Who Plays For What Now?


when when when when you're a young lady gang one middle lane anything strange remains found one of the best kept secrets at platinum would have to win the game when she goes without not bad store if you're still stinks oh yeah pretty good then i did all this stuff the apple people told me that dumb and do some more stuff on my own i did that i upgraded installed some things none of the word hell yeah yeah so enough about it looks like within a i dunno my head is just a job like i dunno who plays for what team andy it'll be anymore i think the good thing is is there still a long way to go like don't even bother trying now the sooners you learn that a lot of change again that's what i think i like i rarely listen other basketball podcast not bad yeah now all these takes a terrible in the individual friend genuine a but i listen to like simmons and then like the low post wet roads like just just ryan drill it in my own head like where people have got i say i went the other way this where i think i listen to every basketball podcast like just since the quiet decision i'm just like i need since the made in the five and you found some sense not none no not yet we're open minimal sense but will get the okay yeah i was gonna so i had to do a shit ton of driving a like for the last seven days so i have not looked at my phone a ton but every time i do your yelling about the thunder i can't believe i cannot believe what is a jumper writing about we just start man yeah but like this is gonna be i assume which will be along will be done like forty minutes and people are gonna murder makes a but yeah no it's gonna be a long enough i i went to a main what did you do for you every week i got mad about the fucking paul george right so that's why we gotta start that what what in your mind if if a trade truly where inevitable stop you right there because that's where i think it all falls apart will go off i don't disagree but that's why i said if okay if a trade where inevitable like if paul george got contentious which it doesn't sound like he did a what would have been like all right i come the thunder got a great package back no that's the thing they like if you're looking at this result over process the result was they got a great trade packets hundred percent agree with that i don't i'm lower on those picks 'em because once you just hope the clippers be good so i don't think those things are gonna be good he brought butler and even if they're bad they're number like top three picks bad so you've got a lot of i don't maybe and sure like shea and gallon or that's fine my issue is if but no i have to trade paul george 'cause he's contentious i have to put him on the open market i have to not just not just the two teams that one goes around like the renault they i mean they have the right to life outcomes becomes a westbrook now go ahead with just like they were rescued open right exactly what happens yeah so i that's why i can't even include them it's like i get him asking and they're just like yeah no for sure it's like they got the farm they got the phone from one team they got one they don't even think they got the farm that's another part of it you would have liked to have seen like herald would like the clippers still has lou will they still have herro they still have landry shamet they still have jerome robinson definitely for peace in this again if i'm trading the best player in the deal i need all the assets not just the best one yeah and i even get like you're not getting it for those guys i okay give me saying i need another cheap more chief production also clippers are gonna say no exactly that's what i'm saying also if i'm trade it's like okay you're getting paul george you gotta take schroeder to you gotta say that when did we get under the cat like dating get off robeson they don't get off patrick patterson i think schroeder adams has too much but at the very least you gotta take one year rovers and they didn't do that like again the picks matt and now it's like where they tried the trade ross before the market wasn't there what'd you think the market is now they know people know you like that that's my great because if it's like okay we were gonna offer a paul george should open market picks was i dunno ping by could match the player was i think a lot of teams come asset yeah like i didn't get any like that that's kind of what made me like stop and think i was like if we just didn't sign kemba and paul george did hit the open market i feel like he could have been had hunter that like that's my entire point because at this point like oprah to george like what if ange is willing to give like jaylen into my own thinking would say he is like i think that's the point you have to put him on the open market will end in a low is hammering this point home but it is just true and what it was you were trading paul george or trading for paul george n y nine percent do you do now without offending every team probably not like i don't think wise like yeah i'd like to living boss i think that's where it falls apart but you don't know all you know is why wanna play with paul george and maybe it could have happened other places that that's the thing it's not like what's gonna happen in one of those two places like the lakers couldn't make it work nowhere else could make it work raptors couldn't make it work so it was clippers or bust bust in the thunder were still like yeah no sure we have no problem by helping creggan acquiescence dale see that's what like again i dislike paul george like he i i kept saying here the top three season and people i could see why people disagree with that he's not a top three player no but last year he finished third in mvp third and defensive player of the year they made first team all and be like i don't know how that's not a top three season right off regular seato which were going for yeah it is regular season obviously people saw him like hurt in the playoffs like the last time we saw paul george who is getting a us three pull up three from half court doubted news i a good reason ars man so yeah i mean people like ever ever if feels like paul george and it's the same cycle every year around like late january it's like oh this guy's a maybe the mvp and then the playoffs and that's why we call this bum playoff p y this guy stinks a i think now that he's like clearly the second best player on his own team that's gonna be tremendously i don't later this year last year forever now here's the best player on the thunder i'm saying he's the second best player on his own team oh i got you got you got you i still like man on my i got another two i might be jimmy butler but will get to that a sure thing about like the clippers defensively is so much fun like before i even get to the quick last build on what you're just you're just hanging from i'm looking at partridge playoff numbers and that wasn't great series east twenty nine nine boards forces in the playoffs useless yeah so it's like i see the people telling me it's like you're trading in at his peak and i disagree like i don't i refuse to keep putting feelings on this guy that's what it comes right so i could see that side of it which you're like okay he's twenty nine this is the best he's ever played maybe it's downhill from here but i'm looking at like he's twenty nine and he had the worst i was like the worst thing you're gonna have a one of the worst duran had the worst yeah they'll say that they're one of the worst good aesthetically the worst injury in the four years since he's played at least seventy five games every single year he just had like what he's done the last half of the season or we just find our shoulders were mush so i i could see again both sides at the beginning of the end 'cause he's twenty nine or i'm just shooting look at it like okay let me stay in which to healthy shoulders that's why i can't can't put a ceiling on an it's like it's like the wear and tear even since indiana where he's just been covering without question other teams number one option every single night now is just gonna be like he'll get some number ones but that's just to give why arrest like in game breast like he's mostly gonna cover two and that's probably gonna prolong his peak and when people say downhill to like yeah he's getting older like how down hillary talking is the question because it's not gonna be that steep of a drop off from like this year the next year and the year after that that's what i'm saying so it's like i like it's another reason why it's like well you know at the time those picks conveyed while be thirty two and paul george i think it'd be thirty three thirty four okay i all right like we just saw lebron be forty one play after seeing the make with thirteen mall and be like i'm fine with rolling the dice yeah i can't imagine being worried about that like i don't i don't see many people bashed the clippers with this move but a radio so they break out so they're out there and it's like i don't unless you're a lakers fan which i guess they're just trying to find some sort of spin zone but everyone else if you're bashing the clippers this move like i don't i don't know why now mostly just a firm me for bashing the thunder also like i feel like it's gonna flip i think by paul george had a league the league seemingly this team in point i think this year that's gonna be a while so now it's it's like okay now i can't really put on my energy on defense like i finished top three when i was leading the team in points in lock it up right so that yeah clippers do that honored times that amount but they can't do it anytime anytime if sam presley just says no you just like paul understand i can't do that like you i well i do it where it's like i can't do it without at least offering up to the open more i appreciate you asking nicely and then i kinda think what else people were saying we don't wanna unhappy paul george to everybody's happy like everybody even just the ways in which on the plot of the plot their way out adam silver with a semantic was talking to at the mit thing like players around happier than ever yes we don't want pod jordan happy well detroit paul ross is unhappy rocketry stephen adams event and i get it like a different level the player but it's at a certain point that's why is everybody the ask nicely ticket to go one specific team is just like well they got a holiday didn't get any other bad contract a gallon who's expiring like he might have a great year and then just about oh definitely i don't even think finish the year they're out again if they're just gonna keep flipping everything in this is the start of a complete tear down it makes more sense but again with a chair i'm trading the best player first half the people like you gotta get under the luxury tax and i know like you're not gonna just get off roberson adams i get it but i'm getting i'm not starting with roger not directly to one team that's where it falls off the track me they were like oh yeah unless that would just go sam less just like such closers offer you can't possibly turned it down and i guess in his case that's what it was like the pick swaps and all that but i dunno again like be like they're gonna four picks at twenty twenty draft the celtics sixty three picks in this draft and it was like oh my god they try and get up to him i think people like some of those picks are gonna be by the time high school players come in i don't know why people hype what they still can't scott college players know they're searching i think it's gonna get better with less evidence like anthony simon's like second and maybe he's like maybe will see he should have went second all alone which i don't i don't get that like upside of it so i guess that happiness about it they're gonna snow to know they definitely will but it's just more as a fan you consider yourself on like a man when if towns would come out a win here is a senior here we could have got him at like the pick you know what i mean people try it could have been trying trying one night a range of the pick correct that that other part of it sure but they try and just expand it used to be like off it's not a top three pick in sometimes still is and it's not that high asset but it's like author high school kids they're like that six seven pick all of a sudden the deeper drive it's not true but you could sell yourself that life clearly impressing and like i've seen people say like his for his job security i will say i don't i feel like he's got ultimate job security i don't think he definitely yeah i also i don't look at it like he's like a great draft like his runs lately in the post lottery had been hit and miss as all as everybody are not drive but the point is that's what all these lottery picks might be like seven maybe in the twenties where say hit or miss endorsed like i traded a guy like top three twenty nine years old directly to one team that yeah in i would assume russia's gonna be moved probably miami i dunno but if you wish to miami that that tanks the value of two picks no definitely i don't even think i won't say rula mouth like they're just gonna overpay but i like the look there last otherwise and it's like okay this trade really stop i do feel like we've been hearing about these miami picks a fruit maybe seventy years now a i've never like miami is long as riley's they're they're those picture never gonna be unless the new lottery just happens to give you a top three pick a miami never in his tours the top of the draft ever know and that's the thing or someplace wish to the top for it's like you might get that but you might fall right down from like for two nights right like that that's what happens when it evens out and it's like okay so you're bad for these picks is it paul george and collide leonard get old the pat riley in miami like bottom out who they who their highest ticks since then like beasley like since then i feel like they just haven't they're like yeah it'd be nice if i will be forty and forty two before will win twenty games again yeah beasley is really the only time they like the hang sang yeah 'cause then that's why they've been in the twenties so yeah it was just it was just like bam those guys in that range yeah so i like if he does what i think you should do and what the clippers just did you just run up so many paper man you should might be anything we've got so many of them right in a presley to his credit like doug that immediately then i would agree but it's i think he's not the start attacking some of these picks to get off the contract from the sound but it's possible that they just got off jeremy grant for as like they got a first rounder back you couldn't do better than the denver first right there the number to like you know what i'm saying that could be the twenty eight minutes late denver might win the championship yet right jeremy grant good that's all i'm saying i really like you got my what a what a tiny thing of like a team in the mid twenties like the thing like the jazz there's something great player they might take that to said they might get the seventy that could be the twentyone i think co why a waiting so pretty much everyone had already committed money in signed elsewhere really fucked over the lakers an oklahoma city field just come paul george i get he was busy winning a championship but like set about tax like a month ago when he when he was going down the list matt here the way i wanna butler wanna katie gave you got down his list apologize but it's like if he'd just been like hey clippers to one other person they were like sounds good like i will lakers probably have maybe they go all in on jimmy butler something a i love it's a fun oh yeah that was very funny what is it into a lakers is i don't know why he hates them more than i do but i appreciate it yeah like i just exactly how you do it like you wait it out now they get danny ferry like man that's a fifteen minute near the laffer danny very bad pay casey p is annual a lot you talk about a guy the one off season eight million jcp yeah he doesn't get like over the top bags but he gets back now that's like that's the right bag you want it because if you look up like oh he's making twenty six million but he becomes a running joke forever right but now i sat back twenty seventeen eighty eight seventy this guy's been i would say he feels like the the perfectly average player to me what she he had to have been one of like clutches first clients right they must that it could i'm just trying to think of why they keep giving him like they must be like listen if you come with us like just look casing pace none of you even atkins spelled full name but he's the richest in this room because we're with you believe in clutch first and we believe in him like he's just a he's stepping under armor if you already have a river 'cause you you got it on the ground you believe a i'm not talking about the thunder you know i know you're not i can't believe what's like like i thought about it the second the i woke up and i was while you're awake when it happened i know when the now are very much woke up to yeah so that was that was what happened to me too and immediately felt like see the thunder like over even if it doesn't get traded like there's not gonna be the same an auditorium so you have to for sure but i just like i think the founder might just be cursed from how they look seattle i think the only explanation to what just happened over the last eleven years i think i think it's just like honest it's the game man like it's honestly just like all this started like every time i talked about why people will talk about like how great san antonio and they are great it all started to they won a roll of the dice and got tim duncan that's how it started correct okay see portland took over and they hit on duran yeah a good sleeper that guy who went under the radar at a what's a texas tech i think he meant it like they now again credit to them for a lot of people again somebody didn't take different it's sometimes i think that's the case then of the line is if i give all the credit for like a boxer westbrook harden person isn't like certainly the good gm i don't wanna see what he thinks he's bad but i think he's a flaw jim oh yeah yeah there's no question about that i do you like i wouldn't say like top three five but he's certainly not bottom fifteen now like i feel like he's like top tennis because he's like he turned yes serge ibaka into the bonus over deeper that in depaul georgia and paul george into this correct so it's like i get that talent right at the same time and he handed out all these contracts that's got them hamstrung right now yeah that's part of it to like he's like stephen adams got the same exact contract as young as he picked campaigns like some like they still haven't been find like a wing shooter some fucking like kevin martin right like that's where it's like okay he's not perfect but i do like top ten that's fair i also like why are we saying besides the best jim i don't he's not honestly right it's like not even an issue like somebody posted when he flipped i think grievous vasquez enter the pick there is no one pal and the picture became oji like that's why he's the best way for years ago yeah i don't just jerry west of the name it's technically the clippers gm i don't know what his title is a i think he's involved in he's like the only person like everybody were tired of this takes divisor off like he's the only one the property like take so that means it like oh absolutely like i'll give good advice if anybody needs a mind oh it's not no no don't miss the point though yeah i i do think he's he's he's hands on it's supposed other people i think it's just a way to give guys money like differed from their time in the league essentially filed a but yeah no it's aside by like i dunno like we had like i don't do it down the raptors right now they're still fisher a playoff team with young guys who are growing like i don't it doesn't like the worst thing but it's not great i wish i would have preferred having collide leonard and a but they're not unlike the worst position of all time no like i i agree if it's agitate westbrook along with paul george like again west bush clearly better than seattle right now but it's like i get it at one that says you're homegrown guy to control what you pay him it's not gonna be anywhere close to what russia's make it right and so like if it's if they do it and then like a wide reaching into the five year then yeah i probably do it but it doesn't sound like that with the case so i agree why they didn't say what about quiet for a china think paul yeah if you do the full four then a new i think i'd probably not do it yeah although if they want the full force of plus one but he's one mistake for years anyway and i know yeah paul george then i would do it yeah i think i would have swells just because like eat like i i like the way i appreciate the way not you but people been talking about what the hell man yeah no not you but people have been talking about ross like i get the contract stinks but like he's still a really good basketball player that i imagine if toronto just rolled out westbrook paul george why why new whoever the fuck like that david when the east this year no question yeah like did you listen to a lower wall which and they were saying after wall it's the worst contract and and i i just i can't can't believe this they said they didn't think they could get wiggins for westbrook straight up and all the stats yeah i heard that that chaos that in scale isn't coming up island beria a hundred percent hundred percent and i get it like they wanna like save room for dangelo russell but if they could get one off of wiggins i do afraid i think we're gonna the worst contract only and only wall county does he got hurt bombs in great i'm so saint paul's is worse and wagons i gotta go to this longer think the year longer paul's got three years left we got four yeah that's fair also think like chris i think chris paul if he could play a role like kyle lowry did this year that's where that's just portion of his career i don't know what the hell forced inland and we're gonna check cashing course it'd be bad rj barrett force in what let's go let's i i'm trying to like every single team 'cause every team does have brand new players like if if you're a fan of a team you've got new players that's just a fact you have multiple let's go i just pulled up all of the teams so let's start to see someone tweeted on the players on the kings now what about let me say it was just a like summer league put up a sacramento kings projected roster in its maybe forty players like a love it a lot like some of these guys it's yogi ferrell deer and fox are pal account guy buddy healed justin james cory joseph a van judge merrick coach a trevor aretha marvin bagley harrison barnes a belief a bug donald vich cody dams a when you're on gabriel bj johnson harry giles rashawn homes costa coop is in caleb swan again a great a decent nfl decent smooth thirty five win team if i've ever seen one that's a playoff mlb roster they extended forty man and i i feel like we're starting when the games no other guys would start with the kings were