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Elimination Chamber 2015


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Well, that's great news we Were happy to have some of this stuff, Miami on the downslope or so we hope knock on wood and. Hope that everybody is is and sound and happy and today. We're going to try to bring a smile to your face with elimination. Chamber, twenty, fifteen armed, for whatever reason people are really digging that you have a chance to talk more modern wwe course with other shows where he's talking about stuff from the eighties nineties early two thousand, so to talk about something from just five years ago is probably a quite the change of pace as a listener, but I gotta be honest. It's it's a little different for us to go from talking about tully. Blanchard Midnight Express and then the next week. We're talking about. DOFF. Ziglar Bo Dallas. It's a little different. Yeah because the business has changed, and it didn't take long for it to change its whether a lot of transitions. And just this match alone is different than anything that's happened in the past so. Lot of uniqueness in the business today. We're talking of course about elimination chamber. We'll talk about that match a little later. This pay-per-view excellent went down on May thirty first twenty fifteen, so this past Sunday was the five year anniversary. It's The American Airlines are American Bank Center in Corpus Christi Texas. What's your favorite? Corpus Christi Memory Do you have any from all your travels there over the years. Probably the match that Cactus Jack hates worse than any matches ever had, and I've read some stuff that he's an agreement We had a show there. I think it was a of the champions WCW. And they had cactus. With the mass man meal Mascara. You remember that stinking ru I remember. Not only the bad badge, but the horrific bump that cactus talk in the middle of that thing wolf. Yeah was terrible and the the problem with having that big bomb. That would've killed me or most of the rest of the crew. Hats off to Cactus for just being a tough SOB It was the indoor record for armed bags. The indoor part of that is the best dig of all tremendous I'm still in that line. It's absolutely accurate. There had to be. Kidding probably twelve arm drags. And it was just time after time and you could tell that. The cactus was just going with the flow. In an area where Mill Mascara was over obviously. But it just got the based so repetitious I thought they were ribbon the boys. And it was just a guess, someway and meal Mascarenhas Mind. It was a way to dominate the match. pain-free BOP free effort free. And before Cactus took that God awful, Balk at just. A RIB It was it was not great. Well listen. Let's talk about Happier Times. Let's talk about this particular show, but I sort of set the stage with some behind the scenes, news and notes. A bit of a tease going on between a podcast and You know sometimes. This is one of those what if a type scenarios are so? It feels like but. Right after raw, you guys had a live so Steve Austin podcast and Paul Heyman, was the guest, and towards the end of the interview they start to tease a brock listener Steve Austin. Death match at next year's Wrestlemainia. Of course, we know it didn't happen. But as far as you know, never seriously discussed, or is this just something to get a little buzz for the podcast? Was it discussed a stone cold return? Well, not in the forum that I would have been an lack of production meeting. The Austin had his podcast at that time. Yes, he did. Is there a didn't I read somewhere where those guys went to dinner or something, and just as friends, and and had a casual conversation. How would it be to work together? Maybe Mania? I read that somewhere. There was something outside of the ring. I, don't know if it was like Chad at a cocktail party that maybe had some physicality, or maybe there was a dinner between the two, but eight feels as if at the end of that podcast. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe that was the teas of an angle especially since it's on the wwe network, and not just through podcast, one and offer traditional podcast. SORT channels. Too I couldn't say Yay or Nay. It's not unusual to promote something that big that far out just to get people talking about it and right. See. What kind of you know reaction you get might be Tell Tale of where you do it or not. Maybe. Let's Let's talk about somebody who is going to be coming in. It's Samoa Joe. He's thirty six years old five years ago, and when ring of honor announces that they've got a deal to go to destination America so now they officially have TV W. decides. MAYBE WE WANNA change his contract the concept being at the time he had a deal like Rhino had where he would still work in t, but he was allowed to go out and book other independent dates whenever they want to lock him up and it looks like he's going to be off all of the next shows and moving up to the main roster, or perhaps at least just full-time with the company, but along the way. Something bad happens. Joe Appears at the January are the June first raw the day after this elimination chamber in San Antonio and he wrestles Tyson Kidd Josephine sure is a move called the muscle buster. And this is not a show. That's actually on raw. Believe is problem with being taped for superstars, but unfortunately. Kid is pretty severely injured. And according to one performer at the time, believed to suffer spinal cord injury. And this is going to be the end of Tyson kids in ring career. And just a horrible accident. This is a finishing move over. We'd all seen ally if you had been keeping up with. His career before you got to me. But on this particular night. Disaster Struck your there aren't what do you remember about our? POW Tyson, getting hurt pretty significantly here. Well not only am I a friend and a fan of Tyson's. I'm a friend and a fan of NATTY and. The word we got was. A. Dark match one before the show started. And Vance wanted to see in. You Know Joe Work and they had in heard all about him and. So they put together something really quick and they had TJ. Get on his boots real quick, but I don't think he had time to really warm up in. The guys didn't have a chance to talk. It was really A. Quick maybe a five minute. Dale Thang Bang Bang. And something accidental happened not to say that any anything one way or the other cost. It was an accident, right? No other way to put it, accidents happen in our business. And a guy that you know I'm a fan of TJ. That day his career was taken away in that capacity as far as the talent. And it was just a just one of those mistakes that happen. A Guy Lands wrong and. He's changed forever on next were not made for this business. And your neck control so many other bodily functions your it can run down your leg. Get run down your arm. It can cause your boss out to to disappear. Delta disappear. That's when you tell your neck up. It's got ramifications all over your body, and that's what happened that night and. It was a loss to the wrestling business for damn sure. Yet. He's still doing his thing. That should go. Follow him on twitter at Tj, Wilson. He started a new company called workhouse fitness products, and you can check it out at work house, fitness product, dot, com, friend of the show one of the best and Manas career cut way way to shore and happened just the day after this show Let's get back to the chamber though and. Let me. Tell you what Dave road he says. The chamber matches in no way compared to chamber masters of the past and the tag team masks. It was a combination of most of the team's not really being over, and just too many bodies to where it ended up feeling like a battle royal that heard it the I see title chamber match ended up a mess because things are scheduled to happen. The impression I have shameless was originally booked to win, but it was changed late to back. We'll get into the the booking change. Perhaps whatever happened there later. But this concept of the Elimination Chamber. Feels like. I heard Cornet years ago say! Well sometimes you have a mass that needs a stadium other times. You have stadium that needs a match. And this feels like hey. We got a gimmick that needs components, not opponents that need a gimmick, and