Betting On Ping Pong


Into the game. You're kind of your money. That's how you find out. It was bad for my pets were safe. That wouldn't be juice. Juice point spreads the pets. But teasers the parlays from Vegas to you these these behind. The bat soon commanded the latest behind the best. Podcast I am. Doug his area and we're taping. This on Thursday may fourteenth which is the two year anniversary of the past bobbing overturned the Supreme Court ruling. That enabled states to proceed with legalized sports. Betting obviously a signature day for those in the sports betting world and I'M NOT GONNA say it's one of those. You remember where you were when it happened but I do Such a significant. We had heard grumbling that it could be headed that way but it was like an. I'll believe it when I see it kind of thing. For at least that was my perspective. And that Christina. We're up to eighteen legal states right now. Operational state so we're slowly but surely inching our way their lowly bit. Shirley. But it's interesting what happens with the pandemic. See what's GonNa Happen with sports worlds but I almost wonder with local municipality needing more revenue. If sports betting will more states will get there sooner than without the pandemic right like. It's Kinda like they can't. They can't resist it like they once wanted to. Yeah I I honestly think that's a very good point. I think during all of this. We've kind of realized without sports. You need something and I think a lot of people you know you've mentioned before having the rich to get back into betting sports not really being thing the past few weeks. I I think that's an interesting point because there is resistance by some states but at this point they may not have a choice along those lines. You mentioned the ish. And that's why I'm so excited for this podcast table tennis That is sort. I wrote about it. FOR ESPN DOT COM Chalk section. And it's been fascinating talking to other oddsmakers had sort of it's taken out kind of life of its own if you will and a lot of different leagues up next Sean Harnish. Who is into the Russian table tennis though the professionally? The men's league like I am is a pro better first time ever have on. The podcast really excited to break down. And I have communicated a lot the last couple of days about our favorite players and all that and just kind of laughing in our tendencies that we see some of these guys and we're GonNa have a conversation about it and you may think we're crazy would you may laugh and maybe both at our craziness you're going to be laughing but all in all it's a lot of fun and I hope hope everyone listens. Are you excited Christina? I am very excited all right. Let's get to it. Stop Hammer time. Time now to welcome in someone who has never been on the podcast but when you you said the back signal out for Ping Pong betting you need to need. Lsu people are there in the. Here's where Capes as as we like to say. Sean Harness joins us. Sean how are you man? Good man good it's You know if you told me I would be doing this a year ago. I'd at you. That's that's for sure but crazy times call for crazy. Mentions I guess for sure for sure. Now we're GONNA definitely get in get into to table tennis. Roll up our sleeves so to speak but just a little bit of background for you and listener sort of know. Like how long have you been a pro better and things along those lines jewelry? Yeah I mean I think like everybody else. I grew up loving sports playing sports. I did play baseball in college I majored in sports writing. Got You know some cool internships in the Boston area Always love sports and started dabbling with betting on it now in the early nineties. It wasn't as easy you know if you weren't in Las Vegas. There was some shady sites. Or if you knew a bookmaker you know you could get it. But it wasn't readily available so you know as a seventeen eighteen year. Old Kid in college wasn't easy to place bets but I always enjoyed it and you know as as time went on I I really got into the analytics things. I started going to the Sloan Conference in Boston. The first year was there and analytics I started popping up. This is before social media And you know if you if you went around the Internet back then you could find some chat rooms and places that were dedicated to sports betting and stuff and You know so I got involved there. I started betting. A Lotta baseball with some making my own lines for college basketball and having a lot of success and You know I was always told you know you should do this for a living. And how can I get your plays and like I never thought about selling plays or anything like that until people came to me and wanted them because I would always post them. Sometimes I wanted in the chat and so I said let me give this a try. Never thinking it would be full time But you know it took advantage of a weak market. At the time I can say with With wines and with offerings back then and just started building my bankroll and just really got into it. And I knew that if I buy dedicated my life to it I would be much better because balancing work and You know trying to be handicapper wasn't very easy And so I was lucky enough to have enough money to take a year off and really dig into it and it wasn't the greatest year but I knew if I stuck with it that things would be good and you know I just kept kept the most thing the best thing I ever did was have notebooks and write everything down. It was never much for algorithms than anything like that but I kept doing. It kept doing it and took it seriously money. Managing was the key. I took three. Oh all of a sudden my third and fourth year in college was all about you know money management and everything like that so it did take it seriously and here we are twelve. Thirteen years later and You know I quit my job probably ten years ago now anyway and and living the life as you say is people who say. But it's not the glamorous life that's for sure I mean. This was probably the Kobe thing. Probably gave me my first Two days without any quote unquote in ten years. You know Chris Mornings thing it's always a grind especially when you have clients that are relying on you. You know it's Christmas morning All holidays you're up and doing it so I didn't realize how stressed I was about it until there was no sports it took me and I'm not even kidding almost two weeks for me to not wake up in a panic thinking what time is it do. I need to get plays in. That really made me like take a step back and say okay. Let me let me readjust. What's going on and get out of this grind and You know I still needed something in. Pong came along and I'll tell you it just sort of sparked that love for betting again in having fun I think that was definitely The key to even getting involved in that. But that's a little bit about my background. I'm really analytic space. I really love the small conferences in college. Or it's bed on because the human aspect not only the edge. You get with the lines if you know a little bit more about that than the books But the human aspects involved. You know we're talk especially Ivy League. There's no people. There's no kids. That are on basketball scholarships. They're playing for the love of game love of the game. And and if you can find that where you can bet on the love of the game or the human aspect. I think there's a huge edge you can find there and I sort of correlated with Ping Pong. We'll get into it but I I definitely feel that here but anyway I in a weird way. This Kobe