Lanes Is Lying w/ Zainab Johnson


This is a stand up New York labs production, providing you podcast since twenty thirteen. Give joy away. Big glad. You know what? This is Randy raven will Yemeni imprint wake you up. Welcome to rank Raymond with friends. I'm whizzy at Johnston. Recording the podcast live from Los Angeles. I don't talk about the bar bounty. Okay. Hold this. I'm gonna get you miss it better. I don't want people to know that I am a good guess, because, you know what I'm saying because in the event that I have to not be a good guest anymore. I don't want people to be holding me too good. Guess shit. Like, I don't know. You notice businesses real up and down. I mean I may be at a point in time only shades. I have no guessing a lot. You know what I'm saying? Here's the thing because you have because you have experience with being a good guess when you are down when you're looking at you can't performing the way that you are. Definitely people will open up doors for you, because you show them that you are appreciative, you'd show them that you are related to reciprocate that when you make nothing ethnic, where like on. I'm Becky to take care of you. I love it. Yes. The air deal business. This is a beautiful view, her patio doors open, because she didn't have any pets, we don't have to worry about watching them so we can just really enjoy the air that's coming in. Although her Patty is very beautiful in a has insulated glass, so that it was a pet you have a hard time when she have a hard time doing what he or she had to do. Now we're gonna do very small podcast today. I, I was talking to, to Z about some stuff in Z was talking about some stuff that came up today, and won't you just let the, you know, later foundation, shameless. Plug listen to on TV Z where you can. What? Flo. Shane flow is you, I was telling you how many go what I was talking about on my podcast. If you guys follow me at all, you know, the I riposted a shading post, which was Tori lane to the wrapper from Canada. I just found out to know who he is. But I found out through her, yes, he posted at this video shoot that they tried to replace dark model with he called her ebony model in Evans model with a light skin model and he wasn't having he corrected the situation. And I thought that that was really great. In the he posted a post saying how, you know, in the black community minutes. Specially hesitate responsibility in dude, what's rent and. I didn't get to this yet with, so I posted this, and I would celebrating that a, you know, I had a lot of guys come into my DM like you. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, and it's like, I'm not asking you for that. I'm not asking you for Dacian on my duty a big flower. I'm Beth with the problem with bathrooms. You'll be right. He also trying to get a hand his hair 'cause they know what's up. Anyway. When I didn't get to was surely posted a bunch of people sent me Deanna saying this story is a lot there. He was fraudulent the girl, the directors of the video of the music video with, like, that is not what happened in the ebony skin, model the dark skinned model posted something on the grand saying that's not true at all. What's the what was in, in the, the comment from fruitcake? They do anything for clout. So here's the thing. So I don't really like to talk about anything without doing my own research, outweigh in Webster. Video. Okay, I'll wait in west. The video in the dark skinned girl is heavily featured in the video in the girl, the licensing grill, it, look, who he claimed they tried to replace her with her scenes are not in the video now, whether that is attributed to Tori lanes whether death attributed to the director is, whether that's a tributed like what? Whoever they are so much information in its that we don't know anybody lays on the video directed. I don't know nothing song terrible to me. So I don't know who you gotta say, nobody got records the sole was terrible in the civil service. So like, you know, and this is the thing. Like sometimes she'd go down. A a you gotta look at you perform are or artists, you need to look at your wish. It went down. Right. Because if it goes down on something that ain't hot you just have to keep in touch. But okay, so here's casino driven a lot of traffic to this terrible song now, but the mate, what will tour tour lanes at four point one million followers on it's the great. That's a damn shame. And I'm scrounging to get third. I'm at thirty two point three but you appreciate every actively appreciate but also because the foot soldiers 'cause then it don't make no sense. It can't be full. Point one million people that wanna listen to garbage in the Nick is garbage. I it's the only song I've ever heard of his, I can't speak for his music collection. I don't know. I can't be I know nothing about for nine like I said, if I sat next time on the blessed tomorrow, I would not know with him. Let me just say this just to interject this episode probably never won't played. Because I'm already is inches Reverend in his brief because I had already hit the studio going this year, dying or were door. Let's close it in just a little bit. Why she knit? Let me let me just put myself in here. Let me interject real quick from someone who doesn't know I just went today net bathroom into humongous shit. 'cause I'm all. Yes. So here we'll be shit if you don't sit you. Right. If you not share in on a regular basis, or you haven't Shad in a couple of months or weeks, you need to go straight to the mortgage. Tell them you overdo 'cause shitting quarter of the process, and I'm and I'm going to start a new campaign called women's shit hashtag women's shit. We got to hide that we shouldn't fought cause bitches is out of hand pretending like they don't shit in on Daya fought 'cause they the negative trying to act like they don't sit in. They don't they in far, while Nick is shit in fought. It isn't unrealistic expectation a thousand percent. But let me say this is somebody who doesn't really know other mistake I sat in meal. I was taking shit it tried to look at a little bit of content. Off the red did the nigga Tori wasn't. They related or lanes flames, all off the red. He's a number one whatever artists inter in Canada, 'cause images ain't got nobody. But Drake, let's keep it real day, not a factory niggers out here in China rap and moved as shit because it's not a lot of oppression out there a Canada is a lot of niggers in America, trying to wrap it shit cause Necas ain't got shit to do with ramp about how damn miserable day situation is. So everybody knows somebody in family. That's a wrap a little Taytay about the rat low low. Of little nickel balls about rat, whatever 'cause they run out of name. So the next nigga go because mega balls 'cause they went out on Mondays little this little hard x hard. No hard pass on all these Nick is not a group or not. 