Podcast 84: ModelClips Presentation / Q&A


Onto the Cambodian podcast lashbrooke came startup podcast slash. You got all the sites where set up today we are joined by a special guest but before before we let him introduce himself all of us boring people you see every week capped introduce ourselves. I'm Mary out that way nate nate welcome. You should know by now hi Katie you're Joe and I'll be monitoring the live chat chat today. If you have any questions for model clips or at any point just drop it in the live chat. I think he's off to this time. It's somewhere over here so you have any questions for our guests or for any of US feel free to drop them there and we'll address them as we go through everybody any ordinance Miam- I'm here too often Anna talk myself too much so moving run Apple Sweetener Carlos you just WanNa give yourself introduction and kind of break into what model classes he guys when he was Carlos the s I'm assistant broadcast manager and yeah so so wanNA clips is new clip say and I you know Ric Flair for free I've been there for four years years but when we partnered up with model clips have now also been working with flips helping with the models things and yeah I'm I'm excited to talk about questions sweet and just Kinda WanNa give us a breakdown. What model clips is I mean? Obviously it's a clip site for those that can tell just by looking at it. Berry interactive focused and I really want to hear a lot about the technology behind that but you guys got customs band clubs attributes you kind of just want to give the basic rundown yeah so like you said model is a campsite like many others that are authored. The difference is interactive so we're the only clips site that can have these flips be interactive so you know what's really cool about. flips is whether you as as a fan going purchase models slipped they've created or it's accustomed play. It's always been you could watch it and enjoy it and do what you want with it but when you turn these clips interrupted a justice. Does it take it a whole dimension where it's so intimate because you're not only seeing and watching your feeling so if a model second you're feeling there's there's here's a crazy sex. You're feeling yourself as a customer with whatever I tweeted using so that's the biggest difference between model clips the other clip sites like you said You can upload Your Own Lips. We do custom flips. There's band club so there's a lot of different ways that you could earn on uh-huh and you know right now. Were were paying eighty percent of evidence whether it's accustomed video whether it's normal clip whether it's fan but whatever it is the commissioner eighty percent and and yeah interactively the biggest difference it's really cool to is that we don't there's no fee or or no cost to the model turn interactive so when we take your clip is a model we do all the work so as a money. You don't have to do anything extra instructor to be interacted It's something that we are too. I WanNa just cut in hoops me meeting rick a cool. This is the first time some for some reason this time I get the cool controls areas so kimberly kimberly you can see it on the screen right now. brought up that she needs a payment method like pacman or you pay to the best of my knowledge the correct me if I'm wrong. The cash-out options options is one of the two but not both packs him in wire. Do I have that correct their S. Oh sorry why Iran yes oh we right now. We are still new but we're adding adding roadways looking for new things new payment methods right now we do only have us check in her but you know in the near future. We might have other things like what's what's right or we can wire directly account is also something that we haven't been able for international models. Yes you do have pets so you only for international sweet. I see that in the live chats I I just want to get the answer real quick and continue with your field yeah so yet with what's actually really was like basically like if you have a clip where you want to turn into a customer that has interacted toy and they want it to be interactive or they wanna feel whatever you basically as upload eclair as as you would any other website any other site in we do the rest so we then take that clip it takes a couple of days. We have our developers work it out alternate interactive links up with the toys but it's no extra worker. No extra fear anything on on the models suites on that bit obviously like there's some effort involved in that you know it's not like a clip can can get uploaded in automatically be converted so I imagine you know you can only process as many clips as possible. So you gotta like prioritize. I were ties somehow. Can you kinda go over the process of that what it entails like I don't know and I mean if you can what it takes per clip how the type of boy MC clips are able to process how you prioritize it into anyone watching here today. Once there's made interactive Adib what they could do to make the best candidate so to say for sure so basically we yeah like you said we when the model uploads the clip they do it normalized any other data and let us know like Hey. I want this to be interacted and we then how we have to look to. It's basically if it's like a two minute clip. We won't be able to make it interactive like it has to be long enough to sort of be worth it so we at least five minutes and then they're also be something in. It's it's twenty minute striptease video. We can't really make it interact. There's not a whole lot for the customer to feel but you know or again if it's like a twenty minute video in eighteen minutes restricting and two minutes is like you know a blowjob that probably would be the ideal candidate for us to turn video interactive. There has to be interacting with breath the model in a toy or two models or something so that when our developers take that clip frame by frame you and make it in rockabilly toys. There's something for the customer I feel but yeah terms of volume it does take some time for developers to do it. It takes about three weeks for us to get a clip an Internet interacted and we right now can do about twelve lips at a time or all week and it's like a three week waiting process just for it to be perfect just because it's not like a computer isn't developers like a person actually making the motions of the video with you've let the technology that communicates with each other so because of that we are. We can't say yes or no to sued the videos that are uploaded it but if you're a model is on video has interaction is unhappy with another person or a tweet and it's you know a good length than we were happy so question about that labour-intensive very manual and not particularly scalable available process I assuming model clips catches on like fire like I'm sure you hope it will and you have models uploading. I mean if you look at sites like clips for sale at how quick the like recently uploaded dating wicks along many your videos up there for like three seconds before it's been pushed off by all the new stuff so if you start looking at larger volume is there a move or interest from the point of view of the company and allowing allowing the models to create some kind of platform interface. I don't know what the technical software term would be to allow models to do a to their own videos because I think it'd be kind of cool for like jail Iowa where you're like miming it but like it's actually happening or like I mean for me. I do affair number hand job videos. I think it really cool some of them. I have my hands out of the screen so like have you looked a long-term at models. Having access is to being able to do it or is it way too coating intensive and it's not really a product that could be put out there. I mean it's definitely really labor. Intensive which is is why we want all of its own us. We don't WanNa make anything more awful heated for modeling. They've already read the continental took the time to film added. It's look good so he really WanNa make this easy instruments possible for but you are right as more models are uploading any catches on it is is GonNa grow so we are testing softwares right Malcolm. You designed that is going to speed up the process significantly so we could you know create more interactive. The videos were quick leaf. We don't any plan four models feeble do it outside of the company the ardently looking at improving software so that it isn't as intensive four development it doesn't take as long and be process way more clips way way more quickly so a question from the live chat. What is your guys is charged bag policy which on our network page each for motto clips we have it set is not covered so I'm assuming that's what it is but if I'm wrong I need to correct that on the fly because that's what some of the people really looked at went when picking on his side Yeah you know let me his quick? I don't work as much the accounting side I five. I will get you an answer right now. Y- okay so it's uncovered bird right our end so you guys you guys are vs media. I'm ninety nine percent sure right if if I'm wrong on that correct correct creek me on it but you do have some stuff going on with BLURP for free and if anyone out there is a bulletproof remodel can actually syndicate your VOD content tint to model clips. you WanNa talk more about the connection between flipper free and model clips housing's together and all that stuff yeah so models is completely separate from Franck ler or a whole different company like payment registration ever ladies different but the media is her with clips so that's kind of where the titans in but when you said so be any liquor for you through their model can link directly tomorrow so basically they can sign up create their cover model cliffs and all anybody that they have a clicker for you you can also have automatic emerged over into model lakes and it's super easy like the title pricing description. Everything goes a lot about the other which is kind of Nice for them because they could you know sort of like have it's easier to the monetize it because their customers are already follow them in their Vance. Flavor free can access any review they want to sell and then it's a whole new group of clientele that they can get through model ups who made your customers that are more into clips and you know maybe not as interested in life cancer under way with like Kim so it's really easy released models by you know multiple any models does any model that works as any other campsite Oregon models or you know Clinton creators don't can you know can also use models and it's still really easy to use is just advent of model said it's. It's one of the characters and I just want to point out that a week go we got it in our whole weekend review section this podcast. I'm sorry it took us an entire week to post it. I've I've had my aunts died with the move and all that stuff I just want to point out that even though they have some stuff going on lip read they just made it to where you can list three different campsites on your profile profile as well as a long list of social media and I mean those could be like any campsite you guys do have a streaming white label which which I thought was very interesting and that's actually something I just noticed today so yeah even though they are deeply in bed with free you know they do who actually allow you to list any of your campsites which I just WanNa say. I think that's very cool of you in three of them at that so there you go we just covered one of our news items after we're done talking about motto clips but being as it's one of our news items and we got you here you kind of want to comment on that. You know like like I said you know New Wall flurries partnered up with Monica deathly non-exclusive thanks to flare and we wanna get you know a more success models titles uploading more success. We're GONNA have so if you are in a volume. You hardly have like yourself. Stops another say why not use that to help you somewhere some videos in Tokyo getting any more you know. One thing we've seen is that the