2019 Tour de France Stage 18


Who's your patrolling of the day NIHRO? Colombiana is the Columbia Way. Okay we had Nairobi. I knew you were GONNA say that. Welcome back to the move podcast brought to you by patrol Tequila Sheila. I'm Lance Armstrong sitting next to J B Hager who's sitting next to George Hincapie who's all all sappy not sappy but but snappy an energetic and just feisty today. I don't know what the Hell Do. You did this morning. Pride good lifting session got you in the mood actually skipped lifting today because they've got a bunch of house guests staying with us now so they'd make fun of you made up the Palestinians will yes and we have yet again another another very special guest. Perhaps the most special guests so far to read the Road I._D.. Tour attributed contest which is actually good one today good one and we think we know the answer. anyways we are talking about stage eighteen from stage eighteen is to Vanua how come you don't cut it off. It always slow to val Wa. I have a lot of thoughts about not today stage and I and I'm <hes> I'm almost in a depression I it's it's I and I know and we sat in a room with ten people that watched it and found it to be unbelievably unbelievably exciting. I mean I think if you like Mo G._p.. It was exciting and hats off to Julian awfully little little little Mo fo is tough and can descend better than anybody and but I I just. I don't think you should stay in the you know be able to stay in contention slash win the tour down hills. I just and that's what happened. That is exactly what happens. You're disappointed. George was ecstatic. Everybody everybody in the room. Everybody on my phone is blown up for people like that was amazing but I'm just for one guy and I'm not I'm not trying to. I'm just being honest like I'm on my really and I'm also disappointed in these teams like I'm going to save it. I WANNA save it because I'm for is feisty. The is Georgia's. I'm just in a funk. 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A. dot com slash the move should I keep my look like this tonight. uh-huh focused about like this little distracting guess what you see this right here you see that you will not see this Sunday. You know what you're going to see Sunday ready. I see in the a little bit more word on your time better best times the old man on cozy line yesterday and he was kind of like testing me out the whole way up. You know basically a bit nervous <hes> so let's talk about why year so well because I I wanNA. I WANNA spend a lot not a lot but I want to spend more time on on it but I think pink hats off to narking Tana. George is fired up as I am about just how this tour is is unfolding. He's he's even maybe more fired up about King Thomas Team moby starring like what the Hell is going on and we saw the post race interview with with Mika Orlando like he was he sounded like me on N._B._C.. I mean they'd ask him a question. So when you start by condor when they would ask you about condor not much not much good to say there but I mean like an eight second delay he was like did he not hear the question. Well everyone was addressed that everyone watching cantatas going for the win and he's off the front movie star on the front driving it to get Landau imposition well. No I mean CANTATA was worked his way back into podium contention at about eight minute plus gap. That's which is a podium. That's not the podium yeah. He's on and podium clearly on the upswing this last week of the race <hes> I was just in shock Washington this morning. Seeing movies are going to the front on the award <hes> for what they said maybe for Valverde to win the stage or Orlando but come on guy has worked his way back into the podium of the tour De. France has been super successful in other grand tours. Were what is going on like something very strange has happened when you are leaving team and you've made it or it's it's very public that you're leaving. You've signed a three year deal. <hes> your your your jerseys like half movie star half something else like they will be losing a lot of movie star <hes> subscriptions in Colombia after today I would guess because it's a legitimate concern south of they lost. They'RE GONNA lose Cara pass from the neighboring kind. I now know where Ecuador is. I looked at Google it. It's next to Columbia even if he's leaving the team if I'm an executive at company or one of the higher ups in that team I'm I'm calling my directors right now. Going what the hell were. You guys don't I I agree. I could have gotten a double shot. They got him on the podium today and the stage win. I mean I know why they did it. I don't agree with that. Why did it perhaps they were incompetent that he has actually recovered in backed his one hundred percent fitness? I don't know but he he crushed it today. I just seems like they're investing in someone. WHO's sticking around in Orlando right right okay? Well let me know how that doesn't make sense. He's still he's still wearing the jersey. They're still have a job to do. <hes> there should be to be the best possible. It doesn't matter who's who it is as long as you're in Jersey and they're not rookies you. I would think they would have the the experience in the maturity to say