Bob Lazar, UFOs and Aliens!


That strange where we dive deep into the Internet uncovering anything we think is weird strange controversial or makes you think? On your host Alex alongside Chad and Ryan. Take the dive with us down a rabbit hole of secret government projects, hidden research facilities, alien technology, and the man shed light on. Baba's czar is blowing the whistle on mysteries inside of a top secret research facility in Alien Technology House there come with us as we unpack his story but be warned. You may not be the same after listening. In May, of Nineteen, eighty-nine and interview with investigative reporter George knapp appeared on Las Vegas News Channel K. L. A. S. a shadowy figure under the alias of dentists explained exactly what was a secret facility south of Groom Lake in the Nevada desert. Nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin are being stored, analyzed, and Tesla. The subject explains that he was tasked with reverse engineering, the propulsion systems of the crash and did not know how the government had gotten hold of these crafts. The shadowy figure was eventually revealed to be Bob Lazar in a subsequent interview where he revealed his identity. Bob Lazar, who has a bachelor's degree in physics and electronic technology from PACIFICA University. And he continued his masters at Mit. He's a very, very, very interesting figure. Did you know before we started this researching into this? Did you know about him? I did I watched the Netflix documentary just a super interesting individual and I ended up going back in like watching his interview with Koa and and seem like how all that played out in the incredible. Reach that it had after the fact you know it was translated into multiple languages played over the entire world and people were gripped by by this man's story in what he had to say because he he seems so credible. It's seems like everything he's saying really has weight in is truthful. The fact that he started this with not really seeking the the attention or seeking the ACCOLADE. But actually just seeking to get the information out there even hiding his identity. That some might say that that would be the the behavior of someone trying to hide something but I see it as behavior of someone who is trying to protect themselves because they're saying something that that may actually be factual dude I bet he is phone calls every single day people trying to get a hold of this guy people trying to email him and all kinds of stuff and back when this verse back. When this first came out I mean think about that the technology and the communication that they had. Then you know people people today are used to getting like notifications every single day but think about how he felt getting all these phone calls when I mean he's just a regular guy he he was picked up because he has like a coup Wanda and now he's this huge figure even thirty years ago I mean. It's just insane. Yeah I mean, he said he used to have people camping on his lawn and stuff and you you gotta remember that within the Ufo community. There are a lot of people that are. I really know how to say it. A lot of people that are a little strange. So for those people to becoming too Bob Lazar and it's got to be slightly terrifying and you'll see as we kind of dive into his story that. I find him very credible i. find everything that he says very, very credible in a lot of the stuff that he has said in the past. eventually comes true. So. Basically he gets. His degrees from MIT. And Pacific at University. He starts working at a Los Alamos. Research lab and I believe Los Alamos. And working on physics and nuclear weapon research, which is what what the lab does. Obviously. And then during his employment there Alex. you kind of set it. He builds a jet powered Honda. It's. Kind of extravagant thing that he drives to work every day. It's literally a jet on a Honda. Civic. Nazi looks like something out of the future and he built this thing i. mean he built US thing in eighty nine I think it might have eighty nine was one he actually worked. As for so yeah, it was. It was probably around eighty four I think So that gets the attention of the Los Alamos. Local newspaper who put him on the Front Cover With. His Jet Cars Jet Honda that he built. And that. That's a little bit important to the story later on. So a pin in that. So He's working, at Los, Alamos. And he says that he leaves Los Alamos and goes off to start other businesses that that turn out to fail. Now, he never really goes into detail or at least I couldn't find. What those other businesses were, but he a couple years later wants to get back into the science community so At Los Alamos Edward Taylor who's known as the father of the hydrogen bomb is giving a lecture at the lab. Lazar once where Lazar worked cracked. Yes. And Lazar, obviously with a with a major passion for science wants to see this guy talk because he's a, he's a huge scientific figure. So he goes goes to the. To the lecture and actually encounter some outside of the lecture. Prior to Prior to. Edward Teller going live and doing the actual lecture and he's reading the newspaper. that. Has Bob Lazar on the front page and he's which is wild when you really yeah what are the odds and and he's like? He's this guy is probably a celebrity to him. You know he's a celebrity in the science community. So to to Bob, he's like he's reading my news article I gotTa go introduce myself. So he goes introduces himself they Chit Chat for a little bit and that's really end of it. He goes to his lecture. and. If you fast forward a couple years after that. Bottles are start sending out resumes in an attempt to get back into the science community, and one of these resumes goes out to Edward Teller and references this meeting. References on the guy that you talk to the had the jet powered car and Edward Teller remembered him and gave him a contact to e g and G, which is a national defense contractor. He gave not only that he gave him a great reference right I. Mean You got this big big name guy that that he sees Bob Lazar. A frigging newspaper and It's kind of one of those things that you're like due to every single star was aligned that day you know right and absolute in for for Bob. Lazar. Is Crazy in an innocent stuff like that happens all the time that leads to. This kind of stuff. So it's not that it's not unbelievable that all this stuff happened right so he sends out his resume to G and G. And this is the company. National Defense contractor that hire scientists for area fifty, one s four, and that is how bob gets the job at us for he starts at facility in December of nineteen, eighty eight, and this is pretty much where. His entire life changes, Lazaro begun work at a test facility in the Nevada desert under the pretense that he would be working on advanced propulsion. He had no idea how advanced the technology would turn out to be after a mountain of paperwork and security clearances. He began his job at the remote facility south of groom. Lake when he learned what he would be working on Lazar was thrilled as we all would be it wasn't every day that someone got to work on technology not even from this planet Lazaro along with the other scientists they I mean they had a really strange schedule. You've got. Sometimes, they're being called in as late as eleven and being told to be apart to be at the airport at a specific time. So it's it's a lot of back and forth it's a lot of them having to kind of change things on the fly and then. When they were at the airport, their flight would then take them from Las Vegas into area fifty one and obviously everybody knows area fifty one it became a cultural icon in terms of a of a an actual location. And still is so yeah, it's it's. It's definitely been something that a lot of people have had interest in because it's a secret government facility. I mean it's Kinda inherently. You want to know what's going on in there. I. Mean it's like that. They had that raid and and all. That was forever ago. Now, the best part of that is if you look up the actual facebook. Invite. It says that they will gather and then new rudo run to to area fifty one, which which are you kidding me like that's such a terrible plan like I remember reading that at the time thinking you all are about to get shot dead in the lizzy after really there's really no other. Way that it would that right right and it says, it says they're gonNA know Rudo run and they'll be faster than their bullets to to me. I'm like, what are these people talking about? Like? That's absurd. Someone spending way too much time watching anime and not enough time reading physics books. