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pittsburgh steeler fans. Welcome back to another episode steeler stat. Geek this is behind the steel curtain co editor. Dave scofield coming at you on a thursday morning yet again to talk about some geeky numbers i gotta see. They're kicking numbers. Called stat geek. But they're not really all that geeky they're just some good numbers things breaking down. The pittsburgh steelers this past season in general things going forward just any kinds of numbers. Hey i'm always looking always looking for these questions. We're actually going to answer several questions. That i got on twitter. Do that the second half of the show. I got more than these questions. A one of my goodness. It was a really deep really involved question that if i can't even get the answer it would take me a very long time and it lets you say it would be enough for an entire show so i can't answer all of them that were thrown out to me. They're on twitter. But i am going to answer a good bit of them but what we're doing here. Is that brian. Anthony davis helped me say something that it was steelers quarterly. Well bottom line is is what i wanted to do for this episode is i wanted to look back at the steelers twenty twenty season. I know there's a lot of. There's a lot of snark and sarcasm coming out of every time you try to do something with the steelers out there. I mean i have to admit some. i'm i'm getting a little bit worn down with it. Because it's like every time you know we have an article on bt se whether goes on twitter whether it goes on facebook whether it's just on the website there's always someone who's got a comment well been lost in the playoffs or you know with something obvious that yes i know the ending of the steelers. Two thousand twenty season stunk. It sucked it did. That's just what happened. Yes but does that. Define their entire season. It does a lot but it doesn't mean that you can't look at the other parts of the season meaning that you that you can still learn things from week six and whatnot about what happened throughout the season and it seems like you. I'm getting a little bit more down with it like any any time. You want to talk about anything with the twenty twenty season. All people want to say this. But ben threw four interceptions of the playoff game but they snapped the ball over the head but they gave up forty eight points. Yes these things are all true. But if we really wanna get down and get serious about dissecting things with the pittsburgh steelers it's more than just a playoff game. Yes that's a very important part of it but you can't only focus on that you can only focus on that so that's kind of my little rant to start off this episode because i mean even an article that i had on on the website just just this week i think what's he was. I think it was on wednesday. So i think it was yesterday that it was about the steelers home record and the reason i was talking about the. Ceo's home record was because for the first time in the nfl the ho- home teams did not have a winning record for the season. They went a hundred and twenty seven and one hundred twenty eight and one so yes granted they were only a half game for being five hundred. But that's a big deal because you know there's been times where it's been like in the sixty percent that the home team's win so with no fans in the stands and everything like that you say. Okay so yeah there there you would expect or not be as much of a of a home field advantage but yet the steelers were tied with three other team. I think it was three other teams may before That were there. Were seven and one at home this year so they tied for the best home record in the regular season and it was the most wins. They've had an home since two thousand eleven and They've only done that several times so even though they had these issues going on they still had a good home record. I broke it down more. I i talked about their opponents at home versus their opponents on the road and their overall winning percentages and things like that. But of course i even had to throw in the disclaimer in the article. Yes we know that. It's not translate to playoff success. They were oh and one at home in the playoffs and that is not good. I said i realized this. But talking about the regular season where you can actually compare it to the entire. Nfl because not the entire nfl makes the postseason. Of course what is going to say. They didn't win the playoffs. I said that in in the article. I know this. The steelers lost the wild card round. They favored to win by lot. They didn't it's awful. It's terrible but if you're all you're going to fixate on that then you're not going to be able to move forward. You need to learn from it but you have to be able to move forward. That playoff loss is like that girl. You were engaged to that. Didn't workout big commitment ready to move forward life together. Didn't work out something happened. You break up eventually move on with your life and it's not that you can't learn from that experience but if that experience is going to define everything you do with the rest of your life than your rest of your life is going to have issues the whole time. Eventually you're going to have to move on. You're going to have to look back at other things you learned in your life and other things that led up to that engagement in order to in order to figure out what you're doing moving forward so i've random that longer than i should have but that's just kinda on my mind an awful lot with with these things but what i want to do. Yes it stinks about what happened to the playoffs. I wanted