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you are listening to cycling podcast other to the halls in association we saw this past us closing in oil to be almost cycling's character brighton watch is what i saw in twenty nineteen i thought that he education fast and kenyan surrounding states to who they were they were sat down what are we lionel weird deal will be in flounders flanders yeah probably about fifty meters from brussels but we're in flounders y'all would just cross the binary here a major timur i would lionel bernie color richardson francois tom izzo their first stage two of the tour de france all days of wasn't it because starting the finish the day were in the same place is yesterday hope they suddenly what shit while we're in we're in a we're in the back of your friend charlotte richard a is ruby the dog he might make a name from two appearance to input costs to eat either agree or disagree with things we saw back in your cattle ruby as as i to paraphrase a famous line from the previous podcast i said by daniel free i'm tempted to bring up his name because i'm i'm i'm as i've watched the results today of a team time shabas i was reminded of thee episode we recorded last week where dial very confidently at predicted or disagreed with alyssa's point about you movies tipping them as as possible super bowl favorites fifteenth time trailer certainly strong contenders style didn't agree he did team sudden webb who did a good ride today on ccc who performed i think there's a lot of people including myself expected but interesting states today with a real really standing hotline winner was taylor v atop please idols well you're right rich stage to from brussels to brussels on the way we went to wally way some pierre the birthplace of eddie jackson auto to share bake the best place to shop around the two great belgians i think eddie much is probably better cycling's broward certainly batra singing or what i say sonny better i think it's we already know about eighty maxi's singing well i think i i think he's trying at some stage units will like all these guys to make the right call name was not very very good so that's gonna make another episode of to the music the columbia zeros on the couch with a but we did a couple of years ago harpole karaoke with eddie murphy anyway yeah it was a teen contract today twenty seven point six kilometers menial will offer because of that positions in evening road stage they were preparing to richard you could probably talk a little bit about that as we get further into the upside but they set off and set the best time i'm were in the hot seat for nearly the hold off the noon on sunday eleven to show both go within six seconds of them if education first eight seconds behind any else and then decoding quickstep when very very close they were just no point to a second behind any else but behind them you buy these metal absolutely blazing a trail of course starting lost because i have my tennis and in yellow jersey and they won by twenty seconds which in twenty seven point six kilometers he's quite a motoring i'm mike tyson has extended stay in yellow jersey and he is now leading by ten seconds from his team my wife found out who now has the white jerseys best young writer yumbo these might have the top six overrule tony sin is in the green jersey but that will be warned again by peter struck down tomorrow and greg is still in the poconos leave teams of data lash while well movie star paps now we'll just say that performing tipoff because they had a shocker last year at pretty poor is again today seventeenth losing a minute and five to you by the national great news for narcan town a calendar annella hundred validates that day team usa emmer where they only team to finish the wall i write us together and they were just a place a head of most also a chunk of time lost by down marching 'em tricks sec afraid i'd probably not too happy on the in eighteenth place because that meant that rich people lost significant ground in rome about i will be feeling exactly the same because they were another place found the back page to also talk probably not too many surprises these a suburban women who serve you smile i mean i don't say twenty second district court some results fuss disclosing in a while to be own up cycling with character right and watch here's what i saw in twenty nineteen as they thought that he education fast and kenyan sean thank you very much indeed to refer sponsoring the cycling podcast we had a very pleasant morning the rough a pop up didn't win brussels yeah we popped in to the pop pop and a new he's amazing number of people with that hillary had a really good chat with some people who come over to brussels to watch the grown depart on some of whom it being or event on friday evening i have to say having been spotted here there and everywhere it really is amazing to see so many podcast listeners and friends of the podcast i always very nice when people come up and say hello and so yeah it's been really memorable stall here on ron places open been rough a pop up for another week i think in brussels thinks it katrina percival for hosting us there and it's really worth of is if you're in brussels as a lot of people really are and the crowds have been great on today the team time trout is you know i think teams are draws a great spectacle i i enjoy a law and at times better than an individual control yeah that's that's a sign if i'm sure i mean that's the this is this is questionable whether you think first of all you're fan the team turnover i hated the okay no ready i know i'm not i hate shutdown hazy because of course it's nice i mean you know the the nice gear goes even faster the individual time travel the the the the old effort that's like i could buy city