LADS#125 - Champions League Recap BABY


Ooh. No, no. No, no. Thing of hey, I'm competit- and Martin Frazier. And we are loud America's discussing soccer better known as lands. That's so much better than my last year. All right. Guys. Welcome in happy Friday, February fifteenth twenty nineteen hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with your booth thing. Unless you were, you know, sad lonely fucks like me and Martin. But you know, if you were I hope you watched a lot of Champions League soccer because that is what we will be covering in this episode, but Martin before begin to Manchester United before we get into Tottenham. I'm all fucking jacked up. What are you drinking? I'm drinking the beer that has quickly become the staple of my existence. I hated it for a fucking weilded. And I've talked about this on the pod before drinking giggling again like it's my fucking job. I fell out I fell out of love we got divorced back in like July of this past year. And we saw other people than after a good six month break, we realize we do love each other. So me jingling. We back together were close as thieves on love this fucking beer all over again. I'm giving it a eight, and I'm so sorry that I hurt you never drank you for six months evening. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. The people of Pottsville, Pennsylvania where yielding his brute forgives you Martin. I drove through Pottsville. It's shithole. Yeah. No, it's total. She had all, but but they make great beer. So they do I am drinking Lago nita's. Indian pale ale we've had on the show more. But I've never. Drink it in this Tallboy, which is way better than that. Hem tales hempseed beard, whatever I drink last time, which I could barely drink. It was absolutely disgusting. This is a fine. If you're into that shit. I get this an eight point five the shit is strong. Hell trying to look on the Ken where where are you from friend where where were you? Where were you created in the mountains are home? Where's your get in your home? It is at home pets Petaluma, California. And Chicago, Illinois has two homes. Oh, it's been divorced. Okay. So it's child of divorce. No wonder it's turned out. So good way. That's not to stick shit. Wait, wait. We are pretty good way. Did we did not like UNITA's leg? Innate does is what we strive to be. But I do fuck with that beer. I know we've drank many a time. I had no idea came in and Tallboy that is great news. Yeah. So if you need a good IPA Loggins IP, it's pretty popular are the you can find it most places, so definitely would recommend. But hey, Valentine's Day would not be complete before. Again are Champions League talk before I discuss an all time tweet by Yannick ba- Lassie from Valentine's Day twenty twelve mardi like giggling all right serious face. Jannik blassie tweeted on February fourteenth twenty twelve Valentine's Day dinner, seventy five pounds drinks, fifty pounds taxi twenty pounds hotel two hundred pounds the look on her face when she tells you she's on her period. Priceless. Yeah. Nick, you are quality. You are a gem, please. I always get so excited when this tweet surfaces every Valentine's Day, which was so funny. Someone on our Facebook where I posted this said like, oh, what's a little blood? That's going to hurt. Oh, yeah. We've all been there. Come on guys. A little a little blood. Never heard anybody. Right. No. I think there's a couple of phrases that I'm not going to repeat on air that have to do with that exact scenario. Exactly. But man, this is a tweet Kev that I know is coming every single Valentine's Day, and it's basically adult Christmas. Unlike Ooh, I get to see this again, because I don't, you know, look at it during the year, it's a smash special occasion tweet and Yannick Balasko. You're an absolute gem. I fucking love this. I love old footballers tweets like Wayne Rooney back in twenty twelve back when a famous people were first getting online and getting on the Twitter verse. And no one's really figuring it out. Yeah. Never threatened to fight himself on Twitter. He tweeted something. And then re tweeted it with the caption saying fuck you off flight, you may end that was that to this day is my favorite Twitter interaction ever. Thank you, Wayne Rooney. Yeah. I love when people go. Oh through like Delhi ALI'S Twitter Twitter from four from when he was fourteen or like, Harry Kane. It's back before Twitter is Twitter. What it is today? It's just so funny seeing what old footballers were saying. It's just like I wonder if Jimmy Vardi had like someone needs to do deep dive someone get back to us do deep dive on Jamie Varghese Twitter because didn't he have isn't isn't that where you said like chats shit get banked is that like an old tweet by him. Is that where that came from? I thought it was something he said regularly during regularly. Yes when he's on cocaine. Yes. But I thought it was something he said in like league one game or some shit. But if it is an old tweet fuck in power of the tweeter what your invention by Mark Zuckerberg, God damnit well done well done. All right, guys. Here's a little poetry. I tweeted out today roses are red violets are blue who's going to win the Champions League. I have no fucking clue. So with that with my Shakespearean work done Martin. Let's open this shit up. Let's open up the pit with Manchester. United versus PS G at Old Trafford two nil goals by can combine pay. I can never say his name, right and MIM bay. So it's just hard because their names are. So weirdly, similar Lana. Bays in another Lauda laze in there. Yeah. I'm just like the it's it's like I just got done doing interview with Mark Waugh Rak from the he's on the from the spot soccer podcast. Go follow him. They're going to be our Saturday special. But he mentioned that I always mess up marisha vision block block, and I can never pronounce that. Right. And I'm you know, what I'm just running with it. But anyway, Martin what were your thoughts about this game at Old Trafford de Maria revenge game weirdly Damer, I didn't know de Maria had you know, some vengeance. Some old hate against them. But before we get into that. What were your thoughts about the game or the big takeaways, obviously it was a very gritty game. The first half a lot of, you know, shouts for combat pay to have gotten a red card might pronounce. How do you say name Kim Bemba? Okay. I was saying. Yeah. You were right on. But okay. I mean, first and foremost, my thoughts on the game are not entirely too negative high thing a lot of people in