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Then we're reviewing the upcoming little women movie directed by Greta Gerwig and Elizabeth banks banks as a brand new at directing gig. Apparently it's invisible woman. Hello everyone welcome to collider movie. Talk this wonderful Wednesday. I hope you're ready to sit back and relax hereabouts movie news while you plan for your holiday. Are they safe travels to all out there. Hello Hello and John Rocca after. Never ask ask you how you're doing you walk into the studio glowing time because I am happy to be here. A lighter is my happy place. 'cause I love I love everyone. You're all my friends and we're all like minded are passionate about movies. What's not taught either because of that adults because of whatever roka's drinking I don't know what his mood this morning it's raining? It's pouring. Get ready because this show ain't could it be boring in the holiday spirit Russia. Let's get into this first story. Here is is a box office projections for star wars the rise of skywalker. This report comes from variety and apparently the movie right now is on pace for start between one hundred and seventy five million dollars and two hundred million dollars. This is according to early tracking and you know we know sometimes tracking 's right great. Sometimes it's not of late. It has not been right. So you guys here this number. How much weight do you put in it? Do you think it was too high too low. You go well I think for me personally I. It struck me as being a little low and be like what's below but everything to take in context and that is force awakens with what to forty five forty two something like that. Last shot is twenty railroad there and this is coming at one seventy five to two hundred which means you could go to one seventy five that to me speaks volumes about how fractured the star. Wars Fan base is and how they're not as excited overall. They have been in times past to go and see these kinds of movies and this isn't just another installment. This is wrap up and as the wrap up. I believe there should be way more buzz about in terms in the box office in the early tracking this in the two hundred and fifty million dollar range in my opinion because I mean you look at what events endgame. That was a two forty something to sixty sneak. Something a three three. Sorry five I remember. We were all going crazy. There was even come close to three hundred three whatever it was it was pretty incredible star. Wars there's has been around much longer than the marvel and has been in our lives for so long that I'm shocked that it's kind of this low. Okay I agree with all your points but right you also have to keep in mind that when the Force Awakens opened the two thousand fifteen to two hundred and forty seven million dollars. We hadn't had a star wars movie in ten years. We hadn't had anything being in Star Wars in ten years but we had a couple of star trek movies that JJ directed so it was new product but it was also the return of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford it to the franchise of course also Shibata are three. Po It felt like a star wars movie but now so between the disappointment of Solo and divided fan reaction of the jet I Star Wars has been taken down a couple notches in terms of expectations. But you also let's not forget. Forget Ladies and gentlemen you have on Disney plus the man delorean which is amazing. The Manta Laurean. It's the best thing to happen to star worse since the empire strikes back it is that good because it is different it is dark it is mature it is daring but very much feels like like star wars which is all the things that I loved about the empire strikes back. But I digress. The point is is that there's more star wars products out there so the anticipation isn't as high having said that two hundred million that bad opening by any measure sure even a star wars one and I actually think that you know what because like pointed out China that this is the last of this Saga Saga that started in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and the payoff could be really really big. I think that these numbers are conservative and low sink. The movie's WHO's GonNa get closer to two hundred and fifty million domestic. That's not worldwide. Okay now that's a big number bringing up a conservative number here I. I think it's important to read this piece from the variety article. They're saying Disney is aiming to manage expectations since tracking has been unreliable in recent weeks the X. box office watchers are optimistic. That rise skywalker will end the year on a high note overall ticket. Sales have plunged over seven percent from last year. According to calm score so considers in studios alike are banking on especially lucrative holiday movie going season to help close the gap. So that's why we might be seeing a number that looks like this right now and and as we always say whenever we cover box office tracking. That's right now as we inch closer and we get more marketing and the hype continues to build. That number will change when reviews reviews. Come out that number could change fairly significantly and just so you guys have a very clear picture of where this rain stands in the latest star wars releases. Here's a chart chart of all of the openings. We had force awakens open up with two hundred and forty eight million dollars last Jedi kicked off. Its run with two twenty rogue one opened up up with one fifty five and then we had solo open up with eighty four million so you know admittedly when I saw these numbers and I noticed specifically that it was lower than last S. jet. I I was thinking. Oh you know that. That sounds like a little bit of a bummer. Could that reflect the divide in the franchise. But I think there's even more to it than that because because was looking back and forth awakens in particular and looking at the release calendar and I think you know most other parts of the year were saying things like Oh avengers endgame just obliterating all competition around it whereas it seems like in December as of late some of the wealth even with the Juggernaut like star words in the mix. Some of the wealth is getting spread around the little. It's like we have a movie like Jumanji yes opens the weekend before but the last installment proved that that's a series that could