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Today's show is brought to you by eighteen final cut or t.f see you can check him out on youtube dot com slash team final cut now what these guys are run by Matt Cole but it contains a number that's the bottom line Dahlan's south macarthur we're not open yet but keep that in mind at the end of September hey everybody welcome to episode sixty three of the double yeah the electricity went out not too much actual physical damage but I've got a one year old at home so we went about thirty eight hours without electricity strea- has some kind of will for its own transcendence I mean derives our dreams our thoughts the choices we make why we're here in terrific being podcast today's guest was Mickey Dahlan's he is the state representative for Oklahoma's ninety Third House district that's the south side and it threw him off of his schedule sleep pattern and everything so my wife's also eight months pregnant right now so we're finally back on schedule and Tako nine months man so I've read your biography and your what did you say fifth-generation Oklahoma side of okay see yeah this dude is a busy guy and he took time of his scheduled to sit down with us and have a talk about a multiple of different topics very interesting life and I hope you guys enjoy you guys enjoy the episode he's a great great person to talk to He's a great representative to have I mean honestly oh come see me at my new job all city plug but it's going to be opening around September twenty first and it's GonNa be open twenty four seven that's a dispensary to making fight shirts to videos anything media if you guys need help and you want to start a career hit these dudes up than also this gun control. The hemp industry meant to politics mental health he his time as a professional athlete like this guys have has led opened twenty four seven people that's insanity right off I forty man I'm going to be running the midnight to seven shift it's GonNa be fucking amazing that seven hundred great great grandfather I guess it would be my great grandfather grew up in Colgate and played on baseball team they're funny enough might as this month or next month September twenty first but they're actually thinking probably around the fifteenth or so wow okay well I didn't even know is that quick machinations to understanding and we are like somebody who has been dead drunk while the House was burning down around his really this evening the world is not at all as we supposed to be I find that very main thing yeah dude enjoy up to talk to and with him was like really really humbling it was it was just really cool to sit face to face with one of our representatives like that it was a big shot to Carlo would desma cooking town pride and my grandfather my great grandfather was a pitcher for the colgate team and he worked his whole life for Phillips Sixty six my grandfather worked for Phillips and so did my dad so and I was even in the oilfields for a little bit as a roughneck we can talk about that a little bit news and so small towns would play against other small towns and apparently a really big deal that would sometimes end up in a brawl but at the end of the day it was things are going better she wasn't feeling well not have a girlfriend who is eight months pregnant as well so I was like Oh yeah we'll just her wins baby locked firearm and took his life and he had always wanted me to try out for the NFL and so using that as motivation I decided and right after my last football game unfortunately my younger brother who had suffered from bipolar depression found a UN yeah we rolling now yeah okay yeah so I was born in Bartlesville Oklahoma and I spent some time in sky token clear more but ended up going back to Bartlesville graduate waiting and I earned a football scholarship to SMU or southern Methodist University which is in Dallas majored in English graduated in two thousand eleven. AH OPPORTUNITY TO COMPETE ON AMERICA'S Cup tour which is in Lake Placid New York and then the only other track is in Park City Utah and then from there you go north worker I use my English degree became alternatively certified got a job at US grant high school teaching freshman English enjoyed it in New York so I flew up to lake placid did the tryout and ended up getting recruited to be the second pusher on a four person bobsled team and to have you on air cool story and I think it'll be great for people to hear calls definitely you need so you went to College Football Scholarship my principal had to lay off sixteen eighteen teachers a grant and I was one of them and so just bought a new house down the road egg for about a year and a half and then oil went bust and I noticed I didn't notice it was very apparent that my colleagues Oklahoma and ended up going to the oilfields and worked on an old rig that was built in nineteen seventy for a really small oil company based here in Oakland Yeah I saw that west up there's video on your your government page was like a sixteen year you've lived an interesting life that's like one of the main reasons it was pretty awesome our August twenty nineteen and we've made significant improvement in all three facets but they're still so much form of that diversification of the economy doing things to give people more career pathways for like my friends on the rig running for improve mental health is going to pursue that and ended up not making it but I was recruited to the United States bobsledding team for a tryout and lake anyone can play on we've got ten more on the works for the schools who are going through the pathways to greatness and okay cps the elementary and just Americans I got to learn about their cultures and bobsleds kind of a bigger deal in Europe and so it was a really fun experience and came back and so we're giving them a little bit more age appropriate places to bikers okay CPS teacher Willer so she's in the transition of going from being elementary resulted in the layoff of teachers twenty twenty you and early two thousand sixteen yeah yeah it was at Spring and you know I actually went to more okay but you also in this time period you wrote a book and start a business correct yeah did I will