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So God's here. It's a new season at sport clips haircuts. All of our stylists are clean, certified Guy Smart, so come in, get yourself back in the game and ask for your free upgrade to our legendary MVP experience. It's a man -cation with our hot steam towel, relaxing shampoo and a winning cut, check it online and walk out with confidence sport clips. It's good to be a guy with haircut purchase. Ask Your styles for free upgrade and August second two thousand twenty terms at sportclips dot com slash. Thank you, Stu Gods, his weekend observations, coming up in two minutes also Greg Cody back in my day in the corner. All guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell pennzoil performance line soccer's back on ESPN plus Syria Fa. Cup Mls more plus get original series exclusive studious shows, and the complete thirty for thirty library stream soccer from the Best Leagues and tournaments around the world all in hd all on your favorite devices, the beautiful game lives on ESPN plus sign up today at ESPN plus dot, com, or in the ESPN at here's your sportscenter. SPORTSCENTER update rockets guard. Russell Westbrook has joined the team in Orlando for the NBA Restart Dr. Anthony Fauci will throw out the ceremonial first pitch Thursday night before the reigning world series, champion nationals home open air, versus the Yankees and finally police in Italy said they searched a package addressed to a fictional mafia bosses discovered it contained four and a half ounces of cocaine hidden inside hollowed out. coffey feeds the word area, D. Financier. Financial Police said customs officers checked the contents of the package after they noticed it was addressed to. Santino di, Antonio, a fictional organized crime boss from the movie John Wick Chapter Two. Today on ESPN daily Simone Biles is the most decorated American gymnast ever Nasio also an advocate for reform within her sport. ESPN's Elissa Roenick shares reporting from thirty for thirty s heavy metals on ESPN daily subscribe wherever you get your podcast for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. We are all in different locations. The pandemic has separated us. This is the rare day when Mike Stugatz and I are in studio. Everyone else's on remote and one of my favorite things. Maybe the only thing I like about Tuesday's is seeing how long Greg Cody continues to talk on the zoom after he has missed the hard network out that last time was about thirty seconds, but he's. He's gone on for two minutes. And if you saw our faces, you would see us pretend to listen. Even though the segment has been over for two minutes and wearing commercial, the record is about two minutes correct so far during the pandemic, keep pushing them along because I walked great to a not know that he was chopped off by the hard network out and of genuinely interested where he's going you nod and smile, and he misses it every time during the pandemic I. Don't think he's successfully completed one number two greg cody, the second best reason to visit a cemetery on vacation is fresh graves. Yeah I love seeing fresh. UPTURNED? In decades old centuries-old cemetery indications that someone new is buried there because you have to wonder why. Why did his loved ones put them here. Who was this person? Did he listen to the great cody show podcast? You know things like that. Go through your mind, number one greg cody. Mementos. This is big. This is huge. Any cemetery Aficionado knows what I'm talking about. You look for a little in you. See coins left on headstones candles. And one thing I saw I was in a cemetery northern. Maine as far north as you can get the United States without being in Canada in I'm visiting touring this graveyard and all of a sudden mysteriously. There's a stack of old paperback novels next to this grave in have been there so long. They're moldy. They're sodden in in. You wonder you know I didn't even dare touch them because they're like artifacts, their precious things, but these are the kind of things you see when touring a beautiful cemetery. thank you Greg Cody. I'm glad we stretch that out across the three segments. We probably should have done more on you shampooing your hair in the pool. I'm curious since Dad, you are our cemetery expert I have a question on the etiquette. What do we feel about? People jogging in cemeteries now to me. There's something about somebody trying to prolong their life in a setting of people that have no longer are no longer with us. Oh, how do you feel about that? Do we judge these? Put It on the poll Guillermo? Is it disrespectful to jog through a cemetery? Yes, we do judge these people and badly poorly. In fact I did a back of my day called Cemetery joggers about that very thing you don't look people. This is not your your exercise place you don't. Are you going to put a treadmill next to somebody's grave and start working out? Come on, get out of the cemetery. You're touring it respectfully like me or visiting a loved one I was just GonNa say, but you're not exercising, and you're not visiting anyone you're just. Walking around it's what's the difference when you doing it at a jogger because I'm paying in charge to the deceased people. I don't even know. I'm giving them the ultimate respect. I'm wandering slowly solemnly through the cemetery nodding. It graves, appreciating