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Hello Hi and welcome to another episode of the gun show and another edition of feel good habits this time featuring my knee friend Brandon facialists and former ballet dancer Jordan Samuel. Now I say new friend because we only met a matter of weeks ago at the launch of his range onto cult beauty in the UK at dinner he hosted actually I think Caroline Islands I think Carolina hosted actually in his honor in central London and a few flutes of champagne a couple of request to see his dawn's move. It's not an IRA. If you haven't asked him to do the splits and I filmed on the stairs about his retinal oil hydrating mist and after cleansing. Thank you very much. And a friendship was born and Jordan as you will hear is just good energy positive and such a go-getter so he was such an obvious choice to come on the show and share his feel good habits. It's also his debut on the pocus but trust and believe he will be back all the next to Jordan and everything we discuss will be in the show notes for now. Please join me. In welcoming Jordan Samuel and his fielded habits onto the Emma gun show. There's one person I love chatting to Jordan. Now we've done together but this is your first appearance on the show. I am so excited and so honored seriously hundred. Honored thank you. I've been such a fan. I've Yup such thank you so much. There's very nice of you to say now. We met only a few weeks ago and I would like to think it was. I like to think it was cute. It was love affair size far as I'm concerned and partly because you are such good energy we had a good fund giggle fast time. He met which was very very lovely at your launch in London. We had a lovely dinner. Didn't we always amazing if we could go back? That'd be lovely and it was a nice lemon meringue pudding. If memory serves yes well so just seeing that you would be a really good person to speak to feel good habits because you seem like good energy or very disciplined and yeah. I just really wanted to find out from you. What your feel good habits are like what do you do? Whether it's you can't make up in the morning or you just think oh I just want to roll over and stay in bed all day or when you just feel like life really isn't going your way. What your strategies are that help you keep moving forward because you all the founder and CEO of Jordan Samuel. Skin you have pushed to business. Forward is a very competitive place. So what are your star student? I love this topic. Because it's you know it's really really critical now but in general. I just think it's it's great to always have in your back pocket and something that not to get too far into this but I was formerly Professional Ballet Dancer Which was my entire identity for the whole life and when I retired from that there was a bat an eye transition to skin but I felt like I still have one foot in each professional. Most I hadn't fully grieved my professional ballet career but I wasn't fully established in my aesthetic skincare career and I went through like a really bad outings. -iety stress and anxiety for the first time in my life so and was put on like a low dose of medication which I hate it and immediately got off because it was helping but I was not myself and I knew that was wrong but anyway through all of that I found meditation looming to me. That is just like my number. One feel-good tip and meditation that works for you so this is not me doing an hour every day carving out time stressing about the amount of time. I have to do it Funny enough since we've now been working from home being inside not being able to go out. I will do meditation for three minutes. If I've three minutes I will just sit and close my eyes and do breath work do a little mantra or five minutes or whatever that time period is I really haven't actually done it for more than probably five in the past few weeks but just that consistency of quieting your mind as much as possible for me it helps. I don't see how structure the day it helps put me gets me in a different mindset for the day so then if the news happens to be on the way I'm reacting to. The news tends to be a little bit better if I had that little. Bit of something going on If Ya I mean it all comes back to the news. Whether you're reading the news online on Social Media Sina posts on social media that maybe sets you off or actual news on the television But simple and you know the thing too is i. I really recommend that people look into it because people think they need to sit and be quiet and not have thought come into their mind and if they don't have that they're failing at meditation which could not be further from the truth. The whole process is to sit there with those thoughts. Let those thoughts come in acknowledged them and then let them go doing that. Until you sort of are in that silence base and that might be like for me. Now meditated for years and some days are better than others and some days there it is clear mind and other days that mine is not clear whatsoever. But that's not the point. The point is is consistency In that so for me meditation is like my number one. You can do it from anywhere you can do it laying down you can do it sitting. Ideally get a quiet space turnover. But I'll do it laying in bed and just close my eyes and do some breath work and there's great ads. Some are free a lot of free right now. Actually Guided Meditations Oprah and Deepak