models let through the best clips are just models that are constantly updating their content adding eighteen contact there promoting themselves other cited about their content. They're promoting rubbers so you know we don't want it to be limited to like if you're getting advantage of you're this campsite. You know it's very late. If you're wanting to upload content you're wanting to sell we wanna do everything begin to help you. and you know even with with what we have right now. We do have a lot of Web Kim auditor uploading automobiles a lot of stars including wanted making good money and we also have people that don't get all our uploading content so it really doesn't have to be like only Jim whoever you're wants to create the content of whoever is promoting really working at that you were vitamin are making the sales have you content during while on model clips or does it tend to be more out like vanilla and like hard core way away girl girl girl stuff that does well on your site. Is that right now. It's really been like you know we were definitely a having a lot of people. Doing you know like you said it's like girl. Girl Guy Girl Guy Transit all really well. I think the one thing that sticks south really well as VW was really really cool so you know it's it's really married in what it is so it really isn't like if your you know a Geico or in couple of restrictive like it's really like a lot is doing well but w specifically basically is doing really well which has been really cool to see but but w market for a lot of different things yeah girls top on pretty much every a slight were when or something I don't know okay and so blip referee three really as a reputation of being really male friendly as opposed to a lot of the other camping sites so I'm kind of curious if you seen that translate into model Oh clips or that partnership what's he'll flirt always have that sort of advantage. That's upside with the male side is that we've been doing milk hands Dan since the beginning England over twenty years ago whereas a lot of other campsites didn't start working with mental leaders build these connections traffic for a long time but that yes. I definitely think that the girls side picked up occur and like there's a lot more conduct for girls but I think that's just because there's it's more like availability like it's more normal but if I'm being honest are gay sales are pretty much exactly equal into the straight sales so it's fairly even on Amato clips like straight sales gates are very e- even and we have seen a lot more guys as now that we're getting. We're selfish adding more content which isn't really cool but right now. It's fairly okay so actually on that note in since you're not flip free free might not be able to answer this but okay so I mean I've got a a performer account just to check out the back end and Webcam startup we have of this modified special studio count right so we all the email sent out to models and studios in they've been really pushing model clips hard. I honestly do not have a member account on Blip abry so I can't benchmark whether or not flipper free has been trying to upsell their customer customer base D'Amato clips oh which by the way on even I we also have a model clips performer account performer studio. I'm not sure which so we've been seeing the e mails for model and they just want to say good job on the I don't open to drip campaign or just like weekly or monthly tip emails that you you guys send out but you guys have actually been doing a pretty rockstar job on those kind of things but back to my original question so I know when I can can safer back that blueprint has been really pushing their performance in studios but had they also been pushing a model clips to their members. You you know we definitely have pushed model clips with with others models because you really believe in motto clips. We like what it is. We definitely want our modest habit. Chance chance to self have specially thumb fee for came out on every zyppah cameras on third tend to be a little more Shiraz Irvine and comes to uploading their content creating content content. We definitely want them that. Opportunity and we really believe in office is doing so we want them to have the extra revenue source inhabit extra exposure but but yeah I mean it's definitely something that we're we believe we are pushing with with models with studios in yeah. I think that is requested. I I think I got Kinda lost but if I did not know that definitely answers it and hold up by want to pull up a comment from the live stream on youtube which by the way podcast people if you're watching this on one of the many networks that were on but not live we go live live every other Thursday the second and fourth Thursday so if you want to comment on this stuff if if you WANNA ask questions definitely catch us live you know we got a lot of love from anyone for anyone watching on any platform whether it's the audio podcast version whether it's the archive video version whatever right but if you actually want to come on here and interact you can do that on Youtube Google the second and fourth Thursday at six PM Eastern time and just like core Peter's right here I think we kind of have to elaborate a little bit of straight doesn't have a white label but apparently model clips does have a streaming white label. I found that out when is going into the dashboard just to see if there was any specific camping site supported so that was news to me actually just figured that out today I just wanted to make make sure we had all our model model clips content on Web Cam Startup airtight you know 'cause they're jumping on here so yes it's not that stream mate has has a model clips white label but apparently model clips a straight white label affiliated with both the sounds like a good fit for me is is allowed. I don't know how far back you answered the you acid so I think we did answer to where it's fairly balanced between fetish in in Bonilla at this point but anyways I just wanted to elaborate on the white label partnership. I don't know if you want to add any other comments on top of that. Ah Yes so yes we do have the widely we really wanted. It's available to everybody the end we did one in Philly with them and I was one of the requirements to affiliate with them so we set it up and then for core Peter's Yes fetishes definitely allow. We have a lot I wanNA leading uploading fetish is doing super well so you know if if you love to create but his contact we love to have a model clips and then I didn't fully answer earlier we are pushing it to our customers as well as models as soon as I realized after and the reason our customers do is just because it's the only site that has interactive have embedded into the clips and we've seen with our customers on flair for free that they love Interactive Toys responded superwealthy interactivity that we brought to the camping site of things so we wanted to give him the the you know the opportunity are given the knowledge that there are also clips available through through moths where they can also enjoy that that's even activity right on so I just kind of have to ask I mean I know porn hub with their whole to bit they do allow it. Do you know whether or not model clips is interactive or Zetsche is porn. I mean I just have to ask anyone can answer that question just said I'm sorry model hub love too many companies starting with model model yeah I know that a porno does actually allow interactive in out there. Make it interactive but I'm just curious if anyone knows whether it's just the tube inside model hub nobody knows from the dashboard to like two interactive so I'm pretty sure it's them that chooses to make it active partnered with certain producers slash performers to create create interactive set home porn habit exbury much like a one on one damn selecting people think it's it's a different set up. Okay so sweet on interactive porn does do it on select things but yeah it sounds like model model clips not model hub model clips is the only interactive I just is needed to see if anyone could elaborate on what weather model hub also supports that that but I do know that model clips were the only club website that has interacted with clips but as we end them so you guys have been doing you guys have been doing an eighty percent promo special for a while now and blame me. I've been harassed by you guys every time you guys extend it. You don't update all Mike God it which I'm sorry for not being too on top of that kind of stuff. That's currently going up until December thirty first two thousand nineteen so just anyone watching 'cause. I don't think we touched on that currently until December it is eighty percent and then it's going to be sixty percent sends it across the board. Just everyone knows what the percentages are doing. Yes so having a couple times right now. It is eighty eight percent on everything so memberships hips clips customs until twenty twenty and then after that it will go to sixty percent yacht the two thousand twenty with other sites refunding here. Let's be having range to eighty percent on custom custom videos and on the after events and kind of lobbying from models especially on custom clips to increase the percentage. Did you guys look at changing the percentage especially on chicks custom clips or was that you're just sticking with the sixty percent straight across the board except for special events late promotions and your current has launched deal. I guess for models yeah when we launched it we did. It's been eighty percent through everything uh-huh after twenty twenty eight we're projecting were planning to go down to sixty but we even like in the past when it's gone down to sixty again like we always get the custom clips at eight percent and you're planning on keeping it that way just because we understand that custom custom clips are more working or whatever so yes so it'll never go lower than sixty percent regardless of any promotion or what happens on but customs will probably say eighty percent even after the promo so what is he using your site which doesn't cover chargebacks paying out at sixty percent as opposed to a site like many visit clips for sale or or I want clips that he's out at sixty percent but also covers chargebacks things the biggest advantage the only ones that can do interactive were the only one where like a modest customer can enjoy the interactive national feel while they're watching and you know like right now is at eighty percents that it will good on sixty but we haven't had any charge backs yet so the customers right now haven't haven't had any so we're hoping that it stays that way and you know everything is everything changes and everything evolves so eun the future who see that that changes in and something that we look at change as we just haven't had any chargebacks has been anything that we've had to relook at or away so I'm assuming bat that gray area jumped on looking at something here thinking about something else while areas asking so I assume that they'd be all dot tv because you see that about where customers can buy interactive toys and so on site assume the doc you feel is either a Iliad saying or drop shipping or somehow offer is is owned by or in partnership with the model clips site since that's where so you're saying all your traffic our models able to include their own affiliate links Watson models not me but lots of models do have a sex toy affiliate elite codes and things like that are they allowed to link to those and video descriptions of interactive toys or on their profile pages or is everything supposed to be directed kind of through that youth heal dot TV saying in terms of because like first of all those toys are damn expensive but also second of all a lot of models if they are really encouraging people to get into the interactivity it would be nice. I think a lot of models would look at it and be like can get Elliott income on on hundred toys. That'd be Pretty Damn Nice or is that kind of thing not permitted to be linked to Yano one hundred percent a a so we do have a