thing really put my life in perspective and then Pingpong came along and showed me how it used to be. How why I got into this profession in the first place because it's a grind as you know. Yeah I know. It's a lot to digest there. And thank you for sharing so much I would say just talking to guys over the years and my own experience like definitely money-management and bankroll kind of all that stuff is like such a key thing because the margins are not huge right and so you can't just get sloppy and I think being a meticulous record keeping that was extent for me to do all that Sort of like really really sort of helps you take the next step if you will Okay so let's get into Ping Pong stand united. We're talking last night or the other night and had a very similar sort of approach in terms of how we got involved like you started hearing buzz about it. You're like all right. Let me let me say it's all about and they started wanting to kind of more curiosity than like a potential money making opportunity and then Just take me through your experience there. Yeah like you said it was sort of you know seeing the the the rumblings you know and seeing the lines being offered and The instant gratification bets. I like to call them. You know where it's like. Wow you watch this. And it's like men fifteen minutes done. It's like a first period or whatever it may be Now in my whole professional mind. It's like okay these these this can be a slippery slope. You know you got games going on in results every fifteen minutes so taking a pause back but looking at it and saying okay. This is crazy. 'cause as you know if you've seen it it's just a REC league. It seems like right and so I I was hesitant. I I I got into. It started betting it and you know as they say the first ones always re of course I had a great first day and then I was on often running You know still not betting I would anything else but having fun with it and Just intrigued I think is a good word. You used intrigued at what this was all about. Well like you said you know you do something every day after few days. It's like Nice Club. Don't get me wrong but then you're like all right. I'm missing something here. You need that lack so in what we're talking about is the Russian pro league so there's basically in in I've done some research actually just got off the phone with David Purdham. It has a great job working on a story for this but basically there's different leagues right. There's female there's buyers there's different countries and there's different leagues now. We sorta just coincidentally gravitated to the Russian pro league in mind Gaijin. I really have no expert off but like it's just It's like the lowest of all these so you can tell by the quality of the broadcast in like the quality of the court and quality the scoreboard but basically this looks like pro league. But it's like I would say definitely like minor leagues they're not. I went to the Russian website table tennis. They're not ranked. They're not on their radar. There's no uniform. They're wearing stuff that like some guys wear the local Y. and it's very barebones operation to say the least and It's been though. Yeah that's that's a good way to put it and So I just watch these guys and there's like bow three matches at a time all day. There's about a four hour window which is probably where everyone's sleeping in Russia time but it is so interesting and my understanding and this is. I'm pretty confident that this is what is so. There's this like tears or group play. Let's call a group play from like one to ten or so maybe one eight and in each group is like a handful of guys they five guys and they play each other all day all week and at the end of two or three weeks there. Some relegation going on but between all the groups so one guy moves down a group and the other guy moves up group like the best of the best in the so. There's just more kinda funneling towards competition and they had like playoffs each day. I think that is a little bit confusing there. And I've asked around one really but I think that's the best way to group play so they all know each other really well and one guy can have another guy number the other guy in its cottages. The top guys are legit good And actually stay away from those matches because it just comes down to a couple points here and there one guy hits the tape and falls it. You know it's the margin of error is so small and there's really really tough to get advantage and for those also listening that it's three out of five each seats set up to eleven. You GotTa Win by two. So sometimes you'll get marathon I centers and and as I leave anything out in terms of the background there no I think you got it. I think You know when I talked to you yesterday. You say you know what an expert but I think you piece together everything. Pretty well from Who've you've talked to in observing it's tough like you said there's no there's no standing you can find anywhere It's it's sometimes tough to to pick off Exactly what's going on but there's definitely relegation like you said there's group play in although it does go on all it's not like a players playing at midnight and then playing at six in the afternoon all the time. It's we Staged in a way where You know it's one group to the other and I tend to stay away from that first group more so than like these second third stages. Yeah is it for the same reasons. I was alluding to yes exactly. It's like It's almost to put it in a way. It's like betting on the red sox yankees like anything's going to happen. You don't know what's going to happen Unless you unless can get like a really good price but you can't anymore on one of the guys it's just a coin flip and You know it's good. It's good competition but it's stuff to better. Yeah I to make the parallels like would you bet on the versus like Jaanus one on one or would you bet on like you know You know trying to think of a Devon Booker against like you know the first Guy Third Guy Yes of an like that and then it's like you might have to lay to fifty but you know what's what's more what's more likely to pay right. So that's the thing that's been fast. There's some there's some pretty hefty money lines especially those bottom tier guys that we we liked to frequent when we watch and like you said these matches are twelve minutes or so twelve. Fifteen minutes in its. Hey if you lay. Four dollars is a twenty percent. Return on your money if you will and you know. It's maybe it's worth it that kind of thing. So how do you approach these money lines? Because I imagine. You're not laying a lot hefty money line in baseball per se. But I I would imagine you're more inclined to do it here exactly and and it was like my radar. Went off instantly when I when I wanted to do it. You know my brain said Oh but You know I'm coming around to the idea of laying you know more than minus three fifty. I did it yesterday And it's just like you said you have to do it. The Books of corrected where they're going to put the line out there but I'll tell you this you're weighing five to one but if you're watching it the guy is has a way better chance of winning than five to one odds like the true odds on some of these matches should probably be you know almost minus eighteen hundred or something crazy like that though you gotta look at the value within that and it's tough to talk about value when you're weighing giant money line but when you're watching it and you you sort of looking at the true odds on it you know. Sometimes