Twelve Out of Ten with Emily Frazer


Welcome back to American Billiard Radio today is Wednesday September sixteenth and I told you. We'd have to shows in a row I've. Come, well, I know what's come over me, but that's neither here nor there. got a little bit news. Our interview for this week. In today's News Billy Thorpe was picked for Team USA, in other news water is wet. Everybody knew that billy was going to be picked and. Personally. I'd be shocked if Tyler was not picked ads, the fifth player, but that's just me. In other news, the old school shootout happened last week with Johnny and earl getting together to raise money for Tommy. Kennedy. Johnny won that match was a race to thirty Johnny one at Thirty, two, twenty, eight most importantly. Almost five thousand dollars was raised for Tommy. Kennedy the videos from that event. There's three different ones are up on the TV YouTube Channel YouTube dot com slash as TV. You knew that was there right Now a real quick. Aside when it comes to that channel, we posted some videos. A week or two ago, and really got some complaints from people talking about the number of ads that were being shown in the middle of the video. and. The beginning I just looked at it and said, okay, people are just complaining to hear their voice. It happens finally after a number of the my win and looked and it was awful. I'm not sure how the default setting got set to include videos in the or ads in the middle of the video, but it was really packed. So the good news is I went through probably the last hundred or so uploads and removed any ads for the middle of videos. And if you don't go to the Youtube Channel, well, if you don't go to the Youtube channel shame on you. But for the people who do go to the Youtube Channel and and who enjoy that sort of thing I apologize for those those ads being where they were. It was completely out of control. In other news. Tours are starting to get back into business. Twenty one players in New Jersey for the Garden State Pool Tour Stop. That was one by Kevin Scowl. I might have butchered that name. More importantly seventy-one players in Maryland for the nine ball fall shootout. That was what we refer to as an independent events just because he doesn't tied to any tour, but it's tied to lawyered with on the hill productions and. Honestly the events that he runs his almost like a tour in itself. He's got that kind of support. It was nice to have online brackets for the event a link to the Stream Irwin. was there taking pictures I mean it was it was everything that we could ask for in helping to cover a tournament. In other tournaments, we talked about the big thousand dollar entry event in Ada Oklahoma don't have a whole lot of details on that Rick Stanley one, but I don't know a whole lot else. This week I don't see a lot coming up I see the J. P. shower northeast women's tour they're having a stop at so. Part of the part of the problem with the calendar was knowing which events that were on the were still happening in which ones weren't The JP nude event is definitely happening. In Online Pool News, which is virtual tournaments playing the ghost I understand you know. When you describe it that way it interests me about as much as trick shots but. Honestly you know the people who are doing. This are doing a bang-up job I mean they're really doing a great job and one of the big ones is one sports TV. They have their one Pool Women's Cup September twenty first through the twenty seventh novel last. Song that event Jasmina Sean was one of the players in it and the other three I wasn't really familiar with I'm sure they're going to announce more and I'll include link in the show notes to the page on facebook for. That, particular event. In other news hey, you know what? I did two shows in a row. So I'm allowed to get back on my soapbox and that's where I'm going. Saw last night that an event was scheduled January sixth through the tenth in Birmingham Alabama ten thousand dollars added five thousand added one pocket five, thousand added nine ball that it's fantastic great event for the players to enjoy going to. Unless, they were thinking about going to turning stone that week which has been on the schedule since the Stone Age. Or maybe they wanted to go to the world nine ball championship which Mash Room has already announced. They were having that week. I don't understand how it is that we can have these tournaments scheduled with no attention being paid to what might already be scheduled out there look at what Daniel Bush does on the West Coast Daniel Bush with Pov Pool. He puts together that West Coast swing. You have events lined up room after room and when you've got four or five high-dollar, let's say there were four or five, ten thousand dollars added events in. Four five different states and they were just scheduled. One right after the other just like Daniel does on the west coast. How did the chances change between getting the top player for one ten thousand dollar added events or getting the top players who are traveling from state to state in four or five different ten thousand dollar added events. That's where the players come to. You want the best players in the world work together under it. It's I. Just don't understand the concept, and this is something that gets touched on briefly in this week's interview with emily when she talks about what happens with super billiards expo and that scheduling snafu. Again. One Central Location to look for tournaments that are on the schedule. I've suggested easy billiards of course, suggested easy billiards. That's what I'm going to do doesn't have to be easy billiards. It can be any sight out there. We just need one that's agreed on by everybody. But this is a conversation that we've had many times in the past and I'm sure we're going to have many times in the future. So let's move on to this week's interview. I had a very long conversation with Emily Frazier from matchroom multi sport. We talked about a number of things. It's a long interview, but I think it's worth the time it's almost an hour i. think it's worth the time to spend to listen to everything emily has to say she has a vision for this game. and. If we can get halfway to that vision, I think we're going to be doing an outstanding job. So with that being said. Without any further ado I give you emily frazier. Very proud now to be joined by the managing director of Matcher. multi-sports Emily Frazier Emily how things on on your side of the world? On my side of the pond. Well, it's. Crazy gonNA live but. Thank you for having me. Great to speak to my just a I'm actually at MK Arena