Chopra. That's actually how I got into meditation. Funny enough was Oprah and Deepak. Chopra did their first like twenty one day. Meditation Challenge Years Ago. Maybe like eight years ago at this point I did it and it was great because it explained everything and it it gave you the guided meditations. It just put sort of tools in your hands and I and I love that. Do you remember the first time you meditated and did you feel ridiculous or Sub Question? How long before you realize it was actually having an effect? I felt ridiculous because I was doing the whole thing. Like you know I'd cross my legs. I was home which you can do. You don't have to do. But like there is that nice sort of peacefulness to it. But yes no. I felt like a farce away. It was not something that I'd ever like tuned into. Were was into didn't really know what I was doing but I did it. It was sort of. I got to the point where I'm like. I don't WanNa do this. So let's try this and But then I'm trying to think I was one of those things where it probably started helping from day one but it wasn't until probably six months later where I realized. Oh my mood actually been fine lying. It wasn't you know so there wasn't a time period where I noticed it immediately work probably months afterward. I realized oh I have been stressed. I haven't been anxious and realized that that period had gone on for a long time. Tracing it back so yeah. It's just a little bit to me. I liken it to taking medicine or taking well no. That's not fair because I actually will take medicine doesn't make you feel better but I think that has a negative connotation but to me is more of A. It's a workout for the brain. So you got a good sense of wellbeing afterwards too and without wanting to revisit difficult place but do you have just a way that. I feel like if you had to describe it to someone who anxiety manifested it was just complete impending doom out of control not out of control. It wasn't ever dangerous it wasn't ever but it was. It was just yet impending doom. It was like everything was bad. Like the walls caving in it that the best way to describe it just anything whether it was health or business or personal life it just felt like I would always go to the negative. I was in a bad loop in my head really an explanation of it yesterday. I read it somewhere which is is being trapped in the present by the fear of the future. Yeah exactly exactly. That's exactly what I had a little bit of grieving the past which I think through in a whole different type of like bad mix to a absolutely. That's a great. Yeah that's perfect. And so if someone's listening to this thinking okay. I keep hearing people talk about meditation. I get I'm going to give it a go is there. Is there a resource that you would recommend that you whether you try to yourself with you know that your friends have had success with when you suggested it to them? Honestly it's the I would start with Oprah and Deepak show premeditation challenge. It's there is a website for it because they just waiting yes and they just launched a new one maybe a few days ago maybe a week ago in reference to everything. That's going on now so I think that's helpful but what I like about. It is Deepak Chopra specifically walks you through as a beginner things. You might feel ways. You might be wall meditating how to sort of let that come in and come out. There's great APPs once. You sort of. Get the gist of it. Perfect starting place. Because there's there's explanation behind that you're not just jumping in with music and a mantra or something which would be absolutely fine but I like a little bit more explanation so people know what to expect and do you feel that I know. I know the show is over secret. Feel good habits with this particular franchises cooled feel-good habits but I feel like with meditation. It's cool to practice for a reason and also being consistent doing regularly you it becomes a part of it but it's not like A. It's not a quick fix but if you're prepared to put the work in as you say the way that you deal with work what you do with other things you'll reactions are consistent across the board going to be better and serve you better so you're not going to be making new jet reactions will freaking out as much as that kind of you experienced. Yes absolutely And New Bald is a practice. Like I said what I am. This is going to go into something else. That is not really a habit. But then I'll talk about in a bit but but as being gentle with yourself like I'm very big on being gentle with yourself as a habit because I think we are so programmed to be like. We have to get up at this time. We have to do this. We have to do this workout We have to go to bed. We have to do our twelve steps. Can you know we put ourselves all these sort of crazy boxes and just being a little bit more gentle with yourself and so for me with meditation while it is a practice? I do the three to five minutes. I don't do the twenty minutes anymore if it doesn't work for me So that part A. B. Yes for me. It's I don't it's not this incredible sense of euphoria but it's how I take things in how I process things And how I always say like how I have the loop in my mind going. It's now in a positive loop like there's never this sort of which I think. Sometimes people get into I call it a loop like a negative of sort of these thoughts that just go keep going negative thought after negative thoughts so