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Hello words welcome to the dictionary. This is my podcast. I was sure would love a rating reviewing. I hate saying things like this. It's just fun to do this. So whatever i'm just going to keep on doing it but hey if you would write a thing a review you know you hear people say it all the time you know that it It helps get the little bit of exposure on this one little thing and i think other people might enjoy hearing me your And i have fun doing it. I guess I think it's probably just very therapeutic for me. I don't know why let's just keep on doing that. Okay so yeah rain review. That's great and share. The first word is chief of staff three words from eighteen sixty two. Let's move the book. Little closer won. The ranking officer staff in the armed forces serving as principal advisor to commander to the ranking officer of the army or air force and a member of the joint chiefs of staff next is chief of state from nineteen forty eight. That never happens. Maybe went on a date. I don't know the formal head of a national state as distinguished from the head of the government. next is chief petty officer noun from eighteen. Sixty five now. Why did that get to say now. But chief of state or chief of staff don't get a noun their nouns. They think they're now n- In this is this chief. Petty officer is an enlisted man in the navy or coast guard ranking above a petty officer first class petty officer first class and below a chief no senior chief petty officer. It doesn't sound like a good thing to be petty officer first class or senior chief. Whatever it's just a weird name next. We have chief tin noun from the fourteenth century. A chief especially of a band tribe or clan chieftainship is a noun And you know the tan ta i n is like the word captain captain It's a chieftain chief ten captain i'm the captain now. Okay that was sort of not really singing thing next we have chieftain see noun from seventeen eight one the rank dignity office or rule of a chieftain chief ten to a region or a people ruled by a chief next is chief warrant officer. It's our last chief word. And then we're going get to a bunch of words that i am not familiar with and i don't know how to pronounce chief. Warrant officer is a noun from nineteen seventeen a warrant officer of senior rank in the armed forces. Also a commissioned officer in the navy or coast guard ranking below an ensign e n n next is. She'll she'll c. h. i. e. l. I think it's chiel you could also put a d. at the end. And call it chilled. I guess noun from fifteen. O seven it is. Chiefly scottish is known the synonyms. Our fellow and ladd chill. It's sorta sounds like child. Get over here deal. That's not how they say that's how they talk next. We have shift chef. It's one word. Shift chaff noun from seventeen. Eighty a small greyish european warbler. That's the end of the sentence. And the scientific name is filo scopus cola bitter. It's a shift chaff next. We have chiffon c. h. i f. f. o. n. noun from seventeen sixty five. This is the first form one. An ornamental addition to a woman's dress and the example would be a not of ribbons. It's an ornamental of ribbons to a woman's dress chiffon to a sheer fabric especially of silk. So i guess that not. Ribbons might have been made of silk. It is french and it literally means rag rag Or also from shifa which means old rag even better y y rag and silk. Dr not the same thing. It may be back then they were. I don't know now. We have the second form of chiffon adjective from nineteen o three one resembling chiffon in sheerness or softness to having a light delicate texture achieved usually by adding whipped egg whites or whipped gelatin as in lemon chiffon pie. A i mean it sounds great taste great but i ain't have no egg whites or gelatin. Next is shifa nayed or shifa nod noun from eighteen. Seventy seven shredded or finally cut vegetables or herbs used especially as a garnish. And it's from french xifen air which means to crumple next. We have shifa near shifa near noun from seventeen. Sixty five a high narrow chest of drawers shifa near these chest of drawers are not very high. By the way. I remember the word where i think we had. It was chest of drawers was the thing and i was like. What's the other word. It's dresser dresser. Why couldn't they come up with that. okay we did shifa near. It's a chest of drawers dresser. Next is shifa. Robe shift aerob- noun from nineteen o eight a combination of wardrobe and chest of drawers. It's from shifa near and wardrobe schiff. Aerob- that's where they get the word from who who calls things shifa robes. I dunno next this. It sounds like a weird word but it it's not it's not It is sugar. I honestly is it just me or when whenever you see most of those letters together you cringe a little bit because it's way too close to a word that is very very bad so you get a little