starting with the games they have so many planes gambling like i'm looking at rota world has i think updated did you notice that damian jones on the hawks estimating the office of they were cain good they'd be that's absurd diligence three david ever within it they've got their third string center right now is dwayne deadman they just gave forty million dollars in that might be like i don't know they got drowsing one rashawn homes to deadman three costa kudos for say judgment on this night there there is it's just one of those like man i'm like if they had just signed home and i if they cut out deadman let somebody else play dead manner either i think it's just one of those like we just need to snips here and i'm just betting on the younger this is why i think those two primary debate harrison barnes either i wouldn't have made him that much i don't even like opting out keeping but after that a twenty five year i think twenty to perform the kingdom i will just say you want the twentyfive i don't know thanks well the savings that much larger if you're gonna take like a haircut like sixteen right yeah that'd be different a but fox he'll bagley so that's a nice like young well two out of three young buddy lt oldest player in the league like that's a that's a nice the kings are confident now i think that much is mostly confident now they they are 'em like they bet on walden maybe it'll work out i will say they've got lot of pieces the choose from so i don't know if that makes it easier or harder is a coach but it's like okay you have fox healed and i'm i'm tempted donovan they're like three in like bagley those were fitting everything around those like for three or four thirty starting a reason am harrison by a third string platoon gonna be great what a hold on i'm trying i'm trying to think how we could wrap up teams that clearly are winning the fight like what what should they be trying to do over these next i don't wanna say year is next year's free agent class by all accounts is terrible i haven't even looked at it yet but everyone just signed yeah no it's not i think it's it's like dream on andre drummond derozen millsap millsap yeah like that's the that's the eighties the biggest hypothetical one but he's not on the market so maybe we'll get to the lakers now for you're gonna talk yourself out there is no no no no i add their income selfish led the study of massive waste of time i ever would never ever do i go to these kings though what what what should their goalby over these next two years i think just lead like that same young three of four just let them run honestly just let them run like the i won't say things are wide open but it does like they're more like legit contenders then we get a year ago oh definitely make the finals i wanna say when i just say to get out of each conference so yeah yeah like bill drew young core and again you have a lot of depth over the course of the regular season i think it's gonna be too many mouths defeating but there's gonna be a time where like other people like injuries got i'm dropping like flies and it's like no we paid harrison barnes twenty two million dollars for this exact reason so i think it's just like just see keeper today another frequent to you all but that's what did they like bio pic of something i thought they had like a traded for picker something i don't like they've got enough they don't need any more people hope they didn't get anybody i would just thinking another shirt off yeah find out they got like i'll be damned i had a hell they get tyler hero to yeah they have four rockies but they all appear to be either late second round picks or undrafted yeah i guess like i think that under any circumstance i buy a car guy could make the team now how's he gonna make the top twenty eight i dunno i could stick but yeah just just keep seeing how they know they're gonna be this good this year keep seeing a bag with a healthier bagley you're three four five buddy turning thirty maturity does so yeah i made you a not this year but do you think next year they could make a playoff run i think they were close and this i just i think this year they could like things have shifted a lot and again there's still so much they could shift i'd say many new pieces of many pieces they have they've still got continuity like their top five six back holly stan left with like i feel like they're like they're fine with this they got like homes in deadman they've got the continuity that a lot of teams in the west don't have right now just in the league well yeah the major players at least like over the course of the regular season hopefully that's where they pay some evidence you sneak one out of lakers while they're still getting their kinks out you sneak one pass the clippers co why download management and it's like oh boy at the end of the season the seven seat i think that's i don't wanna i don't wanna like pull up vegas over unders yet so i think this should be the question will be better or worse than the pelicans i played better that guy taking the belt niger so we let you guys know me i i know i think they'll be worse not by a lot but i think they'll be worse i gotta get in shape man they just felt that that he murdered kevin knox and he was just like all right i'm summer league i've i've completed listen people forget what happened before when knox's bussing like he came back for sure but it looked like a boy that's a bad sign you gotta come back to prove yourself against kevin kevin knox still three threes in his that either way he he probably felt that you know is i on he'd be brought up on the tape do like that wasn't just me a side issue to the phoenix suns everyone's favorite team in phoenix they're the worst team in the league stoked about oh yeah why am lying now i like my i get why they like getting rid of josh jackson i had no idea why they're just gonna buy out or other xactly what you want it right like camden grain maceio brit like veterans know how to play against shoot any nfl say quarters untouchable but i'm not gonna like this guy that'll be signed two minutes after we released some feels like something that could be traded yeah i'm i'm looking like they have a lot of a lot of pieces to i don't forget rubio's not on the one i'm looking at i guess and then like they revamped miss you know so they have rubio tyler johnson in tied jerome and say point guards in a coal dog just sounds like they're brilliant upon john why don't they just brought back javan carter order and they are designed jaylen brown ricky rochon buddy so yeah i'm sure akobo could be had after one solid year coming over from a different country and not exceeding on a nineteen when team i think he's clearly a problem they've got dario saric who it's it's telling me he's only been a league three years it feels like he's been on four teams in the last like five he payment jimmy butler may why jimmy butler get like they got a lot of like the kings have a lot of stuff i get this is a lot of stuff it's like okay like ricky rubio okay frankel messy okay the orioles okay cam john like oh okay he's a player there's no doubt about it would you spent like capitol on these like i feel like you could cobbled together eighty eight very nice five audibly allotment of players they have how they play together in are they gonna do better than the other five human beings on the other team on a given night probably not but certainly five basketball players i think is getting off josh jackson but i really like i'm sure will get how many memphis having a home run of off season oh yeah yeah will definitely get them we have literally twenty eight dirt twenty seven more teams do a the sun later i'm not even asked about like a stretch where they're the worst team in the league yeah now they're gonna stink and i think they should trade banks just really well that's rude i'm just saying no you're right if you just ask nicely now 'em that okay yeah that's what i wanna hear no more player empowerment shit we have none of this like if they just yeah we want this happened absolutely paul the players around the league yeah like i you just ask nicely adam over beryl what could you do you got the hall for i said getting off the name is bad contracts are getting their ugly sites he didn't even say please so he would while you you get the team cancer adding your loss angeles you're on ninety six sunday oh yeah fix that you're a loss angeles lakers nothing he just has so much so if you told me like four years ago that rondo avery bradley in bogey will be on the same team i'd be over the moon but you know what i can't believe you're not now i'm not a i constantly feel bad for bogey like kevin the rat tore his achilles you still got a max deal boogie tore his achilles in this guy's just happy that have a job posting it's not great that's why you this is textbook case always take the money you're gonna rest out later yeah i'm fine with it at they have quinn cook which is definitely a basketball player who he's if he will be starting when you're in trouble but if he's on your team i'm fine with well right before we came on the i guess the lakers announce lebron james is gonna run point fulltime someone james gonna do what he's been doing the past fifteen years okay which ended up only only the lakers they ask you announce a little bit like on us in year three like hey we're gonna try like no we know that we liked experiments anthony davis at the center lebron eighty bogey coups ma recently added avery bradley rage on rondo quinn cook alex caruso jared dudley is here for some reason casey p danny danny green yes i said that no danny green tobacco beer a toddler is the same better the new orleans pelicans oh yeah that's been a problem how much better a lot 'cause one they have incentive to be better like the pelicans could do whatever the fuck they want this year they contain may doesn't matter that's true the lakers all the incentive in the world they're gonna be there that's a that's a tough foresee really oh yeah like this is a lot more pieces and i thought they would have 'cause there's like they're still gonna get a buy out like they're still gonna get quarter they're still gonna get like a dollar somehow they're still gonna get so like walking into the season one lebron aside this is much better than it's a much better sit by troy down the better fit than land stevenson definitely like quinn cook i can shoot incan also play with lebron lonzo couldn't so it's like coups ma you i thought you know what he is like if he's willing to accept the bench role which i guess probably out of the bag for i don't know maybe they do you like if you're just you're off the off the bench score and it's like lebron this time you know coups looking scored twenty five eighty miss attack kouzmouk us four twentyfive so this is like horton tucker maybe i like caruso i think he can really play like regular season that maybe more so i i think they're i think they're getting home court definitely so last year golden state was the one seed not anticipating that happened now denver's the two seed they feel like they're gonna be in the chop oregon there'll be in the top four portland was the three seed no this is day max out shortly on joel after signing a four year a seven hundred ninety four million dollar do i think again i just said you take the money figure it out he's out of that you heard it here first based on everything he's been saying on this like press stories spent on it sounds like he's itching to team what other stars elsewhere okay yeah so i i need you here the i don't have them as a lot for top four okay but they might say a houston was top for i don't again maybe they're not a lucky they've got continuity good ebay and then you chocolate yeah now utah is the five i think then they have the same recor they won game apart no portland in houston and were tied utah utah three games back i just see you targeting homeport yup just in oklahoma city was six i feel like we don't even know they're definitely not a playoff team right now right now they're they're taking a step back spires i'm not getting home court when the clippers the clippers are getting on the floor clippers lakers nugget jazz that's my highest right now like that's my home court team i think there's one team i might put in there above the lakers but will will get to that when we get to them a lakers they're going to make the playoffs happy for them in whose name the clippers i think they're gonna get home court i think the pelicans though considerably so yeah that that's yahoo is dangerously far behind on who's on the clippers 'em now they're loaded that's why i can't they didn't get the font i got i got a good bit of a farm basically got too much left if you've got the foreign from a team this lakers team this year a what's that closing five i so much like louisville pat beverley a the two best wings in the league and whoever the fuck out say what depending depending on the outs i would lean herrell but it probably depends if it's a bigger guy probably knew but but that's the beauty of it it might be shamet some nights right if it's like we just need we just want that extra wing ish guy out there like you got paul george leonard in beverly on the court i unless you've got like and embiid type center i play playoff just about anybody any other center right you just got the gist of them so a and there's another one like but what they have right now they're not done either they're gonna get some of these guys i'm gonna say maybe they could ban maybe like they they are equal dollar like one of these doesn't have one of these elite team yeah that feels directs i think maybe he'll be calling feel like a laker goes bad where the phillies i don't see it they they don't really fuck with the elton brand now i know take money out there oh sure yeah yeah i have a i feel like the clippers making the finals i as a writer vita i'll pick them at the save like i don't know what seed they'll finish i don't know what what number initi 'cause like the jazz could be like the two seat 'cause i think they're gonna try and write like they don't have many kinks the workout riots as far as finals yeah i think clippers there's lakers will be a tremendous western conference final end where where jocks will thrive what these guys although paul george new deficit down in clear clear some areas so a man that was eastern conference they don't count bro jv man were bored yeah we don't know any of that rain but where like what those two thousand eight through through twenty twelve celtics like she was early to see the get in the playoffs doesn't really matter what seed we are and that's what collide just did with that obviously they were the two seed but collage load management a word was saying that they don't even know if it's me ready for the start of the season a side like you wanna you want paul george the peak during the playoffs which no james figured out yet a fully right so i i think docs like i think the lead clippers call me crazy tyler i think the clippers are in a good spot right now i'm looking at the they've got a strong seven if those guys if neither one of those guys played fifty games they just go pay that patrick beverley shamet lou will jerome robinson gives you something like rodney mcgruder is solid something michael dreams back as we watch his back much true wilson chandler like i again that's the that's the team made eight see last year minus gallon ari right now shea but it's like okay if we just were plotting those guys in around sixty games a piece of george and co why a unique and said yeah no i think they're gonna be okay i know a lot of people were worried about the clippers today summer calling it the worst team in franchise history i think they're gonna be alright i mean it's no be duty a clipper no of course not the golden state warriors i gotta say i can't believe they're being as well i like they turn literally nothing in the something big time i i feel like there will obviously be a drop off but i think people are over taking the warriors a little too much like i think they could still be a top four seed yeah they're one of those look like a like i don't have been there right now but if they made their necks mix like they keep making our they can't get quality got i got willie cauley stein cauley stein and see the newest warriors one dangelo russell again an all star like loonies back i presume he will be healthy yup jordan pool livingston i don't know if he's back it'll probably be at a lower number which makes it a collapse hurt a bit later robinson glen robinson that's a solid signing omari spelman yeah they just did the swamp that jones per spelman so sure i'm really transit they got picked up lingers something like that's a good sign but not yeah they'll they'll make the playoffs also think we like we might get a vintage steph season but yeah i know i i think that's gonna come out like kick ass this year i think the one thing with this team is throughout the regular season on most nights they're just gonna know how to be mediocre teams and that's gonna rack up a ton of when i think that'd be the good ones too i agree like dream on like they're starting the year off with the dream on staff andy angel like healthy and ready to go and then they're going to add clay crawley like beginning of march male like late february i would assume a that for is like a lot better than maybe they trade dangelo fell in covington and whatever else or maybe they can hold him any you've worked perfectly with what they do i dunno i just know they're gonna be like really good and they have like a lot of players players and they've been in the finals i like the last five years yeah like i like three month plan for his next contract i think stephanie about this like everybody does average thirty two year thirty to a game like that right there in recognition when he was on the plane us and kohl's shit man step still went all the way there i mean lessons on commandeer the plane own choice and you know he i thought is one of those teams coming back come back specifically for that oh yeah yeah that's that's called a yeah i think steph is going like arena people they already don't need anybody say we've been counted out so now they did people are counting them out i think steph about the fucking snap it's a yeah i think since i won't say his last but this is the first time since katie out there that he's been an actual mvp get it again and i noticed odds are i tweeted the other day about whatever they are now i would say yeah i agree there you go you from the odds yeah i know who's the favorite jama's i believe so yeah you honest is the favorite stuck with second never mind i'm an idiot suffered southville hammered over yeah no i mean for the one i i like a hardened that which third davis is fourth which i feel like it's way too high for who anthony they davis now i could see that i feel like if like lebron's not gonna play bad enough to where people are gonna give davis enough credit even if his numbers are great i think it's gonna be one of those like if they do load management it's going to be like oh why david seventy four games this year right anyone defensive player of the year any like wow new orleans while we forgot all about that sound like you a lot like i think you're gonna do it like that's why i don't he's a lot like you said top a for this time of year kick i just think yoga's easier path to get there like if i if you're gonna give me both those at the same number i'm gonna go yoki i might take both of those sure i think they're both good dammit westbrook next which i don't hate i do i like nah for a triple double not a chance he just did it again he's on trade he's my literally unhurt like they would just name though like i don't think detroit oh you don't think detroit and i'm i heard that rhode island like detroit has to do like detroit can't say noted that they'd be the big imagine if they're like enroll now oh that wall just recovers yeah now we like we think reggie jackson and a look what are you gonna quit i think waiting and talk about raw yeah we're gonna get to that i've been reading it much wrap up the warriors where where do you see them we how deep do you have them going into the playoffs i would say i'll say they've earned if they make the playoffs they're gonna win around then i think it comes into play okay where you're in that lower seed like are you looking at like the clippers second round are you looking at the nuggets second round but i felt like a second make it to the second round at least that's like match up yeah yeah i could be a thing to where it's like the nuggets have all these lofty expectations maybe they're the one seed golden state which like before five and they will go and say it's just like oh yeah we were gonna blow you out of the water bottles it might be like a thing like like the nuggets fisher just like plant proceeding is like okay yeah 'cause if we get out of the first round we get the the nuggets one in the clippers a two week now we could take the nuggets right yeah will be there will be some it feels like march games matter this year i think the entire season like just because it really is relatively open on both sides i do think it's got it's like okay you want their home court like toronto philly was the closest like a series could be and so we have a 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you get fifteen percent off with free shipping by going to m b m t dot com slash mix tape say why the movement keeps growing check out their expanding collection and again go to am v n t dot com slash mix tape a if you don't mix tape is on your phone or computer whatever device you're using to listen to this particular program threat that joining us out loud at the subway m i c k t t h that's why people joined the movement today hey tyler is a let's say in the west okay yeah no that's good in southeast cause these teams are kinda stinks to open a i wanna get them out of the way the washington wizards they a i feel like they're gonna be in a battle with the sons were worse team like i dunno i kind of feel like though what's different about their team from last year i think it'll be like there'll be bad for sure i don't think there'll be like worst team in the league as of right now the yahoo depth chart doesn't even have them a with a point guard on the same good showing named a terrific rick philip is their only point guard and bradley bill the one guy correct he is a so it's like him jordan mcrae cj miles troy brown i got davis ride times where i like they gotta move on a thomas brian yawn miami ruining like i really wanna lower upside but i do think you'll be able to contribute right away yeah so i like that many games they won't know what no look like the one thirties i see them and that was what six worse on the e i think i could see them winning like thirty two again which said okay really like a little bit of a terrible place the the lottery odds i dunno oh what's that it's like is bradley beal going to be on the roster for the entire season is well that's where i could see like if he gets traded by a see the the deadline what's that like the last day of january now 'em around that could be