that to me is how I do it and then how I process the results from it I find it really interesting as well because as you said earlier you were a professional dancer. And that is one of those professions that we all know is. Incredibly intense physically requires a huge amount of dedication and requires a an incredible amount of pushing like we. When I think about professional dancers I think about weedy pushing your body to the Max and I find it interesting that you talked about grieving not doing that anymore. But then almost like training your mind muscle where you'd been like physically training for so long. It's exactly so that's something that I'm not GonNa talk about physical. Well I guess I am but not in the sense of like an actual workout physical movement to me is just as important exactly meditations the mind workout. It's line part of the workout for your body. Absolutely so being gentle yourself. He said was another one being assigned yourself because I really still think even now that we're working from home and we have the ability. I think to for once be gentle with ourselves if we want to sleep in those extra thirty minutes and I know that like we should still have. I believe regularity in our schedule. Certainly so don't go start going to bed at three. Am If you're waking up but you know to win all over the place but just being gentle with yourself so now if there is you know maybe you have a really bad lunch or really bad dinner. So what let it be. Move on with it. Change it for the next time. I just think white now. I like being gentle with myself in general. I'm somebody who if the alarm goes off. I don't jump out of bed not because I'm not happy. Not because not driven. It's just the way I have to process and start my down right foot so we'll go off and then maybe I'll take ten minutes just petting my cat or you know. Having time to just chill than I got up slowly than I have my breakfast I just need those mornings to be like gentle for me and obviously gentleness and gentle with yourself and being calm with yourself is going to be different for each person But like I said you miss a workout that you wanted to do then you miss a workout and you just start back the next day you have you know you're craving chips or your cravings XYZ enjoy those And just really be kind to yourself because I think in general. That's good but right now. It's at the top. I think the last thing. We need is strict rules and guidelines for our own personal health and well-being wall inside an end working from home. It's a really good point as well because One bad day bad meal. One doesn't mean it has to follow. That's going it's just one anyth- always and that's what I. That's how I talked to about skincare. Not Pick the skincare ended. I love it when people like. They beat themselves up for not taking their makeup awful night. That's fine just to get back to it. You know do you morning than like. It's the bigger picture right. It's all about the bigger picture so we have to be gentle with ourselves when we have to be kind with ourselves and right now is the time where things are going to be. Different than things are going to be unique. So yeah if I think I did have like a handful of cashews and like a bag of chips for lunch the other day and that is not my usual lunch we then just moved on with the day and I was fine with it and Or if like yesterday maybe I slept in thirty more minutes or maybe I liked it some emails in bad or yeah exactly. I just feel. Oh and on Monday. I've been regulated with my at home workouts. But on Monday it would have been too much stress too much stress on myself if I actually went into that workout and then was frazzled. To do the next thing so you know what? I didn't do the workout but then it was fine because then I did the work out yesterday. I don't do the same thing so I just think. Sort of easing those borders for yourself making life a little bit more. I mean right. I'm Italian American too. So it's always the sweetness of doing nothing. So I am a big believer in that and I think we over schedule and over book ourselves so if now it's there's no better time than now to do that so I'm a big fan of just being gentle being kind to yourself and finding sort of your happy groove. I mean I think that's the Nice. That's the cool thing right with all of this is we can find these new. Say New normal because the word normal now being thrown around. And there's never going to be a normal after this morning. A new a new normal a new a new side of you. That maybe you haven't grant or because you had to get up and go to work at a certain time more you had to go out the door and do X Y and Z. Or you had to go to the gym or you had to do this. And now trying to find those different places where you can be gentle with yourself in kind to yourself. Yeah it's a big adjustment. Gabay very big. I think we'll be worthwhile. I really do. I see it for myself. At least I think it will be very worthwhile of like the things that we should take moving forward out of this And those that we can leave in the past one hundred percent and if they're another habit before I to he question super easy but honestly for me and I don't know about you or anybody else but Vena former dancer loving music and for me. My like outlet used to be even jogging on the treadmill doing the elliptical with headphones and listening to good music or even taking Zuma class but is it does