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely great way to put it. So yeah, they did. They did have really bizarre schedules and Bob's mentioned multiple times they get called at like four fifteen. Hey, you gotta be at the airport at four, forty five you're playing leaves five, and that's that's kind of hard have work scheduled like that when you don't know when you're GONNA get called. But when you balance it off a what you're going to work to do I mean I'm fine with a call me five minutes before to be there I don't care definitely I there. I would just camp out right outside a call me when Niemann and he said and he said that some of the scientists did actually stay there and they were caught on like two week. On one week off type of deal. Depend depending on the. imagine what section of the of s four you're actually working at. Once they got into. Area Fifty, one, the flight tasting there and. Typically. When you got there, the hangar doors were usually closed. Going into the entrance to the facility and Bob Actually tells of a time when they were not closed. So he's looking and he finally got a glimpse into the hangars. He sees one of nine flying saucers inside the day I mean. You're walking around in this bay and you're like, dude, this is typically. Than shut off completely private, and then you're like, okay, fine. It's it's open whatever you're still walking through and then you see a flying saucer. So. So it's it. Yeah Right. It's actually interesting because when he mentioned this story, he says that he doesn't think they're alien aircraft. He thinks this finally explains why everybody's seeing ufo's because this is the new fighter plane working on so In and I think he said it had an American flag on it too. So he's not thinking even at this time that these that these ships our off world ships that were built there. Are the next. In the lineage of you know however many fighter planes that we have throughout history. So he thinks it's hilarious. He thinks it's. You know finally explains all these stories. It's the government test flying these new fighter plot. Which I think. Is hilarious. And then he has no idea. Right, he's kidding himself into A. And All I. can think of Independence Day in like that slow walk through the through the lab. Third however many layers below the below the earth. That's all I can think of is like you know what kind of facilities are actually underneath their you know, right? Right So sometime later after meeting his partner, who will throughout he refers to his berry. Was Our was shown what he would be then working on. Lazar describes being a reactor of some sort half a sphere with a hemisphere, roughly the size of a basketball as he describes, which which when turned on would generate an anti gravitational field around it, which is insane to I for him to even be describing something like this that he saw I, mean. Anybody I mean I can. I can see why people were like Yao gay dude whatever right because of the technology that the technology that they're referring to is is insane absolutely insane. We have nothing even remotely close to doing the stuff that this thing does. And it doesn't produce any kind of. Heat, it doesn't get above ambient temperature is producing A. Absurd amount of energy absolutely absurd amount of energy something we can't even comprehend. No. So then Berry tells Bob to try to touch the sphere in he describes attempting to do it and he explains that it's almost the same as pushing repelling magnets together except there's no medal involved. Who simply as hand being forced away So I mean, it's it's got that's gotta be shocking to to put your hand toward something and feeling that feeling of the magnets. But knowing that there's no involvement in any metal, there's nothing it's basically creating a force field around this thing which doesn't exist right nothing nothing that we have exist and if you think about the Even, the military applications in something like that. If you put up force field around at tank, you could put a force field around soldiers. This thing isn't that big this reactor, it's a hemisphere of a basketball. So, it's not massive by any stretch right? Also, this was thirty years ago right? Was Our side coupled with some of his briefings that he had read getting a glimpse into the space craft in the hangar is when it all clicked. Job was to reverse engineer apparent alien technology. The briefings he had read explained that the project was to back engineer the alien craft and specifically replicate it with available materials. Classified projects often are very compartmentalized so that the researchers have just enough what? Just, enough information to do the job that they are tasked with, but they don't know the whole picture Lazar was tasked with Propulsion Unit of the craft and I mean, you know that is not uncommon like even in the technology world, you know you've got all these companies working on secret projects all the time, and if you think about it, you've got all these different areas like let's take a cell phone. For example, you're working on the cellular technology. Then you're working on the operating system that you're working on the camera you're working on the screen you've got all these different areas of. Of. Focus where everybody can work separately. But then when the project comes together, that's when you actually see the fruition of. Not Uncommon. This would actually be very common way to accomplish this goal because it means that the information the real information about what's trying to be accomplished doesn't get out into the wrong hands. You only want you only want the the right people to know the right stuff and you don't need. You know. Some random guy like Bob, Lazar at the time to no more than needs to rhyme and it makes it makes perfect sense. So he goes on to explain the bizarreness of the reactor. When it's powered off if you lift the dome off the the Hemisphere. Nothing is connected with any kind of wires. The components aren't connected in any way they just seem to work by being in the vicinity of it of each other. The other oddity is that this machine is producing a large amount of money and it never raises temperature like I said earlier, there's no off gas there's no exhaust it's not even raising in temperature. So it's literally working at one hundred percent efficiency. So you've got this crazy machine producing insane amounts of energy and not producing any sort of Gasser. He'd just like you said. So you know being that you know nothing on our planet can do that at the same as this reactor with little or no side effects it is. It just instantly