have. They have had in years even when they had Antoine Grease men I, mean no disrespect to green but I feel like Joffe Felix Luis. Suarez Korea, I mean, they just add a Ren. Day. They just add a different dynamic and something more like team central that they can get going on any given night. So I still expect them to finish second in this group but. Who knows if they if they look better on the offensive end, maybe they can mean make a run at by Munich. I highly doubt though next we have our be sows Berg of the Austria League. Now they've made it to the champions, league group stage tool years in a row for the first time in club history. So they are definitely expiring the most the experiencing. The most success that they've had You know ever they have just never made it out of the knockout rounds of the Champions League I don't expect that to change. Again now, they are like I said with when I was talking about, let me go relying on a lot of youth. They got twenty year old one year old pats in. Dhaka. was their leading goalscorer. Leading goalscorer my God, my bad guys leading goalscorer last season with twenty four goals. has three this. So you know he's obviously still writing that great form Dominic Zo Bosnia. Or Bows Life I've probably said that name wrong. But you know he's a nineteen year old he had nine goals ten assists last season will be expected to. Be Great again, this year they do not have a he wang the guy he went to rb Leipzig. Obviously you know that partnership that they have an you know. So they're obviously gonNA. Miss Him and obviously her erling. Haaland, who was there last year made them really well, and probably was the reason they made to the Champions League group stage but. Then they also have circle Koito twenty old he had eagles to assist. Last season already has two goals and an assist dish year and they're gonNA be relying on all those young players. So this is just going to be another year of them getting experienced and battling for that third position to try to make it into the aerobics league with Lokomotiv, Moscow which I. Do expect them to get it because I like their youth quality. You know even though they're relying on us, it's going to be if it's a lot of good quality there and I bet and I expect it to be better than one local locomotive have coming at coming out because they are missing a few players had last season that really did help them out. which will all be getting into soon. So I do expect them to finish third in this. Group next we have Lokomotiv Moscow now they've made it to the Champions League six times all in the twenty first century They've actually made it to the group stage, three years in a row now from a star back back to dating back to two thousand eighteen and they've only made it to the knockout rounds once in over three Oh four where they lost to Monaco in the remers sixteen now. This obviously being in a group with athletic goal and Biron do not expect them to get anywhere near second place. It just won't happen. They don't have the quality They're still relying on guys from last season like Gregory CHOVANEC who had nine goals to assist last year and. I mean he's just doesn't have the quality that federal small love he was good. He three goals three assists last season already has three goals this year. So He's obviously taking a step forward but then also Anton meeting choke he had three goals on a and an assist last season and already has a goal and two assists this year you know it's obviously he's improving as well but they are missing Alexi meeting shock from last season, their leading goal score. He's no longer there. He went to Atlanta and that's a big time. Miss. So without enough. Attacking quality in their side I don't expect them to make it anywhere past fourth. So I see R B ob. Rb South for getting that Europa League spot and locomotive better luck next year. So now, we're GONNA moving on, we're going to be moving onto group B. or we have Real Madrid Schachter. Don't ask Inter Milan and Borussia Moenchengladbach of course I. Love saying that last name you're that say it's so well you know but in this group we I actually feel like this is a very competitive group of you know aside from the top even though this is where this is one where I see. My first upset because I actually see Inter Milan possibly leading this group I really do like Inter Milan squad as good as a Real Madrid are especially on the defensive end. I just don't feel like they'll be producing enough offense especially against a really good defense like. To lead the group and then of course, you're going to have shocked are. Battling out for whoever makes it into the into the Europa League. But let's just get into each team one by one starting with Real Madrid Champions League winners, Thirteen Times they went. Back. To back to back to back five times. Five time winners from fifty six to sixty, two, nineteen, sixty, just ridiculous run there and then of course, and they won the `threepeat with Rinaldo from sixteen seventeen eighteen just. One of the best in the world for a reason, and that's because they win it on the big stage they have for generations. So now in this generation, their top players are Corinne, Benza Ma, and then of course, that dynamic defensive trio of Sergio, Romo Customer Bureau and courtois now I feel like that's going to be their main key. Just keeping up how great that defense was last season they need that to be a continuing moving into this season if they really want to make a dent in the image group stage on on top however like I said talking about Inter Milan possibly leading this group, they need that offense they need that attack to be consistent you know Luca Moultik they need Tony. Crows to be good his junior they are relying on a few younger pieces like odaguard and three go But in the end it all comes down to cutting Bensimon. Can he get the goals on a consistent basis to to really lead this group? I don't think. So I feel I feel like they're going to finish second? No, they're obviously of course, they're going to move on to the knockout rounds I do not see that big of that. Big of a shock to happen we're shack Tar Baru Shia. beat. In any of the matches they play maybe a draw here and there, but I definitely see Real Madrid moving onto the to the knockout rounds just second in this group this I definitely see a big time upset happening here, and that's where I come in with Inter. Milan they've won the Champions League three times most recently in twenty ten in they wanted to sixty, five and sixty. Four It was called the what is it the Champions Cup or the European Cup? But yeah that's before my time before my knowledge. But now I feel like they have just a really good overall squad. I. Love Their attack of Kaku. La Dot Martinez, and then of course. Alexi. Sanchez. But then you also add one of the best full-back attackers or one of the best attacking fullbacks say in Hakimi. I think like he really adds a different dynamic for this team at to where they'll be attacking and scoring on a consistent basis in the Champions League. And I feel like they can't speak out a win over Real Madrid I feel like they get one win and then the other one would be a draw and that's where I feel. The difference would be it'd be close I'm not saying Inter Milan's like runaway with this group absolutely not but I feel like it'll be really close. and a big part of that is because their defense is very solid. They have Stephen Fry they have one of the best defensive midfielders which I've been saying for a while and Marcelo, bro Cevik, and then of course, the Captain Samir damage, they have solid defenders and enough of them to really. In my opinion to stifle Real Madrid's attack of course that you know I'm going to be really keeping an eye on those matches between Madrid and Inter Milan to see if I'm correct on this but. With, that being said, I do believe they ended up finishing first. because. I just I just have a feeling here. I just have a feeling here. Of course you guys can come back. If you WanNa comment tell