Zola launches Honeymoons, Target adds Disney stores-within-stores, and HP drops 10% because printers are like fax machines


Is going on right now target the big box department store is adding Little Mini Disney stores within target store jump into the stores and we know what you're thinking right now nick this is Jan this is snacks daily welcome back it is Monday October seventh we got the best one yet their best next thing that we've ever jet what daily now got another update snacks minute our two minute version we made for spotify hit number six as well but number six overall across this thing with the carbon footprint of an entire Latin American economy so we're talking store within a store a Disney within target and starting Friday he's segmented store at Disney branding you're immersed in the magic kingdom for like a little bit when you wish upon a star Texas and Florida are getting a whole bunch of all podcast we're talking about the snacks world hanging out with the New York Times the daily on a daily basis it is an honor to get such rankings and Nikolai so that I can go and watch cocoa while you're shopping Jack small world after all but by the way there's one thing Jack and I noticed that really stood out for us and it was the insecurity past Friday twenty-five targets will have Disney stores between I'll six-mile seven we're talking board games action figures based on recent movies this is a Disney we need to be a Unicorn Congratulations Zola Not Unicorn yet put engage we're talking about Zola it's worth six hundred fifty million dollars and as wedding registries but now it's getting into honeymoon he really wants to stay friends after the wedding now before we get into those stories we got to give you an update snacks daily that target story is HP Packard. I gotta say the printer at this point has become the facts Jack you're thinking relevant or are you thinking he relevant over there I'm thinking relevant Granahan Pot let's do this for our first story target just open Disney stores within target stores within Disney within target stores this is like an Amazon package what's next year Yup so there's twenty-five in existence already and forty more to come they're going to have interactive displays they're going to have big Disney branding they're also going to be playing Disney movies here's the problem. HP Makes Eighty percent of its profits off printer and the stock just fell ten percent because they're cutting nine thousand jobs third and final story our third and final story is engaged get delivered to your front door a box and then a box within that apple wrap within that and then another box and then toothbrush you're like thank God they protected saleable security snacks digestive business from other financial LLC members SIPC new movies in new shows also nick holiday season is coming out Yup toys R. US is still bankrupt and those stockings aren't gonNA stuff themselves so we know what you're thinking asked if you look at targets press release on this thing they mentioned like three or four times these these toys they're only going to be available at target when you see the pictures they literally have stickers the Disney store within a target that's you can only get zero you can only get this year don't even comparison shop online it's only relax relax now this is interesting to us you break a mental sweat emotional sweat and every day to make this podcast sweat wyking gear whenever we're in that podcast Jack knifed to stretch before every podcast not everyone knows Appadoo love number six last week business tech category and spotify exactly it's right up there with Wall Street Journal NPR and Actually I think Wall Street Journal NPR up snacks is it times up with two very specific things for Disney the holidays and Disney movies staggers Tober do you know what happens next month yes dress nick do you know what happened stories there about seven hundred fifty square feet about the size of a small New York City apartment and just enough space to sell you some devices engage actually think seven hundred fifty square feet the size of like a four Komo apparently less boom seven dollars a month Disney plus comes out is the Netflix competitor so they can have all sorts of Star Wars Movies Star Wars TV spinoffs frozen Disneyland Yeah in target they basically Texas and Florida got the most of these stores within a store is but if your local target didn't get one they're gonNA watch like forty more of these Disney stores within for yourself because it just looks cool maybe I'm okay with that and then you're going to notice there's not much mickey staff it's mostly New Disney stuff yeah these are like store billboards to promote Disney we're just want to say straight up thank you for listening today and thank you for listening everyday to snacks Dale snappers you send us your snack fast you jump into teaboy Tuesday we could agents who know it and that's exactly what they're doing at target so jack what is the takeaway for our buddies over target and Disney I gotta say a bunch of little stores but then one to Disney plus streaming is coming and they can market it through these target stores so you're gonNA show up at this target like Disney store and you're GonNa get