it's not that bad and throwing it in a parliament if you have. The option is obviously the way to go. And I tell people you know in any sport if you're laying a big money line 'cause you like somebody you know. Don't go and seek out a second person to put in there because you like that first one if you have the option to do an open parlay which a lot of these books offer now if them in their wait until you find another one and add to it then you don't have to always seek out something that's not nearly as strong or that you even that was even on your radar to begin with just the fill in apar- away so there's a little advice. I can give when it comes to this. We HAVE THAT OPTION FOR PARLAYS. But otherwise you're gonNA have to lay it on some of these but you're gonNA win money period. I mean so far so good right. Yeah and that's the fascinating part about this is just such new territory for basically everyone I mean. I don't think there's been like sharp handicapping pingpong until now so to speak And I just think it's been really cool. What now you know you kind of. Wake up to some some result so there are some crazy. You mentioned laying some big Some big money lines are this guy von Right. So there's a guy with the last name von and it's kind of middle of the pack in his group and he is what lost like twenty two Georgy or Gregory is lost twenty two in a row. But he's good he just is a really good box and you just can't get a win so some of these it. There's some inflate you know. You Might WanNA perceive as value. But if you can't win he can't win because it is real if you think about it. It's it's really like a true outcome. You Play five-set it's one on one so I like the individual nature of it all. I liked immediately like you mentioned. It's like ten to fifteen minutes and then It's just like the strategy and then the head to head components matchups are more favorable for certain guys and there's just like an authenticity to it because like you're on your own right you don't see make the lean on and it's just like a really because this level of play makes it more intriguing. I think than the high level more entertaining to watch. But this stuff's more fun to bet I would say one hundred percent. It's entertaining it's fun to watch and it's like you said. I mean he's I think it's up to twenty five in a row now man this time. We're taping this and thirteen those where three. Oh right and like you said he wasn't terrible so that's another thing. If you the the one thing you who do have access to is past history right you can see past results on certain sites and You gotta be careful with the relegation. 'cause you can see a guy like him losing twenty five in a row. You don't know that he might have got sent down and all of a sudden he's kicking but you don't know why and so you've got to be careful with that but Yeah it's it's the human aspect gets me all the time. There's certain guys that just you can tell give up And certainly if you it. It's one of those. You have to watch in my opinion to really get a feel for some of these guys because like I said like you said they're human they're not professional athletes. They're humans like just like all of us and it's pingpong in a room like if they get irritated they're to be pissed and right. Yeah Yo yo yelling. You'll hear some yelling. You'll hear some yelling from over if you listen to the audio and like the dudes are like you and I mean there's some guys you're like man they're just hanging out talking over Pingpong. You're wondering how competitive is and other times they're all into it. It's it's just. It's a lot of fun. I I think I've enjoyed the aspect watching it on but Okay so what are some like you mentioned you lades? What are some kind of like general betting sort of philosophy that you said like you've waited awhile. You're not forcing play. The what are some other philosophy. You my whole thing is Like don't get caught up in the you and I were texting while the don't get caught up too much in revenge. I mentioned that they play each other. So much. Like the revenge factor if you will the narratives like not really applicable. I thought you you brought us some stuff. That kind of opened my eyes to sort of like the fatigue factor. That's something I really put my finger on that you've opened my eyes to. Yes so it comes from. I always had an angle in sports especially baseball and basketball of How do you do going into an off day? How do you do coming out of an off day? So I've always had that in my head and so that was in my head looking at this. Like how many days in a row do they play in? I haven't found Ryan or reason. It's not like you play three. Get One off It there's really nothing so sometimes in like for that I'm terrible with names but Roselend scoff at. Say 'cause all look it up but I gotta I know exactly Dmitri Makarov or something like that right you look at him over the last week. He's played it's time I think it's like seven days in a row right but he basically every other day off and what I mean by that right. He lost every game on May. Tenth may twelve may fourteenth right in between ninety. Plays pretty good And so going into those off days he does great right when I say off days again. I mean just the days that he basically shows up. It doesn't even play. He's losing three. Oh and a lot then you know coming out of it. He looks good like may fifth. He ended foreign one off that day right and then may may six. He comes in goes six and one. He had an off day in between so in between that he goes ten and two. I'm not looking to bet on him though I'm looking at I'm looking to fade him on those every other day. So he's playing. Well the next day is taking it off. It just is what it is. I don't I don't see it as a coincidence anymore. After ten days of looking at it and it's just so cut and dry enjoying watching it in the numbers that He just he fatigues it's more than fatigue and if you watch it it just looks like he's they're going through the motions and then I'll flip the switch the next day so those are the things that I don't think are baked into the number. I don't think people know books are looking into in depth like that But little things like that. I think you can Really hone in on And again don't try to get you batum and then don't bet on hone in on what you know is one hundred percent and Three straight every other days of losing every single game is pretty good so you fade them every every day and you do all right see I feel. He's like very easy young and I think he's just Kinda like raw like I think he's got the game but I think like I think he he goes for the home runs shot a lot and frankly a lot of these guys do and I feel like he just time. He's going to be really he's going to be good. Yeah Yeah I agree with you but so we talked about the different leagues worst. Vox sorry the different groups like the worst group is quite an adventure to watch right. So the basil bad odds the Babkin and Tandoor. Who's really struggled at times and I'M NOT GONNA lie to the people that like. It is like sometimes they just can't return serve like they're just like the hidden the net all the time now. It's I'm sure it's incredibly more complicated than it looks on the Internet when you want but you wonder some guy struggle other guys can't look their spin on this stuff. I mean it's it's it's it's not easy but some guys it's just like it's it's it's an adventure to watch some of these matches. Yep and you know it it. It really is in what sort of gross about it