Interview with Caleb Harris, author of Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003


Hello, this is Eric Morris Eskenazi I am the host of the Iraq dispatches podcast. Thanks for tuning into this latest episode in which I chat with writer, Kayla Paris discussing his new novel suffering in silence, August fifteenth, two thousand, three, and also going over his blog entries and his phone projects. Hello thanks for listening to the erotic dispatches podcast. We'll be back shortly after brief break. Hello I've been using anger. Dot FM now for about almost a year for the podcast. Dispatches which is distributed through anger, dot FM, completely free to use very easy and any audio the upload. Through the website. Will Be. Used to organize your audio files, and once your podcast ready to submit, it will be available to stream with at least eight different streaming sites. So Caleb I just wanted to start out does to ask you. Do, you mind sharing with The listeners your up. You're writing background and like how long you've been writing. Yes sure okay. So basically been writing for quite some time. Now have a mass communications degree S- about five years, so I graduated in two thousand. Seventeen in twenty six years old right now so now I've been writing still riding still making books blogs in Moscow doing movies as well great. That's excellent what you're selling her a big inspiration for writing. I would definitely say guys like judo. Spike Lee Henry David Thoreau attack utilities Other philosophers have helped me keep going. Okay? In your your. From Connecticut. Now Buffalo Connecticut okay. Have you. Lived there your whole life? I've been can. Ever since I was a child I was born and raised in Hartford Connecticut so I've moved around to places as well so right now i. just live an entry. Okay. Nice, so you really enjoyed reading your book. Suffering in silence, August fifteen, two, thousand three, and wanted to know like. was there a lot of like biographical content with your novel? A song. Yes, in some no 'cause there are some scenes were I did grow up in the south, a little big and my father and I didn't always get along in beyond good terms so him and I don't really have the best relationship, but definitely with Birmingham Alabama. That's a place of mind where I usually don't hang out with out in the south that month Carr's I just felt as if I didn't really fit in as well. Then like the the character of Ricky did you ever do any teaching? Now I never did any teaching I was a paraprofessional, but I've always been fascinated with films like we not meet a standby or in one eight seven, so those kind of teacher films is what I really wanted to go for a really wanted to not explorer as much as like the out of control kids, but most importantly the out of control like staff and Yada Control Environment, not not too. Many people really talk about because it does get pretty hectic at his school because he trying your best, but you not. You don't really have too many people behind you. Did you ever have any friends that like teachers at inspired you to write about like the different sort of conflicts. They had like Miss Weathers, the character and the. Other student teachers ever coming in summer slacking. Some are pretty rude. I know a couple. I know there was this one woman that I used to be like good friends with A. we're still friends. We don't talk as much, but she's a teacher. As well as you would always talk to me about how hard it is the way he had kids the listen how the staff like they're basically against you in it is for all these like petty reasons, and it just makes you so complicated. Because all you really WanNa do is just go home work. Do the best you can do and. Just go home. And also been reading your different blog. Entries really enjoyed them. and. I saw like know some of the stuff in your blogs. It was like some of the things you write about your blogs like you. Had it into novel as well like deliver. Things about like you know toxic friends and. you know Substance Abuse Send self-discovery. You know so very powerful stuff, right? And Like you read that one of your blog entries was called naked, not afraid keeping emotions disclose I really enjoyed Ed. Thank you, yeah! How long. How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging for a ball I WANNA say three years now, and it wasn't something that I was. Trying to do, but the reason why I have a blogs to show people that like I could actually. I could actually tell stories I could actually talk about things like mental health transparency accountability, and all these other things just give people a just a mile writing style and hopes that they'll actually my my own material. So your book is coming out in August and I see that like a kindle released, but do you plan maybe also maybe like Iraq released or hardback released. Yeah, the paperback will actually come onto fifteenth as well so people have the option actually get kindle e book, actually have the option to get the paper back in the audio book will be out very soon. audiobook great. About that. Did you do the audiobook yourself or do you have like different like like actors do different voices or just one person reading the text? Right now I'm into. Miss the actually