so the elimination chamber the first time in the first few. They feel planned special, but here and I think maybe this is the the pitfall of having a show just named elimination chamber on the calendar. You sort of find yourself forcing. This match to happen well, what if these guys are in it? Not Man. We've got something so why hot! This is the only answer. What's your take on that? Hugest pretty much laid out the key to booking. When you have a match like that and trust me. There is no soft spot to land. It is a dangerous dangerous sending. No place soft land, there's it's very unforgiving. But in the past, and I'll just start here when you had one of those matches and you had. All top top guys that had angles going into it. Now you had a setting. You had a story and you had something that I wanNA, Bah. But the minute you started adding a second one to the same show. There's only so many things you can do inside that. Apparatus. And that's it I mean it's the same setup. Same like I said. It's the same apparatus, and you can only do so many things in there when you have more than one of those ones going to take away from the other other both GonNa. Take away from each other. and. You don't yes use that match as a gimmick to just put a bunch of guys in there that have no story heat have no reason for being in that particular match. It's like a One of my favorite matches. Thank God I was never in. One was like a TLC match. Well when you headlined a pay for view and that was. The match with detail see. Being in a very very prominent place, it was special, but then if you put a second one. You're seeing some of the same stuff. From earlier to later in the show, same thing with this match and they just it looked for my memory. They just put a bunch of guys. In these two matches on this particular show thinking that the. A. The cage would sell it and it can't be that it's gotta be. Your stories have to sell it and you know those guys are all trapped in there. There's going to be some justice for some. It's got to be some bad situations occur for other guys, and it's very dangerous. Somebody may get hurt or a bunch of somebody's May get hurt now it becomes interesting, but just. Don't want a bunch of Ames in there's. Not the right way to go I. Don't think and they found out that they. diminished. What that meant used to get a gas when you said I'm going to take on so and so and they'll. Laminati Chamber was like hell in the sales is like Oh Jeez. Not so much I, think as it as you over exposed. Yeah I hate to be that way, but it does feel like. This shouldn't just be a calendar Um in like. It's April must be wrestlemainia or hey, man. It's August here comes summer slam. That shouldn't be the thing for a type of gimmick mass that should be sort of blow off for the payoff and I think you know WCW sort of proved that with war games you look back at the original war games and man. It was just a barn burner. Anytime me and you talk about it. You're like Oh that was my favorite one. Gosh, nobody was in more or started. More or game smashes. The new did over the years, but along the way some of those war games when it became a staple of fall brawl, it started to feel just a little more. Well at September. Let's bring out the cage, right. Yep and that's not right. It should never be that way. Specific matches you know used to be a cage match was payday for the good. Guy! Trapped couldn't get away all the abusive things that happened to him. It was going to be payday that night and it was an paid off. You know and if you had a street fight, you know you met. There was GONNA be out in the crowd is going to be all over the building and it was just going to be wild. You know certain matches meant certain things, and then when you had bigger than life personality step into those roles in those match knowing what was possible. Thanks got real interesting. You know aren't as the enforcer of the four horsemen. 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That's SORTA unique to the promotion. There are sort of intervals between different guys getting into the match I know, it's not necessarily teams and. And it's every man for himself. Not certainly changes the dynamic, but it felt like for a long time once WCW down. Fans are clamoring. Bring back wargames and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that INEX- t decided to dust off the name. Even if the format was a little different, there wasn't a top on the cage and things like that. Do you think the Elimination Chamber is sort of the WWE's answer to the the old school wargames look. Well yeah I mean it's hard to come up with some brand new I think they took some concept's for more games in plug them and tweet. The way you use them One thing was for sure. You know what you could get out of. This particular match is whoever the guy started. If he ran the table to the end. You had a new star. If, he was the established top top star. You can you know and so you had that opportunity and there was you know some drama? When that countdown went down in the lights were flashing above each pod, and that pod would open. You know that was cool. It was one of those things are going to be. Who's going out there at is low and the fact that you could crash through those things if you're awry backer. Some a monster, you know whoever it was and crash into one of those things and. BUSTA open to pull a guy out if it was the wrong time I mean there was there was possibilities and that and that cage that. Mike for a really cool match. Let's get to the actual show itself. MELTZER would right in the observer that. This is a unique atmosphere. A paper feel of a show being held in front of something approximating a house show audience, most of the sold out crowd of seven thousand fans at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi had purchased tickets thinking it was a house show, so instead of adults ringside, much of the Reno's filled with kids, and while it wasn't a ninety percent plus pro scene local market. How show crowd? It was closer to that than the usual adult male pay per view that Bostick as early travels in and reacts differently. What do you think of the decision to? SORTA rush this show to be a pay per view. It was only put together two weeks ahead of time. and. meltzer would say this is done in an effort to keep people from canceling their wwe networks is. That would run out an hour after the show ended so if you got some sort of. Free. Like trial, and he signed up for Wrestlemainia, they WANNA. Make sure that you're gonNA hang with it and get this paper view too, so you'll keep that subscription going. So you sort of turn a house show into a pay per view I. Don't think this has ever happened before. Do you recall there ever been a situation where this happened before this? No because if you're going to have a pay for view, don't you want to have capacity to be available over seven thousand seats, yeah. And when you have a sell out, this is my opinion has always been my opinion Conrad. When you sell a place out early, a lot of people go. That's awesome. That's great. Okay. You're awake out and you're sold out. I'll look at it as being lost revenue forever. 