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Hey it's your girls. Shirley strawberry spreading a little holiday. Cheer with help from tj maxx marshalls homegoods and sierras new program. Carol for 'cause just record a on instagram deals with the hashtag carol four 'cause and tj maxx marshalls homegoods and sierra will donate ten dollars to feeding america. Up to one million dollars. It feels good and it does good. That's hashtag carol for a 'cause now until december twenty seventh learn more at. Let's carol for a cause dot com. It's lifetime holiday. Movie season and kelly rowland is back making that mary lineup. Brighter in the sequel to merry little christmas. Merry little christmas wedding. The original cast returns is typical family. Holiday drama collides with wedding planning and romance. Lifetime is the destination for holiday movies with new premieres all season. Long see the full schedule on my lifetime dot com and don't forget to catch the premiere of merry little christmas wedding saturday at eight seven central only on lifetime today show is prerecorded turn into yeah utah author turnover now. Mcdavid will good morning. Everybody you're listening to the voice komo digman now. What it only steve. Harvey got a radio. Show here we go today. I think i have something for a lot of people today. At least i hope. I do and this is about on your journey and this is about something that happens to us. All i mean what happens to all of us from time to time when we get discouraged. What happens to all of us when we feel like quitting. What happens to all of us when we have that. Turn back moment. What happens to all of us would. It don't seem like it's going to pan out. Because i want you to understand something that everyone. Every single living soul has those thoughts about something at some point in their life. I mean you know look. I've often times been discouraged about things not happening as fast as i'd like them or things don't pan out the way i would like for them to have panned out. I mean it's so many ways to get discouraged but what but what my encouragement to you is when discouragment comes is understand this it is a part of the growth process. It is a test. It is a test of your faith. How bad you want it. Do you really believe. That's that's all. Faith is is simply. I've said this. How many times faith to believe in things that you cannot see. So when discouragement comes setbacks comes it is a test of your faith at least has been that way for me now. Other people can explain it another way. I'm not other people. I can only give it to you the way it's come to throughout my life and man. Oh man oh man discouragement. Sometimes it's tough to deal with because it's seems at times when you're discouraged. That is so absolute that this means the end and if you allow it to set in it can be just at the end of you when merely millie. It was a test. That's all is but the majority of people that i know who are not successful. Oh who. I've told me. The story of how they gave up is was because at a moment of discouraged that they allowed to set in and it became so in engulfing that it became the reason why you shouldn't finish and then they started justifying. Hit one that. I hate to hit. Well if it's god's will excuse me. If it's god's will that you fail if it's god's will the chew not successful. If it's god's will that you lay down and give up. It's god's will that you allow yourself to a mountain not to not reach your pick up potential. That's god's will. That's not the god. I know that's not the god i serve us not to god i've read about. That's not the god i believe in. I'm sorry i just want. My mother always taught me something that he didn't bring me his father. Leave me. i just don't believe that not for a second now. Have i convinced myself cellphone. Some things yup have allowed the devil come into the pitch in paint a different from yup yup. I've done all of that but you can't blame that on god. Now come on so when when discouragment comes. Try to look at it if you can as a test of your faith and you really have to pass the test. It could be for a day a half a day a few hours a week. A few weeks it don't matter don't nobody know how long the test period is. Your job is to keep the faith and keep moving. Keep the faith and keep moving. keep working keep believing. Keep hope alive. That's your job if you do that. That's how you pass the test. It could be over tomorrow. It could be over in two weeks. It could be over in a month. You don't know but all you got to do is wake up and keep the faith and fight the discouraging feelings and how do you do esti. Now he would go. This is the part. I know about the show because how many times i've had to fight off discouragment in order to get to where i me to be. What do you do when you become discouraged. Well i think of the outcome. When i get discouraged about a task i think about the outcome man. What would it be. Like if i were to complete the task. What would it be like man. What would the outcome be for me if i hung owning their. If i didn't give up. If i if i if i imagine i imagine if i don't quit i imagine if i don't give up what would it be like man. Suppose everything. I'm hoping for comes true but if i don't quit and give up that might just be the case. I start talking to myself like that. I think of what the upside is. What's the upside to stay in with it. You see all this is the same thing. I'm just giving you different ways to look. I'm saying the exact same thing over and over. But i'm just trying to find the switch that connects in your mind where you can say. Okay man i'm oh hang in there because if you think of the outcome and outcome is appealing to you if you imagine what it would be like. Don't give up or you don't quit if you if you think only of what. The upside is to stay with it. And then i go. Where can this lead to. If i stay with it man and the outcome comes true. What else could that lead me to. Because there's always more to it so wet where else could lead me to. What are the possibilities man. What are the limitless possibilities. What could god possibly have in store for me. If i just hang in there if i passed this test of faith if i just passed this test