Standard is the Standard: Who is the most overrated Steelers player on the 2020 roster?


Pittsburgh steeler FANS. What is going on? This is Jeff Hartmann editor of behind the steel curtain dot com with you for another episode of the flagship podcasts. That's right BTS's running podcast. The Standard is a standard joining me. As always this guy over here that's Lance Williams on the west coast is up lands Harry tonight. I'm doing our right an Afro on my mic. And I can't see over it like Shannon. I just noticed that. Because he you're sure did they. Kind of blends in. Yeah put an Afro on my mic. it was like the pop stopper to kind of clean up the sound and so the. I got raise the level of my chair. I gotTa Fro- I cut. My hair is able to cut my hair last week by myself. Also my fro is a nice little bit lower so big you know yes someone someone that obviously cuts his own hair on a weekly basis I you know the state of Maryland reside in where Dave Scofield and Brian. Anthony Davis resigned on Friday at five PM Places like barber shops and Harris. Lawns are going to be reopening. I just WanNa know are people sitting on the phone. They waiting five o'clock this speed out but My wife made an appointment to a salon And 'cause they're opening in California's well but they're limiting. The number of people can get an appointment so I think they're doing two or three people at a time so not much but the but the but because of that the appointments are spaced way out so like the first appointment she could get was like in July. Because they're doing so few bookings but I figured you'd be golfing this weekend. I've already been out. Hit the ball. My my son and I are GONNA play tomorrow. I think we're going to go out and get get around in maybe in the early afternoon via Beautiful Day so Things are slowly starting to come back. Here's how here's the funny. Here's the irony of right since they they've open golf courses near. I live near course around the corner. It's rain for times the a Kim. Yeah can be tough tough. Got a all right well. Let's get this show on the road. Let's talk about the headliner by the way. We're a little bit early for those watching live on youtube but you know what when the time strikes we gotta go and I know a lot of people have messaged me left comments on our youtube channel stating the. I wish I knew that the time I wish I knew the time to. But you know what sometimes lands sends me a text in says. Hey can you go early? Sometimes I'm sending him attack saying hey it's going to be a little bit. Later life happens it is crowded commit. Let's let's try to. We're GONNA commit live right now. We took in five thirty right at five thirty West Coast East Coast. Eight thirty obviously So yeah I mean that's what we shoot for life today. You go shoot for five thirty if we're late listeners. Just be mad at Jeff because it's probably a chef as to why we're not starting at five thirty. There's there's look put it this way. Put a number on at least ninety nine percent chance that it's my fault so we're not need online. Maybe my children but eventually come. He blames okay so we were going to talk about like some traffic stuff and do all that the nighttime talking yeah. Let's let's go a different avenue. That's what the flagship typically does Kind of going in a different way. Let's go with something that Lance on twitter the other day and it was a list of okay for your favorite football team. In this case the Pittsburgh steelers who's like the most overrated player in we had a long list and lands. Has that list in front of them? Why don't you go ahead and let's run these down and then if you're watching live in the in the in the live chat letters what you think before jumping through the list two things. I want to give a big shoutout to my favorite artists musical artist of all time when to give a big shout out to Stevie wonder celebrating his seventieth. Birthday also WANNA give a big shot out to Nick Fair Abou- at Fair Abou- F. B. on twitter. Who came up with the list of questions so I reached out to him and let them know that. We're we'RE GONNA use his questions as a topic for the podcast and so he just wanted me to give him a shout-out so again. Big Up big shot out to nick. Fair Abou- hopefully I'm pronouncing it right or could be fair ball like Sammy. Harbaugh harbaugh so at Dara Bach F. B. on twitter so big up to him so here are the list. Jeff will jump into these so the list is most overrated most underrated best player key addition key new addition Could surprise a player. That takes a leap in a player that has to prove it this year. So I'm a kick the ball to you. Jeff who is the most overrated and this can be on either side of the ball. Who's the most you can throw in coaches to do you can you? Who's the most overrated steeler player? Now when I think of rated I'm thinking of a player that is height to be something that they are not and this is this is GonNa hurt. It's GonNa hurt me to say it if a lot of people and a lot of people up someone's already said in the live chat months ago Juju Smith Schuster. Both I know I know I know I know but to me. I'm not sure if he is that genuine article number one wide receiver. But he wants to be hype like that and I looked at his production early in his career as a product of Mr third and fifth being opposite him. He has every chance this season to prove me wrong but at the same time. I gotta be honest. That's where my mind went every chance to prove you right. True the flip side of that area eat green. You agree with me or use someone else. I have someone else and I had to go to over the cap to solidify my point. Even further Elvin Bud depre- is the most overrated guy on the steelers. There is no way on God's Green Earth. You could convince me that. But depre- is worth fifteen point