this day and age especially on the Twitter verse I'm sticking with calling tweeter like that better. Especially on the tweet averse, and in in the newsroom's, everyone has to have that smack real-time fucking judgment and analysis, and it feels like everybody jumps to decisions and word vomits that shit out without actually fucking taking this game into context. Taking the entire players into context. What has happened under soap char into context? And instead just looking at this game that Assad. Let's talk about the game real quick first half. Exactly as Kev said it was a was a gritty game. I thought PS JI was the more dominant force without very much question. But Manchester United were able to hold their own defensively and provide. Attacks going forward in that first half. I think the critical moment or moments in the game happen during the substitution injuries or the injuries that led to the substitution. Both Marsh Allen Jesse Lynn guard were injured and replaced in the second half in the beginning of the second half. And that in my opinion, change the entire outlook and outcome of the game. All of a sudden, you did not have Jesse lindgaard Marchelle tracking bag as they do diligently. You add Lukaku and Lexi Sanchez who took their place Lukaku. I don't fault him for not tracking back. He's a true striker. He's not supposed to do that Alexi Sanchez, whoever that fucking worthless. Goddamn, no pages and book piece of shit. Wet sandwich. Chilean is an absolute useless force on the field and did not do anything. He was supposed to do. And I thought that he has an individual left Manche has not had very vulnerable down the left flank. With this given up a lot of possessions, given up and it was really weird that like before the beginning of the second half that soak shar, I guess he wanted to get a body on the field because I think was it lingered subbed off for him. But it was like Sanchez was on. Yeah. And hurt in the ref was just like, dude. Like, I'm about to blow the whistle. But I don't know guy do own thing. Just get your guy out there. But going, yeah. And I think after those double substitution and the drop in quality of play really, fucking expose Manchester United and through Joe's division of de Maria and variety and the pace in fucking claim making of Imbaba upfront. They were truly able to tear that manages not a defense apart. The first coal came from Kim bay who arguably should've been shown a red just seconds earlier due to his tackle on believe. It was rash. Furred at the edge of the box. How he got rid of out of that? I have no fucking. Idea. Yeah. Anyway, anywhere else that would have been a yellow card. I don't mean to interrupt, but I was very like what is the referee doing a lot of people back. We'll back to like, oh, we'll actually young should be given a second yellow for that. We shouldn't hit way I agree with you. That was a shoulder to shoulder of day Maria. I mean, it was just unfortunate. He went and flew into the stands. But I mean, I, you know, if there was a card given to them it would have been very harsh one. But that that seemed like an obvious yellowcard because he was interfering with rash run and was very forceful. So I was agreeing with you, don't worry. I was just trying to give some context come on. Come on. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I got defensive all of a sudden it was like it's your team. Just like, hey, hey, I don't trust that. But yeah, it was an obvious in my opinion fouled by combat. I mean, every anytime you throw a shoulder or an elbow into the attackers forehead. That's usually a foul, especially when it's just outside the eighteen bucks, regardless the most. Inconsistent ref into world disregarded that allowed play to continue two minutes later PS g gets a corner. And Kim bay is left. Unmarked by Matt hitch and heads the ball home into the goal for a PS g lead. And then I think it was ten minutes later Imbaba scores on an unbelievable run and an unbelievable pass by de Maria basically fucking tying up the game right there. Quick fucking quick. Fucking reactions to to the game PS PSG outclass Manchester United both individually and tactically Thomas to deserves a ton of credit for what he has Klopp celebration. It's a German thing, man. They just get real excited. It's that little fucking arm shaped like it reminds me of GM. It's anyway. But yeah, I mean PS g definitely deserved winner. But two things I wanna talk about out side of the game real quick versus foremost is just a complete sloppiness of of the ref, and and that's not making me making an excuse for Manchester. That's just that sounds like you're making getting it's just an observation of this ref and we'll get to a couple of other games in a sec. But the referees have just been absolute dog shit. And even in the NBA Joe Joe is calling him out. He said the referees fucking suck. So I get that judge. Oh. A Real Madrid fan who true. Fs the refs overturned and a goal. Are you seeing something I'm yeah? Right. I'm putting on the other. Yeah. Is there? But referee. I mean, you gotta be fucking consistent. If you're gonna call nine yellow cards at least be consistent with them. Paul Papa was sent off in the ninetieth minute. For a bullshit challenge on Danny Alvarez who made the most of it red card pug will not go and play in the return leg impairs. So that fucking sucks referee. Get your head out of your ass. Do your actual job. But Secondly, let's talk about the fucking overreact is the fucking Twitter warriors, the people who are all of a sudden. And I saw you fucking put this on our Graham today Vakhin Podger Tina wins. They're just like putting should be in charge soldier wins. It should be soaked. Jordan, George soaked are loses. Everything is bullshit. Jordan. Do anything. Listen, you fucking wack jobs. Okay. Relax brand Taylor. One just Asia brash. Oh, h okay. It's going to be okay. Listen soak jar in eleven games before this PS g game. He won ten of them, drew one. He goes up against g who is elite yet. We talked shit about them playing in the farmer's league. Yeah. We talked about them let let's let's just clarify. They play farmers. Like, yes, they aren't hold armers. We call it a pharma sleep because they don't play anybody. 