Steelers Hangover: Is it business as usual for Mike Tomlin, or has he changed?


Dealer fans welcome back to another episode of the steelers hangover. This is dave scofield from behind the steel. Curtain coming to you tonight and introducing to you your host. He's number three on the screen but number one in your hearts ryan anthony davis. Hello hello everybody and welcome to the steelers hangover. This stowed it at all is war we do. We look back. Check on the week that was and figure out what's going on. Can we get over this dealer network cover or are we still reveling in great victory now. Of course they're in training camps so there was no game but that's coming up my friends. It is and to discuss it or my two good friends from by the curtain tony and dave go fill tony how order my friend hey brian. I'm doing great. I'm <hes> we're only a few days away from the first preseason game and can i get over the off season. Yes i'm officially over it. It was a long off season and glad it's done and i'm glad we're getting ready to see some real talk. Kind of kind of kind of what goldfield place is going to be rocky. Ah i'm good dave scofield. You usually go to the games but i love to go to this day. Is anybody that i can find it or or the ones that we were given away and behind the curtain. Are they gone they argonne. I'm not sure if jeff is updated that article yet to say that we did get a winter but i have been responding to every email i've been that's pretty much been my entire day. Today was responding to emails even if they were just kind of almost like a copy and paste response to people but i've responded to everyone who entered and it was if you don't know what we're talking about that. There was a really nice contest that we ran for two tickets to the game friday that that <hes> we were able to to give away <hes> we'll probably not so but more what's going on with the person that want it if the trust me the person who one day are aware of the situation. They're already making their plans. It's a pretty great story and <hes> be looking for that because it's a it's a really good one that we're going to want to. You're going to want to want to hear about but i might also be heading up to this game brian so i might have to meet up with our contest winner. While we're up there. That'd be awesome. Partying with dave scofield is like partying with that means anything to any of you but that is that is one world-class party uh-huh so hey so training camp about a week and a half in the training camp almost a week and a half. We've got a game coming up with a few games. They got a chance to rest but you guys noticed that in the narrative has it changed because the talk all along is that the pittsburgh steeler will go ahead and have a new the attitude this year without guys like mr big chest. I'm sorry mr third and fifth and juice on bell now that they are not on this debt is they're focused the ready. They wanna prove themselves without these guy. So have you noticed that so far. Dave scofield go field i have when it comes to the players. I think you're exactly right and i think there's been a just the different attitude. Ben says that he is in love with football again. Everyone seems to be having a different approach. <hes> your as brian is to say the feeling but you're raising a pretty big question here tonight. I think we should dive into here. What do you think tony tony or you noticing a change the players on the field. I know vance mcdonald last week. Said ben looks hot. He looks he's talking about them. You look at like man sexy thing. He's talking about this just with are- said looking that is just in love love with football like he said and ready to play some football so do you think it is carried over to all fifty three men on the roster. Oh absolutely i mean you saw last week. <hes> two of the <hes> the nicest guys on the team <hes> big al and i can't hayward i mean they they had a little scuffle. Ah training camp you know. These are two two leaders but you know they. They mean business. This year. I mean not today didn't last year in previous years but yeah. I think that it's a <hes> it's a <hes> a testament to how the whole team is doing. I mean it's it's it's they're all business. They're focused and i think they want to prove to everybody that that they are a true team and they can move forward despite missing <hes> mister big chest as you said in <hes> in in love bell so yeah i think as far as the players concerned they're are there more business like the nave appeared in recent seasons now when we're talking about more more business like who do you think specifically has really obvious one for me would be the kicker chris. Boswell hit a fifty four in practice on on family night. He's he's. I believe he was seven or six for six the first time he kicked the other day. He seems seems to be back but we've got a way to the regular season to know that for sure but that's got to be something. That's that's really making. You feel good day. Wooding assay definitely right now boswell has done everything in the preseason that he needs to do in order to retain the job. We talked about an awful lot. The entire offseason about what's going on with bosma was he. The kicker is do you not i went from thinking it was more often than he or more likely that he wouldn't be towards more likely that he would be to a point now where unless he gets injured in the preseason they much. It's like a sean squeeze. 'em incident. Let me knock on wood here because we don't want to talk about stuff like that. This is going to be his job. He's unless he comes out and just completely elite tanks in the game in the in the preseason game situation because he's given every indication that he's feeling stronger. He's feeling better. He's got it right right mentally and that he has backed two thousand seventeen four tony duffy was something wrong with chris boswell <hes> healthwise last year that we just really you don't know about i know towards the end of the year. There was some speculation then there was speculation that he was a healthy scratch going into week seventeen against cincinnati. What's your thoughts what's. I don't think i know he was put on injured reserve. I think he had a brother went on twitter and city had a groin injury but you know he didn't have that problem. In in in the preseason he was his his old self and then you know he missed that overtime kick in week one and he was never the same after that so unless he tort his his he had that injury on that kick in overtime. I don't think that was the issue. It might have been towards the end of the year but that was not what i think it was more her mental and mechanical than than anything else. Only howard on the live chat is saying that it was a growing hair. That's what's what's being noticed there now. If you don't know you're not familiar with the live chat. We have it going on here