lives pretending pretending pretending. Pretending that you belong there because you don't want to be not affiliated with anyone there, because if you're not affiliate, do you pretend when others come by to not be a creepy person who's just wandering around the cemetery filled with dead people. He doesn't know no, because there are plenty like me, you'd be surprised I represent a whole underbelly of people who go to cemeteries, simply because we're fascinated by them. There's probably a name for a cemetery ins or something like that i. don't know what crazy. Plus you one of his. And you want visit your future neighbors. Exactly I know my wife will tell you when we go on vacation I. Seek Out Cemeteries and we'll be drunk. This has happened in the past. Driving on a highway in a city would never been in all of a sudden I see one of these little tiny cemeteries with like a dozen fifteen plots in it. I practically screech to a halt and whip a u-turn and all of a sudden. I'm my wife stays in the car. She wants nothing to do. Almost sudden I'm wandering this little out of nowhere cemetery because I'm just fascinated by Dan each one visits. He is potentially visiting and scoping out his new neighborhood. His neighbors having. Having a feel for the neighborhood, wait a minute. Am I A little crowded here? Not have enough space because I got this. Guy Nicholas! Cage over here his pyramid to close to where I'm seeing how the schools are around the area. I mean that's. Out. Exactly can I I get a spot under that beautiful Fayka Street with the beautiful canopy. Unfortunately we do not have time anymore for weekend observations in this segment because of Greg, cody's UH meanderings, and it's the whole thing sounds weird, voyeuristic creepy Haunting and I can't believe that on top of everything else you'd think. Being a caretaker at a cemetery is a great job like I mean buried and everything else we were talking about. That seems like an awful lonely job, and if you're someone who believes that you do not know what you do not know, you don't know what the Hell's spiritually energetically is making its way through that cemetery although I'm guessing, being a caretaker pays very well and if it. It, doesn't it? Showed I mean who wants that job, right? I'm guessing it would pay a lot of I. Don't think no. I don't think pays a lot of money because you could get a lot of different people to do what who need money that's how do you figure that a caretaker cemetery would be paid a great I'm digging. It pays a lot of money Dan. I don't think you're I think you're underestimating the average salary of a caretaker. Seven million dollars a year. Like what are you doing? What are you doing specific I'm thinking that a caretaker somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy, five, thousand, two, hundred, twenty, five, thousand per year. Yes all of that the? And worth every penny of it. 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It is time for the weekend observations where you will find some straight talk. Let's do it. It is time for Stugotz to share his game notes. no-one in the media will tell you what happened. Better than my voice to weekend, observations brought to you by advance. Parts get a free battery test and free installation with any automotive battery purchase only at advance auto parts advance your auto at advance auto parts. Don't look now. But, in four days, it's Yankees. Nationals giants dodgers Dan. Baseball! Is. Back. Serious question. Should James hearted really have to wear a mask. or Just a math piece. The NBA is building a barbershop. Inside the bubble for players, which upsets? Lebron James since according to him, he owns the rights to all barbershops. Even with no fans attending baseball games am I the only one who still thinks the marlins. We'll finish last in attendance this season. Did you get wrong? The date that baseball returns by two days did you get it wrong by two days four days, it starts. It starts the day after tomorrow. Let's see. What Four. Tuesday Saturday. Wednesday and then it starts. So four days. Right. look I know that you play the character of the dumb guy, but that was so poorly done right there so poorly done putting Saturday before. Wednesday as if you didn't know it. It's after Thursday I'm sorry. Dr Anthony. Xiaojie will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on Thursday in Washington. To kick off the baseball season. As Good for him well deserved now get-back-to-work. For All you gamblers out there who love a good underdog bet. Vouching out wearing a mask is plus one million. He's big little bug. Wear math yesterday. We'll fly row G.. That's good value though it is good about. Maybe you get lucky. You get lucky that he just decided to take it off at the foul line, and then come back and get it. Trevor Lawrence got engaged over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend. He's twenty years old. Hashtag young and dub. Although in the picture, trevor posted of him, proposing he is kneeling down, but his knee is in fully touching the ground. I think he may be trying to tell us. Something Dan batteries running one hell of a trick play. Laffy Taffy. I like you, but you are too hard to open. There's is no candy. I like enough that I am going to work that hard. Just open it on the poll. Guillermo is Laffy Taffy too hard to open same with now