'cause you, could IMA double debt. To fifteen thousand if you had the capacity if you sold it out a week in advance, because notoriously a lot of people about pay for view, that's a deal where you wake up Sunday morning you go your body Collagen Sousa you WanNa. Go play pool or play golf or something and you go. Hey, there's a pay per view on tonight. You WANNA come over I'll call a couple of buddies and this by that thing and here we go simple by. And you can get a huge up the day of the show once they see they being the audience that you are in town, and they see the trucks with all the pictures of the talent on it. They say well. Hey, there. This things going down. Let's get a ticket. And I think you're probably damaged the. Brand a little bit by just hot shot in it and throwing a bunch of names in there that have no story and you know who suffers the audience suffers and the talent because you're in this. This cage is supposed to be so violent, but you don't have a beef with anybody. And it feels crazy. The you go over the top to try to get along with some guy in some apparatus that you have absolutely no angle with. Water that. That thing down. I like your analogy to really heard that before in regards to promoting wrestling, but if it is an almost immediate sell out. He needed a bigger arena. You know you didn't you didn't. Run it all the way up, and the closest parallel I can come to that with as I. See in my business sometimes realtors bragging about. Hey, this house sold and six hours when I. Hear is well. They underpriced the house like you left money on the table. Because if if there's a feeding frenzy at that price, you probably could have got a little more. This is sort of the same concept was selling out arenas right? Absolutely absolutely. And you know I would rather have A. Fifteen thousand capacity and have one thousand seats or two thousand seats up in the very very top. That didn't sale costs. With the ability on lighting and production, and all those things being able to most black that completely out like doesn't exist. That's if you don't do that and you. You had that sell out early a week later I. mean that's revenue loss forever. You'll never go back and get it. It's gone. So Yeah I mean. It's the same thing as in your business. Let's get to the matches. The opening match the pre show match is stardust, Pinning Zack Ryder and just under six minutes. MELTZER would right when they announce. Stardust is coming from the fifth dimension. They started talking about the song. The age of Aquarius did that just write something like that started us with wins with crossroads in a solidly worked match. Two and a quarter stars of course for fast forward five years Cody is one of the centerpieces on a W on Wednesday. And Zack Ryder finds himself just recently released. This is two great friends outside of the ring and. they're twenty twenty, and beyond is going to look a lot different than two thousand fifteen. Did you haven't spent a ton of time talking about Zack Ryder? What'd you think of? All Love Zach. Who Whatnot Zach? He's the. Maintenance free employees. Wind he looks great. He can do some very good stuff. He's A. Completely total. Great Guy as a human being and as an employee's maintenance. Free whatever you want, tell him one time he's got it. He's going to go and Emma Cody. who very good France you know what a difference five years makes! You said it, I mean you know that's something we should really skip over because this business. You're told. Hey, go get over. Anything's possible. The key is just like dusty, told me I time. I walked in Crockett's office. Had those feet knows cowboy boots opened the desk. He looked at me and I'm expecting some big Ross Beitcher. I. Don't know what I was expecting. He looked at me and he just said. Go get old walk. And looked at him, and I was waiting on par to. And he looked at me and said that's it. I got my assumption got out of there. And went and got over. So. Cody did the same thing he bet on himself in. I still say because I was there with it? Cody put everything he could into that stardust. Gimmick and look great. Look Great on him, but that's not who he was. That's not who who's ever GonNa be, and just a biggest mistake. I would tell any young guy in this business. Is a guy playing a character. I'm not sure I give you a whole lot of hope. But if you were you being you and the more abbreviated. That you, take you down the how the worst is! You gotta take. The real you and accentuate it. Make it a little bit louder, little more colorful, little, more intelligent. But B U B because it's hard to screw up being you. And you know, and that would be my advice. That's who cody wounded. She wanted to be himself, and even though he gave it honored and twenty percent, he still wanted to be coding, and he is cody and look at high cheeses achieved. I have a suspicion that. We're not so. Get to the next segment on the show. It's Ms. TV with Daniel Bryan Ms has some array with him. the back story here. Being summary turned on Damian ms down now. MS and ms now broken up so. she's with Ms. we haven't spent a ton of time talking about some summary. She's no longer with the company. She seemed like a model employee when I don't think it worked out with her and wwe long-term. Well, she was you know and again I? Don't remember ever questioning anything. Everybody can't do this. You can be a great athlete or you can be A. World Class Dancer cheerleader. Baseball player football player, anything or even Jim doesn't mean you can do what we do. And I think that she had a really bad injury to her back. I believe it was which was. Probably Worse than anybody knew and she never really got started. And Got Rolling you know. They tried a couple of things whether, but I think the injury. You know when you have something that serious I think. She was out of the year so. It, kind of makes you question is is the right thing for me to do and. I didn't really know her that well. because took all the ladies matches, but I don't remember him or anybody saying hey, she's pain in the ass. I guess she did very best. Ship. Fits these are the noises? 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Here's two Perot his new book, and of course MS can help himself, but point out that hey, most of the time on a wrestler writes a book. It's because his career is over And of course they get fired up again and outcomes. Macho Mandel. Axel Mania! Do a run in here. We've talked a little bit about that. Gimmick since you not discussed that tag team in the pairing as you know, the Hulk Hogan and Randy. Savage spoofs unfortunately. We've learned that. He's no longer with the company. Of course you know not talking about San Dowie. Know that he's now with the interview, but. Curtis Axel no longer with wwe I think that probably took a lot of people by surprise, considering his legacy, and what Mr Perfect meant to the organization. Were you surprised when you saw the Curtis? Axel was moss. No because Curtis Axel is in Johannesburg. Right. That's where he should mandate. One and I've said this. There are guys that have a legacy in this business in Ted ABC to. Junior. Bob Morton Randy. Osborne's father. You know you got Cho- haning who was third generation. Mr Perfect was a very was one of the best workers I've ever seen the most creative the most athletic. He was just he was everything he had all, and he could talk. And he believed in himself a was. That guy was Mr Perfect. All they would have had to do to help. Joe Along was just day. One let him be Joe Haning. And they're gonNA tell you. That They were protecting him. Because nobody can be what Mr Perfect was, and it just him being a sun damage him and hold him back I. Don't believe that. When you've got a father then. Is that renowned? In this business and has the respect of the boys like he did. To find out that his kid is actually really good and Joe was a really good worker and. Just let him be who he is, and you know it will go as far as he was supposed to go anyway. God had a plan for him, so he was going to get over whatever degree that was, but at least give them a chance. Don't call him something. That's a total disconnect. This is no reason it. Helped me understand what I mean. I know that you're GONNA say. How do I know but if you had to guess? What he thinks is the differentiating factor between calling her charlotte flair or cody. Rhodes or I mean both these guys have have really big shoes to fill. And the they don't have that same opinion of Mr Perfect I, don't know like I was not as big of a name as Mr. Perfect House cody Rhodes as not as dusty Rhodes, not as big of a name as Mr, perfect, but yet those guys use their last name I. Don't know it feels weird. Is No one set. Rules right. Some some guys are allowed to for whatever reason some guys are not for whatever reason. I don't know it should be across the board and you know. The business. has to be replenished every five to ten years where they new group of young talent. If you don't have that talent resurgence, every five to ten years with injuries, being what they are, some guys, just bombing and not making it. you're going to have a diminishing Talla poll, but if you keep these third generation at sex jeter second-generation talent coming along. That that are really good, doesn't it look good for the business? That these guys are following in their dad's