gets was ours attention which I would understand entirely. Continues to work on this project for what he says must have been around six months before the incident that caused him to actually come back occurred. So Lazar discovered that test flights of the. Intact crafts would occur on Wednesday night around Papooses Lake and the explanation that he he's given is the area the area on Wednesday nights has the lowest amount of traffic. So it's the lowest chance at anybody's going to see this thing flying around in the night sky. So by this point, he's like he's kind of like making a plan he's pre-planning he's analyzing and. Kind of figuring out. When this stuff's going to happen and when he can get a glimpse and really see what's going on, which is really cool. Right like he's like Sherlock Sherlock, Holmes and. So he does probably what any of us would do at the time, which is like, let's bring some friends and show him the spacecraft lying around in the night sky right make sense everybody wants to see that. So he brings his friends once twice on the third time they get a little careless. They bring like an Rv they're probably barbecue and drink in. And they actually get encountered by guards from the base. So he's detained. In Lazar own words, they brought him into the Facility for debriefing. And they had presented him with transcripts from his home phone. Now, at the time, his wife was actually having an affair and that's what was on the briefing. So now he knows that. They're listening to him on his home phone. He knows that he's probably a good amount of trouble because Awadhi just did. And they joke around with them at first and say you know When you when we told you, you couldn't tell anybody about this. We met your friends. Do you know that right? which is a little joking thing to do and he says that he doesn't even know that they were sure. What to do with them because they let him go that night. So now like I said, he's Starting to get a little worried because he knows that he's in trouble, he knows that he's being monitored. And this is the point where he never returned to work at us for now. Some of the things that I found in his story. All seemed to be the same except for a couple of things in this is one of the couple of things sometimes he says. They took his clearance away and that's why he never returned to work, and then sometimes he said he was scared to return to work because. Of what had happened and he know honestly couldn't those both be the same like. They did take his clearance away but at the same time like maybe he never returned to the base because he was scared as I mean it could be both in all reality think about it. Right. So what what are you guys thinking about this guy? I mean so far I mean I think he he seems credible. You know. I'm a person who believes in aliens and I'm a natural skeptic. which we've discussed before on the show but. I think that. You know aliens have to exist in the universe is just too big for their not to be something out there. So believe it exists. Do I believe this guy's story necessarily I don't know because I'm a natural skeptic I like to see physical evidence and I like to see things that are that are laid out in front of me rather than than the testimony of someone else and especially you know this this last thing that we talked about, you know he gets caught and in the moment of getting caught. You know you you Kinda get your security clearances taken away. What happens when people you know who who are doing a job get get released from their job without them really wanting that to happen. They get they get angry and they tried to lash back out eke out they speak out. So in that that that I think explain your exactly explains why he would come forward with something like this because it was relatively soon after he left that he came forward. And did the interview that we discussed earlier on in the episode. So I think you nailed that perfectly right there Ryan actually and as far as the as far as any kind of like it's just a mathematics. It's almost a mathematical certainty that there's a life out there somewhere else. The out there. Has To be when you look at when you look at some of the numbers. Involved in space it's just it's it's a no brainer I really think. So I I really have a hard time listening to people that think were alone. And this stuff is all fake and it's never going to happen and that kind of stuff because it's just it's just not plausible in my opinion. When I was younger I wanted to be I wanted so bad to be an to be an astronaut and I think a lot of kids did. But then as I got older I realized I don't know if I want to fly to space because that seems dangerous I watched the Challenger explode. I'm of that I was born in the year the Challenger exploded. So think about that in any think that's a little dangerous maybe astrophysics it'd be a good place to go I ended up going into it but astrophysics I I would have loved to have done that and this. So this area is, is something that I'm very interested in it. I mean like you said, the math of it has to say there's there's life there's something out there whether it's Protozoa ick little amoeba of a thing. That's one thing but you know if it is intelligent life if it is something that we can that we can reason with you know if you've ever seen a rival. That we can communicate with and figure out the language of that changes human history entirely right? Absolutely. That would absolutely be the biggest discovery and will remain the biggest discovery. Of Human History Without A. Because ever in the and it's almost like one hundred percent certainty in my mind that there are. A me buzz in that kind of stuff there I'm talking intelligent life. Specifically, it's a very, very high probability that it's out there. Also, I would agree with you on that, there's gotta be something I don't know the level of intelligence I mean, are we looking at a situation I if you've ever seen the day, the earth stood still. I watch a lot of SCI fi like. I watch a lot of movies. All do so so I mean. Think about it like any in a way of of the day the Earth stood Celio this per- this alien comes to Earth takes on the form of a human and tries to deal with with leadership of course, leadership on the world is is infinitely stupid and makes a lot of really horrible mistakes and we ended up where we end up in that movie. If if you've never seen it I highly suggest you go watch it. Are we talking about that level, right? Not Right now wait until the podcast is over please and if you're listening to this in the car, definitely, don't watch it because that's a horrible idea. Stop looking up right now right Google this at a stop because someone's going to Honky you you should probably keep going. So I think the cool thing about Bob Lazar. Specifically as that maybe this is exactly what this. Research facility needed at the time. He's he's a guy that put a jet engine on his Honda they need somebody that thinks out of the box and. He says Multiple Times that the way that they operate at this facility. Nobody's allowed to talk to anybody. You're only allowed to talk to your partner and that for science is absolutely. I. I mean it's a tragedy for science because you science is about free ideas and speaking and talking and bouncing ideas off of each other if you can't do that. That's why this. This team has been stagnant for so long. So they need a Bob Lazar they need somebody. That's GONNA put a janitor and on their Honda because he can. Probably. Did he probably put Jenin in on all the employees cars? Right part of the deal. Yes. Hey, you want top secret clearance, put a jet engine