on youtube you go ahead and chime in if you do have something thing that is pressing that you want us to answer feel free to that's called the super chat and you could go ahead and put some money into the into the little tip up jar what we call here the the pot and it all goes towards <hes> <hes> tony and his <hes> his bar bill down at froggy sir. I don't you think mark my personal trainer personal trainer yet but if you do have a pressing i it's something that goes to the administration administration the show and also contest like the ones that you just saw that we just talked about a little bit earlier david decastro paul last week. We've we've had the chew chew jersey a couple months ago so <hes> there's things like that so if you want to join in feel free to we have one already in the queue that we will be getting into an <hes> a little bit but who else tony has really impressed you as just upping the ante as far as two thousand nineteen goes goes versus two thousand eighteen i actually i've been hearing a lot of great things about camp sutton about how he's pushing my chilton for the slot position yet. You're reading stories about hilton practicing safety. You know nothing. He's gonna move there but you know he needs to be positioned flexible and i think chem sutton already is i think he can he can and <hes> he's really upped. His game is your number three for him and as we talked about last week they've expected a lot from him is a heady player. He's the smart player. He's he's a yeah. I think this could be a year that he really takes leap forward and somebody else that. I've heard a lot of good things about this match filer. There was talk that that <hes> szucs could take his job at right tackle call but everything i've heard from him from campus. He's not going to be an easy task for <hes> for a second year guy to do that. So those are two guys that i've really feel that are part of the future and they've they've at least so far in can't they upped their game dave scofield. What are your thoughts on that and and <hes> at safety are we looking at the possibility of a long rest injure injury wise for sean davis and and could mike hilton be spending a lot more time. They're giving a lot of room for cam sutton to have a very big year number three. I think sean davis. This will be back sooner than we think he could be gone. When it comes to a dislocation a dislocation is a lot of times when you have a serious injury when you hear a dislocation. It looks disgusting. It sounds gross but it's not that big of a deal versus a fracture i had a i had a knee injury here at one point that i thought oh my goodness. I'm gonna need surgery. I'm going to be laid up over year. I was actually playing in a basketball game. Someone all my knee and i thought i was in trouble. I dislocated my kneecap and guess what in back in and i actually very next week for basketball was just did warm ups. 'cause the doctor says get out and start flexing it. You know i thought i thought i was going to be laid up for a long time but a dislocation. Although you never want to have anything happen sometimes. It's one of your better diagnoses so that's why dante moncrieff has been able to make it back faster because even though his finger looked to disgusting it was just pop back into place and you just deal with the swelling. I'm hoping there's no fracture or anything with sean davis. If there's not he should be back but that's just the safety stuff going on. We've got the right to the right tackle job that tony brought up which was great because not only that that has been doing great but szucs has to i mean that's the thing they're really battling it out and then the report was when they held big al out from stuff they put szucs over at left tackle which tells me he's more in line to be that swing tackle they're having and they said he looked even better at left tackle that he did it right tackle so now. I don't think he's going to be bumping off. You know a two time pro bowler right now but that's just that's just great news. When it comes to the offensive line that even if somebody does get dinged up for part of the season you've got competent guys that can step in and with the tight end position being a little bit sketchy with the depth there. You've guys got guys that can come in. It's at blocking tight right end and just use the offensive line but instead good thought <hes> tony. I want to go back with you. What are your thoughts. Is this desperation. Time time is this. Is this euro dark thirty for this guy. I don't think so yet. I think he shared a little bit last year but i think if he doesn't up his game this year than than they're gonna. They're gonna have to start wondering if he even has what it what it takes to be an n._f._l. Corner so yeah it's not it's not quite that point yet because he has had some injury issues so he hasn't had as much exposure as somebody like an already burns for example but i definitely think if he doesn't make that leap this year then <hes> having about about his ability to do so now since april tony dave we've been talking a long time about the rookies and some rookies have really been turning heads in camp and one of them of course really needs to turn heads in camp and his name is devon bush d- when you trade up ten picks forum give away a third next year <hes> it's it's a pretty big deal and we know that all along we a lot of people think that he was the real deal. My thought at draft time was even if he turns out to be a busted. It's still a trade that you make that day that hour that minute because he is that important to what you need but it seems it's like he's been backed up in practice so far tony. What are your thoughts everything. I've i've heard <hes>. He seemed like he the speed. Is there for sure. You're he's picking things up. He's he's. They're having him called called a place where it's going to be important because that tells me that they're going to want him on the field for all three downs. You know you're talking. They're talking about him playing dime. He's playing some dime so is he the real deal who knows we won't we won't find out until starting friday but <hes> like. You said it was the right. It was the right move. He was a guy that they needed for that defense. I mean he you know without shays ear. That defense offensive was was a show of force up last year and <hes> you know i am. I'm excited to see what he can do. On friday. I know where my man crushes crushes on. Devon bush dave one to ten how hard you crushing on this guy so far ago nine and a half. I mean come on the steelers made the move they got they. They identified their guy. They did what they had to do to go. Get their guy and so so steelers nations. Gotta gotta be loved him so far but you gotta remember. We're talking about practice practice man. You're not a game. We're talking about practice and the thing is is this as much as