me I'm wrong row Madrid's GONNA come out on top because I know there is a whole lot of Real Madrid fans out there and they're going to be telling me like dude, you're you're crazy you have no idea what you're talking about but we'll see we'll see I think Inter Milan have a good chance I put them in my top ten teams win the Champions League. In the last episode last show and I feel like they have a really good chance here. So now we're GONNA move onto shack tar don't ask where. They've had some experience, but their first Champions League stint was back in two, thousand, two, thousand one and their best finish was the quarterfinals in twenty, one, twenty, ten, twenty eleven where they lost to Barcelona they have had a few knockout round exp- appearances, but they have mainly finished outside the top two of the group's age in their history now. I do like their overall attack like they have a really good attack here with junior murray is a Thai. Song. But they are relying on a lot of youth here with Marcus on Tonio the Dodo They are experienced. You know they have a lot of youth here, and of course, if they are able to come out on top and play. To, the quality that I know that they have, of course, they can finish their however I do not feel like it'll be enough especially on the defensive end to stop what Brusca much in. God, back will have, and that's why I see. Shakhtar finishing last in this group I feel like that's a bit of a I feel like this is also a bit of a shocker for some people listening because I feel like shock targes have a very. Explosive and I feel like they can. I mean they had like four notes at like six goals in the semi fire I. Think I'm going to there was four goals in the semi final of the Europa or the quarterfinals of the Europa League last year where they absolutely blew out I forgot which team it was but they just looked so good and I mean they're bringing back pretty much the same team and they're getting those youth geysers an extra year of experience, and of course, this Champions League experience going to be great for them but I just don't think they have enough. Because, I, believe Borussia Moenchengladbach have a better overall team when you're talking about their attack of Marcus Theorem and allison plea. But then you're talking about they have the better goalkeeper among these two teams and I feel like that is ultimately is going to push them over the Edge Yon Summer of Bruce munching allowed back is the key for them to get into the Europa League because there's no way. I mean no way merging Gladbach surprise enough to get second in this group. There's. Absolutely. No Way. But. They have experienced especially recently, they've made it to the Champions League three years. The first appearance was in two, thousand, fifteen they had a backpack appearance in two, Thousand Sixteen and then now twenty twenty. So I feel like with a lot of their youth and you know or not really us. But like you know just they're good 'cause like Marcus please only twenty seven theorem how old he is, but he know he's nine in his thirties. So he's on he's on the right side of thirty. They got guys in their prime that are. That are performing forum I mean, you've got inter I I'd like this group and I, feel like they can finish third and go into the AROPA. So. That's going to wrap it up for this segment. Make sure you guys stick around because when I come back, I'm going to be talking about the DFL supercup showdown between Biron Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Are you looking to get your college football bags looking to get the latest news on your favorite school? Steam They Diaz Mc College football podcast is your ticket to all things college football. Join us as we talk college football from the National Championship the College rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy to which converts is the best we've got you covered for the big ten as the Big Twelve, the PAC twelve ACC and everything in between download the GS C- College football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere you find podcasts just type TSMC in the search bar. Welcome back everyone. If you missed the last segment I talked about the Champions League Group A and B you know previewed all the teams and where they would finish the group. Now we're GONNA be talking about the DFL supercup showdown between Borussia Dortmund and Byron Mnuchin. In this game, of course, you know you're getting a classic rivalry between two German giants and I mean I was excited to watch this game You know I I it's it's the match or you're waiting for in German football. You always want Byron Munich versus Borussia Dortmund and we've got a classic match with buyer Munich beating Borussia Dortmund three two. This was the eighth DFL supercup, win for Byron and the fifth loss, Borussia Dortmund, and for the most part this was. At, least in the second half of felt like this was Borussia Dortmund's game to loose 'cause even though Byron Munich you know had the lead for this entire match you know even though it was tied for a lot of it Man It just felt like Bruce Dorman had a chance here to win the game and They made a few questionable substitutions late in the game that I fell and also they started some you know people that didn't expect I thought Exa. Woodson. We gotTA start here. I. Thought You'd see Giovanni Riina Raina but you did not Brent was in there and you know Julian brand and he played while he got a goal in this one and a really really. Good one at that. But in the start of this match was all Byron Munich. I mean they were doing you know with buying Munich, does, which is control the gain control, the midfield, and just pretty much dominate the competition and I expected just a bit more from from Borussia Dortmund to start this game you know when you're going into the season especially when you have guys I mean Oh and big note on this one John Central did not play. So so that's obviously very huge something that you know would obviously hurt Borussia Dortmund in this game. Because John Sancho is their creative the guy that that gets them into their spots and they just that was one of the things that seem to be missing and it's crazy because even despite not having him, they still played pretty well, you got very solid contributions from a brand. I like what I saw from. Royce. Jalan despite getting a goal Kinda seemed a little quiet in this one even though he. Kind of woke up a bit late in the game especially in the second half where he got his goal, which is a really nice goal at that. got a good run. got a good pass from Delaney and you know scored passed a newer but then had another chance goal which was even more wide open other even though they were both pretty much one on one this one he had way more time. And of course, newer comes through and puts out that big right hand and stops the ball from you know for for not to get that three to lead and that would ultimately me the can be the game for them because. Man What kimmage did at the end of that game? I mean. Some people say it's luck I mean do that look like downright skill? I mean this guy as he's falling down I I know he you know it was it was a bit lucky to to get that ball to rebound literally right back into his path but. To have the skill the the the composure to as you're falling down still be able to kick the ball over goalkeeper and score your team a game winner I mean. That's what you want in a in a player. You want a guy to be able to you know even in the tough situations come through with the result for you, and that's what Joshua kimmage seems to do for this team night in and night out. I mean I. Don't know what else to say about him. He's he's literally to I, and the thing is I actually don't give him enough enough credit because even when I was in the last segment when I was talking about by Munich, I didn't mention him. I didn't, and he came through huge for by Munich in this game, he ended up being he's the man of the match in my opinion. I mean, they also got some other contributions of course