look. I know he's leaving but let's let's do something strong for this. I agree with you that he's experienced that were some of his top guys are leaving. I doubt he would have done the same in similar situations how he would never ever I mean. Did you guys ever have somebody that was leaving and you just didn't invest in them in the tour though Yeah Yeah yes silence renamed I mean it's a very real situation. They asked amid the end they were asking Landa. We watched that like as you mentioned. Just that's gotta suck though when Ed Media Ask you about your teammates and rivals. We're all asking the question and then just ask the question. I know I mean. He didn't answer the question he didn't. There's no there's no good answer well. The answer was that they that Landau wants to finish ahead of the median and it's the what is a little unfair is going to land it because he he's not dictating the tactics on the road. I mean they should have found the director and asked him. Somebody's GONNA ask them. I don't think they're those directors. Speak Speak English Orlando does so it was easy for N._B._C.. Ask Him but you know somebody needs to be asking in Espanol Low's directors but they must put us to drag me asking asking if you tell me if this year your bit upset too because of how late Thomas goes on the attack yeah. This is white one K to go. I it's yeah before we get. I ah just so I'm so ver clint over this I I'm I'm in. I'm in a funk but <hes> I want. I want to name my Pachon of the day and I have a feeling a george beam from Columbia who his patrolling of the day is my aunt. My paternal the days Julian South Leap. I agree to get dropped hanging there. Suffer get over the top or cover embalmed down that downhill like like a motorcycle racer only guy in that group this breaks as Mr Huhne. Kathy pointed out you know that was that was a patrol and move well. You can see the differences in the disc brakes made on that descend. I mean he's flying up on these guys on every corner. He's breaking out later so he's choosing which typically disc brakes for about a pound heavier we use all of his competitors had normal rim brakes on there but he chose the pound down heavier slider slider heavy option but much better descending option today made a difference I mean he killed his Jersey. Do you think 'cause the weight <hes> I'm assuming the weight limit on the bikes is still six point eight kilos right. I bet his bike with six point Akilah. They're at they're having these bikes are so light now. They're having to add weight so I will add it with a break. I don't see why you would not today. I mean this guy guys were or sorry sky. The ineos guys are all using light which wheels which are amazing wheel super for stiffer climbs very light but I'm GONNA say they're not the best sending wheels what happens here so stiff that you just in the corners. You're it's really hard to hold your your line when you're especially when you're taking a lot of written in the corners I've had experience where France two thousand nine dollars in the breakaway thought I'd come back easy on the descent because I was a much better defender than a lot of the guys in my breakaway and I just could not hold onto that those I mean I was struggling coming back. Sebastian Lance was helped me over the top to come back to the first guys and <hes> didn't work out well for me so I love the wheels. They're very nice to everybody the best descending wheel. Here's a here's the reality ah I that's all true and stop but they're not great on the sense in the reason. Why is the the braking surface? The whole wheel is carbon right the hub is carbon the spokesman carbon the rim carbon and the breaking services carbon and we're just not the product out there that can the break pat out there that can effectively stop on carbon especially if it rains. I mean we're not talking about rain but I don't agree with you. I think the stiffness in the wheel through the coroner's makes it much harder to handle would add his my personal opinion on disagree anyways. The breaking is bad because of the you try to get away with it with these court brake pads or whatever is out there now in if you can if you're all Philippe and you can wait to the very last moment on a dry road and let in pull the brakes and and and that thing stops like that with this you can't do that with you. Just that's a second to corner easily on a day like today would the where they don't finish at the top with a wheeler bike change be worth it for different different wheels going down. Will you know these guys were definitely not aspirin bar day how that how sexy that by change was there hitting the top of the climate one hundred ninety heart rate and they gotta get as safe and is composed as possible changing vices. Just GonNa make that <hes> who's your the throne of the day narrow going beyond the Columbia way. Okay we had nihro we had a new. We're going to say that and you know the Colombians. They're taking advantage of this high altitude. <hes> I'm super bombed movie star chased him down. I think you would have been on the podium but he's on his upswing a lot of guys around the downswing so I don't think we've seen the last of narrow and again I I got Julian Awfully