or laters just not worth it. scrape around the wrapper off I'm not GonNa do it. When did Mark Cuban decide? He wasn't going to shut up, but it on the poll Guillermo is to God's even Lazy About Candy. They're gonNA put on the poll marking. Up. More here's an idea. Worry about your own seat. Clean out your closet. Why is Mark Cuban leaning as closet? Dad Someone for. People I community. Don't wear masks and let me see you I dare you. Parents in Florida some advice. Here's what I tell. My kids the man on your television screen. He's not your governor. Who is May? I suggest you do the same. OP, telling you being the president, it's shark NATO to really got to mark Cuban's had. I didn't know there was an award called the balloon door. Handed out by the French, to who they think is the best football player of the past year. I had no idea. France took the NFL that seriously. AAC CLEMSON quarterback changed his mind and decided to go to Ohio state. Dan You know what that is. It's the rare time with the rich. Get Poor and the rich get richer. How about that and I ask you a question real? Quick going back just a couple of observation which one yesterday candy that is hard to open. That isn't Laffy Taffy. What do you think the name of that is now later? Okay or I shouldn't have gone back there. Feel like you said something different. Last time you said now or later I know that because I wrote it for him I. I'm shocked to find out that this is now in laters and not our laters. Put It on the poll that you know that. It's now am later I. Don't think it's plural. Learning so much right now I always call those now or later I always ate like fifty percent of the wax paper to I never eat them. I can't get the wrapper off so hard to chew, not worth it. Lebron's rookie card sold for one point. Eight million dollars imagine what it would have sold for if he wasn't three and six in the NBA finals. A headline. Jack Nicklaus this bumps. Jon Rahm instead of the traditional handshake. The Golden Bear. The Toronto Blue Jays are looking for a professional ballpark to play in. In the United States. Marlins, pork is one of the options seems perfect a professional park without a professional team. The buffalo blue. jays would outdraw the Florida marlins. Tiger remember Miami, Marlin. Thank you I on the prize. This is all a slow prowl on the road to Augusta. Dwight Howard. Can you spend any portion of your career? Not acting like a jackass. Thank you. Whatever happened the wearing gloves? Age tradition unlike any other. July. Twenty third opening day. Nothing says spring like ninety six degrees in Miami one, hundred, eight with the humidity Ed ten thousand positive covert cases per day. I thought this thing was going to disappear when it got warm. And you get covert. If the person you're standing next, do outside suddenly burst into flames. Did you say it's spring. Yeah. We in the middle of summer. I've lost track atop. Don't look Dow. But it took a world pandemic. Saturday game before Wednesday that have one of its own players praying to God that. He would be alive. The next morning for Major League Baseball to stumble into a way of making all their games feel meaningful CBS SPORTS DOT com. Monday afternoon four fifty. PM. Eastern Third Headline Phil Mickelson takes a pot from seventy nine yards out Hashtag Kovic ninety. Lefty. The jets one allows spectators at home games this year. Jet Fans I promise you watching them. Lose from home is a much better experience than watching them. Do It in person. report. I was Kirk for rents was aware of mission threatening. Wall Been Ferret Ferret. You've been ripping him for many decades. Cook for. For odds was aware of mistreatment in two thousand eighteen up, Sartre. Did anyone think he wasn't aware? Jet Feds I'm telling you you'll never want to go back looks like buster. Olney is going to be a little bit off on his prediction of the baseball season. Having a one percent chance of starting many the top college football coaches have taken a pay cut during the coronavirus pandemic remarkably every time one of them does Nick Sabin gets a raise. Don Mattingly deserve some consideration for an manager of the year for having the Marlins at a tie for first place, in the NFL East on July twenty third. Three hundred ninety four tests zero positives. The NBA bubble seems like the place to be at. Trust me when I tell you because I was recently there. Those three hundred eighty four negative tests are the only three hundred eighty four people in that area that don't have the virus. Considering the amount of cases at Dade County as compared to Broward County. Should it Dan becoming the my house to do the show? Hell is going up speaking speaking out our prowse. Greg Cody back in my day next. For businesses around the world today isn't a restart. It's a rethink. That's why they're partnering with IBM to Change. How they were from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit IBKR DOT com slash smart to learn more. Before we get to Greg Cody's back in my day, the audience is pointing this out. Greg you as an aside, and this makes me crazy when you and stu gods do it as an aside. You felt the need to add that. Maine is one of the northern pole northernmost points in the United States. It was useless information, but as an added bonus, it was also wholly inaccurate. like I. Could I've gotten a list here