'cause they're all farmers. Everyone's like, oh, it's a pharmacy. Well, they're not like we never not they're fucking businessman, their oil executives their farmers. They got a seek or as our. I don't know. Yeah. They probably have a mixture of both. They gotta chic czar Ashiq. So she a cheek cheeky art, and she keys, but in PSG is elite. They're fucking Joe flacco, they're the fucking Denver Broncos in twenty nineteen season manages nodded. Yes, they beat Tottenham Chelsea those were fucking quality fucking winds. Well, mentioned arsenal with the fuck. Sorry him arsenal. And chelsea. Yeah. Right. Quality wins. Quality top six wins. However, there is a different. This is an entirely different game. This is in entirely different opponent and do overreact. And be like soldier out. Manches noted has made no progress bring Tino in completely disregards everything that's all char has done. And it's frankly an insult to him and the progress that the boys and the club has made in such short time. So I just to fucking you say to all the all the haters and all the fucking wack jobs out there that are already calling for soldiers head take a breath. Breathe. It's one game realize that there's actual context to this game. And you don't have to make a snap decision. And Leslie, Kev. I don't know what it is. Or when this started but arsenal fans are loving to take the piss out of Manchester nut at all of a sudden post Pius g game. What's that about? What do you mean? I just wha-wha-what like from Twitter like. Yeah. Like all everybody on. I think because you guys have been doing so well, and you've probably LAPD us in the Premier League your appoint above us in fourth place. They're just trying because our team is sucks so bad and we'll get to their Europa league briefly defeat today against bate Jesus Christ. But I mean, I guess arsenal fans are trying to get their little victory in as an arsenal fan. I just when I posted that what's it called tweet about Pocchettino? It was just like I've seen the Twitter verse. And I wasn't agreeing with it. I just wanted to open up discussion because we are loud Americans discussing soccer, obviously. But I have seen where people are now. Like, oh, we'll Paci knows perfect for the job. Look what he's doing with these players. What would you do at Manchester United, but I dunno arsenal fans trying to take a piss, but they should also as Tom Cruise says in tropic thunder. How about you take a step back in fuck your own face? So that's that's my words. Wisdom to my fellow arsenal. But I just want to do a couple of the highlights. I notice from the game one MIM Babe's really fast like really fast. I think he's the fastest guy alive. I think him and you same bolt if they went head to head. I don't know did I realize that Imbaba was that fast. Like the kid is what eighteen years old and nineteen years old now, and I knew all about his skill as fucking presence in front of the goal. His vision has got him foot skills everything. Somehow, I overlooked that he's goddamn speed freak and road runner from Bugs Bunny because holy hell. He started. What five yards back from by an Lindelof and maybe thirty yards later. He was in front of both of them. It was impressively fast. It was it was like jaw-dropping Martin know. He's twenty now member he's not a wonder kid anymore. He's twenty so member he's not he's not a teenager anymore. We have to remember. You wonder you wonder young adult? Yeah. We can't we can't be hyping them up anymore. He's he's grown. Also. I mean credit I also have to point out few players PSE who are phenomenal karate McCoy. Kino's that midfield was absolutely just dominated motto and Sanchez were liabilities. The entire time on the field you deaf. Like, I know you have a soft spot for mozza, and I love Motta as a person and as a player, but I definitely think you need to get a replacement for him. Sanchez has been a bust. I mean, he was just such a liability of these horrible giveaways, and then my third takeaway, which I'll let you respond to all this don't worry Damer de Maria was fantastic to assist, but I don't understand all this hate from both sides like Manchester United n de Maria like why they don't like each other. I just just on a nowhere. This literally came out of nowhere where he's pretending the chug a beer Manchester United fans, which was a small. I'm just saying not all of them like, please. Please don't don't hate me. Some of them were chanting at him. And he said like fuck you bitch like back to them, which I was like what like this makes no sense whatsoever. Is not like, you know, assess fabric gas. On Chelsea scoring gets arsenal. It's not a rob van Percy's scoring against I hate using arsenal. References there should I don't understand this animosity between these two sides are those were probably poor examples. But you know, what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm in I'm gonna work backwards. So I'm gonna talk de Maria. I. I I am confused by this low de Maria feud as a United fan, first and foremost, it is a small sect of Manchester United fan. So I don't think it it does reflect the entire fan base. But I don't understand it from de Maria perspective. We bought him at a then record fee paid him record wages provide the club actually bought his sister, a house in Manchester. So that she could live near him they provided funds to to send one of his family members to the hospital and paid all their treatment. And then assisted emphasis facilitated the trade to Sigler, which is what he originally wanted leaving Real Madrid. So I don't really understand where de Marie is hate is coming from. He actually came out in a post game presser yesterday. And or not yesterday. I guess I guess it would have been. Yesterday now two days ago. Yeah. Two days ago fucking days of hard. No time. It's a it's a tricky subject, but he came out in a presser, and he said the only thing he hated about manches knotted was the manager. Remember he played for Louis van going? I get that. So I I don't understand why d- Maria provoked the fans fucking taunted the fans, I understand why he said fuck you bitch to the chanting fans. I totally get that. But he was provoking them the entire game. And and I don't get why it was a revenge match the dude. Played for Manchester noted for what maybe seventy five percent of a season. So I don't think he is any any claim to have a a place in Manchester United fans hearts so that confused the piss outta me. But he did play brilliantly. I mean, the cyst was pinpoint is runs. Excellent to assist. Yeah. Yeah. And your your second topic about Ma. Gotta and Lexi kind of already talked about Alexi. I mean, I think the man's liability soldier himself said I can't tell you anything about Alexi when he plays. He needs to find himself. And I mean Salk jar has improved. So