as as my patrol that was patrolling ride <hes> and yeah you have to acknowledge the <hes> <hes> the way he knows in it was like an F.. One move knows in on the corner is coming under guys. He came past that hey guys I'm still here. I was a massive still the boss of this race yeah that was definitely sending them on the descent well so it it it also drums drums movie star we but we gotta talk about a team any egan burn all attacks gets away gets time leapfrogs <hes> his Co.. Leader Guarantee Thomas US and is now sitting in a minute and a half or so behind well. Somebody made a good quote where Bernal said G._S.. Meted how I was feeling I said I was feeling really good. He asked me to attack and try to move the race. So Bernal did just that. He's feeling very good but then why the question is why did G-go after a couple of K. later <hes> will he say he makes my source said that he was his plan was to jump across while you can't up across five hundred meters. That's GONNA client. I understand what his plan was. Those are are we likely I guess we are because of this code leadership. We might see them in second and third on the podium and Alpha over. I loser loser congratulations. We've been saying anything can happen every day and you know well it's going to be let's get back to my depression on this is a I've got an appointment lined up later with the best. Shrink in town I I'm I. I was like in disbelief watching that I couldn't. I think it's lame. I think it's lame that you go over these ord. You come through Brownstone. You're on the highway. Hello that takes it out the Wiz that road takes you outdoors. You just keep going straight bucket. Don't even go to outdoors. Let's go do zaps well. You gotta go downhill. You're going to go out to us. Okay dot great go down. We go up the backside of the G- Libya these nobody like really you're saying. Let me one big long time Minotaur. I just look the Alpha leap is proved me wrong all along proving everybody wrong so that's I'm I'm. I'm in. I got company but say right now if he gets over tomorrow so just a touch on tomorrow too short days in the in the mountains you know we're not going anywhere conic. We've got no outdoors. We got no volunteer we got nothing right and so if he gets over this second one to the fourth on the the highest is point the tour ninety one hundred feet if he gets over that H C climb he just looking at Paris to stand on the top and he sees the arc-de-triomphe and it seeing the dishes if they don't I just don't in these teams that they have to. They have to make the race. They have to attack this guy and right now. It's a race of seconds their their stronger than him right now on these longer climbs guarantees bernal is we're talking. They're putting twenty thirty seconds on him. They need a minute and a half in order to get the race lead and we're running out of road here. Guys you run out there. Watching this is the the cold is we need to give us the pronunciation but in it's not you know it's twelve or thirteen kilometers seven and a half percent. That's it's an H.. C. Because it's high right seven and a half percent doesn't get you H C right look at the finish the finishes seven percent. That's a category one so that's they're being a little they have if they they don't get rid of him by kilometer eighty nine and I mean really rhythm because his ass is going to be flying downhill you if he's twenty seconds buying he comes back. He wins the tour I just I don't I can't take it the other thing. I can't take his this is Polka Dot Jersey. What's your issue with that? I it doesn't the way that it set up the point structure. I can't remember shit tonight. I'm going to go through the the record books and I can't remember the last time the best climber climber in the Tour Wore the Polka Dot Jersey opportunists guys that go on these breaks all time give that another Jersey okay king of the breakaway make that the Red Jersey. I don't care Roman Bar Day. Who I guess has the Pogo? He's not the he's not even the he's not even in the top twenty when it comes to climate in this tour. I don't know about that okay whatever he is not. The Best of my proposal is especially on these. I you know quote unquote. Iconic days is start taking the time. Let's really figure out who who is the best climber based on time okay so my already days. I'm sorry last thing I'll say and no offense to Dickie Aka recovery <hes> he was never the best climb in the tour he was a climber all those years who you looking at it so it's when it was Jalbert for a few years brain crest medicine in later too okay so two thousand fifteen Chris from one the Hokey Jersey he he was the best climber on that tour twenty thirteen Kintana. I mean you could say he's top guys. I mean Vogler. Hello got we have to change in my argument or get rid of it. This is what makes the tour of France so hard is there is races amongst races going inside of the one race. I mean there's so many different battles going on the Green Jersey. The Mountain Gers the you know all this stuff. It's all happening and teams like ours would use that to help you know to base our strategy on that because team classification this all comes into play and this is what makes the Tour de France