eight million dollars now if you were to say Tj Watt. I would say he's underpaid but there's no way in the world give him bud to pre production over the course of his career with the Pittsburgh steelers that he is worth that much money and I just want to further solidify the point by pulling up some of Bud depre- career stats now. But the pre by no means L. Bus depot but depre- is by no means you know below average but by no means is bud to pre worth fifteen point eight million dollars in five seasons with the Pittsburgh steelers. Jeff How many do think Alvin? Bud Debris has in his entire career Entire career with the Pittsburgh steelers eleven half last year. I think he had say twenty. Two all you think he's overrated to if it's only twenty to thirty one point five thirty one over an injury and a third of those was last year so the most overrated player on the Pittsburgh steelers Alvin but to preview. Have an honorable mention for a player. Who's most overrated? Yeah I'm going go Another offense if player believe it or not I'M GONNA go with Mr Alejandro Villanueva You know people. In the live chat of said a lot about marquees pounds being overrated to me Marquees. Pouncey has done enough in his career in the waning years of his career. I think that he absolutely could be still. I don't think he's overrated. He is what he is right now. But I don't think it's overrated Alejandro Villanueva. At one point was a pro bowler and I'm not saying that he's bad. I just think that especially when you look at pay. He got that big payday for years ago. Is that what you're getting if we're GONNA look at that type of analytic? I think that he would What about you? That's a good name in I? I agree 'cause I brought up pouncey. And I like the way you explained away pouncey being overrated at one point in time I mean pouncey was voted the all decade center in the National Football League. I think at one point in time Marquees Pouncey was the premier center in football. I think pouncey now is not because he's not playing at the level that he used to which was at an all world level. But I don't think Andrew Villa Alejandro Villanueva has ever reached that and for a number of eight point. Three million dollars that's that's pretty hefty. And and when you look at that number he may even supplant but depre- but I think he is definitely ABS- absolutely In the running for the most overrated player on the Pittsburgh steelers. Let me jump into the next category. And I'll let you lead this off. We'll go with you. Jeff Jefferson. Meow introduced to you. Most underrated player on the Pittsburgh. Steelers underrated underrated. That's a tough one is what I'm going to have to go and I I. The reason I'm hesitating is ahead an aim in mind. I'M GONNA go with it. It's on the offense. Aside the ball soccer listen for a long time identified. Lean on the inside. This person's got a lot of pub in the off season but I still think he's extremely under ads. Matt filer. I think mad filer is one of the most underrated players on the team in terms of position. Versatility doesn't cost a lot of money yet. Anyway right and at the the same time he was the if you like pro. Football focus highest graded off of line for the steelers in twenty nineteen so combine. All three of those things. And I'm thinking to myself. That's that's he's underrated but a lot of people might say well he was the PF best player on the offensive line. That wouldn't equate to being underrated. That's who I'm with. You may disagree. But that's what I have you. I think that's a solid pick. I'm going to defensive side and no surprise when the defense science weird how that worked out. I'M GONNA go with Steven Nelson. I think Steven Nelson is the most underrated player. Because when I look at the steelers defense and I look at the top three top four players on that defense I think Steven Nelson is right in there with the best players on that defense if I were to Rattled off the best players on defense. I think it's what I think it's hayward I think it's Steven Nelson and It's make if it's Patrick. I think those are the best players on the steelers defense but when you look at cornerback contracts and I'm trying to pull up the cornerback. Contracts here but it's moving pretty slowly for the amount Steven Nelson is getting paid in four. The numbers he put up as a corner that were comparable to Stephon. Gilmore's numbers He is absolutely underrated when you look at performance and you look at his ability on the football field. Heals your honorable mention for underrated These were tough because tend to put these players on pedestals that I think if you look at last season I might go. James Washington was underrated. You actually led the team in receiving yards. Most people don't think that everybody did. I felt that he made a step forward with no real quarterback and so- underrated to the entire team. That might be a stretch but I think in terms of value that he brings. I think he does bring value. There's a lot of people that are already writing him off saying Klay pools going to push him off the roster which is nonsense in its of itself. I think James Washington might be on my list for underrated. That's just me in terms of Steven Nelson when I was talking about his salary Stephen I mean Joe. Haden averages eleven million dollars per year and has contracts to find Gilmore averages thirteen million in the most expensive corner and football is Darius slay and he averages sixteen point six million per year and I would bet if we look at pro football focus that Steven Nelson might have a great as high as any of those players. And so that's why putting Steven Nelson as my most underrated. Let's go to best player. Who's the best player on the Pittsburgh? Steelers that's tough on. I could go on a bunch of different