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The these are the daily Tech Headlines for Thursday march twenty. Sixth Twenty twenty. I'm Richard Avellino. Nikkei Asian review reports that according to sources apple may delay the release of Twenty Twenty. Iphones DO significantly lower consumer appetite for phone upgrades previous reporting indicated that the next generation iphone could be delayed to to supply constraints as Foxconn and other Chinese factories slowly ramp back to full production capacity after reportedly will decide inmate if it were released phones this fall. Amd announced that it was contacted in December two thousand nineteen by someone claiming to have source code and test files related to a subset of our current and future graphics products repositories of the files were hosted on get hub and according to torrent freak include details on. Amdi snappy ten Navy twenty-one an xbox series x GPU's amdi alleges that the leaked Ip was stolen and send takedown notices to get up but claimed the IP is not core to the competitiveness or security of our graphics products. Amazon notified sellers. It temporarily paused repayments on its Amazon lending program until April thirtieth and that balances would not accrue interest through that time. Amazon lending offers merchants between one thousand seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for capital investments with term ranging from three to twelve months and rates at six percent to nineteen point nine percent. The State of New York has started a cove in nineteen technology SWAT team. It's looking for people with experience in product management software development engineering hardware deployment and end user support data science operations management design and other similar areas. The government of Singapore is making its trace together APPS source code freely available to developers around the world to use and modify trace together can identify people who have been within two meters of Kobe. Nineteen infected patients using Bluetooth. Google published instructions for local businesses to update their search and maps profiles to list them as temporarily closed. The option is available to Google my business users under the close this business on Google option along with options to permanently closed and removed the listing. Google previously said. It's reaching out to businesses to confirm an update operating hours a group of thirty three attorneys general for. Us states and territories sent a letter to Amazon Ebay facebook Walmer an craigslist urging the platform to take proactive measures to prevent price gouging on Kovic nineteen related items. The letter acknowledged that some steps have been taken by the companies to prevent price gouging with examples like Amazon and Ebay now blocking new listings for hand sanitizer and facemask letter calls on companies to have strong policies in place to deter the practice create automatic triggers to prevent price gouging. Even when it's not an emergency and to have easy ways for users to report listings India's largest streaming service AMEX player expanded to seven new countries including the US Canada and the UK. The service is free to watch with ADS and offers over twenty thousand hours of content from India focus studios such as Sonar Hoyt Joey Chamorro and Hung Gama as well as inking deals with local studios in the new markets. The APP has over one hundred. Seventy FIVE MILLION MONTHLY USERS IN INDIA QUALCOMM announce to systems on a chip the QC. Five one four x and the three or four X. These are Ultra Low Power Bluetooth. Chips designed for entry. Level and mid tier wireless ear buds both offer up to thirteen hours of playback. On a sixty five million hour battery offer active and hybrid noise cancellation and support qualcomm. True wireless mirroring switch between Mono and Stereo audio both support access to voice assistance with the QC. Five one four x offering hands free access with awake word qualcomm expects the SOC's will be in products released in the second half of twenty twenty and finally folding at home project announced its cumulative compute capacity now exceeds one point five x flops employing four point six three million CPU as well as nearly four hundred thirty thousand. Gpu's early this week folding at home reported it received four hundred thousand new contributors in the last two weeks. Remember from our discussion of the news of the day. Subscribe to tech new show at daily tech new show DOT COM and remember to rate and review daily tech headlines. Wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time and for all of us here. At tech headlines Remember have ACE super sparkly day.

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