partnership with them in it. You know we also we wanted to be as easy for customers to get the right toy. so we the art of exactly what you just said dot will be it will soon working right now on if Ilias I for toy sales so so that exactly models can conclude that formation and then make their own money from the sales so yes that will be they will soon so. We don't have that available at this second again but it should be ready for them to start moving soon so they'll be able to do that as well again. I should have asked order because mine was kind of related to air the second one is kind of related to aries but I only wrote down in order so I wouldn't forget I have to write down as hockey you just loosening SAS so with regards to the interactivity being made because I'll be honest not covering chargebacks x is a huge red flag for me sites that haven't covered turned back. I mean if we look at what happened was skype private when they decided they cover charge backs or on per minute but not on by their advance pay all of a sudden they had like thousands of chargebacks like I know girls who just lost money like wild. It was really the dramatic people stopped using skype credit for that reason because they were just getting chargebacks and chargebacks and try it was like well. This hasn't been a problem before and it was like well wishful thinking you know I'd be living in a mansion with at least five servants and none of them would be how slaves they would be like actual. Real servants earns endangered obviously but you know it's so for you to say interactivities the big thing but it sounds like you're not guaranteeing that every single model we'll get interactive videos. You're guaranteeing the model could choose videos and that the model doesn't have control over the interactively creating process that it's based exactly on what's in the video and that it doesn't sound the model ultimately has a much say in that cross ads sounds like it doesn't sound like the cruise that was out or anything like that and also the other thing is because your interactive videos can also you purchased by people without interactive stuff. We don't actually know what difference the interactive sale means. It looks like there's no way to relate track at the person's buying it for the interactive caress or if they would have bought it without the drive to purpose so I guess with all of that being said a model would have to go poster clips with you. Pray Cratia gets. No chargebacks hope that her video sells well enough because you're not saying like if you sell the video twelve times that bay you're automatically so it seems like it's kind of like this time at least a hope and a dream that you'll get the chance to have an interactive video and that you can't guarantee that might practicing mm-hmm and also that there aren't a lot of statistics on whether or not the interactive thing is working or whether people are just buying regularly right warrior answer. Can I elaborate on top Eric. Could I ask something else on top of that like. Is there some way to know if you're in some sort of cue and also do you have the way distinguish whether the people who have purchased have interactive toys are using for the interactivity or not yeah so a lot of questions so what our ultimate goal is not all the data's being attracted just because we see that things are going and we do want to have customers the opportunity to wash the clip and just watch it the traditional says or also washed inhabit being rocketed the interact interact tweet in you know with with with regard slight the models. There's you know if a model requests it. We're so make it in Iraq we WANNA make it interactive like staffing all interactive but you can be interactive like you and me talking talking right now. There wouldn't be a way to really make this interactive but if models clip that hasn't whether you blowjob scene or sexy masturbation masturbation scene those are the things that we can create into an interactive video so if a models video that has at worst so happy to make it it might take three weeks to turn it into interactive video searches and linked up with toys working on streamlining the process making it quicker so eventually it'll hopefully a lot faster where we will the process more end. Yeah you know what a model submits a video and assets to make it interactive. We let them know yes because of this or no because of this enemy let them know what type of contact you could turn to interact so the next time they submit it and you can turn it into interactive video and Oh yes so were happy to do that for you realize when you say we wanna make all videos interactive so I just did like the dumbest off the top of my head map jest in the street category just based on need counting to twenty twenty realizing there is more you already have over a thousand videos presently twelve and I think I'm right on that but again did basic math round it down based on your own count. It would take one hundred weeks to get just what's in the straight category. Just what's being displayed on that right now interactive interactive on D. Do you see how models book addresses like way so I'm GonNa be gone a key when maybe in the future. It's going to be because what you're saying right now. Is that it is. It's so labor intensive that you're converting twelve videos a week for someone like me when I put up three videos a week so I mean it would take. Did you guys entire week just to deal with what I've put out this month. Let alone any back catalogue alone in the future like do you see how could be worried that we might never get to that point and my other concern is how fucking expensive is that procedure like. I don't know what you pay developers. I don't know Oh there's a guy in in Philippines in a room angle a dollar a day. A steady leaves to do it. I don't know if this is one of those things that you can outsource for super not but you can't outsource at super cheap you could probably get themselves but lake and then we don't have ads on whether or not attracted me difference difference and honest right now model clips. I mean your traffic might be great for where you're at but for nonstop fought models having multiple platforms is a pain in the ass and we need tons of traffic like I'm a very unusual. I've sat and I'm hearing so I do a lot of very niche content so I need big numbers of people coming through for me to collect that tiny percentage that are interested in me and so the traffic numbers all of that like I don't know I was like I don't know if you're there yet but I just it worries me that you've got at this eighty percent going and you're doing very expensive process and very labor intensive process is that really sustainable long-term longterm and like what happens if someone wants to order a custom interactive video like what happens then is that because of solid order customer activity now now now you're cooking with gas but is that built into the process or can they not order an interactive video and I'm here you frankly Wednesday when you say there's no way for us to know whether or not interactive is working right like because they just by the same video. It's not like if you buy this one. It's normal you buy this one. It's got got some extra magic connector thing so we have no stats on whether or not interactive is working so you guys like on your end literally. Don't know if this financial outlay again. Maybe this cheap to do it. Kinda sounds like it isn't if your financial outlays worth it like how how was that work long-term just from a purely business bank's perspective like it kind of blows my mind that you literally have no way to I know what you're doing and investing all this money into is actually giving you any return. Yes so first there's off we can see when a purchase is made for or not in the modern seat as well so they can see if the purchase interacted and you know sacking thank you can we are going to be totally aware that the process is a little long which is why we're streamlining it is easier is less labour-intensive. We could do more four and embassador and then also you know the reason we take care. This is because that way it's no hostile model no extra labor to the model we'd take care of the whole Russ's turning it interactive so it doesn't cost any extra stress on the model for the process our our team handles. It GEICO isn't really about whether or not the model stress. My concern is about the health of the company because believe it or not as much as I should always companies telling her all terrible and so on and so forth like at the bottom at the end of the day. I want those companies to succeed because if they crash I'm fucked right right now. I have nowhere to some videos now. I have nowhere to Cam. Damn you know so as models we are concerned. I mean we may not talk about it. We may not even say about him but the things that keep me awake at night we think about like the long term turn financial viability of platforms like that's why every time a company comes on. WE'RE GONNA pay models ten dollars an hour. I'm like you're going to go down in flames. I'm I'm not going to sign up because this is going to end up as a disaster and guess what it always dies but I guess so so when I go and look at a video which I'm looking I can't right now which is interactive. I can buy it. If I do not have a toy. It says no no promise clip can still be enjoyed so I I know I guess my question is so I assume then if you know that it's interactive the person is streaming video from their account correctly. Is that or do they download it in. There's like file in. I don't understand technology that well so we're looking ally five situation in so are they did they. If they're doing interactively they stream it online. That's right now and how it works from a customer by of like one of those flesh light launches dude or whatever the fuck they're called How would I go about setting setting up my model clips account in actually connecting if I bought an interactive clip you know how do I get to work with the device and the clip yes? We are totally streaming so all the videos are just strained. There's no downloading but basically the way we're able to tell is is if I purchase interactive video. I WANNA get to my toy as a customer a Qr Code automatically generates that I then linked up to my toys so basically you you download the whatever the toys with you that Abbas. They're all bluetooth base so the toy base base leave net the toy to the APP. It's really easy toys will pop up as a customer you multiple toys all the Bluetooth enabled toys will pop on us when you want and the video when you're going to start the video. QR could upset. It's just like what you see grocery stores or the mall or whatever and then the same at actually scans the Qr code in a boat Linka and that's how the toy then links up to the video and how we can tell that the video was used in rockaway because it registered sure that there was a qr code in the video. Okay wait so you're Katie biking cut in real quick okay so I I do they have to scan wants to connect to the site and that set or do they have to scamper clip in. If it's per clip is per per clip or per watch every time they watch that clip and the third one do you guys get the metrics from every single one of those Ganz basically you you get the Qr code and your it'll scan so the video will generate a Qr Code that then you get on the abbots her click per watch every every time you log into the site but like if you purchase interacted the clip comes up and or the the Qr scanning Qr Code and then it leaves your twenty the two communicates wait so you can tell every time Agai connects his twenty Jack off to the video well it will generate a qr code each time they need one so he generates a different Qr code each time I don't I'm not a different you are over and that is what you linked to the APP urban all communicate so are they connecting into your silent throughout most of because obviously used interactive toys on sites before and with that I've only needed a degenerate one. Qr Code because