Los Angeles Times 2/9/21


It's tuesday february ninth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state. Farm is there. Today will be mostly cloudy with a high of sixty four and a low tonight of fifty our top story black latino and native american seniors in los angeles county receiving covid nineteen vaccinations at a lower rate than white asian american and pacific islander seniors. The data released yesterday raised new concerns about inequity in the troubled rollout of vaccines for those sixty five and older in all just seven percent of black seniors have received at least one dose. That's less than half the comparable number for white seniors about nine percent of native american seniors and fourteen percent of latino seniors have also received at least one dose public health director. Barbara ferrer said the county is committed to increasing the number of vaccination sites in the hardest hit areas in other health news hospitals across the. Us are reporting dramatic increases in alcohol related admissions for critical diseases like alcoholic hepatitis. And liver failure. The pandemic has sent thousands of recovering alcoholics into relapse but even before covid nineteen alcoholism related liver. Disease was a growing problem in the country. Fifteen million people have been diagnosed with the condition and over the last decade hospitalizations have doubled. Dr brian lee a transplant hepatitis. To who treats alec liver disease says missions for the disease at us's keck hospital were up thirty percent in twenty twenty compared with two thousand nineteen. Meanwhile california's largest utilities. Say they will spend about thirteen billion dollars to reduce the risk of wildfires after several were blamed on their equipment pacific gas and electric southern california. Edison san diego gas and electric and some smaller utilities filed plans with the california public utilities commission. The commission will have to approve them. Pg and e. With more than five point five million customers in the state has proposed a plan that will include a new computerized risk model that will help pinpoint the areas most prone to wildfires the utility will also focus on safety work in business news disney california adventure park is planning to hold a food and beverage festival in march disney also announced it would recall about one thousand employees who were laid off or furloughed. An additional three hundred fifty. Staffers have already returned to work. With the recent reopening of eateries and stores in downtown disney disneyland disney california adventure closed last march and state restrictions still prohibit theme parks from operating attractions disneyland executives and others have pressured. Governor gavin newsom to create protocols that would let the parks reopened soon but newsom has held firm on guidelines that tie reopening to corona virus infection rates and case numbers and finally catalina island is reopening just in time for valentine's day it has been largely closed to visitors through months of pandemic restrictions but the catalina express which had to cut back. Its ferry service will return to its full range of trips on friday varies will operate at reduced the pasadena however and require face masks in the meantime two dozen restaurants will be open in avalon for outdoor dining or takeaway meals by friday hotels vacation rentals and campgrounds are also reopening while many tours and activities. It will resume this week for these stories and more visit l. a. times dot com. You don't need to break the latest story to get great rates on your car insurance with state farm you could get surprisingly great rates just for being you know inside scoop required state farm offers coverage that meets your needs at a price. That's easy on your budget. And that's news worth sharing my good neighbor. State farm is there.

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