the book came take care for people like my brother and then restoring all the funding that they cut from education and ran on those three issues and here we go because I when I was in high school I played for Bartlesville and we did not win very many games my soft my junior year Odin had just barely enough money saved up to decide to run for office and go knock on my neighbors doors and listen to them and ran on a platform AH run their nonprofit coat energy assist foundation and we do big we do three big things in the community we build these public soccer courts for kids to play friends were having a very difficult time finding jobs paid equivalent to the oilfield she's eighty five ninety sometimes one hundred thousand a year for regular oil field Monday to the locker room and the coaches offices empty but thankfully my highlight films from my sophomore senior year we're still there so I took the liberty of I remember on the evening of our last game I guess the night my head coach our coach was fired and I show up we won three games in my senior year we won and had been twenty years since anyone from Bartlesville had gotten a division one scholarship and no one was getting recruited work to do and I've got a lot of big ideas for each so here today I've got a wife in a fifteen month old I've been around affluence in that type of culture and really fell in love with that and saw an opportunity there and that's when I chose to go to SMU schools that are now middle schools were taken out the playground equipment and putting that to other elementary schools in and we're building soccer courts with Blake Griffin he's building the basketball court son got a daughter due in October and outside of the legislature I'm the Executive Director of a nonprofit for the Oklahoma City energy professional soccer team and I guess they never said we never contacted you so when it showed up maybe out of curiosity they ended up watching it but in about a month and a half I went from contingent upon this other person in other person ended up accepting and then Smu came in and I went to Dallas and talk about a different environment and published in two thousand thirteen but I don't think there needs to be a second edition because like I said it's pretty much timeless information and then on my in from I forty four you guys build those yeah we've got those and then we did the one downtown together square by myriad gardens which and they're all public taking those films and bought a DVD slash VCR recorder and I took those vhs tapes and is to make sure that there are known to give yourself more opportunities so while in the book I use my story is football for example it could really be applied to anyone it was the kids who are in my situation who don't have the help from parents who know what it's like now it's just exploded with information resources on the Internet and coaches and then after they had been in the mail for a couple days I had I would just call the coaches and say hey the information you requested on me is in the mail and you should be getting it today bought a house down the road and then about a year and a half later governor fallon cut education twice and the truck Odeon code the English with a specialization creative writing my professors sometimes let me write chapters of the book in which they would offer to their expert editing advice teacher to a junior high teacher in house that Ben sets a little stressful but she's getting the hang of it she stopped for them for saving twelve to fifteen years now since small kid on the knee sleeves I enjoy doing Olympic weightlifting cleans and Daedalus I mean that's I should I should point out Grandpa told me that back in the day dern I guess the depression era or the time leading up to one of the ways that communities connected was they had adult League Baseball Team Canada where you compete there and then my last year on the team I ended up making the international team where I got to travel across seas for the first time and compete against other people to say that our needs took a beating who'd be understatement so when I came home I got some neoprene some really thick neoprene kind of patched up zero scholarships to three full ride scholarships the first one was to Missouri State and Louisiana Monroe and then Colorado state flew me out and said you're scholarships but One of the reasons I decided to major in English is because of that experience I told myself if fight by some way if this happens where I ended up with a scholarship I want to help other off with the bobsledding teams and then I decided to get a mass produced and calm treetrunks because Arnold had referenced how his legs were his biggest tree trunks and sponsorship with mcdavid but they're neoprene was very thin and this seemed to hold in a lot more heat and provide much more compression and so they kind of took it the city man dangerous work yeah it was dangerous and I have a story about automation about that too and anyway worked on the competing on the bobsledding team if you're in Oklahoma that's about the only way you can practice for Bob sledding is because the movements in a clean jerker very similar to pushing a bobsled and awesome sleeves and took them back and my teammates liked him so I made them just far team and then other teams started noticing them and we had right in front of your belly button and then you drop down into a front squat and then you push up and then you do a push press above your head and once you have full control all of the barbell over your head that'd be it's a complete lift and so we would train and train and when my teammates and I would go to Canada when it would be with the book to help kids who are in my situation and while it may be different sport or it may be a job interview I feel like the principles in that book are that initial push and it was where you whiffed up and get it under you that's exactly right yeah it's essentially a really fast dead lift the bar floats up I'm on DVD's and made copies and sent him to coaches all over the country and I remember I specifically I could've maybe played Olam but I wanted to play D. Line so I sent him to the delight the dead lifting is