have have legs so I think there are opportunities for something like Jumanji and hats to make money and we saw that same thing happened with last Jedi. And it's competition. I I think as far as like the box office projections tracking a you're right tracking has been off but in most of the cases where the tracking has been off the tracking. The projections had been conservative. Live low ford versus Ferrari which is right. riffing movie was projected to open in the low twenty s and opened with thirty one million dollars and everyone one loves this movie. Everyone Must Ford versus Ferrari even in. Its second weekend when it got obliterated obliterated by frozen to it's still held on less than in was a less than fifty percent went with this same path with projections with frozen those numbers those expectations as projections lower and then frozen it out and it surprised everyone with higher number but we have seen a lot of expectations. Come in way above what movie was GonNa make like. Let's say doctor sleep or Terminator Dark Fate. The at Charlie's angels. There's a whole bunch of studio releases that turned out to be major disappointments well under tracking. What's always good to under promise and over deliver right and I think Disney's playing that game with frozen and they worked out for them you know it's all about looks to all about brandings about how it's going to look overall Perry you bring up an interesting point? Would you mogae and with a great show as we saw that. That was the year of the jet. I I was a big fan of showman. But of course they don't open for. I think only open at like ninety million that we never ever number one it was never to one and then you look Jumanji. Nobody expected that thing. I mean I was there for that. I don't get it and I remember the all the representatives from Sony. You telling me we would just be happy if we came in at number two. We're not expecting acting and then it just really blew up so you talk about this. But here's what helped. That situation happened was the divisiveness of last Jedi. That has to be factored in. It's not about just the competition competition. It's the fact that the product you put out was divisive if this comes out and divide is divisive than yes. I think everything you just laid out will absolutely happen to the arises skywalker as well but if he comes out and it's incredible than I think you will obliterate whatever the competition is no matter what they did two years ago and I think I do think that there's something to be said about after the mixed reactions to lash and Solo. Of course you have your fans who love those movies and hats off to them. I mean I I think both movies have their merits rights but of course both movies also had their detractors. Critics really like the last. I like critically drew on rotten tomatoes. That actually had a really positive score it was the fans. It's like a lot of the fans not all but but certainly a lot of them were burns but again going back to the mandatory in here I think because the Manta worrying is a weekly show. Not just one thing but people are watching the man to Warren episode after episode there going. Wow this is a really great show. So all of the burn burn that some of the fans felt with John Solo. They are getting one over there. Getting back to the store series because of the greatness of the Manta I love I love it. I think the fact that men delorean has arrived and it is it. It seems to be very widely loved right now. I think that that actually. I don't think it's necessarily going to you. Know bump it up fifty million or something but I do think the Mandolin is working in rise skywalker favor a little bit. I thank personal baby. Yoda I cannot get. It was waiting for those words as many wonderful things about Mandal Laurien and it took not that long to bring up. Okay now you mean to tell me so. Mantle oriented just to sort of where we're rises skywalker cookie going so you're introducing baby. Yoda in the mantle. Worry which takes place five years after. Return the jets. Spoilers NUSSBAUM warning out there engaged engaged if what if the mantle worrying is tied to the rise of skywalker. I've thought about that. I believe I want to throw out a name and give this theory. Put this theory on someone shoulders if it didn't come from them but someone had pointed out because I believe that week the episode so to the man delorean hits on Wednesday not Friday and yes that might be because rises skywalker is in theaters. But I just wonder if there's going to be something in that episode. That had you need to be really could but they really could have just moved the release of that episode to ensure people have time to stay home and watch it because everyone's going to be going out to sea rise of skywalker in theaters. I don't know it's a fun thing to think about this enthusiasm a little bit all right. Here's the deal. The mandate is made by Dave Baloney. Jon favreau it has nothing to do with the rise of skywalker. That people could have resigned. Walk that is important to understand. Fans we'll disseminate the difference between the two and we'll suck was why she writes. That means they're going to get this thing right now. It just means I love this. I really hope this works. That's what what I think. Most of the FANDOM is approaching this as two separate things just because Black Panthers. Good doesn't mean Captain Marvel's going to be good. Just it's all you gotta take on. Its own one thing. They don't necessarily it's going to be truth to a franchise building momentum with good things but it is. Yeah well possibly because it's like this. TV show. That's a movie wants to get to different things. Like I guess they are two different things. I mean this. There's never been a live action star. I TV series and it's been so far I've seen three and episode. Three episodes are posted. I've loved them all especially the third one was using but I don't think the idea idea that the Manza worrying as a standard thing that doesn't tie in at any way to the final installment of epic Saga Episode Nine. I don't think they were just sort of make it stand alone and not have tien at all very smart. It would be very smart for their service that they're putting a lot in right now especially when you look look at that same company is doing with Marvel where they are purposely trying to