footsteps, and as long as they have their own style and they. Deliberately rip off all the things that the dad does. You may do one or two or three things that are signature that. When you see it, you'll ochre. You should do that in. Hey. The kid did a good to. That makes me feel good about it. That should be the way this business is, and you have if I was if I owned the company and I. Have This you know what about Bray Watt? Taylor Tondo tremendous performers coming after another tremendous performer micro tondo. I mean it's. Bray wide in no way is looked at as just rotunda does kit. They're so different. He has now he's you know reinvented himself again, but pray watt was a whole separate cat. But it didn't bother me. Knowing who is dad was from time to time reliving history, right? Now, I think that's what we like to do. Mean clearly the folks who listen to this podcast I mean. They're listening to nostalgia right now and that's. What wrestling fans want we respect the history of the sport a lot more than Maybe some others do. Let's keep it going here. Let's talk about a little tease that we would see on this show. meltzer would Ryan something done to be teased. They were really pushing Roman reigns and Dean Ambrose as best friends almost too much rain said he'd be buying the beer in the ice for the post show celebration, and you almost get the idea. The rains will be turning on ambrose, but it didn't happen here and we know ultimately it's not going to happen. He's not really ever going to become the quote. Unquote bad guy. They try briefly with ambrose, but it's later than right here. Talk me a little bit about. The just the paint by numbers formula of wrestling when to tag team partners. All the sudden start landed on real thick that they're best friends. That's usually a sign that well. We're about to see some action, right? Yeah I think it's probably just taste. Because you know the things that really get over and our business that make you hey, wait a minute. You hear that are the Saudis. The subtle things. And you know the shield were one of the mass groups to have came along ever. And you can really break it down over the last ten twelve years. However long they were together and in different combinations, and those guys when they would get into these heated arguments and bust out for a while. I mean all the single matches paged paid huge dividends. But you're right. If if fromm angeline in too hard. Oh, Hey, you're my buddy, my buddy, my buddy. It's almost like here. It comes, and maybe that was the idea that to throw that out there with the. The fan base go at okay. We've wanted Roman to be. He'll here. It comes and just Kinda test it a little bit. That's not out of the realm of believability. I don't think no I. Don't think so either. Let's get to the first of to elimination chambers the match on the actual pay per view off the pre show. It's a new day retaining the tag titles and elimination match over Tyson Kidd and CICERO. This would be Tyson's next to last match here. the ascension, the Lucia dragons, the prime time players and low Snyder Dory's. Plenty of time here twenty four minutes and twenty four seconds melted, say good most of the way, but lost steam by the end the reason the prime time players are getting the big tag team. Push is because Neil, one that father of the year award or a few weeks ago, so this was his reward for giving the company good publicity. What do you make that comment from Dave, Meltzer? Well there's Tom Place to promote father of the year, and I commend him for that. He's out of the year. which was that's that's a hell of an honor which means he's doing a lot of good things in life. I'm not sure that that should be the vehicle in the reasoning why you push A. And a pay per view match. But that's just me. I know that you got a lot of names in this particular match in this thing is GonNa to get very crowded once it starts. but I don't think you use a guy based on that Shirley to God. If they're not gonNA move them up the ladder. Then why use him that well? When some other team! Could use that push? You could bring him out own raw. Have the boss come out? Congratulated for being father of the year now had a single spotlight. Maybe that's more what it deserved. The other folks participating in this match. We've talked about a little bit We've talked about the ascension. We've talked about Tyson kids as Aro. Of course, there's talked about new day, but we haven't spent a lot of time talking about Darren Young. Daring, young man headlines, becoming the first sort of openly homosexual performer in wwe and it became. A real focus on line, but it doesn't feel like they really ever got behind that. On television. Why do you think that is? Do you think that I don't know it's hard. It's hard for me to articulate why something would be so popular online, and then it doesn't feel like it's even almost every address on TV especially when there is I don an opportunity for WWe to. to do the. I don't know the right PR thing. It feels like WB over the years has looked for opportunities whether it's be star Connor secure. They've looked for ways to SORTA. have a message to the audience and it doesn't feel like they did much with their young. Why do you think that is? I don't know you know for me. Since I started in the business. This is the way I viewed everything. We're melting pot of everything. Imaginable every race color creed. You know what at someone does male or female once they close their bedroom door. That's their business, right? Period, and they are entitled to the same shot at this business, no matter who they are. and color creed religion doesn't matter. They are all entitled to show to the same crack at making it in this business as anybody else, so you know I never saw it made an issue. And and you know this is a remember now. This is the old as growing up. All. Guys cared about is if you could work if you could draw money if you're, safe. That's all that matters and we were like one family, and that's the way it should be should be that way. Today shouldn't have any bearing on anything so why it wasn't pushed stronger I have no idea. It just feels like something. WWe would jump all over, and then they didn't and I'm glad you pointed out because I don't think that gets talked about a lot, but there's been a ton of of maybe not to the public, but SORTA openly quote unquote out to the boys. It wasn't exactly that PAT. Patterson or I mean he's been probably the most open about it because he wrote a book about it. But, still it doesn't feel like wrestling has ever shunned away from that or have that wrong? It's always felt like what you said that a If you've got, an attraction can draw money, and you can work and your safe come Ian. Certainly all I cared about, and that's all I care about today. It's you know. How can you fit in? Do you belong? Did you earn away in this business? You know not what you do in your bedroom. Door closes, should a consequential. Many things I love talking to own wrestling well. The only thing I love more than that is helping people save money. 