not an Olympic lift that's powerlifting but an Olympic lifts you have snatch and power clean clean and jerk and when I was for thirteen but I kind of don't do that so much anymore I don't really market it it's phased out in fact I have about four hundred pairs that I'm gonNA probably sell to across a lot different than it is now and it's hard to believe that that wasn't very long ago but they treated him pretty poorly terrible yeah like he was incarcerated I attempted in two thousand nine and because he was fourteen when he first attempted they had to go take him to the hospital and they've pumped his stomach and he had because he 'cause you're kind of like I went through all this other people that go through it was helpful too because I knew I wanted to write the book after I got a scholarship so by majoring in timeless in the fact that you can use those principles to basically put your best foot forward to market yourself and if you have the quality there's many of them were published and so they gave me that was a huge benefit for me and helping assigned published pretty soon after I graduated yeah ten years ago I think that had an influence toward the end but I remember he went and it was very much you know you do what they say on their terms had tempted and he was under the age he became property of the state and they put them in a state psych ward and back then in two thousand nine it was we especially in Oklahoma it's not is looked down on to be weak physically or mentally and so if I ever gotten an injury physically you habit and you get back on the field and that's it and kind of the same with mental problems if very common amongst young young males especially the healthcare and mental health and we just won the five hundred million opioid settlement which go to mental health treatment and helping people who are in pretty much all my time is either spent at home with constituency issues or with the nonprofit on ask you about the state of Maine he's and then once everything else you know got busy with other things that hey you know how it goes so it was a fun venture and still paying became a representative and what you've done to maybe change we I've been pushing for day one to accept Medicaid expansion that would go to lower income people to help with Jim how were they can do what they want with them but we had a fun model with that in the beginning for every pair sold we'd plant a tree and so we ended up planting quite a bit of tree taxes on it though so maybe it's time to close this out and then shut her down but yeah that was a fun one but now for the movie pumping iron and so t r e x and I would say I I sold that I've been selling those for since about two thousand twelve addicted so that will be that will play a big factor but and when my brother he died by suicide and two thousand eleven he had they'll health in Oklahoma like you said like I remember in the video I watched you were talking about how terrible it was like what was what was so bad about it before you like sleep in a cell with a roommate with the lights on door open they watch you do everything and he was there for a month and it's interesting growing up as an athlete so there really was no treatment going on it was more like we'll treat them like a prisoner well you know there there was a medicine prescribed hand trying to get that combination right which was not it was rough in itself trying to figure out what worked and what did the science has changed so much since oftentimes those guns aren't store properly or you have people with good intentions who don't know how to properly handle one they had their fatal mistakes all of this same treat trump has the name of the book is called Recruit Yourself Aren't an NC double a football scholarship okay just give them back to the community seven thousand as of yesterday we know they have fifty thousand regardless if they reached the goal of sending that bill to the vote of the people yeah and and we're just talk that once you are perceived to have been healed just don't talk about it and I remember like my brother he came back initiative to lead the petition to repeal the permit lists carry bill that will go into effect November. I if we don't have enough signatures at the time of this podcast can be prevented and I'm just want to tip my hat to the legislators my seatmate one representative Jason Lowe who took on the he was left in a alone vulnerable moment with with a place he shouldn't have been and so that's what happened to him and negative twenty three degrees below zero Fahrenheit could be out there and you breathe any just feel your lungs icing and unfortunately Oklahoma continues to have more Morse's I'd go and because we are state with a lot of guns and after going into the psych ward and I know he didn't want to talk about it because he didn't want to end up back there and my mentality was I don't WanNa talk about it because I don't want to have him restriction they did a poll eight percent of Oklahomans believe that people who carry in public should have a background check MD why do yo l l s okay so we appreciate you taking your time to come on man have you had the storm damage or you're like man that was it went on and then that was another tough thing when he went back to school is trying to integrate all the kids kind of knew what happened and he was there's stigma and he ended up having to go to a different school and then he the has created a strong conversation that I believe is empowered a lot of people we have mayor Holt who came out and signed it multiple professors most state who is it would eliminate the need for a permit it would eliminate the need for said background check to open carry and it would eventually graduated high school and went to college his first semester and made straight as and we just thought everything was fine and toward the end when the doctor was prescribing it assist bad feelings which all the science now says that's not true that helps to talk about it and so looking back we know just didn't ever talk about it and he went ended up there medications that medication I just know that it was changed up and the dosage was increased and and in different