not have to be a structured workout. It doesn't have to be anything on the computer but putting on music on a speaker in your headphones like I'm watching my husband right now. He has his headphones listening to good music. But listen to good music and just dance around. Move your body. Just I mean movement. In general we know is a great habit. A great thing for buying absolve skin everything but Put that music on while you're cooking dinner dance around have fun. Just have your own dance party. Honestly have your own damn dance party because it's so good. It's so good for your body. It's so good for your mind and I just think that I can't imagine people and I'm sure some people are in there blasting their music in their indoors but it seems like things are quieter at least around here in Seattle quiet. I don't hear music in the building. I don't hear music outside. All here is the news which is not great so good uplifting music dancing around and just like work at help. I've got a business idea. Iffy house policy the APP. Yes went don't party with Jordan. Samuel would be in that party and also I've done view these interviews now and what's really struck. Me Is how people are saying that the skin care routine is always a good habit but is something that they then looking at it in the same way as they were so what used to be. Maybe perhaps quite functional all I want to do that. I want to use this to get this result. It's now definitely becoming more of a pampering experience and I wondered whether you've changed that as well well for me being in the skin-care World I've always made it a superpower inexperience. Also because it's whether I'm trying a new product out from our lab or my lying or from another line or from friends line or something like that. I've always really used it as I'm also a big believer in facial massage so I do take time in my routine anyway But yeah that routine is happening like clockwork morning tonight. Because that's reminding like Goto but I'm happy. I'm happy to see the people. Yeah are are sort of also seeing the point in everything they're Using I think by having to be more pampering having it slowdown a bit having More self care they can look at each product and see its function instead of sort of like. You said I mean yes functional. But sometimes it's just use X Y and Z. Because you've been told to use X Y and or because you but now to really look at what each thing is doing what it's bringing and And if it's serving a purpose for you do it now all you because again having spoken to a few people for this already having a little bit of time having potentially more time than before at people's creative juices going and I wondered if that's can tell by your face that obviously happening to you is going to be like a whole new franchise will hundreds of additions to the range. So there is a yeah. I have a lot of ideas There are some that are being worked on and finished and completed. Some dads needs some more Well and the other thing too is it's also been the reverse for me. There's been things that now for me have been under the microscope. Maybe a product that was going to bring out a few months and I realized no. It's not as good as I thought it was. But I've always been a big fan of I get my most creative ideas on a airplane. My phone acknowledge. I'm focused like I'm just sitting there. There's nothing to do. I mean either sleeping or probably reading or but I can get in the zone. Where like I'm not going to go up and walk around the block. I'M NOT GONNA go into sort of take my attention away And sort of felt now. Because if I don't want to have the bad news on just turn off the TV and so there really isn't anything to take attention away. So I can focus on the creative side and yet no it's been and also what I want to see in the line going forward like I really want to also get. I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in but just you know start creating product in I. I see this four something but I really WanNa get back to the meaning of the brand which has always been there in the first place but just take everything. Put it under a microscope. If it's serving a purpose for the brand or for somebody out there then great if not than just as a and I think that's going to be a big component of the brain going forward. I love these habits. So we've got meditation and you've given a really brilliant. We saw there and listeners. I will put the link to open Deepak. You like Oprah you your friends who Carolina. Everything makes sense gentle with yourself training your mind muscle moving physically these old really good things. It's just helpful to remember to incorporate into a day and they don't take a huge amount of time super simple super easy right. That whole thing that I gave could be ten minutes. Not even. Yeah exactly well. That's so kind of you. I really appreciate you coming on the show. Always see links to your skin care what you can get everything of social media will be in the show notes and when we can see each other in the flesh you and I are. GonNa sit down and we're GONNA do a proper Lanc no-holds-barred podcast all about your career. Your line everything account. Wait we were going to do it hopefully on your last trip there just wasn't time but I can't wait. I'M GONNA get you boy. Okay thank you so much for joining me. I'll see you very soon. Thank you

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