Episode 920: Self-Hating Jew supporting the Squad?


Suv go love and youtube. Just we had a little bit of resolution in israel. I guess but we should definitely talk about that and and also Thanks for joining me up. He one charles moskowitz here with david david. An i are have been doing this program on thursdays. Live at one. P m. we discuss often Judaism and its intersection with politics with israel with culture so dove. This is a new government in israel now Headed by naphtali bennett. It will be there for two years and then Lop eared will be in there for two years to kind of a similar to the national unity government in israel. back in the seventies when you had peres and shamir share a four year term peres into and then shamir during two. And it's one of these kind of compromises where a government was cobbled together and was able to obtain enough votes and enough seats in the knesset to be in power so they are in place now. Israel also has a new president. what what What do you see The situation as it stands now. And what do you think we should expect there. I mean the biggest difference obviously is bennett. Only having five percent of the vote think either coalition government. Then you'll prime minister is no comparison. Ever that does someone could be prime minister with only five percent of the vote and it was obviously because of the vast Pressure to get rid of netanyahu that such a possibility but i don't know we could look it up. Put your how many seats shamir something has. But but i think they had at least fifteen twenty percent of the electorate. But not unfortunate probably. I'm not. I'm not so confident. I think that I mean you see that The most likely thing that's going to happen in it could be instantly could even be today. There's already problems coming today. That will talk about with the votes that ever came across. The knesset that everyone that the polls eighty percent of israelis maybe even ninety percent predict that this government is going to collapse. And then we're going to be in the same situation. We were before of but is not going to be netanyahu. It's going to be naftali bennett. And as i think it's going to be a disaster. We talked about How he did in lebanon telling you like besides like the un and international corden palestinians. that even israel said that like this guy was a loose cannon. This guy was out of control and that was the israeli report and it is our prime minister. I mean at least. I mean israel citizen but the people that really care and follow about israel and the most likely thing is the government is going to collapse and we're going to be in the same situation with perpetual Abandoned that and you may be they'll be able to speak out of budget of before the government collapses but i would not be surprised if The government collapses before they could even eke out a budget and you may be israel could survive. You'll like going on like this. I mean you talked to mordecai qatar and visions for israel as american citizens basically include call it the destruction but the dismantling of the way the israeli government is currently set up. So i mean i mean even charles we have disagreements about what we would like to see in israel. I think both of us largely agree that the current system probably has to be dismantled in. They need some sort of constitutional convention in new structure. A government of its emirate or whatever a system But that's not on the table that's just like people like me and charles. In even in israel people like professor could dr are avesta minority in and unfortunately on likely the only thing that will unify israel again will be some sort of military threat. So i i get a minimum. I'm pretty. I wouldn't use the word scared of but i'm worried and pessimistic. You know. I don't really know the politics of israel deeply. I should say that up front here. I interview people over the years. Including recently o'clock odar and maya sense is that The government is going to go forward. And it'll be fine. And i think he will be prime minister for two years and that lapierre will be prime minister. Two years just like the Peres arrangement that you know disarray. Of by which of people's pasts can be forgiven once they're in power. You know nothing the given but you know. There are various dynamics that take place where people want someone to be in power and what they represent regardless and we could look at for example biden. I mean look. The guy has a racist segregationist past where he's using. The edward consular made vicious anti-black confident speeches in congress and was you know and yet that's overlooked because the the establishment in and segments of them want him to be president so they willing to pay for it over and i think that the senate i wanted bennett. It was some sort of anomaly. Agent a different from shamir. Bennett is extremely popular. He didn't even make it into the knesset election. In this time he only got five percent. I told you the polls only eleven percent of israelis think that the coalition. You're taught you think that this coalition is gonna last two years. Eleven percent of israelis agree with you. It interest all day like all. It teaches the arab party or are these groups to back out in. There's going to be new elections and that could be this week if ram the air piracy backs out. They'll have to call new elections next week. We'll be prepared by minister. And i think that they. They wanna have some consistency. They wanna have some sense of cohesion you know they were able to get rid of netanyahu. I think most people in israel quite honestly with tired of him regardless of the fact that becomes a very successful prime minister. But you know he's been in power off and on for thirty years. And i think that the there is this desire to do something different and move forward. It's zeitgeist again in situations like that. Often nuances of a person's past and whatnot are just overlooked. Let's put it that way. He's politicians only got five percent of the vote biden. But the point is he's there click shamir the p that's very popular at least among a hundreds of thousands of israelis there are thousands of but the difference is that it's not