others so strongly possible. I'm just saying I wonder if this is cool. I don't know about this. There's a track record for this. That isn't one hundred percent positive while there's a tracker for mandatory and that is one hundred percent right now so let me get this straight so the last episode the Milan mantle warming is gonNA throw plus. It's after Christmas. The last episode Amanda Lorena. Okay Okay Gotcha. But the with the weapons. So she's talking about will be the week of okay. The week that rise of the jet I opened on Friday that episode of Mantle worrying. We'll drop on Wednesday and then I walked her open on a Friday and then the last episode will be the the following week. All my gosh so I am dates right now. We're talking specifically about episode. Six I drops on December thirteenth which when Jumanji opens opens but then the next episode of the man delorean hits on December eighty and then after that we get another episode that's the takeaway. Td episode and that drops on December twenty. Seven Kevin Hart So. The question is for everyone. Watching question is forever watching and listening. Do you think that the Mantle Warren will pay off in rice at the jet. I asked ask the questions which is all right but I think you might you might you bigger point period. They may it may be one of two things one. Are they dropping just to kind of clear that weekend or are they dropping it because like a lot of series we've seen recently the panel to meet episode is the episode to to watch not the finale necessarily of a season. But the one right before. The finale surely happened with game of thrones almost every season. So maybe they're doing the same thing here with Mandalay. Same formula and they're connecting something into the rise of skyward. I don't think it'll be integral Pi to rise but surely have something for fans Hans to kind of pay off watching this bet on it at this point and I think it might be more so coming from wishful thinking because I think that would be really cool and I really really enjoy. I've been really enjoying mandatory in general but in particular I love the mandatory culture and Lore. I don't know even if it's just a sliver of representation take on the big screen. I KINDA WANNA see that pop up inside I. It's definitely wishful thinking. And I and I hope that you know that. I hope that does happen before we move on to a little women quickly around the table. Where do you think right? Now rises skywalker. It's going to land. I know you already said to fifty. Okay barring if it's good liberal views to fifty mixed reviews one ninety ninety five Perry. What about you? You're kind of cheating the system my wanted you to pick one number. I can't pick it a vacuum. I think I'm coming in right around last Jedi right now. I have a feeling I have a feeling saying that and again this. It's wishful thinking. But I can't help but I like looking on the bright side I do think that. Jj is going to deliver a crowd-pleaser things up. I think at the end of the skywalker. Saga is going to add. Some added hype that maybe last year I had a little less love. I'm coming in right around two twenty right now. People complaining a lot about that clip already ready like oh they fly now fly. People are complaining about that already. People are waiting. There are some plain about it but I fully admit it's a thirty second clip that's taken out of context within the actual film itself. That could play better last person. Maybe some of the fans are y'all sell for those of US old enough to remember who are actually there. Hello when the empire strikes back came out in one thousand nine hundred ever complained that it was too dark. Return of the Jedi came out. Nineteen eighty-three everyone complain about the walks. And they're still complaining about the walks. They always find something about e walks by me for ever in the end is a star wars. Like you belong now now looking at serious even leave it to you or something in return of the Jedi. We'll see how these predictions pan out love. DC movies shows and comic books while we have good the news for you. 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Know like schmaltzy multi romantic piece type thing. So I never thought I would like a movie like this. I fell so hard for it. I was like in a a puddle of my own tears through a good deal of this movie. Wasn't that you connect the two. I think the thing that I connected to more so than anything was was the sister element. There's there's certain things things like I don't want to spoil anything for folks who don't know the story like I did because a Lotta things did come as a nice surprise to me. But you know there's instances of you know let's say Sir Sharon and Florence Pugh may be butting heads at point and then seeing them come together at other points just so much of that ring so true as someone one who has a sibling that now. I'm very close to and I don't know it's just. I found the emotion of that part of the movie almost overwhelming. But you think I absolutely loved it and I wouldn't like this. I wouldn't like a dude going into Gobi like I don't WanNa see these four girls do whatever this all about but I have to watch it because I have to vote on the voting and I was like okay but I thoroughly thoroughly loved it and I was inter- I was supposed to go to another screening. Missed that excreting. Because I wanted to finish watching. The movie was two hours and twenty minutes long so I I stayed the whole time and absolutely loved it like way better than that nineties. Version version one owner rider and Susan. Sarandon I thought this what Greta Gerwig did here was leap to the next level. As director from lady bird to this is almost a a S- like flying to the moon her. I is so smart now. Her ability to pay so film correctly her genius to do the time jumping thing that she does in. The film is incredible. Incredible as well and the performance is that she gets out of this phenomenal cast. From like Chris Cooper to all the way to starchy. Ronin is incredible Tracy Letts who has is a has a fun. Little has a few scenes in it is incredible but more than anything else. It's the way she paces the film that get you excited interested and the way she kind of massages some the harder edges of the characters to make it fit within the world of the story. She wants to tell With this version