to see how the steelers got to that point and you can use the regular season to see how this team was trending and believe it or not. It's very interesting. The way broke. Data the reason that says steelers quarterly is because when when. Nfl coaches look at their seasons. As they're going and everything afterwards and whatnot they look at it in four quarters because you play sixteen games. At least that's what they've been playing Since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight seventy eight But you know next year could be that seventeenth game. What we'll see if that comes through or not has a lot to do with the tv deals but when you break it down that way you're basically playing four four game seasons so if you look at specifically those quarters at how things went with those quarters. It's going to tell you a lot. So let's break it down for four twenty twenty steelers by quarter. So i'd compare them with the rest of the nfl and the pairing the every team's first four games so that way it couldn't be no. Oh you went through the first four weeks of the season. Seventeen weeks where you're going to throw it in. Don't care where teams buys were so it wasn't but the exact same date it was every team's games one through four and here's how it broke down. I looked at your overall yardage points for offense and defense how the steelers were ranked. And then i also looked at passing yards and rushing yards both offense and defense in each quarter and saw how they ranked in what they gave up. So let's look at it back when the steelers played their first four games where they went four and now it's important to know who the opponents were with some of these things because the steelers they face the giants the broncos the texas in the eagles. Those were all that did end up with losing records past season. That's i mean that's that's the truth behind it it. It is what it is but all you can do is play. Play the teams on your schedule but if you look at what the steelers did on offense they were they were ranked thirteenth in the nfl. In yards over the first four games they've ranked tenth in points scored. They were ranked twentieth in passing yards. And they were ranked eighth in rushing yards. So remember back. Those first four games of the season the steelers were rushing while they had five hundred and fifty five yards in the first four games of the season. They did not have that many rushing yards in their final eight games this season. So as you can see this team i mean when you look at their overall rushing yards for the for the season they only had thirteen fifty. So so you're talking about over a third of their rushing yards. Were in the first quarter of the season so that that's very interesting that they started off that way and they were running the football and it wasn't even just james conner because he got injured early in week one and benny snell rush for over one hundred yards so but if you look at the steelers defensively they were ranked third in the nfl. In yards surrendered they were ranked seventh in the nfl and point surrendered they were ranked thirteenth in the nfl in passing yards surrendered and they were ranked. First in the nfl in rushing yards. Given up the first four games the steelers rushed for five hundred fifty yards and they gave up. Only two hundred and fifty charts. That's how they started. That's how the season started. And but those passing yards were down the steelers were selling out against the the run with some of these young quarterbacks. You know that's what they did against saquon barkley and things of that sort so it was quite quite interesting. They just didn't want teams in the ball. So then you turn into the second quarter of the season so here comes the second quarter of the season. And you've got this is where the opponents got to be a little bit better opponents but the steelers still want four and out of those opponents three of the four finished with winning records and made the post season. 'cause they played the cleveland browns tennessee. Titans baltimore ravens and dallas cowboys. Those were their next four games. Four no again. The steelers offensively their yards dropped from thirteenth in the first quarter to twenty eight in the second quarter they were twenty eight. The nfl in offensive yards gained but they actually increased their ranking in offense of points scored from eighth from ten to eight. They went from ten to eight. And what's what's interesting is. They actually scored one last point in the second quarter of the season they escorted hundred and eighteen points in the first quarter of the season. One hundred seventeen the second quarter but that hundred and seventeen actually raised their ranking their their their offensive passing yards were twentieth in the nfl and they're rushing yards went from eight to thirty. I dropped all the way down the thirty first now. Part of that was the teams that they were playing against. But that's you would thought at the time but as you see it didn't really get much much better actually. It could barely get worse and it did so when you look at the defensive side of the ball they get. They gave their eighth in yard surrendered. They were fifth in points surrendered so there was even that was even better against the quality opponents. The revai gave up fewer points up. Seventy four points in the second quarter versus eighty seven in the first quarter and went from break seventh-ranked rank fifth and they were. They did much better in their past defense. They were ranked seventh in the nfl. But what happened. Was there rush. Defense dropped from first to twenty eighth so