getting things together, so are basically would just be doing the whole thing. Myself and I'm not too sure we're actually going to put it out, but I'll probably just would call it the whole thing myself. I have a little bit of a background in like editing and okay I'm recording so I I think I the so. Okay! And the the character of of Joel novel, the trainer and the guy was also involved the church group. was He based on anybody? You know I guess from your pass. Yeah he was based on one guy knew his name was like our past to Tony, and he was actually video like if you want my life in, he wasn't like every other. Christian guy always hung out with so it was like my mother always wanted me to get involved with the church, but as I got older I basically. Just do my own thing. Will, have some religious used, but not too many, but he was one of those guys like he was very transparent like you would just tell you what he had been through and hopes that you can relate back to him, but he never liked the push church on anybody so dwells ration- does come from that guys well. That? Stuck in the novel, the stuff that Ricky and his father tyrone was really powerful, no complexity of the father son relationship, and when he's down, south in the grandmother you know in about how he didn't like bullied. You know as well so you covered a lot of really. Great? You know really powerful topics. We, mentioned films I. Know You also mentioned for film references in your blog entries like days, confused and and networks, so no, it was still background. Do you do directing do writing and producing? I've done A. Of all three, the last home I put Al was in two thousand sixteen was actually a documentary titled Help Us, and I was in Enfield with a couple of people and we're were videotaping. What was going on with a heroin epidemic and Eventual Connecticut? Because there are a lot of young kids, young boys and girls, every dying of this and the media was just you know telling about the story, but as usual with I've noticed with media like I've actually said this is. The film network before they control the narrative, so they can show what they want you to hear what they want you to see so mine was more like an underground like there actually are people doing something about it. There's actually dropped boxes where people could actually take the drugs, but inside the dropbox and there's. No consequences are because anything, but there are people that are actually doing something about it. I talked to the police department I talked to. A mental health groups in Enfield Connecticut as well so there are people trying to come up with solutions, but unfortunately the media doesn't really cover that much. And Ernie of your projects from projects of able like online don't want the helpless is online on Youtubecom all you have to do is just type in. And feel documentary and you could just see into entirety. Okay? I'll check it out if you're okay at that pace. Elaine con the profile page for this podcast for the listeners to see. Okay Great. do you mind sharing what are as a writer? What are the biggest challenges and joys? What are the biggest challenges is actually writing like? Just you know putting your actual paper down it whether it's you keyboard or whatever lake just actually finding the time the right because I do have a job to do work as a pair possession ladder, school and I do other odd jobs as well so my time is a writer is limited so I definitely have to find. Find Tanya respected, but sometimes you just tired, and you're lazy, but the join is actually getting the book done like when the book is done, and you go through another edited another edit, but like when it's officially done, and there's no more edits. There's nothing more you can do. You finally have a finished product and that definitely makes me feel a hell of a lot better. and. How long did you work on the novel for? Two years. From two thousand, eighteen to two, thousand, twenty, and I recently had the whole book was done earlier in Two thousand twenty boy I was still kinda nervous to release it but figured. A somebody has to talk about these issues that men go through especially young men around my age. I'm twenty six years old, but I've always seen around eighteen to thirty six. Not Too many young men really like to talk about their issues, so these are the kind of books. I WanNa hit home with. And like did you ever take any classes on like? On psychology or like? Social or stealing social work type stuff. I took one class. The psychology and I took a lot of communication clauses, which basically helped me like understand how people interact and like a workplace around their friends or relationships. You know certain friends and family, and all those kind of things and I've always been avail observant guy like I. Really don't talk too much I'm really just an introvert, but I've always been very observant. I could always pick up on what people saying what people do, so. I pick up on. What's right and wrong in their? A typewriter, who who writes every day or you? Just you know rise whenever you have the free time. I write every day, but it's a combination of the two like sometimes I. Use right when I feel like af I skin day. Make sure that I'll go to the next day in a rice