of little women I was incredibly surprised by all by the and like you. Perry was in tears but certainly loved with the characters I saw on screen and wanted like an idiot. What a sequel I legitimately wanted a sequel? I want to watch that. I disagree with everything you've said. I think that credit card where you get to say. It is a more ambitious film film lady bird. I mean related mortar lady bird just because it was more contemporary and modern Little women I've Al- I've ripe was the book when I was when I was a Kim school by I really admire the way. She took the source material state. truitt stay true to the to the time setting but there were still elements of the story of the relationships of the way the characters thought especially Joe Marsh. Play by Sir Sharon. WHO's looking at an the Oscar nomination for best actress? I felt like there were elements of the phone the felt very current and contemporary and modern. And I think it's a wonderful wonderful film series. Your Ronin is just the definition of a lead amber. She is such a strong anchor for this movie. And I feel like that's a very difficult role to nail nail in a sense especially you know watching this and seeing her opposite Florence Pugh who deliver she is. She's having quite the air. I I think of the entire cast. I might be rooting for Florence. Pugh the most but I think it's because that role is I guess I would describe it as like a little show ear ear in a sense there. She is certain moments in the movie. That feel like you know. Sometimes you walk away from these things in your like. That's your Oscar clip moment. That's what they're gonNA ration- and something thinks something with the the role that Florence pugh has makes it a little easier to picture whereas you know. I don't want to necessarily call. Joe Like the straight woman of the bunch but she. She's the heart she's the foundation nation. And you know with with the endeavors that she's trying to achieve. I feel like You know hitting peak emotion with a rolex that is very very challenging changing but she navigates that path so well where especially with the time. Jump thing it's all over the place but they hit the climax for that character at just the right point and it really like felt like the ultimate punch to the gut to me and it was so well earned. I think the time jumping really does help volume a give. How can I say this? I think the time jumping really helps floors pews character helps you to appreciate who. She is as an actress while what she plays in one section of the movie versus what she plays in a later section of the movie. And you're just like this is incredible. And you're twenty four to me and I'M OUTTA my fricking mind for saying this this. But this is akin to Orson Welles and what. He didn't Cain. She has talent at such a young age that I can already see four Oscars in this woman's future from fighting with the FA with your fam- family to mid some artillery macbeth to this. The woman is an absolute powerhouse. And she's only twenty four years. Later pacifist cast was terrific. It's mind blowing me. You're right it has been a lead since like twelve years old. She just has this energy of hers that she's going to go forward. I don't want to give a little love to Laura dern. I like this role better than the marriage story role. I think she should be nominated for this for best supporting actress that marriage do do. I think she had more to do here. Then she did a marriage story. So I'm happy to see Laura dern getting back into war is again as even corrections himmy shallow vain relevant who season it. Because he's he's got quite the load to lift in this as well and I think what you bring up with With Florence Pugh and just showing off her skill set with time jump and seeing the to contrast contrast as to where that character is at those points in our life. You could apply the same thought to Tim Shallow May to and what he does that. Rel only the only flaw with the film and it didn't ruin the movie but I was definitely noticeable. was that the two hour and twenty minute running time. It just feels a little long. You definitely you know like like towards the end felt like it was going to rape and it kept going and you know that's okay because I'm an I liked were went certainly liked. Were when But I think it's a wonderful film. What's a ravishing film and Yeah I think far as pew really stood out among this ensemble and an and along with Social Ronin and amazing year. She started movie fighting with my family. She sort of ended the year with another version of fighting with my associates Too but it's a wonderful show. We don't want to completely overlook Emma Watson and Elizabeth Scanlon. Either because even though everybody's talking about search around and and Florence Komo deservedly right now. I thought the two of them made the most of what they had. And I don't know I'm just very impressed and again. This is coming from someone who has no familiarity with the source material era whatsoever. I do I will say I do feel driven now to actually read it after managing to avoid it throughout my entire school career but The the two of them and especially the way that Greta Gerwig gives every single member of the unsolvable a very full arc. That is not an easy thing to achieve steve even with a two hour. Twenty minute running time and you know that's part of the reason why I was glad the movie was as long as it was. Because you know no one got shafted. Everyone got a very full foale very human story and I think you already brought it up. Roca the pacing of this movie never made it feel that long to be the only thing that made it feel long was the fact that I got exhausted from from crying at a point now like oh I need to go to bed while the the book by Louisa May Alcott. She did right by the book she also made a movie that what the read the book or not. It's so wonderful movie on its own terms to see any of the other versions. Just see this one all right. That is our review of little women. We have one more topic to hit today. And it's the the invisible woman story but first we've got some stuff to tell you about good thing manses on the table for this one because we have some great arc light. FIC screen two of them coming up first of all we're going to tell you about. Is this joker screening. If you want to get tickets to this you can find all