medication and a higher dosage he found an unlocked firearm and he was very manic and what were these like S. Sri is or what do on you in a holster either showing or which is called ix open if it's showing or concealed if it's on your body what and we'll see how that goes but they you know those permit lists open carry entail just for listeners who yeah so right now in Oklahoma you can keep up his remembers like the most notable Matt Taibbi Morrison and Tommy Britain and they can do anything from training you to giving you social media presence assault rifle and there are currently people in Oklahoma who do it for Youtube views they call it a second amendment audit them all the time extend the firearm range of so right now you can you can keep a pistol on you this would allow you to open carry a rifle shotgun it's August twenty eighth the thirty Oh okay. Today's August thirtieth we don't know the signature count on the initiative petition they need to fifty and not just shooting a target but how to properly store like we were just talking about how to properly clean your gun and what to do in different situations to do that you have to have a permit so if a police officer stops you and wants to see Burma have to show it and and to acquire that permit you have to have gone through training mm certified have a permanently so sin this vote to the people if you're so shirts would they want to the people and then it will be decided but origin eight hours safety hunting safety hunting safety course and that's still a thing and no one has a problem with that so what this bill would do ended ego yeah mayors from across the state up in stillwater who say there are a lot of passionate opinions on both sides of this issue they'll have they'll go to public park and looks like an assault rifle they modify their pistol to make it look scares so much so to the police officers can't distinguish exactly the summer and that's terrified and that's exactly what they want they want to elicit a he losing money hand over fist and they're doing everything they can to incite fear had to keep their members engaged in paying but once there's a tipping point that I think is happening at this moment that to and you can see how fast public opinion can life because someone was walking around with a modified looking shotgun assault rifle and you shoot the person well you are completely immune from legal itution has a lot of amendments there there are situations in which your First Amendment right to free speech isn't very courageous grassroots organizations who are coming up and now for example MOMS demand has more members than the NRA and the NRA's range for example medical marijuana and there there are things it when an idea catches hold can happen very quickly and it's very powerful his life or her life and shoots back there under protection to now here's the real kicker if a stray bullet ricochets or hits a bias a constitutional right for second amendment says a well regulated militia that implies regulation and then they can come back and say shall not be infringed L. repercussions because of standard ground has extended out outside of those outside of the home now the person you're shooting it who's trying to do a second amendment audit will fear for recently the Oklahoma legislature extended the standard ground law to which it for those listening extent the standard ground law says a public place if you're in public at the park someone's doing a second amendment audit year a concealed carry license holder and you fear for your life they've gone to the gathering place and you can bet they'll be scissor tail park and here's an interesting fact in two thousand seventeen or maybe twenty eighteen all the different things that have changed over time but this one seems to be the real hang up and it's it's funny to see not funny but it's interesting to see that if you're in your home and someone breaks and enters your home and you fear for your life you can shoot them now they just passed a law that extends out to okay so where would you like to like bridge the gap you think we should have more gun control or do you think we should focus more mental illness to prevent more things like suicide we'll make the point well you have to have a license to drive a car and then the other side of that argument as well drive a car isn't a constitutional right and then you could say well zander both are immune from any legal punishment no way that does not make any sense how can we legislate the people who voted these in our those that's the only way it happened is passed the legislature in the signed by the governor I saw it was signed by the governor number they start to fuel the fire and eventually create more `isolation and less ideas having the same conversation that has been going on for a very long time but it's so quick through a screen because this is more intimate and I feel like we can have a better conversation this way people nowadays like back in the fifties you'd have bowling leagues and other one of the problems that we have today in society is less people are doing things as groups were talking in person we're not over the Internet and we're not chatting there's just a lot more things you would have to actually physically be around others to have that community and now people can find their tribe or what what's happening I'm glad you brought that point oftentimes I feel like people with mental illness or a scapegoat for he was the shooter he was mentally ill -ality that's not what the data's saying that these people who are committing these atrocities have been radicalized on Internet groups they fueled open-mindedness and to where they become so indoctrinated in what they're saying that they think what they're doing is a good thing and I don't think that's that is not mental allowed legally example you can't go into theater and you'll fire you can't make threats you can't do stuff like that and and they're and they're just the hope it does go to vote I don't know I never knew any about that like I never knew people were doing that it's terrifying to me especially someone who has kids like this or the other you know whatever gets Iraq's off when it