Thomas. Mueller get nut. You know really nice header in the back post from from across from Alfonso Davies. Davies still doing what he always does. You know putting in Nice crosses getting better with his passes and then Mueller which is you know he's always at least last year he was known more for his passing but. He can still get goals man and he got a really nice header, hit the post and goes into give them a tool lead. And it kind of felt like it was going to be all Byron Munich in this game. It really did I mean of course like I said wanted to the Julian Blanc Ole came shortly after that like in the thirty nine th minute. Erling Haaland drawing in so much attention and he got any got an exorcist although Lucas Hernandez Kinda committed a little too much to Erling Haaland. Seoul was still there could have made it could have been a play on it but Lucas and as I understand Holland is one of the best strikers in the world and you know when you have a guy like that going into, you know get near box you gotta give attention to him, but it left Brent Wide Open I mean that and that's shot by Brent. Wasn't going it doesn't matter if you had literally brick wall in front of that goal that was going through it it was a rocky a pass right by newer yet had no chance and he made a statement he made a statement what that bowl. And I mean like I will say that there was some questionable substitution like even after how long did he literally had a part in both of their goals even though I feel like he could have done a little more like be a little more active with his runs. I guess they saw that least you know five, the manager saw that and. Substitute him in the sixty eighth minute. I didn't like that too much for and Ranier nonetheless I mean he he's a good player but no Holland. and. When you need to get a goal, I understand at that time there were tied to to maybe he was trying to hold the lead may be taken it into penalties, but against a team like Byron Munich that. has so much quality in their side and and is going to keep getting opportunities. You can't play defense if you can't play passive and it ultimately hurt them. And cost them this DFL supercup. Switch for Muneer in the same time in the sixty, seven, th minute, and that one I understand completely because muneer just looked. On effect ineffective in this game, he couldn't stop anything on defense. He wasn't really. Yeah. He had a perfect. He had an easy shot. He was wide open on the right wing he was coming in and he just completely missed the shot. Honestly as the PSG fan it. Kinda makes me feel like It it's fine. It's fine that we don't have them anymore team because I mean, he didn't look like he had any composure. He he he looked like he was out of his element in this game and. And that does not look good for him. But like I said, I, mean buying Munich pretty much dominated most of this game. The second half was definitely on Dortmund's favor but overall by Munich had more possession fifty, seven percent. They pass the ball, even better eighty seven percent of six, hundred, thirty passes while Dortmund completed seventy, eight percent of four hundred, seventy one passes but I mean that's expected. By Munich. Are Much better side much more quality side and much more organized side especially with Hansie Flick they're managing them. Yes. They had that four one loss to Hawthorn Heim, but I mean to happen it's football. In a best teams in the world lose they're not they're not GonNa win every single match. Four. No four once pretty bad. But still you know it happens but. Myron. Munich. Always look like the more dominant side and that was still the case in this game. Even though Dorman, did look better in the second half like I keep saying and they did I just. I didn't like some of the like they put. They put in Giovanni. RIINA too late same thing with Bellingham in the seventy second and seventy six minute respectfully bichette came in for Hummel's I guess what I'm trying to you know maybe get a goal towards the end but obviously that that backfired because old that those all came in a seventy you know in the middle in the mid seventy minutes. And that's when Joshua kimmage came through in the second minute and scored that ridiculous goal. It just. I don't know what else to say man low in Dallas key was kind of. Kind not seen I'm even though he kinda got that assist for today. So he got him open same thing with kimmage. He also got that pass there too but interpreted scoring goals but. That's the thing with with Lewandowski's he such a could. Striker that He. Doesn't need to score goals in order to be effective in this game. You know I it kind of feels like he has a quiet night but in the end, he still even though they don't count as assist, he had a big hand in both of those you know the first goal of the game were Toledo hit the post and then had to hit that rebound in he would have gotten that assists and same thing with kimmage who got his first shot rebounded herb you know saved. And then that ridiculous. That ridiculous falling on the floor like last minute shot to to you know to give the team the lead. Lohan. DOWSE gotta having both of those and he played an overall solid game just not what you'd expect from top top striker. But again, like I said, you know when even when you're not getting goals, what can you do to help the team? Those are when the best strikers show themselves and that's well now and Dowse you did in this game, he still was a really good link-up play player which he always has been. And got his team the right positions to score the goals and you know of course I like I always say when I talk about Lone Dusky, he has the talent around him to help him obviously but. Even when the pressure is on, even when he's got all the you know the the is on him he makes decisions. He makes the right decisions and that's what he did in this game. Towards the like in the beginning of the second half I kind of felt like. Gorman deftly came up with a much better intensity and by Munich definitely felt it. They they had more opportunities in their second half and you know we're getting more. They just couldn't get consistent shots. Dortmund only had seven shots to by Munich's eleven. They did have four on target and Byron had a seven on target. So I mean the the accuracy on the shots were there. By Dorman just didn't get enough of them and I feel like when you lose a guy like Holland. Obviously the they let him go in the sixty eighth minute the sub them off for Rainer which already talked about but it's just You lose a target men. Like. There's no surprise that when Byron Munich lost four one to two Hockenheim they sat. Lewandowski's Ercsi he was on the. On the bench obviously giving him some you know some rest. Because they felt like they could have beaten Hockenheim without without him but that just wasn't the case. Then by the time he came back in the rhythm just wasn't there for the team and obviously cost them three points. Now. By Munich made a few changes themselves I mean they brought him gone abby for Coleman, Kinda like shortly after the halftime. At it's kind of funny right after they made that substitution Holland scored that for that second goal. and. The thing is it's like. I feel like Dorfman definitely had opportunities. They sure had opportunities but I definitely like that the substitution Byron Munich made late in this game I mean even though the the to the ends Ercsi for though and dowse Seattle for. Martinez. Came after that you know that third goal. So they're obviously churches trying to hold on but they brought in Richard for hard I thought that really changed the game. Seventy six minute substitution and richards played while I mean not only got like fourteen fifteen minutes in this game he still played pretty well. And that's what you want from your substitutes coming in and adding having a hand in the game and he played well, he played well defensively and you know for Vard who still probably trying to get his legs on their him after not playing pretty much most of last season. You'd like what you're seeing you like what you see from pretty much your entire team. But what really impressed me about Byron? Munich is the fact that they were able to control the midfield in a big way. And that's what I said that in the last segment that I feel like that is going to be the key for them to really make a big charge in the Champions League once again. And that's why I said Thomas Miller is going to be the. Most, important player. 