so hard you can't you can't time to take time to climb because then what are People GonNa do just sit there and go easy until the bottom of the climb. Go full gas at the top or whatever that get you to agree on one thing and I'll be done with us that Roman Bar Day is not the best climber in this tour. Yeah I agree with okay. Thank no no no further questions you know if on all the key climbs the there was a clock running on everyone from bottom to top that that could be a polkadot. I mean they have all this all these the device on a bike and it's not hard to to keep it as let's <hes> before we get it because we got to talk about Tony Martin Luke Rowe and I WanNa talk more about tomorrow and even the next day because I think we're have this back tobacco to short days that if they don't these other teams whether it's you know jumbo visa or any os or are they don't make it happen and seeing the dishes but <hes> little bit of business today show also brought to you by amp human full disclosure. We're also investors in this company. We Love them that much jeff in his whole team doing an amazing job. Their first product is is this P._R.. Or Lotion and this like Jerry Angie were skeptical of the power dot and got proven wrong when it worked. Everybody's not everybody but most people are skeptical that this bicarbonate cream which is just a simple electrolyte <hes>. 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We usually usually wait for the Trivia contest <hes> but I have lived with this woman for eleven years and <hes> and it's not Olivia because she's almost ten <hes> she's back over crossed the curtain going Jesus. Just hurry up and get to my part so I can get out of here what I know well. Let's what time is the trainer. Okay we're good. That's why I'm doing it now so we're going to bump it up a little bit today to accommodate this woman the love of my life and a Hanson and one of these days. I'm not done talking about you. You can stand here if you want. This is the big intra this is suck it up and so we have we're not done having special guests. Come read the Trivia contest honey. You get a good one today. We actually all of US agree. This is a really good question. So why don't you swing around here. Thanks for coming by. I know you're right. Share yeah take we'll kick J. B.. Out in fact who this is good. I can even sit here by okay so this is where you this is where you start right here giving able to practice this they in the listener and the viewer also likes it when the people practice. We've had feedback like till your kids needs to read it. I don't read that that's don't spoiler. We right here all right. It's time for today's Daily Dose of Road I._D.. Tour Trivia to play head on over to Rhode I._D.. Dot Com slash France today's question in nineteen nineteen the first year with the Yellow Jersey. How many riders finished the Tour de France go to road I._D.? Dot Com slash France Nice to answer this question and score a chance to win. Today's Daily prize a Thera- gun G. Three pro one lucky winner will even take home a ten thousand dollar B. M. C. shopping spree again. That's Rhode I._D.. Dot Com slash France and the four choices for how many people finish that tour one thousand one hundred ten or one you know J B you're fired the way did you hear the way she read that and said that and the and the what's the word and then see ation and she was worried Consi- and she. I didn't sleep that much I don't I don't I don't would that great this morning. Look how look how this show. Hello lucky me all right honey yeah. You're good session Jamie. Maybe you're not fired. That's funny. I mean no. That's awesome all right. We're where we want to talk about team because we got some. We've got some heat from some of the trek fans all two of them out. They're not acknowledging that you're not taking knowledge for saying that you know talking so heavily about star in their emphasis on Team T._C.. Now they're back up to. I think it's twenty or thirty minute lead which is just going to continue to you. They're putting so many guys in the front so I'm sorry to those fans but the reality is is what we're GONNA is what we're seeing now and what we're going to get in Paris they will be. Nobody really cares about team but they will be gathered back up by from twenty minutes. Yeah that'll just grow. I suspect something I wanted to ask you guys and I in particular I think of Allah Philippe and Pino which which we haven't really talked about today so animated in the face yup in it's like are they just aware when the cameras on them and they put on a little show because you you can't be making those kind of facial gestures for that entire ride up well. There's a moment today when Ali and we were sitting in in the room watching with friends in our buddy brody said he's in he he's a he grew up in Greenville Okay and he said <hes> do they know when I'm cameras Arizona's pretty good and because look here and but that the answers yeah I mean you hear. Obviously you hear a motorcycle. We get Greenville Dude now dude now we got Greenville Dude builder did like did we did some barrels yesterday and I was out there and I saw Alex House I saw some triathletes and I was out riding by the flat irons. I