full the build of our Championship League Snooker Event So we've got that start in on south Sunday. Sioe yet oh systems guy really for us wit select. We're we're back into the mix of it and doing exactly what we love to do which is back to back events. For the for the World Snooker Championship there were fans allowed in the first day and then they weren't allowed in until the last day. Is that right? Yes unfortunately I was I was there on that day and it was. It was such a horrible for everyone involved really so much planning and organization at gone into. Allowing spectators into the venue. All of the United Rules and regulations have been approved by the government. And then all of a sudden. A spike in cases and a decision obviously be made by the government. To cancel any test pilot events for spectators attending live sporting events, and obviously that coded the wall. SNOOT. Championship. which was Distraught really united. We had one day fans and then all of a sudden. It went to behind closed doors and then manage to have the final The final two days are been spectators so it just goes to show the no matter what you do matter what you plan. Evil ways got to have something in you back in the back of the mind you know just saying. It's not quite a hundred percent until you. So of there and you just got to make sure that you've got every contingency in place really and just it's just still such on nine and onset and times right now all we have to do is try to stay upbeat and positive, and and just hoping aim in the right direction. What are the plans as far as spectators for this event that you're preparing for now? Championship leaks sneaker weeping running squats long time now it's always being behind closed doors never open spectators. So quite straightforward one four us what was different is that we we actually produce the event in June. We were the fast lives sport here in the UK since the the pandemic in the lockdown and it was so successful. You know we were peaking at six hundred, thousand view is. On. TV Four here in the UK and. you know in the millions across Europe and in China and it was just such a successful tournament. We tweets the format slightly The players were great to be back after being in lockdown for so long and and we kind of looked at it and said, okay, that was really successful. Let's maybe do another one whilst the SNOOKA season is kind of. It was a bit better but now we got twenty one days of live. SNOOKA. For this event to into the calendar which box atop for oversee the pie is on the tour here and I'm we've increased increase the event to a a ranking event is wealth the world new control. Every silver lining to these situations, which means that we've come through with a revamped event as such. You know talking about snooker her. At least in the states, which is the background that I have looking at the game. Snooker is seen as very professional, not just in the manner in which it's played but in the organization and you know you talk about seasons and and that sort of thing is, is that kind of the goal that you're looking at for American pool or do you not think that's possible? I think that we should take every step. Time, we shouldn't rush into things. Obviously a huge passion of mine is pull. So, I want to see it progress I want to develop and I want to see her evolve. The only way we can do that is to actually develop a tour for Paul, and especially in the United States. So that's always in the back of my mind and I probably won't stop until I've achieved it Like I said slowly. But surely, we already have five events Donna roster. and. Others. The key lighting. The calendar. Which a still weld cost events as such. So we we need to keep building we need to generate more tournaments, more events, but unfortunately. There isn't any money in Pool There's no big sponsorships coming in because there's no viewership there's no. Record. Breaking audience figures like that. We're seeing. In some of our other sports that we were promoting I mentioned the viewing figures for the championship make that we did in June unfortunately, with the way that police sometimes they're so merely streams and. Signing, various ways. And channels the some of the events all. Seen on and what we're trying to do is we're trying to I will professionalize the athletes. At, the moment you know pool players especially to the big worldwide sponsors, a portray does gamblers and perhaps it's a bit on me crooked side when it comes to. Gambling in matches for instance, and it took snooker real long time to straighten all of that out when it comes to betting and we're trying to professionalize the athletes in our poll events sets in the our five metropole events. You know it's just even how they dress how they act or how they promote themselves social media. That's what we're trying to do but there's only so much. We can do of the we all full prices at the end of the whether the best in the business but we will say at dive into six all the sports and you know there's new small team of us. But like I said, it is in real strong passionate mine and to develop and evolve this spoil and I I say it's a sport because it is a sport and we do have these world class athletes but they are just unfortunately not. Like these professional athletes in comparison to the SNOOKA and it can be so frustrating but all we need to keep doing is just to kate. Working, hard working relentlessly to remind the players and to be creative on our events. How do we make it more enjoyable to casual sports? Fan is a well and good at players promoting to some of that fans. But unless we grow the nine Boko audience, we will not grow the sport. So we need to make these events appeal to US casual sports fan we need to make sure that they stay tuned in. So we have to just always be keeping on a tacos we can't be complacent oversee. It's very uncertain and tough times at the Mayan and a lot are events got cancelled and rescheduled Trying to remain again, hopeful and positive, and utilizing this time that we actually do have as a benefit and trying to stay and remain. Creative in what we can do when we can finally get pulled back on the teething. Well. I think there's a lot of people here in the states that. Will be very happy to hear. What what your goals are but You know like you had said that it's it's not easy sometimes to get the American pool player. To embrace. The game like like the snooker players have and you mentioned that you know it was kind of a a little bit of a battle to get there with snooker. Have you have you been surprised by the amount of pushback that you've gotten as