PMS 2.0 050 - I Know Somebody In "The Academy," Backdoor Convos, & NFL Law Man Mike Pereira


Hello. And welcome to the Pat McAfee show two point. Oh, today's show is an electric one from Oscars the foosball to the NFL to the voice, basically if officiating with Mike Pereira who stops by for a thirty minute interview that you will not want to miss I'm so thankful for everyone of you. Whenever you click on that little thing is his play this show. Like the world becomes a better place our world in specific becomes a better place. You could spend your ears in your time in a lot of other places you could and you chose to us today. Are you a bad decision maker possibly probably, but we're thankful for that. And today, I can't be more grateful not only for you. But for our presenting sponsor Seekie Scekic is the greatest ticket buying up on planet earth right now, there's a lot of things going on in the world live shows hockey, college basketball, NBA, you name it to world is an active place, and you need to go experience. It there's only one place to go whenever you're buying a ticket to any live event whether drama. Whether it's theater comedy sporting events. There's only one place you need to go key because they scan all the other ticket buying apps all the other platforms and make sure you get the most bang for your buck, which you see is what you get. You're not getting catfish gay that MTV show where they they say okay to Parry. Turns out not Katy Perry. That's catfish other ticket buying places. See all work, I roll. Then he gets a ticket can't even get into building that ain't the way seek operates. And they don't do that. Because they love people like you incredibly intelligent, humans a little you're alive. But are you living and experiences live with Seekie? Let's get to it. Okay. Sam one ten of thirteen on her fucking awesome. Literally, she was talking to me before the thing as if she was some like a by the way, I learned this yesterday. While watching the Oscars. My life is now like she has taken control of the remote since us getting back from. Like full-time like it's gotten to the point where it's like full time. She has the remote. I it was is like a flip of the switch soon as we got engaged. She soon as we got back. Nothing else is really changed. Nothing else is change except for who has the remote. And this is a real by the way, kind of becoming a bit of a problem. The deal is it possible. His in her promotes. Well, we can't have two TV's though. That's the issue, but we're in a room. So like, for instance, before going to bed I need TV on I need TV onto go to bed. And it might be something that I'm intrigued by like, I'm not just gonna put on shit TV to go to bed by because if I'm still up I want to at least like what we're doing. She has taken the remote now on her side input on things that she wants to watch. She falls asleep on top of the remote. So now, it's like bad guy here. What do I do? Do I wake her ass up and get the remote from underneath there or do? I just sit here watching this bullshit to she picked and she fell asleep two minutes into and I gotta be here for the next at least two hours. It's tough situation to leave the remote in the middle. Thank you, pulling it over is completely self. I will say I might have been a little bit, you know, too selfish with the remote before we gotta go by that. I stay awake all night, she asleep. Why I do the same? I'll be in charge of this because you're gonna sleep five minutes. I even dropped like the which I don't normally like aren't you going to bed? I feel bad. Like, what are we are? We are watching this. For real then she was like. Yeah. It'll be good. I and I was like can we just watch like vice like healing just watch vice because everybody talked about it seems as if it'd be a good movie I want to how about the green like any of these watches those. It's usable I'm gonna wanna wash those don't Mike. We. You that we can both. We both have the opportunity. She's a whenever we're we're up for a weekend or something. She got the rock. You got the block. That's exactly what I did. This is that given take this. So I would have watched the Oscars probably for fifteen twenty minutes, salmon to watch the entire thing for the for all of it. And I was like all right. Let's go, but she was beforehand talking about like, I didn't know she was potentially a member of the academy. When I got engaged to her. That's all she was talking. She I know who's going to do this. I'm like are you betting on this? She was like, no. I was like, whoa. If you're this confident what you do seem. I'm not a person that reads into stuff, but I read I like to read humans, and if they're confident or not you seem very confident you should bet on it. And she was like where told her my bookie, obviously, she goes on there. She places thirteen bets and she was eight for eight she was on a run like for eight early. And I was like I was like getting excited. I'm like holy shit. Like Sam really fucking knows. Like what's going on here? I think she bet for. Oh, I don't know. What her first loss was? I think it might have been Bradley Cooper Rami might have been her first loss. I don't remember what it was. I sent out a tweet dough congratulating him is speech. I say speech was also much. It was. And then I didn't even realize that he beat Bradley Cooper. Yeah. So I deleted the tweet. I'm like. No, I didn't even realize people. Start tweeting me like Bradley shooter would got into that. And I was like I didn't even know he was up for it to be honest. I think I was thinking shit. I knew nothing about any of that shit there. I that's what I realized I knew nothing about any of that stuff that best actress lady might be my new favorite humour. Pay. She's funniest. That was the best speech. I've probably ever heard of ADM. Yup. I I think honestly best speech I've ever heard. It might have been the first Oscar speech that wasn't planned and she just walked up there. And there's no way she thought she was gonna win. Gosh. Kid. I hope you're watching. This is never going to happen again. Sure speech was not as good as the hair and makeup speech. Earl. Salvages, bro. I could listen to that speech for another fucking half. Jane, jane? Yeah. Also, oscar. Louise born in trainwreck for another hour. Arguing read that part Arnie or exotic it's in blue. It's the only guy up here with the sound mixing awards and stuff, you know. So so my issue is this they wanted to put that in the commercial break they wanted to like a week ago. They were like, you know, we're gonna put it up in commercial break. Then there was a backlash from Hollywood. That was a no, no, no, they all are important, which I understand as a person who deals with editors and sound and all this stuff very much understand and respect the people behind the camera. But there's a reason they are. Camera because when they get right there in front of it, they shit all over this in for me as if you're as a person just like digs. I loved. Electric this. But everybody in the room had to be like, this is our fault. We force this to happen. You made these people step directly balls deep into their uncomforter- area speak in front of billionaires. And also in front of millions watching it there had to be that feeling. And then whenever they just. Cut off the might those people are still going to town and that microphone and everybody in the crowd is like. It was awesome academy were a bunch of savages. I absolutely love. I didn't know any of it though. Honestly, I know idea. I didn't know any of those for all I knew like half the movies. Probably I like Spike Lee, though. Awesome. I oscar. Yeah. He lost his mind. Samuel Jackson goes up. They're not a great reader ozone. Not at all. I think he had like six pages was trying to do what I do where you read ahead. It's only history. Final exam. I wanted him to stop and start over because I'm like, this is some epic shit that he's fucking up right now because he's trying to go. He's got that nervous energy. And like you said, it's probably reading one line ahead and kept fucking up. Yeah. Because that that speech potentially speech that is used. Yes. There are a long long long time. Like, I don't want to say like the Jimmy V speech because that's but something along those lines where every single network whatever is going to reference. I'm sure they already didn't. But he was he was bumbling fumbling. Stumbling all over it. He was not happy that black lanes. Went didn't win best movie. He on us more pissed that green book. Yeah. Because the the internet the internet the African American Twitter want to town won ham on the green book white savior. They said. I didn't watch it came out like right after it the family of the guy the black guy in it, basically. It was like, yeah. He he wasn't friends with this guy. We've bullshit like that. Apparently like, it's based on a true story. They really did like face Ravelo around the south with each other. But like, they weren't like buddy, buddy. And they obviously, you know, the I mean, it just it took the best movie, man. I know, you know, a sexual Spike Lee is he lost for do the right thing. He lost driving miss daisy. And then twenty years later, he loses to movie that's the opposite. That's a real big. But I did get an Oscar, right? That's a pretty big deal. Right. I got into it with people on the internet. It's because of I guess they wanted Bradley to win over Romney. But they were mad that because Bradley fucking sang and Rami did not. But they were mad that he was lip synching, which is pretending to sing which is acting. It's not the fucking Grammy. I am I will say this though, I think they should've let off with Jack and Allie strictly because it's a movie award show, and they actually sang in the movie a war in the actual movie those up for the war having Queen which none of them were in the movie and then having Adam Lambert, it was not great guy. Adam Lambert guy, but I just didn't think that makes sense butts. But how quickly has everybody just moved on from having to have a host for show last night. The Oscars was not a good night for comedy was not a good night for hosts in general because now it is like on tape where it's like. Yeah. We