like yeah that could be like eight wins just shake locked right off that they trade like i don't i don't think they trade him in season i think he's got i think next year they could decide if they wanna offering the super nice guy thinking you don't have do anything that and apparently the owner just like loves him like you're not gonna say anything including bradley bill so i don't think he moves honestly i i feel like they should because again when next summer it's like nobody's gonna be available next summer somebody might overpay at the deadline they may have a summer so yeah i would i'd i'd hold on i'm kinda think he's got two more years guaranteed so i would hold onto him but he's the same drew holiday and i know people like they feel similar to you're like people are like oh yeah they could just get him and if i'm those guys seems like now like i i'm good i see what paul george just got so i'm i'm yeah he's got next up a twenty seven year after that twentyeight problem i'm old and they better worse and the pelicans they will i often do the east to west man now they're worse yeah they're fisher bureau landau magic they should triple russell westbrook yeah absolutely watching this package base aaron gordon bomba okay i think the i think when you when you for expiring contract i feel like the the thunder jumping that i feel like they should that's why i could get the like westbrook untradable and like nobody like again it's clearly different lines with like you know you do whatever it takes it all in baytown i'm gonna join your team again clearly the enquirer westbrook but he may only be how many straight years it's like if you're also you're also like the magic some instantly the most relevant they've been since like i'm just gonna say team at the white house has got a lot for you you brought back you're all star guard boot an added in all india guy i feel like that's a team like when a lot of regular season games what they do in the playoffs again who knows right and you also like how you're just sell jerseys like i dunno who outside of orlando magic fan buying any of these players jerseys right now with jersey wouldn't even by that's what i'm saying like gordon maybe if you're a huge like dunk contest fan a homeowner machine right now though if you very and ironically loved the song mo bomba a by shack wesson you brought that jersey during that a stretch where that was the biggest song in the world i could see that being out that there's a whole evil marquel foltz is on this team like i dunno spam okay yet gordon fornia april westbrook work straight up i do think you throw in bomba and based on anyone if we need to like we don't need any picks to switch fan yeah based on based on a wild june in low this would be an absolute to a tree russell westbrook for a dead body why sampras and got holes yeah casket including i'm just like i'm looking at okay fornia has two years left maybe not help maga opt in modern golf tracks money unexpired and this year the model golf gordon and bomba and i would say from westbrook and it's like yeah you gotta take back patrick patterson right you gotta take back roberson one of these guys were trading you russell westbrook the magical like i remind me i'm looking at it now like a you could send back foltz thunder thunder i'm like i'm good but i think it's tough but i'd like with both sides do that that they should like you're like okay we've got shea we've got gordon we've got bomba we've got some cat freedom when i'm paying the luxury i guess what the repeater tax interest carolina saying that you still got all these critics like are i campbell people's chris mannix would like they're gonna work with russ defined like you guys gonna trade into where they use the best hall as like a like that's that's the precedent you say when you trade a guy in the gas nicely now you gotta pick where he got slipped feel like the nfl out of me is like okay we'll jones is coming to us with two years left on his deal should we redo this deal absolutely what if we do we literally have to do it for everybody and so now it's like okay well i don't i don't know if russell wants to go towards their worst market you could be stored in orlando we've seen that so i think i think the damn or the hornets i feel like those two teams i honestly don't feel like ross would get too caught up in the market i really don't i don't either like i've seen like charlotte i could see the jordan thing but i think the jordan guy he's not of that caliber of course but you're telling me charlotte wouldn't if they just by okay pick one pick one of bridges month a pj just a young yeah and some of these contracts the match will swap it out that's worth like orlando that sounds like a good deal yeah i don't disagree especially if you're mike so you're still bottom out if you're oklahoma city which is the whale each other right where these these second bit like when you make a trade like that paul george one i almost view those picks you're getting from the clippers in denver and miami as you're stuck in hack because your bottoming out so it's like that second pick is like yeah let's swing for the fences we already got a guy in the top five 'cause we fucking stink well i mean that's the beauty of the two i do think it'd be a way that is attach all these picks to get off they broke even but yeah they're under the tax now they've gotten early nerlens noel and the hamilton yellow show and it's just me in the front row just clapping and crying trying but if you're like westbrook you go to a team that has won made the playoffs eight see but made the playoffs you joined up with another all star trek like they still have isaac they still have porn yeah they still have dj augustine they still have whatever folks becomes they still have a africa main tenants ross and again like what the eastern those pretty shaken up like feeling with different boston looks different charlottesville in different toronto i would just say milwaukee looks exactly the same yeah yeah miami looks different sort of like okay where ac they can add a thirteen mile lumbia guy i would do the whole meal fashion are they better worse in the pelicans i'll say better i would not like i think they'll make the playoffs and they don't make the playoffs they might but i'm not sure but that's how i got there i think the magic you're gonna make the playoffs they've been heard from russell westbrook i'd i'd be thrilled with that i think he should do a lot of color wave with the george and stuff oh hell yeah a the miami heat another potential westbrook destination a hitman 'cause like just for the purpose of those like they're probably gonna get somebody else in tanked in any way but we're not gonna help them unless i'm saying pro clearly likes helping his enemies i swell guy the thunder actually just say like minor league they're they're the ultimate g league team like they get to play mbh that's fair trade off whatever i guess just pillage them whenever they beliefs on the only if you told me i could get justice am bam then i'd be willing to offer the cycle my pit bull i okay i'd they just have those guys start building what we're building like i'm not even worried about twenty twenty four but i do think i i need both of those guys like yeah go took one i'll just go to orlando right but they see dr gina waiters butler fulltime down so they could anybody else number whiteside meyers leonard leonard leonard and james shit like yeah there'll be a playoff team they're using like thirty eight forty four forty four thirty eight this year probably i think there'll be a playoff team at one and yeah you said thirty eight thirty nine forty three a flip that around there'll be a sixteen access sound like they stole a trade dragic a sort of where people can go at this point how do you really have their own rules yeah yeah that you really do have to move like at the beginning of free agency if if if you want like as many options as possible like why would you already has the the first ten moves planned out before you even think about what you wanna do it is that you have to wait until everything is done like coen's like okay this is that we get this i felt like in the middle feels like no man's land yeah electrical wildland yeah this is going back to acquire real quick and she already a better gm the lebron at any point either jim everybody with jerry west side you i'm gonna say i'm like why salo what's happening with the spurs who's like knows you know fuck me over a mile west of toronto properly when a championship a man neighbors like i would like to play with paul george i certainly don't wanna live in oklahoma city now a interesting that also goes it's i wanna hear everybody talk like that now but nobody will go to the clippers over the lakers nobody will go the nets over the knicks there the the front page story of the new york post man i don't think anybody cares about this shit anymore i think it's like good as long when i like how much it matters that's why it didn't matter the clippers will rent organization or was it just where he could play with his friends at stanford kadian kyri doesn't matter like i'm sure it helps there in new york but whether you're just like you know doesn't both and doesn't matter that the you know you snags but that with this move will fuck i just wanna play apology or i think their confidence especially with the nets was a factor so i think if you just want i think in new york both i i don't know how i feel like it has to be for both yeah but i do think people still wanna play for the lakers regardless of the front office is anthony davis just forced himself say oh for sure because even like the lakers and knicks they're only the lakers away more martini then the knicks were sure like just speaking in terms of like is incompetent they are they went from like kobe till ibran couple of season between kobe right to lebron got anthony davis like they're they're still making moves despite the incompetency the mixer just like doing a yes the knicks always get put on tv like prestige steve level of bnb egg if there's no on that people like okay they're just gonna roll their cap space over the twenty twentyone that's one oh yeah honestly if i let you idiots like we're we're what i don't get it like we don't outside of the first time the browser free agent we don't ever parttime the bulls they're gonna get me once an they won six times make fucking rings is the next like why right there the third biggest market and i get the get from one to three norma's but they're still the fucking third biggest market in the country right the next belong below the bulls when people start talking about free agents and all this shit like there's no rhyme or reason to consider them anything else listen you understand that in the nineteen seventies don't you know don't do you understand what it's like when the big apple is but it's like no 'cause i'm why leonard was born in nineteen ninety two i don't like it sounds legit sounds like he like why talk the magic magic did the lakers into so koalas light okay now i wanna be at lambeau to the other place andy andre jordan did that for katie correct ranged without kyri one of the go to the net katie just wanna be a new york indiana's well a i'll scope it out and you guys this place i know this other club down the street way yeah it's a it's an extra never gonna get anyone they had and all mbh talent they trade him away for nothing with her cats but leave nothing out of mellow or they made all yeah no i sure did a where were they just need the knicks need a smooth stephen jay selects i brought up westbrook a or told me that there is no feasible way the thing you got the contracts to match in take on westberg like they don't have enough salary leftover to make up for it there and i was like what is well there's a way out it could happen right now but yeah december sixteenth whenever i say that yeah i don't know if that's what again rutgers people would like that's the only argument like if they're oklahoma city residents we've got to trade line at the knicks for the magic where would you rather go comprised of magic that's what my what's the argument for the knicks outside like it'd be and he just made himself westbrook a household name in oklahoma city like we're supposed to be like he's he's popular like amongst kid i think regular people just know who he is for the most part i think there's a household name i dunno fees jet like i think everyone knows russell westbrook like he's he's much more well known and paul george right definitely i mean he's a much worse player now i'm trying to screw yeah right now he's would they just have too many low salaries but yes so like the second those contracts are available to me i want it they do bear westbrook's just just busted for a boss will get plenty of rj barrett bashing on the horizon don't you worry man oh man also i wonder though okay who's at the charlotte hornets they should try for russell so wessler kevin jerry yeah like there's no need to be picky about two point guard no not yet nine centers the two point guard epstein issue but you gotta be an expiring right died now he's got two more years seventeen years they've got this year next c b m nessa marvin williams said gilchrist christmas expiring and i will say little league i still doesn't worry she left me a lot of money there we go is you're done okay yet another words marvin williams kidd gilchrist emily mark for westbrook work and i think again or like it could be bridges or pete like whatever it's like we're just gonna roll the dice and again if it's that untradable shit in maybe a first round pick something i do i do love south everyone in the world can get traded and it's like russell westbrook mvp sorry man like china china sounds nice this time of year it is the same again with chris paul a fully like you get the data contract will sound like a bad idea we're like right now it's like like really sons were like no no no we don't want that a fifty million dollar ricky rubio police still chris paul for at least a year ricky rubio who never that no sure wasn't very rubio is guarding james harden backwards this year i'm sitting on a double if the worst team in the league a he might be if charlene by do they do absolutely ashley there another tastes like they they just have so many just it's matt players but they're not bad players marvin williams like m k g like cody zeller like i would like these guys were bad bad and these guys were at a top four picks and not the eleventh pick again like despite kimber things like there's just a point like miles bridges like dwayne bacon has a bad like also like the sons of bad right yeah it's it's a shame for guys who would be in the league if they were just became free agents they all get signed by jane right it's just to the extent of the role of the hornets i'm playing first what they'd be in an ideal situation hunter percent so that that's like if they could get off two of those contracts they bring in ross again play the jordan stuff or whatever like i think like they they loved kimber they've shown no love a guy russell love it like i i think them in orlando make the most that if you're if those two factors are are out your sam presi those two factors or on your table which one do you lane orlando yeah i agree with that just because i still like gordon and i still like bomba especially there's a role in it like in this case it's like i like my league or bridge is one of those guys but i'd rather the other roll the dice and plus it's like marvin williams you might could flip him yet like m case against not bad you're just waiting for that contract to expire like gordon you know i'll take that i like the plan will be the keep gordon bomba in shape that will be three of my building blocks of ice at the big three but paul yeah i mean it's a fun young shame that you could sell a plan to you're fans around right get the young guys want you remember that we have these guys cost control the ref on our traffic the hornets i just it just dawned on me i need to figure out who's in next year's draft know why bother none of the ship matter on iowa's care to you the hawks america's darling gene it all a lot of stuff they do some things i'm surprised say i got rid of spelman so so i i'm not in the sense that i'm not saying sources splitter the guy looks like he's just shouldn't have been a first round pick like nobody thought even before the only other team is gonna take a first round is rob pelinka excuse me the lakers in the proper language like that's crazy so i feel like they're like damon jones was found before he got hurt officials okay we don't wanna pay this guaranteed contracts and or if i just need like young bodies honestly yeah they got one and as you pointed out the spelman specifically say the hawks drafted him in golden state smoltz trying trying to be a dream on a sort of the famous gonna figure it out federal knocks it would be golden state yeah so i get like they've got i still don't get the evan turner for bays more trade not as peculiar i don't like i get they've got allan crab now i get that one hurt or i think heard it and have a good season yeah yeah like i don't i don't know about most improved level but made make life he gets enough minutes made by connor collins alex limos good reddish will be able to step into a nice and been tro trump of course i can't imagine parts and never does anything though like it it's killing me that a channel carson's is only been in the league eight years you know he played a florida when mike miller so that's not forget about it has lum a course in detroit just put in georgia in hell forty forty minutes of hell i gotta say this board parse if they keep comparing don't wait he by the tear it lanta even getting it in in memphis man on man he had known party boy if if parsons and like if travis kelsey inexplicably got traded to the falcons if they could just take over atlanta partner and the click of a scary so i i think the one thing i like bruno oh yeah i think he's in places like yeah i mean they had themselves a fun draft they took on a lot of money they knew this wasn't the time for them the strikes now this is exactly what i'm talking about when i when people talk about the fucking next if you're honest and you're just like you know what it's not working out milwaukee i get we we try to years in a row running it back a there just isn't enough here you're a free agent two years from now obviously there's a lot that's gonna happen between now and then but based on what we know today would you rather sign with the socks young core or whatever the fuck the next step on the court jr smith you know what i'm gonna say no for sure but yeah hundred percent because again i just don't know it just feels like really old thinking just die hard like i just don't think these like i think the market can definitely help like lebron with the lakers because elway period i think like saying fickle wind like they wouldn't have teamed up in salt lake city right so it helps but again you have to show some level of competence and again as bad as the lakers have been they still got lebron still able to get eighty this is store or i can't say store is really just one bad move and since then the nets have been hitting single after single showing it they were competent right and that's all that matters in that yeah so if you're like oh yeah he wants the bright lights again respectful does he does he know the different but you know what i'm saying he just got up in the milwaukee and i know he's been the place at all but if you drop drop to in a different vibe doctor in greece you wouldn't be able to like what's the capitol i just put you in downtown but wow that's a gorgeous of the cats no this is fully bottom you idiot ten minutes west west of like oh wow what just happened to the things that were still inflame bottom like i'm like why is this just the capital's way not to be like donald said just like all shook just looking at the big light but i think we like he could have been in space jam they don't want their i think he just like i want to do it here now if i can't i'll have to readjust at that time but i have no reasonably be honest doesn't wanna sign right now and again that could changed what am i hit right now he just i mean the story came out minutes eliminated is like man if she doesn't change around these parts i on boy spanked smoking no got symptoms and get the fuck out of balance thirty four this guy so i mean again but i'll say this like you twelve months ago you have a paul george in the bag you think this gravy in this and not so again on right i don't think you can even look at that anymore oh yeah i think like this is very cruel off season for a lot of fan bases very cruel i think a lot of bandy i think that's what's gonna help dealing with a lot of during the day though there have but it's been like cruel not all wants to certain teams come in waves and the thunder got hit last and maybe the hearts we can't say it's like i hit most recently i can say is right yeah yeah fair fair fair refrigerate like damn i trade they were worried if you've recently second bill they won big modem wow he couldn't cover knocks this guy's a bum yeah so i i like again but with twin debt in co why it's like we did everything possible he just went for whatever reason he didn't want us that's why i don't think you're gonna make any moves for okay what might happen three because you just don't know again correct christians like this is a great got russell westbrook paul george the west is relatively wide open that's another when people give me it's like they like it they lost first round two straight years admittedly it looks bad but you can also then tell me that the west is wide open this year because one of the contenders you helped create right if they just kept paul george and westbrook who's definitely above them the lakers i would say maybe i don't like okay place metra that the nuggets will be above them yeah like who else like the as were definitely above them understand jazz i played the jazz abetted and then everybody else out there in the mix mix and after that it's all leading like they write you know i i was shocked to hear low say that he started before the go why paul george news broke that he would starting to work on his like a post free agency called eliminate the stress figure out like playoff teams me he had oklahoma city running back just like not even in the playoffs how hard yeah i heard into i don't yeah they went forty nine games last year yeah and they got off to a horrific start that's like they won forty nine the two seed one fifty four and again they ran into the trailblazer like they got mowed down by team they ended up making the conference finals right like is it is it that bad of a season where it's like now we would never work you know and now now they're rebuilding it's tough man oh man i'm weird even got to undo what let's finish the hawks boggles one they but they better worse in the pelicans a no but again that that's part of the design but they won twenty and this year they might do that again what it'd be like oh they didn't get better but it's like no no the individual pieces got