i hate to say it and it kinda. It destroys us with what we're trying to do. At behind this curtain lance williams said we need to stop falling for all the reports out of training camp. He's kinda right because you really wanna know how devon bush's doing depends on which day you're looking at. That's what you get with every rookie. You can't expect them to go out there and tear it up every day at practice because there was bad reports about the object johnson it was great reports about the johnson there was bad reports about justed lane. There was worse reports about justin lane and there might have been a good one in there or not. I'm not sure that's just how it's gone with a lot of these especially the rookies he's but it it goes across other places ali howard said in the in the live chat that he said that dobbs so far winning the number two job. That's probably we only looking at the practice after they did the two minute drill and in the two minute drill we scored in three plays and when rudolph the two minute drill day stalled they turned over on downs the four a yard line going in but there was other times earlier in practice whether ports are dobson terrible. He looked like he he was missing open receivers and things like that but then on a different day he looks great okay same deal with with devon hodges for a long time it was like it looks like he's out of his league. Then all of a sudden he comes on on strong. It all depends on which day you're looking at but you know what day is the most important day friday when they go on the field and play play their first preseason game. It's okay if you make these mistakes in practice or if you look don't always look the best in practice and it's and guess what it's not important if you're making these great plays in practice if it doesn't transfer onto the field i know it's pretty season but for rookies and guys buried down the depth chart. This is is your chance. This is your game chance. Let's see what happens. You know what i am so excited for devon bush that i've got a tiger beat style poster poster of him. He's wearing a jacket and just like he writes ex- ex- oh love devon. That's how excited. I am for this guy to come in tony. You remember tiger agra b. Dave that might be. You probably don't remember tiger beat dave but i'm really excited for this guy so maybe you'll know the next pop culture reference. We're so excited for this. Dave has been blasting on a loop on youtube. Rebecca black's friday over okay he got at least he has won so with that being said that leads us back to our super chat and leo river the third. We got to throw in the third third here. <hes> he asked devin bush over under one hundred solo tackles five sacks and one interception tony. I'll start with you my man over under on all those stats yeah well cackles. I'll go over saxe now. Go under in interception. I'm gonna go over on that one david okay okay. I was trying to look up some some <hes>. Two thousand eighteen statistics quickly go just to just to get an idea of like where would one hundred tackles tackles. Put him on the team. That's my question so as i'm looking at up. I'm going to say with the interceptions. I'm going to say push. I think that's a perfect. One interception would be would be what i would project him for his rookie year <hes> for the five sacks. I'm going to say under because i don't know that they're going to be sending him a lot especially if he's in that dime linebacker i don't know how much he's going to be blitzing because of his quality coverage skills a month saying there won't it but he might not have as much of an opportunity i mean when he's out there on a passing play a lot of time to make sense to send someone might convince williams because because he's not your that's not your strength in coverage so i am compl- there we go. There's defense and fumbles. I'm trying to find tackles else. Where would where would one hundred tackles put him that would put him twenty more than any steeler had in two thousand eighteen so so i'm also gonna go under with one hundred tackles. I would put him right around. <hes> let's go seventy two seventy five. Let's go under on the tackles but not that much under i would say he's still going to have a significant amount but he's still going to share some time probably with mark barron he might start turtles sixteen games where he might not or you might see baron starting all sixteen well. I doubt it but there's there's some guys in there so so i think he's going to have a phenomenal rookie year but he doesn't have to carry with being over one hundred tackles with a big group effort there. He just needs to be dominant presence. You also need to have good play from mark barron as well and we can't forget about mark barron a lot too. He's he's very significant to the success of not only devon bush but the entire defense is well if they could have a a nice little <hes> platoon going going there to even if it's sixty forty even if it's seventy thirty but you have you have something good someone in there at all times with both of them. You have a really good solid tag team there so i would say that that's not a bad thing now if he's around forty then yeah we're panic. Panic is going to be that much under interceptions actually think he's going to have more. I like dave's push idea but i could see him grabbing to that could impossibility if they are dropping him back he is the kind of he has a great mix of being able to rush the passer being able to get the ball carrier and dropping back in an and having some balls to so. Let's go with two ryan. I was gonna say you're so wise. You called out my contradiction. I can't say he's not going to get enough sacks because he's going to be in coverage bridge more and then say he's not going to get enough opportunities to make interceptions so you are very wise man. You're you're correct. I stumbled into that dave. I the correcting you when you guys think of the possibility of <hes> of barron taking playing time away from williams because i mean he's you have to fast linebackers out on the field at the same time. I've i even consider that but the way they're talking about how good they are together a training camp. That might be the possibility. We're not even seeing right now. You know what i that's a possibility as well now ali here ali howard just mentioned that <hes> ben i mean the baron has missed some practices as well but that's something they might be a tinkering with so you never know but i think that'd be great idea dave <hes> i would love to see a really speedy middle on that team. Yes i like it <hes> as long as they're effective so i mean speed is great but sometimes too much speed can take your right out of the play so you got to be under control and that's why <hes> we got to see on the field and game action. That's what it takes. I mean we're really gonna have something to talk about. After