just we'll just have a big musical number at the beginning Cup people tell some maybe quick jokes and extended presenter, basically, and then we just move on throughout the show. And it was it was unbelievable. How seamlessly the movie the whole show without a host this? You're just like me watching the AFL where they took off kickoffs. Where am I almo fucking hate yet is gonna crush kickers and watching them like makes sense? Makes. And then this one I'm like. Oh, I hope to host something in watching him. Like getting rid of the hosts me, and this is not good. I thought Kevin Hart was gonna come back. I did in a group that I thought that would have been a a huge moment if Kevin Hart just walks out there at the beginning. I mean, that's a massive Oscar moment probably standing ovation from the crowd. I assume Kevin Hart would have crushed. But then I started watching it. And then we're just into the awards, and I'm like, oh, they're never going to get a host again. That's great. This is just fucking great. And I mean that I've become a house. They're not gonna get fucking hosts it did it shaved like forty five minutes off the broadcast probably under that was one of the bets that Sam lost Sam that was one of the ones she lost best picture was another one she lost. And I think it was best actor, but there's never going to be a host again for any fucking award show because what happens next to ward show that happens the host stumbles in bubbles or just as flat or just a little bit. The internet is going to be like the Oscars not prove that we don't need a host. That's literally what's going to happen. They did tease it though. Putting? Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Maya Rudolph up fry is like this is what could have been done. I mean, they're good. I watch Tina Fey all day later Hillary's. Oh, yeah. Yes. Big fan big fan. Really like when they do not the Grammy's, what's the what's the other one. When they do that means before is. That means the drinking one. Anglo? Sorry. Globes before I very much enjoyed see. I don't think I've ever watched any of those shows. So I'm not sure I know their prowess and talent in writing and acting and stuff hosting though, I've never seen him, but very positive responses to Latina and a. They cry. That three even if it's either Amy they can go in twos, all three of them. But this has been tossed with them. Right. Normally, it's those two in the maya's with somebody else. But they do a lot of shift together. Well, that's what I'm saying though. But normally maya's with somebody else gets brought in two teams, the other skinny blond. Yeah. Chris Renwick there. Yeah. Yeah. I don't pay attention. But I know that strictly from that one where the guy who was the drummer for Seth or the guitar player for Seth Meyer's late night show for a little bit is weird guy. Fred Armagh, San in her did that backstage thing with Che in. Jost jost. Yeah. Were they did the back and forth where my favorite bit of any award show is when what's his face goes, you good? And that was their entire pit was just Fran and Maya going you good, and it was like a billion dollar show. And these two are being paid to be here. He's a new good. I love that allows enjoy seeing Mike Myers. School. How about him? Dana carvey. He's still he's still standing like the original Garth a lot of I think there's a lot of shots that have been putting a face that made his one cheeks little bit hurt on the other unless there was a medical thing to happen. Then I'm a terrible person. I should not talk about I knew I was going out on a limb. But fuck it. It was interesting. Everybody knows hear what I say. Everybody was just looking at his mouth. Going on. Good conversation, though. Conversation. And when you're constantly on the go grinding away at the officer hanging out with friends, there's not much time to think about upgrading your style or apartment. That's a good point talks last time. He's not about upgrading your style or apartment long time. You should upgrade the brain. Maybe I'm trying to work on that. Go back to the original model. Yeah. Do you have a brain? I'm like foxy, you will love getting a new box of awesome. From bespoke spoke post every month. 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No way that a proper what I just like the movies over like you don't have to pretend you're in love right now on stage. And then lady Gaga just broke up with the Ganges broke up with the onset Iansa waiting for the kiss to she wanted. It was natural. She was not going to break contact until he did tell you that. I think I think she wants Bradley Cooper. I know grin and I'm not. He's not supposed to be that good professional singers. Get up on that stage in front of those people were and are terrible. I mean a couple of days last night knowing that Oscars was the cowboy cowgirl. Later. The. Jennifer Hudson terrible. She was screaming at me the entire tire. Apparently, I just I just thought scrolling through Twitter like she couldn't hear herself. Apparently makes sense though because she was a bit low. She was she sounded like that fucking disown commercial. Michael yelling because she held a note, and it was echoing through the whole goddamn. When we can't hear ourselves. We have a with aids very weird in here. So I take back what I just said. But Bradley Cooper, I feel like he hit all of his shit. Singer. And then guys. Does impress talent. I thought human rhapsody was a better movie than a star is born strictly because of how slow a star is born thought Baheen rhapsody had a little bit more about you know, but the green book winning. Oh my God. Came in second, and I didn't see Romo, but I want to see don't even get me started on Rome. I thought Roma was the worst piece of art. Or if you can call it that I watched it yesterday to right before I was like, you know, dedicate myself to Roma it's supposed to be best picture turns out. And you're sooner watch it ever. He's like captions captions titled white can white. I mean, come on here. That's interesting. Then I saw that the homie big or small foot was on the on the pre show big fan of the home. I think they did a breakdown of every movie that got released this year. I thought they were all the nominees. So like, I was like, oh, I see. These are just movies that happened. Of course. Of course, I want to know that all the favorites win is that why Sam new everything? Oh was a massive underdog. But I'm talking ten of thirteen. She didn't get the green. She didn't get the hoarding actress the favourite was gleaned closer to she had been nominated seven times and had one yesterday by thought was going to be the year to make the case. So that's the one she's not wrong. She got that one row not the best actor when she did pull for Rami who I do not know his from Egypt, by the way. Nice. I think you what the heavens university of Evansville to hear at some point. Which is crazy. He's that guy's a talent mister robot. Sees one incredible TV. He's good. Yeah. It's really impressive. Martial ali. Is that his best success back to back Oscar firm in consecutive years year, apart your apart at two hundred last three, you know, he got a trophy. And nobody really knows as you know, the community hates them to his green book when nobody wanted to green book to win. So that's a very difficult scene firm harsh Lally, I know in from house a car, that's where he was a lobbyist a great lobbies. Great player. The tracks of another reason a long shot was because the fairly brother Peter had that scandal where he was showing his dick their body on the set. We're used to that. Now. Oh, so it wasn't there. Another scandal to with bohemian rhapsody. Their director was got a bunch of allegations with like sexual assault and stuff like medically in this day and age right now in Hollywood, especially I thought well, those won't get picked because of the scandals and then be home. Nice guys. Hollywood get up on that microphone. Tony why I'm terrible. Two of your best pictures of sex scandal rocking. I didn't know that. Let me ask you. So hold on. Hollywood's a weird place is weird place in. It's he there's a double standard. You know, what I'm saying so weird place watching because we watch real people with no we watch red carpet secrets is just as little tiny little fella, by the way. He was interviewing people hold on, Mike. Just like this. I never seen anything. Like this must be five to. Mike up like this for somebody in. You would think they give them like a box babysitting. Know, I didn't miss he has his own collection of suits, by the way. Plugged it. A couple of times he that'll red carpet. The interviews terrible. Yes. It was so awkward terrible. Interviews I'm being forced to watch saying. I'm like, all right. I'm going to enjoy at least we the vitamins, and I have a conversation. Let's just go. Maybe one day. We'll be on this thing. How do we make it better? So then I mean, I'm like all right? The interviews are dog shit no-one the Mike either, right? Is that thing I picked up. Yeah. Off every time interview. You did good. Really, give them two mikes. And then there's always like thirty people. Always you look good. Who are you wearing how you proud, blah, blah. Let's secrets is like the face of Hollywood. I didn't know that Hollywood. That's a whole different community over there in Seacrest was both on ABC. And e he was like the face of Hollywood. I didn't even think about that. How he's king e that's what I'm saying. Well, you actually is because he started the car dashing thing you think like Mike Rico. I'll Michael's rich Eisen, Dan. Patrick sports. Right. Yeah. If if people are gonna talk these are, the people that are going to talk. Here you go Hollywood. It's literally Ryan Seacrest is going to be the mouth of the whole thing. So whenever he was getting attacked a couple of months ago, not knowing what I know now from observing and watching it's like, everybody's like his friend comes you told me last year this like he's all the way in that little scandal yet if that would have taken him down Hollywood. Bad bad bad bad spot. That'd be bad at basketball that Astle. James corden would have to step in. Oh, probably is the guy. Gramma? He's talented, by the