then ain't going to be the only one but you gotta get past this one. No then you go hit a smooth plane. Then it's going to be another one is going to be another one life a none but a series of tests man man when you think about giving up when you discourage think of the outcome imagine what it would be like if you don't quit if you don't give up. What's the upside to stay in with it. Where can this all leads to. What what can this get you to if the if you do this and you get to where you think you want to be. Oh my god. What's after that. What other limitless and endless possibilities of holding onto your faith what could really be out there for me man. If i just passed this test you gotta talk yourself in hanging in there. You're listening to party morning. Show inspired by tenneessee coats number one new york times bestselling book of the same name comes. Hbo's between the world and me. The special recounts coats experience. Growing up in baltimore's inner city and is growing fear of the daily violence committed against the black community written as a letter to his teenage son. The narrative explorers coats notion that american society structurally supports white supremacy the special features elements of the two thousand eighteen adaptation and stage production at the apollo theater powerful readings from the book documentary footage from each actors. Homelife archival videos and animation featuring mercia ali. Angela bassett jurrell. Jerome courtney b vance. Mj rodriguez black thought. Susan colucci watson oprah winfrey and many more from award winning director kamilah forbes. The new special event is now streaming on. Hbo max and be sure to listen. To the between the world and me four part companion podcast available on all major podcast platforms. Ladies and gentlemen. Let me have undivided attention. Please this would have noticed. Is the steve harvey morning. Show the happening this morning. Show on planet earth. The live is morning show on planet and without a doubt and there is not even a debate or an argument here hands down the funniest morning show on planet earth. There is none fun new. Necessarily if you got one like to hear about it because we can dispel that myth in one. She'll matter of fact we can get rid of that in one. Break you to eight minute. comedy set. Didn't give me these three dues. I come to work with for eight many comedy. Say who got it. We look at fall challenges. Anybody want some of this. Come on get it the matter of fact. Let's just do it the right way to hold morning show you do your mortgage show. We do our for hours. Let's go steve harvey morning show the challenges out. What you've got surely strawberries. Hey good morning steve. Let's get lit up in here. Yeah call rail bring it. don't about it. won't junior kill. These jokes been doing it long. Time gentlemen jan the brown ring. it rang. what you got rang. All you got. And more. We read the king of pranks nephew. Tommy versus baby. We rented a verse. Anybody bring gucci up sat out the jay z. Bringing yeah you can do your best of show we ready. Yeah old new. Best with a wisden anti doha-based. Let us here talk radio to mall in. Watch this damn day. Wow this monday we could. Yeah thanksgiving week. Baby here are so much to be thankful for first of all. I'm looking what we got to be thankful for. Though we those of us that are still here surviving the pandemic less. The loss of major stars lives Affected to coach him starting with kobe. Bryant people who lost loved ones who we do not know. Oh my god is that. That's a day koby life. You feel me yes yes and then the other great blessing. Here's what about secure really this president. Thank you jeeves. See he's still in there though. Right he still at the house launcher. Talk to my brother today. My brother my brother dipped seventy four years old. He said main me yes. I ain't you voice. Roman i show was hoping he was on vinita. Some nine been on it all right coming up at thirty two minutes after the hour. Ask the coo right after this. You're listening to morning show so before we get to the ceelo. Steve i gotta ask you. How was your weekend. Did you do anything special. Oh my goodness let me tell. Y'all something went to memphis to pick up my family for the holidays. We're gonna have thanksgiving together. Everybody to covert tests have another set of covert test setup for wednesday. Everybody's coming into the house got to take the covert test right. So i go to memphis. Pick up the family and last night. Saturday nut not not last night but saturday night. We went to a restaurant in memphis call. Mahogany memphis wanna margie's girlfriends is co owner of the restaurant is called mahogany memphis and man. Let me tell you something. This food in here. At mahogany memphis in memphis was all the chain marjorie. Had told me about him. First of all we got the whole red snapper they bring a whole snapper propped up with diamond cut in everything. Yeah and what you take. The meat off to fish is so perfect unbelievable. We had frog blades fried. I never had the best frie- fall legs i've ever had. We had ox tales. We had no crab claws. Little crab crawls dipped in is so. It's like an upscale soul food. We would would add asha creole on. It is called mahogany memphis. If i'm bill bellamy just winter sunday. Okay because he heard us talk about it. Yeah bill bellamy stopped in there and he was talking about. He's mad steed. This place was off the chain man. He tried all oxtail restaurant though she don't mess around and orders for everyone all right. Let's get to the elo. The chief love officer. This is from mooney and tampa. You ready here we go. I'm fifty seven year old. Married man and i have a big problem with my wife's mouth. I can't do normal pillow. Talk with her because she gets on the phone and tells her best friend everything. She overheard me talking about my son-in-law being cheap and she told my daughter now my daughter is upset with me and told me that her husband is doing the best he can. I feel bad but my wife doesn't see why i'm bothered by it. How can i get her to see the consequences of running her mouth so much. Why don't you quit having pillow. Talk which away what you do. Tell a woman to shut up. You