about him. It's the way politics works as such. The people of israel wanna have some sense of the building cohesion. I don't think they wanna go through another election. Given the fact that is already four. I think in the past couple years and People wanna see some sense and stability and up to. I think that for that reason because anyone dealing lights him but it's because they wanna see a government move forward and i think it will move forward and the fact that he is going to be. The only two years is at least somewhat of a safety valve in terms of people willing to to do to go along with it in the interest of national cohesion. at least you know who knows. We'll have to see what happens. But but that's my sense of it unless he really steps in it and does something so ridiculous or outrageous. And i don't think that's going to happen. The coalition is between benefit and the foul and the more left cardi than generally which is what they have the promise of getting in there in two years which i think they value and the arab which is their ally You know. I think that it's gonna tell you today's news when you're ready in why the coalition might collapse today in its relate to something that we've talked about on this show of before the family reunification law that bans palestinians and infiltrators who marry israelis from earning israeli citizenship. That currently there's a law in israel called the family reunification law that if you're a palestinian in you marry in israeli which generally is a path to citizenship. Only palestinians are barred from this path to citizenship and the palestinian Aram group has refused to back and So that could lead could lead to a collapse clarity on that law. So that say your your christian you marry. An israeli and american christian palestinians are borrowed anywhere from everybody in the world. Besides the palestinian mary's jew could get israeli citizenship without converted to judaism yet. Just through just through a numeric melt. This a specific law called the family reunification law that bars that has to be renewed every year and it needs to be renewed and the ramco. Listen said they're not gonna vote for it. And if ram back down to the coalition over this or if the right wing won the government to collapse the government could collapse. Today in there would be new. Elections will listen. I understand once. The coalition collapsed. It's bennett so then the right wing wants to see this wall continue. Which is that specifically palestinians singled out not like other groups. Are chris if somebody is rarely marries a christian or european or a frenchman or german that person automatically becomes a citizen of israel if they emigrated. Israel was eligible on the palestinians. it's forbidden whereas if you're palestinian and you married israeli you don't become a citizen. Is that if it's impossible to to its less converts to judaism. I suppose i told you the law. You can't even convert to judaism now. That's i looked into that. That's not a law. The family reunification does know that. A palestinian numeiri isreaeli then converts to judaism is still barred from coming in israeli citizen. That that's my understanding. It was debate in the knesset. Today you can look it up. okay Well i mean it's a issue. You know israel very careful about It could be the right wing. Wants the government to collapse could say like the peed if the peace coalition with the agreement that bennett bennett is just the first prime minister in a rotation so the right wing probably wants the government to collapse and would prefer perpetual Ah bennett in new elections ever. They're not gonna get better than no elections. The only five percent popularity but my but it doesn't matter they have if they call for new elections. Bennett will be prime minister until a new coalition is formed and so like just like netanyahu there before elections and they couldn't former polish. Netanyahu remained prime minister so rigorous apart bennett will remain until they new coalition as the coalition falls apart. They'll call new elections in which kill until that stop. it will be perpetual governance. in doesn't which is saying look it doesn't make sense politically. It may be happened but they have been in there for two years talking about the right. And if they if they're right conspires to to to destabilize. The government for new elections bennett ain't gonna be any more popular and he'll buy he might get in for another two year arrangement nothing. They're not going to gain anything. He's not gonna win a popular vote if he's is unpopular. She won't matter. You won't be able to get rid of him besides a new coalition so bennett. Even though he only had five percent of the vote through default will become perpetual prime minister till a new coalition through elections. They have trauma them. Pretty quickly right now. Very unlikely. I mean you saw how hard it was to get rid of netanyahu. Getting whatever right now and have. He may have been there for two years. A new election isn't gonna take two years. It's going to take probably a few months. And then they'll be back to square one. They'll be lucky if he's in it. All be the same thing that there is no path forward in israel period john coalition coalition that leaving. He's had to be done in order to get rid of benefits will be like anybody but Be of ill become anybody but bennett. In the coalition will require people that don't agree with each other forming a coalition already. Wasn't purpose of getting rid of bennett. They already did that to get rid of netanyahu. Look we don't you. And i don't know what what will happen but i don't think that i don't think at the end of the day that makes sense politically. The anybody left right center. I'm so worried. I'm you have faith in. You have faith that somehow this coalition government's going last for two years. I told you only eleven percent of israelis agree with you. We'll say i mean. That's i don't know which sat on what paul you're looking at but i think most israelis don't want to see another instance a continuation of this instability with constant elections. You know for the interest of the nation that's why the perez Shamir government