it stores the site site information end so you're like a host site then I just one code per video saying it's like the one code video and that's what scam with the but do you guys get the actual scan metrics in I mean do you guys know win. Kazimi often be jerking off his we were injured metrics because that would actually be pretty due to you would be drawn to legal individual. I don't want anyone often. I masturbate is we were asking about whether we could get get metrics on whether the interactive is really working so I mean I think I mean you can't ever both ways Katie. He can't I'm just saying you you can't have it both ways on that one so it's one video from wisely scan. We don't do metrics on each scan. Is We have the metrics on the video sales but not scare you store this information anywhere you do for a long-term amount of time are you. Oh you know taking this information in Kinda chucking certain amount of time the metrics on video sales the metrics the QR scans and stuff like that you don't we don't do metrics on each scan okay so man. I want to bring back when a Katie's bat as points she was right in saying that and I checked out your guys as a custom some form earlier today just kind of familiarize myself with it and I didn't see a modifier you know four interactive that would be such an upsell giving your branding and I mean especially at the performers getting eighty percent of that up sale and to actually she address another one a Katie's points. If you guys are actually monetize ing the creation you know this entire process through you know the custom system platform you know that would be a way to that would be revenue coming in or the actual making of it interactive man. I'd say that something you guys should strongly consider because Katie said that would be a huge seller and I mean at that point your direct directly monetize ties in Brussels to think huge. What would I say that it would be a benefit that they could pitch because right now like I'm seeing some positives about the interacting of drawbacks mainly related to how scalable it is in your chances of getting chosen but I'm saying that custom some clips offering that would be an enticement for models to sign up even though for a lot of models and also included knowing my demographic cathedral I would be shocked if any of my current bought an interactive video out mainly because my demographics cues a bit older and because they're not kind of as techy even when they're younger and quite frankly those toys are fucking expensive as Hell Al and I know sex toys or expensive? I haven't interacted toy. I understand they're expensive and everything but there is that hurdle to even you buy a toy Oy you spent a hundred bucks or whatever and then you've gotta get stuff on top of that so I think there are a lot of barriers to interactive being like z the number one reason to sign up with model clicks and I think I won't be here but I think the only reason on the podcast is because I say thanks that maybe other the people what it is. I think if you only have interactive going for you. It's not a homerun. I'm just I'M GONNA say at in its current current form. I don't seem gets accessible enough or reliable enough. I think it has a lot of potential for for free integration so that is a home run for flirt for three models. That's totally totally respect your opinion Dan or whatever but you know one thing I do want to clarify his models. Don't have any interactive toys or toys at all for the interactive yeah no yeah yeah okay well and the other thing. you know the customers totally interacted and customers are charged more when West interactive clip on and you know what model uploads accustomed they can set whatever price they want and if it does become interactive it was raised at prices. Well so you know it's it's doable for the customer as well but I mean currently it's it might become interactive later and then you could raise up for the resale of the prerecorded right. You should really consider throwing in a modifier in a set price race you know to actually somebody wanted and custom interactive clip where they could choose performer right. I think that's something you guys should strongly consider. No customers charged for interact among customers lips when they wanNA interrupt the same so that is actually something request on Thurston. If they were requesting custom they can actually request that it be made interactive yeah and they're undercharged for yeah. Okay okay so out of curiosity. How do you guys price that out because obviously see that's something you're pricing out in house because you know the time it takes? Can you explain to us how like the cost the pricing How an obviously you need to sign off on whether it's something you want to be made interactive because like you said if it's not the type of content onto that really works that way then it's just not a bit? Can you explain to us how custom interactive poops work as opposed to just like the status quo custom costume process that we're all familiar with yeah you know so like if of customers requesting interactive cloud it's going to be used with with a toy like you said so. It'll be something they want Iraq blowjob video or interrupting sex video or something like that so the customer buys like interactive at Strategic Video. There's there's not anything better. SMER golfers can link up you know in the strictest react to it so yeah the the customer does need it doesn't need to to be some sort of interactive video low job sex whatever it is so that whatever the models doing with the toy with their hand with another person is communicating with the toys in customer Gasa interactively with the video but for your other question you're the question was GonNa remind me just on how the whole custom process works for interactive clips because obviously it's not so much in between the performer end the member. You know 'cause you guys are the ones actually making it. You know custom right so it's gotta be a slightly different. process says in just your status quo custom yes so basically you know when that orders place it comes to us as interactive order so the model applets video and then the battle we started once we get the video in the model uploads it that's the process in we turn interacted acted and then whatever the use of the model wants to charge for it is applied after it's uploaded right on okay three. That's I mean that's just interesting so yeah you guys can actually get custom. Interactive's do actually happen to know how many been custom interactive clips have been ordered food through model clips me find out the let's see so I'll find out how many we have had come back to that one aw but yeah right on I know you guys wanted in a poor hand but the one thing I mean especially when you're dealing with the site with emerging technology is everyone on this podcast. I mean raise your hand. If ignorant about how to make an interactive clip you know pretty much everyone ear right so it is really difficult to get a lot of these questions until Oh yes you start getting start getting answers on the initial stuff and start learning a little bit more about it which I mean we can all agree that you guys are playing in a brand new new bill so it's very easy to do a diy interactive clip because you can generate patterns through the Labonte and as long as you generate it to where it starts when you really have starts. It's actually very easy to interact what the hell is the lament whatever you said the Levin Zap you can create patterns within the laments APP and you can adjust the like speeds and stuff like that and you can create patterns on your public profile people and add to their librarian than they can use it and watching your videos okay so that's a visualize thing that pops up if you turn it on okay there's actually a name for that in people apparently early actually know the name for that for one did not okay sure that makes sense right on Louis issue okay never mind. I just got some drama happening outside the window here. It's not as bad as Katie's with a crazy drunk. Ladies throw it. What is it a wagon taste of apples apples? That was the last time actually it is incredibly silent like we have no aw hood incidents happening. I live in kind of a sketchy road so sometimes we have some interesting background stuff going on but now today's everything's been really quieter than no cop cars no ambulances no fire tracks like I don't know if you were saving it for the weekend or what I'm all in favor of this nice quiet normal neighborhood while Katie. I don't know Canada has the same you know school system is we do as far as sellers off and all that stuff what's is up. I'm in the middle of a live five gas right so do you guys have summers off or you guys just like getting getting back into school right now. Actually we have school fourteen months of the year and we all live in Igloos. Didn't you know we're like fourth roles country. We live in Igloos too so I guess we have a lot more in common with our Canadian. Now don't live in Igloos but we go out and build them so that way you could have multi-day backcountry skiing trips which is awesome by the way so the other thing like that I just discovered covered about model clips chicken out today. and I didn't really find too much information about it by bound in the backs and stuff you guys were talking about contests test or bonuses something like that. you want to elaborate on that for sure so I have an answer to the other one so so far process fifty clips so that was like other best now beyond the gap. We're running a few promos rate now on we always promotions going but right now the ones that we have is we are doing one where it's like a tweet win so basically it's one hundred dollars bonus if you upload content of blitz applets flips in tweet about and we also run another contest which is we're giving five free toys out five models so it's a contest based on recruiting dude models other models the top five are gonna get interactive toy which were the the thought process behind who would be cool is that if the model wins that toy they might necessarily need it but it was awful that twelve hundred bieber customers customer that they knows interested in Iraq Iraq lifts and in the last one is actually accustomed podcast so we're going to be giving away a thousand dollars in this customer contact us so it's like models that earned the most from V. Veep custom clips that they're selling and and then for the other one inch later right so the recruiting it's Veasley any model who recruits five miles gets toy right on. Does anyone over anyone on the live chat anyone on this hang out have any more questions. I think we kind of mm-hmm. We got we got everything and I think we had some really big dialogues Katie go for. I just wanted to clarify it was the fifty clips you said that was custom clips processed correct with the activity yes so far reprocessed fifty of Zia estimates okay wait a second. There can't be fifty clicks custody. Ah Okay. That's what I thought but I was just cleared that since I had a moment I put I assume that from the start which man I mean that's a decent chunks. I mean there are definitely people interested in in those I'm so how does it work exactly clearly so if a performer can add that or if the customer should have an option of making any custom you know interactive. Does it like go. Oh into this pool in the new guys like triage whenever either accustomed with customers requesting in your whenever a model upload videos assets to make it interactive we all get it and then one of us look at it and then send it over to the development team. Turn it interacted and then we let them started but we do process lips obviously sooner than regular because you know its customers requesting ten cents. If you want obviously those we try to process would be possible because we can get into models. Happy customers happy because awesome flippers is sent over quicker right on and I noticed that in your guises a whole custom system on the back end for performers in studios