'cause he's GonNa be. He's GonNa to hold a big big part in them. You know managing that midfield and he did that in this game. But. Again, it's just like that collective effort from buying just everybody coming through and really helping out I mean obviously kimmage like I've said, already he's pro I mean, honestly you gotTa Start Looking at him as their best player it's not one top three. You know putting him in that same conversation with low in Taos ski in a newer. Who I mean by the way I mean. Newer after a lot of talk about him getting old and I mean I know I've said this and other shows is just it just needs to keep being said, this man gets saves when it's necessary. I mean obviously, it's always necessary about talking about in those pressure moments. Like when Erling Haaland one of the best young strikers is heading your way One v one, you need to get a stop. And that got that shot that shot at the end was on target. Yet. He puts his old mid out there and stops that ball from going in. I mean I don't know any other goalkeeper that makes such game winning safes like men while newer. I really don't. I really don't. It's just. He would have gotten out of the matrimony if it wasn't for for how dominant kimmage was in this game but. That's a fame and Kim up mental newer just. Always. Always comes through for his club when he needs it when they need it, it's just it's just one of those traits of his he's he's a he's a leader of men. It's just one of those things and. I would want him my tenny of course, anybody would want him on their team, but it's just. You know if even if I had the option to go with like a guy like John old block or guy like you know who who, else onto alley song, I'd still probably manoir my team because I feel like when when you know when it gets to, you know this team gets a counterattack and it's just you and newer. That attackers going to be a little scared. They're going GONNA be overthinking it because that guy has shown time and time again that he can get those Sabes. That's the guy one between the stakes. and. He just showed it again, this one and that is exactly why by Munich the get gets this victory three, two, I, mean of course, they don't get this victory without kitsch and his ridiculous diving shot but. Manuel will newer man just coming through every single game. It seems for Byron Munich and I feel like that's going to be the number one spot. You know that that's going to be like their number one advantage in most of the games that they play in the Champions League and the in the Bundesliga of course. But yeah. So that's going to wrap it up for this segment makes you guys stick around because when I come back, I'm going to be talking about the round of sixteen for the Katembo Cup just recapping all the games going on there. So sticker. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now, listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast narrower is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News sports music fashion, cooking, entertainment, fantasy football, and so much more. So stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is. Whatever it may be visit us at www dot. Jesus. MC PODCAST DOT COM, follow us on facebook and twitter and download items soundcloud and Google play. Hey guys welcome back. If you missed the last segment I recapped the D. F. L. Cup showdown between Borussia Dortmund Meyer Munich, and now we're GONNA be talking about the Cabal Cup round of sixteen, just going to recap the Games and then of course, look ahead to the quarterfinal draws. So let's get started with Tottenham versus Chelsea. Two teams that come into the season you know looking for answers I mean Chelsea obviously we've. Talked about them. Enough. You know having all these new transfers and so far has not turned out as good as they were hoping, and of course, Tottenham you know I've said they've looked like a complete mess so far this season but they have gotten some good signings in bail and young has already played for them. Bail has yet to play a match. So in this game, we had a A. Few interesting starts for Tottenham Lamella and bird wine started up top Harry Kane and Lucas more were on the bench They would eventually come in as a substitute but the beginning of this game seemed like it was all Chelsea You know they were getting more opportunities and it eventually led to a team burner goal in the nineteen minute and it was a really nice school I mean you. Absolutely making I think it was done Ghana completely miss on tackle and then just finding team O. Verner. streaking up the middle and he got a really nice goal through some through a lot of bodies it was like. Three guys in front of him, and that's that's what you need your top striker to do, and he did so and that was actually his first goal for Chelsea. So you know good for team Oh Bernard you know getting that goal but it was far from over. From point on kind of felt like Tottenham were controlling most of this game though Chelsea had most of the possession, it just felt like Tottenham were doing more with the ball when they had it and it they just weren't getting. The final ball they were hoping for eventually, they did get a goal towards the end of the game with requiem setting up Eric Lamelo with a very solid cross literally leaving Lamelo Wide Open You know he he had he controlled very well with this trust and then just scored it right past Mendy who didn't even mention what is it? What is the name I? Think? It's Eduardo Mendy Yeah. At no Edward Mendy the brand new goalkeeper signing who looks to possibly be taking over campus spot this. That's yet to be shown because you know of course is just a cup match a could be seen as a backup goalkeeper but. After the game Frank, Lampard saying that he that he was impressed with what Mendy did even though when they go to when they went to penalties at the end of the match at the at the end, the regulation, he did not stop a single penalty. Tournament five for five Chelsea in the four for five with Mason Mount completely missing the shot at the missing the you know the goal at the end. Going wide left. Laura. Sweat the right way but it didn't matter because Mason mound just completely missed the target and he's going be living with that for a little while but man I mean for the for the most. Of this penalty. A Tottenham went left like Eric Dear Eric Lamelo appear Emil Heisbourg and Lucas more all went to the left side of the goal and many just kept on choosing right. He just wasn't getting it and then the many he chooses left. Harry. Kane. The last penalty kicker went right. Of course it that's just the way it is. That's just the way it is in these penalty kicks. You know you pick the right way and you're looking good. You pick the wrong way and you look like a fool and Mendy. Just couldn't read the Tottenham kickers. For Mason Mount. I mean you've got to feel bad for him Obviously he was looking great last season and he's Kinda got off. To a slow start this season and that penalty kind of a pin amazes all of that. That's to be hanging on his head for a little while now because now Chelsea are out of the Cabal Cup Tottenham move on and will be facing off against Stoke City in the next round. Obvious. Talking to a little more detail you know at the end of all these games. So now we're gonNA move onto Newcastle versus Newport County and honestly after watching new county a lot of these games I believe they took on Wofford in the last round they looked very strong i. know it could probably the competition they were taking on. But they looked very good against their