too. Because it's by the end of the day I don't know how often and if you've ever watched it they have that little the little table with the quote unquote referee and it's not been electronic scoreboard. They is the old school flip the number and then had those cardboard little stanchions. The bet fly stanchions that letter while like that right before that they throw their soaking wet towel into two wedding and they'd never change it or anything like that so by the end of the day. These guys terrible. They're in they're sweating like all over everything and it's a train wreck the watch like you said. Yeah Unit especially in the damage with Cova. D'you makes you see things a little differently mad. But but Is it's a lot of fun and actually. I mean there's a lot macktaz I'll watch that. Don't have you know it's just like it's really cool to watch especially I love and then if you go over to like the Ukraine Some of those leagues the Second Cup of Mike. Awesome stuff so I I think people should go check it out just to watch like cool sports and some that's a little different but it's these dudes are pretty impressive So in terms of like the betty philosophy like would you rather? I mean this is all. It's kind of dumb question because it's so so dependent on who you're talking about. Some of these are big money. Lines are based on the opponent being just fade material and the others are being based on like the talent of the guy of the player of the other guy. You're betting on. So which would you rather like? Sorta lay focus on When you if you have a big money line or even just a big big play I in this league I one hundred percents want to bet on a guy failing than succeeding right so I mean we know the bag is going to be bad so I'll lay Monday money line against a really bad guy. I'm not weighing the money line because I like the guy that I'm betting on. I just think there's a way better chance that the guy he's facing will completely fallen his face more so than the better guy. Definitely giving an eight eight performance if that makes sense so. I'm glad you said that. Because in the middle of the night A Guy last name. Bassil espy was laying about four fifty again. Safranov and Osmin. Kinda like the punching bag of that lead bottom group but Saturday night won the first set fourteen. Twelve the second set. I believe the same score fourteen twelve and then he swept and so as a plus like three hundred dogs swept the match. Now it's very rare losing a bunch You now but like you're also laying. Big Lumber with is not very good in this case. It'd be Basil right and it's a it's a head scratcher it is in. I don't think you're going to get rich casing big dogs in this week. I just don't think you're GonNa get them because you and there's times where you'll see really good guys that they just checked out. It seems like they lost two in a row. They lost three zero which they never really do. They have one more match left In maybe they're going into an off day and they're a big favorite. I'll I'll bite on the dog. They're you know but it's really situational betting big time in situation situational bedding to me when I'm taking the dog it. There's going to be like a lot of good reasons behind it. None of which is the talent for the for the underdog. If that makes always it's always dating the talent rather than betting on the talent for me. It's I'm glad you mentioned that because the live betting part. I'm I'm kind of disappointed. Took forever to get into this because I think this is such a huge part of the lie betting especially at the of these big favorites lose a the first set because so when you're playing six matches in a day I imagined fatigues a big component. This and you're thinking oh just ping pong how much fatigue but go watch. They're running around a lot. 'cause it's not just like hit hit winner right. It's long rally and in part of the art of these rallies is making the other guy run so think of like a competitive tennis match where you're drinking and then you're hitting lob shot or just putting a deep and the guys run back obviously it's not the same ground to cover in table than regular tennis but it's the same concept short spurts in these guys get tired and you can imagine sort of stamina on your ear. Your fatigue factors into like your art of the shot and the just like there's a gamesmanship to it and I think so a guy maybe pacing himself facing an inferior opponent and lose game one and then sort of buck up and I think he can find value on favorites at Lucifer set. Absolutely Yep and you gotta remember. There's no ballboys either. Guy Hit like they chase the ball. After each point they go and get the ball so doesn't sound like much but you're playing a point you turn around you getting it and you get right to it. It's not like you know Say where this thirty seconds in between a pitch they go chase the Paul. Come right back. Serb it right up and go. It's it's really nonstop and I mean you can just see it on them. Yeah maybe a lot of it's the booze coming out. Who knows but they're sweating. They're getting a good workout. And when you get to live like you said so Even within if a if a favorite gets down early the line adjusted a lot If they're down one set and it's you know it. Hey we we see it a lot where people come back you lose the first set and they come back and win easily We're really gets crazy is in the fifth set To if a guy goes up say four points to two now even if it was the favourite. That's down two points in that fifth set. He's like a three hundred dollars like the swings are gigantic. And you just got to try to get that that play in before the next point because it's always fluctuating. And that comes down to where you bet in it and all that but There's definitely money to be made if if you're a professional who live bets and I know that's a whole probably the biggest thing coming now. Is You know really professional. Better suited. Only bet live You could do some damage in this league. I feel like right don't you don't you feel that way. I would agree and and I think that's the cool component to this and I guess you know. Obviously there's similar to tennis betting but we talked about the aspects. You like I think another aspect is. There's no clock so a guy can be down ten to write matches to allow set to eleven inning comeback. Win Right so there's just Obviously there's a reason guys tend to and Mike at like ten five ten six win but I just think it's so it's been fascinating. Maybe I'm just in withdrawal of other sports but I've really enjoyed and your you mentioned like the money line fluctuation and I think that's really important so like inset one if a guy's up five two minus two fifty favorite he's probably GonNa be like minus twenty still match right but obviously the swings on each point. The volatility be inset. Five is so drastic. Because there's less time left it's just like NBA or NFL or anything like that. There's early in the game. Obviously of Alabama goes down seven. Nothing the game line is only changed a little bit versus like the end of the game. So it's just but I think the human element and I think the fatigue factor. I talked about earlier. Just a guy may be. Kinda taking things easy. I mean Look all-sports. They're not robots not played in computer. Like you go all out and every point right. Europe ten one and the guy is a shot. You'RE NOT GONNA go diving for it but if it's ten ten in the fifth said you're GONNA go diving for it so it's very simple kind of logic and you can end