it on my card, Yup I actually came across the name of the clearance that that he claims he had was majestic and it was like thirty six levels over q clearance, which is the civilian Top secret clearance after unveiling his identity and telling a story to the public there were many attempts to discredit and dehumanize him as would be the norm. George. KNAPP, the investigative reporter who initially broke Lazar story began having a difficult time proving any of Lazar history. Caltech and MIT had no record of a Bob Lazar attending or graduating Los Alamos National Laboratory had no record of him ever being employed at the facility furthermore, an attempt to get Lazar birth certificate proved impossible as they had no record of him being born nor did the hospital he was born at while some say. This completely discredits this story others say is a clear attempt to erase his past and if you think about it. Isn't that exactly what this government would do in that situation, it would absolutely absolutely sat and I think that. What really kind of leads to that thinking is that they are race his birth certificate I think they should have not erased disperse certificate because that makes it a little obvious right his mom saying, no, he exists. His wife is saying, no, he exists. So they just went one step too far if they just erased his schooling. Then that would probably discredited a store and completely. Right. I would agree with anybody can say, exactly I mean think about it like anybody can say they go to a school and then you find out that they don't go to that school but not everybody can say, Hey, I exist and then be proven to not exist that doesn't really work. That doesn't really make any sense. It's almost like saying, Hey, this computer in front of me exists or it doesn't. Right obviously exists. I'm using. It doesn't really that doesn't really hold water as an argument you know. Right. So so in an attempt to find any piece of Lazar History, George, KNAPP gets his hands on a couple of things that are very important I think to proving his schooling and proving his past he gets the news article. That we talked about earlier about the jet powered Honda that he had built in the article. It says that he's a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. They also get a phone book, the phone directory from the lab that shows his name and phone number amongst the other scientists and physicists at the facility. They also go george goes in questions some of La's older friends. And they say. They used to derive Bob all the time to Caltech back in the day. So if he wasn't going to school there, he sure was putting on a good show back in the day of it because they drove there are a lot now would this guy? If you think about this somebody could say. He just proud probably putting that show on. So he could tell the story later is he really putting on a show ten years before he comes out and tells the story right that doesn't sound plausible to I. Don't know what you think about it. But so the thing is, is that you know to kind of bounce off what you just said Chad is is Bob didn't have the yeah. Sure. Bob Walked up to Edward Teller usery magazine or the newspaper and and they had that conversation but. Bob was just he was walking up to somebody that respected just like any of us would in having a conversation with him and. He didn't have the the say-so or the power to. Then, give him reference refer him to this position and it was tie so much time later that. That that even happened. So for people even speculate that he had this big plan that he was going to you know. Get this government level top secret clearance I. Mean that would be the worst plan in the world especially for somebody who's so calculated like a physicist would be right yeah. It's and it's also when he goes to. Come forward there's he has to know that. George KNAPP at the time was a huge investigative reporter and Las Vegas, which is not a tiny little town. So he's a major investigator reporter. He has to know that this guy's GonNa dig deep and try to find improve the story or disprove it, and that's exactly what he does. He makes Lazar take multiple polygraphs. He's gone under hypnosis to try and remember some of the science that he learned while he was working there. He's passed all the polygraph so. It's I know I just find this guy very, very compelling. Very compelling. I. Mean I would agree I think that I think there's a lot that's a place and a lot of things that Kinda lineup and It would be the. Evil Scheme of a lifetime you know to be pulled off. For him to do something like this, and then to to try to you know For the the fact is he didn't want. Like you said, he didn't want any of this fame popularity. He didn't want the people contacting him all the time I mean. Right he wants to live his life. Losers. Live is life. He didn't. He's from what I've found is never take any kind of money or anything like that his. And he doesn't even care about the aliens. Really. He doesn't care about that. He cares about the technology and the science, right? That's what drives him. That's what drove him to get the job. That's what drove him while working there was the science behind it because he's mentioned multiple times that it was a horrible place to work. People were always yelling and screaming is just it's a government place right? I mean it's not the most efficiently run place so. He really is not gaining anything from this if anything. I mean he's probably made his life significantly harder than would have been if he just would have never said anything right because for him family friends, right? Right and his wife even even has commented and it might have been in the documentary. Bob Doesn't lie. He's he doesn't lie. He he's not somebody that just makes up stories. He's not going to make this up and he's not GonNa, go to the lengths. That he did if he did make it up, he's not going to have his. Friends drive them to a fake school. He's not going to ten years before hand he's not going to make up all these. You know what I mean. It just doesn't make sense and you know I think that you know something to consider is that you what if what if he started in this is purely a devil's advocate position what if he started this, not knowing the level that he would actually achieve you know what if he started this with like well, you know I'm Gonna I'm going to mess with everybody a little bit but not really understanding the level to which people would take him seriously and then at what point in that response do you actually say? I was actually joking the entire time. Point you actually say that you know. That doesn't really it doesn't really add up if you if you really think about it if you like if you really really really think about it if he did make this up if he did push it. At what point would he say he's not At what point would you say that he's not serious that he rushed Right I think at the point that he's at if that's true. Ryan just to go off the story let's assume that's true. He made this entire thing I don't think he ever says. Right 'cause it's not like he's lying to his friends his family he's lied to his wife for me years. All best friends he's lied to a you know major people, investigative reporters, all kinds of stuff I don't think he ever says it right exactly I mean even even if it was all lie and you know in here here on this podcast I think that one thing we strive to do is we never want to say oh. Yeah this is definitely true. because. We don't want to to look at the the odd parts of life and say Oh yeah, that's absolutely true. We WanNa we want to leave some interpretation open I at least