aesthetic aesthetics of lava demise but it goes quite fast i mean you know and it's and sometimes the suspense is not there a u n and yet you have impression the people don't we know how to react to to time travel because it's kind of unusual you know so there's no real tactics you'd see scott it kind of you know a food gas for everybody involved and i believe in individual the time travel because it's this long legs on for forever joined the day you could have changed is due to the weather or the guys crushing an attempt on charles from times they just a very interesting athletics athletic efforts you know but i don't really excite in terms of suspense or i mean they don't all go fast friends cagey to r m yeah well if you want me to talk about age because i talked to the governor exactly why they already happened well it's it's kind of similar unfortunately she asked me at the start of the tour by the chauncey is while i was actually asked the other the other little thing where the abuse project today i i really really don't fancy among all they they stir not because of his personal abilities but because they were already jinx a as as been jeans all season a the two guys two guys crushed the french championships that two guys in the crush yesterday a cvs more and didn't want to conform an adulterous defined bluebell they're a team director told me that they were in by the way a meaning that you know the day to crush the day before a team central when you're not a good team at you that that's probably a soft spot and and you crush on top of that so they they lost to a before the tour and now the move was one of the guys to al team the mountains it is not feeling well either that they're really not looking very promising so now i'm gonna contradict francois head stick up for the team contracts i mean i think there's a lot to unpack when you see the results and certainly when you look at the y each team is approached it certainly from looking at it ethical and seven of the teams finished with a minimum for riders ten of the teams finished with five riders and as we said at the beginning only one came home we all like riders together down at seven rogers together perhaps because they want to make sure the food saying hot as much support as possible off the he's crush yesterday today so there's some there's some new homes to the tactics here yeah yeah well as you know this is very tactical i mean some guys are ask joined the team central in the last couple minutes just to take it easy for the days to come and the thing is to get the four guys you know the to the line and that's what's so i mean that's affecting some some some teams adopted like quickstep the the the coming for instance or or others but but but even even so you know the the the problem i have with the sometimes and then we saw two they doesn't ever really a real serious impact on the i mean if you look at locate the you you move is my were impressive but if you look for the ten teams behind that it's it's saturday matter of seconds another amount of yeah it is it is it is tiny handfuls of time but you movies my word just extraordinary today if you look at the the difference in average speed you know fifty set out to columbus is a them fifty six point five and then you know fourteen many i'll send fifty six point five fifty six point three five old very close behind them and they were just in a in a different league while i was thinking the most remarkable thing about the team contrast how small look i saw really when you think about okay one see events going everyone's kind of got something to work for your down you're up they sort of no i'm obviously they are writing to a kind of out now get everything out of the tank before they reached the line but the the remarkable thing without spread of teams from probably any else down to even bahrain you know in ninth place t t h and throwing them rarely on the performance is a group pama f dj in bahrain in particular you know shopping south into the top ten that that's really impressive and bodes well for both people and being shinzo neatly i am in terms of the the the time gaps and you know maybe the white to assess the team time trial and who's done well and somebody to actually break it down by budget the problem with that is getting accurate budget fakest but i try to do that a little bit this evening and a pretty reputable sources they you buy viessmann annual budget for the site thing i will say the speed skating team around twenty million years called imagine the speed skating cost that much about i'm sorry say twenty million euros any else when they were team sky were reportedly thirty five million euros and when you talk to people and the team i'm kind of dismissed on our hand i mean they try to kind of say not too much credit reports the any also a bump up a bit but let's take the thirty five million euro figure i want to go one t to bat were lost on the finish i went to speak to that a general manager john phone swap boy lay and a while i often the very simple question what you're on your budget and he said six million euros and i said well you're only one minute thirty eight behind any office and he said only and said well considering the budget it works out nearly three hundred thousand euros second it cost anything else to finish that far ahead of a one to go fast so when you break it down in unpopular if you if we had the biggest forever team that possibly be i'm quite an interesting way to analyze who's done well here's some badly was also undressing if you look you movies was they they have difficult balancing that day because they've they've got yellow judgment the tennis and but they've also got seem cries way george bennett is well how do you manage the team west of dc see ambitions and