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I think I have a lot of friends in there and a lot of guys that we're working hard. That are good. Workers just didn't have a story. Are have a reason to be in that match our so happy that they were. From this aspect that they were going to be spotlighted somewhat, and they will get to show everyone what they were capable of. And I mean you got some really good workers in that match, and they all work together, but when you have that, many people never want, I would made that the only match. The only elimination chamber that match, so you didn't have anything to compare it to the single match. So make sense, yes, the one later because you got all those bodies now that if you put a lot of creativity into it like those guys did, and they did a lot of dives off the top of it, and all that stuff, and they made a creative, but it can also get where you have that many bodies in there you can also get to full and things. Get a little clumsy, and it looks like you're running spots just to be running spots. It doesn't matter that the four Gaza did know you're going to run that spot or in the way. You know and it has the potential to have too many bodies in there and things to get clumsy. And things to get out of shape and somebody possibly get hurt, so it should have been the only one of the night I. Think probably the right guys went over. Even though you. Know, how Fell About Zorro TJ. You know I was just happy to see. Those have little spotlight. Absolutely and You should go out of your way to watch this one. Because unfortunately, this is GonNa be the last time we get to see. Tyson and Zarro all changes the next day. Let's get to the next match. It's Nikki Bella retaining the divas title in a three way overpaid Naomi. They're announcing their bill and Tan. Tomato snooker are banned from ringside and Nikki even takes a bump on the announcer's table here. they're pulling out all the stops, but meltzer would say. The crowd lost interest by land a good match, but the execution wasn't very good. They me try to reverse her and Rana which is a difficult move to pull off, but it looks bad here. On Page Nikki, venues the rack attack on the only for the Pin one-star. So it's a three way for the divas title, and don't get a ton of time here only five minutes and twelve seconds. That's wasn't really high on it. What did you think? Well, I mean I'm a fan of the ladies and the evolution of the ladies and. How they've gotten better and just how tough they are! In. Everyone of those ladies had something to offer that match, but I think with just a short amount of time, and probably not a huge build up and I don't think the ladies had quite gotten to the point of where they were focus. Like they are now and have been over the last few years. You know of any given show, but they were each getting better in all. It page grew up in the business. She'd been worker from day one because she grew up in the business I think Naomi was one of the girls are ladies and I could watch getting a little better all the time and you know. Nikki Bella. was just in my mind. I think she was. You know natural. Thought, she brought it and but if you don't have a state story and something at the end of the rainbow that has been built to for months and months and months. It comes across as just filler match when that's very disrespectful to look at them like that, but I think maybe the audience made. He took it. As a placeholder after the elimination match. Yeah, unfortunately, we've heard you know from from Bruce Prichard I think he calls it a. let me up match. You need something to just You can't keep that. Fever pitch everybody on their feet for the entire three and a half hours. You're going to need something to let people take a break in quote unquote. Let me up. And so that's probably where this is position because the next match. Well, it's incredible, and this is the reason I wanted to cover the show with you. Besides the Tyson Kidd says Ara thing, it's Kevin Owens. He's the next champion and he's GonNa. Pin The United States champion John, Cena in twenty minutes and forty two seconds. Neither title is on the line, but this is an unbelievable match. meltzer gave it four and a half stars. They get plenty of time. But this is before Kevin Owens's even on the main roster officially. He's the INEX- t champ and we're just trying something here. But man putting him with Sina. There's no big way to debut in Wwe, and even though over the years, fans could be quite critical of John. they will say that all he has five moves, and it's the five moves of doom, and it's the same old shitter. Whatever the knock is. He also had another reputation as quote. UNQUOTE, big match John and boy big match John was here. This is an outstanding match. You watched it back this week for the first time. In a long time, you had to be proud seeing your boy and Kevin Owens tear it up here. I'M GONNA. Punch a small hole in your below, okay? Was it spectacular. And the fact that There were some God awful huge moves during this match. which the fans have grown to accustom. I think Kevin Owens is deceptively strong. For A guy, size and body structure I mean deceptively strong. And I got to see that for the first time in this match. where I think they went south, and I'm glad it was such an awesome viewing experience, ultimately for the fans who spent their hard earned money to get in this match. Did. Let them know that they were going to go all out. For the FANS TO GIVE THEM A. Eighteen car car crash. But the have John have. Kevin Lynch do his own finish to him. Kick out of it, but still his own move on him. and vice versa. Have a pop up our bomb, which was as finished for the very first time and have seen a kickout now. Remember. This is the first time we're seeing Kevin Owen. For them to throw away all these bombs and two way how you get in that pattern in that habit of. You at your. Finnish Omay, all mine own you will, if pitcher finish, wouldn't you know the counter right when you have a way of getting out of that? In just the fact that it was an attempt at doing your own finish on you and the other guy counters out of it. That's great storytelling. But ultimately. Off the top which was like A. I don't even know how to describe it, but it's like A. Oh Gosh. It's a SUPLEX. Where don't vertical SUPLEX Apprai- like it was like a brain buster off the top right? It stood out is the move of the match. Snow reason that shouldn't have. There's no reason Kevin shouldn't have been able to pick John because he doesn't look like. Is that strong? No offense Kevin just just telling you. The things that you perform or or awesome. And for John Kick out of that and to ultimately put Kevin Owens over. Is Fine. If you'RE GONNA, listen to the audience throughout this thing. Kevin Owens became a star that yes. Says, my humble opinion if you don't listen no matter what you got booked or written down for the next three weeks. If you see that and you see that audience react to that. Don't you switch those plans to hey, here's my new baby face. You would think so they didn't do that. The kept the the match trilogy going here or the the feud here going with John. CENA You're exactly right. They don't make Kevin Owens the baby face. Are that in the old days were felt like a no brainer to. Any can just be. Not Not to say anything like Steve Austin style, but he's the Anti Hero. He's that guy the kicks I. Ask that is the everyday man that doesn't look like. He can go out there and pop up. POWER BOMB MARQUETTE ARY Hell I've seen it more than once. He does some spectacular stuff, but the audience was cheering for him at away. That man we'd like to student. Make him a baby face the very next day. Switch gears because to put on that kind of performance to be John Sinoe one-two-three with his Finnish. There's no bigger launching pad at that particular time then there is. So go with it. Switch gears turning him into what they WANNA see. That that is where And I. Had that match sat in and out as they were going through it, voiced my opinions as I normally did. Those, who got shot down? I respectfully said I just wanted to bring it up and those were some of my concerns. During the match and even I wasn't prepared for how Kevin was going to be received, so hey for the audience. It was an awesome deal I just look at. Today's not a standalone show. We're not thinking about next week and the next week in the next week. Precaution without programming and thinking our way through this. There is no story without any store. You're just taking bumps after just taking Bob should be a body up and nobody gives a crap. MELTZER had some of the same takes you did he says Owen used the pop up power bomb and Sina kicked out. Giving a senior was losing to that move later I. Get them in Tallahassee of a spot, but to me you know once the first match I'd be strong on protecting finisher really for months or longer with the idea of creating a big moment when a guy kicks out for the first time. So of course we see Santa Kicks out early, but let's fast forward. Saying would hit the springboard stunner for a near fall. This is the era where Sina is borrowing the Stone Colston her, but doing off the ropes, and then owens uses a fisherman buster off the middle rope. For a near fall, as well as a swan for a near fall, and then he finally gets the pin after the Papa power bomb meltzer would write. The match finished worked. Very few were expecting owens to win, and even