comes to policy or groups and they can get in a bubble and then once in the echo the newly elected president of Young Democrats of America who's right here from Oklahoma City friend of mine they and of course moms demand action like I said earlier I think that there are a lot of good guys who have guns with good intentions who will make fatal mistakes if they're not properly trained side of the argument is just well it's the Second Amendment right and we should have our guns right that's what the there's always devil's advocate honest that is just indoctrination propaganda and it's almost like unfortunate took cult behavior yeah an attack to go through and verify each each signature and if they have the required amount than it will go to the ballot in twenty twenty November of twenty twenty all created who worked for the past two weeks to get over fifty thousand signatures to to be able to contest that bill that's about to spend time figuring out if he was the perpetrator after some deliver deliberation and figuring that out and they've found in fact he was just they will make mistakes and a firefight naval make fatal mistakes when the police are trying to identify the perpetrator and mistake them it happened presents low he was he's one of the leaders the man on the news last night I saw like the thing where the man was talking about what they presented then correct each signature will have to be verified they have to be able to canvass yeah exactly and so why would look at it but it would be reasonable to say that less mass shootings happened with assault rifles when they were less I'm always keeping in mind and it does help when they reach out to me and they share their opinions and we can make more informed decisions as legislators present thirty eight thousand five hundred people and you my district was Republican before I want it and so I do have a lot of republican constituents terrifying like so you're chairman actually is the one who authored the bill before the petition for it to go to a boat yeah it's and just in the there was a person who had a licensed to carry El Paso and was running and the police had to apprehend him and is because you had a group of very engaged and loud supporters belonging to a group called it okay to me same thing is like you really need a rifle in public right or even if it's a concealed carry but citizen who's had a permit to carry and nothing wrong with that but it did take away from the real perp that the police needed to apprehend yeah that were pushing while everyone else is busy working providing supposed to spending time with their families right but that is a good commentary employer involved but the whole reason there's permanent carey was rushed through the house it was rushed through the Senate and it was a very first bill governor signed what they're interested in what they're passionate about and they'll make change gosh the other day I can tell you story after story after story I'll tell you this one real quick we put a face to a legislator elected official they will have their voice heard no doubt and then they will put them to work on a campaign find out grandfather at the Capitol and we had a meeting and we legislated policy that would ban pets prizes and the first year we had a snowstorm in so assessable yeah it should be it should be harder to get I mean like you say with the car analogy you gotTa have a licensed driver car I mean guns are way more than first year I was faced with the school girl went to the Cleveland County Fair she noticed that the Goldfish were being used as prizes but problem was the nineties when you think something like that could curve the numbers that we're looking at with mass shootings and stuff like the it'd be worth your back and look at the data and I wouldn't want to speak on that before I got them in touch with their representative lived in Bethany Representative Tammy West we met with little kaley tinder old kaely her mom or her they put us behind schedule we didn't get to hear it the second year same thing it's been it's been shot down but we know exactly who won't hear the bill in committee and on how important it is to stay engaged because the squeaky will will get the re tasty we try to tell us toward young friends all the time like guys registered to vote backpack but that can't become the norm that is insane right destin stores like Clinton had an assault rifle ban heard like the Oklahoma supreme four and a half to go back and view it all it more likely that was representative LOA representative Donnington has played a big part of Joshua Harris still who's the WHO's three years old who has spina Bifida who needs a caretaker to change his diaper his mom and he's about to outgrow the baby changing tables they can only it was hot it was murky half the fish were floating upside down she wrote a letter and so I don't think that pets should be used as prizes I got in touch with her mom what I've come to here they think it's just all corrupt which is just not the case your vote does matter in that case I would ask them to meet with me meet with four minute meet with Andrus yeah but also however it's not a concentration all right all right yeah that's the thing about you know in the legislature pitt this little girl is important her she's ten years old and it's important a lot of adults to and she's going to be able to take that as an example for the rest of her life apple the county courthouse city hall have adult changing adult size changing tables and as well as private businesses that can hold over fifteen hundred Mongo out and vote with us personally told people like I will drive you to the polling place like just even if you don't vote for the person voting for a lot of them Shane stone there are a lot of legislators who would happily meet with kids and I have these conversations and if they can like again put a face to a name especially with the scissor Tail Park opening we've talked about personally like I got some fun to go to but the way the climate is in America right now like do we really want to be on a dirty bathroom floor and we just submitted legislation way ahead of

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