up with the money lines. I mean obviously that the live lines can't be exactly. They're probably not as a fine tuned as you would think right right exactly and like if you knew the if you're really into the algorithms of live betting. I guarantee you that these are so far off and they're just hoping that people aren't spending the time to do this but like you said I think it's it's almost like they just created a new sport out of thin air in my eyes and in my world basically. That's what they did. I mean I know of the sport but betting on it. It's just really cool and I know people are thinking enrolling. Hear it all the time. Oh you you're you know. Why would you ever bet it? Just you know first of all you know. Pump your brakes. Relax have some fun with your life. Don't so always analytical and by the book and Fryatt that's all say just try it and I guarantee you'll have some fun with it when a lose you don't go betting you know two percent of your bank row of three presenting bankrolling every bit. Just have some fun with it and I guarantee your wife I guarantee you have fun and it and if you know you know if you put some time and effort into it you could definitely make money. I think it's really easy to find. Spots with certain guys You'll you'll come across your favorites and I totally agree with you. I don't like betting on the on the lesser people than the better people. So yeah I it's it's funny. I was talking like I said I was talking to them and I kind of like I watched this one guy describes him and I was like. Oh it sounds like that's exactly what you kind of get a feel for the stuff. And he's like so you you an into this at all. I'm like no. I just like a couple screens and I just. It's really fun to watch. And there's nothing else to do so to speak and it's it's you get to know these guys in their tendencies and you're like if you've watched sports in your life right and you sort of a cerebral player if you will or Seabra cerebal fan you start to notice things like how backhands pretty bad he favors it or other guys sort of have. Their approaches are almost one trick ponies. Does this Guy Yank Shove Alexi of who likes to hit? Couple deep baseline shots an sorta like when he can tell his opponents gonna hit a soft back and he runs around. The side of the table. Look sets up the forehand. There's that approach. There's this guy Volkov who's yes like six four really tall. He's got you can get to anything so he doesn't go for a. Lotta kill shots just perpetuates the rallies and obviously the rallies are tough shots dinks and all that so eventually sort of his game plan is his opponent is to in the net or out of balance because he can get to anything so we just keeps the rallies alive alive. And that obviously increases the chances of an unforced error even a forced air by his opponents. So everyone sort of has their different Approaches in styles just like anything to get an NFL teams running game running team out of chief. Her era air attack so like anything. There's sort of Blueprints to their success or game plans and tendencies and it's just fun this sort of short obviously in this day and age at quaker's better and just enjoy it. And you kind of handicapped match. Yeah and and you know what's good is they placed so much every day that it's almost like you're getting a full season in a week right like you can see him thirty times in a week and really get a feel for them rather than okay. I remember this guy last week. You know if they've played right a week or something that you went into it but you can really get to know them in a short period of time because of the amount they play and you may you know you mentioned the ashes which is one of my favorite is the Ben on like he beats guys you supposed to be. He beats them three. Oh and what it really like is when you look at his loss. It's not like he loses to one or two people all the time. Meaning like there's some whole in his game where people can exploit it. His losses are sort of like okay. You lost him once once him once. And it's sort of like okay. He was up against a guy that was playing really good that day And so he's He's stay consists. I think he's one of the most consistent players down in that level in probably my favorite guy to bet on for his ability rather than fading guys you know for their effort so I'm glad you brought that up because I want to ask you some of your favorite players. And he absolutely is one of my favorites. He's like in the top three. Because you know you're getting maxed effort on every point and you know he's GonNa come prepared. There's a lot of guys who have a lot of mental mistakes. He doesn't have many at all he is. He's very focused very reliable. I just like professionally young kid. But he's a very professional like I just. I like betting on his matches your point. I think it's well said. He wins the matches he supposed to in ironically. He's playing right now. Victor even odd and he was a about a minus two thirty favorite. I WanNa say and have won the first two sets. That's another part about live betting a guy goes up to. Oh and if it's a competitive player usually the guy. The dog wins game three. I say usually obviously there's a lot of threes but you can kinda look for it right just in. That's one thing and I think this is all a sports like you know you remember what you last saw. Just because a guy dominates the first set eleven one eleven four. Don't think he's going to dominate. The rest of the match at the game line was about a pick them. There's a lot of times they're down nine three and they're like punting to the next step because they remember their pacing themselves. They have they have to win. Three out of five and some some points reser based on on games but right not not also a lot of times. There's gamesmanship Because each quarter or each set like it doesn't matter if you lose eleventh nine or eleven to the same so just because there could be a lopsided I said like I'm looking boxer right now. I lost eleven through the first set. One the next set eleven. Three so There's a lot of kind of pacing oneself but both these players because it is an again to your point there. Six games or six matches in a day so if they're pretty fatigued and you're down nine two that's your like let's just was live to fight another set ear. I'm not gonNA come all the way back and expend all that energy so there's definitely some handicapping along those lines. Another guy love. The Bet was actually playing right now. He might be. I think he's number one on my prefer. Betty is eager pull. It is very very similar reasons. You know what you're getting with him. He's solid gets to every ball in just reliable a very reliable player. He's he's a couple of notches above the chef. So he'll lose a couple here and there but man. He is Steady Eddie. He is and he's relentless to watch him it's like he want he wants. The PACE is important. He wants to go and Max effort again. There's not many guys with Matt effort that you see those two mytalk to there's plenty of guys that you know are good like the confusing thing for me. It's the tough thing is why what's his name. Tur- Shkin Hershon dry. Trust him trusting Ruskin. Yeah when I first started betting on him he was great he was like it was ten in one and then like you went formed for something. But you know I I was late to start that none of my stock betting on me goes four and four. It moves a little money in the next day. Then the wheels came off and he just lost sixteen of his not like next