ways and oh I'm GONNA go. Tj I'M GONNA go T. J. Watt as the best player. I think when you get where he was drafted pedigree the tail end of the first round I think TJ WAD has proven time and time again year after year. He comes he's better and I just don't think the dad defense is is intimidating is daunting without him on the field rushing. And that's I know where you could go outside defense and you might be going there. You go in there. The other player that we're thinking of. I think I'M GONNA go there battle there. I think I'M GONNA go with minkah. Fitzpatrick is the best player. That's that's one and one B is it not either way and he only going with Minka because the immediate impact of Minkah Fitzpatrick when he was injected into that steeler defense was immediately felt that defense changed and became an elite unit when they injected me. If it's Patrick. And and and they injected a Minka fitzpatrick that never played in the defense and had an impact that much. I mean this was a guy that never played. The defense was not familiar with the playbook or the players or this game or anything And he immediately had that impact and that defense went to a turnover machine it changed and it became The modern version of the steel curtain. I see people on there saying Ben Rothlisberger is still the best player on the Pittsburgh. Steelers can you see that can? Is it still? Can you say that? Even though he was injured I have to see more than one throw. Let's be honest man. We are all every single podcast. Every single writer not just behind the curtain every single show. Every single article is basing this off of one throw NERF ball too or was it a nerd but every no one now the steelers get Kevin Colbert was on Mark Madden one and five nine. The accident said he really liked where he wasn't rehab. I don't know if they've seen anything video. No one else has actually seen him throw football so until I see him be able to throw that long out pattern. Hit The post shoulder. All those tough throws in the NFL. The quarterback has had the ornament until I see that. I can't say that that's in. I'm a huge Ben. Rothlisberger Fans Seven Been Jersey. I have not onsite vets. Still gotta get seven. You GotTa have seven zero a color or you have a color. An I need to get a throwback block number seven. That's where you have to find day one of those sites and find A. He has argued Brian. Three with me though right. You can't put him there not not right now you know in a throw. I WanNa see I wanNA see him. Throw it in congested pocket. When he's getting contacted and he still has to whistle a ball in in money pocket. Like is what I want to see. You know I Kinda WanNa see like like a boxer like I don't know how good a boxer is until he gets punched in the face you know. How's he gonNA respond when he gets deigned? I WANNA see being deemed. Get up and see what happens in throw and make those tight window throws pressure situation. When the pocket is money he'll be able to hit the clean. Slant right he'll be able to hit the clean post route would clean pocket. I WANNA see those tough throws in what happens In Dave Shipley has said as he even shaved. I doubt he shave her legs out. He shaved the live. Chat is rocking and rolling. Her lumpy will agree and disagree with us But let me jump to the next one Yogi new Keanu addition. Who's the most key new addition that could be a rookie draft pick? That could be a veteran free agent acquisition most key acquisition. I WANNA say Derek. Watch just to make you mad but I'm not going to. I'M NOT GONNA I'M GONNA go with Iraqi run because if you look at the current and this is something that I think. I talked Brian. Anthony Davis on Sunday Mother's Day. You already took the show off and I got him to join me for the homer in the hater show we talked about how virtual O. T. as is going to impact players and we both agree. Either with the rookies. It's GONNA be tough. It's GonNa be really difficult especially I was talking about. How players that rely on others are going to be even more hamstrung than I used a alice. Hi Smith as an example. He's a pass rusher. It's him versus the offensive tackle tight end. He's going to be able to get acclimated more than chase. Klay pool because chase grape was gonna have to try to find a rhythm with a quarterback. He's never caught a pass. Ron And who knows weddings? Nba To catch a pass from him so he might know the routes he might know the playbook but until he and Ben Rothlisberger get a few. Were Okay when we run this post pattern. Hey He tends to do this more than that. It's just part of the the relationships that the receiver recap even build trust to. They're going to build trust to all right so I think the free agents that they picked up have a much better chance to be bigger parts of the team in twenty twenty in Hebron. He's been around long enough and he played for. Detroit was drafted by them then. Went to the colts and played for them so he has. He's been in multiple systems. He's seen a lot. He's going to be able to pick up the playbook relatively easy but he's going to be that threat if he can stay healthy. The Red Zone option that the feelers have been longing to find at the tight end position. Hey everyone this is. Cara Swisher editor at large code and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot podcast. Where you break down all the news in Tech Media and business and anything else that we fancy. We want to talk about the news. Moving faster than ever. And we're here to bring some analysis context sanity and occasional levity. Yeah there's a lot of sanity around here anyways to the covert Nineteen News Economy Keira right. Listen Scott Listen. We don't want to bring levity to cope in nineteen. We think it's a very serious crisis. We want to give people insight