3/10/21: California makes it easier for anyone to get COVID-19 vaccine by volunteering and more news


This is the l. a. times it's wednesday march tenth. Here's today's news brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state farm is there. Today will be mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a high of fifty eight tonight. More rain is expected with partly cloudy skies and a low of forty six. Our top story california is making it easier for people to get the covid nineteen vaccine by volunteering at vaccine clinics. The state launched a volunteer page on. It's my turn vaccinations scheduling system. Last week to streamline the process for medical providers and the general public to volunteer counties across the state have already made the volunteering option available. But the move by the state is expected to make the process more accessible to people who would otherwise not be eligible for the vaccine. Those who are interested in volunteering can do so by going to my turn. Volunteer dot ca dot gov in other virus news los angeles and orange county's might be able to enter a more lenient tier of california's cove nineteen safety restrictions soon paving the way for disneyland and other southern california theme parks to reopen disneyland universal studios knott's berry farm and six flags magic mountain have been closed for almost a year. The state updated its reopening rules last week and under the new rules theme parks in red tier counties are allowed to reopen as early as april first for parks and counties in the red tier to pass it he will be limited to fifteen percent. The cap rises to twenty five percent. Once a county progresses to orange and thirty five percent upon reaching the most lenient tear yellow in entertainment news. Leadership at the hollywood. Foreign press association has announced that it will retain a strategic diversity adviser. The organization is behind the annual golden globe awards which recently came under fire for a lack of diversity. The hp revealed has to shaun harper a usc professor of racial gender and lgbt issues to work with the organization for five years. The group has also brought in an outside law firm to help eliminate any exclusionary practices audit membership requirements and review its policies. The announcement was made after last month's l. times investigation highlighted the lack of black members in the group which sparked a social media protest in weather news. A winter storm that doused the bay area. Yesterday is moving into southern california. It's expected to bring rain and the potential for hail to the l. a. area and snow to the mountains. According to the national weather service between six and twelve inches of snow are expected. Snow levels will drop this morning creating potential problems on upper elevation roadways. The cold front is also expected to dump one half to one inch of rain across la county. A half inch more could fall on the foothills. There's a good chance of thunder and lightning as well and finally boston celtics star. Paul pierce showtime lakers star michael cooper and eleven time. Nba all star. Chris bosh lead a list of fourteen finalists for the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame. Class of twenty twenty one. The class of twenty twenty one will be announced on may sixteenth. The enshrinement ceremony is scheduled for in springfield. The exact date has not been released. The class of twenty twenty ceremony headlined by the late lakers star. Kobe bryant was postponed because of the covid. Nineteen pandemic and has been rescheduled for may fourteenth through may sixteenth in oakville connecticut for these stories and more visit times dot. Com news moves fast from stocks to sports and weather reports anything could be in the day's headlines but a scoop even more surprising state farm has surprisingly great rates on car insurance. They offer the coverage. You need at a wallet. Friendly price now. That's newsworthy mike. A good neighbor state farm is there.

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