far as trying to rehabilitate the image of nine ball players or did you expect that? I think we get too much of a pushback from the players as such. I think it's going to sound terrible but. I don't think people who and players and fans actually realize how important this image is. All everyone keeps saying is. I want the prize money get more people in there but at the end of the day. We can't sell these events big time sponsors big time brands on professionalize these plays and a irony think that a few. Players actually understand this. Women be sparking and inspiring the younger generation. were meant to be. Professionalizing the image of the players and we're trying to do everything we can from. We'd literally Roy a how to guide for all of the players the cipher signed up. As on the Mosconi Cup and they have a how to guide of how to set up a twitter account and we've actually set them up for them and then told them what they need to do and how to follow it through. So we're trying, but it's also the ironist comes onto the players and a K. Yeah. There is a bit of a pushback because no out of. Laziness or anything like that I. Just think it's just a lack of understanding how important these things all you. It's it's all well and good US trying to sell to a a big. Main mainstream brand of events. But when these, what happens is these Brands go onto social media. It's all about social media and digital media. These days things go viral. You know look how big time Youtube is get now and I feel like core has really really taken. It's just in its sort of old school days where we haven't taken any of this on board, we're trying to do this and we're trying to generate more social media more content more talk and throughout our events by having unite the hashtags but I don't think the pie is understand the importance. Of everyone talking about events and People Jumping on the bandwagon and tuning in because they've heard through. The, grapevine, about this Mosconi Cup event where you know one of the pilots jumped on top the table or something like that because social clip is gone viral. These these clips are so important and the players profiles are so important, and that's why we're trying to professionalize their image and trying to teach and guide them on what they should be posting. How they should be inspiring the younger generation for them to turn around and go I. WanNa be a poll Kyle I think that you get. That many kids out that co I WANNA be a PULCI. You're looking at more people going to the pool halls and having fun and you know having a few drinks and things like that. We WanNA spark this in the younger generation of them saying. I. Cannot see on a career here but we don't have that in right now and that we can't just keep adding Zeros to our price funds for each event because the thing is generating any income in order to do that, we can't at prize money unless we pull in big big brands. Unfortunately enough because we're big main promoter, we have the books in the dots we have this new car. We quite a well established brand hair. We can pull in big sponsors but we need we need a great product at the end of day which we have, but we also need these social media perjury, false images of these players. and. You talk about. Shane. Van. Boning. WHO's one of the greatest players in in America right now? He doesn't have a twitter account. And I've said this before and on on social media and I think I think I'll go a little bit of high for it but. which trying to sell these athletes and we're trying to sell these events but. There's no following of them or they have maybe as view facebook friends than, but they have no official instagram accounts. And like it or not. The day that the current year and this current day that we're in these events revolve around social media and this is what we really need to be working on Training videos and it takes a lot of work but I believe it really does. But we've got time at the moment where there's not many tournaments was no tournaments happening. There's a lot of practicing going on. You've got some downtime to create your accounts and guy, right? Okay. So what can I do and and then all of a sudden when the tour starts back again and? Players Plaza traveling. Then over Sunday can start logging their journey and they can start inspiring the younger generation to follow in their footsteps. And we're only going to be able to do that. If we all just really relentlessly what called together and build this brand their Ernie so many. facebook friends the the players have, and it's the same group of people. What we need to do is we need to expand. We need to evolve even things like the US Open. It's a fantastic event. We've already done one year so far. I I was still side that we smashed out of the park. There's so many things that went wrong with it, and there are so many things we need to improve on but the. The cake conversations that we're having now is the promoter is to say, okay well, how do we evolve and how to expand this event? Okay. Well, we stage the event next to an amateur van alongside one of our big partner like diamond. So why have we not thought of that before? Well, it takes us one event to. Get a heads. And realize what we need to do. But the conversations that we're having because we want to see the events evolve and we want some people I bet if you did a poll. That was at one of the biggest amateur events impo as safe. Vegas. Is a huge armature. I bet if we send a few people around with a saying, do Mosconi Cup is. I. It sounds horrible. I hate to say it I think more people wouldn't know what it is than they do. Because I don't think got's the amateur players and the players you go and have fun actually know about these professional events and I don't think they realized how exciting and how big they all and we can use things like the the US Open. As a snacking star because we're pulling in said ARPAN event, anyone can play it and it's fantastic. Get some of these pays that go on when a drawer against Shane van biting and it's it's fantastic that we've picked up an event like the US Open. So. We just need to keep being creative and we obviously we have so many goes and so many islands, but we also need every want. To, believe and trust in US but with us as well, and that includes the players. I completely understand the the vision of. Every player having a positive social media influence out there. How do you? How do you deal with the players who? Kind of March to the beat of their own drum. Sullivan's of the world the. We I could mention names of American players, but really we don't need to. How do