work. Because people would tie of that. I mean there was some similar dynamic back then. I know that should that they were both heads of major. Parties and bennett is in but nevertheless there was a sense especially after the assassination of issaquah being that they wanted to have stability so they had a national unity government. I mean look at it. I mean ben. Gordon had a national unity government for a while and the smell of fesser qatar saying there is no stability in this kind of what me and you are agreeing upon within the current framework of the israeli governmental. Same within the policy is no possibility. Okay they need some sort of a new constitutional mean they don't even have a constitutionally but they actually need some sort of a constitutional convention to completely rework the political system in within the current system there in possibility of stability. That's and that's my electric of. I mean you're talking about amber parlementary system modeled after action british parliamentary system. I wonder how sincere to well. That's right they don't have a house of lords but they do over ceremonial president I don't i mean. I do agree that i mean get away. The american system is a better system with a strong president executive balanced by two other branches of government. And these instances states. But you know it depends most most countries in the world. I think have more of a british style parliamentary system. not just israel. I mean that's that's kind of the standard system in most european countries and prevalent force. Israel doesn't have constitution like if it's jordan arab countries that are constitutional mark monitor catchy alone have prostituted factual israel's supposed to have a constitution like they did the basic loves it was under the provisions that eventually they would form a constitution and revolted. So it's like a constitution. But that's what i'd be proposing saying. Yes the system. Israel's was supposed to be temporary system till they developed a constitution and much measures. They probably should be calling for in. Great britain doesn't have a constitution doesn't have israel was supposed to have when they made the basic laws and temporary to create a constitution. They never accomplished all right. Fair enough. what else is new Look at michigan semitism and with the In a we talked about the election of course. But what's going on in the jewish world. I mean actually boycotted the zim shipping. I think they didn't oakland california new so that the protests university of michigan had as pressure. But i don't. I don't think there's been as eds But missing they had there's a company called z. I m that is is isreaeli international shipping in oakland california. They actually black the ports and convinced the union not on loaded and the had protest in new york also had such problems so they just have office here in like seventy five people outside and protested for an hour but lay in in my area. The there hasn't really been noticeable increase in anti-semitism in the universities and the public statements In terms of the violence of illegal has she tischler. I think he got the new palestinian bill. Have back you know. We'll see the city council elections coming up. We'll see maybe he wins the democratic nominee in ends up Coming onto city council but like la. I think violence amongst the jews increasing in some areas. It hasn't been the case here in metro detroit. I think it's unlikely. The dynamics that there would be that kind of violence against the jews in detroit. So it's more just a question. Politically andy levin. Our local congressman Decide to back. Ilhan omar inner statement to yearly that. They had the twenty. The jewish congressman that Stood up in wanted. Ilan omer to clarify her statement about like is comparing israel to a massive place and andy levin agreed with her. that That you know these forcing her to clarify is essentially racist and islamaphobia that even if you disagree with her this force you to clarify and now he is being Stopping semitism as god forbid. They're gonna call. Andy levin carl levin's of sauna Yo senator levin's nephew antisemite. Over defending illinois omar into but let me in terms of. That's more political usa. Be like the one point. Two billion late like The one point two billion dollar package for israel for various things and eleven has a vote and that vote might make a difference. So there's a lot of pressure about that in universities that have like video resolutions adjust the general status of you know how high we hold their head as a jew but i honestly i'm not that concerned about rising antisemitism. I like as far as i know. I haven't heard any. Jews beat up in metro detroit. I haven't heard of people's businesses beating losing a job or various things. And i'm not expecting that. It tends to come in waves usually when israel is in the news intensive depending itself against a war. Like i did about a month ago. When his you know another attempted genocide in israel you get all the vicious haters from both the left and the right and it's more left that right these days crawl out from under the woodwork and start to agitate against israel and against us and then wants over they go back underground And i think that's what's happened. You know so you know. The that hasn't changed airing of that phenomena. Back in the day i mean. Is you know going back in the seventies. Israel's war get them all come out is and it's the same general unholy coalition between israel's enemies like her models or an arab country coalesced with leftist around the world You do have right now. Great criticism against your your good friend Your congresswoman to laid and omar and the so-called squad formed eleven for one of the most famous jewish families have been like one hundred years in michigan dominate. Carl levin was one of the most senior ranking senators You know his uncle is Disagreeing with you in. And he's stepping out. He's going hunting or employees. Why does he want to boycott. Israel supporting wants to boycott israel but But but what does. It's about them for because leftist in. He's probably his support Multicultural immigrant america in feels that defending it has