and other ways to cope with cove nineteen. We've had lots of ways to talk about it whether it's through the automated relationships and we talk about how tech is being used to track data and health and location the privacy risks of living out our lives and platforms like zoom which can be a little dangerous how streaming platforms like. Netflix will excel or fail without sports broadcasting and how this moment is changing the relation between labor force and major companies like Amazon. We cover the entire landscape of we also bring on great guests ranging from Robert Rice to astaire parallel to got us to the economy and how covert is changing our relationships. How is our relationship changing? Scott I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally touches your emotions. Let's be honest. I am the future ex Mrs Swisher. Yeah AFTER SEAN. Hannity got puts it over nineteen has been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it all by listening to pivot with Cara Swisher and Scott Gallery. Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Since he's retired but probably since luxurious green was brought in the Darius Green was supposed to be that guy and he at hurt in the concussions and we all know how that played out. And I don't WanNa bring his name up with Iran but that's the type of person that I expect similar skill set. I think Lebron's more athletic but I think he's the most important acquisition for this team. I'm just looking at the live chat while you talk man. Jeff when you say something bad about Big Big Man. It gets wild in the live chat. It goes down in the live chat. When you say something about Big Ben. They are just hat in chat that we rip big. Ben I'M GONNA go to opposite rally the first time. Go with the offense side of the ball. I'M GONNA go with Stephen was new ski. I think is the best key acquisition because I think it's solidifies the offensive line. You don't have to create two new positions to new positional starters. One AT THE LEFT GUARD POSITION. One at the right tackle position assuming they would move filer inside to be that. Gar and I just love slotting in a left guard that's been on to. I think two consecutive super bowl winning teams Kansas City in Philadelphia. A guide that's veteran played in big situations playoff moments and play very. Well I look at every snap that he played in. Kansas City's run and he played very well. And I think he slots fits right in perfectly with that offensive line and I think with Ben. Coming BACK WITH INJURY. I mean you want a guy that's really good in terms of interior pass rush pass protection you want to to secure that safety blanket for Ben Rothlisberger particularly with gut pressure. So I'm GONNA go with. News is there anybody else you think about. I mean I think pool has the opportunity to be a difference maker for the offense even if all he can do is a straight line. Take the top off of a defense. I if he's the threat think back to when Martavis Bryant which a lot of people wanNA compare the two and we talked about the measurable 's if he can just take the top off defense and when Martinez. Brian was a rookie. He didn't play his for six games when he came on. He come on quick and he was just that deep he was just a good go stray. Just keep running and defense are going to have to account for you. He's big enough. He's strong enough. That if he can get the playbook in a little bit of cohesiveness with Rothlisberger he can definitely be a difference maker for this offense. I I I wrote an article about how an NFL offense coordinator said quote unquote this on ESPN. Plus he was the perfect madge for what this team needs. The steelers offense and so if he can get acclimated and he can maybe take that safety to shade a little bit his side that Juju Smith Schuster common made at the beginning of the show could be null and void because he could see more one on one coverage less bracketed coverage Anakin. Open them up. That's I'M GONNA go with Klay poll because wiz. I don't want to disagree. That's great pet but I've had to go somewhere else I clip. It's GonNa be interesting before we get into the next topic Or the next category. How the coaches approach? Because I was reading an article washed. Shared it with you guys. I don't know if you guys read it about Cam Hair was talking about his experience as a rookie. In at that point in time I believe there was a player strike or some sort and the coaching staff. The NFL forbid coaching staffs with even sharing the playbook with players and he said when he came in he didn't know anything he didn't know one single play verbiage no calls nothing he was completely lost and didn't know anything and subsequently. I think that impact his ability to star he didn't start one game for the first two seasons. A lot of fans were down on him but I think they minimize the impact of just how much not being able to practice in. See The physical speed in the physical the physical nature of the game. And do all those things that you get from a training camp. I think it's GonNa be imperative for coaches to dumb it down as much as possible in really identify. What guys do well to put them? In a position to succeed I would think it would be a mistake to give these guys too much too soon because then it becomes you know you're in your head you can't play fast. I mean what's your thoughts on that? Yeah like I said I in a position like wide receiver where the the knowledge and the repetitions that are necessary between a quarterback receiver. Everyone thinks Oh. Yeah slants slant no? It's not guaranteed. Yes Ben Rothlisberger Halley Antonio Brown ranchland how Juju runs this land. And how hines Ward Ran Aslan back in the day they were all three completely different one might have gone to up in one might have gone three or four. It's