the information on collider dot com. It's happening on Tuesday December third. So so you're going to want to check that out it's GonNa have a Q.. And A. With the Director of photography on the movie and then on top of that we also have screening for rocket mad another another. QNA for this one on Saturday December seventh. And we've got Taryn Eggerton. Jamie Bell and Dexter Fletcher on board for this one. A lot of good stuff stuff coming your way for collider. FDIC the screenings just with the show in general. It's been a good season. Thus far excited so now we have a little video. WE WE WANNA share with you because it's something you know. I recently went off to Kabo for the Jumanji the next level junket and I got to tick off an item on my a bucket list bungee jumping. Now you could see it for yourself. Roll the video. What's up guys? Perry here in Kabul for what is essentially my junket dream come true talking about movies specifically typically Jim onto the next level and going bungee jumping. It's no big deal can be fine. It's good it's happening. We're making our way out right there and this is what we're jumping into. Hello Camille Lucky. I love movies so much otherwise I might run off and become a professional bungee jumper but this whole thing was incredible writing a ut across that bridge is there getting to Bungee jump getting to talk to the cast of the film Jumanji next level in theaters December thirteenth. Hope you enjoyed this video seek. I can't stop smiling watching that. That might be one of my favorite moments of all twenty nine. I was so excited to go bungee jumping. You probably know I didn't stop talking about a couple of days before I left but I I think was it looks great it looks fantastic and the rock re tweeted you. I know the rapporteur so cool. This is my first time meeting dwayne Johnson and you know in the reputation is totally true. What's cool cool passionate kind guy? Would you ever bungee jumping really now. You would. Oh yeah skydiving though. I would rather go skydiving the Bungee just this. I really yeah. FIC skydiving okay. I'll ah can. We just make that thing for no reason or I would absolutely bungee jumping. It's weird because you know bungee jumping. You're not too far to drop but snaps but then we'll parachute doesn't is an open. So extreme sport I think the big difference between the two is that so skydiving. especially if you're new to skydiving having you have to go with like an instructor you have to go tandem. So you're attached to a pro. They can kind of nudge you out of the plane a little bit. I think the only point where I actually felt nerves bungee jumping was totally fine. And then all of a sudden when you're on that platform that Gondola and you step and I was the first one to go so I step to the edge and that's where it sinks in that you like all you have to fling yourself off the platform into like the abyss. That's where you're twinge of because you can see. When Pera gets very nervous? She has to settle into our core. And you can see her legs. Cut US flare play out a little bit and then she goes F.. Here my like twenty questions to the guy too because it was a very straight form you had a jump off with in order for the experience you for you to experience to its fullest. And it's safest and it's like you're supposed to go out superman style and like keep your eyes straight ahead and I must have repeated like superman straight ahead like twenty times over before I actually jumped off the ledge. Wow that's so awesome. Good job all right. Let's roll into that final topic of the day. We're talking about a new project for Elizabeth Bank. She set to star in and direct invisible invisible woman for universal. So the deal is with this one because we also have Leeann els invisible man coming up so Tom This is all information about the previous versions. We're hearing that the invisible woman movie will not be linked to Leonov upcoming the invisible man but that the movies are inspired by the same story. Presumably that story being nineteen thirty. Three's the invisible man movie so you guys hear this. I have so many questions first. Let's start with Elizabeth Banks. I'm not sure who here saw Charlie's angels but do you have faith in Elizabeth banks as as far as her being a director going. You know the fact that this news broke after Charlie's angels underperformed big time with a with an eight million dollar opening and the reviews. Were not kind but yet the studio is still moving forward with our starring and directing the movie that they could've looked at the opening of Charlie's angels have been like let's dodge support and get someone else but they still showed faith in Elizabeth banks to direct this movie studios showing faith in them after. Charlie's angels I'm showing faith in her to. Oh also because you know what. Charlie's angels fifty million dollar budget and it looked like it had a lower budget and it just didn't have the cast of the cast and half the gravitas of in the first two movies did what Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz Lucy Liu and the MC g directed those movies didn't have the style it didn't have the strength of it. Those movies are are in two thousand and two thousand three. Charlie's angels had a lock going against it. But I still feel like if the studio was still banking on Elizabeth. Thanks what big or go home If they're still GONNA put the money into banks Roy Roy Moore. We need one more around the drink. If they're willing to not go bankrupt Tayo. Oh ooh okay okay enough seriously. I like Elizabeth banks ally. I deliver us an actress as a producer as a trailblazer as a director. You know look. So what's Charlie's angels didn't do. Well the students still moving forward there for for invisible woman go for I liked. Charlie's angels quite a bit. I had a lot the fun with it but I will repeat what I said in my review is that I think a lot of my enjoyment came from cast chemistry. I really liked that trio and while I think she did did a fine job directing the movie. I didn't see anything. That may me CEO red flags here and here and here for your directing abilities. I still get no sense of style from her. I want to know what you're capable of that. I'm not going to get from another director and until I see that I'm not going to necessarily see a breaking news story like this and be super