to deal with the defending phobia or dark skinned Multicultural burqa. he'd by support. His own. people mean there's nothing that doesn't support via supporting his voicing. The opinion of the is warning jews in this area. So ag- you as someone. That's interested advocating for israel to sosa n eleven majority advocating for the greater in his district or the non. Jews who live in his district in advocating for israel goes against that where his uncle carl levin obviously was probably did more for israel he what he was the head of the ways and means committee. Most of the money that went through to israel was done through carl levin another nephews gone gone bad you you say he went bad. But your that's your opinion. Who cares about israel because yeah now they're that you're the guy. He lost the frank. So i mean barney frank line. We didn't we did disagree on that biography. What if he was in office today he would probably be similar. Oh i don't think you'd be fragrance inside. No i disagree because he's decades older. We're saying if she was decades young. I don't think it'd be we'd be zayn. Does a lot of people on the left are levin and apparently a lot of the survey then. i mean. we didn't talk about the democrats. I guess the most jews in greater detroit are anti israel. Now i mean intake there does not pro israel. They care the they're not saying that they want to be anti israel but they don't reload this was in the defacto say napping pro israel as being anti israel. They they'd be actively anti-israel in in an overt sense. But if they're supporting a jew hater and an anti israel activists like their anti israel in the defacto sense rhetoric using their supporting omar. Because they feel like maybe people like you are picking on her because she's muslim and has dark skin even anti israel absolutely upset she doesn't i israel blood libellous lie notes were and eleven loves in mature hindi levin those who are important for him because they haven't genocidal attitude toward the end of the state of israel they want to see every jewish man woman and child in israel murdered that. I think that's what he's saying. The one i think she's moslem they are very. There are plenty of muslims in this country. Who do not support her position. I'm sure occurred. Scenario andy levin would stand up to you to protect your on homer. And he's protecting jew hating per european is but he end up to protect her against people like you. It's not my opinion by new construction standing up for civically against people like you against movie. Because i'm calling people like andy. Levin is amazing. My i built. There's nothing to do with muslims. Rams i know andy levin sandy levin standing up to you the reason is because people like you because he's a paving jew. You claim your reason for his intention. But he's like no he's necessarily picking on her as i don't like spending art to send defensor against you. Yeah he's not a claim that because i don't go step to the left and zig heil to her points of view. I have something against muslims. Or i don't like somebody because of their skin color. That is a vicious goddamn lie and he is sick if he thinks that. Okay this inter jewish balance. Where you in. Andy lebanon getting in a fight over your opinion about illinois Opinion about ill owner and he's willing to stand up to you stands up for her policies. My opinion against her is because of her policies not because of her ethnic background relevant. She'll get one vote on whether to give more money to israel or not but what she thinks about. Israel is basically. It's very fellow guessing very relevant. Israel's based we get one vote in whether to go no no no. it's very dove. It is very relevant because she combined with talib and my own congresswoman here at boston. Yana presley and others are basically taking over the democratic party so it is every bit relevant given to think that most people in this area that are voting these elections. Don't really care about us policy in israel and saying as a us congressperson more. You're like old. There's only really one vote that they're going to get. It's going to make a difference on israel and that's going to be the funding of illinois homer and your congresswoman vote against funding for israel may and eleven votes for maybe he votes against it. Every jordan makes native for his constituents now if he is supporting a congress person who wants to cut aid to israel and one who is combined with others who are likewise of that opinion and who are really taking over to a certain degree. I would argue the democratic party including the existing administration. Then he is. He's supporting the destruction of israel. And he's i would argue a self. Aiding jew is nothing to do with omar's ethnic background. I couldn't care less about her ethnic background and for for you to suggest for him to suggest that i have something against anyone because of that is a vicious lie and a piece of agitprop communist propaganda. I might add this ops s and by the way now that we're on the subject this whole business of attorney. General merit garland coming out and saying the biggest problem facing this country. Right now is white supremacy. What does he really saying. He's saying anybody who supported trump. that's what he's saying. The white supremacy is there. It's always been there. it's not. I don't think it's any more now than it's ever been and it's something that's been condemned by everybody. It's a fringe thinkers but for him to try that out at a time like this and ask people to turn in their relatives if they think they might not have an opinion or something. That's what they did in nazi germany. This vicious this is ugly and santa american something to do with the there isn't a major pro. White supremacy is always a problem. But it's it's it's way down the list in terms of the real problems countries facing right now and it does not describe the most trump supporters. In fact i would suggest in in a way that the more supremacist attitude is found in the so called critical race theory. Who focused on this obsessive identification of people based on race and ripping people apart and dividing the country up. That's the problem if you wanna