many other players in this United squad. It's it baffles me, I think I think adamant humble are holding Alexi back in. He has performed blood ritual. Sacrifice to get good again like asthma, John. But I want Mata is a different case. I think he should stay in the squad. Just because of his maturity and calming presence that being said, I don't think he should start any games. I think he should merge into the role that carrot played towards the end of his tenure at Manchester United. And then Finally, I completely agree with you regarding Martinez Martinez is ton of under undersung story. The man is essential defender by trade. And he is excel. Ailing as a holding midfielder under Thomas teachers. So that's incredible to see from the young Argentinian. Yeah. Argentine chirp we'll go with that. Yeah. Hidden variety were both phenomenal. And it's you know, PS g being depleted their two front men Cavani anymore. Definitely. The odds were pointing more towards Manchester United with this depleted squads so credit to Thomas to will and his men for coming up at away as well. But you know, we'll see what the second leg brings. We've you know, PS cheese. Never blown a big lead before. Right. Martin never know. I'm still got hope in my heart a little bit of hope, but I still got hope what about the I don't think it's done to you know, I mean eighteen can happen. But I think pug getting a red card hurt you guys tremendously because all fence has been garnered just threw him it's been flowing through him. So I think that's a major loss of I'm putting money down picking PS right now, mainly because if you had Paul I would say it's fifty fifty maybe if Major's United could pull out a miracle away in Paris. But right now, I think it's heavily PSU be just because the lack of pub so this this is kind of a silver lining this thought just popped into my head. So don't take it as truth. But this is just my thought I thought gee was so so excellent against men just nodded attack. Four one big reason they were able to completely shut down Popa pug once he got on the ball in that United midfield. Old. He was closed in upon by a variety or Martinez almost immediately, which completely limited and destroyed his creative influence on the game. Now, Saul char is forced to play without Pogue. So that means the tactics that sulked your has been enforcing playing ever since his tenure began their out the window. He has no central midfielder to organize the temple of the tax. So this manches nodded squad and his man's has nodded team that we're gonna see 'em Paris in March fit on March fifth. This is going to be a completely completely different man has knotted squad then any fan or viewer of the sport has seen under soaked tour because they have yet to play yet to plan without Paul Paupa. So that is my only silver lining. Thomas teacher doesn't really know what to expect in a man's has nodded squad sans. Popa I will say manches knotted does have the Scottish pure. Hello, Scott, MC Tomei. So not all hope is lost. If the your banking on Scott, Mattamy, hey to be your savior than I don't know. What the great Kevin? No. It's not looking great. Okay. Let's move on to Real Madrid vs. I xe. I don't have too much say gritty win by Real Madrid goal disallowed which was contentious. Because there's always the, you know, conspiracy theorists and people say in Real Madrid cheats, and that, you know, the Champions League is, you know, pretty much run by Peres and stuff like that. I looked at the highlight. I think it was the correct call. I think VR got it. Right. People are just complaining because it is Real Madrid. They are the biggest club in the world. You know? So they think everything just has to go their way brilliant goals by Marcus censio and cream Benza Benza again Marin, we mentioned this before Real Madrid are clicking or firing all are firing on all cylinder. God it at the right time. So could could we see a four peat? Hm? That'd be fucking remarkable. If we did I in hers them for most. I don't think you can mention Benz goal without mentioning the Nishi as junior the man is God damn name, more rain corn. It the run that he had to supply Benza with the assist was jaw-dropping fucking gut wrenching goddamn dick rising fucking beautiful by that eighteen year old Brazilian I came in from the left. He schooled two defenders before cutting completely across the box. Drawings three defenders to him and letting Benz modules chill right at the edge of the eighteen where he laid off in Ben's got a rocket packs, a axes young keeper. So I I think that you're right. When you say the squad is peaking at the exact right time and when Rao Madrid peaks, they peak hord, I especially the fact that they have initiates just jumping. Right in the game in immediately up to speed both in the Champions League. And in law Lita is a huge plus for them. I thought it was a risk to buy him for so much money for someone so young, but it's already paying dividends. He looks like the real thing. And you know, what bail is doing well as as as well as he can he might be suspended for twelve games in laud Ligo. But that's beside the point. But. Irrelevant relevant. That's we're talking Champions League. We don't care about legal right now. Fuck law legal fuck law. Kidding? I like Liga. So it's okay. But I think we got we got to argue this VAR decision because I disagree with the decision. I disagree with the VA or decision. I think I think it was a subjective coal by the referee. And I don't don't think. Calls that are subjective should be reviewed. So that includes handballs goalie interference, which I thought was the big thing with this VAR. I realized that. Yeah, he was all sides. But at that point in my mind, again, if you are basically tied in off sides and just her hand is all sides. You're on the fuck side. You're good. You're all right. So my biggest thing while looking at this was the goalie interference. And I thought that was a subjective. Call I don't like that it went to VA or I do not agree with the result of VAR came up with however as much as I am a conspiracy. Theorist I do not think that that. Roger it had anything to do with this whole little offsides goal. Yeah. I I get what you're saying. And this is always going to be the debate with the A R when it's like if it goes either way, I'm on the stand that if in go either way give it to the offensive side because not only does it, you know, it should benefit the attackers benefits the fans more scoring. I think is better. Call me. Crazy. I think