better right yeah 'cause trey like a couple of game winners like those might sway the other way but then they'll just went other games outright instead a oh yeah i i they won nine games at how are they seventeen out they're gonna have a winner right at home this year that's my on whether that's what they're gonna do on the road i think is gonna win and recognize her worst team in the league yeah there's one at forty one i'm like i'll be damned this is the worst division in basketball right yes another reason i think they're going to like the best team is what like be whether a heater the magic yeah i guess yeah the heat the heat now the magic were the only team last year they made the playoffs the other two teams put all the rest of the teams they're not delivered let's go to be pacific northwest when i actually just a north west division will not go nowhere near the pacific is starting a new job okay jasper so nice little team they do judge like they quite they're gonna hit the ground running to they've got some new piece of work in but it's not like boy i work on a guy like mike conley have you noticed noted square paid mike a miserable just dropped wanna be if not be best signature shoe of like the last ten years but it's really strong it is better yonathan who i think they're not but i do the fighter do look good i will give credit there but i i like i like i like to be honest to but they they feel like they just very like almost lays lee redesign like like if kobe in state in the league one year more i feel like those within koby signatures i thought you could have said that like paul george or like kyri like a low time i'll tell you that's just kind of style now maybe some about like even the color blocking on this where it's like the even the paul george is there a little bit more unique i'm also widely understood the see what color apology like now they have like a real color way not that really even matters anymore but i think in playoff of red white and blue oh yeah some some strong pg fours in the horizon how some bootstrap for now you see the thing is i think they head into this simply because again they're planning twentyeight you can't watch and i'd like i'd that's why the spiders are good there's not too much good ideally you wanna have a spider twenty so you have to like tweak a little bit at a time that's why i really like beyond just i think it's a good opener issue i think the color ways they're gonna give it a lot more but i think at least if just enough like freedom for them to be like okay now we tweak this because i wasn't the pot in between the pg one and two twos and threes it's like okay now we got something right yeah i dunno despite is it just felt like say they played it safe but not as safe as the youngest one so that's why i'm giving the more credit that's fair and again yeah those why they good i would take the young says the yeah those are very good a savings you see like a data rose rose never had gross always had dogs you always bad thinkers white too bad yet dwight they had twain i was terrible they've had harden harden spend mostly like deep there okay yeah i like some of the they're getting better yet atrocious but they're not great they john wall shank out loud to show their water i'm okay the russians or or not the russians a deliberate definitely getting better willard's okay i'm carlos michael's at all when they came nasty summer by okay sober they're getting better yeah in a loser okay but adidas coming out there strong predominant metro makes me feel like donovan mitchell basketball player will even be better because of that still into low so he did yeah no there'll be there'll be good again i think they will be home court yeah i could see that it is one of those things are where everyone's so high on utah that it makes me a little like one of like i get it ended his basketball basketball we it's easier projection like oh the patriots sign chatto cinco that's gonna be fifteen touchdowns zero a so yeah we're like a pretty good idea but i am a little starting with the nuggets i remember you saying the same for the night and then bam to see oh for sure and also leisure if the jazz just don't play the rockets like other antiquated go back can't play kenny not player kenny not play against james harden is doing some of the center should we've never seen before right it's like if as long as a portland can avoid drew holiday they'll make the western conference finals yeah i'm talking like oh boy the town of blow it as a ton of blow it up at a time just say okay we need to get the five states then before sort of like a like two very different decision but i do like i i'd be shocked if they were like unless the west is just so tight that like the one seed in the eight seed were like a three win difference or something like that like i'd be shocked if they were lower in sexually no i think they're even they won fifty last year and then one from rubio the conley that's a win they're going from jae crowder the bogdonovich that to win like ed davis is like they'll still have that big option like famous but they've got more jeff grief at the minimum with a good signing for them through a bit of jazz thereby right right right like they still got ingles about moody april what they got it for the good like he had a decent you're in new york xm hopefully this year maybe yeah possibly like i don't know they i think they don't make some noise as you see portland trailblazers heavy drastically different looking team but they didn't stay stagnant they didn't do anything huge on the free agent market a they pick the late twenties got a guy mid twenties got a guy a lot of people are high on a saturday running back but since i saw lillard and mccollum in that sense they're they're running back their their top to what do you see fair other than lillard demanding a trade and blowing it up what else do you see that's the only thing you know i think they should try forgotten are okay like that's to me that's the exact like they read they doubled down like the type of team like america will be out something out whiteside that's fine like whiteside skull a playboy player oh yeah like bays more evan turner i find nurse will be back at some point like that calendar play more minutes but they still have the same cj and then big i think cavanaugh i like that in between guy i know what it would take the ghetto but i think they should get going on my tastes like i think i'm gonna leave in simon's or little like a future pay yes all right that one day and may i guess you'd have some back a probate more phase most probably like he's there for that reason but they i guess you could have just been turned i don't get that true simple idea bays more i keep hearing great things about simon's i dunno like propaganda ganda just trying to pump up his trade value but if he's like that nice maybe they slip up now for something i dunno but yeah i wouldn't either simon's or little 'cause i wouldn't trade collins but yeah i think they're like a gallon when are you i'm trying to think of like a similar player like that who could be available but i think that's what they need like they lost heartless they loss after route i mean like who's defending sure who's defending co why for paul it's like body type even have to put up like you don't have even evan turner anymore you don't have more with friday's rodney hood yeah rodney hood noted wing defend and again not locking up either but he could at least give you a steady twenty on the steady seventeen i play on the air right like who's going down who's in theater regarding lebron on the flight zach collins like come on i think in god's been making and guard guard anybody in between which is what we've seen quiet leonard like i want another guy that looks exactly like me so it's like yeah who's guarding lebron i don't even know who they have at the garden i will say michael porter she's like jay claiming put now he's in minnesota now oh that's right shit this is why we're doing this 'cause my everyone's on a new team and the lay man is a in minnesota but it's like if you have any sort of bucket get over like six foot four it's like we have for you my friend who the hell the garden and i'm not even gonna have to be like a star player which i who garden jason tatum on that team jason tatum or maybe stand ups after i think he's gonna have a good year i really hope he does i think you need to take a look at the owners for spring spring i would say at lax division in a movie at the very top of that i even like this ain't why the garlic rudy gay no this year though rudy gay bashing with this roster that don't like somebody in that just like him but like who do they have to put on dodging not a show like just that not assault who depend on ken thompson like again just body type was not a soul whoever put on buddy he'll look like a big six six like i don't even have to be able to put on a i mean like like the tobias harris type coups type who i don't even know like what body type there i mean i guess this is what their their long term i hope was a little bit even that's a very long time but they made the idea that that doesn't help the now it all right like who like they need like that josh richardson adjusted british i would have been like a a great pickup for that right but yes now i think they should try gallon are i think he's attainable i think he would say that yeah i agree that or not is when al does gonna say they should have just signed mirror church before he went overseas with that doesn't fully held down with the they got a good i agree skip over the thunder i feel like we talked a lot about simon there unless you have any more westward takes i'm ready see the shade maryland's patrick patterson show pretty good i'm also made is like you couldn't get out stephen adams that's like that's just a two year deal that's why like right now is really nothing but expands matter but cap space doesn't matter 'cause you creating a forty eight hours nothing makes sense whose nets are in minnesota timberwolves i think they're just waiting for dangelo trade i think like covering telling kogi be first should do it and that's why they would still have de angelo kover in towns andrew wiggins and so tired jones is a restricted free agent right yeah i think he signed this tinder today oh no i stand corrected any he signed a grisly he's an offer sheet twenty eight million yeah i thought someone gave an offer sheet so do you bring him back here in minnesota a i honest i only do it if i think and flip them in their deangelis trade anonymously actually i think i do because team expires after this joe he just can't shoot ashley see on a new tires yeah i saw someone maybe it was a francis retreating some ties jones says that made him out to be the best point guard in the league no they play really i think like with the numbers like how have you gotten in a camera you know again i said what like plus minus how much better they play on the court with him and his find it now i think like i i don't know if that's compared to like in verse jeff team which would make sense but he's good he just can't shoot like i get the heat turned in decent year if they don't really like they lost road so i think i would imagine if tire who's from synergy ties jones ranked indeed ninety nine percent tile an offense efficiency this season a after adjusting the virus passing is six point seven assist to turnover ratio and half court an eight point no assist to turnover ratio in transition ranked first and second then then be respectively so in open court him a leading the charge is as good again how about you then i will resign a this is from december the timber wolves are plus seventeen points a win covington sarcasm jones on the floor together obviously sarge isn't there anymore but they still to those guys yeah that's the biggest 'cause i like they stunk covington didn't play this calendar year at all so yeah i would i would run that back because absolute worse i could probably trade him the golden state in the dan slow traffic right after that the worst case scenario you as tires colder covington in towns with dragging around andrew wiggins a or kobe out there as well what if you had the option the get westbrook now or wait for probably de angelo would you like you know you could get westbrook right now dan like they might keep him they might open it up to every but i don't know i'm tempted to say westbrook i i don't hate that but i would probably just wait thirty angela just cause i know how much towns likes dangelo there and this is what i'm like all right well if we get i know where it up the timber wolves we haven't been great fights on so if we get like his best friend and that's what it seems like it is like i'm trying to move to keep towns longterm more than it is to win right now not hundred percent like that's all this is about these guys wanna play with their friends so whoever the label once in the play where so so right yeah and again team seems more friendly than i've ever seen him play they were willing to sign and trade yes it was traded politely like if they just haven't understood right now then yeah i think the only way i do it for westbrook is if they get off wiccans that's the only that's what that's what i was thinking about like i'd have to think about it right i get off wiggins right now because i think like okay if i can't get dangelo i could probably still get west for the thunder having traded up yet i know improperly still get hofer dangelo unless they were like we want some weekends in that case i'd i'd pull the trigger today still try get dangelo could you still have the same massive right sure it was a terrible idea like when i would i would try to like westbrook having him in day one helps you stay competitive then you get dangelo by would work defensively they can't be picky it's like we got a guy who can help right now and the guy who is best friend are good friends with our star yeah i think that's the most best move by far as just like just like i feel like we're seeing more outlets like can they win small anymore it's like the warriors are dead like i dunno anything we think like thought for the past two years is true anymore right and it's like the clippers where everyone's new favorite team there two six seven six nine wings a and then cards like beverly and lou willer smaller guards who have vastly different skill sets but like their top four isn't even even heralds like west six ten bags like he's not just george might be wide right like six for like paul georgia's is taller than that so it's like a that's i'm play by the beauties of they complained like the two three or three or even like the four five a right over the fuck they want but it's like i don't want to like do you need to be able to like again duran steph and clay are on the same team anymore like this is it this is obviously a different mb like the last time they will happen yeah lebron in that campaign one over the long fucking time ago only one of those three guys is really even are playing basketball this year knock on wood shit so it's like you know they're like in the mix once they get clay back they'll definitely be in the mix that's why yeah for sure but if they could add like yeah the dream on clay stephanie seventeen just drop covington oko being they're not gonna pay their helmets agree yeah i'm gonna say covington's essentially just a younger dollar like that's just fix literally exactly what they need and kobe the younger covington doing exactly what makes though they better worse than the pelicans as currently constructed as currently i'll say better they're better than neurons i said better i like they they have the they have a better player like no reason the tank and i'm he's gotten better every year since like i'm just so many just comes kicking in there well we all know he turns it on right after you all star break but even like he he always sustain that and then turns it up so it's like oh yeah fisher last year after the all star break this covington filthy like they were one of the top three five ish deep into windows to get losing gifts i wanna bring him back that hurt but if y'all go better if if everyone could be free agent today you could start a team with a wherever you wanna would you pick designer towns first who that's a good one i shouldn't watch yesterday's game they were they wrapped in jersey around i dunno i think i'd go town home call me homer not but he's he's relatively to me like a bird in the hand still also can get a lot better yeah and it's like i think zion has a chance to be special special but i'll say this man colors jim looked lost a smaller he just a lot bigger in college jams and be like that oh boy listen to a george outside at purdue the celtics a took him they traded a young toby marshawn brooks from on draft day in college i was like oh this guy's gonna be starting center for a decade the second he stepped on a summer league corners i got the shooting guard what's happening here yeah now and again he's like he'll get his conditioning together but there were a couple of things like he's i think zion had a jump shot blocked i dunno if i saw that old near in college yeah everyone's without taller yeah so is that the answer who would you go that could that could really see both sides yeah no it's it's i feel like people right now who is now just be honest nominate people watch september sweeter 'cause we are in love with karl anthony towns but the people right outlasting screaming like a design by a lot you fools like i could see that side of it i see that's the thing i don't think it's a blow out one way or the other i really don't i think if it was poll rely on one like i would disagree with it but i think we call it it'd be like eighty twenty rule things out oh for sure that means young gary's brand new i just i am a rip the ball out of kevin knox his hands and dunking on his entire family lineage but a challenge but i don't think this is i think there's a hot take were gonna start hearing soon i don't believe it but i do thanks tousands wildly durable on top of everything else he does really well designed might just be like bo bo jackson's since where he's just way too strong and essentially gonna rip like is this quiet clean off the bump like i don't think that's like crazy things i think that like again that's part of it that's wild like town to the relatively certainly that's part of it i'm looking at yeah he missed five games this year most he's ever miss suppose zero he missed coming into this year so again for looking at also paul jordan versus so high on car down and getting hurt more but yet like that where it's like okay no diomede nb conditioning and again it's it had i think he just turned nineteen like the day like so it's not a concern but it is a thing where like town just keeps getting better and i know he does i just i dunno refused believed it defensively a guy like it's the same for yoga and we saw in the playoffs he could he could not be a nuisance right at times i've met a lot of plus defensive plays after i think towns candy that i think i think ryan saunders cutting corners that second year it might have been like a talent thing when he's playing the details he can't sustain he's physically too tired to play like that all year yeah it's certainly possible so again last year towns played a seventy seven fewer games also played thirty three minutes thirty seven and thirty six year prior so you know if they're gonna blow okay now we'd rather less is more of you then that's why i played better i think they could hit the ground running with an all all mb a player in bonn might be that but again he's gotta get like the conditions that'll take some time learning bay balls that were sure fast so i'll go timber wolves and see denver nuggets i think they stripped gal in order to stay the same things like portant here right now and they said like millsaps who manages old buddy deacon guard they kind no you like he's smart enough and long enough to like portland would kill from millsap put some journal say they would but even then it's like oh boy tobias harris is backing up millsap on the like oh no paul georgia's got him in the pick and roll again they really did nothing like of every team they've they've done the least that give jamal murray a hundred and seventy million dollars things not they've got jeremy grant that's a good choice celebrate very good point about that but all right so yeah they were talking about yeah we got german grand we think of germany grow boy listen it is now not only the mellow years moves by a a big nuggets guy i like those same but i wouldn't be like wing defender he's literally you know germany i think that's a home run your parties like exactly what they need i thinking cain right like hopefully vanderbilt can instill will be that type but right now they have like i think that's what you're gonna be and that's extremely valuable role player like jeremy grant right it's what a porter out man i read the i'm really starting to get worried that got literally just that he can't he can't stay healthy for anything like always stocks yeah it really sucks so i don't and again out where everybody all shook it up by okay why add the one thing we didn't have last year a one of the things we didn't have last year and just run it back with a a superstar and are richest man ever cool yeah 'cause like they have a nice guard rotation station that's gonna get points like even if murray has an off night like morris will probably be on or barton will have one of his like five different other beasley right feazel he's going back tori craig's nice player a and that's just millsap yoki plumlee rotation with jeremy grant now and again you get to work importer you get to work in vanderbilt bowl bogus the take his sweet time sure does so i have this new thing i think they're getting front court i think it all depends on like matchups 'cause i i still think they need that like if they would have picked up jeremy grant and like alpha through camino i'd like that's a home run off like that exactly what they need it right but again maybe they could still i think it's still acquire that guy so i i could see them in the congress finals this year they went that far this year oh yeah no i think that's i think right now how then am versus the clippers would probably be my western conference finals like i had to put money on a thing that's probably where i feel like the safest with my money i would say between those two and the lakers offer like any two two of those three if you told me those were conference finals i like the nfl's right then and there that say the rest of the northwest so yeah they even michael hart i dunno i just think they need one and again they they could get whose name yeah i mean i wonder if they'll be although it is one of the al eight james but there's so many bio guys ginger like there as many this year but they're just always bio guys feels like there's going to be more this year because of the coffers and the stigma dollars with the world and feeling like that i think jay are gonna be available it'll be some more people the toronto raptors i get upset of the finals feels like so long