client pure climbers like george bennett and also an fast guys like tony martin lawrence deployed says while he was tailed off at the end but granola again now he might be the engine off this crash i'm not sure yeah i think a lotta time today i don't know i i imagine the grand prix pretty useful in the team time trial and how he won yesterday and be the yellow jersey weather that might have had a different bearing on today's result who knows that speculation but i did speak to george bennett at the finish and also rich oblique the general manager you movies and fresh will hear from george bennett new zealander and then will hear from richard pluto george i one hundred percent right good so far in this sort of front feared but i mean you wouldn't want not by a long way you surprised by the you know the the twentysecond really a pretty far away like him sickens me but i kind of let the other team separate by the second you're gonna have a long way that just criticize work good you know as rod is an endless soften work on the team yeah i thought a hold on daily and then do team tonto training on a failed in that much and a lot of work it's been over yeah especially where i project going on over yeah i thought if you've ever gone by the hardest you've ever go i yeah i mean how close some big attuned to the i i wasn't rolling the first boss someone like me keep the faith and then came in chicago today in four doubles they're a little bit to go out to innovators you're against your very happy monday yes i am proud freely proud of what we did last year so i told during the wintertime remaking program step by step still in development but it's a really happy with his between the george banning the finish said they've done a lot work for the team time trucking you elaborate on that a bit in terms for this particular what will kind of preparation did well we brought in a mature brewers the time trials specialist of the team and he brought in a lot of effort are aerodynamics training as the specifics but also with lawrence the prison tony martin here we have to incredible a engines and of course the rest of the theme is also in good shape so a you know we they were flying we were behind it then it's they need some a how do you go the wings of the formula one because they're almost they need some downforce did i in terms of bringing for this race today in particular a georgia saying they went to hold and did some preparation that long week yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah because a georgia was not able to call me earlier because of his program in california and things like so a we brought in a through the winter annoyance entered a you know a put him in a better position on the bike aerodynamic why so i sent you a couple of really big engines and one is relatively marks in and how did the team i like yeah you've also got climbers like george better team project what was a strategy to use all their strengths in the in the most effective way possible while we set the george that they should not take turns in the beginning because we we we we new a we could we could the using the dnc and we should lose a normally i declined dylan there may be some of your comments which happened and a and then we need a you know to to do the loss durance also so we ended the network so hundred percent record's so far in this sort of transfer you at amaro dylan groundbreaking on on tuesday that would be amazing it's already sports history in in in all in because we we had the dutch yellow jersey in thirty years and now we win the first team time trial in also something like thirty years of something of a dutch squad so it's a sports history this episode about to the front of coverage is sponsored by walk by and in particular the walk bike asked him which richard both of us have had to go on a i used to see what mike to get ready for the london to brighten and i said no no no no law cycling so i did a few high intensity training sessions a home in my my office and then you we well we had we had two weeks he didn't way am we had a alone at a bike and it was yeah i had it in my office and did a few hard sessions is well i know i'm sure you did well you're you're flying on not a common fog about you go here united states oversee put you in good stead and a well we're going to hear about the over the next three weeks of the to the front but let's hear first from the day that they want bike arrived at my office or my indoor training center the like adam arrived this morning and my first impression more it's a substantial piece of cage really heavy 'em it does to for them to some we were so it's pretty easy just to maneuver through the house and roll into my office or or miley training center desire thoughts i like to think of it and dakota exactly in the position i want to hear it plugged into the wall and positioned in front of my computer screen and so it into a session if i won't end up taking the time to put my arm pedals on it and also to adjust they handle balls in the subtle so they are in a position is closest i can get to my regular road bike so i'm ready tabah going it 'em i'm going to set you up with a trainer road and have a at one of the sessions on that when as you know richard i don't know patients almost pretty high states are being set up the bike as easily as i could with a big bonus within five minutes on his on his own i 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when the cutting quickstep finished and at that point you know with any loss in the sea of the being as it'd be no they looked as if they were obviously the team to beat the cutting quakes that went very close with a second they were they angry seem i've ever seen evil empire was fuming you know they really felt they they missed out on the