can't do that. So what you gotta do to fix that problem. Is you to quit him. Pillow talk with your wife now a sad party. You supposed to be a part in anything. That's right so you you've taken away. A major element. Is man just trying to confide with his wife but she running intel and everything you know you dare say. I'm telling you man came out because stuff you say to your wife you want it to be just between you. And her obsessed some stuff to margie. The rest of the family just cannot here though they right out there say she you go. You know you can't say that to nobody else don't you okay. How could i was gonna sit here. The one that she has to tell him not to talk. Okay come together last night for thursday. Yes right before. i came. Say she don't tell ourselves so. That's that's just quit television. So camille in lagrange georgia says i just celebrated my fortieth birthday and my husband told me he'd give me a threesome. As one of my gifts. I was overjoyed until i found out that it can't yeah. Yeah yeah that's what fortieth birthday gift doing. I was overjoyed. Until i found out that it came with a stipulation camille says if i had a threesome with another woman i had to allow him to have a threesome with me him and another man that caught me off guard and i asked if he wanted to be with a man. He said that it's always been a fantasy of his to see me with another man. I don't wanna sleep with another man. But i do still want threesome. Is this something. I should explore with him or just say no. No charges go do it. Because y'all crazy anyway she's throwing a man in his face is seeing all these stupid man going to do it Do y'all do you do know y'all headed to divorce. Court says do not because i want to celebrate he and another man. Your biggest concern ain't is when you and other man is busy. That ain't your biggest concern. My biggest concern right even on. Just i'm just saying that ain't you know not. Just say no. She don't want to say no. Do you real. Yeah but she says is something i should explore with him or just say no. What are you for. This is something you won't you excited for your forty. Y'all gonna do a three so then you bring another man in to you in for some surprises robert here rob going to aright herschel in chicago. We're moving on. I'm sixty seven years old. And i'm divorced and i've been single for six years. I've had my eye on a woman for the past year or so and she is finally started. Flirting back with me. I've planned to ask her out on a date. But i need your advice i. She's eight years younger than i am. And i've had some issues with having sex with the diabetes medicine. I'm on j. It's been about five years. It's been about five years since i've had sex and none of those special pills for men work on me if me and this younger woman hit it off. She will want to have sex but it is not possible. I want to tell her front. What do you think wow. That's a good question a dog you don't give up. Don't give up. all appeals. No work they got other stuff. You go docu josefa pump. President help you out. You got own. Would way doesn't know he does he can't not tummy tummy that. That's real mad. That's real for some guys but they got something to help you. If appeals don't work. They got some unique. Go get yourself. Pump yourself a ratchet set you gotta get some water drinking sure to crank it out crank it what kind of you know. He gotta go to rostov from that. You got tell you right now to got to well. Okay say that on all right coming up next. Reverend motown deacon def jam with today's church complaints that's coming up right after this. You're listening to morning. Show coming up at the top of the hour. Miss anna standing by with today's national news an entertainment news. The virtual twenty twenty circle of sisters expo was a huge success. The american music awards hosted by toronto p. Henson was last night. And did you see the fresh prince of bel-air reunion with the original aunt with all of these series. Yes yes at the top of the hour but right now it is monday. It is time to have some fun with church complaints. Reverend motown def. Jam your up. Though we the most daesh we will title away to rep rapacity of these complaints from our church conversation. We have with those deacon def jam who registers all complaints on the particulate nece. A party support Go past a you. Don't have to talk to the us. She would you tell them to leave. Quit wearing the uniform and fit down during the zoom service. They there's no to be done. It makes no sense to be standing there. He and yale uniform on on the computer they are committed in not going uncommitted them. Because you don't want him standing or out think presently natural day in the spirit and agni delta the carrying out the duties waited garden intended for and you say so all the no. That's the problem we got when we pass it all around trade too many people day. See it really so bad real. There's been a proud of assistant. Francis fig pins her husband this past saturday but during the field invited everyone to way this kerman said the pig family is very upset. And don't want you officiate. This wedding is happening common. Said i don't understand patsy beard a herb and This past that and getting married this coming sad. It makes no sense. Will she paid three hundred and fifty dollars fee but utah fifty eight. Okay wait a p and family don't want you to do this so you have to code. I'm not in charge of winning tation. I'm in charge at a ceremony. Three s what we fulfill. But you're hurting. The families feeling by doing all out hurt. Nobody down feelings sister thig pianist hurting they feel by nelson to wed in active funeral. Thought that was a bit much myself when he s doing funeral next. They wanted to get pregnant. We had a christening. Do we still in this church school. She's lee all right past. The we got a problem around thanksgiving few the to live turkeys that we had For the church we was going to cook and pass out dinners putting meeting the to turkey. I don't know how they did but they have flown way up into the tree. That won't come down and do you want us to just share with and no turkey. How do you want to do their detergent. Got a twenty two. That's not a