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#B114 (bethink to better)


Hello words welcome to another episode of the podcast called the dictionary. Ooh My cats are playing. I wonder if they're going to start. Running around okay. The first word is B. B. E. T. H. I. N. K. and it is a verb. From before the twelfth century one as synonyms are remember and recall one. Be To 'cause oneself to be reminded number two to 'cause oneself to consider those were all transitive. Now we have the word be tied. It is a verb from the twelfth century to happen especially as if by fate and that was in transitive now we have a transitive to happen to synonym befall used chiefly in the phrase woe betide as in. Whoa betide our enemies. Now we have be times. It is an adverb from the thirteenth century. One in good time synonym is early. Number two is archaic in a short time. Synonym is speedily number three at times. Synonym is occasionally. Now we have Beattie's it is spelled B. E. T. I s. e. And there is a little a carrot accent. I E it is a noun from seventeen ninety eight Let's see number one. An Act of foolishness entity while this were describes me very well number two lack of good sense. Synonym is stupidity. This is French from a Beta which means idiot or full or it literally means beast next we have betoken it is a verb transitive verb from the fifteenth century one to typify beforehand. Synonym is precisely. Jacques pronounced maybe P. R. E. S. A. G. E. NUMBER. Two to give evidence of synonym is show. Next is betray. It is a verb from the thirteenth century. We are starting with transitive one to lead astray especially the synonym seduce number. Two to liver N- liver to deliver to an enemy by treachery number three to fail or desert especially in time of need as in betrayed his family for a to reveal unintentionally. As in betray one's true feelings for be synonyms our show and indicate foresee to disclose in violation of confidence as in. Betray a secret now we have the transitive definition. There's just one to prove false and then at the end we have. The synonym is reveal. Betrayal is a noun and betrayer is also a noun. And let's see this is from middle English from B plus trillion which means to betray from anglo-french tra- here which is from the Latin Verb Trod d'auray and there's more at the word traitor. Now we have the word betrothed it is a transitive verb from the fourteenth century. One to promise to marry number two to give in marriage so this is from middle English. Be PUTT plus trough. T. R. O. U. T. H. E. Which means truth or Troth? What truth is but it's probably similar to truth. Now we have betrothal. It is a noun from eighteen. Thirty one one. The act of betrothed or fact of being betrothed number two a mutual promise or contract for a future marriage. Now we have the word betrothed with an E. D. At the end it is a noun from fifteen eighty eight. The person to whom one is betrothed did the IB tro viewed to be be my betrothed in our betrothal. Now we have the word Betta be a it is a noun from nine hundred twenty seven any of a genus of small brilliantly colored long-finned freshwater bony fishes of southeastern Asia especially the Synonym Siamese fighting fish site. That must be old name. Because I can't imagine there would be. Something called the Siamese fighting fish anymore. This is from new Latin. Probably from the job out word. Dare what W. A. D. E. R. Which is a fresh water fish and the genus is Betta of the family on a bunted. I I am feeling a little low energy but I'm also feeling like these words aren't terribly fascinating and sorry. Some of these episodes are not quite as interesting as other episodes. But that is what you get. Okay now we have the word better. B. E. T. T. E. R. It is the I form and we are going to read to them in this episode. So this is the last word of this episode. It is an adjective. It says comparative of the Word Good and it is from before the twelfth century one greater than half as in for the better part of an hour number two improved in health or mental attitude as in feeling better number three more attractive favorable or commendable as in in better circumstances number four more advantageous or effective as in a better solution number five improved in accuracy or performance as in building a better engine. This is for a middle English Bechara from old English by bacteria akin to the old English boat which means remedy from the Sanskrit Bhadra. Which means fortunate wasn't that interesting. Now we have the second form of better. This will be the last one that we do. It is a verb a transitive verb from before the twelfth century. One to make better as a to make more tolerable. Acceptable as in trying to better the lot of slum dwellers trying to better the lot of slum dwellers that seems like it should be a quote but it doesn't say one be to make more complete or perfect in looked forward to bettering her acquaintance with the new neighbours netted. Nobody is talking to anybody's neighbors. These days number two to surpass in excellence synonym is excel and here we have an in transitive definition. It is to become better. Synonym is the word improve while I'm going to pick this French Word Bay. Tease Beattie's before but the emphasis is on the second syllable bts because that one describes me very well foolishness and stupidity and sounds right. That is going to be it for this episode. Thank you very much for listening. And until next time this has been spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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