stage when thereby no not quite beating the unmanned lost the stage by over twenty seconds but it was interesting to see how much it meant to them to denote quite have beaten problem any else i think that this probably the key to team time charles you as a in a in a rental you have teams will come to the team down throw to win it any of the teams would come to the team central to lose a little time as possible and and some teams obviously at mets make choices group of dj if you look up to pinos jumps in the kind of improved i mean at least mentally compared to other jisi contenders because they did well and what did they do that they did well because they actually took a guy stephen king they the swiss got specifically for the team on throw some teams really obviously prepare specially for that and and included a guys you know for the team time trial probably wasn't case with you movies but obviously he was a kid with anything else and obviously the case with the company and other teams and and obviously there were other teams movie so i i heard from my spanish colleague that make it alumna was a said he was his fault you know he said i was the burden to day so they obviously that to wait for long though is by the way today but we noted movie star never sometimes they do prefer the former teams on trials but obviously they didn't come under two we with the goal of winning the teams on finance from three leaders who are all climbers you know one of them's on a bad day of go if you know if a groupon after jay had to wait for that we go do it's all because i see in the in the first group while he's giving the same time she crashed on the loss corner yes i didn't white so go to they carried on a but the results i mean like go to shut down the line you know see three making jokes at the little league world series there'll be lots of officer joseph lister think he's gonna do really well this threat now there's a couple of years ago they they really up their game one time trolls and time trolls drew pomeranz dj in pino as well but then they seem to dip again and this is a really depends on the non it depends on the tactics and it depends on what he's doing whether it's doing the tour all nothing whether there is a team central north on the tour because it's it's it's not always the case the interesting thing they've done in the past few years at a dj they were always you know not always but ever austin a french team with french riders mainly and they they they they they wrote in in a swiss talent from a from because that there's no no no longer real switch teams in in the middle don't and they have these guys like more morabito rushing back to to help you know in the mountains to sway the guys and they and they brought in steph incan last season to boost their a time trial abilities in britain probably even to to to help and inspire people pino in the to be a better time to try it is already pretty good and that's on trying to improve that and and once again because i mentioned bob in the in the beginning a lot in in this respect pino is obviously an edge on on ball dated bustle just a word on teams sunway who finished a very good for which when you consider them go tom dumoulin hair is a huge jisi contender 'em to show properly the surprise of the day rarely 'em alex dowsett won the national championship a few days ago i don't wanna give any credit to our exciting new feature shot outside of the team but he was the first victim about yesterday and he was talking about you know how much i were looking forward to giving some weli independent contractor not not a very well surprising result here little bit from the mole i am i spoke to the finish she's a sports director and i was surprised to hear her little preparation they'd done for the team tundra plaza a very strong performance he went up seven case ago that point do you think you're gonna win it knob still some through eastern people need to defend yourself course but but it looked like they have the best time at the finish line okay and a hat and a beatles by four seconds but i think for the first time performance on the team a i mean a team controller as always this is a special thing also sama now you you need some guys you can make a difference and we knew it news matson on of course that we had three machines and they can make a difference from the border the border rudy hearing on the on the team how'd you double preparation for this is a team in the last week know to be honest nobody i didn't have to spend much time when it's a special show the final selection is all these lights on some i don't say problems but the together final eight right just be beta tiller ten days ago let's say and 'em 'em but we don't spend much time saying also on the court and had only doesn't do went over to go in the puck who they did at one time but maybe that's what's going good than a no i'm i'm happy with the performance of the team it's also a m the team is in good form a and i hope that weekend show some more things in the next the next week's what i mean what's the strategy to let those three guys really do the heavy lifting where they take longer turns on the front but it's just it's actually quite simple i mean you have to take advantage of give some guys and its by example when they go under subpoena fifty eight average and again hold on the speech for for twenty seconds they just do it it's if you coming in each and after for five seconds you you go down to fifty say you have to pull off immediately so that's simple as that i mean you take advantage of eastern guy of some strides in the north three but also because of us i mean everybody was specifically just behind too short e f education education first stand on friday night jonathan voters came along to are in the process