against the competition they were taking. Their facing and I was actually rooting form I was hoping that they you know may be the surprise team of the tournament and at the start of this game, a look would be because tristen Abraham scored in the last round scored once again, just five minutes into the game off a rebound and it was a nice goal at that. it. It just looked like their activity was you know the little too much for Newcastle to handle in the beginning of this game. But shortly after that, they would pretty much dominate this game Newcastle at about sixty five percent possession and they had twice more than twice as many shots as Newport county, and they only had two shots on target newborn twelve shots for two shots on target for Newport County for Newcastle Twenty, seven shots to ten. On target and you know obviously a huge difference there, and that pretty much made the game. I mean, you got some solid contributions from from a lot of your team I mean Kalem Kalem, Wilson came in for a mirror. I'm wrong late in the game and obviously he's been having a great season and showed it once again. But man that goal by John Joe Shelby late in the game eighty, seven, th minute to tie the game up was just. was just beautiful. I mean to to speak out the Newport county gold defender time, and time. Again, it was like at least three four fake outs in that game and. Yet once he once he made them fall and he knew he was going for goal I mean that's he knew he was go from the minute he got it. He was not given that ball up he wanted to take take that shot and send this team into penalties and that's what he did. You know just inside the box from the left side, kick the all the way to the top right corner and it was just perfect. You couldn't have asked for anything better and sent them into into the penalties where it was a little bit. Shakey at the START I mean Kayla most scored the first one for Newcastle Than Joe Lean, throw Jillian done my score a missed. The second one while Newport county scored their first three penalties after that Ryan Taylor missed his fourth for Newport. and it was tied going. It was tied after five kicks. So they headed into sudden death Shaun longstaff what came up for Newcastle and scored you calmly. Past. Past the goalkeeper didn't even didn't even think about he literally lake as the as the whistle was blown he was already running in. So you know where he wanted to go and then Brandon Guber just absolutely sailed his shot over the crossbar. No chance for it to go in even the analysts was you know the commentator was saying I don't like that short running taken and it was he was right. It obviously didn't give them enough time to get his feet on the ball and he completely missed it so. or off into the next round into the quarter-finals, Katembo Cup and they will be they have a favorable matchup they're going up against Brentford in the next. Round. All. Right. So now we're going to be talking about the Manchester City versus Burnley match were Manchester City defeated Burnley three nil and honestly in this game, it was all Raheem Sterling, I mean the speed and pace of this man was absolutely giving them trouble like the entire game, they could not deal with it. They should have had like four goals in this game to be honest he did end up getting two goals and an assist which I don't really feel like that was an assist I mean technically he got a he got a full on the ball, but then it got up deflection off the defender and for on Torres scored at the end it was sixty, sixty, five minute but. In the end Ryan Sterling just it was just too much for Burnley to handle Honest I gotta give props to the goalkeeper for Burnley He absolutely kept them in this game more than they should have been What was it? Bailey. Peacock ferrall he played extremely well and save a lot of shocks like all lot of shots if I go back to this, he saved a total of he saves five. They should have had like eight goals in this game easy because you know those are some really nice saves from him but again, this this all comes back to rocking sterling who just played. So well, the pace that he had just continued across cause problems for the defense in those two goals he had were impart of his pace and not because he outran the defense, what it was that his pace before these two goals that he had. Would cause so much problems for so many problems for them that they would overrun and feel like they had to over commit and it would leave him open in the middle. It happened twice one in the thirty for thirty fifth minute were bent many found him, and then again in the forty ninth where he was found by Fernandes Tortoise I, mean. Not much. Else can be said about this except that Manchester City. Looked really good. In this one they want again with like an academy product done Carson and Bill Cole. Cole Palmer. they went with Coal Palmer in this one instead of. Going with their full normal starting eleven. But of course I mean, it didn't matter because they have. They have so much quality down the rest of the lineup. You know they had Mores Daego, the Bruin Walker LaPorte for. they did go with American goalkeeper Zach Stephan again because obviously they're going within the League Cup but. Overall great game for Manchester City and they will be facing arsenal in the next round. Now, let's get into the Manchester United Versus Brighton match which ended in a three nil win for menu. Now, to start this game, I don't feel like Manchester United played to their best potential, but they were still solid. They obviously have more quality than Brighton. I have been in behind brightened in Brighton's corner pretty much all season I called them to be the surprise of the year and they've done pretty well so far. But in this game, they clearly looked outmatched I mean one Mata I mean what a game this guy had in in this one just continues to show his quality even though he's going up in age age is just another man and he just showed it in this one setting it setting up that first goal for Scott Mc, Tommy a just a perfectly lobbed know free kick. To to him for an easy header obviously, of course, white keeping you know onsite at the. Was it was obviously helping but then that second goal I, I feel like that second goal is what Manchester United needs to be looking for all season. It was such a nice team goal one Mata obviously controlled most of it and he then he ended he like he started off by by working on the right side and then moving into the left and then just a nice pass into Donnie Vanderbeek who then gave abry uniform touch like I'd pass to one Mata, who was making the run, and then he just faked out a few br Brenton defenders and. Scored the goal I mean, it was a really nice team goal all honestly an all around great game from a menu, and then of course that last goal what a beautiful be full free-kick from Paul, Papa iming. Just it was perfectly lined up I mean and he just he hitting the top left of the post to get it in get it three three. Oh I I mean that that's pod man that's published showing his quality and getting a gophers team when they need not when they needed but it's just. Kind of just to settle things down just a show. Yeah. Were Manchester United were here and we WANNA, make the most of our time here in the Gut About Cup, and that is why they're moving on and Brighton are. So they will be facing Everton in the next round that's going to be an exciting went to talk about. Next. We got Everton versus West Ham United, and in this game I mean it was another Dominic Calvert Lewin show I mean this another Hattrick for him in this game obviously having a career season already and I mean. What else can I say? He's just He's he's a sharp shooter man. He got the first goal in the eleventh minute Michael Keane. Giving him that. Given him that assist and I'll tell you what Michael Keane has been really underrated so far this season it's been a big part whatever timoth done, and of course I mean they beat Everton they beat West Ham United for one just to let you guys know they absolutely