all about timing repetition. So that's why if we're going to try to find a silver lining in this cloud. The fact that this dealers did not have a ton of draft capital in the cloud of cove in nineteen happens in it impairs preparation. It's not the end of the world that the steelers have that draft class where expecting all these players to start as rookies and contribute because teams. That are like that. They might struggle the they're going to be bad. So the next category. Who TAKES THE BIGGEST LEAP? Who TAKES THAT LEAP? That Tomlin talks about You when you when young players become the guys who takes that biggest leap and it doesn't have to be necessarily a young guy it could be a vet at you know seven six seven years guide emerges. It becomes a superstar. I mean he takes that in. I want or is it. He'll do. I actually think who. Who Do you actually think takes that leap? We'll tax relief. I think a leap is going to be Devon Butch inside linebacker Going into second year. He played enough in his rookie year. He's asked he's athletic. You started to see glimpses in the second half two thousand nineteen of the reason why they moved up ten spots to get him. He was very very fast sideline to sideline he was instinctive. He did have some issues in coverage which you point out all the time and I don't disagree with you now. The guy that I want to break out is maybe who you're going to say. I don't think you're GONNA say him to him. I know who I think you want to break out. Well who do you think I think you want Edmonds TO BREAKOUT YOU S. Please please played better than what you have reliable. Yes he's all steady. Yeah I want some playmaking now that you have here laugh Branka Johnson. I'm going offense again. I think deontay Johnson takes a leap the best wide receiver on the steelers in twenty twenty. I think he supplants Juju as the best wide receiver on the steelers and becomes the number one receiver in becomes that guy. And the reason I say that and the reason I say that and the reason I say that is I challenged people to go back and watch film of Him Against Buffalo when What was it? Troy Davis White is at the corner. Today is white. Watch him get off against white he had a very good game against your Davies. White had a good quarterback by the name of Been Raffles Plate. Burger played in that game. He Tears Davis white up his get off and his ability to get in and out of his routes in his cuts in breaks against your Davies route. Today's White was really impressive. And I think the Johnson obviously would have been better had been played last year. But I think he's on the cusp of being a really good player. Not Super Athletic in terms of Blazey speed. But I love the way he gets. Off The line of scrimmage gets into his routes I think he's going to take that next jump and I think he's going to be the guy to be the best wide receiver for the steelers next year. Me Ask you this. You Watch a lot of film. The San Francisco game faceless. Man said this in the live chat. He said Deontay Richard Sherman on skates. Now that was also I'm GonNa that is that would be a match up to watch and I remembered Yantai Johnson after the game saying how crazy was to just be to see Richard Sherman across from him. Because that's a guy that he probably grew up watching and and it's a very recognizable face in the NFL. Richard Sherman. But I'd love to see how it didn't match Belva Guy. It's very physical you know. It's going to be 'cause rich. I mean rich rich has to put his hands on you. Rich can't put his hands on you you know he's in trouble enrich is going to be a first ballot hall of Famer actually John Brennan Seattle a few years ago. Lit a Yes. Yes he did. I mean which is GonNa be a hall of Famer so yeah and so and so people in live chatter finally. Give me some crops. Yes I think deontay Johnson is going to be the guy to take the big jump. Who would be your honorable mention in terms of a player? That's going to take that leap. Then he's now the big jump. Big Jump I I'll go with that would go the Edmonton's because I do think that he has the athletic prowl us to be a playmaker. Maybe it's the confidence to go break on that ball. Maybe it's just repetitions. He's got a ton of repetitions. I don't know what else he would need he. He's hardly missed anytime since being drafted in the first round. I'm GONNA go that. Here's your honorable mention. It'd be interesting to see how great it out I mean. He's graded out on a game by game basis and you wonder like with his athletic bill. You would think you could be a better playmaker it. Maybe he's being asked to do what he's being asked and they like it. It's interesting I mean I wonder with. Tomlin would say about him in a private moment. I might might take. The League would be Devon Bush. I missed a category. So I'M GONNA go back to it. Who could surprise this year? For the Pittsburgh steelers Pittsburgh steeler player could surprise you. This year surprise player. This may sound crazy. I would be shocked if I see. But depre- get double digits again in terms of sex crimes were I'm not expecting but depre- to have a year. He had last year. I hope he does. I hope he proves me wrong. But a surprise for me would be to Priya's out in shows out again and because of that there you go. You're looking at. He's getting a big payday in free agency. Probably not with the steelers. If I don't WanNa go that route and other surprise be steph onto it staying healthy while while now gene von Hargrave boys at important and now it'd be a shock because he hasn't done it often but that's just that's just me so those would be to come to mind for me. The two for me one would be Ulysses Gilbert he lists s grant as I call him he he the way. They're reluctant or not reluctance. Not Getting an inside linebacker in the draft