this game well tony helped me out with this. I know we're the same age aged and we're probably both jonesing for twenty twenty with a new top gun and let's go top gun here. I'll be maverick u._b. Goose or vice versa you. Have you have more of the airline more of the mountain i don't. I'm not even close but i feel the need. The need take tony for speed there you go <music> speed does kill and like alley just put in their speed does kill so that'd be fantastic. Oh is it goose and maverick or or is it ric flair and arn anderson you guys are your versatile my man hey you can take on any role. You need need yeah. That's that's the glory of this dream team. This one thousand nine hundred seventy one dreamed even your nineteen seventy-one right two seven. Oh i'm leaving in the year of the immaculate reception. I wow so i <hes> i'm actually nineteen seventy-one so that's december irv seventy one so we're probably a little closer but with that being said i did not know that i was older than <hes> than tony. I know i'm older than dave so i am. The elder statesman of the shows so <hes> like ryan tool says four horsemen for life baby so i guess i am ric flair woo okay so here's here's the thing we're talking about top rookies. We had one question and maybe you can help us out with this deontay johnson. I mean we've heard some really impressive impressive things from him and then there's some things that you know he still has some learning to do but we also heard about an injury or do we need to be worried about this injury that the onta- johnson i honestly i'm a little concerned because i know he got dinged up was rookie minicamp or right into o._t._a.'s. He couldn't participate with everything thing because he was dinged up here. We are in training camp again and he's a little dinged up. I i mean i'm hoping it's just a little dinged up. <hes> is it concerning. Yes because you don't want another situation where you have a player that just doesn't come through because they can't get on the field but at the same time i was not banking on the andre johnson being much of a big part of this team early on this year so if he's dinged up the biggest thing is he need more practice than anything. That's what these rookies need even even the guys that were drafted pretty high so missing practices a much bigger deal for a rookie that it is for anybody else. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast. Ask your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what i mean is this all every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early the an unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or oren your favorite podcast app tony. What are your thoughts on that well. We even see the field until week six deontay johnson. I mean it all depends on the nature of the injury i i don't. I'm not sure what what his latest problem is but but it is a big part of <hes> of of becoming a professional football player you have to stay healthy and when he saw it what's quiz golsen he never played in a game in every never even came close to finishing finishing a training camp so i mean anytime a young guy who's never played in the league has injury issues this early in his career. That's that's concerning so oh yeah. I'm i'm trying to <hes>. I don't i don't at this point. I don't think he's going to be put on a populist but i guess to find out <hes> wait and see what happens on friday if he if he plays in that game so this is <hes> this is something i've gotta bring up from the live. Chat andrew is laughing nothing because we are the same age as his dad and so <hes> yeah. I guess i had my <hes> my i spent twelve yesterday so i still feel young because of ed but i did start later in life but <hes> yeah i guess i could possibly be a grandfather soon too because i have a twenty six year old stepson so who knows that might be right around the corner when people start saying. I'm the same age as grandpa. I am hanging it up so just let you know that right now. As far as everything else goes to mark melot had a great comment on the live chat yes speed speed as great as long as it's controlled people forget to <hes> people tend to forget sometimes. She's was misguided missile so that that's that's a true thing to power. Molly was sometimes misguided missile comedy everett he was a great player. I thought he was going to break his next so many times back in the early nineties <hes> so yeah i mean it's a double edged sword with those those players that play with speed need caesar could be mentioned in that breath as a misguided missile but it's it's a style of play tony yeah but as far as berenson comforting comforting thing about him is he's. He's a veteran. He's what twenty nine thirty so you know. He played on the super bowl team last year so so you would think that he would he would be able to control his you know his speed at this stage of his career but <hes> you know <hes> last year you i saw the difference that no speed and that in the middle of the defense how that affected things especially down the stretch so you know i'm just excited that so at least one of the inside linebackers is going to be able to have that thailand ceylon speed that they've been lacking since <hes> shazier went down because they clearly built their entire defense offense around him and and now they need a prototype and hopefully that's <hes> devin bush and sooner rather than later so tony. You're saying that vince williams is not a speedster now. I like vince i'm. I've always been about fast fast but he could be more effective. I mean that's i mean he. He saw how effective he was as a player when he was playing right beside shays ear and you know i mean when he's in there he he asked me more. You know it's it's gonna it's gonna free him up to do what he did. Two years ago eight sacks things of that nature so i'm just excited to see what what bush and barren or or both of them at the same time what you're talking about so many different <hes> schemes that they can use so many different formations. I mean i'm a layman i don't. I don't understand a a lot of it but it's certainly not your grandfather's <hes> three four defense. That's for sure big. Dave let me ask you. This did good bye in here. Get vince williams that new contract absolutely i was so hoping you would ask me vince william's question. Don't sleep sleep on vince williams this year. Thence williams just needed the right kind of linebacker next to him and now not only does he have one. He's got to so how could he could that. Maybe cut into some of his playing time sure but what i think you're going to see is a very effective vince williams this year. I think you're so you're gonna be surprised how much he can turn heads because he has that right type of player next to him again and yes because he was playing to that right with that type of player before for it showed you what he could do. Well you know