'cause it's Nagai file or call. Why? Bien. Corday in that why being young young boss nigger, the something like that, so that a group up on putting little acronyms shit. Funny thing even though I fouled his nickname, but they always have the net like if you think about rot nation, if you think about cash money, if you think of you gotta saying. Right. But they wouldn't a rod Rockefeller, Jay Z that he was JV. They just happened to be under you know what I'm saying? Like mopping is once you stamping, another nigga thing funny. Yo thing that means you that group bitch. You know what I mean? Like. I'm a renaissance come up to my show bitch. Bitchy bitch. What I'm saying is, like, if one of the league is the issue like why being shipped with not started by four day of star by mother nigga? I read up on his cat story because he from Maryland, on some back to south lived, the Maryland, some shit like that. So I connect with him. And I call the Nick was cute till I found it was twenty lead twenty twenty one years old. I realized I needed to jump off of that. Because it they. Yup. That's that's where we at now you know, I'm the old Ozzy did you need to Vegas, only because you said the old auntie? Have you heard this sort of conversation about a rebuke Rene Oprah Winfrey? And Gayle king wanted people to refer to them as off you get. And I was just about to say that 'cause people been calling me on C. Yes. Onto your shit in the autumn. Oh, this young people. She and they don't they can't relate to any. Body past twenty three years old being anything other than on. I mean I if it's up and down with me because off can be young shit. Some big is out here is onset five or sixteen years old. Like my mother was the aunt young because my grand grandmother, had kids after my grandmother head hits. So, you know, she was tending eleven. So as long as there. She don't translate into me. Being old bitch. I'm fine with it. But I understand women were moguls and shit like that not wanting to be reduced to some family title, because I'm not saying uncle to know Will Smith yet. I think it's very well. I mean there goes the double standard of many winning. Right. Right. But I think that it's very personal or rabbit impersonal. Unprofessional knife, first of all, I think you can never go wrong with addressing person by the name yet, I'm saying, like all three of those women. Have named. So before you say anything, give them any other title, the net you could say able or Mr. Vernet you all help us. You don't like yesterday. I will take the summit MC light. It was there. And I was I wanted to say Hello to so bad. But I didn't I didn't you know, I didn't know do. I say MC do I say this like 'cause niggers get privy about that, too, uncle me solar solar sups you like? Oh, okay. Because that's all I know you by state over that you say, like SIS out say, I will say, excuse me, because I think to start a sentence of with excuse me, you're being very clear that you, your intentions are respectful in polemics. Sorry. I'm sorry. Saying, I don't like, although in case it on SIS. I don't like it in abundance, in terms of, like that was out of respect on love, and I appreciate that. But, you know, I gotta friend. She says to so much I'm like bitch. You, you partnership is like I don't understand like deep out like I don't understand all those e pie are delicious. I do can't one in Philadelphia two weekends ago, and I grew up more being pot. They are the list I wanna taste one young Kito right now. They are still. Is is navy is made from navy in a suite is sweet. It's delicious. Hardly make babies week sugar, the same where you make everything else week sugar, they must like PK pounds up. No, no. They don't. Oh, okay. I get it. But so on the inside in the homicide dot grammar the outside it when he was he cut it to be hot. It's almost why is real life. All you a navy. I think it gives it the, the Brown crust and stuff is probably the sugar enough to send him in. Will is is a couple Nicaragua to sell being passed. So I out. I'll try be for the week is out when I gotta jump back on Keita, but that was the thing I won't say about homeboy off the rip is that any deputy league is a candidate is rapid like that to survival now inadvertently, I'm gonna wanna beautiful comments because Canada listened to the podcast and we'll say that's not true. We also what's up. I'm just saying. If we stacked up, how many league is in America is rap was versus comedy. Leasing Canada is records the it's the no comparison. 'cause this building is mostly white where we at right now. And I can guarantee you. It's the pride Bala thousand Nicholson here. That's rapid. My building the building eleventh year. That is not an inaccurate thing. Right. So that's what I'm saying. Like it only be. No niggers wrapping a he not trust from babies. Listen, the sofa. So I'm just saying it's, it's you know, whatever. So this is why the number one, you saying, renders garbage number two. Well I mean he wasn't even rapping. He was like singing on its own. It's very strange. They call themselves rappers within when you like he was featuring on this actual saw make good money or something you love like that he was saying. Will you not always wants to sing that because they know that rats shoot is limited in salt is like a comedy right around the age of forty or so, all of a sudden, visit influx, all these chicks that wanna be comics now and you like win for you, Ben, because we've been in the trenches since I one I you know, I of the sixteen she