Daily Huddle Ep 17: We Need Change Not a Pacifier


After Rosa Parks refused to give up receipt for sitting at the front of the bus, it took three hundred and fifty one days before change occurred. That's three hundred and fifty one days of walking carpooling and peaceful protesting. The lunch counter. Sit Ins in Greensboro. North Carolina took six months before change occurred that sitting at the lunch counters of diners being refused service because of the color their skin. Six whole months peacefully demonstrating that they were equal to. And here we are in Charlotte North Carolina Seventeen days in nights of peaceful, protesting some writing as a result of senseless unarmed African Americans being killed. In our country South Tryon street where many of the protesters in Charlotte marched has now been painted a different color. Literally. Taking note out of DC page book our city model the same and went to the streets, but in a different way. By. Painting black lives matter just two blocks from trade and try on the hub of the city. The same hub where slaves were publicly whipped in dehumanized the same hub where rubber bullets were recently fired, tear gas thrown into crowds. Black lives matter painted industries, no more protests, no more riots. Is this a sign of justice taking shape. I wondered I did a poll. The responses were surprising. Seventy one percent believe yes, the rest. Twenty nine percent set no I side with the latter, but my questions didn't stop there. A one step further reach out to one of the artists that painted a letter in the black lives. Matter Street Mural asked him the same question. Is this a sign of justice? In He is an artist whose work has always been rooted in arts. Activism and community responded saying he was proud of it. Proud to be a part of it, and he was also surprised at the budget, even got approved because Charlotte tends to play it safe and with his response I couldn't agree more. We've lacked murals of messaging around black and Brown futures for so long imagine an infant crying for hours and hours on end. Crying to be fed, crying to be held crying to be nurtured and seen, and finally someone comes along and gives the baby a pacifier. That pacifier is not nurturing. That pacifier does not provide the sustenance that that baby has been screaming four. To me, seeing black lives matter painted in the streets is at pacifier. is a step forward. I would agree, but I know. Our City, our community, our nation even can do more than stick a pacifier in the baby's mouth. This has been another daily huddle. Be Sure to subscribe to let's talk game with Tiffany Lewis on all podcast platforms leave a comment below this message. Share it if it inspired, you encouraged change in any capacity. Even if it's perspective that you've gained as a result of listening, I'll see you all next week.

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