you? How do you make those players a part of this? Because that that the celebrities themselves running I, Sullivan creates it himself he. He will runnings of us the quite controversial and he may say things that people like or dislike but he's he's getting involved in it and he's getting involved in the media. He still has twitter accounts. He still has it instagram accounts and he's invoked and he's got himself in the in the public domain. So even though he might be saying some controversial things, I just love the if anyone's talking about our event whether it's good or bad I love it because at the end of the day, it's one new person is tuned in on it's one more viewer that adds onto our. Viewing figures at the end of the event. Side. Sometimes we make we may make some controversial decisions. I think I went off on a twits Iran not too long ago and I didn't realize how many. How many comments a? Spot but the end of the day we won Monday everyone was talking about Mosconi Cup everyone was. And so it's just feel need to be in. Amongst the meeting we all need to. Be Talking, about things we need to have to social account so. It's not about getting the is in line and getting them in check. It's about everyone undestanding how important social media is not saying that you have to be. Just there in posting. You, at the table playing all the time, but it's it's posting your career. It's posting your journey. It's allowing people to follow your princess and but Oh side professionalize it slightly you know. Our events, we allow players to come on board and bring in their own personal sponsors. Nine Times. Out of ten, not all of the players feel all of those sponsorship spots which shows me that there are no. There's not enough brands out that and also the pay is aren't getting the sponsors. So, it is all these opportunities where they can turn around and say, I've made the Moscardini Cup I can get you a patch on Misha. And wit and it's going to be live on designing the US live on Sky Sports Nicholasville Mount. Viewing figures. I'm doing all of this social media. My following is twenty thousand on twitter or ten thousand on Instagram and I can get you this exposure and I can make X. amount of money from his sponsorship. But that then the conversations that are the having at the moment with the payers but in all of our other sports. Is exactly what is happening and pose not the only one we have some of our other sports like fishing. Maybe. So netball basketball which caught slightly behind as well So it's just about trying to guide the players in the ethnics on what they should be doing. It's not a case of trying to keep them in check and. Just think there's such a terrible. Of you on some players I think sometimes it's more about facebook lives being so drunk and things like that. That's not what the younger generation wants to be inspired to become. So it is more of a case of. Just helping everyone to stand what we're off. and. Everyone wants to know the personalities of these players. That's that's the thing we have. The beauty of of coal we have such a mixture and a variety of players look at last year's Mosconi Cup team. You've got five. Super individual players from the U. S they bring something entirely different team. And it's great that you have those five different personalities everyone wants to know about them everyone wants to know what they're thinking. And that's that's what we're doing in our post-match interviews and. Media, views all of these zoom Kohl's the happening moment every quiet gets announced. The MOSCONI Cup is a one on one interview to hit the play his thoughts. That's what everyone to be hearing. They want to know what the players thinking, and so all of these is two things that we're doing at the moment when tournaments happening, we're trying to drive content. Trying get more interviews out there. It's just all it's doing is building the brand and building the place images. In in the couple of years that you've been in the position. There's a lot that has happened with matchroom and American Pool. You guys obtained the US Open obtained the World Nine Ball Championship. A. Match Room has always been there, and Mosconi Cup has always been the biggest draw that Matra had at least. That was the impression here in the states you know there was always conversation about Mosconi Cup and who's going to make the team but. I can hear enthusiasm in your voice that. Maybe hadn't been there for a little while. And I don't mean this in the wrong way. It just you know there's there's a whole new. Enthusiasm coming from what you guys are doing is that Is that your doing were you the catalyst for four? Pushing to obtain these events or was this the plan all along. I think. Of Say I've been monitoring for ten years. Now, I've been here for a while I was in the TV Department for. A five of those years so and I would work on a on the other spoke. Of Ways. saw what special events was, what record at the time what we record at the time. With doing and I and I loved seeing some of these events and I I worked on the World Cup of poll. When. I was in TV department odd record player interviews and things like that. So obviously in a very different job row but my background is in TV production site that's where I was kind of born and raised as such. where we all right now, we have the strongest team that we've ever had matching mold spoil poll. which is developed over the years obviously who we have here is every single person. Is Passionate. Pence, we do every single person his passionate about that job. Whether, that drives through me I don't know but it's also drives through every individual that we have in this team and we have such a solid strong team of again probably similar to what I just said about the team, USA. Different individuals that all bring something totally different which event and I don't think it's a secrets to how passionate I am Obviously it's it's quite parent in the pool and Industry and and it comes through in our poll events I think. The last few years. I've I've obviously looked opole I have a very strong passion for it, and it's something that again I want to drive I want to evolve. And, and I think I. Think be the Queen of poll to be completely on his. Or jokes aside, we have a very strong. Team head is committed to evolving pool. But Arne, because we see the potential, we see the potential that this sport has and so we're not gonNA stop working hard and because we want to be the ones that want to. Take you on. We want to be the ones to change it yet. The MOSCONI Cup is always been in. The forefront of. Being. The best. On