nothing now. Are just all over the place, but I try to like ignore chartered Organiz them and put them on one desk, and then I'll just go through everything, and I'll see what I like and see what I don't like. Sometimes I throw things out a stump. Things I just keep, but at the process of a writer. And do you have like a group of friends or peers, either in Connecticut, where you live or or people like Oliver that are writers as well and filmmakers. I actually don't know too. Many of my friends and family connection so have to be a no, but I still reach out. Maybe there are some people that still right in there, probably just afraid. The publisher owns stuff that could be it. Hello, thanks for listening to the erotic dispatches podcast. Will be back shortly after the break. And D. do you mind sharing like any kind of a coming projects? You're doing like a either with writing or with so making. With right now with writing the only thing that solid is suffering in silence, August fifteenth two, thousand three, which will be out very soon, but for just my blogs along always be posting blogs on Mondays on unpopular opinions dot com, so you could just check out all my boggs. They're like every Monday. I Post. I'm available on facebook and Instagram so just check me out on. Their I'm always posting about things all the time. Okay And Do you mind sharing any kind of stories that inspired you when you're working on her novel? It was a bad relationship. I had with my father. Who is we always logged batted heads all the time, but it was one of those things where he was abusive towards my mother and I remember when I was six years old I remember a try my best to fight him off, and he tried to go after me world, so we don't always see eye to eye. My Dad's lied to me a couple of times. He's told me a truth, but with Sam. More JEKYLL and Hyde effects so I've learned to love him from afar. I hope that one day could actually have a conversation, but it's one of those things where I've learned with my dad. I can't really force it. any anything else like any anything having to your life. Besides the conflict with your father, like anything else, you know the instances. Inspired any any of the. Like the subplots or any other characters within the novel. Now definitely say like my sobriety that definitely helped the lockers I remember I used to drink a lot because I was just trying to party with all my friends in. It's one of those things where you're basically in your adolescence, but you don't know an actually. Leave it at least a bad parts behind like you know like the drugs and the alcohol unlike promiscuous sex, and all those things, so I did out troubles leaving those those things behind and there. There were some people I. Just don't hang out with. Don't talk to anymore so I did put a little bit of that and rookie Johnson's character and actually you know told people the reason why he does. All these kind of things is because he's looking for a place of understanding, and maybe people will understand it. Maybe people won't understand but is there are a lot of young men out there like Ricky Johnson who are just lost walking around in circles. is there anything about living in Connecticut that inspires your writing like the the atmosphere or different different areas or different the different parks. There really isn't too much inspiration in Connecticut that I've seen, but there's like parks I go to this one place. I go to called the Windsor locks trails I. Go out there a lot. They have this really cool like her. Fiji Bridge, when I'm out. There I'm just hanging out. I just listened to the water and definitely helps me out with Lake. Just myself to write a whole lot more, and it's just very mine-clearing for me. and. What about like? What are your biggest music influences in in regards to writing? Now, that's very complicated. I listened to a lot of like different kinds of music, so I would definitely say my favorite band is the band ready for the world is? They're very eighties. Ban I was really into like fifty cent of logic. Kendrick Lamar so basically just rapid basically has some kind of a message to like. Try Call Question de la soul as well so. Anything that really just has some kind of a Asia. It doesn't have a message I. Really just don't listen to it. In like how how have you been doing with the with the lockdown? As have you been writing more? I've been writing a lot more just been keeping me busy I. Mean there are some days where I just saw probably take a day or two off where I usually just been keeping in shape and working out, but riding definitely helps 'cause I just right now. I don't really want to think too much about what's going on. Because there's a whole bunch of yes, nos and maybes and everything about that. It's just really frustrating just complicated. It's like you know. Let's just play this whole thing out. Are you. Is there any like film projects that you're working like? You were guiding screenplays for anything right now? Right now no I'm still trying to get back into the gist of filmmaking because. Writing, books I kind of look fills behind because I always wanted to write books. Boy, one of those things where I won the right films more when I was in college own then when I graduated college now