started at what nineteen you know, we've been weaving shoot. What I'm saying is now we dealing with women who, like, they forty five and we like, oh, you knew a combination of your personality. Also one comedy, because vicious know at certain point, you can't ride off that cute shit noble. Or I'm the cute bitch on the bad bitch. You know, they gotta put a profession behind that, because it's new cute, young bitches. So these Rapids note the ban with one, that is short, you can't you can't be no forty old rapper non-issue JV, or common somebody that's been rapid soa, so and so, like, even chaos worn amusing will as one you know, but I don't think Harris limited even passes twenties in the reggae. But they still say, you're not going to go down a history with, yuck. Now, we can all agree, the K R S one his teeth. Okay. They because it's so many T is like what would you got care care as one for how how? Canine damn root canals. If you spill a cane out with a K. In one lean one to that could cover the word. Really mad that breath Donegan's. He got no competition. Coming out of Canada meta fat, I suggest oil figures that wanna go rat, go to candidate until you start at us in Canada. And then you will make 'cause four league is out there that they doing shit will also something to keep in mind. The Instagram other Drake Instagram is a global platform, so much as he has four point one million followers. There's no, I don't have the demographics with Tissa show exactly where his phone with our positions. However, is does seem like he has he had had crossover in meaning American success. Let me say this, first of all held everybody, that's Watson. Hello, danny. Danny Kohl is in the building daily so much work together. The true. Staw at thank you for saying, hey, sexy legs to us. Daddy, we love you, Danny. You have any at all just to sell them. Yes, he's had his it. Sean. I know it's hard because you don't you can't see the is. You gotta look at Ono. Yes, I have miss sorry, Kottayam forward, what I will say the second thing with this. Is this? He nothing. He don't look like nothing, Tori. You don't look like nothing ham thing and let me explain something to you guys before I get into how much of nothing he'd all look. Let me just say this with things come up like this in, like, if you know you saying, like, nails eleven Jesse smallest situation where you saying something is not saying, let me just put a full disclaimer down right now. Jesse small left situation may or may not be true. Who knows? And even if they find out that it's not true, who cares because there's a bunch of shit that is Jessie small, that we see all with, with the cops with us. What I'm saying. I think I go ahead. I think with both situations either way, it is the conversation, is it really about this with syphilis of that person in their error. The conversation is with jussie smollet. The real conversation is people in the queer trans gay community are being attacked in brutalize in disenfranchised every single day in. It's going unreported in, in, in, in unknown. Remedy to go to in. It'll the same thing in Tori, laid is we don't care about him. The conversation is there is cholera them in the world. In our specific community, yet, they're even colored them in a month black with this color, cheat the long white will make over the grew net. Right. Will me they want you the lighter Asian over the darker Asia. They want use the lighter Spanish person, over the darker, Spanish birthday in everywhere. So that's the conversation so we focused on like weakest. So caught up in is Jesse lying on not that we missed the point if we get caught up in is with his name. I, I really wouldn't. Hope this, you'll be start. Lane, nothing whether or not they're lying to you. You've missed you've missed the point complete in and. Thousand percent and say say that's exactly what I was gonna say. Because to me, we let we this people that will say all day, live now nobody's gonna believe it. They wasn't going to believe they believe. No way. If you got to if people can take one situation that fraudulent out of a million situations that are not angle will because of this one thing I believe, the thousands of hundreds of thousands of millions of cases like that they was going to believe. Anyway, they looking for an excuse. And what we have to now, do on, our end is been say, it doesn't matter, whether they believe are don't believe we need to stay steadfast and stop parakeet. Like, when Jesse smaller happen, all he Bruin black history up. How fuck you black history month. The fact that sheer fact. Ironically, that we even need a black history month has should show you that he couldn't fuck up black history month, America flood up black history up to the point where we had to have a black history month, because I guess, is not cooperated in American history. And that we got a set aside time to focus on history. So when we say shit like that blase skip 'cause I know now it's gonna be like Alcee Donkin women have hard time, 'cause he lied we and it's like it don't matter. They pull in dark skinned women out of videos, and also who's the say that they a lot of people I had like we're example I put up a post what I got here three days ago, today's ago, and I hadn't account at the airport, and is Indian lady. And we already know I tell you that she's the Indian lady not native American Indian from Asia, South Asia. Okay. Thank you for the clarity. The woman goes, we already noted there's a caste system with them, and this epic racism with them across the board. I experienced some crazy wrestling at we need to talk about the inter coach, the inter race or how the races racism of like, when you see the Korea man beaten down a little black boy that he accused the Steelers shit in little boy, still nothing. It's like ages. Don't like blacks among say, all these ages that don't like blacks, this Hispanics, that don't like blacks be of Asian Americans that you'd south Asians, don't like blacks is a bunch of people that don't like blacks. And it always comes down to even though Puerto reviews the Dominican, don't get along guess what the medical don't like blacks Puerto Rican, sometimes they better than blacks