way. Okay. Different shows, you know, that right? James coordinate. Carpool karaoke. He's brilliant idea. Yeah. I I don't want to knock him at all like as a host because I think he's interviewing skills or suspect. Think is a lot of things we can talk about that. Carpool karaoke damn near genius. Also, the rap battles that he was getting actors and actresses to do huge. I enjoy his segments the show stuff from from beginning at its stuff to stick through there. But if you catch them the next day on the YouTube. It's a lot better operation secrets was just born for it. You know, what I mean didn't face give him his whole thing. Right. Yeah. Declerk he loves his protege. Right. Yeah. Dick clark. I think just gave him like the keys to the kingdom of American idol American idol blew the fuck up. Yeah. Yup. And then he started at guard ash. And now he's he's on. On. Kiss before he was LA's kiss FM. So he was pop music in LA, the voice of it. I mean, that's a good start. The morning show morning show. Hardest working man in the business. They said hardest working man in the biz Ryan. So you can't watch anything that comes on. Ian, his name's not the credits as you know. Yeah. What do they Kelly and Ryan to write anything with Kelly Ripa? Yeah. The Ashton's and they've been in the news a lot lately a lot going on with. And so that whole thing happened with Justin. Yeah. And the sasquatch. You watch. But anyways. Of course, my girlfriend watches, she brings up and she's like, can you believe this shit? And my first question goes was when's the new season come out, and she goes it's actually this week? And I'm like, thank you talking. Yeah. It's Kris Jenner. That's what Kris Jenner does. The double works hard. Kris Jenner works harder. That lady will not stop until she's a billionaire, and it's going to be soon. I think it's going to be soon. One of her people are still buying it everybody. We're talking about people are still buying that thing took over Twitter that was all looked titles. No dot com was forty some year old. In twenty one years state police officer marine. Knows exactly Thompson fucked over khloe with kylie's best who all just so happened to be under contract with keeping up with the credit. You just want to know how it would affect the Cleveland Cavaliers? Not a bad play. Might be a little bit more focused on basketball. Now that he's got the whole world coming against them. Michael Jordan, all these people in there is outside distractions normally the dial in a little bit not saying that Tristan's good at basketball. But what a while seeing it as their incredible. They're great promoters. She's the female Vince McMahon. Yes. That's geez. Jeez. I assume the Kardashians will become a public traded companies. I am being serious when I say that. And I think she'll cash out for probably five six billion. And that's how it goes. You had a question though, lady Gaga who I love. I mean, I'd go see her concert if she came to Indianapolis crush. I would go I love watching her, but I've seen her on other award shows, and it's like hunt you've been at the top of your game for a lot of years. Don't act so surprised that you wouldn't he's award. You're saying everybody's seen. It was fake. Who saw the Rappaport today? She's emotional Mike wrap. It's a fait who's bigger fake Cryer somebody else. I didn't even think that people are thinking she was being the fake cry. I think she's just dramatic personally. I extremely well. Also, the love of her life is sitting with his his wife. I love this person. I love this person. I love this person, Bradley. I couldn't have done the song without you interact. She said, I love you. Then she eventually saw Riina was like I bitch. I couldn't have done this without you. That was your biggest tale of the night. It was I think she's dramatic though. And also saw when Ryan Seacrest was interviewing the Queen the band of Queen not Romney band of in the movie the actors in the movie that played the band. Yes. Oh, he was talking to them all night. They look like they're fresh out of the week. Fuck it looks like Washington to walk in the Senate and banks of wild guy's hair is next level. But the actual the actors of those guys the actors of the band that aren't getting you love there's four of them in Ryan Seacrest, one microphone motherly four. So you know, how what technically terrible. But he asked them. What's the big takeaway from the night in a lot of the two of them said it just means that it's all over like, this is the end of it like this is the end of Bahamian rhapsody. So this is like the end of these guys greatest run of their life. I assume Gaga feels the exact same way. Like, this is the end of Jack and Allie like this you moment in my life. And this is the end of it because it's over. It's just like a stand up comedian that puts a story on a special. It's over this things over he can't work with it anymore. You can't find tune it. You can't change it. It's over it's on a greener pastures lady Gaga probably fell a little upset. That's like the end of the season. Sports season. But those players are coming back a lot of these ones who knows if the guy will ever be in a movie that bigger awesome, ever know, those actors in the band beaming, rhapsody half of them ain't ever going to need again, this they're they're enjoying the fuck out of the gimme the gift bag from the auspice. This ain't happening. Again, fun fact one of those actors is the little kid the boy from the original Jurassic Park. Oh boy. So you never know look at Cooper. I mean, he was sacking people sack lunch there for a while. Years later. He's biggest actors on the planet tweets. It welcoming tweet did well for me. I didn't even realize until after I sent it. How clever was I didn't even realize I said just couple of years ago. Bradley Cooper was stealing children's money for an epoch Vegas trip. Now, he's stealing the show with lady Gaga so two-time saying the stealing word in there. Didn't even think about it. Like when I when I it wasn't until after I put it out. And I saw it going. I was like, oh, that's incredibly clever. She's so high. Let me just show that I'm watching this. Good for me. Putting the two stealing 's in there. We'll get me go. It's true though. Yeah. It is rather Cooper was typecast there for a little bit. I soon and then he made his own lane. I had no idea that a star is born. This is the fourth one though, I this is four of them four he made his way out of that type cast in the border who told me three yesterday. And then my fucking academy girlfriend was like four. Wow. Wow. You got it. But Streisand crossed yesterday. Yeah. And who's another one that Miller the witch? She's one of the WeChat. Well, Sammy watch you coop. His his acting partner has got more praise than he has in an Oscar nominated movie because what was the one with Jennifer Lawrence. So. Yeah. But you know, the holders just as important. I thought he didn't incredible job to Leo situation. He had to wait a really long time before he got his first one. So it'll happen eventually, do you think that's like an inside joke with the academy? Like these people. Leo Cooper that close low lady. Like, let's let's this is something that people talk about let's deliberately fuck over this guy. I think sometimes it's like they end up giving them. They give him an Oscar for something. They didn't deserve it for just as like like we're sorry that it took this line. It's like a life or a life. But that's what I was thinking. It was going to happen with Samuel L Jackson because he's never won one. So I could see them giving him some type of like lifetime achievement award. No, I didn't even know. Sammy all other than announcing L you said he's never wanted to number one. So you just thought last night, they're just gonna pull it. Yeah. He was up there presenting pop doormat like has he ever one one googled it? No, he hadn't. So I'm thinking like down the road at some point. I could see them giving him the lifetime. Stop doing shitty movies. No he picks. He he does every single movie is put in front of me. He's a working actor the Aquafina. I love her. I think I'm a fan of her well shoot he's out of a purse that was awesome that much last night. But in crazy, rich, Asians, this name crazy stupid something watch that movie. Great number crazy stupid love different movie. Crazy, rich, Asians, definitely a movie that was talked about by Ryan Seacrest. Many Asians on the red carpet. Do not ask any of the white people. Kind of interesting to me but Ryan secrets and a good beard. I don't have my saw. He's a beard was I I think all he came in balanced. The Barbara came in. Sprayed it down and look like he potentially sprayed it down. I enjoyed the Oscars though, I was forced to watch it definitely forced to watch nice beard, cruel and unusual punishment points for how terrible a lot of things where there's a lot of really bad moments in there will be a fan McCarthy. She dominated. There's a lady that can turn a situation. That's been not in this. Terrible boring. Nobody wants to hear a made it magical. I don't even know the guy was next door like paper. Boy, good for him. To didn't see. I'm not sure good for him to. I mean that guy bought in full character Melissa McCarthy went out there and dominate us. A little funny. I was dying. I was she didn't four high people. She did it for me in the back of that dress push on. I have on record as saying I'm a big Melissa McCarthy fan. I've watched the boss. I think she's genuinely funny person. I've not seen that most recent one though, the serious one. Yeah. Please forgive me. Like that's supposed to be pretty good. I watched the first scene. She chugs a glass of whiskey on the rocks. Somebody behind your goes, you're not supposed to drink on the job. And she goes we'll flack whoever said that and turned around. It's her boss. She chugs it and throws the ice into the trash can and puts her top in zoo her like briefcase and then walks out, and that's other movie starts on like, I'm gonna come back to this one. I think this could be a good one. It was going to be a sleeper for me. I like most McCarthy window that needed to be saving. Yep. Jennifer Lopez still very hot. Yep. How was she? Hey, rods, an interesting