we talked about players with new attitudes the whole team the coon by that. I've just been i might is. We'll get that copyrighted because i've been using that just ad nauseam <hes> so and oh by the way tony i saw your <hes>. I saw your your quote. I believe it on facebook about spelling ad nauseam if i'm correct on so i had to bring that up but i've been using i've been using team kun-bae like crazy. I'm glad to see that <hes> there were some flared up pensions the other day with a hayward with villanueva and they were joking about it afterwards. That's what happens in the heat. That's what happens when you have passionate. I have no problem with that so it's great to be amped up. It's great to have that new attitude and tweaking something's just upping the decibels upping the intensity. Can that be said for coach mike tomlin what have we seen so far from mike tomlin tomlin and has he up the intensity. Is he going to change. Is he going to tweak a little bit this year. Are we going to see less with the running backs running being the wheels off running backs. Are we going to see just call him upping the ante. This tier is missile midnight for mike tomlin as well dave. Let's start with you. You've got first of all. You've got to remember that you are talking to a former football coach so i've kind of been there with some of the stuff nowhere close to the level of these guys but at least i have an understanding adding of what it's like to to coach football being locker room and everything else there is nothing that we have seen from for mike tomlin this year to make us think that it's going to be any different but the key part of that phrase is that we have seen because the the biggest role of mike tomlin of coming out and answering questions at the end of every every practice and training camp which has been fantastic for helping me write some articles and from 'em taking over after the game added to his press conference everything we think i think that what mike tomlin is doing. They're on the sidelines. The biggest thing what my commas doing is in the locker room every day and we can't see it and we don't yeah no it but i'm hoping it's different because by seeing the players be different. You think that that's also got to be a reflection of what's going on with your coach coach. You know what tony i have. I seen i kind of feel a comb intensity from mike tomlin here. I feel like he has upped the ante. Where are you on this whole thing and we're not talking about and i mentioned threat level midnight. I'm not talking about his job at all. I'm just talking about him upping the ante knowing that this is a year where everybody was under fire in the off season because of some players leaving. There's been in all kinds of talk. You know that this guy is a competitor. He's itching to win. He's so do you think that he's going to turn that dial l. a. up so much more and maybe do some things he has not done. In the past. Yeah we talked about the running backs. I mean kevin covert mentioned that in the off-season about maybe they have to revisit their approach to that and and so that might be one aspect of the changes <hes> he <hes> he agree he to to have a coach that was in charge of challenges which had to be <hes> difficult for him to to admit that he wasn't really really good at that. You know it's not you know coach big egos and and you know we see legendary coaches like chuck knoll refused to change go-carts will come come a long time to open up the playoffs and trust is a franchise quarterback when he finally got one and you saw that paid dividends they want a super bowl with that so you know he mentioned <hes> how the departures of brown and bell a cleansing for the organization for the locker room. I think that was his way of acknowledging that maybe the leadership wasn't quite what it needed to be so i think any any mention to how maybe they were talking a little bit too much and they should <hes> temper that down a bit so so i think he has shown some signs that he's willing to change and <hes> <hes> but like they've said we can't really see that but <hes> <hes> starting with <hes> the regular season we'll we'll finally get to find out <hes> some of these answers so <hes> i'm looking forward to seeing <hes> <hes> how he is and what your number twelve you know 'cause he's still a relatively young man so so people forget the coaches can improve and they can get better later and they can learn so you know <hes>. Let's see what happens. Dave scofield is coach. Mike tomlin a coach of the year candidate. Ah coach of the year candidate has everything to do with how the team finishes you could be the best coach without talent coming in at the beginning and you can't get there or if you make a really big jump coach. Tomlin is not going to be a coach of the year candidate because he's coaching the pittsburgh steelers to you've got a flash to the national media to win that award and guess what the steelers <unk> as an organization or too good to flash the way that you really have to do so. That's why i don't. I'm not saying that he shouldn't be considered but that's why. I think that he wouldn't win it. So if i'm not mistaken i don't think they've ever had any coach of the years <hes> <hes> that might be something for the statman there or might be one eighty nine. That's a that's a good throw that out there tony cause. I think you're right that no one at one point but i'm not sure when it was four yeah i think it would have been in the eighties is an eighty nine. Team was a nine hundred seventeen. That did some beautiful things and she was mark. Stock the drop the four and then treadwell for the broncos joint one in off the uprights <hes> gosh i still i. I need to go back doc in watch that game again to that was that was one heck of the game. There were so many chances for that team there too <hes> i i think they would have beaten cleveland and i think they would went on to the super bowl to play the san francisco forty niners who beat the broncos fifty five to ten. Maybe it's a good thing that they they didn't get there. I like bobby's odds against joe montana roger taylor on jerry rice the but anyways so that's that's a great question. We've asked questions coming in on the on the super chat here and a lot of them are excuse me not the super chip on on the live chat and get your questions in. We'll have some time for a few of them. <hes> one of them that we've got a couple of times. This is on who's going to get more carries. Is it going to be jas jason samuels or benny snail the but he's still junior. Excuse me tony. What do you think i think everybody wants to be benny snell because you know he's at prototypical steeler running back a wrench downhill whereas in in samuels is more of a <hes> swiss army knife kind of a weapon on offense where he could be utilized out of the backfield and <hes> it can even pull it a little bit of tight end but <hes> you mentioned <hes> mike tomlin and changing but <hes> with <hes> if if they started to go more <hes> give carries to connor i think i think they're gonna put samuels in there because he's he's more of a i two weapon in the backfield so i think it's going to be samuels. Dave is now going to be <hes> active week. One yeah snell's. I was going to be active there. That's why i keep saying. I don't think it matters. Here's the two in the three because they dress them both so. I think that we pretty much know who are three running. Backs are even some of the people that occasionally turn heads and camp. We're still talking about practice that i think that's one of the most set positions <hes> the steelers have this year. There are three are going to be let me ask you this and it goes back to mike tomlin and this is we're talking being about him changing and we feel like he's going to change with the running backs especially with us running back situation but is he going to change his approach to the preseason. 