bad projecting a one of the questions walls whether he thought they could win the team time trial and he said well they be in the mix but my question was your question actually he had one of the one of the week a question about still here is raising his head on the podcast no less joking joking 'em but he said everything would have to ride like needle it's been lock it need to be one of those days where absolutely every factor is perfect for them to win but they were they were well in the mix that you know couple of seconds back from a somewhat patricia yeah listen tj vanguard run at the finish talking to you as well for american tv and he was very keen to know you know he's out the splits and and how the government of thing i think they really fancy but they did have a strong team because i think that it's it's like football in a way you know you're you're teams with tradition and a un and it's the same with sucking i mean there there is a team central tradition in indeed john travolta's outfits and you have to leave up to that it's like ccc everybody was a discounted them saying they had no chance but ccc including you yesterday france all riley jamie's kind of joking but let's you know ccc were were actually when they were bmc by far the best team central outfit and and it's kind of stayed there a little bit because if you look at the lineup you start impressive but that they were in the mix to know and there were market penalty going around talking to every single writer after a teaser time trout coach on that i was hanging around waiting for word with him and then get one and then somebody did well he heard heard what you said was yeah could fool sign who obviously had a really bad crash and astounding where second team off today and so when they finished just sort of twenty seconds diet on team any of it looked like a really it was a very solid performance and circumstances is there obviously nursing fills saying but he looks okay well here a little bit from full sang in france where you useful to the team doctors yeah i spoke to a session young k with their team doctoring told me a you know you you had you had an option then you know a i also problem but it that sold a medical problem that's not a problem that's all the main problem is it still has it is to get a painful just a a over the need a at so that's that's a real problem there he said to date on the unknown the flaps it it didn't affect you is writing too much but as soon as he gets up on the pedals restructuring themselves told me a they're they're they're really trying to work on on him as much as they can with message and everything to take take a football is on you in the best possible good condition full blown you're busy and search told me the browser buffy men fee will be the real test or whether this injury in this crash can affect his is a g c a position so yeah we'll we'll still be in india india known and well part of the country would be the test anyway but in the case of some bit maybe even more so well here's what to say said they end higher state has longer so we will see a love yesterday but long and and obviously show ready to fight i'm having a lot of migrating to land on the big ones i have a problem and i believe that nobody on cnn in a few days undiplomatic now let me guess i think we did a dream come across san 'em no i'm i'm happy we did i might have been today i actually could also playing with guys yesterday was fearing that it would just sit in the rain but we were caught yesterday with came ready with indeed by and then the last one you know this morning in a moment everything had a little bit and i know it's i was able to credit without without too much over the eyes from giving any but like it's the worst thing and unfortunately he's here it would be okay in a few days how you the cycling podcast the twenty nineteen to the palm beach county life sciences both science a few science very much indeed the sciences sport for supporting the cycling podcast you can get twenty five percent off you sciences sport products sciences sport dot com with the code s i s c p twenty five s i s c p twenty five am no francois on lionel indeed a team any else a in the hot seat for most of the day nog not an ideal they for for them today and they you know going off first was not perfect and then having to sit around and see oh they know ideal for them and that was the circumstances officer stage one and francois you spoke to their sport the knicks lockport tallaght start yeah well i did i i think it's a kind of disappointing because every time the teen soccer league team emails or team sky new old is the always picked us you know favorites and they never won a team down to to the from and when i talked to the buildup of telling you is you just point out punted do you know that they would not say the favorites because they never wanna team time trial on the tour and and the rest of it is i says much better than i do so maybe it won't listen to his son with nicole tunnel d a team director of a female nikola everybody's been discussing the fact that you were studying first today this team time trial they didn't mean you you have to prepare differently i mean last night or even this morning yeah so let's say you got left signed to a windy day time by the time you wake up and you 'em i knew you stop at a stop sign a so everything is a bit more rushing i wish that 'em but yesterday i was more idea what price to be the guy the same amount of time 'em realistic possibility but pray pray died some reimposed among so wake up breakfast with the recon so make sure you stop stunner on do a few times because there's no rush and then a and you have to have this kind of moments where you just a drop down the pressure coming from and then extra three they