the CO calendar. Always, had this fun exciting atmosphere. It's obviously evolved even more. So over the last couple of years I think one of my main aims, the Mosconi Cup is that we never ever do the same seating during twice. So they matter whether we're in London or knee K, we always have to increase seating and that's the only way we need to. We have to grow the Mosconi. Cup. So I. Think my Fest Event Was Trump Tana in vegas or black blackpool that was my first ever Mosconi An each year or I said to myself, right go back another couple of hundred on Eagle keep adding on we got keep building atmosphere and obviously the last few years we've acquired the US Open and that was part of the plan to evolve the metric coal for failure because at the end of the day. We we are the ones after resources. An drive to Roy? That's for? We can't do that. We've just them sky. Welcome monsters on the World Cup. All we can't do it, but just those three events we need more. So that's why is is set on open required that. While, championship. Is is the biggest event. In the spoke and it's which is the world championship and with with the drivers for the sport. So we it should be an awkward failure. So the aim is to walk on the events we have because we can't neglect them. We must stay created we must build and develop the events we have, but we also need to build up finally we need more events on the calendar want need to told, and again it's one step at a time which. We need to find that healthy balance of being able to stay on track with what we got, but also looking at new opportunities, new police and. With the current situation as the global pandemic is opened up a few Sensua- days for Newport event that we could be looking at the next year and. there's always just think without free. Proud. There's always silver lining. Again. I. Think. A lot of there's a lot of passion with octane. I I am really worked. Just, Nathan Breath Walks I. And Property surrounded by the same people say. It was kind of lost five years of beans of like an uphill battle as such. But I think. We strong, we we know what direction we want to go in and we. Set ourselves. Silly goose or empty promises we're. Going to deliver. What we say to deliver on. Part. Of the plan. Back. In January you launched the the world rankings list. How does that fit into this and how do you see? How do the the bigger events in the states become a part of that? Well one thing that always drive milita crazy was the selection process for some of our events. Obviously like I said when I first got involved it was. It took me a few years to just see what was happening and learn what was going on and learn about the industry and because. I had no involvement in poor. Why did I didn't even I didn't even particularly I can not going to lie to you. I think when I first joined matter. I? Didn't really have any. Love for any sports to be to be honest with you So that's kind of developed over the years and. So it took a while to to learn what was happening and. He conned a sore, the selections were happening on. A bit of favoritism of friends here and there and It's Just think if we're trying to professionalize the sport, which is my number one go. Then, we need to put that aside and we need to actually come up with a with a proper rankings is to. These players should be. They should be going traveling around the tool. And they should be earning that places in the biggest events on the calendar because they all traveling around the mayor committed. They should. They should have that on. Merit. So that was the thinking the thought process behind debt. Patient just get picked because you know that friends with someone oil. They won one torn one big tournament such. There's pairs. Grind. Tournament and they travel back to back they might see their friends on their families but. They bind everything and they just grinding out every day and if they. Do, well, in a few tournaments, they should they should be rewarded for that and so. Again. We already have five events under our belt and. The. The thought price was well walpole monsters. It was a sixty-nine invitational then for years it was just. It was pretty much just this invitational of Thai is but now it it should be a twenty four best players in the world. And it's kind of having selection process. You know the Mosconi Cup MVP gets in and we should be trying to link all of our events together into one brand is matching pool. That's what we should be doing to evolve the school. Working. With other proprietors, you know we've got great my side who obviously very committed to You know I trying to do what we're doing and that's that's build the school. So, there are other events on the calendar that we incorporate into our rankings list. and. We should be rewarding the right points for the right prize money that's involved. And we should be rewarding those players who committed who grinding. So the thought behind the world rankings was just you know it's an overall big picture for the matching Paul Brand. It's the bigger picture to evolve sport. And let's try and get some more events onto our umbrella and let's make sure. The. Promote is also doing Roy I. Just mentioned CSI. Fantastic they. They put on Welk loss events organized. Really really well, and they're great team but then you do have other promoters who A- soft in some of the players and you know they might. They might. Make a few cuts here and there in order to make the minimum prize money and. A notice that well. Cyanide I noticed nick till in all team very, very good when it comes to formats and ranking points and. The. Rest of the pool calendar. Knicks locked my right hand when it comes to things like that, and he basically looked the the ranking points from he took it on the last couple of years thirteen-year-old. And we noticed that some events would just on the calendar for the sake of air. But what we should be doing is we should be helping and guiding these promoters as to how the events should be promoted how they should be stage but also that should be minimum price fund. We shouldn't be making these players traveled to and from and grinding offense for. Such low prize money and so. What we're facing doing by having more ranking events or more established ranking events on almost Carney Cup calendar we all encouraging the players to play in these other events. So then another stepping stone. Why do we do ranking points for team? Europe but not team USA and it's made a question I've been asking bashing on the door for so long and the answer was always that it just never really worked team USA. Screw that. Let's