fewer expected. It would be clean in the middle with this move, so they made a superstar in one night, which is hilarious, because for years, people in the company of claim to takes eighteen months minimum to do so. The crowd was really hot for the match. A rolled out of the ring to leave the stage to owens. who said that now everybody knows who Kevin No one's is Annie Chelsea some veteran advice that it's time for Senate ago because his time is up and my time is now. Seen was praised for unselfish. She was and putting Owens over in the manner where he did with no dispute, and then letting Owens make fun of his catchphrase at the end four and a half stars. meltzer really dug it. He thinks the same thing you do now. Kevin Owens is a superstar. What'd you think having? Kevin Owens do some Mike work after the match too far or for or or is that fair? Well if I change directions, if like, I said if I'm that guy sitting in the big seat that makes all the decisions and I just saw. Go Down what I saw. GO DOWN! I'm sending word out. Bother Ref, no promo right, let it go. We're switching gears. Those Dave! meltzer agree in all this closely. There's gotta be a little little validity to it between the two of us our. Thank sure, but but I mean I saw what I saw and I saw a superstar being made, and it was you know even though some of the stuff was a little more high impact on than I would've said. Put it all in one match you know. Maybe you could have done half that amount of stuff and still got the same reaction. Still a star was born that day and you gotta understand it. You gotTA listen to the audience, and that will always tell you what they want and most of the time. They're going to be right. All right guys as you know by now. Today's episode is sponsored by Blue Remember the days when you're always ready to go. When you can increase your performance and get that extra confidence in bed, so listen up blue dot com, and that's blue like the color blue is going to bring you. 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Blue is the better cheaper faster choice and we thank them for sponsoring today's podcast. Next up. We've got Neville Painting Dallas and eight minutes and fifty three seconds. smeltzer would say this was put in the usual women's match spot. Good match. Neville did a moon all off the top rope to the floor and a standing shooting star. They tried to tell the story in this match. The novel was the Guy Who beat Dallas to win the next title, so they had a past history. But the crowd never bought at Dallas could win never won with the insecurity and Red Arrow two and three quarter stars we know Neville is going to grow very frustrated with his positioning and WWe, and eventually they come to an impasse, and now he's with a w. Vo Dallas is still hanging around wwe and he's he's had a few different sort of starting stops, and I felt like after the big push annex t he was poised for big ruin on the main roster, and for whatever reason that success belong to his brother, and somehow evaded him. What do you think the the Future of Dallas? Do you think he still got a shot at making it and wwe or is he gonNA? Have to take the path a lot. Others have go sort of reinvent himself and then come back in order to get Vince his opinion of him to change. Well, you know. I'm right now during all this stuff. That's going on, I'm glad he still has a job of course. I'm glad for every individual out there that during this. This tragedy that that has a job. I'm happy for him and. He should. He's done nothing but work as ass often, and he's a good worker. There was there was a time that I thought. That you could very easily. Make Him who he was Brian Watts. And do it in a goofy way is is as the one that now you would have to give him this character, but he's the one that's. The handsome guy, but he's also the one that's about half nuts, and his easily swayed by the crazy older brother, which is Brian Watt? And let him do some really nasty stuff because mechanically. Ferry good. And with the gimmicks that were given him. You know he didn't really get a chance to. You know perform at the level that he's able to. But there was a spa thought, and there was a point in time I wish to where it would have been perfect, and you find out later on. You know who he is an either a family. That would have been a really good spot for him. But I hope he lands on his feet, because season, excellent performer and again as A. I'll look at him as a friend and friends with his family, so wish nothing, but good luck. Hopefully he if he doesn't get a restart their maybe someplace else, but he certainly gets deserves another trial. I totally agree, and we know that Neville has sorta carved his own second trial whereas pock now This is A. Next level athlete to say the least, and it feels like wwe was hesitant to run with him, and then they try, and it just feels like it never really gets the momentum he was hoping for. POC is going to do now that he's outside of wwe. I can tell you what he's. GonNa do. He's a castle hopping our goal. There's going to choose some people's ass off. That kid has mean nasty ugly Great Body Great Athlete. Vicious. You know you to watch some of those matches as been involved in, were they? He W. Because it gives them the opportunity to put his high spots where they go. But to rip your head off before he does that, and and that's who he is, he's A. He's a pro, and he puts you know. Put the spots where they go, and he's one of those guys that does incredible stop, but that's not all. He does because he can Matt Russell. It could stretch. Can beat you up. You can kick your hat off. The future is very bright for pop. Guitar next manses the elimination. Chamber match right back is going to pick up the win over shameless doll. Ziglar King Barrett our truth and Mark Henry to win the now vacant intercontinental title at Takes Twenty five minutes and ten seconds to do so. Daniel Bryan is at ringside. Present the bill to the winter. At the end here we see Rybeck, shame us go five minutes including some white noise by shame on the mental outside, and a forward slam on shameless to the outside. He tries the broke kick. rybeck catches empower bombs in from the outside into the ring row back then pants shameless with the shell shock. meltzer would ripe Brian who was good friends with. Rybeck presented him with the belt. Rybeck twice power bomb. Bryan out of respect both times. You can make of this what you will, but the cameras quickly switch shots. Rightback says that Ryan was an inspiration to him and everyone and Brian Lead. Yes, Champs for him two and a half stars. This is unfortunate that Daniel Bryan has the stop and start after having the big wrestlemainia moment and winning the intercontinental title. He has to give it up again. But I guess the silver lining is. He does get to have a moment with his his real life. Pal rybeck lot of talent in this chamber. It feels like a marketing ring is maybe from the prior generation, but a lot of younger talent here in our truth Lord knows he's timeless, but shameless doff. Ziglar King Merit Rybeck. This feels like a group of guys that. Individual you thought man, they're going to be the WRESTLEMAINIA main event, and for whatever reason maybe Vince didn't see him there. He kept them in that sort of. A minus glass ceiling territory writeback was the guy who helped pump up. Pay Per view buys in his feud with. see Punk and Dolph Ziegler have maybe one of the biggest POPs in WWe history after that Russell anywhere in and beat del Rio to win the world title and King Barrett of course with the whole nexus thing and then I'm afraid I've got some bad news and shame was a champ almost from day one. And now it just feels like we're just sorta as we said at the top of the show, throw in all these guys in a match here like hey, we don't really have a story, but. Go figure it out. What did you think of the match? And and what can you tell me about some of these performers? We haven't talked about in the past. Well. Truth is always going to give you that entertainment factor. And Marquette Ary? Mar Cannery is a beast I would suggest right now. Wherever he sitting on his couch or whatever he's doing, he could probably walk over. Pick up frigerator and walk out on the backboard. Just set it down