saw some climbers and other cool thing they have these cool companies companies. They're the feed did is based there. They started the company there how it Greenville Dude I'm from the south so it's easy for me. One of our context as we contacts we should be getting some power number's unless we got knicks on that but they offered up to to share some power numbers from some of the teams. I'll follow up today the interesting on climate everybody likes go get that data for I'm on it. I'm yesterday yesterday today. Do little the most show hear it coming back and you see you see you know when the cameras on and look we were masters of that with that's what we did and hopefully he was. They should have just given given them award and Oscar because he was ill slava or you know why he was suffering though he was but I think it was a little yeah you should do I think I think you gotTa Act this show. He's a showman. That's why it's the most exciting riding thing happening in the story a little bit like a rope a dope. I have reached out and we missed a sources at the Elliott family. Oh Yeah we miss what we saw. One of the pushes got from the French fans and then when they you know we we don't we're. I'm not sure how many of those or how many he will continue to. He's GonNa Continue France on fire right now and they really WanNa see him when and I'm telling you if he's if he's if they don't get over. They got a really drop him on that climb because you know he he's GonNa. The have the he he can send better than anybody but don't we talk about it all the time don't count out the motives they will be there for <hes>. Even though the you know the French are so ecstatic George SORTA declared it its own National Holiday Colombian National day-today lose my mom and Dad Columbia right now that was love it love it. <hes> we gotta talk about Tony Martin and Luke Rowe. We talked about it last night on the member happy hour and it happened just the info came out just as we wrap that initial footage of them almost look like it was just kind of a mix up like he was pulling off and and we we said last night to our members that it's got to be something else there has to be other footage which I think brings up this point of like in this day and age. Everything is captured my kids okay you think your snapchat in it's all there but in seriousness <hes> everything's captured so even if the network TV covered the main coverage didn't capture it somebody captures captured whether it's with their phone so she gets out there and so that's we never ended up seeing but apparently it did escalate and there was some punches thrown. That's when you say I mean your hands off the bar. You're hitting somebody pro. I Made A tweet yesterday. I said let these guys race just based on what I saw on the video which apparently wasn't everything that had happened <hes> but if he's if they're throwing punches that's probably not acceptable in the Tour de France Pal. I'm honestly surprised that doesn't happen tomorrow. Often just temps and these guys are pros. They know their job and they <hes> you can't go round. Swinging punches hockey players pros to culture. That's <hes> if you if you all anybody he wants to see like the greatest fight in a bike race I would just google was that CASS name <hes> Leonardo Leonardo Sierra marriage for saying so google or Youtube Leonardo Sierra <hes> <hes> bike fight or something like that. I mean you got a couple of hundred fifteen pounders just just roundhouse just it is it's slipping into the middle of the Peleton in the middle of the road. Just little like Ali got to witness that firsthand hundred pounds lighter plus. They should say you can fight but you have to stay on the bike. Can I bring up. I don't wear I mean in the winter. I religiously wear an undershirt but look look what just rove. Is that a word we do a right right. Whatever this is GonNa hit the shop soon? What does that material? I don't know it's light but so check these up. I was thinking about wearing today but I didn't go to the due store. Check that out. What else are we talking about? We didn't mention Pino Pino did not look as sharp as he had looked in the Pyrenees. Perhaps he's a little bit off of his game. What oh because it's the downhill finish because declines are not I do not are not hard enough and it's downhill finish? I said it all wise Burnell riding away from Pino Pino was good he would have gone with Bernal. That was is operatives stronger than than you know and I I have a theory I mean the the top today today was eighty seven hundred feet now right twenty six hundred and that's going to benefit a Colombian Kintana just just soft pedaled over the top burn that could be yeah but could be the the these they're not steep enough in hard enough. I know everybody loved the finish. Everybody know he's right out of the way they've designed this tour. I mean it's it's created this unforeseen thing for allegedly but if they did it I mean everyone's enjoying this. Everyone except this guy but you don't do it year. After year. You go back to some epic longtime so I'm I'm. I'm an eternal optimist so I'm I'm holding out hope that that I mean look I'd love to wake up early and watch three teams throwing it