dominated this game. Richarson has been probably the best player on the team gets goal in the fifty six minute courtesy of homicide Jesus who has been an excellent signing form and then covered Lewin gets goals at the end of the game six minutes apart. Just. Dominates West Ham united in this one. They do get a consolation goal right after halftime they got they got to. They got to one one with Robert snodgrass goal from Felipe Anderson, but it just wasn't gonna cut it because literally ten minutes later they get that retrial single and. Everton just had way more quality in this game and eventually West Ham we're going to fine. We're going to go up against a tough competition and the we're going to have to play near perfect football and they just did not in this one, and that is why Everton are often to the next round and they will be going up against Manchester United just like I just said salt next week, get Brentford vs Fulham. Brentford. Continue their surprising ron defeating Fulham three nil I mean, what can I say about this group as they continue to the feed, you know to tip defeat anybody who's in front of them I. It's gotTa be hard I mean and they get a favorable matchup. I mean they get to go Newcastle. They don't have to go against Everton Man United Arsenal. They don't they don't have to go Manchester City they get Newcastle so they have a really good chance of making it into the next round getting to the semifinal of the car about cup? A championship side I it's not like that's uncommon but I mean, that's still not expect it every year. And Brentford looked dominant in this game. Getting a goal from Marcus fours to from Saieed Ben Rama. And and just never looked back Fulham I I mean. Not a great show I mean the they get this favourable matchup going up against Brentford. You know they're in the premier league they're getting their you know solid competition weaken weak out and they just can't show up for this one. don't know what to say about Fulham I mean. They're proving my predictions before the season right and. Ammon and they're they're not moving on Brentford are and they'll be taking on Newcastle in the quarterfinal. Next we got Stoke City versus Aston Villa, and we got stoke city once again. Another championship side up setting up Premier League side in villa one nothing. Sam Vokes with a solid goal from a Thompson assist I-. Tops has been just dealing out, assists left and right in the tournament and I mean, and they win this game they looked solid in this game pretty much dominated the match Let me get some of these stats here real quick. They. Technically, they should probably lost his game because Aston Villa obviously the more the the higher quality side. You know the they had the problem is they didn't have gorillas playing in the scheme. And that that hurt them. Really she's not playing. They didn't even have a what's his name. Didn't even have Douglas Lewis. All walking was coming off the bench. It's like they felt that they were going to get past this team with ease. And it hurt them in the. Ending their tournament hopes. And now stoke city get a quarter-final matchup against Tottenham? Good luck term that one. And now last. Bush certainly, not least we get an arsenal versus Liverpool. Fun Match I. Mean They've shown to be able to go back and forth. This certainly wasn't that ended in an open draw in regulation. But it went to sudden death in penalties. And Liverpool just could not get it done. honestly in part it's it's kind of their fault. I mean they did not have all of their top players playing in this one I. Mean you had Saleh but. He didn't play Andrew Robertson. You know they didn't have. What is it Monay in there? and. They thought they could make it through and they couldn't they didn't have. They didn't even have been used in there then even sell them in. And they did southern why now them for short late in the game but And they just didn't have enough man Amino up top they did have Salah but that was pretty much the only real like you know top side I mean they had van Dyke and defense, and the obviously the his thing they got draw the. You know the. Goal but. Arsenal. Sockeye had Chaaka KONJAC. You know they brought in like Zet late in the Game Maitland Niles. Didn't even have a bombing. This was a very bad loss for Liverpool man a very bad loss to lose to arsenal. Once again, this is like their third loss to arsenal this season or was a second because I know for sure they lost the community shield to arsenal early in the year and now losing the cut about cup to Arsenal arsenal Liverpool's number not in the Premier League obviously. Because that's when it really counts but I mean arsenal man they get the job done and they move onto the next round against Manchester City. And I'll let me quickly just talk about those quarter-final matches I mean arsenal vs Manchester City. That's going to be a really fun to watch because now you're in the quarterfinals. To bring out their best stuff especially when they're taking on tough competition like this and I'm really excited to see a Balmy, Yang. Lacaze. William and not to mention a wounded, even play against Liverpool. I'm excited to see those guys play against a Manchester City squad that are obviously looking to win everything. Now with stoke city going up against Tottenham. I, it's going to be hard for stoke city to continue this wild ride this unprecedented ride and Tottenham look really good against Chelsea. even though it went to penalties I. taught him were the better side in this game? And I would not. I would be extremely surprised if so stoke city complete another upset and defeat Tottenham. But we'll just have to wait and see and now this next match Brentford worse is Newcastle. I. Mean. I I don't know man I do not I could see Brentford Co through again man I I'm not extremely confident Newcastle, I know they got some great young players that have been playing well Kalem Wilson but I I, see Brentford who had been very dominant in the gut about cup. Go on to the semifinal that would be a hell of. Of A story right there and of course, we got Manchester United versus, Everton. Another very, very exciting matchup that I cannot wait to see. I'm in love with Everton this season I mean with the changes that they've made to their midfield and with how dominant covered Lou and has been an Richarson and they got a lot of quality in their side, and of course, they got Pickford a goalkeeper. So overall, they have a very solid team, but Manchester United are also very high quality and I would not be surprised if they go with their full eleven the next. especially. Taking on a top team Everton and them seeing just being one away from being in the in the top four. So I'm very excited to see those play out I'll definitely be watching them and I'll be talking about them afterwards. So stay tuned for that guys. So that's going to wrap it up for this segment. Make sure you stick around because when I come back I'm going to be talking about being tap ten goalkeepers of all time. This is your ultimate stopper everything sports, the golden state media concepts, sports podcast should I say more from the NFL Melby, the NBA MMA all in here golden state media concepts, sports podcast listen. Before. Welcome back everyone to the last part of the show where we're going to be talking about the top ten goalkeepers of all time. Now, before I start getting into these legendary names, I just want I say that. I'm sure you guys already know. I. Am not. You know a historian of soccer football whatever you WANNA call it you know I haven't seen most of these guys play maybe like one or two actually three total guys on this list I have seen play and for the rest I'm just going off of what I've been seeing online in a combination of stats. You know ones that I can find because a lot of these guys played way back in the day so. Just bear with me. You know I'm obviously this might not be like yours so just. Let me not even if you guys agree, let me know in the comments section what you guys think are the top ten