Elliot's for performers. There's an option where you can set price modifiers for different durations completed in thirty days sixty lab you obviously that may not exactly jive with your current custom workload your current interaction workload in general so what though custom stump How does that work if the performer has those modifiers customer selects lex wanted them you know obviously they wanted interactive? Do they just not get that luxury of choosing. How does that work interactive for that? Same reason is not hard at the time duration scales okay so to elaborate you know if they do want it within thirty days days then they get the like static clip for lack of better words what are you guys. Call the non interactive ones and then whenever you guys get get get around to it in the queue and the work load they get the interactive version is is that right. Is that how it works yes so those video gets delivered. run by men interactive is added after Yeah Right on. I'm that's interesting. I mean it's just interesting because to the best as to my knowledge if anyone wants to correct me if I'm wrong you guys are legit the only site you know with that custom stuff so yeah. That's I don't know I find that cool just to from an emerging in emerging tech standpoint end something nobody else is doing so. It's really cool candid ended here on that their process your exactly so you know and that's why we're really like with those interactivities. We really really do expedited and try to clear his as we can't because that is what we're really excited about hoping the that's responsible you track that so that they can still get custom deal too long for for the active right on and does anyone else have any comments questions. Either people watching this live people in the sang out or or Carlos. Do you have any uh-huh closing words on or in general questions losing his people. Try Saudi interact about it with E. for for their customers you know it might not be for everybody. You know I think there's a lot of people that are interested in it and a lot of the people that customers that would like to experience it. gives to try especially right now that we have three promo running you might as well try to win some extra bonus cash on honey video sales so any questions you guys have just reach out to us. We have twenty four seven support so we're always here to help out arcane on top of that because I mean the Q. Okay in closing. I JUST WANNA leave. Ns Because Q. and the time it takes seems to be like a major concern Manso when you say that you're looking for some streamline solutions. I I want to ask in closing you know. When do you think you know you guys will implement a more streamline solution? Where do you think this is? This whole industry is even going in. How will it evolve and also if a performer is concerned learned about you know how long it will take to make their clip interactive? What could they do to possibly streamline the you know? Just make it sooner whether whether it's actually doing it in house. Is that something in indy performer could do or if it's something to complex. What hoops could they jump through to possibly possibly get you guys to produce it sooner rather than later? Is there a best way to set up the clip in general. Do they send somebody a really cordial e email on why they think that their clip deserves to be made interactive what can a performer do yes as far as like the software that we've been working on to expedite the process in general. We're testing right now so we're hoping it'll be ready to actually we started using production next week weaker so because you haven't testing for awhile so hopefully it all goes well in a week. There's no religious on the BUZZER redundance. It's working quicker and then in terms of like the models went to Iraq is definitely not like a very rigorous hunger games style like it's fifty percent knows it's basically it. You said it's a video that works. We'll do it interact. You know it's not that light is not good enough for your lightens. Offer does not that arose tasty just like as long as there's content eager video at interacted with that can be made be interacted will make Iraq and as long as it's not like the twenty second or a minute long clip you know as long as there's like five minutes good content and its content that can be made interactive. We're happy to do it and now they just email us directly and we will work with them and we'll get the interactive right on and I just want to let everyone watching airy. Gary is currently rolling Odyssey type big. She's not typing in the public jet. She's currently rolling on this as we speak area says she will get to work on a guide on do do it yourself interactive clips and you guys prefer getting your info in videos or in blog style so question for everyone watching and I mean if you're listening on the audio burs. You just heard me read out. If you WANNA give your feedback airy harasser on the chat APP what we have on every three page webcam startup that she hates so much she gets so blown up. She's dealing with that all the time that is like basically her life outside of catching catching POK mon she'll be catching pokemon and then all of a sudden chat APP within comes up. Do I was doing a rain and Sungai in the Chat Apple said picture purpose Dick while I was raided I was so mad it just popped up and I saw jake and I'm like I'm trying to catch this requires you right now. Get your take off my screen so yeah. They got blocked from the live chat. Don't send your Dick to the live chat but if you need help I am always around on the live chat or if you want to just talk me personally you can of course set me up on twitter as well. Ari Saunders is my right on and Carlos. Actually I've been scratching catching my head on how to do this whole interactive content strategy in general right which maybe I should have just said area an email like hey. Hey airy do you now we could get some content on interactive shit up and maybe we'd already have this. Do Yourself Guide up. I was actually really waiting for this podcast cast just so I could learn more about it so I know how to go about it but we want to I want to I mean I actually actually didn't talk to area and all about this. This is all brand new that started with her post in the light chat about making this guy but yes it's something I really WanNa the cover and I wanted to cover it comprehensively just on the technology you know the compatible toys he had some stuff going to the consumer aside as far as what toy supported what network support it right so obviously the first piece of content in that entire series is already in motion air even said so so we'll totally be expanding it from there and you guys are obviously a major player are in this game so it'd be great. If we have any questions about it. We could bounce it off. You guys and I mean you best believe that you guys are getting plugged dogged in certain places in this entire everything we put together. Hold up one SEC awesome. Take that super cool and I mean I know I know this is tough. I don't know if you've watched other episodes these podcasts a you know it's kind of like running the gauntlet you know you have to have all the question you have to have all the answers you know you will get grilled in a lot of people take back a a lot of great feedback especially if we get it from the live chat to right so you know as far as the charge policy and some other stuff I hope you guys really take that consideration and anytime you're in something dealing with something emerging right just like I've watched a can't remember off the top of my head but the nuts bang chain but the other crypto camping site as well as the Crypto clip flipside you know both fail emerging as talk and even in my last bill the work mark where is really doing a lot with ar and even the QR codes. Everyone said the QR codes are going away and look what you guys used to sing stuff up but working with a are not so much VR which is something. I'm watching closely in everyone has is skeptical about that as well so I just gotTa say you know even working in something focused so emerging in so niche people will be questioning you that's just my closing comments on on model clips. I don't know if you want to respond to any of that or not. the one thing I'll say is that you know we do value the conversations that we have people in the PUPUKEA. FBI models studios anybody has given to us in. We WanNA take that end. So you know one way right now. It doesn't mean it'll be like effort avert we definitely elite are down to going to stay competitive in the state. You know I mean models of the ones that are using our platform sweetwater popular easy streamline made for them as it can possibly have so right now toward rexes aren't initiate had me if that changes or any other changes her sure there is something to models about the sites that they love in the tweet. We walk feedback. We want you back and we WANNA take that feedback in. We want to incorporate. Everyone involved. The thing is we have in house team of developers zone very easy for us to implement changes made changes or just things sagay any feedback back models have anybody at least it over to us because you definitely want to keep I mean we're still so news. We definitely want to keep going you change involving so that we we are are the easiest and best platform four Maltese also just going up your guys list of supported social networks that performers can add to their profiles. I'm just throwing this out. There both share some end new tumble are looking for clip and camping camping site couple our partners were they. Can you know get get it to where performance can list their profiles on either of those sites and try to figure out some quid pro quo so if you want me to see you guys in some emails with these guys. Just let me now we're open to it so if you could do that we would love to travel and I think that covers everything because nate's nate's GonNa keep this asking you questions over and over and over again talk so if you don't have any final remarks I think we could move onto the new me if that's okay with you on top of that. If you WANNA kick it around just shoot the shit with us as we go through everything happening cam land. You're more than welcome to do that entirely patch to venture very yes so right now we're actually the middle planet cleared. It's some super crazy on where in Bengal stages so I'm probably going to end so much fun with you. Guys are having the end yeah and the other watching us or that you guys. Have we send over more than happy to help you guys. Are you guys you guys okay. before before you go you guys are on you. Guys are on twitter. I know that for sure if people wanted to ask questions give feedback anything like that follow you guys. Were you guys at in. How should they do that? Yes come to our twitter and also email us to support on the website. ANGELA MODEL CLIPS DOT COM support multiple dot com is the other and again. We're more than happy to hear from you VASA. MLS whatever questions you have request you have and you follow us on twitter right on thank you so much in looking forward to hear sounds good see guys sweet and now we're going to bust into the newness which I imagine I'm going to be doing this even though areas at the controls okay I it up on Cam Model Express who offered a profile builder for my free cans. They're they're ending their service June twenty twenty and as a result because we're already in August. They're not offering their annual plants anymore and I forget when they're going to stop offering their monthly's. I believe it's April or May but anyways if anyone is using using cam model express there are some certain alternatives Erie has worked at what I laugh Cam girl cloud allowed if they're diliah design your fucking embassy profile or any other broker WanNa do any of those things If you don't WanNA use the service arrest WanNA use something like Canada but still have an amazing beautiful fantastic profile that is absolutely stunning where you WANNA. DIY has your cheap or