down on that second to last climb if that happens and he gets dropped and the best guy wins the tour are whatever I I just. I get frustrated with these well. Here's this passive tactics. Here's the thing because of the teams. There's not one dominant team if the team's start throwing it down by setting tempo then they're essentially writing for our weekly which is what's been happening most posted this tour okay so let's have a need to have conversations. It's only Bernal and Pino and Gary Thomas. Maybe Christ we can ride away from Alex Right now. So those teams that's having conversations and say look if we don't combine forces right and then that I know that sounds a little <hes> you know Shaky Shady <hes> then we're GONNA lose with which they will so tomorrow and how they combine forces they just they line up and share their their Workers Pacers American there and crack climbing lieutenants have to put him on the limit and get him dropped if he gets over that climbing wins but nobody's going to nobody's going to risk losing a podium spot right now for that. I don't believe not the guys that are in the battle to the people who are fighting for the pudding. We're not going to be the ones putting them on the limit. The guys aren't strong enough. Okay then then they go they anything he wins over the dishes. I think we've talked about tomorrow well. I think we should talk about like what would you do strategy wise on a daily tomorrow being only eighty miles stage knowing in how aggressive it's GonNa be. I can tell you my thoughts well those short stages are always aggressive that they it's easy to look at a short station. Go that's easy. Those are actually some of the hardest days they just you know. Those are the days of the guys warm up for like yeah. No it's one zero highly likely a breakaway will make it this is going to be the winner is GonNa come from the lead group lead Palestine. If I was acoustic I would just go to the front and try to stay together as long as possible because there's a lot of you know flat rolling sub before the major climbs and they can. They're going to have to be without Philippe for as long as they can. In even if even if guys are running away from me I would prefer to have five six guys with me throughout this earlier section and be able to do all the work in the valleys and the flatter sections and then you know hopefully you can have a lease in Ramaz with him on his last climb and they can do a lot of damage on his long run into sent down to teams before they start climbing again if somebody like Brunel Thomas where to right away from them on these Ron Yeah. I think it's worth mentioning to that that that you know my longshot favorite. I'm still sticking with Stephen. Swick lost didn't didn't lose George Bennett finished the day crash twice looked just chewed up you might lost is you can put him on. Put Alpha leave on the limit George Ben. It's been riding great in the mountains. Yeah might might have taken a a couple of dogs off my good friend. Chris Vandevelde took me out on this descent the same design they went down today <hes> coming into town <hes> non purpose but I was on his wheel thinking am I boys will can't be much safer than this and he did. A little SH- knocked to the left laughed took out my front wheel about forty five miles an hour. I lost all my skin bike broken half <hes> and I gave Christian little bit shit on it and about it today on T._v.. <hes> so yeah I mean these these these days are super dangerous. Nobody's really talking about the danger and the risk. This these guys are taken danger and risk. I do it every day. I just checked the weather. That's what I was attempts yeah so in teen the finish <hes> high of sixty three low of forty eight rain all day. That's an interesting this entire day could be contested in the rain yet. It dumped on them just for few moments today which I think benefit guy from Wales use riding colder wet temperature <hes> g a little in an advantage tomorrow very good some questions a couple of comments and then and then a question comments. This one came in during our happy hour last night. I just thought it was cute. Great job on the show no question region just a quick funny story. I was watching the tour with my eleven year old son this morning and we saw a clip of the extra long bottle grab from team car and ICKY bottle the sticky bottle and I said teams can get penalized for that. His response was they should make them ride tricycles instead for doing that. Just a funny mental picture that's from Jeff in granted George ride a tricycle Sunday than if even yeah the only way to hand out a bottle in the peleton Anita hollow can it's not for that purpose but the only way to handle your director is two handed out this way so the rider can grab it the opposite way and always get a little bit of love as you having a water bottle in the backing even second the sticky bottle so you gotta grab it like like this get some of <hes> going back there to give bottles through teammates most of the time yeah <hes> another comment because you we were addressing the hot temps maybe going earlier in the day as a resolution lucas wrote in and said you may want to look into this but I believe they cancelled