Mexicans don't like blacks. So everybody finds they way even able interpersonal bullshit to not like black people. So black people. Gotta deal with the bondage and oppression and bullshit. Not only for white people that don't fuck and get it and wanna put they raise this shit down. But we also got a deal where Asians Hispanics. Weber foot elsewhere, the trickle bell a have they NAS coming think they better than blacks, 'cause they were trying to enter into the white ship because now they're trying to break 'cause anytime your article out time, more and more Hispanics about white with the fucker talking about you suck. You white and Hispanic they do that should even on the sentence when they go you even Hispanic non white white, not white Hispanic. What the fuck are you talking about that, that, that understand? Because there is there are Spanish people like if you are Puerto Rican Dominican, let's say then you are still descended US still whether you want to believe it or not of the, the, you are still part of the transatlantic slave history. Right. But so solar people right now in the United States that are being meeting. They are directly from Spain. Being European but they speak Spanish, but the from saying that I think different that the white Spanish Hurson within there is there are the people who find in the islands or something like that, who c- who are who identify as of Spanish people in, they are state. They. What are facing? Spreader somebody's acknowledging my facial expression, who is hero talents for three eight and 'cause I'm waiting to cut you off, but I want to visit would end a respectful way because it still trickles down to let me take about white people when they try to keep a shit alive. When they're trying to keep with white people decide they wanna keep a shit alive. They abso- bringing people in white, that don't have no business trip when they ask them to know why you understand they didn't even with a Jewish Americans. You understand what I'm saying where when Jews and Irish came over here. They was living in a ghetto with blacks, and that's what it was. And all of a sudden they like, oh, they got white skin. They got white skin. Little spoiled cornered, by the white. So now everybody white, and to totally disregard the sac that they keep people disenfranchised, also heat. No, the Jews. Because when it comes time for eight on June's they ready to hit on the Jews. They went up a white man went up in that mosque and he killed him. Jews right. You shot it Jews. He didn't go the Senate. I'm sorry, the Senegal he didn't go up in was like, oh, I'm I realizing white, but I'm still shoot. No, that's not like jitter. So we're shooting, right? So we start to mix his thing. This flat. I'm on so for just the shift today saying do that I'm not even close enough to, to the point where I will even side on the side of me, being Costa era, sometimes because they also be on the side of era, and they don't care when, when every when it's time to make people white that nobody was trying to make white nobody was fight about whether they was white or not until now comes down a stall fight to get all people to be white so that we can have a certain situation going on with the numbers at call shenanigans will that? Yes. Yes. Yes. This is I do understand what you're saying. I'm not disputing that at all. Also, it is, you know, a lot of human behavior is survival in any way for any person to align themselves with what is deemed as privilege or what is deemed at better. If you can do that your people do that. Is. So that's a lot of times, also everybody is trying to feel or make themselves the lead that they are better than some of right? I mean not be. I don't think like you do that. We don't do that. We have not. We have not had it in now we've learned to self hate on each other. Right. We've learned to hate one another to the point. We try to keep each other in certain pockets naturally, the process board, but I see some of that. Right. But we'll also be forgiving people who tolerate a bunch of shit. 'cause when you something when you look on the news and you'll go social media, a UC episode after episode after episode after episode after episode of white cops beat like just a situation of Michigan. They tried to keep her hus- that white cotton beaten on that black girl. That was a head cubs. When you see cops in Arizona throwaway guns in the face of a mother at father because they four your old daughter walked out of a ninety nine cents store with a motherfucking Barbie. When you see that a young man was shot twenty times while handcuffs a front of his family. And when you see a little boy. Playing cops and robbers were his friend in the park a Hiya shot up when you see a man seller Lucie, is that he is shot and killed when you see somebody walking the way is shot in the Becca kill when you see a another do get shot and killed when you see a guy being told reach there he gets shot and killed when you see a guy be pulled over, you know, ask questions in, they don't have the right to search whatever reason serve, and the, what's your office, also with your name in the office says fuck you, and then when you see a guy picking up trash around his home and somebody called him and they asked him what he do, even though he told them show them that he lived there, you know, at the at what we still ain't responded today in no kind of sucking away of fashion. We are now teaching our children had a coat with that. You understand what I'm saying? When you see a father doing a video that he's shown his son when he gets pulled over the top. Put feel key emission put it on top of the call put the license put on put your hands out. Tele that's too much shit. And we got to teach our children had a deal with cops instead of teaching Cox, had a respond to people across the board. The same way when I see footage of white guys going somewhere shooting up all the whole place. And the cops final way to take active shooter in custody 'cause they Wight your statement saying where you find a way to take a white woman running away from the cops get into a car crash. They still don't shoot her. She turned gun on them. They as the bid when you see a woman at the