in my opinion and you know right to me there is an interpretation level that you could take with this where you can say, okay well, this dude, you know he he you know he got he got drunk with some friends and. He had an idea and then he called this dude he did an interview was like you know what? This is going to be completely off the record. No one's going to know who I am and then people found out who he was and that changed everything now not to say that his story isn't true. I'm not saying that but you know at what point as a as a human being in the planet. At, what point in his history would you actually stop and Satan? I was actually joking the whole time. I don't know that I would i. really don't know right and I think I think it's It's probably scary for him in a way. To think about that because maybe he's lying everybody and he actually does Kinda like the fame a little bit. He likes the attention he's getting now some of the attention like the the FBI's rating has places and stuff some of that attention. There's no way you could like it right sure. But maybe maybe let's just play devil's advocate he loves it. He loves people are chasing him. He loves whatever it is it scary for him to come out and say you know and discredits everybody that has tried to prove from right to George KNAPP WHO's a very, well renowned investigator reporter that would totally ruin his career probably. So. At a point, it's not just about yourself anymore it's about the people. You Talk to the people that believed you the people that went to bat for you. The people that made a documentary by there's so many different people that you'd be screwing over by coming out right I mean it's You know I was just going to say for instance, you know Jeremy Cordell. This guy has gone great lengths to he didn't just make a documentary about Bob Lazar. He has been an advocate for Bob Lazar to try to get. His story out there and his story legitimized. There are obviously tons of people that are skeptics and and he I you know in my opinion I think he really Feels for the guy he he's like, he's like you know this the. Disguise, live normal life, right? He's he's got all these people On his back he's got. It, it's it goes. It goes above. Somebody just saying. Hey. This thing happened and and people being like, okay. Yeah. So we are going to get too much more of this story. But I here is an addict from Myth Story Hey Gimme Hey Brian. What do Hood Vlad The impaler in Mothman have in common EDUCA- what well they're all topics on our podcast mystery where each week we discuss a new myth and the history behind it. That's myth story with an I. E. C. Then Oh During his employment at s four Lazar claims to have read briefing documents explaining Earth's ten thousand year old involvement with extraterrestrial entities referred to as lands. In the documents stated that these aliens came from a planet orbiting the Zeta Ridiculous Star System. More specifically CR three or the third planet in the system. Zeta routinely. Binary Star system approximately forty light years away from Earth and it's visible only in the southern. Hemisphere. This isn't the only time that data. has been mentioned as it relates to ufo stories. While as our states, he does not know how the government choir the ships for certain. He does recall a story Berry had mentioned briefly. So Barry mentioned to Lazar that he thinks at least one of the ships came from an archaeological dig. No location was given to the story by Berry. But this maintains that some of these ships might be not only old but ancient right. So these these these if it comes from an archaeological dig than it's got to be very, very old, which is insane. It kinda proves that these. that. These species are aliens are you WanNa? Put it that that are. Being discovered through this technology is. That they are ancient that they are from from behind. Comprehend right and they've been here for a long time if we got one of their ships from an archaeological dig. So Zeta particularly can only be seen with the naked eye on dark night in the Southern Hemisphere and as of two thousand twenty. There's no such thing as the are three there are no EXO planets. That orbit this binary star system. So. You can take that now I think he mentioned before that. Sometimes they put wild stuff in these in these briefings that way if he were to leak it. Maybe, he reads that it came from Zeta. Maybe the next guy reads it comes from a different star system when you leaks it he they know that it was Lazar that leaked at because it came from, you know what I mean. So it's not out of the realm of possibility but has been mentioned before and I know I knew when I was doing the research on this that I had heard Zeta ridicule before. So in my mind I, remember Zeta particularly being the star that they go to the movie Alien Ryan Have you seen the movie alien I of. Course I have come on. Yeah. So I turned it turned out that I was right they do get a distress call from Zeta particularly in the movie so that instantly while I'm doing this research like all this guy's just trying you know he's saying that it comes from the same star system that the airlines do the eighties movie that probably super-popular when he's telling the story. But then as done as I dug deeper into it. There was actually an abduction story in nineteen, sixty, one, September of Nineteen, sixty, one, Barney and Betty Hill. They live in New Hampshire and they were traveling back from vacation when they saw a bright light in the sky just like every single abduction story ever heard they pull over to observe it and we can really do probably an entire episode on this thing. So I'm not going to touch on it too much. But now they lose hours worth of time and end up. Miles away from where they remember being. And through all the different hypnosis and stuff that betty went to try to remember stuff she actually draw drew A. Star Map. In the Star Map. Nobody could place it. Nobody had any idea there's like that it doesn't even exist. except I think it was like an. Maybe an English teacher something got a hold of it and she discovered that it's actually what? The, stars would look like from. Zeta ridiculously, and one of the stars in that looking out is our son. So that's where it went even further back on like now you know you've got the alien thing which I which I thought is where Bob got this from. And now we go back to this and Betty still refers to the grey aliens that she met that night as Zeta. So I thought it was kind of off topic a little bit. But I thought it was a little interesting to put in here because definitely Oh, for sure out agree I mean you look at the the grace you know let's will start using the grey aliens because everyone knows the grace right? If you've ever seen the the movie, Paul, or if you've ever seen Close encounters of the third kind you understand Mars tax they're all the same idea there. The idea of this, this alien that is gray and appearance big head big is. Really no mouth communicating through some sort of telekinesis. This is a very commonly held experience of aliens. So it makes perfect sense that this would be the the explanation now does that mean that he is right and that he actually is making sense or is he just feeding into the populist nature of alien? biography. The, there's a history of alien here. Whether you know what ever way you WanNa cut it. That is he just feeding into that same? That seemed shared belief that same shared understanding is he just feeding into that or is he actually showing something different right? I think I think it could really go either way when I first saw the the alien