Apples iPhone 12 event is finally here (for real this time) (The Daily Charge, 10/6/2020)


Support for this podcast comes from at and T. you know throughout history switching to new technology wasn't complicated. Ancient Roman acts made water fast, reliable, secure, and nationwide electricity made candles fast reliable, secure and nationwide. Today we have at and T. Five. G. It's fast reliable, secure and nationwide put into a historical context gets kind of a no brainer at and T. Five G. It's not complicated. Five requires compatible plan may not be in your area see at dot com slash five G. for you for details. Invites apples event next. Tuesday are out and all the confirmed the debut, the next iphone. So what are we expecting? Roger Chang, and this is your daily charge with me is our apple expert ensure welcome in. Hello. So jumped the gun a bit last time when the invites came out and we talked a bit about the iphone and turned out no iphones at all this September event, which is highly unusual first time ever that they as timber event without an iphone but second time around it's gotTa be iphone twelve right I mean if. They're going to have a lot of trouble I remember a long time ago. There was talk about how there's expectations around various events and I didn't know this but there's actually a fiduciary duty apple and companies have when rumors get out of control on a product and people say it's imminently coming and it's not gonNA come. It's almost like they have to dispel the rumor just to make sure that they're okay with finance and all that because people might be buying the stock at a crazy rate based on that one rumor and if they make an announcement but don't acknowledge it, they can't. So it's actually kind of i. have a really strong feeling bottom line that's an iphone. This time Brian so I mean we ran through the last time. But let's talk about what we're expecting from the IPHONE twelve for one, there's there's multiple models. There's a whole bunch of new bells and whistles, but let's let's get into it. What what are you expecting with this new family phones? This new family of iphones is going to be very similar in terms of the lineup to what we're used to. Right. There's going to be kind of an entry point one, which will be somewhere around seven hundred dollars or whatever it will be. Then they'll be the normal one which is around a thousand dollars and then the step up, which is the largest one for eleven hundred. What's going to be interesting is that there are rumors of a fourth iphone, a quote unquote mini, which for those of you remember the ipod mini that actually supercharged the ipod though I don't know what supercharging an iphone even looks like at this point, but it could draw even more demand and offer something between the iphone se. Whatever this new iphone is. But in terms of design, it's expected to look a lot like the IPAD pros. So think box here now scurvy and that's supposed to have a new chip. No surprise it'll be faster. I'm sure will change the world somehow, and then it's the big thing otherwise is five G.. That extra G is going to give us a lot faster surfing in hopefully really make a compelling argument for why people need to buy this thing. Yeah. That'll be the interesting one is the the idea that Five G. I mean there's been a lot of hype obviously talked about it a lot on this podcast of, but as I looked at it and look practically and I've asked you know some of the carriers about this, like what is the main benefit of five G. When we're all stuck at home? There isn't really a great answer. It's more like well, you know you really want it what you do go back. Out there and so it'll be interesting to see how apple frames the the benefits and the need for five. Because right now, fascists when you're on the go, you know better responsiveness when you're on the go allowed that we're not we're not on the go right now. So it'll be it's it's for me something I've had to like kind of square way like the benefits of all this but also the reality that. We're not really gonNA enjoy some of those benefits for a little while what you mean. You don't download an entire television series while you're going out to get groceries, I, I used to. You Know I. Think What's interesting is that there are surveys out there that say. That apple has an actual problem with five G., which is that a stunning number of people believe they already have five jeep and a lot of this is thanks to at and T. we've written about it on. The little five G. at the top of the phone I. It's a staggering number of people who are. Who are? Convinced G. and they don't so apple has to convince them. Oh, you actually don't have five G. YOU WANNA get five Gina G. which good luck with that one, and then also the other thing that's interesting is that there's a survey that came out from declutter just recently the. Electric's recycler and reseller. They said that fifty three percent of respondents planned to buy this year's iphone that is ridiculously high and what's interesting is that a lot of analysts expect this to be what they call a super cycle as well. They're likening it to when the iphone six came out in two thousand fourteen, which was huge. It was one of the big purchase points. A lot of people got that iphone six or iphone success. That's when a lot of people jumped. So I'm curious to see how this is going to be that again or whether the economy, the corona virus. General. Justice Malays about the world is going to Kinda slow down apple's role. Yeah. I get the sense that you know we've looked at the impact of the coronavirus I. think that's that's really stalled SP- consumer spending on a lot of different things. I don't know if the phone is one of them it may still be like one of the few items where you're willing to disband up on because it's such a hurdle advice because you spent so much time on it but we'll see like it's We'll the pricings ranged you alluded to that the of cheaper iphone that might help as well. I think the fact that it's going to be different it'll look physically different over the first time in three three generations at this point at least. Yeah. If we think the iphone ten was twenty seventeen, right so yes. So you re years I mean that that's that hits right about at the two to three year upgrade cycle where a lot of people just want upgrade because batteries not working, and so I think they're right there's definitely going to be a super cycle there I'm really Intrigued, you know we've talked about this with Blumenthal while back about some of the deals that might come from the carriers because I'm sure they'll be eager to push five G. as well. when it comes out the estimation is that apple will immediately become one of the biggest five G. players out there. So this is one of the law of large numbers things right just the fact that they move into the market means that but I- again, it's a lot of interesting question marks that were not there in January definitely the five G. aspect again, it's the other part of this. Apple has been known for controlling their experience. It's and the software the hardware for once this feature five G. is like the one experience