and start fumbling through it for whatever he wants. He's one of the most strong. Got Modern guys. I've ever seen I. Mean just ridiculous strength. And you know he had? Had A lot of notoriety and he still does it all for being that strong being that base that is and. If you look at shameless shameless was built from day one. It was always pushed and. He's a steamroller. You know he makes everything credible and believable doll. Ziegler is which I've said before and I'm a fan of dolls, simply because he makes everybody's offense bigger than it really is. You WanNa. Get over. Get six minutes or eight minutes. Dolf siegler and let them know that off. Can we do something special this tonight? He'll figure it out and when it's over, you'll go holy Shit. Is that got good? When all along its holy. Shit doffs that good. Way Barrett. Great talker great size when he was ahead of the next thing had legs that got cut off way too soon, but again very physical, very good worker, so you had a bunch of really good guys in this was the time that Bri back was starting to get over. And a you know a think through the grapevine. Our some pretty damn good merch sales. And if you just look at them, I, don't know what there is to not go with. You know he can get around. He wasn't muscle-bound. He was one of these guys at work like a guy that you could knock down. He could work strong when he needed to work strong, but also take some bumps when it was time so yet a nice combination of guys. The problem is just a hodgepodge. It is with really no angle. Were just there to fill a match, so the spotlight was on the match, but you couldn't say okay I can't wait for so and so to come out of the pod, so he can cream so and so because what happened the last three weeks? You don't have any of that going on you just selling the brutality on the match. And what the prize was at the end of the match, there was no stories being tossed route. And that's never a good thing. Famously some of these guys are not involved in wrestling anymore. Think mark in. He's officially retired thinking. Barrett is still trying his hand at some acting I think he's doing some commentary with the way, but it doesn't feel like he really wants to do. Wrestling fulltime I could be wrong on that and Rybeck has been on a journey to sort of reinvent himself he when he finally hangs it. IT UP WITH WWE! He does some rare independent stuff and think got pretty serious. Saw and hey I. WanNA press the reset button on my body, and if you follow him on social media, you've seen sort of the journey. He's going through and he's teasing that the next phase of his recovery is to get back into a wrestling ring. He's GonNa. Get a ring and prepare for the comeback. What do you think is going to be the limit limit for Rybeck back when he does decide, he wants to get back into wrestling. Who knows ultimately? You know who's decision that will be. X. No the audience. Rybeck will get in shape because he's never not bench it right. Yeah, he's just. You know I've never seen him that he didn't look like a million dollars all the way back to toughen up, so it's not a question of getting in shape now. That's different from being in ring shape and the only way to do that. is to get into ring and Russell. You can do all the cardio you won't. You can do all the cross training your wallet, but the only way to get in shape to Russell to get into running and Russell Amin. Minutes. And because it's a combination of so many things. That, we do and you know. He's remembered. I know that he kept his name out there. You know it might be one of those faces that appears in you go. Hey, I remember that dude. Hope he does well. And I do hope he does well because you can never have enough star power in this industry or an any one company, so please don't give it a try. Good luck to. Yeah I'm looking forward to what he doesn't act. So do you think he moved the needle? A little bit for WWe and I understand why maybe he wasn't best in that system. Because RYBECK has his own opinions, I mean he definitely reads a lot of. Self, help and self motivation, and I mean the book that they try to tease a little bit almost tongue in cheek on TV the secret I mean that really is his sort of power of. Positive Thinking, attitude and I don't think he has put his put himself in a spot where he quote. Unquote has to wrestle. He's been smart with his money and started some other nutritional things that that are paying the bills. He doesn't have to do it, so I feel like if and when he comes back, it's going to be on his terms, and that's probably going to mean. He's involved in some good stuff I guess. Well and in the meantime he's living in Vegas and that probably don't suck. Right now, but yes soon enough it will not say again. Let's get to our main event for the WB titled. It's Dean Ambrose. Beating Seth Rollins by D. Q.. Psoriasis is going to retain the title. They get twenty minutes and fifty two seconds. meltzer would say overall a very good match with lots of near falls of course mercury noble around here canes involved so there's lots of interference which is typical in this era. Here's the right up from the observer for the Finnish. Though Ambrose went to the top rope to deliver the standing elbow on Rollins, but rollins three referee John Cone into the Path and Ambrose laid out cone rollins win for the pedigree, but ambrose backdropped out of it and hit dirty deeds, so a second ref runs to the rain counts the pin. Ambrose is announced as the winner in new champion and celebrates for about a minute. Cone is then revived and tells the second referee of his ruling. Prior to all of this was A. On rollins for pulling him into Ambrose, so the decisions changed to Dehu. Hugh, meaning rollins now retains the title after the match Rollins, Cain, Mercury and noble, all attack Ambrose of course Roman reigns comes out for the save nailing rollins with the Superman points and spearing cain rains gives a superman points to both mercury and noble while Anderson backdrops. Rollins over the top rope and leaves with the belt. Now, this says Anderson but I'm sure they made ambrose here. This gets four stars, but it is criticized on the top of the Observer as being the return of the dusty finish. What did you think of the execution of the quote? Unquote dusty finish here. What makes you believe that it wasn't made? The game down in red ran away with the tunnel. Maybe. It's not a misprint tonight. It's not my maybe maybe. Forget that piece my apologies. That'd be the only way to get close to the championship as for sure, but that's okay You know. Dusty finish as been said in the beginning, it was held where the steam and it meant it was creative, and it was something different and. A lot of times I got a lot of heat, which dusty were smart enough to know for him to be able to draw money to put you guys. And then it started to be looked down on people that maybe didn't have the right to look down on it because when the dusty finishes were going down. Jim Crow kicking ass right. So, maybe that some of the animosity have their. I'll throw one edge Other than having a flat finish like a Atiku. Because embrose is morphed into this Jon Moxley character which he always was to begin with. His deal is just all over the place and overcoming adversity. What if he would've overcame all that adversity and caught a quick I'll say I got out of there as the champion right? Now. You got a new TV show the next day. always believe when you pay your money for a pay per view, especially in your main events and feature matches, you deserve to get a Finnish. It wouldn't hurt seth. rollins. Seth rollins is a big star and a tremendous performer or well respected and. Wouldn't have heard him in the least to have ambrose overcome all that aversive J. J. in Kane and all those guys would just moved him up another pag in the people's eyes and. Different Way to go. Yeah! It's weird that that it does happen here because it certainly feels like it could have. The fans were into it Meltzer at the top of the newsletter. This week would say it's funny because it got the name talking about the dusty finish, not because dusty invented it, but because it was a around a long time before that Bergen offshoots with it with he'll champions, but roads overdid the finish to the