or free agency to me says they have a lot of confidence in what he could become when you watch him on film in the few amount of snaps that he plays his athletic ability absolutely jumps off to fill it. People might think of this as hyperbole. He's more athletic than Devon Bush. He's not better than Devin Bush but he's more athletic than Devin Bush. He's even twitch year in faster and more sutton then Devon Bush There was a couple of plays where he's outside. The numbers playing impress technique and stopping slant routes against Tampa Bay buccaneers. I mean the way he drives on the slant inside slams like a corner athletically. He is off the charts if he can take if he could surprise that defense in its interior if he can get Vince Williams on the bench and he plays up package football with Devon Bush. That might be the fastest linebacker combination in the history of the National Football League. And I hate to use hyperbole but that would be needed. That would be the first time you had to inside linebackers that were sut like four four guys and I think I think Gilbert even sub for four or hi four threes and you have to four four guys at inside linebacker. That's not so that's that's nut so in your defense and so I think he's a guy that could surprise so let me jump into the last category who is absolutely inappropriate year. Who has to prove it this year? I'm going to go on offense and I'M GONNA go James Connor because we've all written them off. If not all the vast majority off as an injury prone player they seem to have forgotten lances writing a off right now as I speak they. They seem to have forgotten about the pro bowl year in two thousand eighteen where he was very dynamic accent until what? The high ankle sprain against the chargers in that knocked him out for a few games. He isn't improve year into me. I don't think you can talk about debris being a franchise tag guy. That's not a bad answer. But my gosh if connor doesn't prove it this year who knows what is your holds. I mean the steelers might keep him for cheap but my gosh this is a proven year for him not just for Pittsburgh for his. Nfl career so James Connors my pig James. Connor is is compensatory. Pick compensation the that's James. Connor is he can prove it to the steelers so they can get a good cop change connor but but but I think that's a solid pick. James Carter will not be as dealer. He's going to have to prove it for his next contract for somebody else in the league. I got a couple of good numbers but the live chat changed my my opinion. I was GONNA say Benny Snail. Because you know when you bring in McFarland there has to be an odd person out that made me think of Jalen Samuel Well Samuel has to prove it. Somebody has to be there. I was thinking. Chuck's core for and I chuck has to give better. Juju has to prove it. Honestly your boy has to prove it. Number seven has to prove it been asked to prove. Oh big. Ben. Isn't approve it year. Big Ben is improving year. So Ryan Kellerman correct me. He said You g three Ram four four six and Devin. Bush ran four four three deaths fast on the interior defense. A lot of speed a lot of speed and there have been isn't approve it year. Business approve year. Because I I know bid has is the Teflon Don when it comes to the Pittsburgh steelers and we said that Ben. Rothlisberger is the most powerful man outside of the Rooney family in the steeler organization but man if you suck next year with a forty one million dollars cap charge in twenty twenty one man care how Teflon you are. They might be telling you kick rocks. Baby I mean He. He's got to go out and he can't suck next year. Like what a forty one million dollar cap charge. You don't have room to suck you have to go out and beat the man you got to be the guy that they think you are before you got hurt. You have to be that guy you may have to be even more so forty one point two five billion dollar captured. I've never seen a cap charge. That high in that year in two thousand twenty one the difference between him and Joe Haden in terms of cap space or cap number is twenty six million dollars. That's a quarterback so the difference between those. Those players is a quarterback. He's going to have to prove it in ball out because at that number there is a scarlet be on his sweater and if he does Iraq out. I don't know I don't dare. I Dare I say I don't want to say there could be been could get called to the office Benjamin. I don't know if we're going to be able to do this. We've been right by you You know we're going to have to move forward with this so I'm thinking is Ben isn't approval year. I'm not disagreeing with you and the thing that I don't think the Dan is this type of player or teammate. At least not now at this stage in his career but he has got the organization by the balls right now by short in a children earmuffs. I'm sorry for saying that. But he really does. I mean they didn't draft a quarterback. You saw what? Mason Rudolph Devon. Hodges did last year a you WanNa cut me. I'll take as read over and says in the live chat. I'll take my twenty two million in. I will coast off into retirement. And hey good luck by the way with Mason. Rudolph Devlin Hodges Paxton Lynch J. T. Barrett as your quarterback in twenty twenty one. The steelers need him a him and he knows they need them. And so it's I don't think you ever be that type of guy. At least I hope not as a fan of his to be able to say you know man screen you all you all need me. Man. I don't know you guys I mean I don't know like Jeff is younger than me so I don't think jeff grew up with the Jeffersons. You ever watch the Jeffersons. Not Ella Bunch panay talking about you. Don't I mean if you guys can remember the George Jefferson Walk when George? Jefferson used to walk through the robe that George Jefferson