more scoring is better for the sport. So yeah, I in Courtois again, just what are what do you do in lead? What do you? I just I I don't know what happened to Courtois or whatever voodoo he's been put under while going back to Spain. But like Jesus do get your shit together. Like, what do you like I feel like I need to have a sit down him. Like, do you? Do you need the talk like what's going on? I think I really do Diego. Simione put some black magic on him for betraying Athletico Madrid outgoing Real Madrid. Oh, real quick. Dig sim signed an extension till twenty twenty one twenty two with co. So he ain't even that's his home in that bad cave. It's wolf Wall Street, I'm not fucking leaving not going anywhere. So 'cause every year he's always in the manager fuck in what's it called win meal? Windmill or merry go round. Like who? Oh diego. Simione could go somewhere. They do is a lifelong let it go. He's going to win that Champions League. He is going to win that champions like one day. So. Man, dude after back to back to back to back but consecutive, I don't feel so bad got Sergio Romo says the bastard, man. Thank you, Charlie Charlie Kelly. But all right. Anymore? Any got anything else Vigia junior? I do want to say is a fee now he is looking like a wonder kid. He could be the next messy Rinaldo. You see? That's how we start the hype Martin. That's how we start the hype. We talked about that last phone the fucking lessons are going right back in our pod. But yeah, I agree. Vinicius seems to be the real fucking deal and one last thing. Sergio almost allegedly getting a yellow getting booked in this match. So he can't miss the quarterfinals on now. He's facing a two two game ban. Uefa fuck off like let the man get a yellow card if he wants who cares? If it's a purposeful yellow like I do not understand why that's a role. Do you know how many purposeful yellows Rio got John Terry got goddamn? Ashley Cole goddamn, Wayne Rooney. Got. I mean there. Part of the game playing aggressive fucking trying to just rattle the opposition. That's part of the game. How fucking dare you say, oh, we're going to take you out for two games because you tried to get a yellow card. So you wanna get suspended in the quarterfinals like, that's that's tactics. Man that Sergio almost thinking one step ahead. Like if he knows he's a God aggressive player. He knows he's probably going to get a red at some point. He knows he's going to feel the piss out of some people in enjoy it who the fuck cares. If he purposely fouls someone to get out of being suspended that smart in my book. Fuck you. You you bunch of soft Hansie's yet, dude? I tweeted earlier about like rumors that day Maria might get suspended for the second leg because of taunting the fans, even though the info Cupet like fuck you, man. Do it's part of the sport. Yeah. I I would like to hear I like to get the audio because you know, the cameras are all on the players. I'd like to see what the cameras were. Yeah. Right. Let's see what the fans were saying today Maria. But of course, because they're not important the cameras aren't on them. So I would love to see what they were saying today Maria. So if you Asia. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Suspend any of them what haven't problems, and you're going to be talking to my boy, Joey two hands. Okay. Joey to two hands. You better watch out for Joey two hands and two shoes. He better watch fucking back. 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I am fucked with Roma just because of Francesco Totti for the longest time. And they have a phenomenal group of youngsters. They got search underplaying for them. They got I'm going to butcher this because he has a very talion last name is like Zeno cows Zia now. Zia? Now, it starts Z and he's young and he's really fucking good. And looking too good looking. He is a good looking guy. Big bay big bay Lert. And you know, what I I enjoy watching this Roma teen the Roman team last year that beat out Barcelona into quarters of fun AS Roma's team to watch very defensive-minded counterattack minded, and I just enjoy watching them. So I did not watch this game solely because Mench. Not. It was on. And nobody cares about Porto versus Roma when United PS you're playing. I'm just putting that out there except Porto FRANZ like our friends. Zach fry which sto boggles my mind. Yeah. Our friend from college from the Virginia Military institute, which the news. Has been in the news for black face. If you haven't heard about the Virginia governor who is an alumnus of our college our institute apologies, you know in league as we were just talking about LA Liga. It's black faces pretty Powell popular. If you ask into on grease men or the family of India STA, I brought this up with my interview of Mark. And like he brought the point that any esta was just like, yeah. Like, I don't I don't like any Esther responded saying like, I don't get what the big deal was. I didn't realize it was a thing. It's like dude come on. Did there's there's a fucking country. That's that's very vague. I've realized this I'm going to try and narrow down there's a country in Europe, I believe or Asia. And it's one of those weird ones. I think it Scandinavian. Sure ain't get Scandinavian. But they have a tradition where once a year there's like a huge parade to celebrate some I don't know if it's a fairy tale or old wives tale or something like that. But there's like a parade of all black faces like everyone in the town paints their face black and God damn just down the street. And if it's a Scandinavian country, do you know, how white those people are like that the me like way what painting on paper? That's one weird to stop and three what the fuck white people should not fucking do that. I think you have to have a lot of Mela melanin melatonin. Melanie, you the science Malania Trump, Melania Trump you have to Malania Trump to do. Black face. I think that's that's the conclusion we got to. Okay. I'm glad I'm glad it's all full circle. All right, guys. Let's talk about the game. Y'all wanna talk about Tottenham versus Barisha Dorfman. We just got done talking about doormen in our last podcast Martin. Yeah. And we did about Dortmund blowing big games. It sounds like we were kind of right? When we said doorman is an all that it's hyped up to be Dorman plays in a league with the one other great team end, some farmers. Yeah. Oh, also farmers. Actually, I is auto workers German auto workers is that better. Well, I did find this tweet where someone said like