Be a More Intentional Storyteller - A 21-Day Writing Challenge with Anese Cavanaugh (BONUS)


how do we tell better stories than if we know that just kind of nightly us how do you think it especially now that you've kind of reframed that for yourself. What's kind of your next step and becoming a better story teller? I'm big on Journal so I I'll journal in the morning. I think that it would be really interesting at the to your question. What would I do now to become? Were intentional storyteller. I think at the end of the day. It's a really cool practice to get winter. The three stories from today that I wanNA capture and then anchoring and three stories do not index card. You know three stories in that I would I would I would mark the WHO was with. What was the predominant emotion? What were three four points from that story? And what is my learning and I think that that could take AAC. That could be a ten minute. would completely create a news story time framework. You're you're you're looking like you're likely maybe maybe used to craft this. I think so. Oh Yeah Right. On three stories that happened in the emotion and the anger and everything else that was really good and he said I was mind blowing. We we just get over the new thing right there. I'm so excited. So so so the Simon toll activator I'm big on getting people upset about something getting emmett execution Lead so if we want to really run with this and right in this moment we could do. You could do a twenty day challenge this year. You can have this you twenty one day talents. I'll all do with you every single person listening to this if you want to enrich your life and enrich the learning and the gratitude and ability to connect with other human beings so you don't not for granted at the end of the day you do practice you spend ten minutes right now. You're three stories. what I said you go back and listen to those bullets does that is that is your story. And then I promise I into another making that as we go I promise you that is is going to bring so much more richness in keeping you also looking for destroying the golden when things. I've really learned from him as he blocks every single Malay- and he talks about if you're blogging every day. And you know you have to blog you see the way and that has really made an impact mm-hmm and my in my brain and in my heart. Because I mean think about that if you if you know that at the end of the day you're capturing three stories you're going to be paying attention to what the stories might not listeners. An East cavenaugh throwing out the twenty one day challenge for the next twenty one days. I challenge you to do just that. Get that story a framework down every single day. A note card each evening each nights each afternoon. What are three stories that happened to you today? who was with what was the predominant emotion? What a three core points from this story? You WanNa take away. What was your learning? Do that for the next twenty one days join a storyteller network and use the Hashtag three stories. It's had that conversation at ISA's doing it. I'm doing hope you will do.

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