they went from two hundred and fifty six yards two five hundred sixty six yards like. Wow that's a big deal but you also gotta look at who they were playing. They played the kluber cleveland. Browns nick chubb in play game. But they only gave up seventy five rushing yards. they played derrick henry. The tennessee titans the only gave up. Eighty two rushing yards. You're like wow. They did that against those two teams to start the second quarter. Yeah well how the they end up twenty eighth. Because the next week they gave up two hundred. Sixty five rushing yards to the baltimore ravens. That's why and then the following week against the cowboys without ezekiel elliott. They gave up one hundred and forty four rushing yards there now that there was some interesting stuff in that game. I think some of that. If i recall trying to remember which game they gave up some big time rushing yards at the end when the game was kind of out of hand. I don't think. I think that was the next game against the bengals so But that's why they dropped so low in in the rush defense. So what happened if you look at it from quarter one to quarter to. The biggest difference came with rushing both offensively and defensively. They dropped from eight to thirty first in rushing the ball and they dropped from first to twenty eighth in defending the run. The question is where do they go from their third quarter. Steelers went three and one in the third quarter the season and and But they only played the only played one team had a winning record and two of them were teams. That made the postseason because the last thing they played in that quarter was the washington football team who did not have a winning record but did make the postseason because they played the bengals the jaguars the ravens and the football team and that quarter. This is where things started to fall apart halfway through this quarter for matt ravens game on his when it was the beginning of the end for the steelers even though they won that game. But if you if you look at it with their offense of yards they they jumped up. They had their their best quarter of the season. In those four games there were eleven to the nfl with with fourteen fourteen. Ten was the yardage their points. They dropped the dropped in their points. Scored two fifteen to the nfl. Hit one hundred points in the last quarter or nonetheless. Quarter in the third quarter of the season. So that's part of the problem going on there and this was actually. You'd think this would be good but this is actually bad. Their pass offensive. That's offensive yards. Went all the way up to fourth in the nfl. They jumped up to almost twelve hundred yards in that quarter. And you're like well that's good not when you're not when you're rushing is thirty second in the league in early two hundred and thirty nine yards. So that was part of the season where the steelers. It was obvious they were passing the ball. They couldn't run it. They were passing it the defense. This is where they started to really stand out was in the third quarter this season. So what's interesting. Is the offensive numbers. Were quite troubling but the defensive numbers were great. And that's part of the reason why the steelers were three and one in there but me think about it. They had gave the games in there. They gave up ten points three points fourteen points and then the one loss was still twenty three points so in yardage they were they were second in the nfl points given up. They were second. They'll give up fifty points in defensive Giving give passing yards surrendered. They were second in the nfl. So get even better defending the pass and then in the rush rush yards department rushing yards surrendered much improved from the second quarter. They were up to ninth in the nfl but they cut that number back to three hundred sixty yards over those four games so it was the defense that was still carrying the team. In the third in that third. Quarter if you look at it. The first quarter of the season you had a pretty decent balance. It was more defense but the offense was still doing. its part. second quarter They both struggled with the rushing parts. Third quarter the defense carried the day. The defense carried the day in the third quarter the season more than anything and the steelers left with only passing the ball for the most part. So then you get to the fourth quarter season where the steelers inverted that record from three in one back to one and three so what happened there very very interesting. So the steelers. Oh just so you know the teams. They played the last. The last four weeks of the season were three teams finished about three or four finished above five hundred and three of the four. Made the postseason. So that was one of the the other biggest best stretch of of teams that they faced. Nasi gotta remember that the steelers rested starters net last game. But that game didn't get out of hand or anything like that. But the steelers off yards. Offensively twenty-seventh over the last four games. Points scored twenty seconds. They only scored eighty three points. In those last four games passing yards they were thirteenth so they weren't pass even hit a thousand so they were a team that was relied on the pass and they weren't getting as many passing yards and then the rushing yards once again thirty second the league but they were one yard more than what they were the previous quarter. They went from two thirty nine to forty so that just kind of showed what happened. Offensively there is as it went on. Let's look at those defensive numbers. They fell off a little bit In yard surrendered. They were tenth. That