WanNa write more books and films, so I I do have a couple of ideas I just gotTa, put on a paper. That's all. Do you watch the films often? Yeah I watched a couple of films. All the time usually would always watch film for. I go to bed or like on a Sunday. Since I've been working out a little bit more I haven't really been watching too many films. was anything. You've seen recently that you liked. There was this one film I watched. It was on to be TV. It was called I. Think it was red letter day, and it was a bunch of people that are sending everybody letters, never telling everybody to apparently kill one another and people that actually yeah. They had the letters, and they would open them up, and they actually got very paranoid in actually started to try and kill one another. Another so pretty interesting show-me the psychology behind it is you think that some people just everybody would just rip up the piece of paper, but then people have very alterior motive, so other people actually do have psychopathic tendencies like that and actually take advantage these kind of things, so it was pretty interesting. It was on his onto the Tube I. Yeah, I've used that APP you out the check. Sounds, great. Anything else any other interesting interesting stories that inspired you know your on writing or your blog entries. I think it was just like I. Really Attach us. Oh, delight Junot, Diaz or else. In lemony snicker because it's just those kinds of books. They were as just. It's raw transparent, unlike some of it is said, and some of it is happy, but most importantly like. It just feels real to me like obviously it's fiction, but it doesn't seem like it's faking. It doesn't seem like it's forced, but it definitely has some kind of an edge to us I believe it was those three guys that definitely. Inspired my way of writing. And you have like. Have you had a lot of positive feedback already from? from your novel like any like friends or associates. That I've had. A couple of people have just reached out to me random leanest. Hey, man, keep up the good work. I mean I really you know I've read the full of Bank but I definitely enjoy what you read because I've done reading, so people have been like you know. They've really liked my readings for some reason, but it's one of those things where some people will buy, and some people won't buy it so I know there's GonNa be some people are probably give me a little bit of backlash, but overall the the opinion right now has been pretty positive, so I can't complain. So I guess before the the lockdown you were doing like public readings, or are you doing it like like online? Dow was still doing them online, because I didn't get too many interviews so I had to reach out to a couple of people and network with a couple of advertising team, so I know Jim. Sparse Ev gave me an opportunity to do a two minute reading, and it was definitely something that a lot of people enjoy it so I'll probably do one more reading before August fifteenth with that'll probably be on instagram or facebook. Okay. And I know it's like you know at the end of novelist says TV continues so your plans to do like like a second part. To the there will be a second part, but won't be any time soon. They'll definitely be other stories in the series of stuttering and silence what they will definitely be focusing on different characters, and who knows maybe Rick Johnson may pop up somewhere in one of these stories. That he great. Yeah, look forward to. Reading a more of your work and in. Your blog entries. Did. You want to share any anything else with the listeners. I do have a website. It's on wintry right now. Because my other one is in construction, but he followed my website linked tree at C.. H., A. R., a. a Dash, Mar, so all my stuff on there like I also do Colson -tations to. If you just need somebody to talk to on my blog on there, my facebook, my instagram, you could also be a guest blogger on my side as well so I have definitely different opportunities on there so definitely check out. Everything else. That was pretty much it I. Mean I'm still available as said before logs, also do another series called midweek. Madness, which is on my instagram page, k., the pates cake, so I basically cover all the craziest videos that I could find on the Internet and I tried to lead by example. You know I jotted like give people actual advice on like how to basically not be an idiot. Really you know just live a good moral life, and just not do all these idiotic things just as quickly. You know what your brain. Hello thanks for listening to the erotic dispatches. PODCAST will be back shortly after the break. Thanks again for tuning into this latest erotic dispatches podcast episode featuring interview with writer Caleb Paris I've include links on the profile page this podcast in which he could purchase suffering in silence, August fifteen, two, thousand, three through Amazon, and also a link in which you could check out the blog entries and his social media accounts. There is also a contribution button located on anchor profile page, and any condemnation will be greatly appreciated since I'm always driving a podcast better. I'll be back soon with a new episode. Take care. Bye.

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