seventeen. Twenty one of twenty four You know and it's like what happened in so I I just can't win with him anyway but there's a lot of that which tells me either There's something going on in their life because all of a sudden they're really good player and there's no relegation and then they just you know for three four days now 'cause you guys remember when we say like losing sixteen of Seventeen. That's only a few days. It's not like it's three three right losing streak but there's something there you go from ten in one. I don't know if you might my assets of him he's in a goodly rising a good group play. I just think you did notch. I think he's inconsistent. So he has great like stats. But it's tough to win three out of five against good players when you're not consistent and that's really what a lot of like you'll see winning shots by a lot of players but can they preserve rallies and then hit the winning shots or preserve rallies just outlast. The other guy two unforced air and I think that's the key because there's so much spin on these balls in there so much eat on in speed on these boats like I didn't trust I think eventually he'll be relegated one group and he'll be really good bet on Guy. I just think he's a little out of his element and playing above his head right now. That's my assessment. Now I made. I wasn't watching when he was winning matches. But I think he's just kind of like a notch below when you're talking about five sets it's funny. I have one note next to his name in my book and it says wait for relegation and pound him. Yeah I I I completely agree with you that it's just a little bit now. I've seen sparks of him Awhile back and I know like you said when you get down competition it'll be pretty good But I would you agree. There's a lot more Painful people if you will like guys were you twist like why am I put my money on him again? I can't believe it right. So the guys who burn me a lot think about this. There's a few out there. I'm not GonNa lie you. It's probably the first impression thing and you're like Why do I keep you know the definition of insanity I'm trying to think some of that. Top level I learned the hard way on those top level. Select tops here. Guys the Abramov. If I'm pronouncing some of these names I apologize. The Sheer Cov like that level of guys is really Mirsky Lynn. Moore's licken in Pskov Those those four guys like see him. I'm like Oh my God this guy sick in. Let's say he wins. Three one three one was like probably like a twelve ten win at eleven eight win like so again comes down to a couple of points and you could have loss so you have this like any is a great player but he then you learn the hard way. He's playing other studies as well and that these the margin of error so I had to learn the hard way some of the on you know to attach to some edge because they were so good and sometimes you're you've been watching the Lesser League lesser competition. Place you guy's amazing and then you're like wait a minute. The Guy He's playing is also amazing. Yeah I completely agree with that Michelle what's his. They must jen cough. Is that how you pronounce stop? There's chance Gov and then there's also mirth Lincoln I believe his name's Dmitri so I think he's the best one because I think when he goes head to head with those other guys he's always at least a small favorites He's tall black hair. Yeah Insurance Gov is too intense intense and some of these guys are built like rugby players. Linebackers it's awesome to watch him go fast and they get the hand eye. Coordination is incredible. I believe it is so a top level. It's just amazing to watch. And then the lesser is not so much but it's So the WHO? Who are some of the guys that like you find most painful to bet? Yeah and before that you see us sort of you know tripping over some of the names you and we just had this conversation right before we went on air with this was Some books accidentally put wrong names up right. So you'll be. You'll think that you're betting on it. You see the match up and you sort of have to make sure and double check a couple of sites and make sure you betting on who you are. Because then it's just the discretion of the book on how they want a great but You know I see spelling mistakes all the time and Burgum. I really betting on this guy you know and we're talking not just in the middle of name but you know some of the names you can say okay. Whoever was typing this up is trying to sound out the name in his head. He doesn't have it in front of him and he didn't put that why or the Z. At the beginning of his name you know so. Just be careful. Make sure you bet on who you are. Because there's a lot of similar names as you know but painful wise That machines cough. I mean when he's on he looks really good but when the wheels fall off the you know it's all day long if he has if he has a match where he was up to and loses or even up to one and loses early in the day bait 'em like but at the same time like you. I think it was may twelfth. One six in a row only one went to five sets. He was dominating smashing it. Everything was going well for him. But then I've seen him down two sets in just smash returns ten feet off the table like just stand there swing and it's just like fees like over the guys had not not a care in the world and you just you the raft. Sorta leaning. They're on like swamped over with his hand on one. You know one hand flipping the things. Don't even look just. It's so you could tell that sometimes guys just give up and I would say the refs there too. They okay. You can't do that. You know like if you saw that in tennis the referee will get up and say you know what are you doing? You can't just smash returns into the stands What did you say? The Rep sort of have zero to know really Won't put we should clarify there. Most of them are just not rest. Their other player filling in doing the scoreboard. So they're not like officials in supervisors. They're just kind of Third Party to change the scoreboard the manually do it. Sort of like intramural. The today And then occasionally you'll see like I think there's a couple of females that help out in contributed so and I know they're not playing a different circuit. I'm just not familiar with. They're definitely not playing this league. So yeah but it and we should. We should clarify so there's Menshikov and then there's also like Mertz Merkley mentioned cottage and sort of like the middle of the pack groups. And then the other guy look the ever modern Sheera That's different guy so I think my favorite Guy Watch because it's so I mean he's theatrical and we'll let me ask you. I don't WanNa give mine away. Who's your favorite guy? That's kind of my favorites watch. It's a tough one most favorite to watch. Oh You I. I liked smirnoff a little bit because of his Baird and his bond and everything any Denton sneaky. Quick on everything. Yeah yeah so I like him. What's the what though and everything because we're in the time that we're in? He's constantly going to his towel. And it bugs me out. It's like why don't someone just get a towel rack. Just as simple rack to hanging out but anyway my mind is how that was going to be another one and then the other one. I can't pronounce the guy that begins D. H. U. L. Y. Is that the zoo. Blaine guy those those by yeah. He's he's really good. He's one twenty in a row. He just got promoted Sullivan. He's frustrating for me because he was dominated competition in just went dominate. The I'm expecting domination. Start to