nervous right is maybe it's just me It's spelled c. h. i. g. g. e. r. noun from seventeen fifty six number. One is the number one definition for the word Chicago which we are going to get too soon or chiyo Number two a six legged usually red or orange might larva that feeds on skin cells and causes intensely itchy reddish welts also the adult might of this larva It is so this. Name the etymology for this specific. One this larva it comes from. It's an alternative of the second form of the word. Jigger j i e are not sure what that is. But i guess it's this larva by the way the family name is trump in big hewlett. I traffic you'll die. Trump mikula die to rumbek lead. I next we have chignon or chignon. C. h. i. g. n. o. n. noun from seventeen eighty three a knot of hair that is worn at the back of the head and especially at the nape of the neck So it's if it were a man bun it would not be at the nape of the neck. Although sometimes sometimes dudes like too lightly put their hair in a thing and a not on the back of the neck but usually they got it up. Hi this is more women do this. I think i had no idea. It was called a chignon It is from middle french. Shannon which means chain or collar or nape chain collared nape. It's all about the neck all right next to. here's this a word chicago or chiyo. C. h. i. g. o. We noun from sixteen ninety one one a tropical flee like the biting flee and the dogs of tropical flea of which the fertile the fertile female causes great discomfort by burrowing that the that female that fertile female is causing such discomfort on my skin because it has burrowed underneath that sounds terrible And then number two. We have the number two definition for the word sugar which took us back to the larva. The might larva next. We have chihuahua. s- capital c. h. i. h. w. to too many letters capital c. h. i. h. u. a. h. u. a. Did i really need to spell chihuahua. Probably not. But i did noun from eighteen fifty eight any of a breed of very small round headed dogs that occur in short coated and long coated varieties this mexican spanish from their word chihuahua oh it's from mexico so I guess they they bred these dogs to look like this in hawaii mexico. I mean who doesn't love chihuahua except the ones they gotta go gotta go next. We have our last word. It is chill blaine c. h. i l. b. l. a. n. Chill blaine noun from fifteen forty seven and inflammatory swelling or sore caused by exposure to cold. And then the thing that is exposed by exposure would be feet or hands. Chill blaine and enter. It seems like the word chill is a little too on the nose in this case although it's missing an l. but it is from the word chil- children so weird so weird okay. So we had chief of staff chief of state chief petty officer chieftain chieftaincy chief warrant officer chiel shift chaff chiffon shifa nod or shifa nayed That is the garnish Shifa near that's the a george shift aerob- chigar chignon sh- chiyo chiyo chihuahua. And chill blaine. Was there one. That really jumped out at me. I mean i'm not into larva and things that are digging under my skin Well i think maybe just because it's a fun word. We'll pick jeff jeff as the word of the episode shift chaff and then backwards we can say fitch fetch gyp. Jeff fitch batch close enough staff if there's going to be some extra stuff in there Jeffey chapter jeff jeff. Jeff chaff the holidays. Four june third. It's world day. It is corpus christi. I know that's a location. But i didn't know it was a day national edge day. Oh great we had national milk day two days ago. Two that i am not a fan of I mean eggs are way better than dairy. Did you ask for my opinion. no you did not. Are you listening to this where you probably know that i give my opinion on things. Yes you are. That's what you're gonna get in australia. It is mob. oh day or may day what other holidays. It's my three-quarter birthday. Why isn't that in here. in taiwan opium suppression movement day. In win us i race is economist day I don't like that one. i'm not gonna read it. I can do that. It is fun holiday time national. Fda national moonshine day repeat day. Don't tell that to a kid 'cause then they're just to repeat what you say. It is world bicycle. Day as i said and also i'm going to have to celebrate this one world's cider day i love me some ciders i just got a new one. I only had one of them so far. I don't even remember all the things. But it was like it's got lemongrass and blueberries and turmeric and something else. And i was like well. That sounds interesting. let's try it it's good. It's not as sweet as i would like but it's good. I probably should have the ones that are less sweet anyway. So that is the end of this episode. We made it. Thank you very much for listening to this stuff until next time. This has spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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