Huddersfield could probably win the Bundesliga, which I thought was hilarious. But I tagged our good friend. Critics myth who is our boondocks Liga's expert here at lives, and he's he actually like I thought he'd get pissed at me. He said, you know, honestly huntersville could be a mid table team in the boondocks league. And I was like what that's him. No, very big crazy. Love critic. We're going to be doing a boondocks league a special podcast with him soon. But I was I was I was honestly just like taking the piss with him just like fucking with him. And he knew critic. He's straight shooter. Also, big NBA, an inter guy. And he actually has a which we're going to get to when we get the fan questions has some questions about e Cardi in the recent news going on with him and Inter Milan. But I digress. Let's move back to Tottenham versus Dortmund three nil victory. Sawn absolutely phenomenal. Not only son but Jahn for Togan Martin. We actually were talking on the phone because again, all we do is just talk soccer when we talk to each other. Yohn for Tongan was absolutely phenomenal. As a left wing back in even Toby outer wall tweeted him saying like eight like, I guess you should switch your position like what the hell? So amazing volley. Amazing gritty performance Paci. No got his tactics. A hundred percent, right. What what did you make the game? Martin. First and foremost, I think people are recognizing the true scale of sun sawn with Harry Canaan alley in the on the field, you kind of focus on them because they're the they're the bells of the ball. They're the prom, queens and kings. But with sun on the field, you just see his individual brilliance and his ability to take over and dominate games. I think a lot more people should be considering on as one of the players of the year in this campaign. He was absolutely fucking brilliant against Berge Dortmund, completely cutting apart that defense, I think there was like four five runs that he made if the ball to him was a little bit better. He would have been one on one with that goalkeeper in and it's incredible to see sons progression over the past couple of years with poach and SAM's army actually tweeted out that son has definitely become a true striker. Because he bitched at Ericsson for taking his Shaw instead of passing two sons. So he could take a shot. So congrats sunny on becoming true striker like Rinaldo who complains when people don't pass the ball fucking love akin. Secondly, yawn ver- Tongan goddamn Belgian waffle right there, the crammed. They lock Krim fucked any rose fuck what's his name? Kyle walker. Peter's put yawn Vertongen at leftback play Davidson Sanchez and Toby Alder wild Awad wall to wall to wall to wall in the middle. And you're going to have a goddamn squad back there. I could not believe watching that giant Belgium stream up the left flank of Tottenham like the man was cutting in. He went on a couple of livery beautiful balls into the bow. Yeah. Specifically, the sewn volley. But God damn like what what like I more early new like who who fucking knew. I didn't. I sure didn't. It was just like I knew he was good like defensively. But God damn like, I didn't know he was a two way player. Like this guy's a switch hitter. Jesus. The guy's fucking bow Sanders. Basically, you can play baseball and football. Except this time he can be an attacker and defender, I I was completely blown away Comrie calmer. There it is. Except he committed to football going real sport has ten based real sport. Okay. Believe it love it. Learn it love it. But yeah, dude, I thought Tottenham performance was peak Tottenham excellent fucking play throughout the game complete tactical. Switch rue by potch at halftime that led them to dominate the game. And I I thought it was interesting because there was flashes of brilliance by Bruce Dortmund, but they never truly looked like they were anywhere close to Tottenham level. So that, you know, kind of points to the question is Bruce for real is the boonies league for real because people know Byron is is the real deal, but they're in my opinion will always be lingering questions about Bruce Dorfman who is a serial runner up in the race. That is the boondocks Lita. I just wanna point out this stat too. Euro quick Marin in it's provided by Bleacher report, I will give credit in the eleven games that sewn has played against breezy door. Man, he has nine goals and seven wins. Are you wanting man up holy hill to just just if sawn played in the boondocks, I'm pretty sure he would make Brita Dorman. His like he would be daddy over present. Or did play in the Bundesliga. I think that's why he's had eleven games against Persia. I think he came over from. I think it was shocker or often Heim or balk one of those may be know. In fact, check may because I'm yeah. On my ass out. Yeah. I mean, like I only recognized players who play in the Premier League, obviously. But what I'm saying? What what I'm saying is. So on is unbelievable which also fair's fair shot at me that is a lot of games for Tottenham for to have played door pins. I should've realize like, wow. Why do you taught him dorm and play each other so often, you know? You know? That's that's on me guys. I'll take that one. I will have two games every year. Kev. They play each other twice a year, just friendly. So son can padded stans. He's basically Russell Westbrook goddamn cheater. Wow. I was just like I should have checked myself before I write myself my fucking bad. But unbelievable without came without alley. I just I just can't get over how tactically sound and how doormen just folded Dorman are just let's talk about Dortmund. You mean Sancho played? All right. But he was you know, a lot of the players are pretty much invisible. And it makes me sad. Because I want Christian pulisic, you know, to win something before he comes to Chelsea and Dortmund, you are not helping him. You're not helping my fellow pennsylvanian. What are you doing? So. I thought God this is fucking two pods and ro I'm about to rely one our young American stars cheeses, stop Martin too bad. It's too late. I thought Pulis it was disappointing in this game. He. Yeah. He made a couple really poor runs. He did not look the usual sprint self that. He was so I don't think Pulis helping himself. I thought dormant was limited. Because Marco Roy's who believe is injured did not play. So that limited doormen going forward. But still do to Dortmund's form. I've thought this would have been unlock Loza game. But it seems like the Spurs have that right