finish. But he's so good and he's a very good that on guy but he'll weltman guys hang around for too long as far as I'm concerned based on his talent level but I think the national os just first of all just so people understand. He's the oldest of a mall. I believe you guys on twitter calling GRANDPA and he. He brings his arm back. And just Wales on the ball like the third or fourth point his someone's rugged down to me. They're like he's to all the hang out like do these long rallies because he's not gonNa last so he just cocks his arm back in fires and it is awesome and everyone just Kinda last. But he's good you like in the bottom half but not the top of the bottom at if you will and groups. He's probably like the seventh groups and he's good and he he just into the guys who he faces and just hope he hit out of bounds. Because it comes it's cooking and he's so entertaining and he's laughing a lot he just seems like he's like dude. I want to grab a beer with his well. He so easy to root for he's the guy that like I would. I would pay the hang out. You know to go. Watch him pay to Hang out with them definitely He reminds me of like if you remember the old school pitching machines where that like metal comes up. Yeah He. He's named out on the bottom left corner of the tables just setting up his right hand and if you hit it because a lot of times. Their strategy wanted to the other guys backhand in low so the guy can't win winner very few guys can rip winter from that Angle. And so he kinda angled over there makes you try to rip a winner down the line giving you the entire table and if you do you met him out and you might get to it. But you're right. He's got that big wind up like the pitching machines and it is. I can't bet any of his matches because he's on can't beat them enemies off. It's yeah it's just it's it's a roll. The dice essentially is when he when he comes out fire. And it's it's literally Sir Return. Hit hit and here comes added. But you're right I would pay the watch him He's he's my favorite and he's just seems like a like a fun guy. Everyone's laugh like the score back but he's good. He's not like joke. He's not like the other jobs but everyone sort of he's entertaining to everyone. I would say yes and if you to this you hear us. I mean we were having a good time talking about this with laughing and I think that is more important than anything right. You Watch this. You can laugh. It's sports and I think we re you really need that right now. With how depressing. Everything is around right right anything. You better little money and you're GONNA have a laugh. You have it you know you're on twitter talk about there's plenty of people talking about it and You know just for entertainment factor into get yet for a little bit This will one hundred percent do the trick for you and you can make money doing it too so I I think. All of those things are are A big reason why this is taken off the way it has. Yeah I mean. I talked to nick. Bogdanovich William Hill and I did a story on sort of what people are betting on his. Ira thing and some other stuff. And he's like he's like he called Papon's the started the show he goes. It's a mania. Some guy hit like Tintin par life for lightning five blocks in twenty grand or something but it's And he said I guess last weekend. I GUESS. They're only a couple. Ufc fights at more handle thin like ping pong now. Not Thing Max. It's the volume to your point earlier. Like there's basically four matches every half hour so and there's only like five hours. It's dark all night and then there's playoffs there's the scheduled and then even there's like an hour hour and a half window twice a day that they leave open and it's based on like the playoffs face on the result that happened earlier today so obviously can't put him up because you'll know how the Games are but once the results are determined and then they'll put some playoffs out than it's fun in you're right I. It's such a good point in terms of the entertainment component to this because I do enjoy it in first of all I just. It's a new sport and something that's so foreign so I'm like very impressed by the quality of play like we talked about some of these top level guys their hand eye coordination. It's incredible you'll see some awesome efforts guys getting the balls and it's cool and it's quakes ten fifteen minutes whatever and then then there's some characters Nashville and there's some other guys like I even like hero link. Oh even though he's not as crazy as Nebraska but he he like makes fun of himself and he's in that bottom that group but he he he goes for it and he goes for winners and he like. I don't know some of the stuff I've really enjoyed watching. I agree There's and there's outfits out there So basically just. I've unless you have to wear dark colored or red color and so the scoreboard is shown by red or blue. So you so the viewer Kylie. Boxing when they say like the blue trunks so and so's in the white trunks or whatever. So you have that sort of Explanation and it's it's you know it's Hilarious Like wears it every day. We must have a bunch of off peak shirts. That's like his version of read that he wears everyday because they're dripping with sweat. Your point and I mean the exercise. I mean. It's incredible some guys you know not. Art Isn't good a shape as the others. But I really encourage people at least check it out and just sort of like observe in kind of entertained by And just impressed like you watch. I'll flip Brown and white heck games. You know like how they do this on a skateboard or whatever. It is on the scheme or anything. That's foreign to me like this. Because we all play Ping Pong at some point in our lives we played it like basic. We're not holding the racket the right way and whatever it may be I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's ends it's scratches and it occasionally as well as the absolutely and If the like you said it's a lot of fun I wish and I don't know why it hasn't happened yet. I wish someone would come up with a website with the standings and rotations to look at. I think I really wish I had that to just sort of clarify things. 'cause I'M NOT GONNA lie. The first week I watched it I thought it was like two teams blue team and the red team playing and then I realized okay. They're switching off depends but You know it's fun and I remember back in the Olympics when those bitten the Olympics handball is another great thing and I know you get the views on that Handball is. I think fantastic. Those guys are beast six seven. Just whip the ball ninety five miles. An hour at a goal with no pads on is a lot of fun and I think This gives us a time to sort of open. Our eyes up to you know not just the four major sports but there's a lot of stuff going on out there and it's like will like entertain rightly like you said we all. We all grew up watching sports for entertainment before restarted betting on it and you can get that entertainment factor In a lot of laughs and a lot of other places do one final question for you. How many guys do you think he could get at least two points off of this? Oh Man oh man. 'cause they're that element you watch and you're like. Oh good. Is this guy. I could get a pointer to do it probably I could probably get. Oh Man Volcano. What's his name? I know pay pander hander I yeah pander I definitely think I can get a point or two. I know I probably wouldn't even have to make contact and I could get a couple of points. 