plate while citing the cop Clinton him in the head, he ain't like a we ate responded to that we got to be the most giving or either dumb people in the work. We nobody else was sit there watch. They people go to this type of nonsense and not have no motherfucker response within guess what? What in Memphis day puck and try to respond. Right. They should concentrate hospital. But you ain't heard nothing else about that 'cause they don't want to know that they fight back here, the fighting chains. They want you to feel like Wong as you here ain't shit happening. You down the two yet stand, and for me because my people dying envious hatred, and we have a hard time. Not only gets the people that brought us here for pression would also people that come over here, seeking to be framed for baseball contres a damn bondage, and they get here and then treat us like shit. It's enough is enough. So when I tell you, I every time I go to the mother fuck in airport, and I get some stash ios that among sucker is asking me do ongo, how much motherfucking pistachios is. And I said, let me just put a blanket, let me see what everybody thinks about this situation and I got people. Who sitting there and going on what maybe it's not racist responding? Not everything is racist. Yeah. Not everything is racist, unless you black, and then you gotta still to everything through a weather is racist, not funnel. Because sometimes the shit just happened to you is mother fucking races. If I put down Pete chess us, that's twelve dollars and you tell me what my total is if I don't want the mother of cashiers, or I didn't know it was twelve dollars. I'll tell you, I whoa will vote. But I, I guarantee I don't see. No, I don't see them saying the white people. I don't ability look like this. You gotta problem twelve dollars per staff heels. It must see when I'm ribs. I'm a why she Howard. Yeah. These issues bitch. So when Gramma problem with twelve dollars Shaw sure, but that's when they get you get you when you have to air force starving started early one of flight, a I've got up a, you know, I'm like fuck. I had time to eat. I'm running to take his time taking the seat moved to the airport. I don't even have time now to get nothing that no sipping place. Have those scrambled eggs nothing? I gotta run a he get these possessions because I'm halfway Kito. I need one focused so bitch. If you told me these stash ios was not guarding, plus the blood of my firstborn child. That's what I'm gonna have to give you because the fuck is starving. And I get tired of punctuate never 'cause I try to believe it or not. I'm trying to curse no more because I'm really trying to get it to Christian lifestyle. You understand. I'm trying to get back is there 'cause I'm Christian. But sometimes the summer Shikin only be set by saying fuck you motherfucker you know, but I said that to say this bid things that could be racist in every time I say something I think is racist, racist. The odds are always that it could be really racist or could not. But the fact that we on the situation will, we don't know whether something could or could not be racist means that we fucked up situation to begin with, because white people don't worry about whether something's races are not wanna know why. Because they don't experience racism. And then when they tell you, they experience reverse racism, which is a farce, if just because they don't wanna be hassled by the staff that you being halfway. Convenes. The racist, let you have the experience. So they've oh, what you just said to me was racing. I put up a post a centimeter said, you know you about everything. How come you wasn't vocal about the straight proper rate? And I said, you know what to be honest with you? I've been busy office. She was nonsense. I'm like fuck this bullshit. Like whatever just like that. White noise watch the statements doing the crowd, boy marching shit like with the white nigger got the March four day the muscle. They want the much more power to your nobody beat. They'll see launching. So when they sit can seem a bit was about this property. And then when I see the pride parade ship the straight proper. I'm so not to get out by that the strength proper rate when I see this, distract proper preparation. I'm like, where did that take? Check my snow way to try to get it together. And then try us Brad Pitt is the faith of it? And he ended shifting Nick style. So any white leader is shutting white because now that's how much you should masters dumpy portfolio. You know, I had bathing, evidently, these Benetton hand, we got we got kids from every port like Winston was the cartoon will came different places, and they add camping America. Right. Wasn't it kept America? When all biggest one twenty raising shit, and they kept in America without sound ranges. Not you what it was like. Why would they India kid at Dickey's wheelchair had white bits Ned, other agency, bits? They had all the pitchers. The age of wheelchair. Big is Indian bitch in the way. And it was catching America, right? Strange trying to stop cursing. Jack the planet. Thank you, as they used to play. But they had only, you know, every time we gotta unite white, you, but the white bitch was walking seeing cassia return a diverse white people always able to function in cooperate minorities, the minorities got to be handicapped like the Indian got the he was blind. They had been in the wheelchair. The black men she was always whether lake shedding curl ahead like it was always some shit. You know what though I'm sorry away from your cancer plane. Okay. Cap plan. I think that's what they said the better school bus and you know what the man is not to get mad at school by like magic. I like into but you know what? They never let the black kids do. No magic. They never let the black kids, it was always a little white what happens. The problems was at recess. I get it seems Disney's. They can do. Magic just the math is the water. I would like when I'm just old you on the war. I got myth. But if the school bus on water, but I imagine what the school bus to go into space thing school bus. When when the teacher take, Debbie a black teacher trying to take his space on the water shit. They wanna