pump for Elizabeth bags directing another movie. I hope that maybe this will change that. But I don't necessarily think that even though I like Charlie's angels that changed. Just how I feel about her behind the Lens Love. DC movies shows and comic books while we have good news for you. DC Universe the ultimate DC membership is offering a special fourteen day free trial to our listeners. Visit DC UNIVERSE DOT COM slash podcast O. N. E. and use Promo Code Collider to start your free trial. DC Universe has so much to offer including in their action packed original series like doom patrol young justice outsiders swamping and titans season two. It doesn't stop there. The highly anticipated adult animated series Harley. Quinn premieres November twenty-ninth tune in to see Harley voiced by Keiko break things off with joker and attempt to make it on her own. will she be the newly liberated Queen Pin of Gotham city catch new episodes besides every Friday if you want to experience more. DC watch new animated films enjoy Classic Animated Series remastered in HD binge. Some fan favorite DC shows watch classic films homes and so much more if reading is more your thing. DC Universe has over twenty thousand digital comics that you can access at your fingertips DC universe is available on your favorite devices. So you can watch on the go. Don't waste any time. Start Your fourteen day trial today visit. WWW DOT DC universe dot com slash podcast one and use Promo Code Collider that's www dot DC universe dot com slash. podcast one Promo Code Collider to start your fourteen day free trial. The code is is valid through twelve thirty one. Nineteen Council is sponsored by Warner Brothers digital networks. The operator of DC UNIVERSE DC Universe is only available in the US. I have a a lot of complicated feelings on this. I mean I I think she's incredibly funny when she's doing her acting a comedy why she's great I rarely by her and dramas I think. She's is limited in that way. But you can't deny what you didn't box office pitch perfect two. But that was K- cannons thing right and she took it over in the second film. Directed made all this money. Great but perfect one had been sensations. How much of it was Elizabeth Banks? How much of it was the IP? Then we get to Charlie's angels underperforms forms but once again that source material just like pitch perfect and now we're into a source material. So I think there's a great point you bring up. What's her style all we? If we're not seeing her style off of source material we have to ask ourselves. What is her style? What is the draw here? It's interesting. They announced right after the fact that sank. Charlie's angels interesting move but look how many years in Hollywood have we seen men do well then then not do well with their next movie and get another opportunity so to me. I have no problem with her. Getting this opportunity my concern is what is she going to do with it. And those comments whether taken taken whether misconstrued or taken out of context. How does that affect the movie going audience? Who might go see this thing because remember the vegetable? The original visible woman is kind of comedy so it she going to do comedy this and if she does I'm all for it. If you know drama and put herself in it as the star that to me unsettles me a little bit. Because I didn't like does she put herself in. Charlie's angels you don't need to. There's another actress that could have played that part. So there's a little ego working here as well which is okay. It's Hollywood male a female. There's goes she. She wasn't post but also when it comes to her talent as a as a dramatic actress. What was the movie she did last year at the dark version? Superman car grand. Breitbart was great in bright. Burn a guy who was really good under under appreciated under senior. The it's a very good was this year earlier. This yes that's the point. Yeah came and went so bright. Burn definitely worth seeing but you know when I saw that she was directing a visible woman. I went oh okay interesting all right well they must really have faith in her. As far as what is her style in order for her to define her style gal she needs to direct a movie that is not based on an existing. I certainly possible. So look at Ryan. Johnson did looper and then he did last jet I now. He's back with nights lights out which is very very much but a great movie nights out but it's also the movie. He wanted to make it as his style so I think in order to find out what her style is maybe the maybe she said at some point maybe before invisible woman. Rafter make an Indie make a movie. That's an original film where she can really put her style into it but having said that. Definitely on T. banks so I think an excellent example of what you just said because I was desperately trying to think think of a director who burst onto the scene with a you know an adaptation are sequel or something that came before that wasn't an original Ip but then. I started to think of the example apple of Leon L.. Who made his feature direct Oriel debut insidious three? I'm a huge fan of that franchise. I Song Lee disliked installment of the IRA really do not like that movie and then all of a sudden he comes back. With upgrade and upgrade changed the game for him. I'm in my eyes as a director. And now I have all the faith in the world in him four invisible man so maybe I mean it still doesn't officially really fit. But like maybe maybe. She does need her upgrade in order to really make the most out of an opportunity like this. But you know the the other reason why I emphasize style is so important is just because of the visual challenges of making a movie with an invisible character. It's like part of the reason why I have great faith in Lanao now working with that concept one that we trailer now the place very well but also look at what he did with upgrade with a character that was kind of inhabited by another being and just the visual visual style and what he was able to achieve with. Something like that. That to me paves the way so obviously to invisible man whereas she's got nothing in her wheelhouse. That would suggest s to me that you could do something interesting with that concept. Why haven't you live your wild for this? That's a woman who comes onto the scene actress. She's working on soaking well. We'll figure it out