the else address for like your niece you're GonNa get a reindeer be doing this without your daily we gotta get some Legal Hamre Food said candy they don't reflect extort I know he sounds like a mall it sounds like a Mall Jack because it is the mall its mall to point out big box stores like Walmart and target and Nordstrom and girls they're all taking on stores within their stores to neutralize an advantage of e-commerce which is one stop shop so now you get these selection convenience and test this thing the best you've probably noticed there's like the land of apple the territory of Samsung and like Sonia Stan in one section they've got their own things going on each of these little electronic point where did target get this store within historic concept that so met in in press pretty easy best buy best buy perfected the shop within a shop concept when you walk in beautiful poem for our Second Story. HP Just announced seven to nine thousand job cuts because shocker printer sales are slowing didn't see that one coming room in Manhattan true very true a lot of bank and what they're doing strategy wise they have like a whole dedicated staff of like Samsung Ninjas Apple experts and Sony and we talk about the storied HP history and milestones January nineteen thirty nine good time of year Hewitt and Dave Packard. Yeah before I buy it that you used to get them all now you get at the store within a store but it's smaller than a mall there's no not as much wasted space it's more efficient and there's lower inventory using her family informational just so we're not recommending any security it's not a research report or investment advice to offer news it's shrinking that headcount from fifty five thousand down by fifteen percent that means cutting seven to nine thousand jobs and they're thinking this is going to save money like it sells printers yep practically for free at a big loss and then gets you hooked on expensive ink cartridges that are basically a rip off so we've all been there okay so it's better for process so it's a reason to target instead of going to your chrome browser mix so malls were dying but now they're coming back in a different form rising from the ashes like a Phoenix if she doesn't want you like refilling with Sub-standard Inc even though you don't care you just need something on the paper but let's be honest you probably don't even need something on the paper over here printers are becoming dub hub and ticketmaster both of them. You have a ticket to a Yankee game you don't need to print it just show your mobile phone even Amtrak over here it's not a great APP but seventy five dollars a month you can print color actually dude you're getting an HP and then the printer probably comes for free exact and you go into like best buy to find your printer cartridge those printers happen to be HP's profit puppy let's talk about HP's business model it's a classic business model literally written into textbooks income model. They are suing knockoff company if there's a company that makes like a one-size-fits-all perjure cartridge only five bucks they're getting sued by HP your printer companies they could end up failing first and then that would leave hp in a pretty interesting situation HP's market share in printers the percentage of all the printers seventh grade teacher wife Alexandra Google doc with red font comments you don't need a print so jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at HP a shrinking business it sells is growing because it's like a war of attrition in HP is still there so it's basically like all these print companies there on a cliff they've all got one hand raise the prices of painters and at the same time you know laugh nine thousand workers like they did last week to save money so HP business may be shrunken but HP may be growing in the printer issue and as sales and profit shrink which is happening for HP The stock price has to shrink to so like why would you even own this company but here's the hope that HP has its that Dat but I will say I do will you faithfully help us get to the takeaway I will and will you tell us about Zola right now I will what's is a six there's a hundred different cartridges and each one only works for one printer model in fact. HP is so dedicated to this ripping off policy of the printer printer certain off second year school sophomore year you kind of realize need to print some papers you get the cheaper forty-five dollar printer from HP and then you're splurging a cool ending themselves off for survival and hp like pushing everyone else off the cliff but it barely hanging on over there now as other competitors die out HP will have pricing power they can in particular if you go to Robin Hood and type in Hewlett Packard you'll get Hewlett Packard enterprise that's the fast growth one and Hewlett Packard Inc. that sport we're focusing on this really oily massage by Lake Cuomo Nataly this is a vacation package that like going to include a lot of things it's an end to end vacation package like obsolete Jack and I wiped out the Whiteboard to go through a few examples on this one docu sign you're signing things and you're making the printer obsolete before you pay your rent no need to print contracts look at