point lead to killing attendance and. And a number of formula, strong cities like Saint Louis Greensboro and Charlotte during the destruction of Jim Crockett promotions. It's not a bad finish as long as you do it every few years overall though I rather say how doug. This show. This was fun for us to go back and revisit, but even at the time I enjoyed it and so did the readers of the Wrestling Observer They gave sixty eight point. One percent thumbs up. Eight point five percent thumbs down and twenty three point four percent thumbs in the middle. What say you aren't thumbs up? Thumbs down. Thumbs in the middle. Yeah I. was glad to see a lot of guys. Get a chance normally didn't get a chance. Under that spotlight to be featured, you know I thought they all worked hard and the work rate was good. The. Only thing that was missing was a just Kinda got jammed in there in a couple of week period, and you really have enough story to make each and every match matter, which is what pay per views used to be spaced out enough that you could tell those stories and each match out of story, and and meant something but. That's not what's going on at this point in time in the universe so. I thought it was. Pretty good show. Too? I thought it was a pretty good show. Let's the twitter. We asked our listeners here. If I had a question for you if you'd like to ask a question for next week, show or any show, follow us on twitter at the orange show, and just keep an eye out for those tweets and drop your question below, and we'll get to them. Armless to a few here Mike wants to know what was a more structure, the Elimination Chamber or the? Old Wargames. A Chance to work and the Elimination Chamber I did in the war games. I would say though just walking around in there, and watching talent listening to talent, probably the more brutal, and the more unforgiving was probably elimination chamber. Yeah I don't know how you can even debate that especially when you consider the floor, I mean that's that's just rough stuff. Man, Rajiv. The no, he says Johnson has often been criticized for holding newer performers down. Do you think Heavens Baiting? Here was beating him here like this was to silence. Those critics if not was the reason to have Ko John here. Here and then lose to pay per view matches in a row to him at the following two pay per views, I think a lot of people are sort of asking that like. Why is John no longer going for the world title now is going for the title and is leading the new guy on the block. beat him on pay per view multiple times. Is this John Transitioning to outside the ring. Or is there more to it. Well maybe he knew his career was going to take A. Different turn and maybe that would quell some of the detractors. You know Adults think, think John, you know because he is the guy that does route thing, says the right thing and the kids love him, and all that you know that's immediately. GonNa Chap of adults asked but. Maybe, he thought that. Would you know get rid of some of the detractors? Because he knew he was gonNA disappear for a wall and smacking anyway. But I agree I agree with the fans said. He shouldn't never lost the next two matches. Right Kemp Kevin. It should have been. You know first class steam steamroll. Straight ahead. Let's talk about. The three colognes here Kurt wants to know what does aren't think caused all three. Colognes Carlito Amoco Primo from receiving any sort of sustain top success and the company was that their ties to Puerto Rico or something else. No I, just I don't think it had anything to do with that I. Just you know Carlito got an ice show there for a while. And the other guys were very good team they they really were preowned. Oh, I don't know why. You know other than the fact that they were just good workers, but Didn't have this incredible, musclebound look or it all these monsters if there were looking for. You know who knows. We got a lot of questions about Rybeck here I'm GONNA. Hit you with two of them, and then we'll wrap things up. Rajiv Austin though in your opinion, what makes a good intercontinental champion and do you think? Ri- back check those boxes I think the insinuation here is for a lot of years way back when this was sorta positioned as the quote, unquote workers belt for guys like art and Mr Perfect and Ricky steamboat and randy savage, and back has a more heavyweight style look. But I don't think you could say necessarily that he had maybe the lumbering style of a whole. Cogan you, certainly, there's some power moves, but. Much more agile performer, but I think that's the insinuation that Rajiv is going forward. You think there needs to be a certain style intercontinental champion. No not really and and always had the opinion, and maybe I was wrong. Who knows, but I looked at those guys. The recruits in the Mr Perfect. You know the steamboats, and all these guys that were there continental champion I looked at them as being the next WWF champion right. That was that was what I was looking at. They're getting ready to move these guys up and they took care of the intercontinental champion when you were running to Townsend night, intercontinental champion would headline one show. And the WWF champion woodhead line the other, so in essence you. They were two main event, guys and At a very high level, the intercontinental champion was just maybe one pay for view away from the next step up. Last one about Rybeck I don't know. Why has so many haters? Joshua Watson I. Do you think Robert got a bigger push? Just because of size and body than other people with his skill set would've received. I. Don't know about this question. Aren't I guess the insinuation here is the think it's quote, unquote unfair when a guy with a better look gets a bigger push. Was An unfair to push the ultimate warrior. It was based on his physique. What is work right? When this problem all building! Spaced on his body Ri- Bax a lot better. Working Warrior was horse. and. He could go out and I you know I had one of his matches. Wrestlemainia think it was on the the pre show with Callisto. And they had about fifteen minutes and you know what. There's a huge size disparity there and back out match with the kid, and it made sense and it was entertaining. I don't think Ri- back got the look and got the first consideration because of his body, but then guys saw that he can move and he could do some stuff and get around that rain. And I do think. To his downfall. When, you have an opinion and you believe in yourself. That's great as long as the guy. Sitting at the in the big chair believes in you, too. But if you have. Policing yourself and you have an opinion about yourself, and it is contrary to what is being thrown at you from creative. That's not received very well, and that might have been the ditch. Then he fell in which was as demise. Well. That's going to be the demise of this week's podcast next week. We'll be back with HASHTAG ask aren't anything we'll be back your way. On the sixteenth with the fatal four way from twenty ten, and then we'll round out the month of June with money in the bank, two thousand fifteen. We should mention you can get this show. And all of these shows early an ad free joining us over and free shows dot com. We've done of really fun. Bonus stuff over at every shows dot com on was in the room when Paul orndorff invader had their dust up. So you get a first hand account of that plus can get to watch wrestling with me, aren't we? Watch aren't entirely win the tag titles when very window when turn on his partner, lex Luger and joined the four horsemen. Horsemen and in the midnight rider would catch a beatdown for his troubles, and then most recently we watched arn and his only interview. A world title shot against Barry. Windham Slam Berry Ninety three and coming up later this month. I can't believe this is real. I'M GONNA. Make our watch and self lose the television title to renegade aren't how would you describe that experience? Like, sticking my head in a window fan to see what's on the other side. Join US AVERAGE SAYS DOT COM. Get a follow on twitter and the orange show I am hey. Hey, it's Conrad and we are out of time. We'll see next week right here on. All right guys, thanks for listening to Orne. 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