goalkeepers of all time. So let's get started with my list. With number ten being Edwin van der Sar mostly known for his time at I imax and Manchester United. He boast a nearly an eighth in eighty percent save percentage of point ninety three goals allowed per ninety minutes a hundred and sixty eight clean sheets in three hundred, seventy, nine matches of the stats I could find he had way more with Iraq. So definitely, those sheets possibly in the two hundred plus in like nearly. Qassam around five hundred matches played. So man, he's got a lot of. This guy had one four era era division champions, championships of four. Premier League Championships to Champions League titles. He was a Dutch football goalkeeper of the year four separate times and was considered the best European goalkeeper two times now from these from the. The highlights that I saw vander. SAR. Was An extremely long goalkeeper and had amazing reflexes I mean that's pretty much going to be the case for most of the guys on this list and pretty much all of them 'cause I. Mean you're not going to be a top ten goalkeeper of all time without having. catlike reflexes but I the emperor vendor, the one thing I got from him was the fact that he was such a long goalkeeper and usually when you're very long, you know very tall you're not as nimble athletic. He still had that. So Edwin van der Sar absolutely with all the accolades that he has deserves to be in my top ten goalkeepers of all time next and number nine. We have the first guy that I have remembered watching eager casillas. he played for. The Spanish goalkeeper having mainly played for Real Madrid in his prime, and then of course, towards the end of his career has played for Porto This man has done it all one at all six time domestic league titles three time Champions League titles. Obviously all with. Real. Madrid Anne the twenty ten fee for World Cup So he has pretty much. Won It in every way he possibly can, and I know some people might say you know they don't like this kind of selection here. They don't feel like he did enough but I mean The the ACCOLADE speak for themselves. He was also the five-time fi five pro world eleven and the six time you way for team of the year. So he has been recognized as the best goalkeeper in in so many different ways and the stat speak for themselves as well. Two, hundred, thirty, eight clean sheets in six hundred, twenty, six matches played nearly a seventy six save percentage. I mean. This man has done it all and. I mean recently retired. So I mean I was at least able to seek a CS for a little while I knew he was just an absolute monster for Real Madrid. When he was there the move that he took to to to Porto you know Skyla. Kinda sucked away it happened but you know it was kind of time for him to leave but Yemen eager gaseous number nine best goalkeeper of all time number eight is the first that I definitely do not remember at all but people were saying that he was the first German goalkeeper to really set the tone for Germany in that position Sepp Maier of course, like almost all of the best German goalkeeper played for Byron Munich and He won the World Cup in nineteen seventy four the UEFA. European Championship. One time was four time Bundesliga champion three time Champions League winners and was the German footballer of the Year Three Separate Times set. Meyer. He's actually was known for his a weird you know. What was it up appearance and long shore? It's always had long hair of and people always Kinda like knew him as that guy but. He was one of the best German goalkeepers of all time not as good as a couple of guys coming up later in this actually one coming up next but he definitely was considered the German goalkeeper that set the tone count laid the path for these guys coming up. So set Meyer absolutely deserves to be in the top ten he comes in at number eight so. I actually could not find any stats for him I'm sure they're out there. But from what I looking I could not find him so. he's still one of the best those accolades on speed you know speak for themselves and now we're GONNA be talking about number seven. This fan I definitely known I've talked about him plenty on this list at non this list but on this show man well newer. Yes. This man has been an unbelievably great goalkeeper for years started off with shock and and obviously now has been with the the Bundesliga champion Byron Munich for years now, and he has lived up to that You know goalkeeper or you know Byron Munich goalkeeping legend legacy any as definitely held held it really really well, has two hundred, fifty, two clean. Sheets and five hundred and forty eight matches has won seven Bundesliga titles to Champions League titles and could possibly looking at more, which would I think would get him even her further up this list didn't want World Cup as well in two thousand fourteen was the does listed the UEFA team of the year three times German male Footballer of the Year Two Times. FIFA five Pro World Eleven, four times I mean Manuel newer. One of the best to ever do it probably considered past his prime but still I, mean, you guys know ever even on this episode even on this show I've talked about him. He has. Always seemed to get those saves when it matters and I'm sure a lot of these top goalkeepers of all times have done that as well. But. This guy I've actually seen it myself. So maybe you could see that as a little favoritism, but man, he definitely deserves to be in the top ten if he's not in your top ten I i. don't know who you're putting them in for I mean I know there's a lot of other good Goalkeepers that you can slide in here but men one Moore needs to be in your top ten. So. He comes in at number seven absolutely, well deserve and now we're going to be moving on to Dino Zoff. At number six mainly known for his time at Napoli in Juvie this Italian goalkeeper has. Pretty much done a lot of winning throughout his career. Literally up until the end when he won the nineteen eighty, two people World Cup at the age of forty. The oldest winner to ever win the World Cup and he was a big part of it. So. you know a it started off when he won the European Championship in nineteen, sixty eight and then he Literally continued to be as good as possible up until his the age of forty and I know. That happens with goalkeeper but to win the World Cup at that age. I mean I usually look at a goalkeeper. Them to be you know very outgoing very. Crazy on the pitch zoff was not that he was the most calm and unflappable goalkeeper like ever. was was a perfect leader for club and country for decades and. Quick Low fat here he had be international record I think he still has the international record of not conceding a goal in one, thousand, one, hundred and forty three minutes think about that one, thousand, one, hundred, forty, three minutes without conceding a goal. That's legendary stuff he deserves to be here but he is not the best Italian on this list I'm pretty sure you guys know who I'm thinking of but a is off is also one six Sadia titles to cope. Italia. Winner In a UEFA Cup winner as well. So zoff has been wanted in the big stage one into domestic league and he is one of the best goalkeepers of all time. So now we are getting into the top five, and here I'm going to be talking about another Italian goalkeeper have been able I, have been very lucky to watch in Gianluigi boof all. This man has won twice as many domestic league titles as off won the World Cup is well the only thing that I would say about him. Is that he did not win the Champions League. he had chance would juve few times. They just never were able to get over the hump with him there. I mean we still haven't even with Rinaldo there but. befalling had also made it to the UEFA team of the year five separate times was the name book best fief amends goalkeeper in two thousand seventeen was the two thousand to two and three UEFA club Footballer of the year. I mean this man has accolades over accolades and of course, when the fearful World Cup in two thousand, six with Italy that was huge