this can also in a crazy way become a growing business so printers like aren't coming back over here. HP sales are like three quarters of what they were six years ago but that may not be take a billion dollars a year not too shabby now here's the problem for Hewlett Packard printers are becoming the fax machine and here's the second problem for Hewlett Packard any other type of ink for our third and Final Story Zola the wedding registry icon is launching a honeymoon travel booking service expensive facts of the day about honeymoon exactly Packard in HP INC is making the printers and computers and it's got about fifty thousand employees doing all this that's a lot of people making computers and printers and you can still use the APP and never have to print off one of those six page-long PDF's even if you don't have the APP they'll send you the PDF ticket for Amtrak and if you show that to the conductor who's got that done being customers after a year and full disclosure here Jack and I have both used the service and loved the service except after eighteen months while you're planning for the wedding then you're going like well it up into a high growth company and a low growth company so there's twitch peas yeah you've heard the letters hp a bunch of times there are now two HP companies out there we're going to focus the next time she has a kit so now Zola thinking okay we were involved in the wedding that was great we made some cash but what other life moments can we get involved in and provide similar and cool off option or like the the Sancho Vesey's Tuscan journey option now Zola's got problem it's best customers which us it's wedding gift registry service but you'll basically go to the website which by the way is just the landing page with a wait list at this point and you will choose the couple slash vacation style that you and your hit me average honeymoon costs seven thousand dollars yeah can you repeat after me will you cover this story in as digestible and snacky away as possible not going to repeat fancy conductor hat you're good to go and Jack and I aren't like in Fifth Grade Reading Catcher in the Ryan anymore these days but apparently the teachers right now our Google doc my beautiful a champagne in the hotel room before you know it you have a side hustle which was just planning your honey now this is what we thought was fascinating about Zola's doing here they used a key word end there's something about the city he lives in Chicago Chicago his hometown isn't called the windy city just because of the weather is actually another big reason so unlike the eighteen fifties JFK airport to Bali for nine days then you're staying in the jungle bungalow they're gonNA do the flowers on the bed and maybe the crane thing with the towels as well if you're details on this you're right so we're thinking the idea here could be maybe are you like the beach relax couple are you the adventure couple argue the wine and dine couple and based on those few questions you'll get think of booking any major trip and then at a ridiculous amount of stress to it so you got like the hotel the airbnb the airline the taxis the rental car dinner reservations and someone's probably GonNa Forget it's your big day for more than eighteen months so jack what's the takeaway for our buddies who are having a blast over its own honeymoons are hard and that is a service that somebody should saw okay eight hundred fifty million dollar company known for its online wedding registry you're picking up your Zap gun thing you just do it all digitally Zoellick Gamblin Mazda C O to end and that means they're going to take the whole fragmented experience of booking honeymoon and they're going to handle everything from end to end and after you use this kind of thing you're probably anything your wedding to your other wedding ish events in your life basically the more expensive your life gets more Zola wants to get involved to be friends with you so time for our snack factor today his age peas also innovating its business model but not just the cheap printers and the ripoff ink cartridge no they're also gonNA offer printers that are more expensive but the printing delay us it in a garage in Palo Alto California yeah let's fast forward eighty years people buy computers they get printers what happens in twenty fifteen the company gets bitter cold winter before we let you guys go we gotta talk about the winner of last teaboy Tuesday which was trying to name the best clothing rental company simply said target is opening many Disney stores within targets the mall is back but in a different form it stores within stores it's kind of small small HP is laying off seven to nine thousand serves Allah and just went on tech crunch to announce a new service honeymoon now this is not a honeymoon registry this is not like I want two hundred dollars to get replace everything in your kitchen when you get but like the day after the Sunday brunch when you all get together post wedding stop losing Zola just like you stop talking about like one bridesmaid who you don't talk to journalists in some newspaper started referring to Chicago the windy city because they thought the politicians

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