because he likes challenge. You should tell nate that he needs to green light my article about image mapping because he keeps saying that he's going to do article about image mapping. It doesn't want to pay me to do it but he still hasn't posted it. Hey after started at sea. We're talking. html all that on a mess also had replicable to chatter bay to MSCE Nice words and I believe chatter but sem night for us he's the same version of html which I discovered when I stopped doing maverick games and started doing night for they use the same version which admittedly is like an old version version and he can't do dope shit with see us all that however image mapping works on nightmare and like the most nights has the same weird things so I'm thinking and I'm assuming this because I've seen models do it 'cause I looked at their source code. You can also use image mapping on other things and it's it's fun. I enjoy mapping but I'm also kind of weird on once I teach myself it's very exciting. Go ahead Ari focus on a messy though because we were talking about alternatives to Tom can express which but it works on NFC image mapping works on my for cans it works on China and it works on night player and those are the only ones that I personally use now. I I know having. HTML based editor. I don't know about any other sites with Asia Mauvais centers but it does work on micro-finance. Now I mean the one thing about it and ah I can actually forward you email from Cambria Cam girl cloud. I don't think the mind because it's not like anything revelation based but we had a whole dialogue on that because yes it is really a big thing they don't currently have integrated into their system and that is just because because of the responsive verse regular in how a lot of that stuff the AIDS I mean it's not the heat mapping napping on images the heat mapping poker. You're talking about image matter news you may remember the book is called Diem. Were were you add the H. Wrath to what L. Jeff's likable no actually the different Coordi- but here's the one thing that can get really messy when it comes to responsive says to us that are are ways to set it up it has has to do with defining the size of the image it can be difficult but again if you want a free alternative like I'm I mean I've I bring lots of posts about three. Diy ways to do things because I don't like to spend money on staff unless I absolutely have to 'cause you know but anyway I'm just saying if you want image mapping it'll be some time though just if you own time and you have to be able to kind of understand understand. How coding works are you willing to learn how to understand? There's a thing in that area either deny or green light up because if it doesn't work in specific browsers or when somebody doesn't do it properly guaranteed is gonNA get the airy getting that email or that that message in the jet apple about how to troubleshoot it so I mean all it area green green light or deny it became green light at its. It's coordinate based so if it's based on specific stuff like that than screen sizing that I don't think it'll be a big issue and I don't think people will even invest the time into doing it unless they need to because financial needs or because they actually have some experience. I definitely do think it's something that's useful so yes Katie work on the articles got Green Line and I'm seeing you in every single question about that. One though I'm just save because yeah because I honestly I did not damage mapping for really long time so it might nightmare. I didn't do much mapping for really long time because daring terminated by the coding I think as we got all of these podcasts I've been on on not the best technology might coating like aspirin proud when I could get you know the different headings sizes to also be links because I didn't know you could use different size taxed taxed and things like I've got very basic coding all day and I thought it was really intimidating and I was very excited when I figured out how to use it and I've used it in several always on nicer and I'm got some stuff on launching on my own site like a little interactive game that people can do that. I'm really stoked about this probably be free on my own insights. I WANNA test. How many people do it use it and how many people are interested in that sense of yeah go for me? Your threat excites me. It's not because it's time from you. It is the easiest to do that and anyone who's watching this. You think so got it swings imitating. It's very similar. If you ever had eight humbler account were there for personal reasons were professional reasons. If you ever fuck with your code I'm Tumbler. You will be able to do this in yelling what I'm saying is I figured ended out and was able I already have the image but I figured it out. I was able to get my first image Matt dying in an afternoon and that included me fucking up ten times because I was using a terrible story. Okay okay so we're gonNA radio better to`real that makes sense in his done in a logical order and using Google Shit you'll be able to find templates and stuff that you can then alter for your needs as well now all probably show. How do I use a combination of Canada ain't are used to get all the coordinates just because it was the easiest way to do it? and pages of parental like pretty much. Everyone has Andy Mac version of it also works so yeah. It's it's what famous disingenuity doesn't. There's just there's no just want a really high pitch in my ear at the same time but I feel like I just had a traumatic moment I used ain't for so many things yeah actually paint but I use it for so many things so get dimensions in sex dimensions and stuff because it's so I'm upset by this. Excuse me I need to a letter to delegates. I am offended by historians but anyway we'll do. Mapping camera cloud is another option. If you go look at the blog post scientists actually several excellent options listed my handle and Kim grow cloud which I would really kind of cliven but yeah so my question is if they stopped doing mine-free free cans wide in these Hornet chattering like maybe I'm missing. Do they have virtually now together. Also they offered chattering profiles four. You're now so why didn't they would aggravate. NFC model for a messy malls to help with the NFC coding difficulties. He is due to the change in like flash and all that they are now shutting down about hitting to chatter bait would be smart because there's several market there was gonna go refill my drink but the actual reason I heard that the actual reason their blog post was because MSCE Z. is moving so much towards MSC share right to wear they feel that the profiles are actually fairly obsolete and net eventually the profiles will just be replaced between something MSG social NFC share. Maybe it even Kinda gets more integrated like many bids in basically the old school shit will fill the B. That's the reason they give in their official question. My my question was not. Why are they stopping? Msa I under an answer and it was the sun setting of Flash. You said which area answered my question so did our blog post about it soda their blog posts about the question. I is not what you answered. I read something about Flash. Though Lash said something about Flash Katie okay yeah yeah. It didn't didn't have anything to do with flash and actually. MSE did jump over to web RTC SO NFC is perfectly good on you know last phasing out. That's that's an issue for that. There's a couple of other networks where they do need to figure something out or I'll be very interesting coming up here shortly now. I'm GONNA go correct so I can finish what actual question was area Nike Count the conversation. I'd like to remove him from the streams. Hey they fired still Yasu question. I was going to ask in that. I was hoping may have an answer to or we could kind of spitball an answer detail. We have got so much SAS happening today so my question was okay so it was created by NFC bottle yes do we NFC. I see models are aware that there are other sites and so I guess I was wondering why they wouldn't have pivoted to offer suffered chatterbox because I've noticed I'm in recently looking at a live on chatter bay and some interesting things going on over there a Lotta models there appear to pay or profiles on Benham predominantly designed Zayn by up there seems to be two or three not models but like chatter bait accounts that do this kind of stuff and books thought one to me over. How are we at doesn't matter now Halloween whatever that one and there's a couple more but it seems to me that the logical the camera looks for US citizens obviously when you go through it's very obvious that a lot of the profiles are paid for because they all follow a template or they all have the across across the bottom so I mean I wonder why they didn't choose to pin it to chatter rate there was some relationship with NFC or if I mean when why did I copy pasted profile from NFC to chatter me be more? I think it was just because NFC models are like we're not gonNA stay coltish because that's offensive but think of how people in Colts behave behave and that's how yes it's a community over at the nice way to put it on the community and it was more it started community health thing but then ended up blowing up because of the need for NFC profiles so I don't think they ever even thought about chatterbox as an option and I feel like the whole thing itself was like just kind of a a niceness of your heart thing and then when it blew up it turned into a business that you know it wasn't like I don't think get were intended to be as big as it ended Gotcha. So did they ever free plan on. 'cause you see this question or comment posted hosted Kinky Kimberly. One of them wanted to charge me a monthly fee for bio. I'll have a monthly fee right right which Katie is GonNa have a piece on how to do image mapping all GonNa try if I can do a second part about how multiple images to make your profile responsive but I I have to figure out why when I do it on one of my accounts one of the buttons refuses just to cooperate so unresponsive that's party. Oh that's the one the thing about image mapping when you get into responsive stuff yeah you do have to figure out your wits and dimensions. Sometimes I had to I had to contact site wash about that but sometimes you can get it so that things kind of slide one. It's wire but that's complicated. I'm not promising anything on that but I will promise you image mapping having what you can do for zero dollars. Honestly it didn't even take the fall right so I think it was only a half a DIKO project sweet so every big Cam expressed to death excel awesome coming up next which I'm not doc in ally okay never mind we haven't gone into just like my sleazy press. Release Shit which I kind of did just to fill shit so porn up in model hub. They released their explain their ranking systems which was fairly cookie cutter. You know what I'm saying. They didn't go in depth into the actual sial algorithm if you WANNA know the difference between the verified amateur program in the ring they give them in the porn star rank which is for professional studio models as well as more liberation on model hubs rank like the ranks they give as well as their their top twenty which is different from the model hub rank. They did give some light information on it by the way we did dig a little bit into their help byles so we got on Webcam. Startup is a little bit more informative have been what they actually put together to get all this information. You would have to do a little bit of clicking. It's still really vague in my opinion but if it's something you're interested in you should totally check it out. I don't know if anyone wants to comment on this or if we just keep moving. Yeah don't seem like it anyways anyone watching if you are actually interested in that we do have all that Oh oh hey he's going to do something that you actually wanted bent so you want introduce yourself open just like break into it. Ra Right on hi I'm Anne so known as polly any and I wanted to talk about the social