ago it was i really think they should just run back this team is a victory lap like i don't even care about prospects any like i don't know why leaving has to have them under the less that's the only thing i'm like i would pay the luxury tax for maybe i would you wanna fucking championship but yeah i i would run back everything to the t i so like they were like this is what everybody said like my style like a chance the blow it up this is everybody's fired after this year right so it's like this lowry at thirty three off the sauce twentyfive baucus twentythree bandleader eight you wanna bring him back but that's it then it's time to pay seok on but you if you're like we have you're scottie pippen right here and he signed and massage willing to stay and they got cat like don't figure something out that's what good by the way i picture what is going to is going to be like half season victory lap while simultaneously saying what he's got out of like oh gee norman powell a see akam benfleet like young core if they ask how do you think it'll be like i think it'd be their rotation like those minutes need replacing no no no they're they're going to play heavy minutes i was when i met just it's like seeing all right should i be looking at a trader lg or should i be looking like keeping here to build long term a friend of vehicle that's really don't know shit about you drive how closely you what the other guys color particularly the good one bad ones don't care for a but then around the deadline like if someone gets hurt all of a sudden it solves a getting the call oh hundred percent that's what i'm saying they got three four guys you could do for that's exactly what run it back right yeah i'd run it back in around the deadline just start selling off parts not that i'd be tanking by any stretch i still think they have enough players there's a even if they sold off warner to the older guys that they could make a run west but not run but good in the playoffs worth a an end just like it should like scouting my own team essentially you know they like their gravy this and again like that's like that's the situation where it'd be like okay now i'm not gonna trade kyle lowry to the sun's just because they had like i just wouldn't do that too but what am i doing like okay yeah like at the trade deadline to get you to a fucking i don't even know everybody stack now we if we get you in denver would you would you like the like would you rather play it out here or like it's up to you and he's like yeah like the compete okay you make the move yeah yeah or it's like dallas is better porzingas is healthy in their veteran they think they think they can win this year right say okay you're like do you wanna like it's completely up to you i'm not gonna i'm not gonna send you the charlotte like you that's a very you wanna championship with the very least i can't you last season i can whenever asset right anything worth that much westerly montana that trade the raptors better worse than the new orleans pelicans better i would agree i think they're not like obviously they they preferred i ask why yeah like a single raptors fan would disagree with that take a bouncing around the worst spot especially especially if they happen besides still this is slowly turning into that would you rather have youngster brad stevens i think about i hired james harden reiterate it but yeah i think the raptors like i i dunno they're still have a lot of their good players they lost their best player but a listeners and low made this point i'm glad someone way smarter than me did 'em but they were in the perfect position to go after why because the fallout isn't isn't as severe hungover another yeah another team if they trade at all they're young assets who were more integral to the foundation of the team like aca birtles nice player but like toronto right now it wasn't like man i wish we had him over championship like it's not a single person thinks that way i don't know if they still want you could have set a frisbee i if they traded seok on and they still won the championship is like what can you do space talent talent so yeah why was a perfect storm the trade yeah in it obviously paid off in the most perfect way but how repeatable is that i don't know that i feel like that's what i'd be more willing to find out oh definitely now there's still a lot like what the clippers just it that's a risk you take a listen i'm gonna risk i think it's likely obvious moves another thing people were like well you know kimball just let the show just like kimball walker nothing one clear is in between the trading got two years out and let walk for nothing right but it's like if i if i just hold onto him anthony davis killed any type of liberty had may still got hall for right and absolute like i like whatever opera like like you think he's the only bad bet you it only takes one and i think he's he can't be the worst one davis and lebron james like he might be in the bottom third but he ain't the worst one no know whoever's running the next on a given day but the worst one first of all you don't wanna unhappy paul george killed his trade value does it cause these it sounds like if they want you gotta play okay just tell and maybe that's the way it should be said if if this is even which is that i'm just gonna say even the guys like the least happy guys or the the biggest malcontents from last year kyrie irving a team just punted there a fair young controllable all star star point guard bring him in over him younger healthier happier catty man the the lakers just straight at like seven years worth of number two overall picks to get anthony davis like it's not even knowing cares just there will be will fix some they're different over here like probably not but i get why you want them right and again like what david griffin doing like he's turning stuff in the more stuff right which is like you just increase your chances of hitting and again to cruise to a person who's credit yes yep yeah again if that's what he does and i'm sure it's what he'll do either good yeah but man oh man this whole what's the point of the fucking open market but i don't even know how do they fix this in the neck cb because now it's like okay a guy going into one year i think it was what we were talking about like guys just kind of understood tampering when the guy had one year now it's like two years left now guys like what the hell so i don't know what i like i don't know what can be changed legally 'em but yeah raptors in player i think there is some simple things like i do feel bad for some teams more than others like the knicks i have a hard time feeling bad for i got the market mcadoo feel bad that they have the market but it's like today on radio stephen jay was telling a story that a and this to paint the nixon a bad picture not even like the next yeah i know i know i know the knicks are peanut butter back like a hitter saying that kristaps a when he first got drafted was most excited about being able to play basketball in like a professional facility any hour of the day number that i heard that on the low end when he got there he'd be like oh so let me open like they'll give me a key but there won't be any one rebound for may very well have like the like i gotta bring my own ball right there's no one there i take my ankles like you know how like when you bring your own net man down like i think it's just that's just tweeted out to people like i just need someone come rebound like if he could have got those but at the same time you shouldn't have to do that like kind of like yeah and that's why i buy that you're market doesn't matter because you really can't even do the basic thing i can't imagine like they own the gym like who sixers pedro intervene electricity in and out and he's like i don't know where the lights all right it's tough mccain where you go this log it on my way out of the play less that seems like some type of stuff that if i were college it'd be like institutional chaos like the knicks you'd have to be like sold at public auction police auction to whoever happens to be there that giving day now listen if there was a in the nfl teams i think opposite they would ride that's how much like that's the gap between like people care about the nfl it'd be 'cause even like the bengals like they've made playoff multiple times brown to accomplish that now lake but there's somebody doing and what the like the giants jets do something every single year and the next thing is like no thank you were just like there's a year oh boy you're really try like i would i don't know if it's like old buyers are big market biased i'm trying to be like sensitive to that like i'd even haven't been in new york many times i know i still don't understand how big it is on a media and i never will but i just don't know if it matters anymore i just don't like i know my generation i don't think we care and these guys now eight years younger than me like hey like if the internet all designed ever know like he's from i think spartanburg small city whatever south carolina but the world's has been in his hand seems like twelve right so it's like hey i don't need new york like and again now they're not doing these things i think the andre jordan basically kept farm no if you wanna be a star and company that ain't the way jared dudley said that he did a podcast with road he sold a direct on the knicks no on the net noon he was going to the lakers he right now there is a great organization they just know what they're doing the knicks though and i think that's what guys care about now in the playoff player empowerment did they just wanna go the confidence market organizations they will now have their prime squandered by like guys like selling draft picks for nothing and even even like the competent organizations like why wasn't gonna go the clippers unless they got paul george because he's like yeah you guys numbers but like i don't want all of them just yeah yeah weighty year just because you weren't able to pull off a trade yet 'cause you don't wanna trade like a twenty twenty seven protected first round pick the i i can't believe they did then trade what do you wanna do is like okay stay well wow benefit why doesn't choose my team either way this has nothing to do with me i could just hang up okay okay you got me jerry west just taunting him the the names i hear lawrence frank and michael winker so i'm get like that that's just a three headed snake of the clippers yeah i do hear lawrence rags name a lot which is good because i i've always i dunno ever since he he took over for byron scott with the nets in rattled off like the longest winning streak to start a coach's career that i think luke walton z only one who beat but luke walton even get credit for those winds so it's still lawrence frank somehow i ever since then i've been like i liked this guy this is what the celtics throw our doc like he's i think he runs like a lot of analytics if i remember what he was doing like went rondo would throw gatorade bottle and yelling talk rivers lawrence frank would just kind of take him to the side and be like all right this is what rashly gonna do don't listen to the batman well that's a that's travis travis schlink started the hawks gm starter evan assistant coach and it's just like guys just like overtime you're like okay i'm better at this right just lord trend goodbye okay actually i'm like i clearly know basketball i'm just better on this side of it right and he's killing the philadelphia seventy sixers they're getting home court i think they're the tuesday donated that's really that's really how i'm looking at teams now like i feel like it's your home court team are you i and i said yeah are you the sons who were should be delegated but it's also like we've heard for years just like where there's no way you're gonna do like making the playoffs and does nothing i usually get worse drastic by with the clippers and that's just did it in i feel like it had to play something into those guys choosing thousand percent even like as as much as i was against acquiring has thomas and making the playoffs that year just 'cause i want it a top ten pick like i think that played hugely into getting in horford than hayward the next year whether or not that veterans one stop and if it did happen right hunting like that's like that's really all you want a chance like you get to the playoffs anything can happen and it's like okay the nets showed this off bacon also schoff de angelo the trade chip so it's like okay now with dave like oh well they should have painting got eleven six seven seventeen trading away tori impressive the way so it's like yeah of course those two guys were like they wanna or with another person but also like yeah this is why weaken arrange that it could be audio but were big market an were confident and we have a playoff team and we have a good front office and we have enough cap space but you ran your friends right or you could go to the knicks who don't understand that you could play basketball around the clock the knicks i can't wait to get to the next but a the sixers yes i think that's because they're going to be very good right like a when i say it's like the top two seed they might rather start but they would be my like if i had to pick a team to make the finals i like i said it would be denver allies say i would say it would be silly in milwaukee in the east yeah i agree and they have an area to people like and gardy honest relatively well so i think they're gonna if that's just another one of those like i just don't know seeding like load management i do think a lot of people gonna try to do that fuck it up because my only the raptors go like okay i embiid you're not gonna play monday okay how about sunday and fuck that up but yeah i think there'll be really good they think of their entire depth chart i think they've got some they'll go out and peace and but after like there another team like what they moved around what they're starting with is really good is there another team like two years ago in the playoffs like they're they're six and seven guys weren't even on the team before buyout season a i think they're gonna be real attractive james to wanna join a choice we end of the year and elton brands never not trying to make a move i'll tell you think he's upset on his hand you're crazy right sit on your hands while it robs you of your best player i guess i think josh richardson getting a bad hassle like i feel like he really made i've just heard people like it's a lot of points with his last year's numbers and last year they estimate being number one option he's not a number one option it's like was decent i think that could be a number one option which is not enough it all bases off of that right yeah i i feel like more people that i've got i've having been super online this past week a but i feel like everyone i've heard talking about josh rosen spending in positive terms i think it's great pickup what's a lot of justin turner it's like they have no space by horford can't shoot he just does if he's willing to do that and i think josh rips again when he he's got thirty six percent on six times last year with a four percent he shot thirty eight percent i think he's doing less shooting he's more efficient i think i think though right and if embiid stops in horford start i think they'll be fine right man like tobias a fine shooter like i don't yeah i'm not worried about the phillies gonna be fucking really good like the if you wanna say like they're gonna miss jj like yeah i agree i think certain parts of jimmy's game yeah i agree a hey i think a lot of the east around them and got either a full staff or like two steps worse than they were last year a but i yeah i mean they've they're returning joel embiid who would probably be my pick for like i think she's going to win mvp this year would be the year to do it a i don't i will be there when you think he's a loser that they i mean they added al horford who is really fucking good a ben simmons is really fucking good i think we'd like they've been simmons here yeah that these really look like really like he his numbers were the same but i feel like he got better just unnecessarily show had been in the playoffs like butler kind of took a which is kind of necessary but it's like i don't know if that's what it is that bad for seven by he will be like supposedly like oh no i'll take it over what you're doing is working old man but give it here so i'd also they're committed at least financially knows what they might be in a late next week now that doesn't matter but yeah i think he's got a really good year and that if they can get some sort of production from either motifs whereas a year they're just one of their young guys off the bench that's gonna be milton mhm like they got mike scott back i think nfl backlit like they i think they'll pick up another couple of good better than republicans agree yeah i wasn't even that i feel like there's obvious seems rhyming saying that about globetrotter veteran pal here's the same way will ask that question for the new york knicks oh boy they're not like i feel like the kings upper like they just i i like the players they finally decided way too many players right and it's kind of a little bit of like what we were saying what charlotte to where it's players slamming in bigger roles and they're probably perfectly suited for foot would still be in elsewhere yeah it's it's also like if you like that's the downside of punting on your cap space immediately you miss out on these guys but you also missed out on the trade where the clippers pickup heartless and a first round pick which they used the senate get paul george like that's right you miss out on an i think they signed off like way too many people that don't complement each there is don't compliment rj and also rj oh yeah yeah i saw likes being here i say is more turnovers and points anderson's combined did you see any of the actual game flow i should say that's like the numbers the numbers are the numbers you're gonna have a bad shooting night that's nothing summer league the way it looks so listen real bad it was very very bad i will say to be fair the rj barrett don't you don't you dare bj's or nineteen year old jason tatum was like not great in the summer league doesn't trey young stumped last year so so like there's more than that but there's one it was to me it was the worst part of his game it was honestly everything i'm afraid i that's what scares me like the overlooking clearly open teammates to like force a bad shot and the traffic with a couple of times like end of the shot one particular like end of the shot clock you knew he was going iso and the guy just said on every single like damn near to shooting and it's gonna tease choreograph and stuff like that like you guys just try and make the roster and it's like he doesn't look nearly as smooth as he did that's what like as big a strong he'll get that but he didn't look and it's fluid to me i think it might be a conditioning thing to he who would like trey young he's missing shots those will go down he's a good shooter right with bear is just like he was playing his style of game it just wasn't working and like that's exactly what i'm afraid i do also wonder like a guy like beret he plays at duke all the way through like the end of march and they like middle marked off admit it's not even like yeah a couple of months off 'cause he's just like prepping fair on a call with the same with that guy's been going hey there are three astonishing so hunter percent yeah so that's why it's like i i do agree like what it looks bad you're just like oh boy but if i'm a knicks fan right now i'm like we've got rj that's are future go julius randle like he's gonna be decently fun to watch further two years of his contract like i we've been in worst places knicks fans see the thing is like if you take beret stunk off summer leading it'd be sold on knocks goes nuts game like that player but he's like four threes in a row and the first yeah so it's like i just think i'm looking at the players now rj bear named tbone sandra bullock's doesn't need the ball in his hands like dotson doesn't i didn't know they had henry allen's and that's the thing oh yeah 'em ellington in gibson like those or guy like i'm name like six guys they don't need the ball in their hand it only five the complaint and none of these guys starters right knocks barest start no for sure but i'm saying who he's gonna start with overpaid who needs the ball his hands when he can't shoot a if it's gonna be late and gonna start over smith either way it's the same thing the same issue yasser a one port is way bigger issue right yeah like when randall and things are gonna be going through an or portas like that's their appeal scoring big traders gonna run his off that which i play but not as and not like true like i gotta give i saw it i do wonder peyton hashtag they have the ball in dennis smith has the ball in julie is like not he importers like not passing is not what they're known for they do other things will end it's like there's rj just standing around the seat in summer it looked like he was waiting his turn and that's what scared me to it's like okay i got the ball now it's my turn iso that's what scares me because i think now it's like i i'm not getting the ball back i've gotta show my stuff because next is gonna be elford been wayne ellington get the look then taj gibson get the book and then jewish gift to looks and then bobby portis get the look and the mitchell robinson listen mitchell robinson yet by far their best player so it's like knocks gonna so i think they signed way too many people didn't like i like ellington and bullock around rj but i think i would have signed like randall and taj gibson stop they're not against our today as well i wouldn't wouldn't be randall i would have picked randall i don't think i just i don't see why need overpaid i'd rather just see what i have everything and dennis smith and rj those and be my bar right but yeah taj gibson and mitch rob's will be my centers randall and maybe knox and that's my amos knocks off noticeably bigger which again that's this year one year two right i imagine he'll play for his youngest player in the league last year flat rate doesn't he's still nineteen nineteen knock distilled nineteen is for one full year in the league same base so it's like yeah like metro rob's on the venue his touches i do wanna see what dennis smith has i don't i was never that high on him as a prospect but i don't think he's been in ideal situations yet so i don't i don't feel like i could say on him yet so i thought okay dennis smith rj they're gonna be my by julie will do the bulk of scoring taj gibson and mitchell robinson my big leagues ellington and bullock my space and with israeli the rj show with some dennis smith we still we haven't had that feels like the ideal year tummy instead it's a boy we've got a clear out for a brighter day cuss yeah data thirty last night yeah no he was cooking so when it's like another mouth in the fast break yeah frankie smokescreen just feels like a loss like i imagine he if he gets traded for like a second round pick but westbrook this and