call everybody and their model but let's take the water shit. Don't nobody got no problem. And I will end where the parents, I'll be like how come every time you come home? You got seaweed internal shells and shit, your book bag because I know you don't go to school on day beach. They did other things they would sustain the with different countries. Like the magic school message back to Tori. Lay lanes lanes. And he tried to cross lane. That's why quarrel it is hard. See you made a break. You may not made up. You said a break point that I wanted you to say about ruther beautiful. If you wanna elaborate on hand explaining. That was Scheuer. So when I get up into camera stuff is you. So beautiful is registered this, but it's you'll thing the so. So, you know, I have posted along with the Tory lanes thing. I posted, you know, a lot of my closest black male friends are always telling me, how utilizing in always showing me these gorgeous black dark women like me pizza, right in that year DEA of like the black woman they wanna be which SI car launch that's, but then the women that I see them posting their women crush Wednesday the women who they come around with the women who I have to sit at tables within entertained with them in Harvey, most subpar, like skin or white looking women in shade to so far, right? Or like the women will J shaved for me. If not for me, if you are for me, it, should I understand why the bar is lower. Why in order for you to be with the dark skinned black machina vested, but she the most beautiful Dorskin black woman on. Early on within within the, the women who don't who are lighter in white looking may. I don't know where you get them from. I think that's where the I think that's the joke comes from or rather the discourse with, with people make fun of black men date that might win. Nothing wrong. I I'm never having a problem with of woman white that is also bad unless she got problem with travel with you, you need to do you go to say, I think I think the thing about that is my own you or your dismissing us four even the ones that they don't they don't even what do you say? What being the most like not looking like nothing in again. This is not wanna keeps shit saying this is no shade to the lesser, retracted white women just I just don't understand it. It's just not fair to me. And so what that to the wrote that in do also bring it to the attention of or marquesses honesty, which is on Spotify sale actions thinking is t. With Z H O win ear fee, a with c. Cry to so you should go. Check it out right now. So when I posted the story that I just shit or these situation rabble sentiment that I just shared with you guys in nica. I had a bunch of guys DM in me by bunch. I mean like a good handful saying more than this. You know, you're beautiful. I just want you to know your beautiful in a psych. I wasn't went up hosted that I wasn't looking for validation in another need inside. Forgive me. I know of uniform regardless of what you think I feel a certain way about myself. You've missed the point. That's what I'm trying to say. My friends say that I'm youthful. That's what they say. So for you don't come in my DNA the thing, everybody knows so beautiful. I mean, I'm dizzy other day to bid said she wasn't looking like nothing. She can't police station. I was dead. That's a loss story yet. Let's not miss the point. This is not about not about any person being uniform. This is about your actions lining up with your words. That's what this is about. Don't universe on the m and save it. So this, here's the thing in this, this is about this is about color ISM. This is about black lives matter. This is about Prentice about racism is somebody says something and you are not guilty of it. You ain't got the shit. Just keep walking at you're doing right. If you're at your person, the action line up with your worth, in those borrow than those actions are above board in honorable, you ain't got to say shit just keep doing what you're doing because that is exactly how you help you. You let it you don't have to say you don't have to come into my to say as, as a man of the African Dayaks via shuts. The fuck up. Shut up. I just want you to know is she? Is all you have to do is keep walking ones who come in and say, well, actually, the you're feeling guilt. You're feeling something that you need to defend. There's nothing wrong. There's nothing here either defend you feel like you need to defend something, then you gotta you have did you're guilty of something NS work that you have to do. I'm not I'm not, I'm not I'm specifically not judging any specific situation. I'm not judging person ends up with added people outside of my race. I love all people young men, women lead, white boy, girl Lou yet. I'm Kim, what you don't like Annika. I'm just not going on. What's taking if these animal that lifted my house? No, I don't live here. No more. I'm. So when Janni told me a lot of time, she posts things like this. She gets opposing arguments from people like, oh, well, you know, this is why we do this, or whatever in this, like, if you ever have to defend something that is without a doubt, right? Yes. There are generalizations made. You know, when people say, oh, you know, you know, 'cause you know that girl that used a hands when they talk relation they head. Yes. Some of us do own arms option. Let me just tell you what I'm not going to get on thing, like, no, we don't know don't because I feel attacked by that statement. Because I know there's somebody that I know in loved it looks like me, does talk like that indus- eat like that sometime. I do speak like that. And just because you say, whether you say it in a positive or negative way, I'm not going to take your insult in attach to myself. I'm not worried. I'm not wearing and so the people who. Come in, in, in place. These arguments actually this supposed to do remember when I post it. Oftentimes I posted this thing oftentimes a when a man succeed is because he got a woman, supporting a win a woman women succeed all the time with Nova right nobody. And I said, I need a good woman by my side. When I tell you, I know the guys. And it's like they missed out even to romantic. I love all the people