problem They open been nutri. Wanna say just sides and foot schilling side. I'm having turkey. I have a twenty two rifle. I'm getting down. You're going to get taken down. Mattis what i've been feeding him all you i'll be but he ain't gonna make all these feet in his press all ganic featuring abby right because i got high blue and now also okay need. No i gotta eat organic grass-fed chickenfeed and everything Here's another situation passing side. The side piece ministry won't be getting a wednesday visit. They ask and pull a hug on thursday since they will be eating alone. It's y'all call on. If you wanna pay back to side peat ministry will always. We've been trying for years carla. We got to get out. Where else can you hear. such ministry. Another thursday reaching bees. Many types of mayor is church coach. We open we been worshiping off all right past here. We have a system for now. That's not just the bernardine that's what it was. You're gonna have to talk to us. He's telling them that. She has a cure for kobe. Nineteen selling it. Before that see didn't make some apple. Cider vinegar be as muslim cayenne pepper cayenne needles and to drop the plo rack and sell it before nine ninety nine t already got hunt audits us. But i'm i'm afraid for the member take thought i need you to help will dealing with his own automobile problem with a new ad might work you know don donald trump. If you drink disinfected. I heard you mission. Clorox in now is to drop to clo- rags pioneered of cayenne pepper. Pep arafat of vinegar put on know. Who's going to help getting better. Who start vicki. Awardee kind of soda you got involved in. You know you do everything you know. He bought keenum. Databa- database covers everything. Also down our brain back old passcode church keeping moving. Bring him back to a past Sister leash lynn. I land deletion in london. Do pre is changing her name. This week to lara do but first alarm mason is upset about this change and want you to talk to get another name so somebody need to assist the leash. Elaine no she can change her nato whatever she wants to because I have a fee for that to seven hundred. Fifty dollars feet. Ain't it might not change your name legally but what we're going to start calling around. His church would feed them every time you come in you be what you want latino boy head to put him out oh you what's his name. His name was hey suit but he told me was pronounced. Jesus told him. We'll i will be calling yuji's coming up at the top of the hour entertainment and nash right after this. You're listening to morning show. It's that time of year again. The lifetime that is and kelly rowland of destiny's child fame is making this season's lineup brighter than ever as she walks down a winter wonderland. I'll and the sensational sequel to last year's beloved. Merry little christmas this time. It's merry little christmas wedding and in this all new lifetime holiday movie the entire original cast is back with kelly once again playing jackie. Who is planning a perfect wedding. As her boisterous family gets in the way and then all kinds of christmas chaos ensues. It's the ideal holiday station for the body and soul and there's so much more because lifetime is the destination for a holiday movies with new premieres all season long and lifetime. Holiday movies are for everyone continuing the tradition of showing romances with people of all backgrounds fee. The full schedule on my lifetime dot com and don't forget to catch the premiere of merry little christmas wedding saturday at eight seven central only on lifetime in today's entertainment news. We want to say thank you. Thank you thank you to everyone who attended the twenty twenty circle of sisters expo it was virtual and it was amazing event this year. Two days of us coming together as one celebrating women of color and sisterhood. Steve carla and myself carla and i made a virtual appearance Was really fun. Carling one Yeah it was the first time we'd ever did it. Virtually but it turned out to be great circle of sisters a movement. So we want to say. Thank you to our home station. One zero seven point five. Wb l. s. And we gotta say see you next year and hopefully next year it'll be in person Yeah yeah got a lot of comments. And steve virtual appearance to show. Yeah everybody for voting was really good. Thank you guys and other entertainment news. The american music awards were last night hosted by taraji p henson. It was a big night for righty rich and megan thee stallion warm awesome garage last looked good raji plunges. Last night opening number dancing clay roane. Is wolman hats off to grown ass. Women okay yes showed the kids. More performance included the weekend. Kenny g. billie eilish bill bell devoe and jennifer lopez show. I thought it was a great show. I really did low. Yeah what seventy three sheila. Damn good really j. But she looked great sees gorgeous. Yes yes yes. She looked great and finally entertainment news. She's always beautiful. The thirtieth annual reunion of the fresh prince of bel-air whether it was finally released on hbo. Max everyone has been talking about the reunion of will smith and janet huber better known as the original on live. Of course she started in the role for the first three seasons. Before being replaced by. Daphne maxwell reid tripped window was tripping when you hear her side all relative i'm just asking. Do i pick a size. I don't know nothing about it. I know tripping. Jeff will that being labeled Difficult hurt her career. Take a listen to this. Work can kill tablet reputation. Everything's everything into san. You were able to follow but you know the word calling platform and difficult in. Hollywood is to kick off gas because it's hard enough in adoption back home in. She said that to be union will yeah because he was twenty one at the time when the show's show first premiered in everything and he admitted that he wasn't sensitive to her needs at the time. Yes she was going through stuff. This year will. Smith has heard no what i'm saying. I will need to quit doing like interviews tables single man to stop listening to people without further. Do miss am true. Thank you very much. Everybody yes this is. Andrew put the news. Let's