Stroll Shellman Hemsley and like read over hand. If he leaves he leaves you with a twenty two million dollar dead cap charge. He's what I coined and Dan. Patrick took my term years ago The positive hostage. He's the positive guy that's one for you produced for you for years. Good in the community. He's the face of your franchise. He's the guy that when they think of steelers. Currently they think of Ben Rothlisberger. He's that guy but he's the positive hostage he's the positive guy that has your franchise held hostage it. He has them as Jeff says by the short encourage Levick. A nays got him and his hand. He's got the whole world. It is ever minds me of the movie Major League to when You Ain't got no mabus man you got we got mean. I mean it's just I mean so. It's absolute it's at absolute prove it year for Ben Rothlisberger he has to end Jay Glazer. Who ripped him a couple of weeks ago and recently walked all of that back of course of bins Workout comments and stuff like that. He said he had a conversation with him. Said Ben is attacking His his rehab and he's in the best shape life all that good stuff. And that's what you WanNa hear because when you have an organization over the barrel like that and only reason why an organization will let you have them over the barrel like that is because you've proven to be highly productive and highly trustworthy that they know you appreciate the position that you've been put in what they done for your family so I think they're comfortable with obviously but man forty one point two. You better go out in throw forty touchdowns if you if you throw twenty two touchdowns and sixteen interceptions. Ooh Let's just say this your touchdown to interceptions better at add. Add Up to at least forty two. It had better be thirty two touchdowns ten interceptions I duNNo. It's let's just hope the best case scenarios Rothlisberger comes out plays. Well looks great. The elbow looks fine arm. Looks like it's got some zip in it and he looks fresh because he had a year off. Basically that's the best case scenario and we can all just hope that helps 'cause worst case scenario. We don't WanNa talk about why tittle they don't want why. Tutto but let's transition to our next topic and I saw this on the athletic and he athl- athletic ran a poll about the Pittsburgh Mount Rushmore list. As you guys know about Mount Rushmore South Dakota to get the four presidents on Mount Rushmore. Often topic used for. Who's the best of all time in a certain sport so we want to? We want to do it for the city of Pittsburgh. Let me give you the results of who was put on a mount. Rushmore is not. This city's dealer not just the steelers city number. One Who got the most votes? Was Mario Lemieux. Second was Joe Greene. Roberto Clementi and Sidney Crosby. What's your thoughts on that? In terms of g. H Mount Rushmore. There's no there's only one. There's only one opening in my opinion. There's only one opening on Mount Rushmore. There's only one person that you could say I take them off and put someone else in your not taking off Mario Lemieux. If you don't know hockey you don't know that he was one of the greatest players of all time. Not of his era of all time super. Barrio exactly Roberto Clementi. Do I need to say anything else? I mean there's a there's people trying to get the number twenty. One retired Jackie Robinson did because he was unbelievably important to Latin America in those type of players coming to the United States a gay in mean green. They retired his number with the Pittsburgh steelers. For a reason he is the Pittsburgh. Steelers number seventy five. He's still Kurt must mean trials. Absolutely he is. That's Berg so those three guys. No one is taken them off. You say you're taking either one of those three players off. Go ahead an exit stage right. Because I don't know what maybe you never saw them play. So maybe there's someone that's really young and I never saw Roberto. Clementi play for my dad. Did and trust me. I was indoctrinated into that at a very young age and I got to learn about him. I did book reports on the guy girl growing up through. Fear here reduce. Yeah anyone. That's a steeler. Fan has seen the clips in the highlights of in jail. And all that he did. And I've seen all that I've got to watch Marielle new in live in person as well as on television saw hoist two cups in ninety two ninety three so anyone in ninety two but still managed that four spot. Sidney crosby. I'm going GonNa say that he doesn't deserve it because he's one three more than Mario. He is considered one of the greatest players of his era. I would say that he is one of the greatest playmakers in hockey history. But man you only have one more spot and there's a lot of other players that could potentially be on sale. What what are your thoughts? What are you doing well to to Roberto Clementi? My Dad would hit you with a bat if you thought Roberto was not Wanted to Pittsburgh steeler goes. I mean a Pittsburgh city of Pittsburgh goats. I mean my dad was a was a vendor a peanut vendor at Forbes field as a kid you know. My Dad wouldn't go to concerts to go see the pirates. I mean he was like look. I don't want to go to concerts. Drop me off. I'm going to Forbes field to watch the pirates so he would absolutely agree with Clemmie absolutely agree with Joe Greene. My Dad's just typical black guy from from Manchester nor side. He don't know hockey. He doesn't know hockey but he knows Mario lemieux. So Mario would be on there because it's just the name Hockey two guys hockey. I'm not a hockey guy. I liked depends. 