'cause he's GonNa he's GonNa give me four or five unforced errors. What without a doubt. A Real player. He's probably going to do that right. Like if you didn't realize how easy it could take it now because he's trying to hit a spin serve. I mean a lot of times. He's trying to spin serving like we'll botch it. I think pander von no no chance like good lost like twenty five in a row. But there's like he gets to everything he's good like because sometimes these guys play that you know. I'm just telling our listeners. Like you know eight feet behind the baseline and they're with it back and forth environments one of those guys. The other guys can't like the worst league like. I think I could probably get a point off the Bat Celeski. I didn't Pander Vassilev lefty and Babkin are the three. I think I could get points up adkins terrible atkins terrible and especially if you catch them at the end of the night. You could probably talk them you he. He's the one that like if you're willing to talk trash and take a couple of the face that you could probably get the five six against him and get him really upset and And and hope to get to five six but To think that if anybody thinks they can just go show up and beat these guys. It's just not happening in the pro league. Now it's not like you said it's like it's like the or something like that. Yeah totally These guys are awesome. We're talking about the worst of the worst. Maybe I get a pointer to cause but again. We don't know how fast it's coming. It could be just You know total spin in the word is not seeing. I think we have a good idea of stuff but They're like you don't notice it. 'cause the guy's get through it but if they were sitting there and hitting it and you see where it balances and then where it lands off the table. You know it's taken almost a ninety degree angle sometimes and You know if I'm the I'm I'm GonNa Miss Probably what seventy percent of those Serbs when they really on with this right like even making contact you know. That's a great idea. Yeah it's funny. Everyone gravitated to this week. Though isn't it I mean you. There's betting options for everything but I think The entertainment factor. Like you said it instead of like watching if anybody seen the Chinese where it's just back and forth and you know anybody can win this one is. I think it's entertaining and that's why I think it's caught on. Yeah there's a lot of us three point rallies if you will And you're you're so right about the spin Especially like the slow shot watch where it lands the trajectory coming into the table and then where it goes after hits the table. That's been incredibly impressive. Incredibly impressive agree so I will. Hopefully we wet. The appetite of a lot of our listeners. Really really appreciate your taking the time. Sharing the wisdom that you've gleaned from hours and hours of writing this stuff will What's your set up like? You just watch on one laptop but he got it. Depends I if I'm really into it. I got my. I got my TV on it right. And then I'll try. Yeah I'll have the laptop going and then the IPAD in sometimes. If I get crazy I have like a crazy fourteen power away. I got the TV on to and I've noticed that anything more than three. Just don't do it you can't you can't see anything going so fast everywhere you don't know where to look and then you don't even know what the score is but Two or three at a time. I like I like that. I feel comfortable with that and Just kicked back. Sometimes you know I moved down to the man cave and then I might take a trip in the up to the couch in the living room and then by the end of the night. Maybe I'm you know watching in the bedroom. 'cause you know a lot of travel these days so you're gonNA move around. You know you could really get you. You gotta be careful because if you get involved in this and think you're GonNa do it professional I don't know if there's an off season but I mean you talking twenty hour days seven days a week and it's just it's you'd be that is. I would agree. Yeah and it can get you can get chasing like anything. So you've gotta be careful in those but yeah I have a similar man. Cave set up. I like the two laptops because I think it's easier but I will go down to my man cave with the smart TV and set it up with the Internet and it's a lot of fun in that regard. I'm a man thanks again is always appreciate it. Welcome to the PODCAST. Good to have you on and good luck with all the table. Tennis to have a good one kicking is for losers all right thanks to John. Harness reminder our coverage of the last dance is brought to you by state farm when you want the real deal like a good neighbor. State farm is their coverage is also brought to you by a t and T so yeah. We're covering the goat Michael Jordan. That wraps up this weekend with two more hours that was like a hard turn. Christina from Ping Pong do the greatest NBA player all time arguably just a little bit of a restaurant. What did you are are you in? Are you wanted to go watch now? I am now completely sold on. It never thought I would be but now I am. It's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it on my other one of my laptops here. I'm just watching him. And these guys are this in this case fifteen feet behind the table getting the every ball because I mean it's kind of like a with about right. It doesn't like travel as fast as a racket ball or tennis ball so when they when a guy comes up swinging in Wales on it the guy returning can basically get to it right and so you see these like incredible extension of rallies because guys are lunging getting it so it's a Lotta. It's a cool sport. I'm into it as you can tell from what you just heard so. I hope others can go check it out. Just at least enjoy it not necessarily get action on it but Are you ready for the last dance to wrap up this weekend I am? I've been watching them as they release every week and I'm excited to see I'll wrap up because it says we talked about last week on the this is foreign territory. This is new a new. You weren't born really until the Jordan era. Oh exactly yeah. I didn't get to see this unfold as it actually happened so for me. This has all been new information so I'm really excited. I remember in college. I went to was episode one of Star Wars because it was like the fourth one that came out and I just had watched star wars growing up as a kid. But I know everything in my buddy. My Buddy was like man. I would love to just to get to experience all of us for the first time you and that's of how I feel like learning all about Jordan and pippen must be fascinating and as a different approach in all of us who kinda grew up on ener. Despicable bits and pieces nostalgia for us. Right I try talking to you. Know my dad or some of my uncles. Who grew up watching this happen so I tell them my God. Did you see that? And they're like Yeah Christina weaker off with that so it's all new information for me. Yeah it's crazy Jordan. Left to go play baseball. I mean I was in high school. I didn't really fully get it but now we've talked like magic a Lebron leaving for a couple of years ago play This is If it actually happened crazy day and age of twitter especially well that's all. I got some really good catching up. Gurjin go check out some table tennis at all levels. Not just the ones we talked about but hopefully are scouting reports major chuckle a little bit. But hopefully we'll have more reports on Sports returning maybe the lightly end of the tunnel. Just around the corner we hope.

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