get to it more bad news for the trump administration's legal effort to try to get the results of the election. A federal judge has dismissed the trump lawsuit in pennsylvania invalidating millions of votes judge even scolded rudy giuliani and trump's other campaign lawyers for not presenting any facts to back up their arguments both pennsylvania and michigan scheduled to certify the vote. Count sometime today. Meanwhile the more and more republicans urging down trump to bow out gracefully for the good of the party a group of former homeland security officials feel that way. Elizabeth newman is a former assistant secretary for counter terrorism rationally. Explain that he has lost and and it's okay to excite about that the violence is not the answer newman tells. Abc that she's afraid that trump supporters could turn violent if republican leaders. Don't speak out and there have been some threats to that To that to that in actually one person by the way voted out of office election day in call with cover. This was that georgia district attorney. Who initially oversaw. The case of the black jogger amish arbery and who's under investigation for seeming to avoid charging arbery is alleged killers. Da jackie johnson. Who was white was turned out of office by the voters and by a sizable margin of sixty sticks to only thirty four percent. Lebron james is what i want to talk about. Lebron james does so much for the community and now it's time for us to do something for him. King james says somebody he considers. Family was murdered this past weekend in his hometown of akron ohio. He says the killer or killers are still out there. His best friend sister was found. Shot to death in her bedroom on monday. The bron- tweets that quote my city. I need y'all to go to work and find out who did this. Awful shameful disgusting thing to such a caring. Loving angel justice for eric williams can. That's for a king. James lebron james someone. His family found shot to death in his hometown of akron. Ohio and he's asking the public to help out shocking news. There'll be no legal reckoning in the tamir rice case at least not right now apparently under william bar the man president trump has picked to run the justice department. Apparently they said they left the way that the case just drop. They haven't had determination about who should pay for the shooting. Death of the twelve year old black child and who shouldn't just left it like that. Maybe they'll change with incoming president-elect biden. Finally baby nancy. The first afro centric doll with an afro has been inducted into the toy hall of fame along with sidewalk. Chalk and django great game with a strange name touch. Can't keep your hands off it. I was breaking fall. It always messes up with me. Back to the steve harvey morning show. You're listening to dave morning. Show seen entering champigny brown. Please right now. it's his time. We're you know folks Just go ahead to tell you. He's just a throwback from the he's a relic is what he is old school. Ladies and gentlemen. J anthony brown okay. Let's let's get this over with. I sing christmas songs totally different from the songs that you listen to the songs i sing. Ain't language you here. There's no joy in my christmas songs. Okay none at all the we go here. We go be jones by greens. I love you louder. Oh i don't care in way you go could. I don't want to know the goal back. Green i ask of the. You're not gone by christmas. Gamma d gone by christmas. gone company. Misfield don't want him to jets take. Is the only lead goan by christmas. Lou leaves van new year's eve. Laura that's it we do dinners week. We were bails dope. I'm seeing somebody. Stevie in radio land is listed in that yes j. Sing it much. Because i know this. I know everybody's not happy with everybody. That's all everybody is not happy with his some unhappy people out there that songs for you. Okay please be gone by christmas. Okay well thank you jay coming up with thirty four minutes after the hour. We'll continue in that. Good news vein. Tell me something. Good good is coming up. Good news of the steve harvey morning. Show turkey giveaway. We'll talk about it right after this. You're listening to morning show time now for. Tell me something good news. Here's some great news. Steve harvey morning show annual turkey. Giveaway is underway. The giving started last week and we'll continue today. And tomorrow we hear it. The steve harvey morning show at now more than ever. We know how important it is to give back. We just do right steve. I mean you know. This is something that we do every year. We're we're committed to it and look has been especially trying. Yeah so we're going to do what we can. You know it's it's not it's not going for feel all needs is just a little help to some people that could be in need and that's what we try to do every year. That's right. We're giving away gift cards to some of our listeners. All over the country to try and help out those in need of course this thing so we had to do that because cove it because normally we do a big turkey giveaway but because of covid you can't handle food handed to people you know the delivery trucks exposure so cova changes everything. Yes it does. But it doesn't stop giving that's right. That's right all of us here. At the steve harvey morning show are blessed to be a blessing. Thank you thank you. Thank you so much. We appreciate it and happy. Thanksgiving happy thanksgiving seriously. Yes very soon. We're going to switch gears now. Here guys Time to have some fun. We got to ask you. Is there a member junior. Your family comes to mind but is there one member of your family. I love his family. That's guilty one member of your family. That's guilty of just always being a problem. Just being a massive thanksgiving. And what have they done so bad. Pick one more david. J uncle ray is going to be some people that comprise sure. When you come to our thanksgiving your click click. Stay with joe. People had clicks like that bell prisoners. Hang with the prisons. They got all the way. You can't be free ain't never been talk. What they talk about over the past yet been locked up. They all car table domino table. You know the overlooking mirrors