take a look at race problems so some fringe nuts on under a rock somewhere. Who part of some weird white. Supremacist cult we understand who they are and they should be looked at. But that's not that's not mainstream. That's like that's not suddenly becoming like the acts like this is some crisis that needs the whole country needs to mobilize. That's that's this is. This is just agitprop. This is dividing interesting dynamics of what's gonna happen politically in this area. How of because Any levin is the congressmen the district. Right now that's adjacent to where most useless that jews and eleven represents not too many jews the majority of the jews living hayley stevens district who ran against my friend Epstein was the coordinator of trump for michigan as republican. Mind into the jewish community in it tends but decided finishing layout layout the politics jewish community here in metro detroit unequivocally opposed lena epstein in favor of hayley stevens so if there's going to be district let me finish explaining something So there's gonna be redistricting because there were elections in in so it looks like they're gonna re district The districts and so andy levin should he run will be in primary against hayley stevens and will no longer be representing The area that doesn't have too many jews in his multicultural a'democratic but he will now be to run directly against hayley stevens in the area where tens of thousands of of jews metro detroit live and yes extremely likely that the organized jewish community will agree with charles and will back stevens over eleven in the primary over israel. But currently right now. Dr. levin is in the district. Were too many jews and no one in his district. Really cares that much about Your the issue does on why. I'm not saying he's he. He is a multicultural area. He represents you know. Like the uae and unions and a lot of african americans and arabs and it He probably does politically. It's good for him. Electorally to stand up for illinois owners no weekly like these are on found unfair attacks but because of the redistricting in the next election he will be democratic primary with in the jewish district. Do you ever win. Likely to become the congress area here will majority agree with charles. Thanks what. I'm glad that in two thousand we'll see next year. Yeah i hope we take. They'll be next unions interesting. I mean deflate rashida delayed. There's only like one percent of liking hayley stevens like fifteen percent of the electorate is jewish area like one percent of the electorate may be any leads. Three percent of the electorate is jewish. And so it's gonna be re district in bardon interesting brandon. Detroit's jews are not. I don't know if the same thing is happening in your area and also. I think because my area boston you know. I think that that safe to say that in my area of boston just like greater detroit majority of jews remain pro israel even if the liberal doesn't matter liberal conservative pro israel s johnson hayley stevens presley's congresswoman anyways presley is my congresswoman. But she doesn't she represent. i mean. i live in the city of boston. I don't live in the jewish neighborhood but percent of the electorate you're so you're saying presley is not the congresswoman of the district that includes the majority of jews area where you move not having armed with the majority of jews that's right. She's an if she was in the area that included jury you probably would not be elected with positions that the redistricting makes a big deal in this area. And that's why compared to that. I don't know if you're going through redistricting there in if they realized into overlap presley's area with the major jewish community the jewish. But in the air you live. The jewish community probably has close to know power within the democratic primary process to get rid of her just like here in michigan that the jewish community has basically no power to defeat laban election. That's right same dynamic. You're absolutely right. And i mean just again. It sounds to me. Like just to reiterate here. The jewish community boston just like the jewish new detroit which is liberal is predominantly and i would even suggest largely overwhelmingly pro israel and that sounds like hayley stevens. Who's not jewish is is pro israel and away way yeah and is supported by the jewish community among others and she's probably liberal to which is fine but the point is that this guy this guy Eleven is not in the mainstream of judaism. He is citing with anti jewish and anti israel. Click because they aren't disparate proper. My mother was partners of the same law firm. She's retired but when count retired he became a partner at his uncle. Eleven levin is about as meaning. It won't be as as you could get. They was good. Americans disguise his son now. All the sudden isn't in the main. I guess not mean he's from the dine movement where saying like he was what was made obviously went bad at some point because thinks mushrooming he. It was the if you find a way out our vay. It's just a natural trend of people like him that the that the epic spoiled silver spoon in his mouth. Rich when you're putting on it is necessary that they were like like like aoc and other people who it is a classic profile. He grew cuddling. You probably didn't even now most of his friends that he was jewish. He profusely somewhat integrated african american friends. Things like the union. The jewish shoes were more about supporting the and multicultural. aggression like. don't think most Eleven he still following like the uae integration. It's only it's only israel that And i also don't think the most african americans generally following policy the. I think that most african americans are anti israel. I don't think office basically off the ua that any enrich his union avenue backing. I am african american. I wonder if his anti israel thing is probably not because he thinks it's i think the anti israel acts appropriate real israel people who wanna cut aid to israel. That's aunt supportive. He's just too fancy. People like do have mean you're in mich- ordering pedal morning in young get some palestinian kid. I stood up for the palestinian kit against. Doesn't make me anti israel yet on this merrill with you because that's what you're saying you're insist on that. He's anti israel for against people like you attacking them. Yes no every say like i wanna go. I don't like the way you're talking about. Ilhan omar doesn't make me to israel not liking the way that you talk and you know what i don't wanna go back in this merry garard. We've got over it. I will do it briefly. Going to change the subject okay. My opposition to rely on omar is not because of ethnic backward and he thinks it is. It's a damn lie it's a it's a blood libel and it's vicious. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with her public policies. Which are anti israel and that if he thinks criticizing omar's because of their ethnic background he's he's demented is nothing to do with that. That's an attack on jews. It has to do with her. Anti jewish and anti israel attitudes period nothing to do with her background and most certainly most african americans. I wouldn't even think of pretty. Good percentage of arabs are not anti israel and i don't think that's why he is side for i don't think he's signing israel anti israel and not anti israelis pros for de facto anti israel. If he's citing them no is saying that he and say he just standing up for not standing up for her opinions on israeli state airbag attack because of her policies which are anti israel was even. If you're right about what she thinks about israel he's saying yes as a jew i will stand up for her against you because she has a right to be anti israel. Even if i'm look i'm gonna defender. She has a right to the anti israel. Look at adolf. Hitler was elected in. Her district has a right to serve because he's elected. That doesn't mean. I'm going to support them. And he is when he the agree before aggressive policies besides for her positions on israel to power the unions he came to power on aggressive of platform. That has anything about her present controversy in congress about his statements about israel and comparing israel to the taliban has he criticized that has he come out publicly and talk about the said. The defender of buzzy did he criticizes that no. He's right ending his anti israel. That's pro israel white you said because he's refusing to attack in he he's anti israel i don't i don't know i walked down the street and i see someone eating up palestinian anti israeli activist. God forbid and stop the person from beating up the palestinians that make me anti-israel no but if that's things that what he's doing with a few but by supporting his her public policy does he's not immune to personally if she's i don't wanna hear her head damage to me is i would defend her. As a person of a her husband is right mean very little financial policy because ninety percent of issues. he's in the same progress of camping. He like they're both basically union back. Canada that this one issue he rbis as a low spas. Unions are way more important than than by the pro union people who are pro israel also most of the unions pro israel i would ask the unions. Position is unless it just demand that he turned against o. Marcus her position on doesn't mean that he agrees. Before bishop position on israel he should come out and vigorously condemn. We should do that as an anti-semite messy urging anti-semite if you don't condemning anti-semites them sorry. He is lying. Who talks with immortal. Jar and richard sir says the man who talks with richard spent vigorously you saying that he actively supports her and he has endorsed her supports her as a person in gaza polack. He has as a person who has progressive agenda. Adding visita has supported her as a politician bad ninety percent of their agendas progressives the same but he has to come out with that ten percent and condemn it or does he have to. He doesn't have you calling upon him l. under saying he's a bad june as he does there or he's anti israel unless he does i s i am and if he has any conscience he would do that because she is she and her not just for but her crowd her squad as they call it our anti israel and they are wielding considerable influence in the democratic party. And yeah he could come up. You can agree with our wishes. But you know i mean the fact that this is a big. But she's gonna say this guy charles's attacking me to work together on the unions and police reform. If you don't defend me against charles. I don't know what you mean by that but i just if illinois o'mara says the same logic that you're saying is like these guys. Are you choosing me of being anti semi. You know me you know me. I'm not anti need you to defend me. So that's what. Andy levin doing great together on various amounts of issue is she needs jews to come out in supporter in so andy levin step forward i will stand up for and he should have done it in the context that he does not agree with and condemns her israel policies. And he didn't do that diddy. no i'm not. i'm not as daddy. I'm not defending him. I i if there's going to support a candidate for office and they take a position that you disagree with. You have to put that out there and make that known that you don't support that particular thing you don't just goosestep along and say oh. I support this person. And you don't lie and say that anyone who disagrees with me has something legalize sent so that he's saying the houses the liar. She is not that that's what he's saying he's saying he knows the woman and jews non anti-semites patients by saying that he's bending or because he thinks people have really he thinks he's an anti semite. He is from front of the most famous jewish families. In all of america be standing up and saying she's not an anti semite and you also said that she feels that she's being attacked because of her ethnic background by jews which is a terrible whereas lama fled. That people are demanding that she clarify is essentially islamic finishing. That's eleven like you demanding. The stuff is basically black and muslim. And that's what. I think that's aggressive. But that's what. Andy levin and he said that he is connecticut blood libel against hugging her. Because she's muslim that's and that's why he's standing up. Defenders is an anti semite. He