impact of porn of the camping industry and just Kinda. lets the the approach I wanNA take on it so once it got into camping I and I just saw for for positive and then found out about share some from the podcast a couple of weeks ago on here and yeah yeah that led to all kinds of new ideas and yeah so building basic income so road article about it to and help me organize my thoughts here so giving away value as a way to get more value right cooperation over competition you know if he would so using the social impact strategy. It's going to help me be honest about where I'm at. It's already helped me you know ask for help running needed and a build bonds with other people as well creating a following through a growth hacking is another one of those giving value to get value in cooperations rations right so in two months. I've been able to build a fair following. earn some affiliate marketing money for organizations like Levenson Mehta dominatrix peace and share some and you know working in April has allowed me any to kind of like start at nothing and reach more people are in the last thing. Can you know is it's about having fun in gaining perspective through experience so I definitely been having fun with us on on a twitter and share some it's kind of turned into this sexuality extends beyond the the genitals and can extend out into the world in a positive the flaw right on in this. This was all posted to your medium. links are hard to post in public youtube Chad because they automatically get moderated but if you post the links to this in the private a check here on the stream yard. I'm sure area would be more than willing to drop them into the public chat them. She's okay using the Webcam started account okay. Let let me see if I can't figure this out. I know it's actually a pretty platform up more than what is a little bit more involved in Canary in the live chat only cared for her appearance so I already had the links up and ready to go not dropping the light jet Air I just I just just saying that. I see one lean cold up. Let me ask you go to the Youtube page. I I see one leg aren't where yeah that one is. Not your work been never mind. No never mind thank you. Katie obviously Katie is on top of it so surrender anyways anything you WANNA say anything else you WanNa say about where you put together. Yeah I just I'd like to talk to some people about the social show impact of pouring in a positive light so you know reach out to me Paulie any you know there's twitter and share some and instagram an email and all of that stuff porn as global stability tool you know part of building basic income yes these are. There's some some things that you know really seen potential in especially with the using of cryptocurrency with the platforms. What I'd like to say is if anybody would like to participate in these conversations and share some ideas like come find me? Let's talk about it right on and going back to the news up next. Nick Knight has joined Cam Life Magazine. I can also tell you cam life. Magazine is about to drop a new issue. I believe in the next couple of days she's GonNa be working with with everything from sales media by model model outreach all that fun stuff You should totally check out the podcast. Where is she did jump on? We had our whistles out. It was some fucking shit so sweet There's a new acquisition position on that team. Anyone have anything to say love. I think it's really exciting for Nikki. I think it's pretty cool. We'll in I think it is a lot of legitimacy to that magazine to be honest for them to hire someone who's got so much experience at a really proven track record and to be honest. It gives me a better rush them because I thought that they were sort of a whole lot bullshit impacting. I told them they sounded like a whole lot of bullshit on his exact podcast I I still have an impression of them. Since apparently nate isn't inspirational person on I would it wasn't cameron can't exit. You're still kind of bullshit. What I'm hoping what I'm hoping and admittedly this is slightly office which I am hoping that Nikki's hiring it means that they're looking towards including more actual cam model voices and that they're looking I towards choosing experience over exposure perhaps his away putting ah I think that they were a little bit overly industry focused before and I think my hope is that by hiring Nikki that they're looking slightly more performer former focused which is honestly what I think there's some room for grow nate is his hands between he's about to start is ranch about how he didn't choose to being Hamlet mccamley magazine? It's not his all right nature. We've heard it before moving on no actually no way not only because that means it's not val fat. What is it about no he starts ever since with actually no because it would be also if it was about actually actually studio twenty is irrelevant to the majority of the performer to the majority majority of the industry and the only reason they're sandbagging? All this shit is because they can they actually think they could sell franchise deals which how many franchises sanchis has opened up question what to do with Mike Nice job of connecting thanks together assuming they are connected. Get in some way oh I'm just wondering Bender Cain POPs up in the chat defending them. I know it happened. Okay Nate's at some T- about studio twenty and then vendor sent some shit too neon facebook. Oh Dude he clog me and he was like straight up to me out about that. Shit the biggest mood twenty is relevant to every single into performer in this world regardless of that my comment still San Dan. I'm hoping that they're hiring nakedness. They're taking more performance oriented weight rather than an industry where he actually continuing to heavily promote studio twenty would be an industry has anyway because as we know the content that they work creating a studio twenty and related to twenty M Blah Blah is more towards selling the concept concept and possibly you know everything in a box with the first call that fit into bed when a for a studio. GPO studio in a box in a bag but no Nikki is she has a big personality and I think she will do the right thing and even even if she doesn't really have the power in whatever position she has over there to do the right thing she will suggest it and she will try to focus on the performance because herself now nobody could hire Nikki without knowing over and I think that's a good step in the right direction and maybe he's all conspiracy and it's August to recruit people for Studio Twenty but since they publish it in English I assume they're not trying to recruit models so narrow a publication where you're not like us will were performance-based. It's based any entity where you're not like us where your performance based which Eric Vouch we've had so many people try to throw throw money at us you know because they know that we're making it rain all over you we know but we do not do any sort correct by and we will. I mean we won't we'll actually offer you know how to just publish just not our big pages yeah but no we do not direct by we do performance based and the difference between some of these people that do who direct by you know money we can't and so it's really interesting. We start butting heads you know since they're kind of you know with the people really just throw money. Everyone aware when everything we're really vouching for we AH real real world data. You know we can save performs if we see if performing hi Chrissy I just wanted to say hi to Christy Setzer Nice stuff about the podcast. Everybody had Christie Occurs Your special shout. Thank you for being a consistent viewer. anyways I just had to air out some dirty laundry because Holy Shit Dude. You don't fucking blow up you know talking shit about my shit. Talk Talk About Studio Twenty without the like Jabhat you publicly like that Shit just don't happen. I love you bender. This is a great move in my personal opinion in and I really look forward to see what she does for the company. Oh Greg what's up. you planning on jumping out with us or you're just in the public chat for right now and moving hang on on the urban x awards wrap up. If you want to see a list it's on Hamlin podcast you can find the link to that if he go to podcast in four which which were on right now and we got a bunch of event news a bunch of many bids news. Somebody just stop me if they have a comment so experts Berlin is it's coming up many bids on Sir Bella French. It's GONNA keynote it's called the rise of adult content content creators. If you'RE GONNA be hitting experts Berlin definitely check that out during experts Berlin underscoring excoriated another date right in front of me but the wool there will be the second annual Europa awards empress. Mika is not an nominee. Let this year which is funny because last year she was even though she didn't qualify go she's. US As not European and then many bids is also doing a a raffle style giveaway. You need to share something on on their pinned. Tweet is well as on as well as REIMB- being it on their social platform. Mb Social and you can win they'll be nine in total who will win a seat at their table at the Europa awards anyone you won't have any comment on any of that shit so far now woohoo then getting into then we're getting into a bunch of many ships they've been making a bunch of a moral announcements right now. Okay so low while go. There's a little bit of debacle over how they started handling uploads in processing so apparently now if member downloads downloads a clip is going to be the original file and they've also done a couple other changes with it one of them you can now distinguish between not safe for work and save for work which I haven't uploaded anything yet since this dead onto archie because they've always had like a nuts saferworld tag and in our new town at says is the safer not safe for work and then it says if it's safe to make Houston the Houston public promotion of my so you click the drop down. It's automatically not safe for work so like if you accidentally post something you're not GonNa get in trouble or anything so you acted slack to make it safe for work and then they basically can use that for safer promotion on like social media or on their account or U2 or whatever the fuck they wanna use it on your basically at giving them permission to use your video in promotion either way so if you don't want to be used used promotions through many bits do not market videos a safer work even if they are but if you do want to be used in promotions than US safer in so what I'm hearing is the camera and podcast is now going to be on the mini bids youtube in video marcus safer work so well hill in any bits many kids if you're hearing this we opt into all your fucking promotion all of it so that's kind of the shit with them the new video uploading and they're saying that they're going to have more teachers coming out here soon. I'm speaking an MVP social. They also implemented a feature where you can hide your follow follower count and they also announced that their main profile hit two point four million in which we all talked about this and I believe it was the last live podcast it had to Aben to whereas it's really weird how their main landing page for N. N. B. Social is like their profile you know instead of just like some social platform but their profile did hit two point point four million followers and they gave the the instructions on how to actually get featured there. You can find it on their blog log as well as on Kim Lynn podcast if you look up podcast number eighty four. It's not how to be feature is how to be considered for being being featured like when you say how to feature Mason sound like if you do these things to Cuba that's not true. It means that you're inconsideration gen to be featured but don't be pressed if you aren't because I was featured in. It's an absolutely nothing for my traffic or income where you are featured featured. When did you give featured blogs about friendship? Oh Yeah I remember that that was pretty awesome one to coming