amount. You have no idea about lights out on the. Why would you be over there. You'll know how to get the cell phone in hope you'll know how to share. Butte boy unscrewing. Lightbulbs crushing it in in a hotel. And what you do you don't own about that. Put it out in the hallway. That's how to hit a guard coming about this over here to shake in. I don't have been over in that conversation. Do you know about how pants in between the mattress. You don't know nobody. Unique top ramen in the komo. You'll do this for you to lead over there. I love your own to call somebody. That had no plans over his coming in the always coca gate in low light. They don't get a kona. Winslow he over here trying to tell us ain't got one recipe to make hooch. You ain't never had firm minute fruit in your damn life but you over here. I bring anything to the dinner junior now. They take all the scraps and make something with it and all right. We're moving on. Thank you for that junior coming up. Next frank. Ignorant got this. Nobody you're listening to the morning. Show guys coming up at the top of the hour about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter for today. The subject how should. I approach the pastor's wife whitney you hear this letter. How should i approach the pastor's wife. We'll get into it but right now. The nephew in the building with today's prank phone call which got for us neff during mistake. Catering most famously during thanksgiving come on. Now let's hello long trying to reach. Tammy please this. Is she how you telling me. This is Dexter overhead catering catered your Your britches that's my. That's my that's how you doing good to hear from you. Okay good good. I'm going through the paperwork here. And i know we have Invoice for you all. I wanted to reach out cd. This is not a bad time. No this is a good time. Okay so first of all. Did everybody enjoy Everything that we put out for you guys. Yeah we had a good old time monte bridget. She was so happy. There was no better way to bring in her sixtieth birthday party. We had a great time. The food was delicious. We are so grateful so thank you so much. You and your team did a bomb job. Okay good deal. Good deal i. I was here when they loaded up the van. And everything. And i wanted to make sure i wanted to follow back up but listen. I'm looking at the paperwork. And we had a little mishap. And i wanted to let you know that we're not going to We're not gonna charge you guys for the chicken Because they made a mistake and they put the wrong pan on the band and i noticed chicken with actually still here so we wanted to take off. Take off and i won't. That won't be on the on the invoice. I'm taking all the entire cross. The chicken will be completely taken out. Okay real quick. Let's back up a bit because we had a lot of people at the party. We definitely had chicken we. Yeah i know you had your order smother chicken but like i said the guy put the wrong pan on the on the van you know actually the smother chicken with actually still here You know he had hit the At shop so you know like. I said we made a mistake. I'm gonna take it off and then they'll probably not you knock a couple of hundred dollars off the of you. All's fries don't start so so what are you saying. So what were we eating if this mother chinking. What was it Well ms tammy. Like i say they got on this kid for making this mistake. I you know. I got on a real bad about it but you know putting the wrong pan on there but like i say this what you guys have. What with. That was a chick what was it. So that's actually what was he. That was actually what he put on there by mistake. Ms tammy that was that was rat what you can't be serious right now. Are you out of your mind. Are you serious. You're did your pains. Put the wrong tray on the truck and then served it to my family and you're trying to call me about two hundred dollars. I do only more than that. You don't know who to cause allergic today. You're calling me about two hundred dollars. Are you out of your mind. Well i wanted to credit you all that you know what i'm saying know. Hey ain't gonna be no credit no credit. It ain't no credit. You mean credit. Where could he could've died. We'll see us. We got kids in. There's something about dietary needs. Are you crazy. I mean would you say you liked it though. It don't matter if i can tonight stupid. Oh i'm to turn down with that. This is and who wanna eat. Bugs bunny does my to you are you. Don't think i'm so annoying. Seriously we know would be cut. You get people to okay but which i liked it though right. No but you're gonna like my foot up your so. that's what you like. I'm peter later. 'cause y'all stupid stupid and you could be happening around like a rabbit the rabbit that you me okay. Okay living news here not able able vigil mama right what my mama got to do with his. Lets you gotta do what they okay. See your mama got me to call you. This is nephew. Tommy steve harvey morning. Show me your mama to pray ari. I'm like crazy good morning. This is crazy. You're jar gonna get it. This is crazy man. I ever tell me what is the bad. The bad is radio show in the late. Stephen you are right yes rabbit. What grab it wasn't what you said. It wasn't chicken but what was it. What's it yeah they always say. Rabbit tastes just like chicken. So does it never had it no or frog legs stuff. Just head leagues in memphis. This weekend mahogany milk telling you they was the bomb. Everything mahogany. Well you know they say it tastes like chicken but really depend on how you make it adam and two people that had never eaten in a week convinced him needing they loved him. Mahogany joined up in memphis is nice man what ahead. Oh and run ahead of crab fingers. Claus look crab claws lewis in creole sauce. That was out of sight would put at the end of it. Oxtail ahead fried snapple grouping mahogany memphis board. I go back and it's black-owned you said right. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay bone waco. Friday this friday waco texas the hippodrome. The nephew coming to town nephew. Tommy in friends who shows social distance. We got it right all the way out reason to show you bang your tickets. I appreciated the nephew is coming to town. If you time in france at the hippodrome black friday waco turkey right the dressing two degrees right all right now. I don't make those big plays. No i i slow down on i used to have my plea owed to the top got a tv. Yeah exactly sat after right another great show. It is a last resort just showing showing jump in the poodle day skinny dipping point. Yes of course and skinny dip go ahead and tell the rest ready to love. Ti be over there with is looking thirty dirty old man. Show all right up next strawberry letter subject. How should i approach the pastor's wife. We'll get into it right after this. You're listening to morning show at target. It's black friday. now that's right black. Friday deals are happening now. Like right now with hundreds of deals on thousands of items this week through saturday. Save big with incredible deals on must have toys electronics and video games and gotta have sweaters sleepwear home and more shop in store and at target dot com and get all the black friday savings without all the black fridays dress. No matter how you shop. It's black friday now. Only at target exclusions apply. Well the countdown is on for the georgia. Senate runoff dates. Request your absentee ballots. Right now you can do it now. December seventh is voter. Registration deadline december fourteenth. The thirty first is early voting. And you know how we do it. On the steve harvey morning show. We are voting in early okay. Early january fifth twenty twenty. One of course is election day so all we need to say. Come on georgia please. let's go. We need to vote for reverend raphael. Warnock and jon ossoff for senate okay. We need them. Washington support joe biden and kamala harris. Yes come on. We can do it. You're right j we can. Yes we're going to do it. Yeah done already done. How about that about that one. Yes all right. Yeah get out. Get out to the polls please Time now for today's strawberry letter and if you need advice on relationships on dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter to steve harvey. Fm and click submit strawberry letter. We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this bite here right now and hold on tight we've got for you. Is scroll boever ladder the subject. How should i approach the pastor's wife. All right dear. Stephen shirley an entanglement with this pastor. That i met eight months ago. My office shared a parking lot with his church and he always greeted me with hello brown sugar. I eventually told him my name because he's married. And i did not want to appear to be flirting with a married man. And a man of god. I didn't entertain him at first but then he found me on social media and he started in boxing. Me telling me how lovely i am and how good i smell when i pass by him. I told him about himself and he apologized for making me uncomfortable but he said he still wanted to keep in touch if it was okay. I told him it was fine. Even though i knew a married man should not be in boxing. Me at all. We kept on sending messages to each other and eventually he started calling me. He's twenty years twenty three years my senior and his wisdom and worldly knowledge had me hook so we started sneaking out on dates on the other side of town. Now we meet up for sex a lot and it's so good to be with an older man that knows how to please me. Listen to this line very carefully. We've grown into a very deep relationship and he strengthened my prayer life. I've tried to leave him and he tells me that he might be the men. Of god's the mike the men got sent to me and i shouldn't question god. It's very confusing. And now he's paying most of my bills. It's harder to walk away from him. I can't help but think of his wife. So i've been praying about leaving her husband for good and confessing my sin to her. How do you think. I should approach the pastor's wife okay. Please don't do that please. I mean you're a young woman You say he's twenty three years or singer but please do not tell. Why don't do the excuse me the first lady. She's going to be devastated. And it will probably go not the way you think it's going to go. Please don't do that She doesn't want to find this out from you. We're all adults here. You know right from wrong. There's so much wrong with this letter. That i hardly know where to begin. But i'll start at the crazy place for me. this was just crazy to me which is and i quote. We've grown into a very deep relationship and he strengthened my prayer life. How does that sound to you. I mean it. Yeah i mean. Needless to say it's always good to strengthen your prayer life but with the married pastor. You're sleeping with i. Don't think so Do you honestly think. God is pleased with this. Or he's going to be pleased with this. I mean this man again is twenty three years your senior so he tells you things like you know like he might be. The man got sent to you on all of that yes. That's confusing. Because he is a man of god so no don't let it confuse you. Don't please. don't let them play you like that. You know this isn't right. If you're gonna pray about anything. Please continue praying about leaving him. And then leave him. And think about getting your life together without this pastor who you shouldn't be sleeping with and who most definitely shouldn't be sleeping with you entanglement get unintended angled with this guy. All right steve. What are these. Let us come from from listeners. How should i approach to pass. Is what what what you approach and say what. I've been in an in a tangle with this pastor that i met eight months ago. Here's another question. This term that everybody uses now entanglement entanglement. Listen to me. Stop trying to give cute names to ugly situation one more time. One more trying to give the toot names to ugly situation. You're having an affair. Sale would passed s married. That ain't in tangle. Mid that's an affair or adultery is a whole lot of stuff it's not an entanglement anybody got you twisted up. All this is volatile. He gave me see you. Hey brown sugar now you know you supposed to be getting hit on by no man man and you want to be flirting with a married man. Y'all share the same parking lot. What y'all shared a partner. That's how i got started. That's how