mindset mandis their two best players Cain analogy. So the second leg is going to be interesting for Tottenham to make sure that they do not do what they usually do when they have a lead and bottle it. So this return leg will be Imbruglia. It will be in Dortmund the yellow wall will be out in Faulk enforce. So I I think it's the same fucking sich as the United PS g game. I think there is still a chance for Dortmund comeback and stunned Tottenham der on there. Home turf there playing brilliantly at home this year. So I think there's still a chance, but after the first leg, I think it really shows the strength of this Tottenham team, and this this is kind of weird fucking question. I do not think Tottenham has any chance to win the Premier League any zero zip. None. But I think they do have a chance to win the Champions League not along but a baby bit a little don't don't say that too loudly. Tottenham fans, you know, you might they're going to be like to shut the fuck up. Don't say that. That's what's wrong with Tottenham fans had some confidence y'all fucking make it. It's like arsenal fans right now. Don't don't don't if you put in hope than the letdowns going to be way harsher. So don't don't do that. You don't do that to yourself like Sam barstool Samra SAM's army. He's like do. Don't don't say that to me. I'm I'm going to get pissed off. So. But I do I think Tottenham has a punchers chance. Yeah. Took agree. That's where I'm at a better chance to win the Champions League than the primitive for sure know, if we're gonna do odds, I would pick Champions League over Premier League. All right. I'm gonna we're gonna do fan questions, but it has to be addressed arsenal. Lost to bait today in the Europe league. Also Chelsea beat someone to one that doesn't matter. What does matter is arsenal continues to make me very depressed and question my sanity and my phantom. So I didn't even get a chance to watch the match. So I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. I just watched the highlights and I'm just. Mar in what throws that your wake have because. The match either. I just fucking texted you. I'm so sorry about midway through the match method still since his transfer to north London or to London. Sorry ours. No has played three hundred thirteen games out of those three hundred thirteen games. Odsal has missed a hundred of them. Now, I'm not making a Hutu scapegoat. I'm not making him a scapegoat. But there comes a point where you pull the plug on grandma. She had a great life. She tried her best. But she wasn't good enough. And you pull that plug is it time to three. It's dark. It's dark, and I have done that. It's really harsh on your grandmother. Second. I I don't know, man. It's there's more problems. Just our defense. I I actually tweeted at Zahed the midget who's like the arsenal fan up or stool, and he replied, I said like what's the biggest problem with arsenal? And he said cranky true. I was like spot the lie, but. Honestly, there's a multitude of problems. And definitely the defense is a major one. But like what the fuck I thought the Europa league was your thing. Like what the fuck you? You've you've wanted a bunch of flakes Avia this arsenal. Do the your going to wipe that as in the return leg, and they are the. Yugoslavia is that where they're from? I know. Fucking switzerland. They're the best team in whatever fucking country that her from and they had not played in tuna half months. So I cannot believe you lost this game. This is mind boggling. Yeah. Me too. So again arsenal likes to make Kevin very depressed. I love it. I am currently, you know, thinking about throwing myself down a deep well and pull that plug. Kevin. It's it's fine. We're gonna do fan questions renew faint questions after this depressing break, this is the overtime podcast network. All right. We're back from this depressing break to do fan questions. I'm scrolling through to our Twitter. I swear we have fan questions because we love you. I'm gonna tell you all the fans questions more in fill in time while I'm scrolling Twitter because I wasn't prepared because I'm a piece of shit I'm gonna leave the newspaper. Okay. Okay. That's enough. All right. Our first fan question comes from the oh God. I'm second weird feet. Where are the questions? All right. First question comes from critics myth. We mentioned earlier in the pod. He said when will Mario Accardi grow up? A weight critic has the answer to that. One already. All is. Well, criticize sipping that t-. Nice. One critic myth essentially Cardi is been stripped of the captain's badges that correct? And apparently seems like there's been a numerous problems of the Cardi. My biggest takeaway is just come to the Premier League mate. I would love to see we can week out because you are phenomenal talent. Yes. So quick cliff notes. Fucking explanation of what went down this past week is the Cardi would stripped of his captaincy, and it was given to some your hand on which was interest goalkeeper. And then he refused to travel with Inter Milan for. Or the Europa game refused to play. And then he tweeted out a Mark Twain, quote, which when a little something along these lines on I'm going to budge of this quote, but you'll get the idea it's better to keep your mouth closed rather than open your mouth and appear stupid. And that was a response to all the rumors news and fucking Instagram pose about mar Morrow Cardi. And this isn't the first time, according has had some behavioral problems and God damn inter-. And this certainly won't be the last. But I think that it's pretty fucking positive that he will not be at inter next year. And so it Cardi I guess it's coming to the prime or Real Madrid. Either way I'd rather see him not at enter 'cause I don't really watch Syria. Just just just being honest. Just just being honest. I don't really watch that much Syria assize like the big matches. So next question comes from the sucker. Swap at soccer. Swap. It's this fan Porto were part of predictions for the euro police winter I'm going with arsenal. Ooh. May should have this before the arsenal. Matt me, I will not pick arsenal. I would probably go with either Chelsea or Napoli at this point the most confident right now, I'm gome with severe just because this is their bread 'em butter. Then yetter is a God damn hero for that team. And I just like that severe team they beat us last year in the champion's league. They won. I think to champion or to Europa leagues in row under United either built for that competition. I'm gonna go with