that they can't control. Right? They don't have. They're not the ones figuring out how to roll out the network and how well the service runs. So the the key benefit of this new iphone alive it's GonNa depend on how well verizon network holds up the mobile at and that right now is if iw for skiers I, think you'll remember that back with four G. and three G. when. New York in San. Francisco. In particular just had terrible. Service problems all over the place I remember it was it was really bad. It would be block to block in New York and it was it was sometimes even worse than San Francisco and a apple would wine about it all the time like every event whenever anyone talked about. Your. Service on these phones is terrible. Do like well, not our problem. It's actually it's really eight hundred verizon, and by the way it's really hard to build new towers in San Francisco. They're really hard to get them approved. So I, think that you know if it doesn't go well is going to be pointing their finger in other directions, right? Right they've. Done that in the past I'm sure they'll do it again beyond the iphone. What else are we expecting 'cause? We got a bunch of stuff last month right? We got an IPAD two new ipads to new apple watches we got was that it I remember? Getting into the apple one apple subscription. So we got a bunch of stuff last month. Are we what's left? Well assuming the IPHONE is going to be probably the biggest thing I think the other two interesting items that I'm going to be looking at is there's apple headphones which are rumored. So think of Studio Cup over ear headphones which you might say, well, wait a minute. Don't they make headphones under the beats brand and I would say, yes, they do and I don't know what's going to happen to that but. There's been a lot of patents we've written about on seen it where they have done stuff like they've come up with interesting ways to make the design lay flat which again when we ever start moving around again would be pretty cool to just toss in your bag. And there's other stuff as well where Apparently, other headphone makers have this where they can actually figure out the position of your ear inside the cup in kind of make the audio just like just. So for that stuff in considering their pods, pro have adobe atmos- in them now, which means surround sound it would be logical for them to do it in the cups the headphones as well. So that would be interesting. I don't know whether it will sell. Well, if you look at other headphone stuff, they've done the pods are going gangbusters, but the home pied is debatable subject. We don't hear about a lot which is usually a sign that they don't WanNa talk about it, and then the other product is the computer they said that they're going to have an apple silicon computer out by the end of the year. The first non Intel computer in a long long long time and I'm really curious to see what they do last time when they made this transition from. From IBM. POWERPC. To Intel they created a MAC book pro. We went from the powerbook which was a pretty good design to the MAC pro which had the magnetic power adapter. It had the camera and the screen that was the first time. They did that nothing a lot of different changes they made that really got people's attention and I'm curious what they'll do for this one I hope that they'll. They'll do some new stuff for the laptops particularly magnetic power adapter. If you're listening to him cook I'm really I'm still bothered by that. And then. There's also the possibility of an I mac or Mac mini something that has this chip in it to show. Hey, this is going to be really awesome and we want to start seeing how successful this thing will be right, and then there's the long rumored air tags as well. which may or may not come I feel like they're rumored at every single event. But CATHRO them in there you did mention the home pod let's say there were reports about apple removing sonos equipment from its retail stores, as well as those equipments, which which led to some speculation that maybe they were ready to present a new as you set the studio headphones Air Pods Studio headphones. Off as well as maybe an update to the home pot, which as you rightly note, hasn't really done a lot of attention. They don't talk about that much at least from the outside data we've seen the sales have not been that great but at this point like. Does apple sort of. Keep going down and invest more into a new model or do they just sort of like, let this away. It's interesting. You know part of this I I think is to Kremlinology of Apple, right? Like what what do they think it? How do they think it? In one of the things I find fascinating about them. You may remember if you go back way back machine, they had a thing called ipod Hi fi, which was to compete against all the bose sound docs and everything, and it was a really good device. It got good reviews but it was too expensive. In the home pied similarly gets great reviews, but it's considered to be too expensive and Amazon has just completely undercut them in terms of the performance for every dollar that you get and I think that the question apple has to answer this time around if they're going to keep this going. To, make it compelling enough that it's GonNa be worth buying this thing instead of the Sonos or instead of and the thing about Amazon is that a lot of people including myself in my home, it's bought including the other stuff. I have my old stereo and I have some Vamos on stuff and that that's hard for apple I. Think they really that's where they got themselves in a bind was that they actually are competing against a home stereo already have versus adding to it Joe. Well, there's lots of lots of SPECULA-, any other surprises or anything else that you're expecting from that event You know I think the only other thing that I would be looking for is that there is too long rumored headphones. Glasses, right. The glasses I don't expect it at all but. We've heard so many people now talk about these things and we have reported on them and we've heard so many things about what the future looks like in facebook makes all this big deal about it. Microsoft. Makes this big deal about it and apple has in the past shown off device up to six seven months before it's released. So maybe they could tease the future, but we'll see well, thanks Ian you can read all of our apple coverage on Senate Dot Com if you have any questions about what's coming up his twitter at the charge and we'll try something you if you'd like to receive direct text messages from me. Go to joint subtext dot com slash the daily charge to sign up. And also please subscribing rate the show it really helps out for the daily charge I'm Roger Chang. Thanks for listening. Hey. Do you like saving money on Tech Gadgets? Cool stuff. Then we've got a podcast for you. You know that guy as Rick Roy seen that's resident game I'm Dave Johnson and together we host the cheapskate show in recent weeks we've told you how to save money on phone service why you don't want to apple air pause and where to find the very best pre password manager. 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