okay so if anyone had to take gas between whether that features most used by performers or members. Here's what would you guys gas because I've been followed by at least fifty performer so far this month that are trying to get that follower how bonus singing Oh and here's the other thing they did elaborate that they would actually send a real trophy. We were all debating what the fuck that trope you should is apparently. Would you hit those benchmarks. You do get a legit trophy. I'm glad they're sending these unattainable. Trophies two models two years from now ALGA will eventually get it. Maybe if consistently upload to their site that just keeps changing models and doing nothing for them. That's them okay D- we're keeping track of that order of lead Saul Steve. What should people talk on this podcast ride that you took from for most people who are always wrong the mark my words Shit? Oh Yeah let me get. I might have temporarily turn off my camera visit. Take a look to check Fox wearing pants. You're wearing pants. We don't don't have to request it up. Okay Turkey bust my words Gyros work. It's weird. I know we're just GONNA have to Rewatch recon past sorry I'll I have to. I can't find that these famer but I don't think it's about many bids what we need to mark. Areas Words get sent out out in two years. We WanNA do mark my words so you have to decide you want you want it more for my words. I will do the mark my words and I will also give you an estimate of the five people I think the first ones to get the awards it will be some the journal Who Market Love Lana Rain Carina Nikoka housewife swag little Taylor and estimate the as they will be the first models to receive these trophies mark my words in there we have it. We have on paper and what do you need for the first award I can look it up right now. It's fifty I think it is and so we can verify that no individual performer reformer has fifty k. yet and if I get three of those five models right nate has is to give me five hundred dollars a month lease a bet on it. It's two years roughly a gear because I thought you're right. No I'M NOT GONNA. I'm Pisces. I don't gamble you get all shaved me when I'm wrong but buzzes nailed it. If I get five out of five someone should send me your five hundred for every single for everyone. You Got Right now. Just the whole thing five hundred just for being so great guessing I'll give you fifteen if you get all by bright fifty words Katie Moore my words Oh but you have to get them in so wait. The one said water was. I never said that it had ought to be in order so you cannot add that stipulation. Oh Jesus yeah. Oh I didn't write it down in order either. We would actually never now well. We could totally reference this podcast because it's on like everything and says mark my words airy will do well L. with the mark. My words okay fine fucking. I said fifty nine hundred fine. If you get all five to get fucking fifteen hundred mark my words like Katie. Maybe who you better not create a bunch of body. Maybe just a mother permanent it up for some shady always shit. There's about people that hate my ass to where they made fucking do that just because they hate my ass may not know anyone watching this. I was naming those people not because I have any envy because of popular they are hardworking bitches. I hope those are my first five fifteen hundred dollars so so have fifty thousand people who ate you fifty thousand people do not know you honey. Hey I think it would only I have to be like twenty five thousand right some of them are they're up there holy Shit. I mean if we told many bids about this wager you'd think. MB Social doesn't does it. Be Social have a fucking twitter handle like NBA tube does thinks that I don't think so either if many bids notes about this shit you think they'll at least posters wager on their fucking main account and tell them they're gonna like oath it analyzed the email their pr motherfucker and I mean I'm before put this much money on it. They should at least post it to their main many bits no oh they shouldn't do that. 'cause that's given the five you said Fuck in China exactly no that definitely should not happen since they have two point four how many beds should definitely talk about the camera and podcast at all they come on days when we the snotty spite meaning Fuckin- share this fucking like the exact moment shared on M. B. Two when we upload it but share to your two point four million followers and make me pay a bunch of money and then I can start selling psychic services I know right as long as we are able to send traffic to the you're predicting Oh yeah actually. Do you know how many people have asked me to the jump into the psychic told me that's why I just need the joke. Okay I know I don't know I just know like dude. Actually a bunch of Camden mother fuckers are trying going to dominate the psychic. SHES fucking crazy. Actually right on now that I brawley GIS lost a bunch of money in the future you have time to save up to lose money yeah well. That's that's a good thing oriented friends. It was a lovely to join you all this evening for having we ne- out here it's getting dark in here. I gotta go get some lots by them and we're at the end please me's. Co as joined Women Tech Women's sex tech woohoo go heather Montgomery Gumri. You can actually listen to Heather Montgomery on the CAM land podcast. I should have the podcast number in front of me but I don't but so you can camp ward. They're having on the call at their soak up summer contest which is going on from August his twenty sixth to September. I it's a mobile contest for North American performers only and they're giving away like I'm assuming it's the top of the line Samsung I buy cheap. You could call them burner phones just because I don't use phone so I would pay for one then there's also token prizes for the runners up and I know no this is something that everyone watches going to care about of the X. Cash affiliate program of visit Ex. They upgraded their wordpress. Plugin didn't theme primarily now. The content is stored on a CD and so it's not as server intensive for the affiliates hosted match it and that's really it for the news. I mean if anyone else has anything else to say. I think I must stat because I forgot to state law Canadian girl by five yeah I was actually that was the one person I was thinking that you didn't mention but now we're now. We have money on it while I am. I didn't give you odds or anything like that. I should have made you chip in ten dollars if wrong and now this is this is a loss that for me little Canadian girl was the one I was going to ask. You mentioned that you didn't name up. I don't know who exchanger for but then you started bringing up the betting shit so little Canadian girl on county God you the incident news that's for the news airy dude been moving and dealing with family shit dude. I ain't been publishing they should boring annual right dude so I needed to actually create a fucking podcast ride so I basically took all the PR's they normally don't publish one last thing I would like to touch upon before we end this podcast. Is that if you orrick guest on this podcast you're offering something that I know a model can do themselves. I will not hesitate now because this I am a model. I am Cam Model. I am a camera elect. It became models that watch this show so just because part of what Kim start out does not mean favor your site if model can do it themselves in it makes more consensual introduce ourselves so future guests. If you're watching this I mean pitcher guests in most future guests like you know how many people will like actually you know when they sign on. They're like yeah man. I want to run the Godly Gimme your hardest you know I think uh a model clips did all right. I think they all right. I think they are fucking crazy easy if they think anyone's GonNa join that site when they're paying sixty percent with no chargebacks topper well if they see that I think they'll raise it to something being bigger. Indefinitely I think it's a reason they've been delaying it and the answer of it hasn't happened when it does is will address. It is the dumbest way to go into something. Every you don't say oh I don. I live in flood prone area but I'M NOT GONNA get flood insurance on my house until floods for next time. That's not how things work so what area means to say is if your network that doesn't offer charge back protection that is basically status quo in mandatory handed Tori at that part this point and you know you can think you're offering you can think your networks shit. If you're you're not offering that there are certain performers that will judge you just by that and if your network that's never encountered chargebacks so it's no longer than than you have no reason to say we don't offer that in yes you can hen add stipulations like If it seems like blatant fraud we will investigate on a case to case basis which if you talk to any of the networks that do offer that they will say that I mean if you are actually committing fraud using their platform you we'll get busted and even if you aren't you'll get busted. I know right the Rosalyn Rosalyn I don't even know incorrectly pillar just call her the Cadillac Girls Oh holy Shit for those that don't know what areas talking about she actually got her stream eight account suspended due to somebody who was gambling right right and they weren't embed. They've just been all their money on her and ended up partner with Bolan. They actually didn't get your actual username back now. She had to change surname Unbeliev but she favorites facts. She got something no Bowl and actually did actually negotiate something. I know it wasn't wasn't like creating a brush account bowl and actually did do something for her because that's a fucking horror story. If you think there's a scammer don't fuck and deal with them in report them. The Rubber Kitty ass the rubber. Can you ask what site was this. I'm assuming you're asking about the site that was on its model clips they specialize in interactive content just rewatch episode from the beginning beginning in you'll get the grants but anyway. That's all the news for this week. Thank you for watching the Cam land podcast Webcam startup process. We had a great time you this week. If you want to tune in a prerecorded next Thursday we will have that for you and then our next live one will be two weeks. He's from now since it's every other Thursday will be on September fifth so tune in on September to catch us live again at uniform on sparkling in live in your face and answering questions and it's just for fans. Do you happen to know this. I need to fucking go through my emails to know who's next I. I think it's just your fans. I think you didn't know who it was you. You said there were two that you were talking to about it and okay well. Should I see lead you in on all my Nelson. You should know I nine percent sure. I believe it's just for bands. If not it's totally open and just just for bands is a few weeks from now but we will have Dominic Ford come and back in. There's been a lot of shit. That's happened with this platform since since he is on here initially and I really wanted quiz him on Porn Guardian in the state of anti piracy in this industry to honestly think it'd be better to focus more on porn guardians we already had just for bands but you know combine the two so that might be two weeks from now. I'm sorry for being not on top of it that is going to happen with future though well I really ending this podcast now because superficially things to talk about so remember if you enjoy watching the show that you mike and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and you can also find all the lace on Hamlin PODCASTS DOT COM make sure you wherever you listen to this on if it's not our youtube channel you do tune in on Youtube because you can ask questions and you can also let scribe and you can see our beautiful shining basis so thank you for watching you have an amazing week until we see you on the

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