'cause it has been tony something we talked about on the the hangover. All of last year was that they really they really missed out by <hes> having been having a mister big chest having levy on belton report but having these the starters not playing a lot of football in the preseason. Is that something that we might see. Some more starters. Get a little more action especially ben rothlisburger this preseason dave i as much as i'd like to see it because i think that would would add to that. Are we ready one equation. I just don't think they're going to change it up. I just think every time i want to say come on just play the guy's a little a bit more playable but more i think back to holding my newborn son in a hospital and wearing a markey's pouncey jersey and watching him go out for the season against the green bay packers <hes>. There's just certain guys that you can't allow that to happen to. I think a lot of young guys are going to play more because the young guys anyone on a rookie contract. You're you're going to see them. I think more than anyone else except for. Maybe james connor because they've already been holding back with the more. I think we'll see more juju than we will. James name's connor but i don't think they're going to change the equation. You know what i <hes>. I was at a buffalo wild wings doing a fantasy football draft and watching that game and i think we were in the third round of my draft. In my draft went to crap also 'cause i also picked jordy nelson right before he went out in that game for the season or something like that for a long time that sees it so my draft went to crap because i was more worried worried about markey's penalty so you know i guess i guess that's a good point tony. Do you think that methodism mistake though yeah as far as the rest factor the beginning of the year you could see the reason for having them play more but like dave mentioned like you mentioned markey's pouncey. I mean all it takes is one play in your season shot and i remember the reactions to to a policy on the injury on facebook and tom care about his team. He was protecting his players that kind of thing. I mean facebook so you're going to have that kind of stuff anyway but i think you know these. Guys are just too afraid of injuries. Every coach really changed in that regard. You're not gonna see ben more than i'd say a couple of series as in the third game that'd be my guess as far as the good thing about about the this current steelers team is your. There's a lot of young guys also happened to be starters so you're gonna wanna get those guys more playing time. Even you know you're risking their health. A injuries your exposure to injuries you know guy like throw edmund for example. He's a starter and but you don't want him to play a lot in the preseason so i think you're going to see some of the younger starters play but but as far as the veterans like decastro castro pouncey ben etcetera even james connor. I don't think you're gonna see a whole lot of playing time. From from those guys in the preseason with that being said james conner has not <hes> he's been getting the veteran treatment in camp and i don't think that's that bad of an idea not because like tomlin came out and said look we really need to see what we have going with these younger guys. We know that what he can do but he did score on the goal all line <hes> during family fest <hes> he looks from the reports he looks pretty sharp when he's in there even though he hasn't been in in there as much but he's like look and tomlin ahead mentioned that these guys will definitely get a chance to sharpen the knives and get a chance chance to <hes> you know get home their game. I i'm just hoping it's enough because we actually saw boswell and get a lot of action last year. He signed his contract right before the right before the green bay game and <hes> really didn't play until week three. I think so and the one place in week four. It's my opinion that you really need to see a little more of some of these guys we see tom brady a lot in the preseason and that's something that has not hurt that team in almost twenty years but with that being said it very well could but but sometimes i think you have to roll the dice and have those guys knocked the rust off in real time so that's just my opinion there but that's a good that debate could go on forever and i don't think any of us would be fully wrong with that being said. If you have anything else going on tony that you want to discuss i'm just i'm just intrigued by a few of the <hes> the battle also that are gonna play out in the preseason like who's going to be a number two tight end and say save your grandpa entry. I mean i wouldn't put my money on on january but you know you never know and as far and and the backup quarterback situation <hes> i think everybody assumes mason rudolph is is gonna it'd be the guy but has he shown enough practice at this point to be the guy and is he going to get ah legit chance in the preseason to show that when i mean by that is he is he going to start any of these games. There's going to be josh dobbs starting every game or at least three of the games and then rudolph coming in so these are the things i'm you know looking forward written and of course devin bush and <hes> things of that nature when these games <hes> start on friday david. I've got a couple of things to clean up here first of all when it comes to <hes> coach the year awards if you're looking at the a._p. Coach of the year which dates back to nineteen fifty seven. There's never been a pittsburgh steeler coach when craft year. That must be what i was thinking of. If you look at the sporting news coach the year that goes back to nineteen forty seven. There's been times were pittsburgh. Steelers coaches want it and they were both won by bill cower ninety two and two thousand four so there's other