from our listeners who are mad at you? I mean it's their ton of places in Alaska. There's a ton of places in Washington. There's there's a there are places in Minnesota. Thank you for that helpful cough. The Chicago is Chicago is further north than main like. Why did you feel the need to say that? As if we didn't know where Maine was by the way to explain to us, how far north you were! I meant the northeastern United States. Time now for Greg. Cote is back in my day. Long. Now it is time to take a trip down memory lane. Here's your guy. Greg Cody with bagging my day. Dog Treats. You walk down the aisle. Supermarket lately. As anyone. Call them supermarkets lately for that matter. It's a whole new world, folks. We've gone crazy marketing, two dogs or rather to pet owners buying on behalf of their canine. In my dog treat was a biscuit and the shape of a bone life was simple. The MUTT required no more look before I. Dive into this. I need to remind everyone i. live with a dog named Riley. Named after Pat Riley mixed breed rescue animal. We love her part of the family. ETC, and so forth I say this, so members of pita art picketing. My House before I'm done talking here because I'm here to remind you that dogs are simple-minded, a kind way of saying dumb. Dumb they have the intellect of a two year old toddler. They will eat anything you give them. That smells like food to them. When you give them a treat shape like a piece of Bacon, they are not processing that you have just handed them an actual piece of Bacon same when you give them a treat shape like an oreo complete with a cream, filling or an ice cream dog treats, and making those now treat shaped like donuts and meatballs. Small alligators treat ship like hearts. Aw-, he gave me A. Love Me. Who are we fooling here? The dog or the owner? There were yogurt and Berry. Dog Treats Pumpkin Pumpkin and Apple. Their dog treats made a filet mignon. In case you see nothing wrong with fido eating better than half a million homeless people. The filet Mignon dog treats by the way are may have grill marks to further. Impress your month. We've gone nuts for our dotes. There are CBD dog treats containing the active ingredient in cannabis I tried one gave me the munchies for more. Each shaped like a can of waclaw, spite, Seltzer, cold wait Pau, Bark Cherry. A company called North Coast pits cells, ostrich hearts as dog treats, company called homes alive bets sell something calls. Bully sticks five forty nine weekly. Get it! You're GonNa are you gonNA keep doing this. How many of these are you going to do because your son has been shaking his head sadly for about two minutes, people. Are we giving our dogs way too much credit for having a discerning palate? Remember who we're dealing with here. You were living with someone who spends ten minutes around. The fire hydrant transfixed enchanted buddy intoxicating of another dog. Smell and taste of his own vomit. Malicious to your dog. Pretty much the last animal on earth. CAIN UP. Ice Cream treats that look like donuts, francine. penises trying to experiment next time you're at the dinner table. Take a bite of cheeseburger half. Chew it and then drop the massacre. Onto the floor and watch Fido go. That's how particularly your dog is of what enters this bill? Save your money. My friends give your four legged friend biscuits shaped like a dog monitor uncle rawhide inside that filet Mignon on over to me. I'm Greg Cody. was back in my de. Chris. You're shaking your head. Sadly from the moment, his big indra started with wheezing coughing. I don't know what to do about the sheer number of times that Greg Cody inflict sickness upon our audience. Your cough your laugh right now Greg I don't want to make you laugh because when I make you laugh I'm worried about the day. We're going to be listening to your eulogy. Right at home. Because he just I can't explain to the audience I if we're not on television, we haven't been on television many months, so we exist thoughts in your head and Greg Cody. If you hear him, hear him. It's slowly moving disease. Just anytime he laughs anytime. Utah starts to speak. It's worse than it's ever been, is it? Not I mean? There was a period where he couldn't stop coughing, but at this point there is no time that laughter comes without coughing. I think you're right. I mean Greg. Would you say that is progressively getting worse because it feels from here like it is? Is that fair? No, no really isn't I want to allay anyone's concerns I. Feel Great. I'm in good health. I have tested positive for nothing except positively positive person and I love everyone. Coming up next. We introduce you to cruise line billy. That man, he's money. What Billy, Chris says he's fascinated by a different personality. You evidently exhibit on cruise ships free. Free and looking for orgies. Not that free. You so far away from the microphone. quietly. Caesar. Thinks that that cough? That comedic perfect off. He thinks that nobody heard it. He just went turned his back to us as if that was a discreet thing that he just did. For businesses around the world, today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change How they burn from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit IBKR DOT com slash smart to learn more. At lebatardshow on twitter is how you vote on the polls. We were going to go to introduce you to