brief meeting and both going the bike so i'm just moments very important that we had the most impact my mind is just after the recon and you're you're gonna go in the warm up high on the jumbo so i think we need was left i'm asleep but i think you also the fact that there won't be any reference signed for the guys to to to kind of a the by you start the race on each of the problem a not force a we used to don't focus too much on the on the timing of the teams always it's not it's more like two am to give then like a couple of books comfy dominion okay we all try everything is okay but we're not the type of team since the right people to inch they're gonna come on come on come on you have to go back a comeback and i it's just a you're you've got the risks to actually am expecting a with the most stress on the guys and they're gonna rise in the red zone and then you know when you're in the right don't you understand me some orange and the harlem you have to put yourself in the butter and try to write off more quick as we can from a ball i to be you know so just because nobody self and do the right thing all the time because they're not smart smarter tyson adversely yeah it's going to be about thirty minutes painful for let's say though is that as everybody knows you're you're you're you're among the favorites in this stage if do in eight so that that's a question everybody's asking will be in new jersey tonight we'll see i think that's just that i'm not gonna take these guys they don't see that as a kid each other they will but no no i think i don't feel we have the rich the lost a but i hope i hope we can weaken stage is because we'll go actually a wifi signal santana say a person jim a the independence 'em a few years ago and last year was we're gonna put some charter we already been pretty good whenever one thirteen to even though they were actually so good we put in so many forty we know like like all the teams but we know we often hear yeah richard you were talking earlier today as we will make your way across brussels about the impact of being first off way too many of wouldn't have been expecting acting that i'm everything at the show for a couple of hours didn't cite meant the you know the the mechanics that was slightly differently the neurologist at the walmart earlier of course and then they had nothing really to go off on their own performance sam nothing no markers along the way a whole like we told you is yeah you got the best time through each checkpoints and kind of all the us one of the serious teams in that position where they have to go out fast fast and a un basically they're almost in the dark a little bit a little bit by wasn't it with the crash the gary thomas and so that's what caused cool yeah the the issue but yeah it did it did mean the walk paper look like being quite realize they became a very different kind of day where everything is as you say brought brought forward a couple of hours on how did not mean to you by viessmann this evening johnny moscow and could have been in yell really want us to to the from stays off he was kicked out of the rice or lashing out at least just bear in last year's to on the stage to focus on once again it might be a way a blessing in disguise for a team sky all jimmy nelson not to win team time trial is because i checked the such as i told you before we started recording the podcast a check this stuff and teams the winning team tom charles immigrant to his very rarely do win the tool so last time it happened on the tours actually ten years ago when i started with a come to the door and the american guy named slipped my yes if they might be on redacted the front of my my well known two thousand nine is not redacted no not yet it is yeah yeah he loves the sport clarity i saw that roosevelt and i was a brilliant team time charlotte they it was very very cool susan and garmin finished with just five writers it was in mum pelly i wasn't really a a and in fact the whole course of the tools history could have been completely different country law to yellow jersey that type by a blessing the second from highly controversial once armstrong was just missed i oleo name yeah yeah but if he'd go into the yellow jersey in montpellier he would have been a hater val better come to the door his teammate which would have shock who come to arguably we could have saw a holiday tour from history could have been different they could indeed more results from today mentioned since gone that specialists in the teen titans go perhaps a bit disappointed well i'm sure they are disappointed with the eleventh on the day commit table the times are no catastrophic twenty one seconds died on on any else am is not a huge amount of time for for the case of lost the surprise against assigned mediates getting drawn early on but a solid but not what we expect from a team they've been one of the top four you know over the last few years it's been bmc m decoding quakes that a team sky and other one question sutherland the question comes together thought for mitch written scott yeah yeah them yeah question comes to mind you know when you see the results on the guys who got dropped to they maybe that's the least of guys will be the real estate answers in the rest of the two maybe these guys you know took it easy today to raise as much time as possible to be in a position to go in the brakes in the the the stage is to come so maybe simon yates is in in that position i wouldn't be surprised if that's the case actually well it's it's pizza darlene pay at the finish they said african much let's go he finished with the first bus rides they finished with for the minimum allied at out immunities matthew trenton luther abridged arlen p and here's what he said at the finish out today donald simply play