do. She was a presenter. I know that. But like why? Someone else who was interested cattle face looks like he's just kind of you know, like us little feral talks about his impression of George Bush. And he said his when I do George Bush my face just has no idea what the brain and mouth saying. So they just don't match up with each other. And he said he feels as if there's something that happens from brain to mouth words, something gets lost. And he said, that's my impression a-rod it. Looks like his face is no idea. What's go like his reactions? He's smiling. And like, yeah, exactly. He's like he's bebopping. And then he was telling jaylo you wanna stay at the next bought on the red carpet was just arrows and interesting. I don't think I fully understand the Hollywood casinos. Also, not a fucking real human. They're not a lot of real humans out there that lady won best actress real hero. He really shows. He should've wore black boy with her dress. I think I mean if we're going to go red carpet fashion diving she wore like a disco ball. Right. And he wore white. I think you should want. What black personally just make a little bit better in my eyes? But hey, who am I to judge billionaire Iraq? I know he's a mo- had the best suit, right? Scrunchy was awesome. I put it on. There was an after party. He put it on in. It was the most perfect pony tail. I think I've ever saw entire life. He's dating Kravitz Zoe. That's his ex wife. Lenny Kravitz ex wife. Yeah. Honor. He's dating dating his ex wife. That's Lisa Bonet. Yeah. That's who he was. With least lady is his daughter know Zoe is his daughter. Lisa von as is ex wife. He was with Lisa banana last night. There we go. I heard the name Zoe Kravitz though, for sure in the in the post thing while he standing with her Zoe Kravitz was said, so maybe the people at e need to apologize. I got apologizes ITO. I thought that was Zoe Kravitz sitting next to him on stage. That turns out it's wife. Lisa benevolent. Holy ramsey. Well, she's she's loader and him. Right. Very she likes. Great. Yeah. Lord. I thought it was the story about his suit though. Walk Lemass fifty one. Oh, come in and flip you. What a human. He is in those that flow is incredible story about that Souto the guy who made it died two days after after he made the so it's like the designers that guy is worth the fucked. If it's a if I soon it's say famous famous sadder. Yeah. You should have heard because he's on TV talking about these people's design. Thirty million dollars thing arch. Has a guy who stopped at Tiffany. They are known for overprice. Not be known. But yes, she had the remainder. How about old buddy from Pittsburgh black guy who had the dress on you see that? I did not know who he was that he was from there. But I did see the picture. He's from Pittsburgh, Billy Roberts. I think is his name. He's from Pittsburgh. They didn't interview capital of the world. Oh, and he said shutout, Pittsburgh, you know, it was like they were talking about how he won the night. And I was like, yeah. That's what we do. That's what we do. Dressy was starting out there. I thought it was going to be just like like, for instance, if we ever get on one of these carpets somebody wants to wear a dress like Qazi did issues to be a Snapple handsome underneath right? You just put that thing around because those I don't know how they fit in any of those fucking chairs. I I've been to a movie theater I've been to a theater those are tiny little seats those people have heaping dresses, how do they fit into the fucking thing? It was a three hours and twenty three. They are tiny little Seacrest though was hoping. Chris was holding that thing up. They are probably the tiny little beep. Yeah. A weird place there. Weird place. What would have one for you tie? What would have been best picture? I personally would have given it to stars born really how come because it had everything that you say it needed to have. Well, I just I feel like that had the I mean it was like kind of not middle America. But like m- more people saw that I guess maybe bohemian rhapsody, but I also think it's very hard to direct act, and I think all like the roles in it were just were perfect. So Bradley Cooper directed at thing. Which means he's behind cameras setting up cameras, right? He's setting up the scene every single time. And then getting in front of the camera and acting. That's that's a lot of fucking work car and singing and playing the guitar too. Also, digs mentioned earlier, he used to be like an alcoholic, and I feel like it's very hard to it's it's very noticeable if you're acting drunk, and it doesn't seem genuine like he he seemed like a fucking booze hound the entire time people in here. Type of place to alcohol. It's much. In my loosening. That is one of the first thing I really enjoyed the candidness of it. Just sounds a little slow. Do you think like he's going to step off the megastar super train because he's he's his mentors? Clint Eastwood, right? He's in Clint Eastwood movies clinics with started you got that point. He just started making every movie he was in. He was the director and lead project. Yes, you do. You think this is what he's going to start doing Tai? Not necessarily said he's got another one on deck like he he will. But I don't think he's gonna do like Eastwood picks one. I think he's still going to act quite a bit. Like, I don't think he's going to switch over to where he's only direct in the stuff that he's in Bradley said this was a passion project for you. Do you know what you're going to do next? Ryan. Goes I do where are you going to share with that? That Ashley bothered me. Yes. It was very. It was makes no sense. But can live on the gun or just hand them a Mike. They know how to do that. But then they have like five guys, and they they all white. It's the it's very tough. I mean, this is the wards for putting together production and shit, and it's the worst producer. This has always been my question about these things. How can they be so bad when you have so many entertaining? It's because they're all in the audience. Yes. In the amateurs like the AFL playing quarterback makes sense makes a lot of sets about sports stocked. We have any sports talk. Even talked Robert Kraft on this Robert Kraft, talky, talk hockey, talk will say stay for a second Robert Kraft bid, more topical. Robert Kraft has been to yes to solicitations of prostitution thing because he was a regular at a rub and tug called the oh. The oh. I think everybody has the same question here. Obviously anything that's happening in those rubbing tugs. It's terrible. The people are flown in. It's a terrible thing. Everybody has Saint Question Nos like you have a billion dollars. You would assume that if you wanted to get a little blow ski, and you couldn't get it as a billionaire. Yes, you could you could have one of these ladies of the evening who sign up to be ladies of the evening, for whatever reasons they are just show up at the house or in the car or anywhere. Really if you'd have a billion dollars. I think you that's everybody's thing is like how stupid it was of Robert Kraft to do that. Right. That's how everybody feels. You're not using a high price like escorts. Tiger Woods only got busted. Because his lady went through the whole thing and Robert Kraft. If you don't have a lady that's gonna pissed off about you for that. I would assume that those things Tigers proved to us that those types of operations happen as regular human joy wonder like I wonder if those fucking super rich people just have their own little turned out. Tiger Woods showed us like. They absolutely do. It makes you wonder like why didn't that happen with Robert God, they might live near there. Does he have a house down there? Yes. Okay. Jupiter. Okay. That makes sense ten fifty nine year old in the Bentley. He left at eleven thirteen eleven o one. He was already getting blown. That's I said earlier, which means he that was not his first time. There you go here. First time there, you're getting a tour you're asking how things work you're seen. How everything works fourteen minutes in and out is not your first he goes out of the Bentley tips, the cap to the lady it's front, you know, the deal boom within one hundred and twenty seconds of leaving the Bentley he's getting blown by lady less than a few minutes. They say she claims him up pays he's on. A Bentley rate to the championship won a fucking life efficient. If. The wording was so awkward too. It's like they had a quick hug, and then she just started sucking. She's a gentleman. Gentleman. Nobody knows what he's gonna do. It was so officiant maybe think like is that a pregame ritual for him because it was on game day. It was. This is what takes down the dynasty. This is what ends the patriots is the owner. No longer can go into his local rub and tug and get a because he's potentially paying a very large fine ice room to the entire city of Jupiter. Okay. Yeah. For that. So like the for the video not to get out. Yeah. That the NFL can only find him five hundred thousand dollars, which I guess compared to I saw a tweet about compared to his what he makes it's like two dollars for the rest house. Zoller saved his daughter. You know, he's going to get a six game suspension or something where you can't show up at Gillette to watch the game and his giant mansion. Hello. Say watch it from the OEM. Oh, good. Did your friend. Never go to the goodfellas pizza across the street. Now, I think that guy was just out shape inside scoops. Their goodfellas pizza across the street. Guy named Joe answered the phone Connor was talking him Connor decided to go with an angle that he was on the practice squad of the New England Patriots. And wanted to know what happened in the guy named Joe on the phone was like, what do you want to know in? We're all like asking V scene Amies. Maybe maybe I've pictures. So I think now going to Joe from goodfellas could have been fucking with a guy who was fucking with him. You know could have been reciprocating fucking fuck ary. Yep. But that spa plaza did the pretty wide open plaza blowjobs and a Bentley's rolling up. You're like that's not gonna cause any problems, and nobody we've noticed Jupiter, though, is