cruise line billy here, but they're testing fire alarms in his building. So this would be a bad time to do that. We segue seamlessly into other things conversation only if you want Dan we can play with fire. No Pun intended to try to do it anyway. You want to try, but it only works. We only get the pay off. If it goes off we can do it, but then the payoff is just annoying the listener who the hell likes the hero fire alarm. GO OFF! You know what turned off his microphone I. Regret asking those follow question. Let me go down this path with Mike Ryan because There are a couple of things I wanted to ask him about one. During the Moskva Doll, fight the last or not the last, but one of the more recent UFC fight now that we're having them every ten minutes. tenant was something that was broadcast a lot a commercial for Christopher Nolan's. Movie that I guess has been delayed a number of times. I was I was kind of weird. I thought. It was strange, so I'm like they keep saying in theaters in August, I'm going to be in theaters in August. So what is the nature of the latest delay with this movie? Because they were obviously targeting by going that, you have see promotion. Males males of a certain age the will absolutely eat up a Christopher Nolan movie. They're targeting everybody. They were supposed to do something special on Fort Night the movie theater industry was banking on tenant, being the tent pole summer box office smash your traditional box offers a box office summer smash, and unfortunately it's been subject to numerous delays and partly to blame. This should have just been postponed indefinitely from the get-go, but the studio keeps saying. Oh, no, we're just GONNA. Push it to this day. We're just GONNA push it. It to this day to the point that we all knew three delays earlier. Just say indefinite, because you're just playing yourself and sure enough. The indefinite postponement finally came down last week, and everyone's looking forward to this movie. Even though no one knows what it's about, I heard the FANA- sound of a fire alarm, billy unneeded his microphone just so that you could drink a little of that. The other thing I wanted to mock. Mike Ryan about stugotz. You've been making fun of my crime for a long time. Here comes soccer. Soccer is the best and Inter Miami has gotten off. He was so excited about the start of all of this in the the star couldn't possibly be any worse, just a total unmitigated disaster of start. What is it five games in an the last record low first expansion team to lose their first five games ever disastrous inaugural season. They were just. Hours away from having the first ever home match even though it's in Fort. Lauderdale and everything about this launch has gone poorly. The team is not really fun to watch no imagination up tops, just one guy trying to do everything and they're super undisciplined to and bad red cards. It doesn't really seem like they're that bad because they're losing every game by one goal, but. But they're not winning anything. They're not getting any poetry. You and Mike Ryan were so excited about this thing, and this is the worst possible way for all of it to start. It's not merely that there in Fort Lauderdale in some sort of swamp out there. That doesn't make them very Miami based at all during a pandemic, but it's also. They're god awful. Everything's been a nightmare so far I will. I will say although I think five one goal losses doesn't quite reach the level of disastrous for me, but I think the expectations set so high based on what other first year teams in the League of done recently such as Atlanta and Inter Miami. Set the expectations high themselves by sort of promising what they haven't delivered, which is star power? You know I think Pizarro is a is a really nice player, but he just doesn't have enough help around him, and and the goalkeeper is is really old and on his left leg. So you know this is a team that needs to to bring in some some real life blood. Because right now it's been a terrible start. A lot of people wanna Ya, but the star power with Pizarro. He's not a star. You gotTA listen to the people that say they have no star power because that's exactly what star power is, and this could actually help some of their other players too early for a coaching change. I mean not ridiculous. I agree that Pizarro is not a star, but I will say that MLS SOCCER DOT com. A preseason ranking of the best players in the League and he was like twelve thirteenth in the entire league, so he's somebody that you add to and build around. How much has your enthusiasm for this? Again I remember the shows. We did you and Mike Ryan telling us wait until soccer takes over this market filled with so many minorities. We always do monster world. Cup Ratings we don't play. Pay Any attention down here. In South Florida to college, basketball ratings have been good on television. So like where are where you're putting a positive spin on this. Greg, cody, who made his bones? God's bones were made by Greg. Cody on the soccer beat covering the Fort Lauderdale strikers of Ray Hudson. old-timey nineteen eighty s awful uniforms. You kept telling us how exciting this was going to be. And we've got the Marlins if what we wanted was losing. I maintain that inner. Miami has a chance to very. CODY ON ESPN radio.

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