well. Books has style book. Smart has a style bookstore. petsmarts a terrific movie also an undersea movie appreciate a movie. A drop the ball on that by releasing that wide made that they should have held that back for like October or even November were select cities and platform but also directed like Todd Haynes who does movies that are very much his style like on not there You Know Velvet Goldmine by Bennie mixed the movie like dark waters which is is very sort of contemporary. But it's broad and dark waters is a great fan Santa's Gus Van Sant will when he started out into dipped into the dipped in the the mainstream stuff then back out whenever he felt like it so to me. I'm just I'm concerned here. Also because she she is Very powerful woman. She wants to push. She is very much a feminist. And I appreciate that because that is something that she wants to accomplish in this world and you gotTa respect that but women didn't come out see. Charlie's angels what is do we. You have to understand. We have to figure out what Elizabeth banks power is or attraction is an if the fans are if movie going public want to go see her material. So I think we'll we'll see after visible woman with her a very hard time believing that Charlie's angels as a box office failure is her fault or any member of that casts fall. I I think we are in a very best the cost and no. I don't think it's any individual like like. I don't think you could look a movie like that and say this failed because of you. Nobody wants wants to see your movies. No one wants to see ladies that has nothing to do with that. I think it's more of just a landscape concern. We happen to have been in a major Lal at the box office end of October beginning of November. You had something like joker sweep the box office so many weeks then all of a sudden you've got people saving their money for frozen to the holiday movies coming up. We were just in a crappy time at the box office. I think of that. If Charlie's angels again had been released any other time of year maybe it would have had a better chance. I'm not saying that would have been a smash hit. But I don't think it was any individual's fault where I will think about that and say you know the next time. Elizabeth Banks Directs Movie. It's probably going to be box office bomb because people didn't turn up for last one. Why wouldn't you why do you have to? Why do you have to cop out by saying you know people come to see whatever they want to come to see and what they don't WanNa come Z.? And if they didn't want to come see it that says volumes. It's as a female that action movie. That was touted as such so. If people didn't show up it can't just be where it was released. There has to be more involved here it catches up yours. There's always a million factor. There's always talks about the I would put i. I mean there's there's tons of things Luke in marketing and say that studio cut shitty trailers for that was a maybe. There's something to the fact after you're talking about when you have a property that hasn't had a theatrical presents. A very very doctor sleep which I loved doctor. Sleep was great. Great and it Bob. Well Bob do well. Charlie's angels. Yeah he he goes through a look. Charlie's angels the last two movies the last one. Charlie's angels full throttle came out in two thousand three I loved. Charlie's angels does full throttle. I thought that was an awesome. Great time at the movies but that was two thousand three this another thing. You can point to write bright burn leisure go. Who who's leading that her her or and the kid is attractive from that was a smaller release? That wasn't that wasn't missing. Track record. I don't understand his. We would analyze any other person. This way there's nothing to do with tracker. Then I can make the exact opposite argument with her involvement in the pitch perfect franchise which was what ten fifteen ten years ago. She hasn't like we're a little bit. What do you mean the second one? Or the first one she owned the first and the second and even the first direct the furniture he was she was still a big presence. That that role has higgins right because they were essentially the same character essentially the same character. They will do all the whole time. I don't know we're GONNA talk and we're GonNa talk in circles interest. We keep this up but I still think the Charlie is in a good example of saying like you're box office poison for anybody. I think that's more of a of a landscape and a and a branding issue. I think people just weren't into another Charlie's angels were not into another reboot remake sequel. Whatever you WanNa do it would do the same at eight point? John John If if John if Emma stone and Jennifer Lawrence we're going to be in this version choice angels. which is they were going after? That would have been a different. The you agree. There's the difference released. Well it's attraction with that in mind then go back to I mean Zombie. Land did fairly well but Jonah Plant Zombie. Land had Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Ms Shown it had loopholes. And Thomas meant you could go on and on about all the famous faces and that still wasn't necessarily like a smash hit you know what I mean. Yeah I didn't expect it to be anyway. Don't hear the question. I mean we talk about this all the time the the value of a name on a poster and is that changing with the times and you know the value of a brand name on a poster. And how much will really interested in seeing certain successful franchises come back to the big screen and that conversation is GonNa continue because those movies aren't going to stop having anytime soon. A couple twitter questions before a live chat questions before we say good bye Ono I see it like a message from Dorian here wait. Let me read this really quick. Look at your name in it Roco. Uh Do mail back. You'd better be able to do mailman. Dorian wrote I haven't seen Rocca this positive about a review since the transformers former movies Rambo Ninety fifth and better paid the first transformers. Or bubby I love all all the transformers was the first one I've loved Bumblebee. I hate everything while. You're a shame because it made four and a half billion dollars is not everything. Well all right. Here's the Hollywood thanksgiving question for you. D. A. N. G. M. Q.. Asks favorite Thanksgiving