that site yet muster support me. My mother support me might my back. My friends, my everybody made it somebody giving comedy at wonder how gay men. Show. Yeah. Let's have let people they with, you know, you, you know what it is. Like I've said this too much energy. I wanna say you rented rains summer. I mean I love it. But I don't know how she does it because I'm I'm exhausted. I came out reading by. I was at the doctor. It only he saw. Okay, I gotta head. You got some Tylenol three. Now. We have some beautiful comments, our, thank you so much for baking the comments. We're going to close up because it's late. But my call up this very sick of ice wants, you know, we have limited time I really just wanted to say hope recorded properly, I'm on my old system. We in Los Angeles. But. The points that were made were. They never not. Have we obviously agree? We have a perspective, black women that are very similar in outlook. But even that there are differences in perspective as well. So when you start to generalize and lump in put everything together, and not really take everybody's perspective. Like we spend a lot of time listening to white women although white women constantly, thank somebody listening to them and ain't get voice across an alien heard in Abyan Noord. We constantly was in the white women. We listen to women so much that at the behest of whatever they say leagues whose lives or copses coming to. Harassed of the people, because a white woman that says something at the same time, we need to give that space to women of color as well and darker women in darker people in general like black woman get so overlooked, we get overlooked, even in this violence, that is happening with police brutality, because the focus is so much on black men and black men that, while I don't a disagree Blackman is catching fucking hard, but black women accusing fucking hard to we are been may be more examples of black men being shot and killed. But let's never forget we've had a lot of sisters go to jail, and don't nobody know what the fuck happened to them. And they turn up in by the also, you gotta realize too, like the quilt. Everybody likes to say the saints not to the at school. It was gonna be on the right, the most suspected grew with people in America, the black woman, Imos, unprotected. Of people that was the nineteen sixty. Right. Yup. It's so this him near sixty years leader in there. It's there's no change. Is that it's, it's still? We're still saying it today, because it's in actual fact that best should say something in it. You wait on to set the very thing. I'm trying to what Bush. She said we got here. White women all time. We got. Listen, if you are why will move watching this or listening to this and your first instinct was to sex knock not me? You haven't missed it in agent at work to do you. You've missed it. You've got nowhere to because specially when we talked about like when the metoo movement happening in that started with Tawanda birth and she got no credit for it. Right. Because of Melissa alyssum Alana had Honey. It's been so long since Tony danza in Mazzola with a show. I can't remember like the show. Know what he wasn't. He was on. What you call with Alan Thicke. Yes, he made the appearance Alec. Whatever the belief. Believe we listen was he the afro, if y'all know if y'all know let us notices tributes. I don't know. But I will say who's the boss? Tony danza women was the boss. The blonde woman with the actual Judas let. But I think that. He was on the ala Fiqh growing pains. I think he was gonna throw ping lissi Keith. Okay. So y'all get out, but. Which is gonna be two. When I happened to wander birkhead really showcase that because black women, she was saying lead to because a lot of white men complaining about sexual harass rape, and all kinds of things. And they will say that they were unheard as she was saying. Like if you think you being unheard at people are actually listening way more than our situation so. Yes. Growing pains can't paying. Yes. So I mean I wanna take a moment to say that I was right. 'cause I very seldom I right? Especially this young lady, you, if we ever trying to figure out what happened I was gonna lay eighty divvy go. I took my agent. Chain listening. I grew up in a very strict Muslim household. She made on the b five early. But I grew up in a very strict Muslim household in a lot of things that I've been exposed to our exposed to a little bit later than everybody can even hardly watch appears promote that was which were so I. So we got to get off his, I can't believe being care. I will leave it to get rid of that, at least half episode. No, we got to click be payment. But what I what I'll say this. Black women have Tom and this is why when I speak about interracial relationships. That is the reason why speak about them. I don't give in one. Okay. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. She ranks. Right. Serang. In a racial integration. When I talk about interracial relationships. It is not tear male, black men who will with white women. If is to talk about one of the reasons why black women are the least protected respected group in the universe is because every other group of people has the male counterpart in their environment. Either protecting them or speaking for them and it into one of the Greek, whether you know, because sometimes people like batmans, she let women, but there is some you see letting men come into the fence of black women. You see Asian men come into defense of Asia women very seldom. Do you see black men, at least on the media, because I know that there are a lot of great black men. But the overall is we get we constantly see representations of these black niggers that ain't about shit that go. Latte women black from the difficult always the ones that got the mouthpiece. You talk about how much black woman a shit and. Blaming us for not being shit for them going to white women because we ain't shit. And that's what needs to be. We need to stop that narrative, and we can't be also attacked by black men while we being attacked by everybody else. So my conversation is when a black guy has comments about how black women don't look like this black woman