you finished with the minimum there then he yeah we a i think it's just a sunday gotta deal and so i know means anyone's week a base shots we knew we had finishes full god minimum so we did that and we we get a massive strong to good teams go great right goodness discipline did not compare it with some of the previous efforts look alarmist is the first time running a troubled teeth together so a you know he's new to squad yeah and a yes i'd say you know i think we i think we did a really good guy i think we can be kept that simon who struck me over and then and then drop was there any indecision there but you know waiting for them or visit clear in the in the teams mind the if if anyone is all about other media and the if i'm in trouble you just go show i think it's adam a summons at eastern in a year and a he's coming as both for for items of him getting drafted as not constant us olympic they're just confirming what they the team has said that is all front of me some simon yates true to his word said he wasn't coming here for dc i he certainly is and i and i had in the back of my mind he would be seeing how his legs were the first week or so and keeping that as an option but but clearly know while maybe that was location today safety that's it's also a forcible idle yes well is it time of day again wrong when i when we hang out outside team buses way up to the front it's one of my favorite things to do when we were in france in july with i do know it's great oldest nice people yes it is often has no shade a you know your self esteem takes a day every now and again 'em anyway this morning i spoke to a young man riding a second to the bronx he's writing in these national champions jersey but he had a difficult first day on the tool yesterday outside the team that we do i'm going to so this is your second to the front you feel like a bit of a veteran now no not at all it's actually not after yesterday it's kind of a rookie mistake i had yesterday about berg moving much so what happened i need something that was said well my stomach pretty much a long story short you know the culprit you know what it was i think we've narrowed it down yeah he's gonna give away i mean it was just like it'd be really concentrate think that's a bit strong and that turns out i'm not the first guy probably too much true on day one of the to trying to avoid that in future yeah and make sure it's not out of date that's all a lot is granting yeah i'm not in how we how you're feeling and having the national championship here as well just i i give you a stunning to feeling proud of yeah definitely it's not a the only problem with the way i showed it too much yesterday was at the back of the peleton bike with a they're gonna be better days so wherever guide were moving up and down yeah it's been awhile since alive in tampa in the torso and i'm super super happy about it being championship road rage like a pretty good knowing we don't have that many starters and a how many how many this year sixteen yeah not that many shows eighteen a year before i think those twentyfive or something now and a guy we obviously know each other so it's a you know each other to well that's very hard always kind of suck at nine live is pretty quiet so it's never too selective which is fine because i mean may for more open race 'em now on usually there's some when sometimes knowing depends on the day obviously this year was just a just a touch a win which healthy eating and 'em at a wall edwards out this year basically like being in a break from the gun pretty much that's what it is and a break from the gun that tries to form another break from the on again so in a couple of sentences see how did you win it we had three guys throw it pretty early and then it won't find a british them and after that we ride together all beds and i went solar with forty gig are self and then cipro father cycling like in like we have a new kind of interest to the pros definitely girl and then it's been awhile since we've had a journalist that the tour but but they're trying to i mean they wanna come already this year there were a few that were asking if they did what kind of like access could they think about to me but i mean it's always it's hard to a detour is crazy so it's it's hard to say what actually they could get out of it but yeah on the popularity is drawing and there's more success on the road and everyday so what's your price for life dot com very well very nice i a i don't have to worry about anything no one knows who i am so it's great now just about the tour and the team time trial today i wanna see like before for a writer like you where basically it's a sales team a team that isn't it yeah i mean i really like disadvantaged definitely suits me better than the individual time travel and lots charles feeling really the sure i mean properly not as good but i'm so here for the whole to for the team encouraging all probably do a suicide pool at some point in a pack it in a hopefully not too early on but so yeah it's a it's all about being smith is all about being fast and sticking together as far as we can how are you able to do as a group and was the current trends team time trotting yeah obviously it's hard to find time when you can get altogether and ride as much and you never knew as much as you want you definitely have to make time for it but we managed to make time here and there so yeah i think i think it should be a good team and in terms of how you're writing it was kind of the current passion protein controlling goes fast as you can i mean i think it's always been like that but i know there's not much said a when you sing out sing sing out far so you don't mess it up i mean yeah but there's not much not much the go hard and yeah i mean yeah go heartedly draw that