filled with a bunch of big names Schefter said that his isn't the biggest name on the list, which is getting called into question. Now, by the way, the local authorities said we have no idea what bigger name could be on this. Schefter an atom bomb. Could have missed the target which is not good news. Well, we start going through the Jupiter population who celebrity set live in Jupiter. I was all in. I'm Michael Jordan stopping by plaza role turns out he did turns out it was all in on slick willy Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was stopping Don DO is. Yes, it is. So weird to me though, there has to be more to this. There's no way that Robert Kraft, he just stumbled upon this one most successful owner in all of professional sports. Right. That's what we can call the patriots wing calling the most successful dynasty right now in the history of sports, just in general, maybe Andre the giant had a little bit more of a dominant back in the day. But I don't know if there's any other sports team that could even come close to what the patriots is done. Most successful owner is walking in there getting blown in leaving for no reason, there has to be something going on that. I think what are they going to smart a guy in my head? He's too smart of a guy. To do that. Chris Carter saying it at a symposium. There Robert Kraft was paying for right? Robert Kraft has employing him to speak this as one of the owners say, hey, you need a fall guy, if you're billionaire, and you want to want to pay for a blow job, I think you need a fall guy for that or body double that would be as excuse. That's what our Kelly. Ponce was his brother when it was back. Instead. That's all coming back to get his right now, by the way, they got like three different videos of him. So you think the tape doesn't see the light of day because he's going to pay for it? Yeah. Jupiter is about to get some upgrade. I don't think that videos overcome every drive around corvettes, by the way does come out that nobody's safe. You. All of them will come out if the Bob Kraft comes out. Well, that's what I'm saying. If a billionaire can't exactly the billionaire can't hide some of that means everything he ever. Forever. That's insane story though, took over the world Friday there afternoon took over from St. Patty's ACL which did well by the way today at roughly noon thirty we will be announcing the ranking slu CFO ankle fill is coming into town do the debut. I will tell you would it was an electric time watching the standings on that final day. There was a lot of movement of shirts. There is about six that were in play top three get bonuses. And the pub gets a bar if they get into the top three. There was six shirts the six one kind of fell off. But there was five shirts that were in the running for the top three. They're really really really fucking close excited to make the announcement. Can I ask an honest question. If you guys are in the top three and you get a bar for the pump where the fuck is a bargain fit in the pump all between the two rooms champion score. Does. So it's like a two by two bar. We're upgrading condo. There's still there's still plenty of room. I've been to your house champions corner, pretty small little codes, the bar cannot be bigger than this table. It's a pretty small little corner. Probably double that table. Yeah. You there is not room for two of you in those videos that you guys shoot there's only room for that's a solo ride. This is small bar that's small corner. So are saying thanks for making my point. See no would like to go on the plaintiffs. The. But honestly, that's a it's a small little area is I will make it work. We'll find out if you guys are in top three. Well, that's why I hate Robert Kraft because I think we're top three lock. And then he goes and does this. Now, we have a fire shirt. Yeah. That's a good. Sure. By the way, not accusing anybody any what you're saying. Don't get out. Just don't get arrest book quick shots all the puck members that did by Mark. Thank you so much out to everyone who bought because this is a small business collectively not just one house, by the way, speaking of house, you can still buy shirt at full price to support your favorite small businesses lights in shit like that in the house. You know what? I mean, great shirts. Great shirts. Still got plenty of time. Order by the fifth. I think to get it by Saint Patrick's Day. I would like to let you know, if you order on March fifth, you are dancing. What? You are dance. We obviously do not create the shirts and ship them ourselves. We have a company that does it. They sometimes I don't know. What's going to happen? You keep us updated. But let's get it by the fourth. Maybe third. Maybe the second at don't procrastinate today. Did it today? What I was going to. God. Promo code you. Listen to this show. Ten percent off Saint fifteen percent of Saint Patrick's Day two thousand nineteen gear promo code is. Bobby graft? Or ending happy ending working spark or could spa orchids spot. This count are CHID SPA discount hashtag orchid spot. Discount. Fifteen percent off Saint Patrick's Day stuff until midnight tonight, which is Tuesday, February twenty six twenty you get it. All right. Let's do it. It's ton lays gentlemen, a sport was created in Canada where they put plates on their feet. They skated around pawns with sticks and hit rocks at each other. Then it grew to a place that had a goal then it grew to having rules that America got ahold of it. And did when America does and create an entirely, it's the most electrifying live sporting event each and every single time it is time for. Ocoee talk. Thank you, give an introduction that that sport deserves really appreciated. Dick, talk, my friend. Ben. Oh, you don't have questions. You're not gonna ask me what you want to know this hawks tongue. Well, the trade deadline. Ended at three PM. Okay. And the Vegas Golden Knights steal the day. heart stone ties Minna fan of the Golden Knights since conception. Yes. I have I actually told Nick with this straight. I said, hey, listen, we get stone or in the lineup still. We might be hosting Lord Stanley's Cup coming as any your to your to. Oh, Mark stone stud scoring winger. He's gonna light the lamp for the nights as name was Matt. That's those brother that got you. Mark stone lighting the lamp from the Carolina Hurricanes from the Ottawa Senators Vegas tonight. Bloodbath in the west the west loaded up every top team in the west went ahead and picked up somebody except for Calgary calories. The only team stood Pat Carey I make great word that the end. I. Gave away which I don't always do. I make people then me for my picks like any good sports cap. Yes. I gave away my locker century for free. That's where it was good one of the century. It was like a censure good for fifty eight minutes. It was a stadium series game. National TV all eyes on us. It was against the Philadelphia. Flyers in Philadelphia. Pittsburgh Penguins have the greatest hockey player to ever step on the ice. And Sidney Crosby who happens to hate Philadelphia and love the lights audit lock them century. Sidney Crosby lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to a dominant upset they will score more than three and a half goals, and they will beat the Philadelphia. Flyers lock of the century. You're welcome is what I said. You're welcome. Look good for a long time. Didn't I really did? I mean, I look really good for a long time empty net. Even the last three minutes we're going to pick up trash goal hit the over. And we're gonna win with think you would think this room lost a lot of. Yeah. Fuck me. Oh, yeah. I have hit like a dollar parlay. Only gate. We're all in my garage. And I had to game on there. I was like well Fogler watch it might as all put money in the Pence. Yeah. That's what we're doing here. And then all of a sudden somehow at the end of the goddamn third period there. Matt Murray decided to fuck. What is he doing? So because over time and. So then we lose and they don't score so three under I hammer the over for the, hey, and we lose. So it's not even a moral victory for my Twitter. So it's just it's it's outrageous. And this is not my fault. No, no. This is not my fault. Goodness. That was Romy reassuring to me self that it wasn't because Nick certainly made it feel like it was one hundred percent do that. I mean when you throw out locks of the century for team like the Pittsburgh Penguins. So you've been to many games of I don't know this particular team, though, to be honest. I couldn't even tell you who is let's fine. But you've been to many games and they've never had much success when you've been at the game. So you what pretty big lucid record? Whenever. Or when you take a stance like that? They are the lock of the century. Not just use them Oji for the lock you were all in lock it up. I send talk that motherfucker shit up. Sometimes you could feeling but things just went from bad to worse than they lose two of their best defense to injuries than they get a guy at the deadline. Who's just a piece of garbage doesn't belong in the NHL and they're trained for this guy. Oh, the nightmare. Vancouver's? Let's go we're gonna hope he turns it around. But we don't work face. Right. Listen whenever you get into that organization is winning organization. You turn it around the patriots or the ice. That's what that's what the penguins are the patriots of the ice when you get in that organization, you tell around. That's why games like stadium series where it's raining. His little bit of a sloppy. Sloppy ports. Lippi ir. Yeah. Yeah. As opposed to normally normally not as Lippi. So it's of. They lose though, they lost. I don't know. How it even happens? I got fucking crushed on the internet. I mean, all the Philadelphia came out. All I mean, that's all they got the cheerful. That's that was that was their Super Bowl win the Stanley or one point out of a playoff spot right now. They huge game tonight. Game tonight against Columbus. They need to win that Jack and they'll be in a wildcard spot. And that's probably where this team is probably wildcard. Left. We'll probably thought my head. Let's think here. Let's. Yeah. Somewhere around twenty Mark H, something