specifically from the movie I was like. Yeah I mean I think that the movie came out in nineteen seventy nine he's telling a story ten years later it's probably it's still popular today. So it had to be popular wreck then. So he's just talking about the aliens in that movie. and. That's the star system that pops into his mind. And then and then I found the betty story in the Barney's Barney and Betty Hill story and it was like Oh. That's kind of interesting because it seems like I couldn't really find any other. Substantial. Stories where they said that these graves or from Zeta ridiculous. But I mean I guess it could happened that the the fact that there's no exo planets around the binary star I think kind of disproves that a little bit. But that doesn't mean that aren't any exo planets around the star. We might not have seen him yet obviously many of set out to disprove Bob in his story time and time again, what he has said is actually eventually come out is true. The hand scanner. For instance, he tried to describe that was used to get into as for was revealed years. Later, the same scanner us to get into the self program was are explained that the alien craft uses a reactor in an alien element known as element one fifteen to affect gravity waves up until recently, gravity was thought to be produced by theoretical particles known as gravitons. British scientists have sensed detected gravity waves seemingly proving Lazar was correct again once again, the recent news that the Pentagon's UFO, unit will no longer hide in the shadows and we'll make some findings. Public was accompanied with a classified briefing that asked for physicists and Pentagon contractor Eric W Davis gave to government officials in the briefing. He discusses the retrievable of an off world vehicle not made on this earth and I'm very intrigued by the UFO unit I can't wait I'm going to be like a little kid on Christmas morning every time that they release something because I find this stuff very, very, very exciting if you even look at. Some of the Pentagon releases the videos that the Navy pilots had. Bob Lazar always stated that these ships don't fly like they do in sci fi movies straight across they actually turn their belly to their destination and fly that way down in like in star wars one of the videos NCI. Like Boba Fett ship and star. Wars Zach clicked way of winning it so. He. The video that was released. Actually shows that ship turning its belly before going off the screen. So I found it. I was like, Oh, my goodness is just another thing that proved him right and then the element one, fifteen thing. I mean we could probably do a you know that's why. Bob Lazar was raided by the FBI and the documentary they think that he stole a piece of this element one, fifteen, this fuel. And it's actually on the periodic table. Now I think two thousand was either two thousand and five or two, thousand fifteen it was put onto the. Periodic table and I think it's like Makoni neom or something Mosconi or something like that but it's actually a non stable. It's a non stable. Version of element one fifteen and he explains in the movie how element one fifteen is made but it I mean it's way beyond my brain powered understand what he's saying so. what do you? What do you guys think about this Ufo Unit? You guys excited to hear what they say or what course I mean you know. What other time in history can you think of that? You know the government actually said. Hey. Yeah. UFO'S EXIST Here's some information about them I mean that's that's kind of unprecedented if you really think about it in our modern history. I don't want any that I mean we are. A it kind of goes. With what I was saying like. People are becoming more aware and it's almost like they have to. At this point they have to give us something right and you know with all the digging that not just were doing everybody. You know we have now this this documentary that was released of obviously about Baba Czar. and. After. People are watching this I. Mean this Guy Million Obviously Netflix's it got millions of views and you can't just. Give people that kind of information along with all the other stuff that was released the interviews and all that kind of stuff like you. You can't just. That can't just be public and then and then give people nothing. So so it is very exciting. It's obviously that we're all looking forward to seeing and I'm sure that we will definitely post an update on the blog. When that is released. Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. I will be all over the blog posts for every single. UEFA released from this unit and I, and I'm kind of hoping I kind of think. I already know it's going to I think it's going to probably disprove lobster or I'm sorry proved story. More and more is more and more gets released because he's already got. It seems like everything that he said so far nothing has really been disproved. You know what I mean. It's always it's always the stuff that he says like this wild hand scanner, it's a hand scanner. He tried to explain to people in the eighties that that pretty much looked at him like he was crazy it's like a it's got pins in it on your hand and says. Own Bone densities, it's a bone. People tried to really like be like dude you're absolutely crazy because nothing like this exists and now there's releases that say we actually use that in the stealth program and there's pictures of it and it's exactly what Bob Describes so. and. Then the gravity thing I mean it it's been thought for for a significant amount of time that gravity was caused by these theoretical particles known as Gravitons, and now now they actually know that it's a wave, which is another thing that Bob Lazar said the ship's affect gravity waves. So it's just you know and it's all like really. There's no way he guest any of this stuff all. Rightly. So what what have you read in his in his lineage in the information that he has provided that you think might be suspect they're just just specifically attack that angle what do you think might be suspect of what he has actually brought to light. I think what is suspect to me from doing all this research was the Zeta. Thing. That was really the only thing that I came across. That was Kinda like. I don't know, and then there's another thing where he states back in the original interview and might not be the absolute first interview that he did because I think it was after he got his shadow removed and he was out in the public. But he states that he walked past a window in s four and took a quick glance in just a small door window. And saw what appeared to be two. Men In lab, Coats. And a grey alien. Chair little a little alien in the chair now years later he he he comes out and says, I don't think I. Actually saw alien I think they had a doll or a dummy of some sort and they were measuring. For the inside of the ship. So those are the only two things that I really came across that I thought were. Kind, of suspect. So during my research. As well doing doing a little bit. Here and there throughout the preparation I came across A. a youtube channel called the behavior panel. and. Share. This side of it because I think it is important for you to get both sides. This particular video was a panel of. Language analysts, and they claim to be experts in in their in their field and. They analyzed. Multiple interviews. From. Bob Lazar. Some from when he started and then the latest one the Joe Rogan podcast. And the one thing that I thought to be kind of skeptical or something that that I thought that was compelling to share the the opposite side is. Their argument. First of all, they thought that he was. Being