severe. But you know, I'm probably wrong and chose. You're just gonna run their fucking God damned trained through everybody. And when that competition because they should not be in that competition. Yeah. It's and sorry will keep his job because he'll win and go to the champions like at that's a writing this. Script for sorry. Keeping his job right now. That's essentially what Marino did. So. We're seeing history repeat itself. Tons of lead circle. Time is a flat circle shout that your detective season three. All right next question. Corey Andres equi under twenty seven says should a manager changed his tactics to fit the player. He has or should the players adapt to what the manager is having them. Do that is a great question. Well, I would carry us it this is this is kind of a lazy answer. But I think it's a little give and take on both sides. I think you should play to the advantages of the player. Such as like if you have Nagoya Kante, you should use him as a defensive midfielder not bring up sorry. But I mean, you have to change things. I think in Tokyo Conti changed things like is back three, and you know, law the players were hesitant. But you won the league. And sometimes you just have to go with the manager. Because that's what he's getting paid to do in. The manager is trying to do his best to set you up to succeed. So I would probably go more with the manager than I would with the players. But when you have like a superstar super superstar, and they're telling you like this is where I best plot. I would listen to your players. Yeah. I- sensually agree with everything you said, I was going to bring about the superstar argument to I think there are only a couple players in this world that can dictate how a team plays. And those superstars are Deborrah or not the name, our Rinaldo messy and grease into a certain extent. And how. Hazard and those players. I think the managers should absolutely style. The tactics around those superstars, but everybody else, I think there has to be little give little take. Nobody compromise finding the best position that not only works for you. But the good of the team. And I think that's that's where the challenge really fucking laws for managers to get the most out of every single player individually, but make sure the most out of every player's best for the team. Exactly. I mean, the manager is getting paid to get the most out of his players, and they're going to hopefully set you up to succeed and get your stats. I know every players concerned about their stats, even if they don't say they are. So next question comes from Andrew Walters at a Walter. He says if Ericsson is gone for Spurs at the end of his contract next year who are viable, replace placements and Tottenham purchase range. Don't purchase of we'll get to that. He says Madison at LeicesteR has been rumored. But curiously here if you guys saying we could bring anyone in from abroad. Tottenham purchase history in the past year. At least hasn't been that. Great. And again, we brought this up in the last pod that Eriksson Matata fan. I be very very much worried about losing him this coming summer transfer window or the contracts on even matter in fucking soccer, people just break them all the time. Like, I'm like, oh signed a five-year deal. It's like and they're all next year. That's an all sports though. I mean, the fucking basketball that it's you have a five year deal. But then you leave halfway through the contract goes to other team that confused the piss out of me. But I think if Dan Levy actually decides to spend some money that they should target Rabbo. I think that they should target HAMAs Rodriguez. I think they should target a variety. I think they should target. What's his name fucking Iskoe? I think there's a lot of options out there for Tottenham to replace Erickson. But first and foremost, I think the importance from Tottenham perspective should be keeping Ericsson because I think Ericsson is a better player than all those other players that I just mentioned, and I think he's already fits perfectly and the Tottenham squad. So if I'm Dan Levy, if I'm Pocchettino of Tottenham fans worldwide, I'm begging Eric's to Stein. Yeah. It's. You you really wanna see that who from whoville stay around because he is fucking quality. All right. The last question. Fuck Martin we fucked up. What we focus because Brock B R X C K from our last show member. He asked us to do our six beers for the premiere fuck we fucked up brought last last night do God. Oh fuck. So essentially Brock in our last show said, hey, can you pretty much put a beer to each Premier League team in? What would they be? And he said, you'll better have your shit ready. We don't can we get an extension teacher, please. We will do it. Okay. Next tuesday. I swear to Christ. We're going to open up with Brock. We're gonna say. Yeah, you're here with these Premier League team if we don't well that's very own brand of us. If we don't so I'm just saying to do it at some point. We'll try our fucking best not to win Wednesday morning when we're going to record Tuesday night. But Wednesday morning bet your fat ass Brock. I don't know. How thick you are. But it's going to be there. Trust me. Yeah. Yeah. Probably I'd give it a good seventy five percent chance. And if not we'll do it. There's day for sure not if not will do the following week. All right, guys. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. Make sure to follow us on Twitter lads podcasts. Lot Amerks Cussing soccer. Just Google us. We have all the links everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Thank you to the overtime media network for giving us a chance, and you know, helping us make money off this shit. That's wild that we actually do that. And please check out our Saturday special podcasts. Mark Waugh Rak who's apart from the spot with his brother, Nick Warrick. It's it's a brand new show. Mark's been on our show before he graduated from via maya's. He's way more talented way smarter way funnier and he gives different perspective about the game and Martin. He's also Manu fan. So I didn't know that. Yes. And he's also ginger like me is. Yeah. Alpha ginge, he's ginge. I why am beta ginge for being honest. So you're blonde. Oh, no. You're shaving ginge. The I I'm no longer blonde. Yeah. Martin shave my head. If you haven't seen the video, it's a great video guys. Thank you so much. We hope you have a great weekend. And bye bye. Have you Valentine's Day? You.

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