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Welcome back to the Real Madrid podcast for this mid week update. Now, don't forget, you can catch up with all of the news of the last twelve months over at the website, WWW dot realm at podcast dot com or you can follow us on Spotify. I tunes, Google Stitcher or Alexa. So what's been happening today? We'll look at Yovich has been presented to the media this morning on the happiest kid in the world to have signed a contract with this big club. I will give everything to help Madrid win titles. I am. Sure, I have chosen the best option app prior to his words, the president, Florentine Perez at lined his vision. We want to share with all of the players the start of a new project for next season. We must work intensively to fulfill the dreams of our fans. It's not being the year we expected, we will react with strength and determination this club. He said, never give up now with. Brazilians belgians. Serbians and perhaps more arriving in the next few weeks. What about the future of Brahim Diaz who impressed many on the occasions? He was given the opportunity at the back end of last season. We'll anybody who thoughts that he was on his way ads. We'll have to rethink Z Dan's words, to Diaz gave him significant types that he will be having a big future. I'm counting on you next season. You will be part of the team those words to, but he could of course lead to a potential problem. Oh, two with accommodating, Venecia's, now, the other Brazilian Rodrigo will not play a final game with Santos which was due to take place tonight against Corinthians. He will not take a short vacation before arriving for preseason on July. The eighth longtime targets Kilian mbappe was on the scoresheet for France last night against Antara scoring his one hundred professional Bill. He was asked afterwards about his immediate future and the possibility of. To Madrid the reply was cut and to the point. It's not the time to talk about Madrid. You always asked me the same thing. It is not the time and he then moved on Donny bios, onset questions about his immediate future, dad. He said, has been very clear with me. I have a contract with a high release clause. If I do leave it will be to go to a team where I will be a key player. I can compete in any team in Europe, then he added it's important to have the confidence of the coach in the national team. I feel I am an important player. I don't want to know year without playing I hope, though, to succeed at rail Madrid still doing the rounds in looking for a club for next season is address, Rubio after alienating, PS G, and it seems bustle and he's now making which day to rail Madrid by Munico also interested the player, though would prefer to play for this week's idol which is Z, Dan now real movements on the pub or Eric. Awesome front in the last few days, but still refusing to sell va less than one hundred twenty million row, Madrid of offered eighteen suits Z, Dan, because he doesn't want the date anyway, but he does remain focused on getting pulled Pago who very much wants now what transfer that could make it more possible. Is that of Wrexham moving to Manchester United whether or not Spurs would want to sell to a direct rival is another thing? The other alternative remedy is potentially design fabulous. Arief rum, Napoli and the staying in SETI at despite plenty of stories, linking him with a move away Palo de Bala shots down any truth in the stories that he's on his way out of you Ventas potentially to route Madrid. I have four years left on my contract. He said, EBay, and I love each other. I'm happy here ally, love this club as Rodriguez a mainstay of the transfer gossip columns for the last twelve. Months or sto is still a prominent feature. He tries to sort out his future, potentially with Napoli very still had the list of clubs wanting to take him his salary seems to be a stalling point. He said, once an annual salary of around seven million euros per season, which we would immediately make him just about the highest paid player at the club, any men's in senior, and cooler Bali currently earn over four million a season, the forgotten man row, Thomas could be on his way to Portugal with both porter and Benfica interested with Benfica tabling a bit of twenty million euros for the strikeout. But drew holding out for closer to thirty five million for the strikers twenty four years of age now who's been to Madrid since twenty eleven during which time he's never played a league game the last two seasons. He's being with via Connor with whom he scored thirty eight goals in sixty five appearances now. With Mendis arrival imminence, the future once again, of Marcello is a topic for discussion. He's been made aware of the fact that he will no longer be a first choice. It let back next season. But the club are happy for him to stay in a reduced role. If he so once the decision, then is there for the Brazilian to make the thirty one year old who's made three hundred forty three appearances scoring twenty five goals is under contract and do twenty twenty one Kaelin Abbas has requested a move. However, whilst Madrid will accommodate his departure. He wanted to be on his terms in those terms that quite simple, Iran's Madrid to pay up the remaining two years of his contract, and allow him to leave for nothing. Somebody round Madrid have refused. They won't between fifteen and twenty million euro for the player who has spent the last five years at the club and that just about wraps it up then for this mid week update stone. Forget you can catch up with all of the news in the last twelve months by heading across to the. The website at WWW dot rail, Madrid podcast dot com or you can follow us on June's Stitcher. Spotter vied Google Alexa, and a myriad of other online platforms for the moment, then from eighteen cable, Bye-bye IFA now.

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