things coach tomlin's even one one of these awards like gillette coach of the year or something like that. There's all these there's so many players thanks. Let's get them all round up here. We go so so that's just interesting so that's one point i had second point. I had we're talking about the running backs and you know and are we going to have a different approach to them him and <hes> in the regular season remember that we have a different running backs coach and we're not exactly sure why the steelers made a change because they had a very good running backs coach so was that part of the issue was the workload is going to be different because there's a new coach. Was there just a difference in philosophy there. We don't know what was going on on in there so that's just something to keep in mind and i want to mention an old comment from the live chat from russ oberstein or open stein. I'm not sure sure but russ. This is from you. He says we're going to have a better depth with front for fresh legs in the fourth quarter to finish schoff games and that's a key i actually there was an article that i wrote that was published today about the pro. One of the biggest problems steelers had last year was the fourth quarter and their point differential under my tomlin last year was only the third time they had a negative point differential and it was actually quite sustainable. It was thirty. I don't have right in front of me. Do i think i might it was it was minus thirty two and they've only and every other time they've had a negative point wait differential in the fourth quarter. They have not made the playoffs so now there has been one time they did have a positive point differential and they didn't make the playoffs in two thousand twelve but the biggest the biggest reason they had that was two games they had come from behind wins. Where were they outscored opponents. <hes> fourteen nothing nothing so that's a twenty four point swing right there in two games but if you can't get that fourth quarter going on the steelers did not they they they were pretty loud. They scored ninety one points for the season the fourth quarter last year and they're usually well over one hundred. I mean my goodness. They scored one hundred forty five points the fourth quarter in twenty fifteen in two thousand sixteen and even more the year before war so they gave a lot of points in the fourth quarter and they just really didn't score many points in the fourth quarter so that was a great point by russ and i have rambled on for far too long so thank you for this platform mr reiner anthony davis is good with all of that with that being said fellas a one last question for both of you. I'm tony you are in the pittsburgh area so this is probably more for dave for anybody that is outside of the pittsburgh area. How are we watching this game. If we're not at the game i'll be watching shing on katy k. That's they <hes> they broadcast all the preseason games but i think you can see him on the n._f._l. Network if i'm not mistaken that would would have to be a feature game. Is it a feature game dave. I'm sorry the professional. I've got myself sorry about that. You're correct. That is the feature game or the week but not only only is that a feature game the week two games saturday against kansas city is also a feature game the week three game against tennessee. He is a sunday night football game sopher. We know we've got a lot of people outside. The pittsburgh area in the live chat. We have international people in the live. Chat there. You go go. Three of the four games are nationally televised. We've got n._f._l. Network in week one preseason to preseason and n._b._c. week three the preseason. I'm loving it. Even though i might be at the game. I'm just loving it that i can even take the game and come back and watch it if i decide to do another father daughter trip up there this week yes and it has just been mentioned by marple on n._f._l. Net usually we'll do a replay during the week and that's true <hes> they'll they'll do that all the time. I mean sometimes. They'll put them on at two in the morning. You set the d._v._r. For it but my problem is i need to watch live especially when you're doing a <music> articles like a knee jerk reaction. These dave's plugging me we reactions. I don't know what knee dietrich reactions is. It's my real time. Assessment of the game was just watching it and it's basically like being on the couch with me and i'm sure like three people out. There would love to sit by me on the couch. Well actually free dance there my dogs but them right here. I've been next to you wh- whoa we weren't on the same couch. I was giving your space to type your knee jerk reactions but watch a game with b._a._d. Is a okay thank you very much and you didn't get the full steelers central treatment because of the flood ahead last year which was temperature temporarily down. I'm hopefully it will be a backup sometimes the season. You'll get a chance to enjoy that tony. You're always welcome to make a road trip. We can do the hangover together. Heavy so ah it's <hes> three hours so it's not that far you can hang out with dave and tony and even <hes> even we might get jefferson <hes> ah good old jefferson hartman to come out and hang out with us but <hes> i leave in his house. He's not going to do it. Hey i'm the editor chief verge host of the verge cast. We even revamping the virtuous more morally coming out with episodes twice a week. Sometimes even a third bonus episode on tuesdays talked to influential people around the world attack like microsoft founder bill gates and other tech exactly founder of lime scooters the c._e._o. Beyond me we must have been talking a lot of reporters and academics. The a major pressing policy issues in tech like facebook's content moderation doing great he tubes harassment plan or lack there of and whether or not the government should break up amazon which maybe should and then every friday i sit down with executive editor and paul miller for chat show we cover the latest in tech news and product reviews and our other reporters around the verge. That show is a party. Listen listen to it. You can hear all that more. If you subscribe the virtuous wherever you get your podcast would love for you to listen and join us so again. Subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast. We'll see there so for some reason. This is great. Rhino toll wants to stay away from his doritos. Yeah i'm actually one that would would probably <hes>. I'm not afraid to steal the food. <hes> i love to snack during those games usually it's. It's a snickers bars in what was the other thing. Snickers and hotdogs burgers and hot dogs hot dog hot dog. I am a burger guy more four but anyways with that being said cathy four. She's got a work friday night and she's really upset about that. <hes> she threw in five dollars dollars of her hard working into