tradable can't do it mitch robson look great like he looked at level of good that you wanna say like oh yeah the year to for me i'm clearly much better than everybody here for you know it'd be a seven i would you i wouldn't i wouldn't be surprised if they shut down from summer league the temporal is just said tell her is gonna not a not play there are some electric and worked with like the actual team yeah it's summer league is probably see a terrible idea like oh definitely or i guess the the timing of it is by cabinet disclosed the draft after all these guys have again like just been traveling in labor for parents but workout you have been playing for game full court basketball as i drove around the home but now i haven't it's an actual picking a game and a four month august like for pushing the further and further on how they keep pulling it up and that's what i lay august but it starts like media days like the second week of september now okay i do we need as much break between the draft i guess it's not even that much breaks you know there isn't one of the other ones that trip and several months to their season correct i really i still think you could get away with summer league like three weeks from now like in that three weeks on end of july yeah like individualized running into the beginning of august they used to have like a decent break before like media day preseason it's like okay let's try and get the new orleans like three weeks and learn i get fucking teammates names but you don't get a reasonable basketball basketball shape learning some plays 'cause every like basketball wise it didn't look good at their he succeeded out like only his athleticism which will work because he has that but yeah it was like the guys like you know please take that jumper and it didn't look good that's why we've been proud to end shoe meetings and shooting commercials of the past six we are the next the worst day of middle age now they've got too many like none of those players i don't think are bad that they think they have too many confident players i think the bills too confident of coach like they won't be that bad even though they probably should be they're gonna win thirty two what they should be aiming for twenty two but then they drove at this year and didn't get zion hates the brooklyn nets i think they're gonna fail well i feel like they're gonna be good next year i think everybody solid this year because essentially the same team they had last year plus kyrie irving instead of dangelo russell a healthy liver annoy also tori imprint also you know like for whatever his flaws like jordan averaging double double last year and i get like even be empty numbers but i wonder if he had this entire thing in the bag i wondered why he's like why would he tracked into this regardless right he's like we're whatever i do like listen we've seen one guys don't have it you we've seen one guy stinks it'll look like eleven and thirteen whatever fucking range last year i think he just had this in the bag yeah i just people have said he's like don don i don't agree with that is you like prime lob city andre also know if there's a middle they're not even that like i'm looking at his career harris history at last year as a nick he shot a seventy seven percent from the free throw in dallas nearly eight percent so it's like he does better faster and better free throw an average eleven eleven in two blocks and again if you're platooning that with jared allen and you just added infer nothing that's a plus that's why i think they're gonna be good what kind of good like where do you have the nets the net and that took it home court okay their home court good part of me wonders if kyrie is gonna play the whole year i don't think they need him to honestly home court i think i don't think again he'll deliver dinwiddie were handle that just fine yeah but dangelo was also contributing know for sure what if it's like okay if we know we don't need it all year they will avert what's coming back dangelo took the step every sixty games a week and how they cook with the young guys also have to be worried about like playing too well this year and then durang coming back next year just saying absolutely caused problems i feel like everybody already knows all about you spray it calls that obviously yeah when there's uncertainty when everybody knows the deal a what do you think of kevin the rat changing his number i don't know if he did like on that time i don't know what the seven fourteen review article it's because it's gonna be one fifth of the player he wants before the injury while the mets got hosed why one for the seven i mean yeah i get that like why why the analytics drive and he's got stinks you change the ninety nine but how many games are sitting out last check caches shoes i'm also that yeah sure i will say that duran a like a biggie addition jersey might have to get that i'll say it looks good i don't like seven is the number though not in basketball it looks weird try thinks he's been like some best seven like lowery's been seven that's what i'm saying like it's fine but i don't i don't like it i like it a juice i don't like it on a lotta guys i do like juice that don't i don't like it looks better on the vix but a yeah i don't i don't love that number like not violence like changing number whatever just doesn't which lebron going to say anything on the today show back six and six on that thing i guess that's the one that killed good richer somebody they just i think a in that picture from the space jam set like our first before it was announced that eighty what's gonna wear twentythree lebron who's wearing six okay that makes us yeah i just assume it's going back what if they retire twentythree in sexual lebron with the lakers i think that's the entire plan moment like that's why he was so you think he was so willing to give that up come on i think he wants his jersey retired about three different franchise and i think he wants them to different numbers like kobe that'd be very funny a one hundred percent i think he's thought about this that he gave it up like that you know how many twentythree jersey there so last year and people like what the fuck do those same people have already bought a lebron six hundred good that's what he looked like you were good fucking yeah i think that's gonna be interesting this fear because no one everyone sees him as a like title contender on the horizon just around stop playing an now they almost got a little bit of the win taken out of their sales like they dominated they want a free agency it's like oh my and that's what's what's even happening and then koalas like wait till you people fucking see when i got coming a housing benefits and a good get the heat offer yeah no there's a split like the he was gonna die just because the rent wasn't going to be playing now it's like totally dead because of what the clippers have done an it's like eight were just lurking freer that's why i could see that being beneficial to them 'cause people are taking them seriously at the beginning of the year katie is not even their their wait until next year it's like no they could definitely make noise this year a i'm just like they could really have any season it wouldn't surprise me that's what i think like again like the raptors at home court last year they're out celtics have home court i think there'll be in that mix the pacers i don't get home court the net worth six right then an end with all the stuff that comes with it the age you all day there on the court kyrie irvings better dangelo russell that's great that's why i think that's really yeah i feel like they're comfortably i'd be surprised they didn't get home court i think their damn near yeah 'cause i i think there'll be it'd be bucks sixers and i think like gimme a third wouldn't surprise me and then like celtics pacers again but like there for fire 'cause he thinks housing it stinks oh the bottom the bottom six yeah bumps things real but i think the playoffs on both sides like i think if you're a fan of about ten maybe eleven franchises right now you could convince yourself that you could make the finals not even necessarily certainly when it but make the finals and i wouldn't say you're in absolute idiot protecting the yen like other nineteen percent of those every bad team in like even just a random next year would rather watch grizzlies pelicans wizards bowls even the bad stuff is more detaining you know without question a a team like so when i was saying the thunder the latest team they get hit with just a gut punch out of nowhere one of the the first teams and it felt like it happened to late in the process when it did happen but the boston celtics when al horford opted out not to restructure his deal but actually leave a felt like it happened too late and now as i look at how they're constructed not the worst team i've ever seen sixers agree that the sixers are one of the two best teams and maybe basketball i don't think he was ever up in after i think that's where he meanwhile yeah yeah how reconsider oh no he didn't gauge them up until the very end and then we just offered less money than philly went out that i mean yeah you gotta you gotta take the whole meeting yeah i think there'll be again that i think that for five home court issued mix i do still stay heavy i think they're they're missing a big i don't know who it is i think it like it it it could be gotten that so i think there'll be in there for five range again and i probably i put the i'm not to how the pacers i think about it so i'd i'd give them boston home court right now that's about where i have some four five 'em i do love kemba i don't know how to feel about him wearing eight i appreciate ix already have a anton walker number eight jersey so i'm ahead of the game there a forty one and he's like wow i'm getting a new people where my jersey for one yeah they ask tyler brian you like oh no no i it's i i'm i think like as far as the game goes completely depends on if they were it's gonna be last year say word or the guy they signed coming out of utah i don't think it's gonna be either but i think it's gonna be good i think i think he could be like most improved good like seventy five percent he was in utah yeah like any like if he's just really just going to like okay you're you're backed up basically what you're going to be whatever it is this what by for the most part it's been what two years now this way it'll be had been it'll be two years yeah so it's like okay yeah he's a really good passer and they just run like more often storming back like a pass the ball defender and can like from what i like consistency and i don't know if that was part of the getting back to it part of the conditioning is like oh yeah he looks great one my offer one night that sounds like conditioning not like basketball skills i think that'll be that i could start having a good year this year see like now that we know some of what what's wrong with that team i do wonder if it was conditioning or if it was just like you have certain nights everyone fucking hated her mother nature is fine a i mean again it could have been both but it's like one of those things like like kyri with some of that it's like well he's not here and i am so direct you gotta and somebody said he would like jaylen hated kyri which is funny they say outright but yeah i can't imagine he would alone so it's like the lesser of two evils nobody hated hey regarding the bad guy or weirdo or anything they just were like to just be better at sports and you really can't feel like i just need some time i think this year he's gonna be fine i think he i think he's gonna have a good but i still think you had there been away safer shirts dot like cancer is fine he is their best free banner they've had he's a great remaking by yeah yeah baby in my lifetime a guy like eleven tonight if nothing else right and he's going the like even i looked at his numbers when he went from sitting next to portland last year was that last year zanex oh yeah jesus christ a like in portland on the way better team which i feel like is more comparible the what boston and has this year as opposed to the knicks at any point in time a lot to say come on if he's gonna do that like for a contract that is like nothing like i'm fine with that a i wanna see a lot of robert williams this year because why not now never never a they brought ties back which are like grant williams wasn't a big but he is gonna play a lot of for a i don't think are johnson mb i player which kills me to be so much fun see that's the like with all those guys it's like a it's a fine mix but yes i come out like somebody to replace like a bruce elliott flash bangs just one more solid big i think you get that so i wouldn't be surprised i don't really know what a like if you can just released john i dunno like what stage of contractors in 'em but like if i would love to see taco fall on this roster because why not i mean it may be at my onto based on like if his options been picked up at this point in my career you gotta pay you to a certain extent anyway michael just touching them get we want on the roster right i think he has any team option oh no way now can you hear me now again yeah it's his option this year you're paying three million how guardless so yeah i haven't been some beer cottonwood if you're paying number go to a but like a a closing time five as long as you're not playing like science embiid you canal chombo mark is tatum in a genuine mark anthony hayward out there and i feel like that's a match up nightmare for another team a nightmare for another team has no more sure i'm just fucking like one point game you need a bucket like that's a strong five down about their games like that strong five down from a business and need at least one big well i think it would have betrayed the would you trade the methods picker drumming i mean just i know financially that doesn't work a no financially that doesn't work like a what is drumming selling any of the three drawn missouri agent next year right john is a free agent next he he can opt he's gonna opt out this summer so yeah so yeah but it's not something that's completely tying up and i don't know if the getaway like a a tree young guys that just that that memphis peck yeah i would i would do something along those lines memphis back yeah i would i would do something along those lines would you trade the pick four definitely some bonus definitely yeah but not like the intent prior to like immediately work this year but just outbound on the workplace year no for sure but even less there that says to me just get again getting off at i just don't think that picks gonna be that good and i think even get like a legit like something now in later drummond's young enough to maybe you get a man keeping so bonuses young up and you have roster control pick protection laws are much more severe now that protection like we just don't fully know what the new lottery is yet like it was going to shock two years ago not out yet they switched up say odds and it was like the lakers have the fourth pick all of a sudden my top five protection is like a very hefty principal protection protection sure that's why it's more like i don't really care about it that's really awesome i'm not gonna speak like this year next year i just think that that grizzly peak probably 'em but yeah i wouldn't wanna tie my cap space like i wouldn't want us to a guy who had three if there were center out there were like awakens contract like yeah no if there were some but bomba's for young guy though he has fervor bomba bona's yes yes a tremendous like the mask and work on after like got happiness ross smart house will be involved now have this ross like a smart ass involved i'm sure how much the exact same contract is cancer two years time maxine contractors cancer two years time okay yeah so i think yeah i'd have to be after like some coming i'm guessing yeah boot tice i think even get again driven makes alive but he's still in the old contracts anybody on the old contracted feels like it's it's worth yeah but i'm excited about some play a see what some of the young guys like lifer it's not playing in summer league but he is like practicing with a like i'm pretty sure he's in boston remember that now we can't be practicing with the team they're rebuilding his shot is good sure other cars and i wasn't gonna be really good i like carson there was a lot so as like if he could be like it'd be like just like i feel like we've lacked that bench scoring scoring for bringing him anes will bring a cancer off the bench kanter might start i honestly have no idea but if we bring those who off the bench hypothetically like that's a lot off the bench i think that's what it is that's what it's like still still fisher whereabout shows like size that small and concern but yeah like per what but all things considered yes this is they're relatively good a rendition of what did it would have dyer a few weeks ago like a worst case like maybe like trending in the complete wrong direction now the dust settled in like the the team's pretty much locked in unless something drastic happens like those i've seen much worse celtics teams definitely will future who's a there is one more thing i wanna say 'cause it's a related to juice a did you see this article that article that came out today no germany fast company and i never heard of before from fast company a but i saw the tweet and it just in celtics star so far so good celtics jaylen brown wants wants to fix american school jaylen brown a americans which i assume he's already done with by the time that articles been posted assuming he's already done with by the time the article from stick the sport a but i there punch a tremendous quotes from juice on this but the last paragraph prisoners but the people look at me like jaylen you're on ebay player what do you complaining about like just landscape the barriers sightings but why should i forgot about the people who didn't want to shoot over a million who didn't because they pour baby well what the hell ninety million million jump shots to be able to stand in front of you today might go through the german it could be a little bit smoother for the next kid and i plan to bridge that gap he also had a lengthy quote about starting a revolution a starting a revolution kyri kyri such like here hi friends who like just happen on a thought that slowly drift away out of his brain minutes after he says it jalen's like no i wanna start a revolution never gonna do it's gonna happen on this day at this time this are gonna overthrow a capitalism i really like many of you do you think they they really ain't i don't think they were i don't think they saw i'd i stare third i did not align what do you think it was like encores stuffing things just like personality class sometimes just not a fit like i don't i don't think those guys like when he when he said that it shocked me i feel like they pride and get alone i don't think of it like onsite like i'm thinking when they see each other again i eighty five what am i heard i dunno i like that shortly after the season that a someone didn't like jaylen because he thought he was a like an intellectual a which i like mit she thinks jails in the actual so i don't know that for sure listeners i don't think it's like an axe by jaylen like oh i think he's genuinely like very smart a as i say correct yeah the buyer myron role shit yeah some josh world a yeah right rosen obviously really want this man a same reports said at a jail and didn't like kyri because he was just a fake intellectual like even like what discover mendy you jalen's like i just i just find it for you yesterday shutdown yeah i mean again i could see that but i do think kyri recruiting guys but the net dirty find this fucking hilarious that hysterical just after the game is that you know guys catch up with you know me you andre katie brooklyn the now i do think there a a timeline out there where a time like either cash just don't wanna trade got rid of the celtics or he doesn't wanna get he doesn't come to the celtics two years ago and the celtics just like don't let anyone else they just stick stick with the young guys like andrew stick with kyri underwriter like boston looks pretty good there just waiting for two guys like also strolling and then they just signed to guys like us just rolling sure maybe they just wanna be a new york that certainly i wouldn't rule that out but nothing that will never know and now boil boy again it's it's the friends network now so cofer sure don't go there and horford tell me oh they rank anyone horford spellings like almost out of the league so that one doesn't concern me as much i i you play their so horford the dot and yell ryan pointing out of nowhere in the past like two years i haven't been worried about philly at all still it's just much better now kevin durant's in that same draft class crushable out of the playoffs next week i gotta say nah i'm probably the next next next thee like i said yeah but but see andre scouted the knicks and gave the no go kyri scouted boston averages those plays stinks kevin durant's like really i like most of those guys who's now trust me like all right and it is really all it is now that's all all it is is saying who's gonna be on the i think they should start picking worst people for the team olympic try out like like manno man that will kill you know towns and booker but the monte morris got invited like wow i didn't really accumulating martin martin right to vegas every like two years first team usa like those open practices everyone's like man i wanna play like i mean like i just found out these guys they're like they're honest if this is the name of the game but yeah i need a good player i think it'd be like you gotta be a great guy to be a good recruiter like as i am on the talk the talk the bears bears good stay reddish a good a good kenya were crawley pretty well rex ryan man again so yeah just i feel like that was the things like katie kyri andy on driver three other guys hung out a lot they olympic that's how they should form now walk on the wild let her know i guess i'll keep playing basketball that sounds all right okay the san antonio spurs in san antonio spurs who are paying you talk about me it's and he finished they finished first in three point percentage last year second field goal percentage second in their own division barely made the playoffs completely forgot out they don't they don't take three hit 'em a lot don't take on the strategy they have like that's that's no melissa murray coming back he missed all of last year span derek whyte who looked good last sheer contract year derozen which could look like anything contract probably look the same as last year in the seven years before derozen but still last year seven years before he might he might be on the move you might not boy new york knicks dave still got marcus marcus i they brought back rudy gay for demar charles there for reasons like killed and brady going on in the summer league does a string of hits like like that's gonna win forty five games slowed lani walker in year two grass lani walker year to yeah i can't get there is more to me like