make sure that it works. Let's not do something just because it doesn't work. Let's blood D-, do it, and if it means, it's a little bit harder and it's a bit more work then so be it. We Love Challenge. So. I think I want to say it was eighteen months ago we sat down. Okay. Let's do this. Get some ranking events for. Team USA oversea. We tried to do it for this year and the Oregon fits up. For to obviously the current situation, but the thought process was there. But what we want to try and build on this we want swing courage more promoters in the united. States, because at the moment is not enough professional events on the calendar in the states. So what we need to do is we need to encourage the USA play is to be traveling to these different events and to be grinding and earn their spot onto the Mosconi Cup team but also they might earn their spot into the Walpole Mazdas the top to Americans on the rankings the matching poll could I ness ball onto the World Cup of Pool? All of a sudden something, the an event where it was five wildcard picks from a captain. The old groper into place one week before the event in December. It's all of a sudden a year talking point and now suddenly growing. Other events on the con- to the matching poll but other promoters, the more we the more binds they generate the most sponsorship. They get because big name players there. Then the better they they get we one other promoters to be successful because if successful. So awake we get more events, I would love just more polar. That's all I want site. That was that was the thought process behind his thoughts it with the rankings fourteen year continuous side, and then the discussion what we do in multi office not so I say was so strong at the moment of the nor we're going to do is become stronger. We've just employed to new people as well with such a good solid team right now but we'll sit there and we'll have a discussion about it, and then all of a sudden one talking point for team USA ranking point. Is it was meant to last ten minutes is all of sudden taken a full day and we've just established the matching pool world rankings. So that's kind of how things develop because you know we sit down with passionate. And we want to revolt the sport, we want to generate younger players to the Moscardini. At more competitive event I think during my time that was the worst event of ever done. And Sarah Bradley on might but. It was the twenty seventeen most Garni Copy Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay. And I think. It was often match to on day one. The TAME was Shane. SKYLA billy. Dennis Hatch and someone else. It was An. Oscar Dominquez. And on Team USA. And match to finish on this, the producer for the showers walked into the office and just looked me. And shook his head and I sat then I'll just quote my head in my hands in my office haven't slept having eastern probably drunken sheds coffee. And he looks at me like this is just what is going on and I couldn't even bring myself into the rain off to watch because it was. Like you said earlier you can hear the passionate my voice it was genuinely heartbreaking thing watching. that US citing just admit to fate throughout that entire event. And felt that no one ready those no love for everyone was turning up for their parents fake. And it wasn't the best event on the calendar. And we saw sat there and thought, well, what are we going to do next year where we need to do something because? Again. How are we gonNA get audience you amphicars if the if the competition is in competitive. How's that going to happen? So although it's All Fun and games that one one team gets spanked oxygen. You know it's an eleven victory that is not good viewership we need it to be competitive we need the. The the matches to go all the way we need it to to be the best players in the world, but the most guy cop hasn't been that for a little while because it's been selections and things like you know Shane stats. So it all. The he he's never really being successful in the Mosconi Cup prize the last two years. The go that we've been doing. Jeremy joins being fantastic for it. It's the. The And and the friendship and the team dynamic, and that hasn't been worked on for a real long time and it's something that we finally gone home of. An now, the event can finally be competitive. And again, that was the whole thought process for the rankings for Team USA unseen Europe it's been so many small events on the teen Europe rankings the at she felt sorry for some of the the European players they had to go and grind suction prize money. One thing that we've already looking and focusing on during this time where we don't actually have have spoil on. is to risk tablets these events and make sure that this calendar Calende. Is Good enough for the players because again I want to the is it they should be posting on social media and moaning to them. They should be doing this and that but the end of the day. We should also be setting the stage for them. This is career. And we should be working our absolute bollocks off. To to get them as. Successful as they possibly can be I feel sorry for any players who a kind of getting to the end of the coal career right now. Because the ones who had just coming through and that just sort of break in the barrier you know you finishes scholar would would. There the prime opportunity because they're coming into the industry when I'm here and I'm GonNa Absolutely. Just. Sky With it because sky's the limit. And and we're GONNA push in. Wegener evolve the sport and this is the prime time for. I I have to comment. It's been. It's been the situation in the states for so long that. Promoters come in and go and the whole idea is. I need to grab the biggest piece of the pie that I can. Get and I haven't heard. I've probably heard more enthusiasm for growing the sport in the last forty minutes than I have in the last four years. I'll take that as a compliment. was definitely meant that way. Who is is the Oh we obviously preached that where the best promotions all of that that's That's just the way that we are an appropriate way that I am but also I love working with other pimple and other organizations because at the end of the day I'm I like to think quite small I know that we can't just do this on. All right so. Why we connected with? To try and work on this junior USO PM on either a few people as negative comments as to how we picked the juniors but again. Be Launched. Something that. You know I was positive for for the industry for Juniors. I mean what other event you get way you can get too much places into the next year's US