The Birth of Mass Production in America


The old mill town of low was named for an industrial pioneer who helped give birth to Massachusetts and America's industrial age Lowell lies on the Merrimack river where it flows across the Pawtucket falls in the days before steam engines, falling water was the best means to power a mill in eighteen ten a man named Francis. Low return from a trip to Britain armed with details of the workings of the power loom. A cornerstone of England's industrial success. Lowell and his partners. Then built a mill of their own to turn cotton into thread and thread into cloth all under one roof. After his death. The new mill town of loaves established and named in his honor. Here. Nearly six miles of canals. Howard, forty Mils that turned out fifty thousand miles of cloth year. These mills and others throughout New England with the birth of mass production in America being able to produce cloth from scratch in a single factory was so revolutionary at the time. Many including Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett and Charles Dickens came to marvel at Lowe's mills.

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