again if we're just seeing how this league is played now you're gonna have to let a player do whatever they want i don't know if we look at the spurs in this high regard anymore and again they're still like they're gonna be fine but they like they looked in the dunk they handled that well congrats when you you hit the lottery amended not pretty good wrote congratulations and then after i don't know how much morgan go like i don't they handled the situation for the cause even if he was always going to elway they still missed out a peak season of him good it sounds like they didn't wanna let him rehab on it or they didn't trust his word on on his body yeah so that's why i feel like mid city itself i'm like a big free agent am i going there anymore like like i'm like kyle lowry might go there okay but it's like a they're not winning anything i don't know who they're recruiting i don't know i don't know if they're naming as much as they used to and these words might bite me but i'm fine with the with the spurs of wonder if they were just like hey why we knows you don't wanna raise sign here that's fine but we'd rather lose you for nothing if you promise to like compete this year which i think he would have that's what i'm saying if they were just like okay the whole last year you play what nine games like seventeen seventeen single digits what it feels like okay yeah like if the if the whole point of that he played those nine with so they got this year from him in san antonio right and he walks it's worth it because if you get this year alone from him like i'm not guaranteeing a championship but i feel like they make the conference finals at worst if you told me they have this exact version of while they got the hill on his own time but he's just that low and they maybe maybe they do win it all again they were busted in golden state fast before and if they don't have a baseball golden state the conference finals there's no duran they might go to the finals anyway they might smoked a boxer whoever's there so so and again if he walks after that he walks and then you could do so that's why they i think they botched this and i don't know why they're not getting because they didn't tim duncan and great as it's like oh they hit on parker man like for sure hundred percent hundred percent that's just a lot easier when you hit on tim duncan having one of the five best players of all time typically helps that's what i've been told typically what i've been told right and it's like why up to the level he's at now i think it's fair to say he would have got there regardless like there's a point where it's like well he had a heater hook up with the spurs with a perfect match at this level he just would have got just a matter of time he's just such a high level and so it's like what they had that made a great trade for him for sure and helped him get to that in a completely missing gotta keep all this even for year because you traded him for getting ms if they even got so jaco minute trade is like okay you got it i got my making all starting next year oh gosh they tried to hit the ground running it named james that's what i'm saying like you did they get norman powell at least get a wing new get like somebody did not give me a shark while you will get a center and you got twenty two centers already and you know you couldn't find any like for big big man between twenty five ministries 'cause i'm i i just like the spurs are living like a clear they're not like knicks bad but boy oh boy you talk about living off yesteryear they even the first round two years straight to but they not getting the heat the thunder get no now they shot at one of like okay well why was hurt well okay well you didn't let him get healthy and then flipped him you want one more game in the regular the season and lost in the same first round and again as we said cohen i probably would've went to the clippers regardless but you punted like the last season of like historically great season postseason run including so they made it to me i think that's fair they better that's fair you're talking i got the better but i'll just it's like man oh man i his personality just didn't mess there collide leonard personality but how do you keep get or expect a keeper star with any kind of temperament other than widely like they got some nut right louis again one of one they got cohen who again again they did they did they trained they traded for him but again he might be a one one to just a unique talent like the botched it man oh man they to strike first rounds but they they not getting the heat oklahoma city get they're not getting the heat dame guy before this year name again as good of a package oklahoma so they got the fall george not doing any payments that these are facts but it's like the spurs last two years sixty seven sixty one forty seven forty eight and i don't think they have any realistic way to get out of that range right like like who's committing there right now it's like yeah i wanna i'm ready to pop i wanna win now 'cause i feel like anybody hunger is like i don't know how long you gonna be there i think the best the best tony i just be like pairing all sandwich that they're young guy which again that's like to their credit that's what they do but for this season i mean i i'm they'll probably make the playoffs but i don't know if they should i think they should clip derozen right now improperly altered to but i mean it's one of those things like stephen adams can't move do you think like altered chef seen i that's why i honestly i'd rather it's like i can keep a workaround aldridge hiking with the roads i've got derek whyte i've got murray coming back i got lani walker i got maybe kelvin we got guards and the rosa can't shoot he's younger very durable he's like you know charlotte orlando had disrobe yeah it'd be three zerosum wouldn't but they may be like i'm trying to think if orlando doesn't want a west where you think they would give up derozen just like we just want another all we know tomorrow's gonna be all fun eve with all of the all star see their worst places to be like like bomba for gordon pry both but i would you do that if you're both at the same packets for westbrook really i dunno i kind of feel like gordon so you'd have the if i'm trading fritter if i'm going for derozen i'd want basically that cap space going into next summer so gordon is not on my books anymore and see what you got free year but that would almost be more like a move like hey we got a great free agent class next year but we think we could get one of those top guys see that's the thing derozen is gonna be the top guy there'll be another like that class think so it's either i felt like if you're trading fern derozen right now you're basically saying he's armed next year after just like we're gonna have money next year but orlando could also be like okay we could like again the top of the east we make a move up a little bit we just add another all star caliber sure if he's gonna be the same player in the next six years so i if i could get again more big y you should've traded fucking jaco porter but no you're bumping gordon about yeah let's go and start this off and maybe the market if the lakers had any young assets go i guess just trading to their they whiffed the norlin the new orleans pelicans it's who's next house say i think stars will be better themselves and tell us there'll be good but i do a lot of everybody's loved every single moves they've made and i think it's gonna be like there's still a lot of moving parts and that's still a lot of not having anything so i think there'll be they're gonna be a fun team to watch just look like they've got like pet sitting out a win now we've got some real like rookies upside but again like zion gotta get better conditioning how many minutes havens radio play right now i don't know how many minutes mchugh alexander walker ready to defend right now it's been two years so there'll be a process but they're they'll be fine there'll be fun to watch i really liked the pelicans this year i really like because there's like that because there's that level of pissed off westbrook was winter rent left no one's ever gonna reach that again as an individual gonna reach that again but i could see the collective of like lawns literally dribbling ingram lonzo all of them being like seventy five percent of them being like as fired up in the past and like when lonzo southie has been very good defensively he's shown some signs on austin him andrew together could be terrifying especially resigned on behind them i liked derrick favors alive they got jj redick they're like they have enough favors veteran is so they're like they have enough hopefully guide them through close games and squeak out some wins and then they've just got guys with one right top tier talent that they haven't necessarily consistently captain sooner but ingram last year before he got hurt a angling january honors a monster a if he's gonna be healthy like i don't see any reason why he can't be really good healthy like i don't i think zion why can't be really good yeah that's why like i dunno i remember thinking it'd be like a like pissed off i just think it'll if they're just able to be there on the court and play their games because again lebron changes everything lebron james had had you ever played in your life and now it's like you just don't think they're gonna play more of their games and yet they're both healthy they're gonna be again i don't know how many windows gonna translate into but that's the beauty of having all the cases we don't necessarily have to and i think you could argue maybe we should never be concerned about that they just do whatever the best interest of you the i'm a i mean they're designed makes any team like one of the top league pass teams but like i mean there's just a very fascinating team based on everything that happened yesterday team he's on everything i dunno i think they're gonna be like really good immediately just 'cause i think that's how good silence really good immediately just 'cause i think that's i think they're gonna make the playoffs i don't know if they're gonna have enough but i do think they're gonna be really close even in a tough west and the east that'd be like a five seat topless like a further west i do think they're gonna battle like i i don't see any reason they can't be as close in competitive in the kings where for the majority the season last year yes will say i've completed men in like falling at nine ten range would be and very competitive they also got set up a new one they got my man mills back two years fourteen different spreading spreading the bag around me for one i liked the city you think there'll be better than me okay now now yeah and now this mobile it'd be really funny is took a four was just like oh i'm ready now by the way just like kevin by on it just in case where did she dallas go 'cause i saw they let him go and i was like i would have kept in there's been a perfect time to see what here in the memphis grizzlies who's your favorite team i think i think they're having a great off season go on i love with john moran i think that but his brandon clark after yesterday dragging it out in our shared i realized that happened last had it in trade for again so bazeley sure i think badly might be very good i think brennan clogging gonna be nbp's like relatively soon so i like that from memphis they got it would look like if they're not just gonna like oh no when i'm just gonna give you sorry i know you like bass nicely but we can't do that i don't hate them take like rolling the dice art taxing either by the thunder just a bad spot i'm willing to if the sun which is the first team news dot com will make sure everybody makes a very a keen pick up by that gene jonathan who will say i just i feel like i've liked a lot of what they they hired the new coach i would've kept bickerstaff but apparently the good the new coaches rave review rex every new coach of the best coach ever so yeah they have a lot of like what they've done just nbs play 'em like mountain a dillon brooks slo mo jae crowder bruno i think word two years after he was supposed to be good so he's ready supposed to be good entering burn already cooked now i gotta say i was watching a one time be i think the japanese guy after they got him politically and he makes their team he's gonna play staircase life yeah would be i think you said he's like six eight six nine okay i just make some really good parents like balancing eunice i thought he had a really good year they lost alon writing will get i think that's a great sign up for dallas i would like if they kept alon right but but flyer in grayson allen might have ties joe conley might have titus jones got karl anderson i think they've they've got crowder who i think will be fine in the locker room working flip equal dollar saying i dunno i dunno where joke him noah is going to japan's very strange a part of last season it was very strange avery bradley was to go play i dunno which laker which version lakers host the bad one oh wow i doubt rondo yes every i never left as much as rondo much thrown no last year round of it that stupid fucking game winner against us toronto god damn do last year struck a point went on the clock no problem too much time i'd argue no problem too much time i'd argue also think triple years they did you who is the the damn a woken wilkin did you see this wilkins smoking he's a he's a writer who's been around a long time he's a he's a rear yeah no the named adam you gotta take all right from somebody right or give me a novelty a boy to this giant triple j both interacted with a triple j i think those bad a whereas tickets those tell me that in unheard of for dan wilkin nbc has just shown jamaran in the stands meeting chili cheese fries and jaren jackson downing owning some chicken fingers on friday jack all caps to the grizzlies even have a nutritionist to the grizzlies even having too much drama quote tweeted in did the the sponge bob main sees fifteen a so he'll lower case de capital of the mocking tyler lower kc capital some will say he didn't really commit to doing it he didn't do like every other literally supposed to have to wonder if he's correct drives this nbc effing gandhi drive and then jaren jackson responded this tweet about us eating a crying laughing face crying laughing base i love how proper everything is written out prayer hands march guy where everything is no prayer hand smart guy working for island so you had the grizzlies are probably gonna be it's a good thing they didn't get the top pickens i on because boy oh boy would that lardo get even fathom what's that lardo get even fat mhm some good man i gotta say triple j b star talk to i dunno if he made all drifting i think i got i think he was like i'm all in on it i think he was second thing okay if not he should have been i listen i'm very pro where nearly as pro a triple j podcast is we are towns by guest triple team says we are towns but yeah there's no reason to be out on mattresses made better jerseys for this next memphis and the clippers need snacks immediately new jersey new jersey i think the grizzlies can work drivers definitely need the houston rockets also need new ones after they just change them heading into this year and they already stank but a they pretty much of the same same the same thing as good or bad anymore more like normally be good good a nother sunday will find out what's bad so you will find out a sudden they're they're li like i just keeps doing it like also a maybe my girl told you right now james harden average thirty eight and ten next season you'd be like i i would you think about it i yeah i've not we got decent album you yeah okay so i'm just gonna keep guessing he gets a historical declines even slightly play the i don't think chris outlines the season on that thing i dunno where he's like it's again it's only so few players like again might be hornets friend george guy bring them home but i don't making any team any it'll be somewhere you get somebody else agent which we didn't listen we didn't see mellow just being out of the league as quickly as we did well that's and when his contract ran out he was done that's the thing with paul he's just got his contract that mellow his last year they paid lingo way paul got three more so we at least to where we're from that ship feed it i dunno it'd be very finance here's some just like bottom out i don't even know what number that number would look like but now that's like the owner is apparently like after telling them they spend anything he got the first looking was like oh hell no so he's he's not doing that he's also not buying the buyout tight i gotta give you money they go somewhere else fuck you which i don't i don't disagree with it but he's not by now chris before we say we give you a i dunno thirty one and call it a square he's like no no exactly like i'll i'll wait the other seven please what i would call that i'd be straight up i think so do both sides do that i really think they do who the only i don't think oklahoma city does it just doesn't come with like any young piece it's gotta come with no shirt on like they don't even have a young if it came with like capela yeah okay if you like give us capella and paul we'd get off adams and russ i noticed save some money 'cause i just know adams adams makes more i think all sides do that i think all sides do that flew i feel like the raptor the rest of the rockets will get adams and flipping in two minutes while untradable between it's week everybody's tradable i refuse to believe the russell i i just i on the rockets on like calling them right now offering trade oh i don't know if it would be interesting again yeah parts new durant's like why did they tell me they were gonna do that i wasn't playing with this weirdo well i think the only is like if i'm i'm not you find out i gotta be honest conversation what russia's like you like do you need it to revolve around you yes why because they're so yeah okay dench we gotta send you the charlotte like if you while you're gonna play nice and play nine then i'm wiping the houston orlando or get somewhere with another star so it's gonna be detroit out of all the change but now let's 'cause i've thought about it earlier on the train to like oklahoma city has a team because of chris paul oklahoma city in a kind of like i feel like the fans already know they're rebuilding but i feel like a lot of it won't be like are it's not ross it's not a good team but this is this is the reason we have basketball i feel like they wouldn't be completely pass the house and big of a fuck about i'm old bitch our team hey pass the ball back this year fans said you could turn the ball over get off the court belly users crying shea shea shea hey i made me nervous i'm just yelling patrick patterson's name over and over again in the average anytime anybody but chris paul's borough other teams just how like wake forest more life skills a diamond it happened i also wanna like road road work on the rockets is with harden is must see absolute must see well that's it's like if if russia is really gonna be like okay last year i'm willing to take a step back i think it's interesting well he's like i'm just wanna let you dress like i get it i think it's interesting because i chris paul was still good like you just overpaid saying like west like you just be it'd be a different type of a whopping one chaos with each other but you know which one doesn't work but then again they might just like well the warriors only ten the bean is now the wars and no more so how far in houston go if they just say as they i will say sitting around would you take them a union they maturity and think they know you go well now they call them personal lakers i think it would be interesting a dangerous because if you like that again feels like a match up to i think like utah have home court but like they're they're just better they have been a bad match up for utah for like they get them in the somehow get them in the first or second round maybe maybe confidence fine but right now what they say like i'd probably take golden state's like returning for they're returning three plus dangelo which are very closely in houston houston i mean they were all healthy like seconds long as he's like i don't think then it'll work clay back as long as you want a healthy back in you know what i mean that's just like healthy yeah i mean you'll be happy when they need they dallas mavericks they dallas mavericks definitely what steps do i'm not sure i do like the one right allied along right i feel like twentyfour for forever and now some how much longer than you thought early reverend now much older than i thought he was he's like twenty not holding the point of the game he might have been it's been like i got maybe conceivably like always coming out toronto's batch and like always like it just didn't seem as much david exe use the same draft this terrorist regime as much to say we are so i'm just wrong he's twenty seven is so wrong yeah i like doesn't step on jalen brunson but it also gives some somebody who condition one which i'm really glad they didn't step one yeah jalen brunson a so him bronson john chick a sim hardaway junior courtney leads tim hardaway junior chris hemsworth we signed although i haven't heard chris cleaver reassigned power numbered a i haven't heard like any weighing about like kristaps a health progress we got the full max max so it'll be like eighteen months since they've got bullied and so i mean if they if they get the i get i feel like it's coming out that he's been looking good in workout so i guess they're like now he's back like this is what happens where the knicks been let you take you're right so i feel like he'll be healthy it's and it's so you're not great play between the stuff we have like mark cuban i poured for jaylen brown poor maxi cleaver massey got like four years like four thirty five would have both of them might have got to yeah for thirty five good maxi powers and cheap either they're a they better not allergens either there or not say 'cause you don't know kristaps house yes so i i'm assuming for like they just gave him i'm a i'm taking it like he got game one so i would say yes if chris apps isn't healthy better yeah okay i'll go pelting this is if you could have do luca designer who would you take sides will slide it why 'cause i don't think his offense is broken his like his shots not great now i get that but i don't think it's not great like i dunno fence simmons is ever going to be able to shoot because he refuses to do with the correct way this is i on i think we'll be able to correct shoot at a reasonable level in his career reasonable love an i don't like he'll get closer to lucas offensive capabilities and luca will ever get to silence defensive capabilities to silence defensive but that's more like again like i get it could it's two way but if it's like luca is the exact off into the piece that you would want like the way they mbh going it might just be hitting his stride like it's a perfect time and i like it'll be fine defensively i just like i i feel like i've seen the times and win multiple defensive