knows her as divisive. And it's vicious lie and she has made her position quite clearly known about israel and even so even to a degree about jews. I may add and he has you know the fact that he's he's doing disagrees with us. The point of what he's saying he's a jew from one of the most prominent jewish families in all his razi standing up and saying traumas wrong. This year's list is raising the legacy of his own family by not publicly saint. That's up to what father who think still his uncle who still live. His father passed away his ankle. Say i don't know if he's comment on it. But i wonder i'd like it'd be interesting of carl levin agrees with you. I've just grassing the legacy of his own family. I've got you he. He doesn't think of what you bet. You don't speak on behalf of your ladies. You're right to say he's disgracing or his family's right to stay. If carole evans alive is that his right to say whether his nephew msa to hold it against him if he doesn't have family here so maybe he doesn't want to fine. But i am not related to these people that i can make our opinion on. I'm really he is not condemning. An agenda that seeks to destroy the state of israel. It speaks for itself. She says that doesn't mean that she's personally and semite. Even though i think she is but either way her actions her advocacy is de facto anti israel and as such. I would argue antisemitic and the fact that he wants to. He doesn't wanna come come on condemned that and then he phrases it that we have something against her because of her ethnic background. Not only is he a coward for not coming out and criticizing her publicly for that. Assuming he's also not anti israel which i don't but to add that smear on top of it is really a disgrace and it's vicious. Let's talk about something stirred. What else he covid mate. Kingso a big issue michigan. We had the lowest case count in over year. Only one hundred fifty cases restrictions are about to be a completely removed there might be you'll flare ups or Variants in the usa. It's going to be interesting what happens. What has happening on the street out there. I mean people. Taken off the mass. There's lots of people going to restaurants again what's going on. Yes so restaurants reopen. I think you could even go endorse now. The local synagogues now have went back. I'm not sure if they get rid of social distancing but the but you can now go into almost all of the local or modern orthodox snake eggs without a mask in without. I think even without social distancing requirements as per the out on the street people doing it i mean. Are people going into the restaurants now without the mass of a walking. How many mass. These seen i was with president trump and i was disappointed in president trump when he did found through. The i was hoping social distancing would last after nineteen. But you so you. I'm asking what you found around us here. That's a lot of stores that sell have policies. That mask required that now. The government does not require stores to have a mask requirement policies but generally the majority of stores do still have a mask requirements and people. Maybe you're on the street. Maybe like twenty. Five percent of people are still wearing. Masks and social distancing is at some level effective But less than like as. I would mind if i think. Social distancing is generally a good thing like people deserve our private germs. Like i remember yeah. People always used to cough all over me and and that's a good thing. I'm i've never been comfortable like with tight. Crowds and and i don't think we need go back to handshakes to me. There's some benefit to protecting your yourself from from all sorts of germs. However i think that in my neck of the woods which is boston the It's kind of a mixed thing. I see people without the mask in store. I see clerks in the store without the mass at seen people in the restaurants without the mask. But i've also seen people still walking around with double masks outside long. I think it has a lot to do with the individuals comfort level Store policy mincing no longer north enforcing doesn't amass date but some stores duke. Still the policy stores do most would say it's optional and they've they suggest that if you're vaccinated wear it of course they can't ask. That been shouldn't ask that because that's a personal. But most most businesses in massachusetts have made it optional. I haven't seen anyone. That's still absolutely mandates. It i think that for good reason thing like hospitals and nursing homes mandated insurance but most regular businesses that are open to the public on. Not at this point. And i would say that the common down the masks that is and i see less it as time goes on in his people feel more competent My own personal doctor at mass general hospital who tends to think like i think has said that. She thinks that there's going to be a group of people including patients who are never going to take off the mask and who's going to fully emerge into society always going to be for the rest of their lives gonna be in a state of semi isolation and i think that unless you have a a serious preexisting condition Oil you're you're over eighty then. It seems to me that that is not is more. That's more psychological and maybe political than it is scientific. That's my pin. People should probably foll- local case. Count numbers if you have more even if you're fully vaccinated in the case count. An infection rate is quite low. You're a still keep social distance of the case to count starts going up. She will probably go back to mask and we got ten minutes. We should to the g seven in putin biden. And i would say that putin probably won on almost all accounts even though the. Us media is tied to that somehow portray it likley biden. Having the upper hand is biden. Obviously i mean look. I'm i don't want us to get in trouble with the answer but to me. It's obvious that he is dealing with a an increasing level of dementia. He is a dementia. Is i can speak to this. My father had dementia. It is a progressive disease. It doesn't get better. It gets worse and worse and he just seemed to be in intermediate stages of it at this point in his life. I think everyone knew that. In