was down from the previous quarter and that was their lowest quarter of the season because they were third eighth second tenth then point surrendered. It was the most points. They surrendered in a quarter all season. It was over one hundred one hundred one two. They were seventeenth. That was their worst because he went seventh to fifth to second trending in the right direction. Boom seventeenth defensive. Passing yards surrendered. That was still up there. That was one with bright spots they were fourth so after starting thirteenth and then getting better to seventh all the way up the second they slipped a little bit the fourth but not bad and then you had the rush defects which went from i. It was up and down. I twenty eight to nights to the final quarter. Twenty fifth gave up over five hundred yards rushing actually gave up more yards rushing in the final quarter of the season than they did. In the second quarter this season they gave up. Five hundred and seventy five yards in four games Mainly because they gave up one hundred yards it every game and that quarter one hundred four to the bills one hundred fifty two to the bengals hundred and twenty seven to the colts at one hundred ninety. Two the browns. So that's what happened so if you look at these numbers and try to figure out what really want on where things fell apart. All i think it all came down to more than anything. Now it would be. I could've dovan even more and got into the takeaways and stuff like that and turnovers because it seems like that was. The steelers were very dependent on that all season that it had to get the takeaways in order for them to do to be successful as can if you don't get them then you're gonna be in trouble but the biggest thing really came out of rushing the ball and stopping the run for the steelers to come out the way they did to start the season and rushed the ball well and did not up rushing yards that that generally comes down to being you know desire being physical with the other team things of that nature you know pushing other people around rather than being pushed around and i think it would be safe to say that early the season the steelers were doing all right pushing people around but by the end of the year they were getting pushed around not as much defensively as they were offensively. If you know what. I mean but it really comes down to i mean. Could you chop that up to the lack of by week you could you really could but that only goes so far. It really does so. I just thought i'd break that down into quarters. I know with a little bit long with this first with this. First part of this Of the show here. It won't be too long the second part but i just thought it was interesting to see when you break it down at a quarter of the season and think of what happened to the steelers over those quarters. That's what happened. So so they all of a sudden. They went from the twentieth in passing twentieth. And passing in both the in both the first two quarters when had to go all the way up to fourth in the third quarter in order to still games and then they had a drop in drop back down because teams no new that they could try to defend a pass against them and just didn't have enough balance with those things in order to figure it out. So we're gonna go ahead and take a quick break. We'll come back and answer some questions that i had and continue to just have some nice fun hickey number so around with you right back after the support for this podcast comes from state farm. The good neighbors who offer you surprisingly great rates on your home and car insurance state farm agents are great at helping you personalize your insurance to match your needs plus an award winning app that makes the whole insurance process surprisingly great. So if you're looking for a surprisingly great rate that comes with a lot of other surprisingly great things like a good neighbor state farm. Is there pittsburgh. Steelers episode fewer stat. This is actually the second half of the episode. Welcome back from the first half. We broke down. The what how. The steelers performed by quarter of the season That's the kind of stuff that the coaches are going to be looking at and things of that nature so it only made sense for for us to to kind of go in there and break that down just a little bit but going attor to some questions and it's funny because i just realized that one of the questions. I didn't answer quite right. So i'm going to have to try to see if i can throw together the complete answer there. I kind of i kind of miss read it just just a little bit but you know that happens. But i'll i'll get it all all when it comes to it but i've got to put them out there like i said i couldn't answer everything but here was one. This was from chase cockerel on twitter at chase cockerel one asked which receiver led the steelers in snaps. Now i actually looked this up. As was looking at receptions who led the team in receptions in case of that number will give you that information as well the player who led the st the receiver who led the steelers in receptions was juju smith schuster. Who had ninety seven and that was on one hundred twenty eight targets. He was not the most targeted receiver. That was the andre johnson. Who had eight receptions who was which was second most of the team on one hundred forty four targets but if you want to know who played the most snaps that one was also juju smith schuster. He played the regular season He played eight hundred and ten offensive snaps. The season that was about seventy four percent of the snaps offense or snaps for the steelers. And if you wanna know where that where that