Open for a thousand dollar entry. Fit for junior payers fantastic opportunity for them. So we're more than happy to open the door and speak to others in industry and what together with them. We also needs to be the top of our game. We need to ensure that we're delivering the best package we need to ensure where. Where always driving and we're working hard so we like to. Pick and choose who we work with, but we're not all. US You know I just doing this on our art. I would love to hear you know I think it's Alison fishes being messaging me quite a lot recently. An- she messaged me she said, you know we need to work on women in Pole and Being very very. Are Open about my thoughts on women in Spoil I have quite an ivory view of it. I like to think if you if you think you're the best, then you're the best amongst the the boys and the girls. If I want to prove I'm the best I WANNA be all of the guys and I want to be older for hours but that's obviously how. Iconic perceive things. Opening. The US. Open and having both female and male are opening the world. Pool Championship and having both female male I will always ensure the females have an opportunity to actually participate in the events that has none of this. I entry spaces we're taken up I will side entry spaces for women's participate so. It's a little bit difficult because there's no viewing figures the. All any Jenner. Not. Generating. Any feedback. That women are events you know successful as such so we should be opening it to barth. But for instance, Allison Fisher she messages and says, you know, what can we do? What should we be doing. An a sets a look just when you free, you tell me the time. And I will sit down with you for however long it takes less brainstorm smile this. What can we do? I'm more than happy to sit down with anyone brainstorm live talk how do we evolve? So it's not about just. US Right let's work together with other companies. We worked very closely with Predator and with. You obviously a staging other events as well, but let's work with them. Let's all work together and I said it. On our lost off the rail for Mattress Paul. As, there was a time where all of the major events on the pool calendar route customers with one another and I'll hold my hands up lost years, US Open is a little bit difficult because I'll calendar. We caught clash with officiant event on Netflix event because we're only one thing. So we we conscious sit there and guy right pool calendar. Let's go here. We have to think about td schedule our own mattress scheduled. Then we have to think about the snoop cook because we shouldn't clash with a big what That would be city of us. Then we will conquer the DOTS is the same audiences us so we've got all of that to think of them we okay Paul Calende. Site that times when we were clashing with our own big sporting events and I took on the nausea. We softened big time by cashing super billiards expert that wasn't on purpose. That was just you know. The locker draw and also we weren't in communication. We just none of us were in communication but now I've started off his threat on email all of the main promoters. Oh have schedules and calendars and we'll. Share together as I secret about it. We're all trying to work together. We understand at this time of the year and the current situation things. Aw, unavoidable thing is communicating. We're talking because the end go is again more calendar multiple events on the calendar. Don't clash with other major sports, other events because that's not going to help the place. We want them to be going back to back traveling from event to event if it were up to me about the suitcase and have. Matrimonial sport event every week of the calendar year. And that doesn't bother me all. I'm still young I like to think and that would be fantastic but so. That's what we're trying to do. We're all trying we should be working to get. and. With one another I like I mentioned about like an amateur event alongside with diamond. That was a great idea that's coming from Chad and that's something that I would really like to push forward. If we can oversee, try and do that with for the US Open if we can't do it next year because of the current climate then is in place we're not going anywhere. Unless oversaw. and. I've win the lottery and. That to an island on my mind and decides Packet Orleans and maybe now Jason. We, yeah. We're not going anywhere. We've taken and we've acquired these new events on because we have a passion. We love this. Enough to rush you know let's make each decision. Smartly wisely and. Again we had to cancel some events this year. But that was because we would have just rushed. we wouldn't have had the most competitive matches. We wouldn't have had the best payers and we would have wasted an event and I. I can't do that to the sport a wasting event. If we deliver something, we have to deliver it twelve ten every time. And that's that's the direction we want to go in and that's what we're trying to do and so anyone that's listening that I haven't communicated with before any promoters organizes sponsors. That's all worked together. The big topic right now is Mosconi Cup and. You had mentioned earlier that you've always got to have a plan B. Plan. C.. How How certain are you? that. Mosconi Cup is going to be able to go off the way that you would like it to. good question. I thing. No matter. What happens. The event like I said, we will always deliver at twelve hours of ten. If we can't have a crowd than, we will still deliver it twelve outs ten because we will be creative and we will think of ways the crowd can engage. And the event will have its atmosphere despite not being out to have a crowd bought. The main focus even though it has a lot of hard work, you know we witnessed it for the World Snooker Championship you can put in relentless hours and then all of a Sudden Diwan you can be nice spectators I would I'm more than happy to put in the right now to just have one hour spectators for the Messiah Cop. So the way that we see it is that we're working hard at new seating plans we're working hard with the government and we're also talking with the government constantly. Talking about new regulations, new boundaries we can push. Testing. And just what regulations are in place in order for us to get spectators in. A little bit hard with the Mosconi, Cup audience and people need to understand. Because the atmosphere is a lot more friendlier a lot more. how do I say drunker? It's a little bit harder to maintain social distancing and things like that. So. It may be slightly easier to have an audience in for a snooker event. Is for