some stages at the tour of Oman due to heat a few years ago whereas Oman Google that they did they did do they did implement something which was extend the time limit Peto so eliminated the time. I thought they extended it but he was thirty six minutes down it was like fist-bump and dudes cross line they they gave the group Hetero a bit did of an easier they they clearly on that. She's influence made that happen good for him for being vocal about it right now. We can just talk about some worldwide T._B.. Writes a cut of that. Let's start low start at ten percent accent. Oh my goodness what has gone on here Armstrong bursting capi. Let's ride the beef on the Massif Du. It's GonNa be groovy Joe Again. Wow love this joe again. Oh and I gotta say <hes> Tiffany who's been helping us with our socials. I called her Babysitter Day. Watch this show again and I'm like I was talking about like my kids babysitter but she's this is a good look for me like I believe I could pull that off. It's it's very Colorado too little rugged and the guy that was easy rider. Maybe no I should know this easy rider yeah. I was GONNA say something. I thought I had a factor will trigger thing but I I don't WanNa get up ahead of myself. Captain America look. I'm GonNa go with that guy. Good <hes> one more question from sky regardless of the outcome of this year's race. What are the chances that <hes> Julian an elephant he changes his training weight and quickstep puts together team more suited to G C in future grant tours? Has he taken a look at Alpha leave. How much more way could he lose? The Guy Looks talk about training. I mean Julian Allah Felipe I. I don't think came to the tour expecting to win or even be close to winning. I don't with the seasons the spring he's had like to think Oh. I'm just gonNA keep this going and go win. The tour I think he got it into got himself into a place and and Mr Momentum changed his address and got in his pocket he wrote himself into that place and did I mean he's clearly done the right training <hes> yes he had such a great season and that he ah came in with an attitude of like this is all bonus. I'm here to have fun I think I think that's a good question. I think the answer is yes. Yeah yes what he'll change his training that he yes I strain so far to be a the punchy classic style writer. I don't agree with that. I mean the guy won the time trial the guys hanging with the top five minutes momentum he can change in my opinion is have a team built around him for SORTA France well. That's a fact that is it. Send US questions comments to move it. We do dot team and just people keep your fingers crossed that we will finally have a legitimately exciting day I just again. I can't have another day like today even with Columbia. Can we get that music again for the there we go. This is what you listen to. When you ride the days a week? We have one more thing shoot. Sorry one more thing brought. This is cool. Actually we got so this is this is their friends over fat. Map App mocked up this hour like I don't know how like this shit. I've never seen I don't know how people do this but we have the Malay in the mountains that edited so this is the the we do fifty the George and I are going to contest Sunday morning and by the way the for our members I've gotten at the course so yeah. This is all you get has not given this is all you get like how any what's going. I mean Steve Jobs. Come back alive awesome. That is awesome art. We're going up. What have we got here now? On Upper Hummingbird we go around all right overlook trail. We're getting over here to four corners down tinpot trail. All the way down to the NATO dirt road notice switches to a paved right right here. We'll stay here right here right now. Right past Al Creek Dr Hunter Thompson's farm still anita his widow still lives there boom left turn woody creek passed the tavern right turn up the hill intercept lot brush creek bike path and then bomohs you line which I have not done. I can take today down deadline superfund downhill across the road. Tom Blake Shelton. My personal favorite art exactly my personal favorite in Aspen up over to the town or near the town of snowmass climb up would road back home government down lower government cramps city full hincapie what it's up in cramp all that's all government any bombed down does lower government cross the bridge boom the high school into Aspen. You'll be finishing whatever I'll I'll. You'll be I'll be I'll be you stand there. <hes> thanks to thanks to the gang and the crew over at Fatman. That's that's that's awesome. That's cool. What are the rules on course right? I hope you got it right. That's all you get so when you guys raise. What's your what are your rules on? Support US have to wake recharged. We flat no no no way no. This is a race. What bike race do competitors wait for the other guy when he flats none no this is you have to raise you understand this right? I understand we're paying big money okay. Can you change a flat on your J. B. Hush. Do you see how good antidote don't don't motorbike chain your time. We'll have we will have nutritional support out there. I mean I think that's can we stop for that.

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