food favorite Thanksgiving food. Oh mashed potatoes Tawfiq natural to me I would probably eat nothing else on the table. Just eat go for this potato. Turkey's already Turkey's already given for all of us I think Stuffing would be much stuffing with great coke No but I eat the cooking. Yeah cooking I eat the food that my family ordered it because my family cooks you. You knew it was going to be true. We're GONNA ask what your favorite Thanksgiving movie to watch on Thanksgiving. ooh Well we've discussed that a little bit. But what's your. I Love Santa Music. The the you know whether it's Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas weekend it's time was time was class. You know what my pick is for favorite thanksgiving. No it's final destination because nothing brings my family together faster than mine on this. I never would have guessed that exactly asked ask three football games the NFL. On Americans. I have to watch the bears game. All right let's see how many more we can get in right now. Jonathan Caro says if you have seen the the macy's Thanksgiving parade or any any other parade. What's your favorite parade float? Also what character would you create for your own parade flowed baby freaking Yoda. Aw Aw is the answer I think I've been to the Thanksgiving family in New York so I've been Thanksgiving many times come. What's a Thanksgiving parade without Spiderman? So would float Spiderman is New York City spider-man's the I think the ultimate ultimate big balloon float at a at a parade and especially at Thanksgiving. I like a homer Simpson. Whenever he's afloat or is it Bart whenever either one of the simpsons because there's always some interesting cracks they make whenever the simpsons come rolling by with their thing? It'll be your favorite. Yoda Lifelong New Yorker. You know. I've never actually seen the Thanksgiving Day. Parade live the only thing I've ever. I've steered clear and also because one of my first jobs out of college was working for local news there New York one and I always like purposely obviously wanted to take thanksgiving off spent with my family and I usually work on Christmas but I did cover the night before when they blow up the balloons. And that's that's really. Could you could walk right up to it. It's like I have a picture of myself standing like right in front of it and I'm like this teeny little thing in front of you know that that part was very recall but I like watching it on. TV Thanksgiving Parade Rose Bowl parade. Go to Times Square in New York. City status experience. That I've done you guys do that at least once once. What's his leg? I didn't even go as low as like a like a person being corralled. That's that night I went for work and even just being there with a press badge being able to go in and out to an extent like I mean we were there for hours and hours and it was is in bringing in two thousand nine and it was something like the coldest new years on record and something like decades. It was freezing at the very end that night I was assigned to film the cleanup and they have like big tractor thing. He's pushing stuff around and one rolled over a full bottle of water and it popped opt all the by the time I looked down. It had all frozen over my coat. It was cold it was cold. It was weird. It was crazy night but it was good experiences. Yeah all right one more holiday related question before we go Oriented more so I lost the one I wanted. Oh here it is Fillmore pockets is asking which three props from all of the TV shows and movies in twenty nineteen. Would you wait in black. Friday line signed to purchase. Jesus it's a good question. I Love I love props forty four. You'RE GONNA wait in line for an animated. I just want a real forty. Just want a little four key to sit with me. I would wait in line to steal something from the mansion and knives out. Oh okay one on one one piece of of decoration. I don't know specifically what I would want. I would want the clock in Christopher plummer bedroom. There's just like a really cool old school looking clock. I think I would take that. Would stand in line for captain. America's shield from vendors. Endgame site by Chris Evans. Oh wow you just like raise the bar. That's that's that's like peak purchase. Stand alive or stuff anymore you just. It's not worth the hassle so it was like if there's one thing I'm Gonna I'm GonNa make it a big thing and just one. I would stand the the mind for film TV for a uniform. Full uniform shirt pants boots from star trek discovery. Oh wait a minute the crew at the enterprise. Oh Nice happened. Pike's that from the enterprise with the gold shirt and black ants announce uniform. Yeah I feel it. I feel like my mind goes to more practical things. Like what can I reasonably put in my apartment. I'm thinking like I'd probably wait in line even for a pair of screen scissors from us. I would go for all my favorite my favorite movies with all the stuff that we're getting you know with all the year that stuff that could be coming. Do you know how many pairs of scissors we already have in the studio. You know for all the mailer since the very beginning of his office dressed up as someone who is tethered because we have a million scissors floating around the sad thing is. They don't actually cut anything they don't they don't work. You don't give a pair of scissors in in the collider office or like gold. Can you buy a pair of scissors. Someone we'll take them put them back or if you want to buy them reach out to me all right guys. That's it for today's movie. Talk so we will not be back back tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family. Your friends your loved ones but we will have an episode special episode for you on Friday. Stay tuned for that and as far as live live movie talks go. I'm missing the beginning of next week because I'm going to go do some coverage of the Marvelous Mazel season three guests who is in charge and read it right here in good hands at Roca. Man's thank you so much perspective really. Is Adam in the booth door and in the live chat you you guys rock. Thanks so much for everything to everybody out there. Do not leave without liking and sharing this video and also don't go anywhere else after this except for clatter live have have a wonderful holiday. Everyone see soon.

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