any if he wouldn't have one that I probably wouldn't have put him over his off but with that win, he deserves it. He. Also as a seventy, seven percent save percentage of allowed just about point eight goals allowed per ninety minutes two, hundred, Eighty, eight clean sheets in six, hundred, thirty, five matches I mean the man's a legend. You know he played for my favorite team PSG for a year even though it didn't go well but. It was nice to see him there and overall, he has just had an amazing career and certainly deserves to be on any top ten list of all time for. Goalkeepers. Next and number four. We have a another man that I do I've never seen but again, he gets a lot of praise throughout the Internet and I saw some of this highlights and you know he did some amazing things in his career. England goalkeeper Gordon. Banks. He won't be nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six, World Cup was isn't it was named the fee for a goalkeeper of the year six separate occasions. A Matt's you especially when he was around the same time as you know another really great goalkeeper coming up Unfortunately, the problem with Gordon Banks at the problem but just you know the thing that holds them back a bit is affect the he is career was cut a bit short. In his early thirties he got in a car accident and he lost his right eye and was forced to retire I mean that really sucks especially when he made what is considered probably the greatest save of all time when he saved Bilas header with his fingertips in the nineteen, Seventy World Cup. I mean even billy said he thought it was going in. Banks thought it was going in and. It's widely considered the greatest of all time. So so that one hundred percent gets a lot of brownie points get some over a lot of players on this list, and you know another thing that kind of holds them back is the fact that he only played for Leicester City and Stoke City throughout his career. So he didn't get a chance to play for a top club and and couldn't get any of those top club honours like the Champions League you know so. He if he would have won if you would have been, you know one of done that I could see be on top of either of the next two guys coming up on this list but he was he was probably the best anticipating Ford balls better than pretty much anyone over had overall great goalkeeping skills. So Gordon Banks number four on this list. Absolutely deserved. Next we got Peter Michael at number three. I mainly know his son Kasper Schmeichel for Leicester City who has obviously been a great goalkeeper, not nowhere near as good as his father, but you know still solid goalkeeper but man I wish I could have seen what Peter Schmeichel did I mean I did see some highlights and wildwood this guy does lays his body out better than more than anybody I can even of his was his reaction time was is literally ridiculous and and he's got the accolades on top of that to to to go with it. He won he won the. Premier League five separate times was the premier league player of the season in ninety five, ninety six won the Champions League Ninety eight ninety nine and was a three time Danish male footballer of the Year So. I mean Sh- Michael aside from being a great leader kind of when when he was back there Manchester United fans just felt so so comfortable actually read this one common online says when you had Peter Schmeichal behind the sticks. You felt as comfortable as daughter getting tucked in bed by Batman. Batman as your father of course. I. Mean maybe that came out wrong but. I kind of laughed at that I was like. All right so that that Kinda makes me feel understand how good Pierce Michael was I mean you just felt really good when I saw his highlights. That doubled down on that I. mean he was. Great, he can make any save you needed him to, and that is why he comes in as the third best goalkeeper of all time. Now. Next we have the best German goalkeeper all time you should know who this is Oliver Kahn. An. Honestly, when I was first getting into soccer my manager at this place I was working at. told, me about this guy, told me look at his highlights you're gonna WanNa see them this guy was an absolute monster and is right man. This guy was a beast like your be like he would put fear into attackers is because I mean the intensity and he played with was on another level more than anybody else on this list and his stats are also really great. I, think get all of them. 'cause I couldn't really find them. I mean, honestly the FBI referenced the isn't like the best website to find stats however his accolades. Were top top I mean eight time Bundesliga titles He won the Champions League in two thousand, two, thousand one and an who can forget his triple penalty kick saves against Valencia. In that penalty shootout to win the Champions League title easily the best moment of his career the only thing that holds them back and that he was not able to get was a world. Cup Win. And I, honestly, if he would have gotten that World Cup when he might have been able to challenge number one on this list, however, it just was not enough to get over that Hump because I mean the next guy is just legendary. I mean people even though I never watched some people just never stopped talking about before I get to him. Let me just continue with what Oliver I mean. He was also a two time German male Footballer of the Year made the two thousand and two for World Cup All Star Team and won the two thousand, two fee for World Cup golden bowls. So. Overall RECON had an amazing career a able to win that champions champions. League. Title like pretty much off his hands I. Mean, that's that's it right there. Dude to get three penalty kick saves to give your club the title win and it doesn't get any bigger than that for a goalkeeper. So huge props to Oliver Kahn and his. lustrous career. Next at number one last and certainly obviously, not least the best goalkeeper by honestly for some reason by Mile I've never watched them. I saw some highlights but is Josh in the Black Spider. Spent his entire career with Dynamo Moscow. achieved seventy eight caps for the Soviet. Union some. Couldn't find any stats on except for this one post at said that some claim that he was he has nearly five hundred clean sheets and over eight hundred matches. Estimated to have saved two-thirds of penalties taken against him. He won the Soviet top league five times only goalkeeper to win balloon the or which he won nineteen sixty three. And he became the first goalkeeper ever. I. Mean, of course he he played back in the sixty. So he was you know it wasn't a illustrious position to have, but he was the first goalkeeper goalkeeper to impose his authority on the defense, which is now considered normal on your it's necessary. I mean he was the best car in those few highlights that I saw him. He was an absolute monster coming out of off of his line and like punching out crosses and and grabbing the and you know just, and of course his. what is it his his reaction time in his ability to to just stop shots? Is. Second to none on this list. He also, he appeared in the World Cup from Nineteen Fifty, eight to nineteen seventy was not able to win that title. You know the World Cup but he did win the European Championships in France in nineteen sixty and was the runner up in nineteen sixty four. He also won a gold medal in the nineteen, fifty, six Olympics so. You Levy Shing. Just, absolutely killing it. You know throughout his career and is widely considered the greatest goalkeeper of all time so I, I could not put him there. Seem to have made this list irrelevant at that point. So Levy Ocean number one goalkeeper of all time. Hope you guys enjoyed that list please let me know in the comments section. What you guys think was wrong there I mean who who would you guys have in your top ten? Keepers of all time. So as always, you know that's going to wrap it up for this show and thank you for listening to the GMC soccer podcast brought to you by GSM. GSM See podcast network. 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