a way as president trump was on fox news yesterday hannity. It's not aging. Like there is a sizable you know. Ten twenty percent of elderly people who get dementia like dementia comes with age minority feral apl. Who are elderly. They get the dementia and there are many. Although who don't in fact. I think most of them but i think he does and You know i suppose. Sort of like tally bennett. To bring things back to israel. He's not popular. Most people don't think he is fit to be prime minister but they put him in there because they want to defeat. Netanyahu need i say more anyway jovan. I want kind of wrap it up. Because i want to make sure that the show will download properly to rumble and gab. And mines and bitch shoot and all of these other people to carry the show now but they tend to get finicky. If i go onto it doesn't it doesn't download so won't share your thoughts you up to in terms of broadcasting these days when you have coming up. I'm interviewing actually later this afternoon. A local senior hurry christian disciple who Actually ran for congress like he tried to run even against jerry peters petersburg for senate he wasn't Successful and interesting character is a professor of writing but but he's been You know he became a r krishnan decades ago and he is the one who convinced me to become a vegetarian. When i went to the local is kong temple. He was one of the first people. I spoke to and we had tens of hours of conversations mostly about the ethics of a meeting. So i'm going to be talking to and we're i included him. I was part of the local interfaith organization with actually a female. Rabbi in detroit in. I ended up being able to include him in it and then he became pretty prominent in interfaith and he's in lansing You're the capital of michigan. And he started his own interfaith network. There's an interview him on my channel in an hour at three about the interfaith end cow protection as he advocates for not forcing everybody to be a vegetarian but just generally The at your the ethics our. But my behind the of vegetarianism or or why and honestly when i Became vegetarian really convinced. Me that It's probably not such a good idea to kill the cow. Oughta rabbis agree with me. And saying that i agree that judaism has specific protections uniquely for the cow because the cow rise a benevolent men. Will that gives. Its milk to us and i have nothing in return. So you'll kosher says you just can't eat milk and meat together out of some respect for the cow but the current state of mass slaughter and we know in europe Most jews rarely had beef or or meet tillerson at most. The toddler talks about late. Most have just having meat on that today. Then as opposed the current your average porno sin if beef two or three times you could be homeless and poor instill beef two or three times a day in god largely in agreement about being against industrial slaughter. I am so sorry. I caught and i'm having on a catholic. Priest is just read the book about his own experiences with excesses them and the existence of demons in the world and their possession of people and how seen nece can hebrew and the sages phenomenon is hollywood exist. And i have to say that i personally never really thought much about this until maybe recent years when i started to think i'm having some things going on i'll be getting into that with with the priest whereas okay are you going crazy or is it is around and if you are careful in fact i've been plugging your book. Sometimes in conversations related to topix about the nature of hatred or the nature of evil in new zealanders debate on the nature of evil and to debate on the nature of hatred and in late and we discussed that with your book is at this added element that causes it in say like. Is it that we don't fight the eight sahara. We don't fight the evil inclination in the spirits that are always there therefore enter it in. You know certain it that new said that people are naturally good and it's not that people do bad things as the people don't protect ourself against these spirits entering his everett's interest in your book. It was just a pamphlet and was able to get into these metaphysical type. That will definitely be looking forward to that. And i don't mention your book even times over the last few shared that my and horton topic to understand like what causes. Not just other people that you disagree with To do bad things will cause me myself to do bad things and act in a different way. And if you're saying well maybe it's fierce. Maybe be well. That's the question and starting to actually have some. You know things that make me. Think it is and i'll get into that my interview by the way. Thank you for mentioning my book traditionally. So that's what. But that's maybe what jews believed even metaphysically or is the sahara you or is the sahara horror element that causes you to do bad things now as you obviously body and limbs do bad things. It's us the did it but was the cause of it me or was the caused the combinator lament the world deals with this question always has and it. It doesn't absolve the individual of allowing something an evil influence. Not only to take take over them but then manifest itself in them that is part of a will. So it's not like. I'm saying you're free unclear because this isn't your trumping able and it's something outside if the rabbi says one hundred percent of his evil evil spirits that enter the person who still is legally a he has the moral. And that's not no might be less like the intent to sarah's new crime without ten thousands more punishment than someone who did a without under the individual is responsible because it's the individual who allows that he will spirit of the degree it happens. What about the case. In france like yo save with that Mainland jewish community pick concerned that that guy who smoke marijuana or said spirits that the french court let him off for forbid killing the elderly jewish woman. And i was wrong because you're responsible his crime and he left at spirit in however it happened anyway. So we'll talk next week and as always wanna thank you joining great things. All right take care.

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