ranked him on the t- that actually that had him ranked fifth on the offense. He had the fifth most snaps. He had more than marquees patsy And everything else. Something here doesn't seem right because I'm going to have to look at. These numbers are are acceptable because that this percentage is might be off a little bit because alejandro villanueva. They has only eight percents. I'm looking. I'm using Pro football reference and he actually played a hundred percent of the snaps. So i can tell you right now that it was actually more seventy three percent of the snaps. And if you give me just a moment. I'm just going to have to calculate that because i couldn't trust them to do it and that calculation comes down to about eighty three percent of the snaps. But if you're wondering who else came in there. After after after juju smith schuster wide receiver wise. It was dante. Johnson was next even though he missed one full game and parts of two other games. He had the next most snaps at six hundred forty seven so he had almost What is that. that's bob over. One hundred and fifty snaps less did smith schuster and then by the auntie johnson. The next most was chase claypool with six hundred nineteen snaps And not far behind while on the list not far behind but if you look at the numbers while for behind was james washington with four hundred ten so Chase claypool at two hundred more snaps than james washington did last year. But that's where they they. All eric ebron actually had if you include him In the mix is a tight end. He would actually have had less than juju but he had more than the johnson. He would've been wedged in between there. So that was the answer to that. Question of of the most of the most snaps played in in twenty twenty by receivers. The other question that i was given. I wanna make sure i. I know who was given these questions. So i can give them. The proper credit credit was one came from from darod. This is That's dwi sable. I guess s. a. b. o. l. on twitter. He asked the question of how yes to questions so the first was how many three and outs did the steelers offense haven't twenty twenty. I was able to look that up. That was a great question. But before i did i wanted to say how many were there in the entire league now. I strictly went three plays and punt. There was a turnover. There doesn't matter if you know if there was a first down of course that didn't qualify or anything so this was three plays in punt so sometimes you get some other desirable things going on there. Defensively non desirable things offensively. 'cause i mean think about. Sometimes it's not three in out because a t one four on fourth down to get it or they turn the ball over before they got there but strictly three and outs for the season in the nfl. There were one thousand eighty three and outs so that would average by team with thirty two teams. That would that would come down to just under thirty four three and outs on the season. So that's thirty. three point. Seven five is what that is so if you look at that that means every team should have had at least two three and outs each game on average i mean when you average over the entire league is is what the average would be unfortunately for the steelers they had fifty they had fifty three amounts. I didn't go through and look at. How many each individual team add. Because i just couldn't really. That wasn't a real easy way to be able to do that. So actually it's funny. Now that i think about it. I i might have been able to do Depending on home or by filters in everything that i might have actually been able to figure that out. I wish i would have done that now. i might have to update you with that next week. But on on those drives the steelers forced eighty punts on the season eight months but and fifty of them open ended. Came on a three and out. Which if you think about that. That's kind of crazy. That's that over that over half their their punts came because they'd had a three and out that's insane so from that. I also wanted to say well. How the defense do i just took the question. A little bit farther. Say what happened with the defense with that they did. did they. Force more three and outs than what the what the offense gave up and the answer is yes they did. They did give up Force more of them because they forced fifty five three and outs on the season. Which means that and that was on eighty six punts that they forced and and that so they did even better than the offense if you look at it so it's just kind of interesting to see how that came out but that was a good question but he had to questions yet another one that wasn't is related and i thought this was pretty good and this is going to be the last one that we look at here on this episode and that was how many players drafted by the steelers in the last five. Years are still in the nfl. When it comes to that question. I actually need to. I look at it the other way around because how many players were versus. How many players weren't there. Were with the last five years so this was from two thousand sixteen on and the steelers have made. Thirty seven draft. Picks out of those thirty seven draft picks. Now not all these teams are the steelers and all these players are with the steelers. But there's only five of them who are no longer in the nfl. just five. Because yes shockingly jeff harbin's gonna love this one but he's got to know that yes call it holda. The long snapper is still in the nfl And was actually with the with the san francisco forty niners last year and i think he signed on Signed on think futures contract with With the rams that's what is he has a futures contract with