deceitful, and while I don't fully agree with that at all, I think that. One interesting point is that they thought that. He had time to create this theory over thirty years of doing interviews and that he had time to. to kind of perfect his story you had told me about this video. And I went onto the Internet trying to find it but I don't remember you telling me the exact the Yoda fine. So I actually found a different one and I found one by Derek van strike or something like that said hour long video and he's the same Guy Body language guy and he doesn't find anything deceitful on any of his videos so when you told me Go, watch this video they think he's lying was like, wow, this is weird because this video saying the exact opposite, right? Right. Right. He's a very eccentric. And So I definitely want to look up that other one and I think that's important to say because. Is definitely something that is I. Don't want to say it's easy to tell somebody's lying with body language, but there are experts out there that can make it easy, right? Yeah. You're absolutely absolutely right about that I mean there's So much science behind trying to find the source of a lie. That that makes it very interesting to actually pay attention to the body language of somebody who is trying to give you a story right and the in it's an it's really it's the same thing. It's the Joe Rogan interview and it's some of his older interviews. And I I. I just thought it was fantastic because he's he doesn't really do anything that this guy thinks is you know there's like comforting movements you make and. EXP- over explaining things I can't remember how he said it like. Explaining not conveying or something like that. But I I thought it was interesting. It's definitely worth looking into fear into stopping those videos because what I found interesting in those videos. This guy does this guy has not changed the story. Like. From his order interviews to Joe Rogan which to my knowledge is the the newest interview that he's done. It's the same. It's the same there snippets here, and they are like the alien thing that he recanted on where he saw the alien in the window. and. The Zeta ridiculous thing. But he says that in the Joe Rogan thing too. So he does not change his story which I find very. Would think. They always say if you never lie, you never have to remember anything. I would think after thirty years some of the stuff would be slipping his mind, right? Yes. So let's just go down the line and we'll start with. Roy Ryan what is your? What's your opinion? What do you think is this is this legit or not. So for me what he's saying sounds of very legitimate. However have to have to lean back on the idea that you know what it, what if he is actually making it up what if he made up that that initial interaction where he was quote Unquote Dennis. What if he then had back that information up and like I said earlier, you know what at what point do you say? Well, I was actually lying about all that you probably don't so to me. At what point do you do you hit that wall where you say okay yeah, I was lying. About all that you know. Really I. Wasn't really being truthful about it. You know in all reality I worked at their front desk and I allowed people into the facility in maybe I didn't know anything. But at the same time. What are the likely? What is the likelihood I guess of him being truthful and if he is being truthful, what does that mean for for what we understand about the universe and what's out there does that mean that we have already experienced something that we can't really explain or does it mean that he has described something we can't explain and we still can't explain it because we don't have all the details I'm not I'm not one hundred percent sure on either either side of that at this point I think it's my opinion. I am often very skeptical on things like Ryan is but through doing the research and I really went in initially because I had I had seen this documentary. Probably when it came out and I had listened to the Joe. Rogan was super into it and I was super skeptical back then. But at the end of the documentary and at the end of the interviews me, I was very convinced. With him and then the research for this episode just made me even more convinced. I think that he's not lying I think. Just, the stuff that has been proved right over and over again. I guess. You can say you think he might be guessing but he's a really good gasser if he's if he's guessing so it's my opinion that. This guy holds some weight and I think he's going to continue holding wait as soon as he's UFO. Briefings come out. because. It's just little snippets here and there that keep proving his story. And really not anything substantial that disproves it. So what does that mean for the history of our of our society? You know what? What does that mean like if if he's one hundred percent correct. What does that mean for our overall understanding of the world and in the universe? Really and how we in place actually is in I think it's Alex you want to answer that one I mean. So. If he's right and to be honest to row quick to to share My opinion I I think that I do think he's telling the truth I think that he's A. Between the. Between the fact that you know he doesn't really have much to gain. He doesn't really want much gain I do I think he's telling the truth. So to answer your question. If he is telling the truth and if he was right about all these things. Then What do we have to gain as a society as a You know in especially in the technological industry I don't think we have to gain anything and I'll tell you why. because. There are lots of scientists. There are lots of physicists. There are lots of doctors who do years and years of research with anything. and. None of it comes out. because. There is there is there is a line it's linear there. There's a line. That we are taking as a as a nation, not not even just as a nation as A. As a people. That this is how things go. These these specific The specific population is is meant to do this specific thing, and we will be gained by having these things at this period of time in the timeline and. Saying that. We have alien technology even if it is released I mean I don't honestly see us doing much with it at all I mean look at the humming this is really jumping away but but look at the like for instance, the moon landing and we could get into whole discussion with that but that was completely revolutionary. You know. for for you know for its time and went and it was publicized. We're ready to get. US. I can. See what you're saying I. Think there's a lot to be gained from this story of the story is true technologically, there is a lot to be gained here I. Think this stuff should be in the hands of the government I think it should have. A much more substantial amount of what it is in the hands of the government is racing. Oh so with you're saying just never gonNA. Yeah. Okay. With being in the hands. Yeah. With it being in the hands of the government. Nothing's GonNa come of it right because because it is not be something being in the hands of the government is not meant to. Benefit the people in the society it has meant to benefit the military and the government and and and their means of using that technology. It's just the same as thirty years ago he was talking about transparent the. That on command would would go from a opaque to transparent and we see that inside movies and that's a now he sees like smart glass and stuff like that. But Right Now that's thirty years after the fact, right? So so it's and. That's an inherent thing. I think like you're saying the government