player of the years of things and make all mbh ricky apps like again he's a rare prospect but we brought that stuff doesn't happened like like it's just that he he might be just that rare what it's like for deep into like go bears plants and defense defense and i've seen is like a like he should be a primary mary playmaker and it's like i don't know if that's signs of bush i think is best use of kind of like feeling in right i agree and elite level ideally is like like a dog will now here's i divers there it's yeah but like it's like primary i don't want the ball like of course he can do it that's part of the appeal but like i don't want him like bringing the ball up the court now that's waste i want him in transition run you know he if he gets thrown rebound runs the break up one logistic you want out of him same with luca you don't want him like passing out to someone what i do is i on at like he doesn't see the primary playmaker for others but the fact that he has that in his bag and i do think there's been some elite tool for him like that matters no for sure you'd go luther i don't hate it i i'd probably go i go trey young cam reddish well obviously you don't give me that is now she drives x yeah no they sure can't do it on a the chicago bulls as we wrap up are alaska friends here who the fuck plays where edition of mixing what bad young koby white very shocked thomas a shutter anti thomas cetera seems pretty good too that i kinda get i just feel like between he levine kobe i feel like somebody getting mixed out enough like it's probably gonna because he was mcdonald man that's just not like if i can't remember somebody said it like of everybody in the driver koby white with andy 'perfect process perfectly klay spur anybody he had somebody older to do like everything and it's like now one he doesn't have his teammates right younger than they were at a carolina and it's like well sat you're gonna have the ball the main gonna have the ball a lot you're bigger don't need it that much that's what i guess it might be enough otto porter is gonna need i just feel like they have i will say too many ball handlers but if it's like if he's gonna be a spot a guy like top seven like hot takes for a spot of guy but i don't they'll they'll be interesting place hopefully carter's healthy markkanen amy might make the all star team a clean auto porter's will be good i think levine might levine might make the all star game like they while by twenty sixty two that i like i know what's happened before but i i mean there were allegations right i dunno jim boylans ready to a let me see how many they win last year were like okay i think there'll be better this i wasn't i think all the young piece of take a step in the east to west math i think what about your cleveland cavaliers to talk about dyer a but i don't like either their last two i can't say i don't like guard i just don't know anything about obviously sex like i dunno high fits with sex and they got terrible contract i do think they should like they should move kevin love like that feels like any obviously i might offer and oklahoma city like do you wanna try to give russ kevin love those college but really fully in ontario down or i would say okay ross the kevin love linkup in charlotte and how they hey they're all about friends man like i don't know how we got so where's the patient together like love goes back to forty two worthy no shot kevin love comes back now seventeen but some good evening charlotte seafood junction brennan i still only twenty seven brent he is another can't believe you are still on right in the same age sex i just hope brennan i felt like brennan like feels like he should have been out of the legs like three years now and he's not even like that close to thirty now he is how much you think he's made like over seventy seven twitter okay this is fifty but this does include this past year where he made fifteen sixty five and then another fifteen yeah 'cause like seventy one showers man i feel like the last daily science now is that can't be right the hardy homeless five four seventy that doesn't include yeah yeah so that doesn't include his rookie deal haley's companies closer to eighty a i didn't realize garland was firm gary indiana so that makes me like a prospect more are already like i i hope you the great i just don't i don't know anything about a man i'm just like i'm decided like the euro guys on the gas it didn't play enough i'm just like i'll i'll find out about do i find out what michael porter tenant freedom did i ever went nb again a yeah i'll tell you another porter jr kevin porter jr herbs like his general attitude on life is a attitude on life true i dunno there they they stink but they have nb i players everywhere i look every one of these guys nb i play everyone a technical inch i gotta say they gotta be make us in luxury to maybe i might be just dan gilbert so richie just kind of contaminants here so i can't believe jairus and it's not like he's got a weird contract for i think you'll be traded to 'cause it's like on guarantee yeah i thought everything i've heard is gonna lakers everything yeah like i that's why i'm surprised they haven't trade him somewhere trotta good asset to some so like oklahoma city or something we went immediately we only want the cap space like here's like rovers infer j r smith we immediately wage errors and then he goes to the lakers then you get off i don't mind i guess person tops and just has no trade value if they mvp is not someone who like milwaukee should get him just a program at horford milwaukee yeah oregon philly should get a it's a like again i think they should get banned in top were getting all those guys to defend argue that book you know it's like why just being like i don't wanna have to play against paul george anymore so i get i exactly that's exactly what we want after lipscomb shifting okay thompson that when you i thought he had to i i could see like i would take on one year tristan thompson about like a playoff team that might be the big shot honestly you their worst players to get in memphis pick forget i'm all in times i'd i'd i'd be right back to be announced in phillies had i don't you would you you do missed his flight district there's only one year yeah i would do that 'cause i think it'd be very content alone i did i did i i find so yeah that's when you're eighteen million and again like that would get them get off their books jaguars is fifteen but that'll be gone and i get i'm i think they should trade kevin love to wherever russell westbrook or the lakers i wonder if they get it but right him but you have to take care to license you wanna you know the caps the worst team in the league caps yeah they might be down there there and they should watch now you like they look to g i would sexton with garland yup a quarter when you're order i feel like brandon knight is gonna have they not quite that level but like a shrine of air gordon i'd be thrilled just friendly got dumped on by d andre jordan again that'd be the same gamba also by kyri yeah they make the playoffs holding like he's just you know for sure that but he he only does it on the biggest so you're not doing that game twenty two definitely games they say you're like they're on the same team now you shitting me a coach i'm not blameless like he's i think he's too young and he's as bad as like the contract has been he's still like bounced around a place if it hasn't been just like a goal way another twenty seven games like he shot thirty seven percent from three last year like i just kind of like again before lifesaving oh boy tyreek evans like okay he just he just need to get healthy healthy the good player or maybe this thing when they're down eighteen mhm the dog that's usually what happens when the bell rings didn't rang just parked in front of reason in rang a the pistons the pistons of detroit detroit russell westbrook a yeah couldn't otherwise i don't really know what to make of this team this team i mean it's like i think there's a debate or like there's a cyber just trading blake but i'd hold people i would trade drumming because again i think he's opting out jackson expires after this year and i would just whatever i different drum and they've got like bruce brown will good kyri thomas konare eric grows on the draft rose on the draft a dubai but yeah they're like their growth if you're gonna keep shooting forty percent from three then yeah i would trade dramas just might be the strangest constructed roster we've seen yet this might be the strangest insurance it's just pretty much spraying parts they're not the worst team in the league the worst even just off blake on like they might make the playoffs again they were a playoff team that's pretty much exactly the same so they if make the eighteen against such a strange construction and i'm sick looking at that roster may have set a roster you're unsure of indiana pacers so bonus turner tj warren doug mcdermott loan is pretty much the front court german brogden holiday front court a what's his name goldie but when comes back assuming he jumps back when he comes back assuming i that's i dunno the injury worries me the bucks have been willing to walk on lead brogden foot walk worries me like the pieces individually makes sense like picking up tj warren for nothing that's a steal i really just i know they're going big and again like the death lineup doesn't exist anymore so maybe it can work but i really think they should trade i would not risk this not like just being hamstrung i think we've seen the deepest could be really good the often in the playoffs it's just too easy cigar i don't disagree i do i'm higher on the menu you are i do i do think products will be mostly okay a it's really like when all the depot comes back really hopefully it's the middle of this year but i honestly have no idea and they just seem to have enough guys who can score and i think their defense is gonna be really good al tickets through over the course of the regular season like they won forty eight games last year or so could they do that again i think that's like unreasonable for only one forty eight but i could see them get like a five seat again but i could also see like giving there and just like a meeting happened to acquire terrible i don't see much so yeah or just drives me that's what i'm saying so is like again add the injury is not a good one like i'm at the bottom of the that the quieter so attached to the top of the kneecap that tendons where the muscle meets with the ball that's the quieter september in and other people's case he tore that tendon right off the top of the kneecap generally people who have this older folks that's the compelling thing about his injury in the young man in the prime of his athletic career he's just not in the normal range where we see a lot of these injuries i started thinking about potential bad injury that could happen michael patellar dislocation in ac l injury quadriceps or patella rupture even patellar fracturing breaking the kneecap in of all those things unfortunately the injury injury ola depot has held again like an athlete that that was from a doctor for a doctor so i'm really like i'm worried about that i feel like my issue is whatever team they have they're locked into it right now like warrener's three years who else brogden for years over depots contract if you're keeping the bonus reagan after resigning and it's like this just feels like a good this just feels like a good out faded team again you will win a lot of regular season games this is like a very low ceiling team right very high floor so i'd be i'd be surprised if the same missed the playoffs and and then matters to support the compete but i feel like this even bigger look like i think when you have a roster of guys like that i think you just insufficient go get some ways it's weird because i don't have any draft capital which would be that would make some real dangerous a bad pick on their own like a relatively they don't they gave those upper brogden so if i you you're you're down i think two picks off that about you don't really have like tj leave wasn't quite a player holiday i don't think it's quite an asset not that i would give up on but it's not like they don't they don't think they have that further piece yet i think it's the bonus like that's worth like i i think they're at the trade him and i think sooner rather than later all right that there are some better the pelicans last but certainly not least last week the team what these small this roster i've seen so far the team what they that's what they're now for the milwaukee bucks that's what they're no no brought back mostly their exact same from last year minus brogden plus robyn lopez minus a today do one more thing madman take this country has more on what i feel like there's one other thing much wrong about that long were they traded their pick they got he's now so they don't have a gotcha really wesley matthews like a hundred and eighty million middleton matthews yeah that was a good yeah i i've always been a big wesley matthews guy although it's not like i feel like they're like they would still be the favorite to begin once they won't see a i think philly loaded up specifically the beat them i think really loaded up an i don't will see if it works a i'm will see if it works a b palestinian shack and then get knocked out a but a boy yawn assembling so contemplate big minutes in the playoffs playoffs another step in dante that's what like i get bright lights between bring it they brought georgia back like what team him wesley matthews and dante you've been somewhat replicate that easier then broke my heart brooklyn brook lopez so i i get it but they still got ellios over which i feel like you feel completely out of the rotation they have dj wilson who i like and hope doesn't in middleton batch middle middleton's back he had like an awful playoffs but bledsoe still coming off his best regular season so i feel like at the very least he he'd be counted on regular season playoffs i we don't know yet that's like you'll have like another i guess if he plays a lot of games which he usually does like all defense caliber season yeah yeah no like they got some sort of the same that is get them to a point where they wanna be this year they're gonna win at all and outs to wide open for that if you told me they like if you came from the future and you're like bugs on championship i wouldn't be shocked yeah it's they they made the finals maybe they went up this year they just ran into the raptors team right yeah they lost dominant they lost to the troops will be dominant in six games wasn't it they were up to oh yeah the warriors jeff right nobody else even got up to oh on him so there's again in the first year but jonas's donna twentysix twentyfive so they're they're fine yeah now i i don't think he's in vp again though no i would agree with that i don't think were like they do clarence friends they want everyone out one out of the owner of anybody ever win three mvp like ever again like right after might get 'cause he got two in a row where i'm out any but it's like oh no honest will get one and embiid will get one will get one anthony davis will get one everybody's avenue doctors like what the i should have for card to tell me about a brother forty eight a game of thirty one now a first team all defense first of all do you got yes all right james back that cmb in where most of the people play now where most people play was wasn't everything she choked i can't believe i can't believe equipment did that a nearly four hours a day which is good i saw a pie by jake dropped like a three hour episodes kfc radio has been dabbling another three hour episode videos a range three hour yeah real cute tom a lot of people think we've forgotten how to talk for periods of time about things that really not that important buddy i don't think so really i think again buddy think again what's you're finals before we get out of here as of today finals before we get out of here as of today i will say books clippers is that the worst rated i'll say clippers winning where it's raining finals on ebay history that's the worst rated finals others in the tape delay once no either way it's not really do hunger by the rating i'll watch it now that'll be like that's just it's starpower 'cause they'd be like oh these guys had a team up in this big market versus a a shark she honest and little bitty town but if he leaves going in new york i'm gonna go yeah the clippers winning i'm gonna go clippers over denver in the west philly over milwaukee in the east and then the clippers over philly adams oh boy no but i do think embiid right now a is my mvp a pick but i don't know if that's what's gonna be when we do are like season preview she's also i'm wondering like are they gonna count for like the lowly might and intimate stuff because i just like embiid wouldn't be my you're gonna if they understand it it'd be the only place sixty one games but those sixty one that's what i meant credible yeah i don't hate that but as of right now yeah yeah i don't know if though i think it'll say will see if it's true load i don't think you're gonna load management and then also an injury that takes off like fifteen games you know what i mean like i think if it's like clear load management i mean how do you know what what the right now he's the managing the same load the three weeks yeah i i write out i dunno if i guess i don't know if that's my pick come a early october but right now that's where i'm leading to a stiff paul george playoff pace getting his maguire's just gonna leave all these guys who can't like kyle lowry don't worry don't worry friend okay earrings paul george no worries tile i gotta say i'll say this if he lifted and talking about like what paul george getting way where you go from next year so if next year is the number two if we like we both say as of right now they're winning the championship if they win the championship and he's basically if he wins defensive player of the year probably makes second team but i get wins they've been clearly a first team all defense all that and i i'm i will say i don't think he could win finals i mean people why but man it would think human defensive player of the year what's cool is that a better see that's that's where i feel like the load meant like just like paul george like seventy five games last year why play like fifty i just don't know about first share but i think it's gonna be when those fifty eight legs and they're both on the court together it's like oh yeah he's not as good as back like i just don't know people who believe in ghosts or what yeah well the thing is like even regular season last year for sure wasn't collide defense which i think was just i don't know if it was him just getting back but i like when when it counts i just don't think regular season anything i wouldn't go why they why did make they all start do that's a sure i'd much rather than i mean we don't know thank you a but but he liked that caliber season is that better or worse than what he did last year like last we might have seen what he could do as a number yeah which is a great season but if we find that he's just scottie pippen the issue is that a better worse that's why it's like all we gotta say we've seen paul georgia's brown if he's willing to accept okay this guy's clearly better than me i'll gladly be his one be i don't know how we could say we've we've seen the light of distress individual statistical season but like the best interational 'rational paul george product right 'cause i think he tried it before the season i think you'd never average more than like twentythree twentythree twice twenty two last year this year he jumped twenty eight so he just like gets back to the twenty two range but again because he's definitely get no second best defenders while getting a number one and like all his shooting percentage of grace but he starts passing the ball more like he's just like a twenty four the eight boys last year she's made it more like what he might get the nine boards six assists twenty two points he's playing defensive player of the year decent that's why i don't think i don't wanna say we've seen the best of the paul george i i can't put this type of cleveland and i don't disagree and i'm excited that as depressed i was winter i got her africans are worried about the caliber of basketball we're gonna get this year i'm still not as excited as i could be because were missing one of the all time greatest players prime season maybe his last words we might never see a prompt we've gotten so that's still sucks but it's it's hard to be upset about where they mb is that right now how's it always bounces back and honestly i want like a woman could be injured but like duran being like this is my big splash on moving and then this happening just completely still yeah they're gonna do is the most direct thing ever sort of like it might be like him next year like i get the like nobody derozen incremental be the big free agent next year me coming back will be bigger than any any you think ben's i on dot chicken traded to the timber wolves flow child is like god damn maybe if they if they if you ask nicely stringent mb eight innings that's what kevin guy that was saying so i have no idea how you get a year ago the man like where the concert now moved their asylum case you didn't hear it i'm back and again like rightfully he made he made a business decision and rightfully so but they were just like absolutely thank you can buy guy unhappy man you can you have anthony davis unhappy he'll he'll ruin your season you'll get no trade value for have nothing to look forward to sunday though don't get it tyler it's just not today i just don't think recipes tom tom recipes florida recipes recipes nessie car responsible fled the smash that donation button please and thank you i dunno rent talking about hopefully westbrook gets traded between now and the next show but will figure out how to his wife of disagreement agreement on i can't play with a guy like well twice already having them skip the skyway from me at also can't like again what if any year yonathan like milwaukee like i like i i have no idea where the amazon is what is the best sport in the world man your food to the nfl nothing nineteen fifties thinking you're still thinking big markets a but then he brings on right into this that began muslim smooth dispense bomb in the front pushing through the taco truck on the screen it'll be gleaned from the gotta get when i don't know single good a couple of times will be legal they squeak costs can stream game where this goes cold you know josh allen the blood moon we don't publish walking out of thomas b edsall when they i wanna make money when james now she told what to stand down nickel nickel man come stand not me some money in their okay from the gotta win i don't know a single good so we don't drive drunk couple darnold will be his name is attorney craig craig maybe he can kind of i mean it really deep from the gotta win i don't know why hunger single we'll drop a couple of times but don't let me let me let me squeeze man

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