like that. Shots show. We're still gonna find. On. Now, you need to be out when a matters because what matters it matters when it doesn't. Additionally, they play incredible. In march. There's a beautiful documentary about it. Everyone's seen it. Yes. And that's hockey. Combine coming up. Obviously there's going to be a lot of things happening. A lot of chitchat happens here in Indianapolis. There's a lot of tampering agent stock to owners owners to GM's players even come talk to people Indianapolis is just a back door meeting paradise this week during the combine on Thursday show. We will chat with Chris Ballard over one hundred million dollars to spend next. I'll be excited see who's who's back door. He's been sneaking talking about it. Yeah. You're thinking you you said it though, we were than he, and you said it that's coming on Thursday. I'm excited for that. A lot of big news in the NFL normally comes out of. A lot of things rules. Get changed this week. There's a lot of conversation about rules being changed. There's free agents that come out of your trades. Come outta here players draft stock Pummit plummets out of this some people shoot up like a rocket or KGB. What is it? Arpey g rocket goes to go through people. Probably it's a something. Propelled grenades. Forget the our propelled. Kony train. I learned today during Gulf that digs is your call Atri. There was a human this weekend. Did call me a train. Yeah. Other friend ru Paul's matron, oh my God. Hate it train one of the girlfriend. What am I go friends friends from back in south bend was in town for the weekend? Celebrate a birthday happy birthday, by the way. Very happy birthday. I did not make it. I wish I could've went really he calls me. And I don't remember it. But apparently happens I heard about it today. Whatever we're playing a little game golf you. Hit a ball and tie Schmidt goes, okay? He trained. I almost fucking stopped. And I was like why have we not called? I don't mind. I don't think you should I think hatred pretty good little name their daddy your way normally when the nicknames come I like going to the old tone around, but I do train train available on Twitter. Maybe. Eight trains. Trying to get rid of that see. Anyways lot happening here. In indianapolis. I'm excited to hear good. Anyway. Maybe I'll talk the fill tomorrow when he's here. But I think I need your approvals. Well, blessing is the word they were getting a couple hundreds from you guys. I go to the bartenders at the top ten steakhouses down here. They here they hear anything going on at the bar. They text me dixies. A train TMZ scoops. Eight train eight train death. The court centers. The partners are the number one source for information. This lot of drunk people saying a lot of things normally coaches get caught in alleys, pissing, puking everywhere. They welcome back to their hotel rooms, I get thrown in solitaire. Interesting little situation, who's rose Potala real thing. I guess might be cheaper to get you in undercover as a bartender at one of the big bars. I can make like four drinks. It's all you need we talking about places y'all motherfuckers Goto. That deep of a rolled-over we go to nowhere coaches. Oh, yeah. That they go to Zach. They actually go to smaller. But they they disappear in town the OT. Yeah. You stumble into oh. The horseback. You stumble in some places that you've never been in your life in Indianapolis combine weekend. And usually is that Jerry Jones. I think it's kind kinda like the fuck, Bradley Cooper. Thing. But he really that Israel. Yeah. There's a video of dean blandino hopping off Jerry Jones bus going into fucking revel here, and it causes quite a senior caused quite a scene in Indianapolis is electric this. I want to zero correspondent. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know who's going to film it who's gonna editing. I'm gonna just do this. Although selfie. Can't do we? To scope out the good rub and tug for Robert Kraft, brain changes when he gets like when you in front of a camera. I know that's why he's not Zito. I've been trying to figure out a way to just film him. But like from four you tells you interview somebody it's just like normal human questions. Okay. That's crazy. Where are you from? Good questions. You do whenever you're not actually questioning anybody. You know what? I mean, we gave a couple of shots at Zito cast in boy. Like what happens naturally? So we kind of got a film you like impractical jokers. I like that. I just don't know the cast of the practice. Joe we're talking about the other people that don't know what's going on. We will have to we scope out a Truman show type setup and just film you and have you manage Truman show, we found it for you you found it. What have you built a diner next door cameras Zito's just the bartender there, the whoever Dr? Bad. Why? Son, releasing here, you're about to get peppered with questions by the diners waiter. Just go with it. We're filming come on. Sit down. Or day. What do you do? Oh brookler. I worked on a cruise ship. Bricklayer Donner Puerto Rico. Poor because your favorite place to go to Zito's balls deep in the most intriguing interview or conversation a human has ever had in their entire life. You ever take part of calculator? Great showed of. Lot of converse, eighty you. 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So if you need me, let them know I surely will. That's a ringing endorsement, it's real though. The Ridgewood has changed. My life literally pocket right now, you'll enjoy his wealth. Get ten percent off today with free worldwide shipping in a lifetime guarantee by going to Rachel dot com. Forward slash Pat. That's G E W A L L E T dot com forward slash Pat and use code pet. That's ridge, wallet dot com slash pet-. Use code Pat, ten percent off free worldwide shipping back to the show. Anyways. Rules committee will be meeting him. We got a chance to catch up with a guy who knows all about the rules. And he also just happens to be one of the most electric human beings of all time. And also definitely not from the country. I thought he was. He'll say quite a moment here. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the top Gulf eight Lanta Georgia Super Bowl week day. Three of a Wrangler celebrity charity shootout, the current leaders Bruce Arians at one hundred fifty Chris Thompson has one hundred ten in Harrison Phillips put out ninety nine out of his ass. This morning is a man that is a one stop shop for all you need to know when it comes to refereeing in the NFL. He's an Italian guy's got great slicked back hair dressing all black today. Basically except for his belt, which I believe is Brown. That's a wild situation. It's a black bound. I was wrong. Lack bell Portuguese. Sandwich. This warning. Let's go back to the beginning. He's a Portuguese, man. Honestly, we all thought you were buys on. We're very excited. We thought you're in the Italian club the Portuguese clubs much better than that. Anyways. Ladies and gentlemen, FOX rules expert, Mike Pereira. Am not a golf expert, though, how tell you what I watched you warming up. You are incredible. Do you feel like this is going to be a game for you today? Well, first of all you understand I'm gonna officials. So it's hard to be coach is known for cheating. So you know, how are you get past area? You guys pushing the envelope. Like unbelievable. How does how does Bruce Arians push the ball? You know, he knows every little he was on the competition committee. So he knows how to take advantage of little schemes where to hold and wear not the whole hall. Conspiracy out here doing the broadcast booth. I I don't know. But he back on the field now. Sean, I I can think these shots at him. Now that you know, when I worked with the league, I couldn't do it. But dis call me every week the complain yadda, yadda, yadda, Mike. I told the story yesterday Bruce Arians used to chew out the high school officials that would come to practice in Indianapolis these high school fficials throw a flag or something when throw pass interference Bruce would sprint down. And let them know how terrible they were. He's not the biggest fan of refs. And I'm happy to hear on the other side. You guys hate him as well. Not the biggest fan. The biggest question is referee a bad term. You said official a couple of times. And I continue say referee is the guy that wears the Whitehead. Everybody else are officials. That's why see just learned something. You got got an empire line judge. You gotta down judge side. Judge you got back together feel jugs one referee. He's the guy that turns on the microphone, and he's in charge of everything. And he likened ounces in New Orleans. Sorry, we missed that one. I bet you I won ten balls start ready. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I will continue to hopefully, learn more about officiating and your world let the special teams game. Hey, is there any way you guys whoever changed rule block in the back room? Not you guys 'cause you don't work for the league anymore. But do you think the league wherever changed block in the row on returns to make it what to make this a little bit looser like, hey, just a little granted if it's a little it's a it's a hand let it let it go. But if it's a blatant block in the back, you gotta call it. Why if you're behind if you're in a chase? Why would you even guy why make the referee making decision when you're here? And you're the guy, and I put my hand why do it now? Now, the officials got a judge, you know, isn't enough is it not well this Kaiser four to forty. This guy's running a three or four forty but it does happen at high speed. You know, it's a little bit diff-. I I actually would like to make it a personal foul fifteen yard penalty. Then I then I think. Wouldn't do it all so you're like, let's punish them harder. So they wanna do then they won't do it. You know, sometimes it is a player safety thing when you blow a guy up on the back, but other times like you say, it's just a push. But that's all it takes some time. You get it right at the point of attack. And all it takes just this to get you week, man. You are weak. I'm hit my. We've had two long. What if I counts make it like a hole right in the middle waste this one. No, no, no, no, don't do that. Because we've had some situations here. Bruce Arians, get screwed out of the fifty bucks. He did. I'm all you stroke the beautiful into right in the middle of that. Oh my God. That would have been a great way to start shames practice ball. Types of things happen types of things happen in practice, and you didn't get practice. I hear some practice stuff in football. Hey, every once in a while, you guys would make a call that was fake. We'd have to re kick and then would happen. It was a break practice round. You know what I mean? How much did you find? Not fine. You didn't get a helmet to helmet operation there on Sunday night football. I. Sideline you? Yeah. Yeah. He was smaller than me though. I thought it was good technique. You guys was it worth the money. Absolutely. Potential potential sore body for a month after that, Mike. All right now, you're up now. We're ready to roll, man. Let's go you wasted. A now you don't waste one. You just showed yourself the right way to go Portuguese. Michigan. Can learn that earlier do play golf now. The Heat's on shank it. No, no, you'll be in the middle of the whole. Even better for Mike Pereira. Sir for my Pereira, twenty points to start this thing, you're on your way to two hundred point round. At least good pose hold oppose. If you see the hair looks fantastic. He looks slender and slim he's at TV guy. The us a lot of Jill this morning. Say you go through the gel. God the heavy stuff. Your Portuguese natural. You know, like just like goes everywhere, you're on TV a lot. They got your own little box to you have the Mike Pereira box in LA. What am I done? No, no. You score right there. You got twenty radio you see it on TV right here. Oh. Can I hit the same shot every year for ten straight times? That's actually probably the best strategy. Really? Yeah. I could beat Bruce area. Like, I would find him down here today. And I'd find him into I kicked your ass. Now, you can hit it ten miles. But no text to. I'd say, hey, thank you. Mike Pereira official kick your ass today at always wanted to kick. His today's the day. Mike look at this today is the day, Mike. This was mom. Bruce wants for Bruce all it's short. Now. I think you're in a good spot. You're short still going to get all know still going to get points. That was an eight point or your twenty eight points. The more you make the more the points Maury late the believe feel so. Some hobbies yours. What what are some hobbies you or your shooting fishing is my favorite thing to do golf is my second and raising money for veterans is my third. Yes. Let's get to that. This is for charity ten thousand dollars. Oh my God. He's just a consistent. Swing. That's going to be a good score there. Mike, there's twelve more your forty already three balls in this thing you are well above the pace of everybody else. Prince amukamara is dead last twenty four I wouldn't mind if my score anywhere could touch Chryssa. That's the goal. Yeah. I just like even if it's just like on a name plate if I could touch chrissa, you just touched Chris right there. I saw that I kissed her earlier. I love her. She's fantastic. Fox was great higher. What you ask me? I forget, I don't I don't think I remember either. I just watch you kiss a a cart. Brian you? A lot better ones. Have you seen your picture them up here yet? No, no. I think you're gonna wanna kiss that to your hands of with or without makeup. Okay. We'll hit again. Yeah. Go for the same thing. He gets a kiss rowing car. Theresa down any continues to garner points here at top office morning. That was a twelve point shot. You're gonna accuse me of being weak because I'm just going. This is smart to that won't say on there right now. Yeah. Hey, listen. If you Bank at kick in nobody tells that in the scoresheet, nobody knows that if you Bank a basketball shot in nobody says, this is a Bank. It was a missed. But it went nobody when you kicked at bounce twenty yards after it hit the ground took credit for fifty two yard punt or every yard counts. Mike ever single. Did you enjoy punters and kickers? Actually, I love specialties. I did I had special teams meetings with all the coordinators one year because I didn't understand it. I mean, I never understood the special teams. I never understood the blocking concept and the difference of of an offense player grabbing a guy and throwing them to get down feel that relief. Downfield guy grownup. This body. This body was like one thirty five in high school. So I went out one time. I went one time to practice. The first first practice with pads in high school, my sophomore year and a guy hit me right in the hip. Kidding me? Next day. I was on the free throw line in the gym. Shooting free. That's enough. My dad was an official. So that's how I got started in this thing. It was a shock hip that led to Pereira's hoops adrenal hurts. I have week pain tolerance. But I can hit this target. All not. Good as your last week. You're gonna get points not as good as your last couple of shots. So the Pereira family is an officiating family, you're at sixty right now, four balls it. My my dad sorry. Oh, I have. Now, I have to you have to go. You have to continue to get points. I have to get more points. Yeah. My dad was an official in college. And then when I was in college guy asked me if I wanted to officiate, and I said, no, I mean, I was going to Santa Clara. I said I don't want to know why I hear your data fishes. I don't want to. I've no interest whatsoever. An efficient the guy goes, well, but you're debt I said, maybe it's because I've seen my dad abused. You know, the to do that by fans coaches. And so I said, I don't want the guy said. Pop Warner football and East Palo Alto. Ribbons would highschool three games. Ten bucks a game cash. Long your pocket? Nineteen seventy-one. You said I always wanted to officiate. So I one on the field to get thirty bucks cash. And you know, I ended up he NFL hitting balls with you here. Thirty buck investment, which went to all beer money, by the way, I respect that. I have a question, Mike. Yeah. Officials have nobody rooting for them their family ninety nine families fan the guys in New Orleans their families, even though like. Yeah. What hard but the hell happened there. I understand everything's fast. It's boom, boom, boom. Does the NFL have to change the rules that you can review blatant stuff? Like that. Does it make the initials and band position review? I'm really I. Well, I'm I'm okay with replay. But not to extend it to where it is to where we go. Are we going to renew pass interference? There's a simpler solution. What are they really you seven guys on the field? College has eight by the way. I just want eighth guy. I just want an ape guy who instead of on the field his feet or in a little booth day. And he's got little video Queant in front. He gets to see the TV shot live and run it back and just treat them like eight member of the crew. And if he sees something right away player safety or pass interference like at the end of the game. This calls down to the referee and says, hey, I got the shot. It's interference on the Rams but the ball six yard line. It's first down. He doesn't know replay stop. No nothing play on little surfacing this big. It's this year. But that. You can't look they tell you the Jumbotron all the time the coaches go look look at you. Can't look. We'll be here because it looks bad. And you can't use that damage is already done anyways. So given eighth official and put them up in the box. And if like he sees player safety thing like if he sees your kill shot on the sideline one hundred and forty pound guy, and they don't call it. Then they can they can call me sakes. Hey, his size size in that particular. It was a good shot. Thank you. How much was it? It was only it was. I was just fifteen or so small small small it was small only under forty fourteen thousand sixteen thousand it was small I was gone by them. I wouldn't find you. That's very nice of you might not have done. It. Were you finding were you in charge of finding the no all I would do is. I would tell them. Back in gene, Washington was there before Merton Hanks, and I would tell them that it's illegal. So if I said, the act was illegal and foul, then I would send it up to them. And they make the decision doing your job. That's all I you're not the guy taking people's my your case. I would have said clean hit. It wasn't okay. You're in a run right now five balls in sixty points. The stroke is all this stroke is good. He's going to get points. Not as many as oh it took a good bounce for you, though. They're twelve points, their seventy two let's go, Mike. Let's go and get in the board. While you're at seventy two you have left four you're well on your way, they're going to multiply they're going to continue to multiply I think maybe just something to think about you have a very consistent swing may strategy. Are you phoning for? What do you mean? I if I'm you what club is that. They're gonna hit a five iron into the blue. Yeah. I think that's the play. I think that's the play because you'll get more points. You have a good swing too. So it shouldn't be a problem. I think you're trying to protect Chris or somebody who Bruce Arians. You don't want me to get the leaderboard here. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna go blue. I will say I am. Oh, what am I going blue or my going to I'm going to? How far is blue the one hundred fifty. Ain't nothing you might very nothing when you get into TV. Did you ever get nervous at whenever you talk on microphone like it can immediately backfire like that carry guy. I still do nervous every time. Pretty much because it's a lot of pressure on you. Now, I'm in the business of predicting what they'll do, you know? And when I first started my first year with FOX, they gave me they gave me all the obvious ones. You know? So you have a catch the sideline, and they ruled it incomplete, and you see got control here, and he goes one two three and out of bounds. And they ruled it incomplete. So then I'd come on and say, oh, hey, that's a catch. You got three feet down. And then Twitter would say, oh, captain obvious. You're really add till the broadcast. It's no winning really loved. But then after I got all those easy one. They're like, hey, prayers thirty four thirty four. Well, of course, I would be they didn't give me the tough ones. And then they saw about your three they okay enough of that. We're not gonna put you unless you can add some. So then I just got like a real conversation though. Yeah. And then I got all the tough ones. And then if they didn't do. I said they should do. Then people jumped on my ass and said, I was wrong. Why why why all of a sudden the officials right then when they do it or New York is right making the decisions. Do officials have beef with you. Do officials have these fishers set sometime, you know, seriously, you have to have a big ego to do that to to officiate because you get abuse all the time. And and you're right. You said when you walk out in the field, you have no friends, and you get less friends as a game goes on people hate to even more there's nothing positive about. So you have to have a big ego to take you know, to handle that. And so if you say, they're wrong. They have a hard time green at your tacking. You're wrong personal. And they're they're not so bad with me because I did it. I mean, I officiated on the field. And then I ran the program for sensually twelve years. So I know it, and so they and I never use. What I call bad words, if they if they miss them. I never say blown horrible. I don't say that as there's trigger words. And so I I mean, I respect them. They're my guys, and I know tough it is and what what what hurts them though, what's used to make me mad too. Is when guys never done it before just lash out at you go, you know, go you suck. And you wanna go you could even kick the ball twenty yards. You wanna go back at them. You know? But you know, when you're not when somebody hasn't done it this hard to take the abuse. Have you seen the hockey refs? They do child. Love the hockey red chirp bat, I love the hawk. They like talk shit. My God their believable. Yeah. I wish I could do that got him. Steve welcome as their head of a fishy. Love him. He's like he's Tuffy was he was one of the refs too. And it's like it's open season. I mean, if Bonn each other would've would've loved to have done that too few coaches. Bruce Arians whose kernel is one of them. We got a new club for Bose left. With a piping shot to a deeper hole one bomb from Mike Pereira. Sixteen points eight. Now, we now we're making the place. Now, we're making plays Mike down with the boat t mows down get him off the board now off the board. I'm not gonna be for long. I wanna see my name on the board. We'll hit it off. Who do I got? It's tim. That's Mark king. He's meat. He's dead. I'm working my way toward Kerr's of you already. Have Mark you have eighty eight he actually eight eighty eight that's eighty six you are currently rate below Harrison Phillips one spot away from Chris Thompson, which I know is big for you. So let's go ahead and make that happen. Mike, come on get your little stroke going. Let's go Portuguese golfer. Let's make it happen. About areas might be back. Checking his surroundings like a ninja, Mike Pereira. He's lining it up. Now, we're hunting the we're on the back nine here. Three behoves left. I down Mike. Just like a putt there. 'cause he come on. Ball has the tendency to go left. Hey, mike. You're an electric human being then an electric human being. Eight after lining it up. It's pin seeking pump pump pump pump. Oh, they'll short there. You get a good bounce probably would've got a little bit more only eight point nine dollars in the thing. And only eight it was on the outside of the thing. You see if you get deeper into the thing, you get more points. You still got two balls left, though, you're sitting pretty here to take at least third place, you're fourteen away from here you get fifty four. Oh, the big sticks coming out is that what we're thinking here. Oh, a couple of little side. Is there from Mike Pereira? I think he's up to something possibly cooking right now. He's brought out the big stick my Barreiras Gowan long. Two goals left. The old bird box into Orleans. Bruce, Arians said, you're all terrible. Take your anger out on the ball hits. So far to the wall. Where are you going, man? I thought we're going to get mad at the ball other. We're gonna hit the hell out of it. We're going down now, which is that my fault excuse me. Is that because of me I was trying to get you mad there. I told you what my goal was. Okay. All right. I wanna be next. I know this is strategy. Alright. I got it. There's certain things like all right. I have no future with Bruce Arians. I think you do actually you just don't know it yet. He's coaching for Tampa. Again. I would love yours press conferences Pereiro. They're fucking TV booth. Okay. I'm how many points. Do. I have you have ninety six points right now. I want to be below or above. That's great question. We're gonna learn a lot about you Mike right here next Cup of shots. We're about to learn a lot about you. That was poor old Portuguese Pereira coming through two balls left. He's going back to the original strategy. All that's a great shot. That is a great shot sixteen pointer one twelve you are right on top of Chris Thompson, well below Bruce Arians though, Mike well below hey, you can catch. Yes. Yes. You can't think I had no strategy. You take you can't. There's energy calming Pereira has a chance to creepy poem to take the lead here for charity, which is what you're you're all about this is for charity ten thousand dollars to charity here. Mike pereira. You give scholarships to be a on this the a bad ass Bruce areas. What else could be as Dan for for him? He his nickname whenever he was a child was s q smooth Esquire smooth really wears the kangol new era, hats Orissa unguaranteed unless I put Bruce Arians on top of you. Bruce arians. It's been on top of Chris here for at least a day something you should think about. Checking the shaft boy, okay, baby. I think it's a great shaft a strong shaft me the shaft many times. Pied sit Lynn right in the middle of that whole. Oh my God. It might happen. Mike. One hundred and forty two points. You only. Heartbreaker for my Barreiro heartbreaker, just like for drew Brees in the NFC championship game. When the refs refused the call passer Fearance that is what just happened to Mike Pereira varying, I got screwed the same. Mike second-place still garners a twenty five hundred dollar check to charity. So you're still in a good position, you're above Theresa. But Bruce Arians is definitely rate there on top of you like like most of your relationship with him. This has been a beautiful situation. Mike what a show you put on thirty points. I should've hit the followed your advice to help them. I wouldn't have been over. Cursive, look, you you ended up in the perfect spot. It's you and do I'm in from the Buffalo Bills surrounding and then Bruce Arians right there on top of you just in another one what a gentleman, honestly, what an absolute gentleman. Mike Pereira incredible performance out of you. You. You're probably the most hilarious human I've ever encountered in my life. You haven't encountered many people then I am a little bit of a bounce the ball in like that guy. Did you guys here? They were throwing balls. They're like, they call this toss golf your guys here. They don't they don't they're they're like they're like two chicken to grab club and hit a ball there. But we've been read as but there's been a lot of clubs. We've been posted up for like eight hours a day for three days. We're about six why don't you come out to my three piece suit ball game football game today? You can punt the ball. I would love to wasn't invited. Obviously, I invited you to my thing you didn't ear thing. But that three piece suit game is something for charity if you'd like to look right here. What is it for? What do you do? We actually have a foundation that we give scholarships to veterans to become sports officials in their communities. We started at two years ago. Awesome. We've got one hundred and eighty three vets now that are refereeing all different sports from hockey the to soccer and and Rochester, New York to San Diego, California. You know, I've found that am I really. Kind of figured this out a little too late. I wish I'd have figured it out when I was still working for the NFL, but that durins can make great officials because they don't have any fear for one thing. They're not gonna get decision. Well, and and and you know, they had the concentrate. It's teamwork you know. Fearless. All that stuff. That makes good officials. And so we started this program. And I mean, and hopefully in a few years, we'll have some guys that'll actually move onto the NFL. But over having this game to today in Atlanta's gonna be great three Petes foot football. Everybody wears suits. I'm ref in it and the money goes to I guess, maybe because the the game sponsors Tito's vodka. So that's another thing that attracted me to it. But so all the proceeds go to pets for vets and to our foundation battlefields the ball incredible work, the Portuguese man with a black belt on to question everything. Ground bell. Lisa brown. This is due at this way. We just put it like that. Cardboard I don't cardboard is is worthy of that. Which is happened. There are you leaving. I mean, where are you going? There's literally a seat right here. Mike, I know, but I just want to. How about that you sign lefty? Swung righty. The ambidextrous. I'm gonna I I was always confused. How's your jumper? You shoot will horrible. You said you are you want us to do this? We'll move TIMMY Tibo down for you. Are quite goes down. We have a new silver medallist here at the Wrangler celebrity shoot out your you'd be up here though. We could do this for you. If you'd like if you'd like. The can bloop put her work real shame. We can help you out there is this too much for you. No, no, no. I think you're doing great. Did you where you needed to be? We looked good together. We do. That's it for the Wrangler celebrity charity shoot up probably my new favorite human to be honest. I wish they sold ref jerseys. Mike her era. That was one.

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