having it is is there They don't care about us. They don't care about anything that we could use that stuff for the amount of good. We could do with that technology they care about militarising it they care about protecting their tanks and the government is always to act in its own self interest. So if they find a way to to utilize. Whatever technology where we're talking about here? No matter which which angle or form that it takes. If it benefits the government. Overall. There their their overall investment in this conversation is to suppress that information so that they no longer have to deal with how it's going to affect the rest of the world as far as our conversation with them right and I think that I think. That's why. I personally believe that. The story is true like I said. So I, think that the government knows that there is other life out there and I don't know that we will see in our lifetime where they come out and say it because if you think about what kind of mass chaos that could really produce and what kind of ripple effects that could have through religion religious tax and everything that that the ripple effect it would have. It's easier to suppress it right just like it's easier to say that Bob was ours lying. It's easier to say that he's lying. It's easier to do that than it is to go out and try to prove his story. So, I don't think that. As much as I want them to I don't think this UFO units. Ghana's mention anything of other life I. Think it's going to be just these just these. Odd occurrences of these. In there are probably not even gonNA say their crafts are probably going to say they're something else, but we'll see. But I I, which is why things like perseverance are so incredibly important. Keeping an eye on the things that NASA is actually doing and how they're actually landing these craft on. Mars for example. They're going to have an entire helicopter that's GONNA lift off and do different things on this planet. In an environment that we have no idea how it's going to react to this information. seem that information come back is going to be a wildly. I don't even know like a revolutionary moment. For us as as human beings on this planet to understand like how does how does it I know it sounds so menial in so many ways, but how a helicopter deals with the atmosphere of Mars. Is, is a very, very different conversation to how do we deal with with the Moon the moon. So close that we understand so much the Mars. But Mars so far that we understand. So little and that that is a fundamental difference in the conversation there and then. That goes back to the fear thing people if you if you really and I think I mentioned this earlier. But if you think about it if this, if this story is true, these aliens are here they've come here that's horrifying and I'll explain why because if they're able to come to us, we can barely get to the moon. Hard time we have months of planning to get to the space station if they're able to freely come to another galaxy. That's scary. The. We are the Stone Age to them. They're able to interstellar travel that's horrifying to know that they're out there. and. The government probably doesn't want to release that because that would probably some sections of the world cause mass chaos knowing that these things are out there I keep back to the fact that this was thirty years ago and he's talking about technology that we still consider advanced that they had then right. I in this top secret government facility I mean in the in thirty years technology I mean, we all know this in thirty years technology can skyrocket. Yeah. Yeah. It's absolutely because actually at a government military level or you kidding, yeah they say, they say that the that are smartphones have more technology in it than the moon landing ship had. At the time Bob told his story, they didn't seem to know how this thing worked. He didn't seem to figure out how it worked is not out of the realm of possibility that in this thirty years, they know how this thing works. And they've now replicated, this thing will never know that right? Maybe maybe fifty years they'll come out with a press release that said and two, thousand and twenty. We started putting force fields around our tank. We've got smartphones just becoming more and more prevalent with incredible cameras in incredible video recording capability. We've got this history of all of these video of UFO's and whatever else why don't we have that now? Any ideas on that because it seems like if I can record four K. at sixty frames per second, there's no reason why we shouldn't have more of this. What do you guys think about that? Just like I said I, think that we're getting just as much as we. It's the same as as the personnel inside the top secret government facility. They were given just as much clearance as they needed, and we are being given just as much technology as we need and nothing more and probably less one hundred percent agree with you Alex Yeah I think you that perfectly there. I did think it was kind of kind of 'cause he goes into a little bit of detail of looking in the ship. and. He said there's no bathrooms. There's now anything that's that's recognizable to us. There's no computers. There's no computer screens which was relating to to saying that these. The Pew whoever needs to sit in that is not human, right? Right. Because they're small any any points out there smaller seats he said child side seats so it's not like. If our government did make this. Let's assume Bob Lazar is. Is Lying and this is just the new fighter pilot that we're working on. They wouldn't put childlike seats in it. Right. I mean, ultimately as our probably our longest and most in-depth episode. I think that. We're going to leave a lot of things to to to to question and I think that that's really where it comes down to is that. This seems like okay. Well, we can totally take this as you know with no grain of salt. This is what it is and we're gonNA presented as it is but then they're also parts of it where it's a little bit more of a question and I think that that's where we where we find ourselves. So often in this show is in that question in that in that moment where we can say, okay, well, yeah, there's a whole bunch evidence for this butts so. We encourage you to do your research we encourage you to. Look into this for yourself. You know. Find out what you think. Do you think he's telling the truth after this? Do you think this is all completely made up and and honestly if skeptic before and this was. Something that was compelling to you, and now you WANNA. Look further. Let us know. A hop onto facebook at that strange podcasts and send us a message. Let us know talk to us or email us at contact at that strange dot net I. Mean we love to hear from you honestly in any way that you that you choose to reach out. That is true. We just got a new. Website. Thanks to Ryan. Ryan you WANNA. Share some of that stuff to absolutely so. I changed a couple of things. So if you go to that strange dot net, that's GonNa take you to our block. Now on that blog, you're actually gonNA find a number of links to all the different places where you can find and listen to our podcast and as we continue to experiment with different ideas. It's good to kind of check back there from time to time and see what we're up to. Now, if you do have an idea contact at that strange dot net. It's super super easy, and if you do have an idea, please reach out to us. All right. Well, thank you for tuning in and checking us out and we will see you on the next one. Alex, Chat. And we are that street.

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