pretty much lost sleep very lost sleep walk change dynamic with having call on the team this year a you know that's a different emphasis for the team as a whole not necessarily a lot about with all your time the same thing that's pretty much the same but like you gotta wonder woman could hear often frequency and i think good luck in fact thanks so much goings is the lend him rouge at the moment in the tour de france he lost time yesterday and a withdrawal by tricks like afraid to die off a contributing to their early in stage about yes seven and something minutes down lost man overruled 'em and well hopefully he gonna get the patriots revenge and a stall coming good as a as the days go by talking a food i can smell something really nice coming from the kitchen has i must be nearly dinnertime but we call and i finished costs without mentioning last night's dinner francois at a restaurant you booked which was cool lows on the boost in which mean kind of brussels arms let's see rather simple and could be could be ups name yeah and we we had a clown stephen we comes in a chili's casserole it was honest pretty good and you know you went full kind of classic stuff you're the two of you and i went for a typical brussels this that's wrong gear over there is one of my favorite belgian dishes and it's only as some of you might know ill so yeah i i can see from i can describe the care of the look of disgusting on online those snake he doesn't eat although yet doesn't like snakes either is or at least honky 'em so i think it's a shame because was really good young viewers will perfectly cooked and it some green so so of course got herbs there that's it's very tasty very very well let's face it you used don't they much like anything it's just you kind of fish under the the fact that you know so baked in coop in this new green says makes it really no i i really love that dish and it's so if she comes to brussels and you're going in the restroom you know downtown you know tom plus or in son katrina which is a place where lost restrooms are really try not disgusted by yields all snakes rudy trying to take my word and try and deal there that's great very quickly i had they carey donyo the rack of lamb at ten o'clock at night a little bit light a hefty may male not so fast and lost mistake if the tool from me on that front hold me to that plays i'm gonna eat light off the tonight yeah well you know sneaks because they dumped don't stay with you overnight a guy like john dory and it was very nice light sir light by fresh not like so lovely yeah nice chips with is well on tomorrow night we'll be be in downey over near pony one of the great champagne towns and we are gonna be the guest david hess gets a listener podcast listener who invited came to have an income by the end of last year and a first francois new to this to a well hopefully we're gonna get a glass of champagne three you're listening and we would love a glass of champagne yeah we we answer front smarter way before we go we should also say the tomorrow tomorrow begins columbus's zero series five episodes a week and sources of eddie marks the greatest of all time we've got a few interviews and stuff about marks that god i love daniel freeman there they author of the definitive biography of any marks the cannibal am well one of the definitive biography is very marks to to which came out in the same year they all say the same thing with by william father yes good books very good i'm gonna zero sponsored but hands grow showers and tops thanks very much indeed for allowing us to make these episodes and released some to you to listen to am and we also while i was writing right bustle city on my folding bike well our folding bike why don't we are sharing it no i think it's actually it's got it's just a little more targets a yeah no it on it so a bit being you know well you know being yeah be in the know more than i mean she belongs either me or bradley wiggins while you can go is well a front so it's a beautiful car before they might made by austin psychosis in austin cycles ac two and you could win this bike i'm writing runs on the we're riding around on at its worst i think two thousand seven seventy two thousand seven fifty pounds so it's a very expensive premium product the the the folding bike at sign up to our newsletter at the cycling podcast dot com and if you sign up the newsletter you'll receive stephen newsletter and from that you can click on the tab to enter the competition so very quiet love interest so far of just say why you should win more importantly you could see i photograph off they a the bike and then you understand why it has the process that could really striking a bike is a very a looks like a folding race by really does indeed before we go chops this time again where we should say thank cute to some friends of the podcast my things to justin hind cult james who's katrina percival high on katrina parcels say rafa thank you gift arena averaging hunter jeremy kirby and richard kibble on a big thank you to john hewitt robak so david oh in pry gary i think that's gary prior actually a david rendu unsigned scott looking so craig will malts susan tough now lindsey delany dense and she's rights and i'd like to tell all our friends of the pop gus paraphrasing judge blends new mickey took us don't leave us all morning we're going to play out with a bit of shock berlin keep the ball info to be due to sue bringing some tree this year the town the marathon film dewey please don't it'll do a says well komo will be years is a few days ago flood who does cool cool as good as the keep the keep the ball in a while just so a freebie venues the baby only the bomb they left they just got a memo to prove only a phone call

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