'cause I'm from Pittsburgh? The blue uniforms are sweet. The Snoop Dogg Pittsburgh. Uniforms even better dovan exams. One Jersey knows are lovely. I love those when the pins win. I get my cap. Got My back to back. Capsule rock out with the because Silly Pittsburgh. I'm cool with Mariel I'm taking crosby. Aditya crosby man. I'm taking crosby out. You know who? I'm putting their in pick up to read over hand. He said his dad so food at Forbes field as well they probably my dad soaks at Forbes field. He drank a bunch and sold a bunch washed. A bunch of games But he said he always was scared when Willie mccovey would hit and Forbes field because he never seen anybody hit a ball harder than Willie mccovey. He said it was like a bullet fly through the air. Everybody was scared with stretch was up to bat but my number four guy. It's got to be the chief. You gotta put the chief on there. The chief has to be on. Pittsburgh's Mount Rushmore. You gotta put the chief on their four super bowls the cigars he was a gangster. He's from the north side of town. You gotta put the chief on their take crosby out. Put the chief you gotTa have. Two steelers on air stood the two penguins. You gotta put the chief on there so should be Joe Greene lemieux. Clementi in the chief. The chief makes sense because he is the most He's the most Known I guess you'd say owner in Pittsburgh people forgetting I didn't even say this My Gosh Mary. Lemieux turned turned into an owner so yes solidify his spot on there in case. You didn't know you eventually bought the team So I'm not going to disagree with you at all But the thing is for me I I agree with you. That if you're gonNA take someone off you take off You Take Off. Crosby is a bunch of different ways you you'll honus wagner. Okay that's an old school guy. All right wrist ball cord as it. Vdb Baseball Card. You know that was the baseball card. And and there's a big story behind net and I remember watching that and it's crazy to that story He was tremendous and no one talks about him. He was played back when Taika. I was running around that they were. They were great players. You could bring up a guy that played the Negro Leagues in Pittsburgh Josh Gibson. Invasive he was of mazing to watch need. That's a Pittsburgh player. But you know what I think that if we're GONNA go if we're not going to go with those three players is being legit no doubt about maybe Willie stargell tops. Another one another one. That came to mind if you wanted to like. Keep it hockey you if you wanted to keep individuals Sports Arnold Palmer. That's a good one. That's a good name. Yes I mean. All the guys aren't from Pittsburgh but still. It's a tough debate. I'M NOT GONNA disagree with the chief. You could burn up a bunch of different names in Bradley James. Before trump is I'll be honest. I feel like you're all saying fake names. I have to believe they're all good because I have no idea who they are. Hey He's being honest though but here here to to that there's Youtube I mean. Youtube is not gonNA give you all of the context but just look up some of the names. We're talking about go. I mean you probably not doing anything right now anyway. You probably run up your Wi fi like everyone else is around the country. Go TO YOUTUBE. Take a look and you know. Search these names particularly since. You're a steeler. Fan Look Joe Green. You know look up. Some of these classic steeler guys definitely look Joe Green and look at the absolute abuse. He was doing offensive Lineman if he did that stuff today. He wouldn't have a salary. I mean they would just he just had to pay his fines. Every game he'd be paying game check. He is absolutely killing offensive line especially with the head slap good Lord. But if you're going to do the research and I have to say this because I grew up I mean I was Eve baseball fanatic. I love everything about the game and I still do of Baseball Roberto Clemente look up. What he did off the field as much as what he did on in terms of. How did he die? he died in a plane crash trying to take earthquake supplies to Nicaragua when they had an earthquake there. It was on New Year's Day and plane crash never found. His body never really found much of the plane either and so he was an amazing person. Not just amazing player. My Dad's still talks about going to a game at Forbes field and watching Roberto Clemente with his right foot planet at the base of the right field wall throwing out a runner at third base on the fly. Yeah overdose toys nuts. I have a person. Let's shift personal Pittsburgh favor. But he'll never be on a mount rushmore. I love the Cobra. I love Dave Parker. Dave Parker was my guy in terms for it. He played for Buddy but he was the best for the pirates that that's when he was the Motor City Cobra what I was Tommy hearns. But he was the Cobra. I mean Day was the Cobra. But that that's a fun little topic. I know some of you guys. I Know Bryant Harrington is ripping us up this not being a steeler topic to keep it a little bit light we go off it a little bit different direction when it comes to the standard the standard. But I I I love your answers for the list and again I wanNA give it a shot out to Nick Fair Abou- of And his twitter handle is at therapa. Fbi So Nick Fair thank you also up the stevie wonder happy Seventieth Birthday Jeff. Do anything else you want to jump into before we get out of here. That's been a good show. I think everyone for listening makes you check out the steelers preview. That's myself Brian. Anthony Davis and Dave Scofield tarn Thursday night. Check US out. We'll be there which talking about you know Clue Tamar. He died about a draft. Pick eventually but I don't know what the headline is well. We'll you're like no clue wilty FITO. We'll do our two minute production meetings. Yeah so I send us L. Lanes and as always steeler fans tune in tell a friend subscribe. Amen stay safe everyone. We will see you next week for another episode of the standard is the standard.

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