the super chip <hes> are working the super chat we will <hes> here's the thing about cathy if you have an opportunity there will me alive threat on b._t._s.'s. If you could go ahead and take a look at your phone. Your friends in the nation will be glad to keep you up to date on on everything that's going on. That's why you check in the beat at all times for that. There's so many chances to <hes>. There's so many chances in the middle of the game during the game anytime to find out what's going on dave. We not only that i was. I was told that there will be a post game. Show oh live on youtube. It's part of the b._s._e. Family podcasts after the game friday night with jeff hartmann and lance williams <hes> i that's the rumor i'm i'll believe it when i see it. If lance williams is gonna watch a preseason game and then talk about it but we'll see if that happens but we aren't we are scheduled out and we did not get to announce our giveaway last thursday our our new giveaway which is good because we had the tickets today with the decastro football so we're hoping to announce that this thursday so make sure you stay tuned for that. That's going to be a fun ongoing thing that we're going to do. It creates this asks. Is there a way to watch the games if you don't have n._f._l. Network their game pass yes <hes>. That's something doug. Johnson just mentioned gain pass. I had trouble with n._f._l. Game pass last year. I was trying to watch the first preseason game. It was awful. Kevin said maybe i who i watched at least three games. There were regular season games. Were streamed live on yahoo last year. I don't know that they have the rights to the preseason game because of game pass. That's a good question to look into but then again. Everybody knows my connection problems from time to time so committee. That's why i had. I had a hard time. I ended up <hes> like listening to it. I had better action listening to it and then i stayed up late and and i did the best i could with that article but that's never going to happen again so <hes> now i have a backup plan and it usually has me knocking on the door we're of one jeff hartmann and trying to trying to leech off of him so that's something that i might possibly do <hes> ross oberstein oberstein uh-huh russell. Was this russell russia ross. Oh says no question just thanks. Thanks you guys are the best loves fans in live chat. It's like we're all family and you know what we feel that way to you. Take your time to go ahead and hang out with us when we do these shows and these names. They're not nude us we talk about we talked about you off line and it's funny because there's there's no venom in these live chats. It's awesome. We are a family that we love the same team and that's exactly what it is and we forget about about that sometimes in the comments sections sometimes on facebook when everybody's like wanting to kill tony when tony is getting threats and dave's mowing the lawn and has to stop to clean up that ask hey i gave up the community manager role because as of my new role with the website so tony stir the pot all you want to now brother well facebook. There's no there's no filter there. I mean they they come at me from all different directions uh-huh facebook's kind of rough. That's that's a different. That's a different fan hood but <hes> with that being said yet. We are a team. We're family you guys. Is there a part of the show and what makes this show fun for us to do and <hes> we really look forward to it tony and i it's kind of bittersweet for us because we have done the hangover for the past couple years with friends of the show that would call in and i'm i'm gonna. I'm gonna mention some of them. We we had nick from marietta. We had ken from jersey. We had the great veto mankato from jersey the call and all the time we'd love to hear you guys on the chat <hes> but they were a part of our village in one of the best moments we had last year was two days before christmas. We were all upset about at the steelers lose the new orleans and then ken from jersey brought ken senior on the show and it was just it was it was for show and it made us forget about the game it's realized the humanity of steeler nation and he talked about how he began big not from the pittsburgh area but became a steeler fan just oppose his brother back in the seventies and it was just it was just fantastic and it was great for the big right before christmas because you felt you really just felt the pride of being a member of steeler nation it feeling like family so thank you russ ask for saying that i love it and <hes> yeah kevin ja. The new orleans game hurt last year but if you're on that podcast it felt a whole lot lot different. Tony will agree. It felt a whole lot different from <hes> a minute number one one thirty. Excuse me a minute ninety. Excuse accuse me. We do have a question the live chat it is for <hes> tony and it's about. I have lost it here but i remember the question so i can't ah joe greene. How did tony predict for the season. <hes> i predicted ken. Then which i think is a pretty standard prediction so i'm not really going out on a limb but i think that's going to be after winning division. One eleven jeff's going thirteen if i'm not mistaken and dave where were you at also at eleven you and i were very close even on our game to game picks. We were seeing eye to eye on a lot of the time okay so i just opened up the kennedy word with a new orleans game. I love it. That's what i love about you guys. Yes i agree. It broke my heart to but we did get hose but if there's any yeah oh yeah joe hey got hose but i think you'll really spilt. They got host a whole lot worse in the n._f._c. championship game game so i mean if that gives you any consolation idol no but should they have been hosting that game because if they don't win that game against the steelers that would've still been up in the air remember. I can't remember how it played out the last week this season. There were no matter saturday but i was signing off about seven minutes ago grind being said that's the great thing i love. This live chat. I love all of you. I appreciate it <hes> dave and tony. Thank you so much next time that we're speaking. It's going to be a real hangover. It is going to be either a really glorious hangover because of a steeler preseason. I don't care appreciate a win is a win. A love preseason wins. I feel good about them. Uh that that shows that they're practicing winning if they lose than their stuff to build upon that's fine but we still will have a game to talk about and we have been wanting a game for a long long time since december thirtieth and it's back baby so with that being said for behind still curtain for my good friend dave scofield and my good friend tony few. My name is brian anthony davis you. My friends have just been hung over good night.

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