shit, and then they turn around, and they would fat, white women, white women. And this is keep a real. I'm not gonna apologize. I'm not apologizing if you unattractive, set white woman, apologize about that, you know, that your Mira mill at the new node that and we all know so I'm not gonna politics I fat. Nobody who qualifies me for that set as what it is a well. So 'cause I know the pure nature is NEB wants the correct the situation but is nothing to correct. I'm not gonna apologize unattractive white fat. White woman. It should be at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of the hierarchy, how niggers rate women. So you cave, sit here and go black women shit. Don't look like shit, and then turn around and be with a part marginal white woman like the nigga from negativism on what was the superhero thing that was black. Magic whatever the black flash whatever the that Netflix show and they come to find out he would unattractive his light one caves, and it's like he let what you like what is the point of debt, the point of, is what you represent as chocolate, brother, and you with a woman at you holding up like she the damn that you even gave a chance to you would never give a chance to a black woman that looked like that white woman, that's the point, that's the as you wouldn't get chains. And you might find that his black woman and the Justice unattractive is your wife that would help joyous out, so you know what I'm saying? Like where we would within when needed. It's not fair for you. The tech just like wasn't. They take digs the woman. He was with a name Zell, whatever she not attractive is keeping what it is towns, which is task. What I'm saying this they hold these women like they some take on the stand the woman that you wit is, was not attractive. If you be pushing up like they so much of this. I'm telling you, when it comes to these brothers at what they deem attractive, another tractive. It's not about the looks about the skin and the reason why we see a lot of light skin, a white women constantly being applauded is because that's all they show. And then when they go to show representations of black women is always some black woman and say whatever you wanna say hope to get me kicked out of the essence festival wanna do that. But this yet is gonna track the way when it's unattractive black women. And then they wanna always put the unattractive. I'm again, I'm not saying black Ramon eternal black woman, but maybe putting up black women at either you like every black woman, you put that aprentice you ain't gotta put every black woman up there. Looking like this black women's Elliott looking? Gorgeous. I think also too there has to be away Charlotte of your economic year so few economic standing or your interpersonal. Also, they almost one second oldest thought a lot of his black into they put up this poll, and, you know, you look bad, when you pour no for real, they put me you. They married white women put him in a luxury lifestyle, which is relaxing to worry about nothing. They get the Sajjan shit like that, that will make a bitch look among here. L A, a lot of life skin, white when the bright women, where I was number bright, light skinned women, all in bitches, like they step straight out of school, scrub and spa. When I came here with us by Las Vegas bitch. I almost like it's a lot of relaxation enable stress. You know what I mean? So. Yeah. Which is good yet, when it son, all of time, you can get your anus laser shit like that get confident, and it's on bitches getting clicked surge. Gery Amos on shifts. You can't even see course bitches doing other shit my point in what I say that stock moving your Clinton rap nigga don't want to be with you 'cause you're clear the wrong spot. Get rid of that negative. I trauma best to be a solution oriented in think that they're I think part of the solution to this particular problem responding generally about the dynamics between black men who date outside the race in relation to black when that Cuna should up, yet there had to be there has to be a way to love who you love in protect who you protect without abusing some of the perfect if there has issued seven out of ten black men all with women. Seven out of ten black men or women numbers for why people we only get outnumber. But also, I'm getting my eyeballs walk out here right now. Who survey every other every nigga see and they bring stop. Bringing your white women hall. Stop winning white women hall. The stop what a nigga walk in front of the other day in hall of white bitch, varicose, veins thousand shit outta shake what stepping in front of me like he doing something stop bringing these white women Harlem go with dad, you always want to go somewhere where you can dogs wanna go. Everybody know your name. But no. This ain't cheers, nicotine that bitch with a fuck y'all need to be go skipping down her. Bam look the LES where her not walking up in Harlem, I'm trying to have African American day and I got to see why because I only once between two pm and nine pm. They got any time with all that second hand shit. I'm telling you that they got any time because when you be bringing they always act like black women white women that shit. We don't wanna see this shit. We don't wanna see this, too much, and you tell me seven out of ten black men or with women. Not lack. That is a problem mentally. There's some biz something that's going on. There's a breakdown in the system because if people are not even able to look at people that look like them in twos. Them at. Is that much of a disconnect because they seven out of ten white men seven out of ten white men in eight with no woman, eight, white seven out of ten Asian minute, with no woman aged seven out of ten whatever. So we gotta start getting shit together. If you are black man out here, not choosing black because stereotypes or disrespect that you need to get your shit together your part of the problem, and I'm not gonna clean that shit up. You clean it up 'cause we got eleven seconds left is now nine seconds. You got seven seconds. Get your shit together because guess what? This episode is over in two seconds good night.

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