DOT. So for a pole event so that will factors that we really need to bear in mind and but we're not. Stepping off the off the gas. I want spectators in there and I'm going to do everything I possibly can unless I'm genuinely told by the government that we can't wait can. We are aiming for. Spectators. Appreciate that lot equal travel accommodation, and. And we've kind of been oversee very quiet about the the situation but it's genuinely because we have a yes or no answer right now. And what we are trying to do is trying to have seats in Paris proved government and. Until Achi what with that because we have to maintain social distancing but also, December, it is still quite waterway. Could have prevented things could've got was things critical are. So. Yeah. We have a plan through a all the way through to Z.. And whatever happens we're going to give it a rule and the outcome will be how we wanted it to be because win going to give up. So it's kind of note, the onset of everyone wants everyone just wants know whether we can have fans will not but tell you the real hard hitting truth I don't know right now and that is purely because this cart situation, we've got to two events coming up. Where we hope APPS spectators our champion of champions new proven in November and I will Mosconi Cup in. December. So. What we need to do is put measures in place in order to make sure that if the situation worsens. and. We have to go behind closed doors and for instance, Out Championship League event in June was completely behind closed stores. It was the first live spoke UK. Well let's make sure that there's a plan. You know. T in place so we can do that. So we are thinking of everything. We want the events go ahead. We're not GONNA quiet because we're just trying to keep everyone. Just, takes a long and we don't want to share any news. We all just genuinely trying to it. I, mean I could make the announcement aren't site brought Muscatine cops behind closed doors. They everyone is your answer and that would be easy out. Because there's still hope crossed that spectators. So let's plan for that avenue. Let's see if we can do it and let's try and deliver if not. Let. Me Go to plan. S. That that's that's the overall view on it. The whole aim for the beginning of lockdowns to be to try be as transparent as possible told players told fans. But. Right now is just still so uncertain for us and things can change the matter of hours and our first hand experienced it witnessed it so we just need to be. We just shouldn't make any brush visions. Let's take each step a ton. And just try to deliver the event. And it's interesting that you say that you think. You know the the question that everyone wants answered is whether there will be fans at Mosconi Cup I like hearing that really the question is will there be a Mosconi Cup and and it sounds like there can be without four days of screaming fans. Yeah I do you know what I've? I've watched darts behind closed doors. They've got the live crowd going in through the Ram. Through the TV I've seen it happen and engine I walk whip whip bloody good at what we And if we can't have finds in that, we'll be able to deliver a very good product and site. Unless you know, we physically can't get the players into the country, which is something that we've we worked. We have an international exemption here for sports elite sports, persons that that we going through the process of all the. Way quite comfortable in that again because we're in. Detailed and ongoing discussions with the government and with all the events that we've got going on. So. If we have funds. Then this. Way around it again, our hope. Type design that that's what we one. Honestly. Going into this conversation I didn't think I was going to be as excited for what the game could look like a year or two down the road as I am now this was not. This was not the conversation I expected to have. Well. You've never met me Mike that's why. We'll I'm looking forward to that now. Yeah me too. I. Think. We've got a lot of plans in motion and we we do have setbacks this year I'm not I'm not gonNA hide that it's no secret. But again, it's it's not it's not scared as often and. It's GonNa. Take a real long time before things get back into. Its back to normality and I don't think things ever will be I think we've all experienced something that you know has changed on also generation and the way the events live sporting events move forward is going to change but I said it's you earlier. I like these situations where you cover silver cloud a silver lining. Sorry. Because there's new ways of production that we've learned. There's ways that we can not spend as much money on production and put it in other areas that needed right now. And we only allowed not because of this situation and because of going into lockdown and so that's what I'm positive about I'm positive that we're GONNA come out of this with new ideas in its if events. And again, I, feel like my true employee's to we've kind of gone to. Now to where I was hoping it was going to be in twenty twenty, twenty, twenty one. That's okay. I had an cry about it few months back conical ivory. He's so upset about it and go. Way wants to be up and but that's okay. Take on the chin, and all you can do is just look and and see how we can develop and work for the future. So I'm excited and I'm glad you ought to. Him. Emily I appreciate the time that you spent with me today. I appreciate the the energy and the enthusiasm that you bring to everything that you do and I'm looking forward to seeing how Mosconi Cup comes together and how things come together next year. Thank you know pressure now? All right. I'll let you get back to planning and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks. Mike. It's been a pleasure. Alright. Thanks, Emily. Emily. Again, I found that all very interesting and like I mentioned in that interview. You take the the enthusiasm that emily has and the enthusiasm that people like nate mendham hands. And I think the game has eight. I'M NOT GONNA say a bright future. I'm going to say a brighter future than it does without those people in it. And speaking of Nate Nice saying they're nate does the Kyodo podcast and believe it or not? Nate is my interview in the can for next week so Sit Down for this three shows in a row I can't believe it myself. But you know like I said the new site motivation who knows what can happen. So checking next Wednesday and we will have that interview with nate I appreciate everybody listening this week and Dave we are always thinking about you.

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