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Hello words welcome to this podcast that you somehow stumbled stumbled upon. It is called the dictionary This is not something something I want to admit but I have to tell you. This is the second time I am going to be recording this episode and the next two episodes because the last time I recorded The audio turned out to be very very crappy. I think I had turned up a bit too loud So this is take number two. You will probably never hear that other audio And I'm okay with that. Okay let us do this for the second time I word is our Yeti Loyd nope I think it's more like our rutten a routine annoyed. I should probably remember this from. Was it yesterday that I recorded. These are a rutty no aid no sorry rit annoyed. Oh God I'm just going to move on. It is spelled A. R. Y. T. E. AND OH I d. It is an adjective from circa seventeen fifty one one relating to or being either of two small laryngeal cartilages to which the vocal chords are attached. And I think last time I did this. I said something like my vocal chords can make a sound like this or they can make a sound like this okay number. Two relating to or being either of a pair of small muscles or an unpaid muscle of the larynx. Thanks are written. Annoyed is also a noun Lettuce look at the it is from Greek are retain not dis which is literally literally means ladle shaped and that is from our tena which means ladle now? Oh Oh yes I remember this. We have the first form of the word ads and Yep I'm just GONNA leave it at that because it's going to come back a lot. This is an adverb adverb from before the twelfth century one to the same degree or amount as in as soft as silk also also was in twice as long number two for instance as in various trees as oak or pine and there are going to be a lot of examples coming up number three when considered in a specified form or relation usually used before for a preposition or a participle. As in my opinion as distinguished from his. The says. This is from old English. y'All Soi E. A. L. S. W. A. which means likewise or just as and there is more at the word also now we have these second form of as this is a conjunction from the twelfth century. One we just have the synonym as if excuse. Excuse me that is staying in and Of course I have to give a shout out to Marc Maron. podcast W T.F. The John Goodman episode which aired on Halloween no maybe after Halloween and At the very very very end there is an outtake where he lets out a gigantic Belgium and I loved loved it and that was my own age to Marc Maron. You're welcome so back to the number. One definition of the second form of the word as which is a conjunction from the twelfth century and and it means as if or as a synonym is as if as in looks as he had seen a ghost and that is a quote from S. T. College number two in or to the same degree in which as in soft as silk and that is usually used as a correlated after an adjective or adverb modified by adversarial as or so as in as cool as a cucumber and corporative Korla tive. Something like that reminds me of core line number two in the way or manner that as in do you as I do. Only if it's good if it's bad don't do as I do number. Four in accordance with what or the way in which that is a confusing definition. But here's an example. Quite good as boys go Okay number five we have these synonyms uh-huh wile and when and there's a part of me that wants to say them like the baby and family guy while and win as is in spilled the milk as she got up. Well maybe if she didn't have the glass of milk on her head then it wouldn't have fallen number six regardless of the degree to which synonym is though as in improbable as it seems it's true. Seven for the reason that synonyms are because and since as in stayed home as she had no car eight that the result is as in so clearly guilty as to leave no doubt Then it says usage see the word like we have a phrase as has is and that means in the presently existing condition without modification as in bought the clock at an auction as is and we have another phrase it is as it were and that means as if it were so in a manner of speaking and now we have the third form of the word as this is a pronoun. Yes I I had trouble with that last time. I guess it's a Pronoun From the Twelfth Century Century one we have these synonyms that WHO and which Oh No it says used after the words same or such as in the example in the same building as my brother was in tears such as angels weep and that is a quote from John Milton. And it's as chiefly dialectic after a substantive not modified by the word same or such as in that kind of fruit as maids called maids. Call meddlers. I don't know what meddlers are but that is a quote from Shakespeare number two a fact. Act that that's the entire definition As in is a foreigner as is evident from his accent accent now we have the fourth form of the word as this is a preposition from the thirteenth century. And I just wanted to look over and make sure that we are in fact still recording and the audio level is not too high because that would be bad number four sorry fourth form of as one on a we have the two definition for the word like as in all rose as one man. I don't know what that means one be. We have of the one eight definition also for the word like as in his face was as a mask and that is from Quote from Max Beerbaum B. E. E. R. B. O. H. M. and. I think I made this same joke last time. That sounds like an Irish car bomb Yeah bartender I'd like okay Max Beerbaum please What is in a Max Beerbaum? Drink number two in the capacity character condition or role of as in works as an editor. I work as a video editor as my day. Job and now we have the fifth form of the word as has This is a noun and the plural form is asses or ask A. S. S. E. S.. And no it is not not what you think. This is a noun from fifteen forty one a a bronze coin of the ancient Roman Republic. One be a a unit value equivalent to as coin number two we have the to a definition for the word libra. All right now we have as again but the A is capitalized and we have two forms. The first one is an abbreviation for the word. Alto stratus brought this. And I'm guessing that as cloud a type of cloud but I don't know and now we have the second form of as it is a symbol for the word arsenic. Remember our good friend are Senecal Hall. Yep here we have as again. Both letters are capitalized. This is an abbreviation deviation for one after site to airspeed three American Samoa. Four anglo-saxon five five anti-submarine and six associate in science here we have a prefix a S. And it says just to see go see the prefix a d. Don't mind if I do all right. Where did you? Where are we gonNA end this episode? somewhere around there all right next we have asa feted are asa feted. S. A. F. E. I d. a. could also be spelled A. S. A. F. O. E. T. I. D. A.. This is a noun from the fourteenth century. The dried feted gum resin of the root of several West Asian plants of the carrot family used as a flavoring especially in Indian cooking and formerly a used in medicine especially as an anti spasmodic and in folk medicine as a general prophylactic against disease It says the Etymology says it is for Let's see Middle Latin asa footed on which is from the Persian Azza A. Z.. A. Which means mastic plus the Latin Tada which is the feminine of today's which means feted. There you go next. We have the word Asana. This is a noun. It is spelled S. A. N. A.. It is a noun from circa nineteen eighteen thirty four any of various yoga postures the etymology says this is Sanskrit Asana which means manner of sitting and that is from Asti A. S. T. E. which means he sits and it is akin to the Greek Hess Thi- which means to sit Also the hittite word or prefix. Es and If I remember correctly this may or may not be the word of the episode next. We have Asante Capital A. S. A. N. T.. This is okay now known from seventeen twenty one we have these synonym Ashanti and I think this must have come up in a previous episode long long time ago because I do remember mentioning shanty because I know someone named Shanti which I don't think is a terribly common name But so in a little bit we will get to the actual actual definition of a shanty thing. We'll do two more. Next is a SAP capital asap. They're all caps. This is an abbreviation. Va Shin for as soon as possible. And finally we have a SB. This is an abbreviation for s best dose and and yes. The word of the episode will be Anna. I really really been wanting to get into yoga and do it. I think my body really needs that that stretch Rach And just and the Just I think it's really really

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