the rams so he's still in the league but there are five players that are not in the league so the easiest way to do is the. Let's go back for this and we'll go through these five. And here's what's crazy about these. They are all either sixth or seventh round draft picks. They're all either six or seven two hundred six that's insane so that means anyone drafted by the steelers and the fifth round or above in the last five years is still playing in the nfl so or at least played or was with the team in some some form in two thousand and twenty so if you go back to the two thousand sixteen draft every two players that are no longer in the nfl one. Oh one was seventh. Round draft pick demarcus airs wide receiver. He was with the steelers. He played two games with the steelers. He's actually the only person on this list while he played games. I think he played yes. They were both with the steelers. He's the only player on this list. It's actually credited with playing. Nfl game the other four players did not even play that game. But the marcus. Airs was with the steelers. He chose to go sign when he didn't make the team in In two thousand seventeen he chose to not sign with the steelers practice squad and go sign with the patriots because he thought he probably had a better chance of getting bumped up to the main roster he did not. He didn't last long they didn't even last month. Spent some time on the chicago. Bears practice squad he ultimately. This was all in two thousand in two thousand seventeen. He ultimately ended up playing in the xfl and is now in the cfl in the canadian football league in that same draft. Two thousand sixteen travis feeney linebacker outside linebacker. He was on the steelers practice squad that season at the end of the year. Got poached by the saints. Now what we mean by poached is at the end of the year sometimes if teams feel like they have an a a viable spot on their fifty three man roster though look at other teams practice squad guys signed them at the end of the year and then that way they have them going into the next year. That's what happened to feeney. But then he got cut in the off season never ended up back in the nfl. He did play a f- before it collapsed and he's also playing in the canadian football league. Now two thousand seventeen kion atoms linebacker seventh round draft. Pick He was he was with the steelers on the practice squad. He was released in twenty nineteen and ended up with with the giants and then ended up when i are. He's also the canadian football league in two thousand eighteen seventh round draft. Pick joshua frazier did not make the steelers roster or practice squad that year. He ended up the lines. Practice squad for I think it was four weeks maybe And then was released. He played in the af and then he announced his official retirement from football in two thousand nineteen but I don't know that anyone was knocking down his door. And then the the the fifth player is sutton smith from two thousand and nineteen. He was a sixth round draft pick. He spent time on three different practice. Squads and twenty nine thousand nine one of which was the steelers. I remember he was signed for a day at one. Point brought back for a day and then released and then was brought back again. He was on jacksonville's practice squad. He was on seattle's practice squad. He was not with any team in two thousand and twenty even with expanded practice squads. He was not anywhere that i could see. He had played at all. So i don't know if he's still tried for the nfl or not so. That's only five players out of thirty seven draft in the last five years that are not in the nfl anymore. All the rest of them in the league so out of thirty seven thirty three of them have played in at least one. Nfl game which you when you think about that is fairly impressive. So that was that was the questions makes you keep them coming if Stl or superfan dad at twitter. Stl are superfan data at mail dot com by keep looking for those stats question. Those are great. Thanks for tune in here with me. This morning i feel really bad. That i didn't look up. And see where the steelers ranked with a number of three and outs they add. I gotta bring you that one next week. Because that's when i'm even more curious about rather than just the number but where that put them in the nfl so I just gotta make noted that make sure bring that back to you but make sure you're checking out all the audio pod podcast that we have on our platform. I'm sure you stumbled onto this one. You've probably listen the other ones you know you got jeff harbin's ride let's ride a forever said it's part of his rider die crew. I have to be part of that crew. I listen to every single one of his podcasts. I try to listen to every podcast for bt se. I can't always catch them all. But that's but that let's ride is one that i don't miss so we got our. Our youtube shows their audio platform. As well makes you check those out. And of course by mr curtain dot com. It's your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers he come with the questions. It's a long offseason. We gotta figure out what kind of numbers we wanna talk about week in and week out so hopefully this kind of helped explain a little bit of what happened throughout the steelers season. Hopefully you weren't too upset by my frustration at the beginning that yes. We can look at the whole season and we don't have to focus on what happened in that season game in order to do everything they can to build on what the steelers did and twenty twenty so once again. Thanks for the most important a row.

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