he ain't entertainment. I any final social media started in boxing. You tell him how lovely i'm good. I smell when i pass by got you. i'll be back it out because some news. All right steve. Part two of your response coming up at twenty three minutes after. How should i approach the pastor's wife. We'll get back into it when we come back right after this. You're listening to morning. Show all right. Steve come on. Let's recap today strawberry letter subject. How should i approach the pastor's wife. This woman is dayton married man who happens to be a passed. She was telling us how they met. The church shares a parking lot with they office and every time he passed by he say hello brown sugar and she thought that says a married man shouldn't be hidden on. She would ignore it at first and then he found on social media started. Dm enough now. She says that she's been in this entanglement which is man fade most. This is the new term that they've come up with israel sounds interesting isn't an entanglement Y'all having a fan somebody going to. That's what you see is a man y'all having affairs somebody going to heal. Okay cool okay. Now let's go. I didn't entertainment i e find. Your social media started barking tenure. I love you were knew how you smell when you pass. I told him about himself and he apologized for making me feel uncomfortable but he said he still wanted to keep in touch if it was okay. I told him it was fine. You know even though. She says she knew a married man. Should not be in boxing. Me at all and it kept on sending messages each other and eventually he started calling they twenty two years older than this late in his wisdom and wurley knowledge that me who rarely knowledge that's called game lady as called game yes it. Is that a wisdom world and knowledge. That's called games. The older you get the more of a you acquire is called game started sneaking out on dates on the other side of town by his here with me but my mind is all the other side note mission meal a multi by ma. I said i sent my body's he you but my mind is only. You will miss all right. So y'all started sneaking out on the other side of town now we meet up for sex a lot quite a lot is so good to be with an older man. That knows how to please me. Yeah i keep telling ya is the only you get you going to gain some knowledge experience gain. You gotta house stuff to match your game. I they got it here. We go again now. We've grown into very deep relationship and he's strengthened my prayer life. How has this strengthen your prayer life help me is because now you in a situation you got you talking to god more than you ever have before because you got your seven hundred situation you'll know outta hand how well i understand. Sometimes it take people go to prison to find god So maybe just for you. Strengthen your pran life okay. Let's just take look at that. Let's see how this go. I've tried to leave him. He tells me that he he'll go to other line that he might be the man. God symptom me. And i shouldn't question god the mashed something so what he was sent by god to do what i'm just ask you. He was sit by god to do what that don't make no says i've tried to leave. Retails me that he might be key. Word might be the man. Thank god sit to me. And i shouldn't question god what. It's very confusing. And so now he's paying most of my bills all can okay. So now you kept okay. So now he pay most. you'll build. That probably would church money not be offering going to come from somewhere. I can't help but think his wife. I think of his wife so i've been praying about leaving her husband for good and confessing my scenes too. So you need you need. You need to go to church. 'cause god voice has no cnn. And so god ain't nobody we're seeing on your behalf and then next thing right now when you confess your sense to hook she a ga. What did you confessing. you'll see her for. And how do you think. I should approach. The passes very gently because hashers wives put people asked to more times pastors wives. People ask to don't mess around it gets you would end of my. I know see. I mean really. That's all you can tell her don't do that. She's young but yeah you gotta grow up fashion brown people things right here so you gotta know what to do. And that's nothing they would do. Just leave him all right. It doesn't make any sense lady. what are you doing. You've known it was wrong. Kid co all right. We gotta go steve. Thank you coming up next sports. Talk with junior at forty six minutes after the hour right after this. You're listening to all right. Here's junior with sportstalk junior which you got week. Eleven in the nfl. It was some good games on yesterday. first of all. Let's say this we had said this a while. How about them cowboys. They finally got a win game. Four weeks go ahead dallas. Nice day dallas. They happy so happy. They beat the vikings thirty one. To twenty eight also meant an upset. The colts shocked everybody and be aaron rodgers and the packers thirty four to thirty one. Nobody slowdown that was crazy. Man was a good game though. Also i got to say shut up to the houston texas forgetting to win way to go. T- we need that. Never three and thank thank you thank you did. We were always check with me. Because i a hand teach you how to handle losing i. We'd be back week. I promise you because all three and seven now yeah. Three seven three yes. Browns are seventy three. Yes that's correct. yes shaw. that's y'all reversed. Yeah well. I thought in face i've asked lord to take away her spirit of people's faces all around the mouth and i found out like i'd say last week the lowest sometimes when you ask somebody else that you know goal removed from you so i keep doing into lower. Take it off of me. I'd do his wheel. Over the falcons foodbank walked jaguars. Twenty seven to three and also man. Here's something that's really nice to know that. Tonight's game the monday night. Football game between the rampant near will feature the first ever all black officiating crew. Right be yes very means show had a lot of quite right and nobody said anything. And also congratulations to days bryant. Because he caught his first pass in. Nfl game since two thousand seventeen. Yeah man welcome back man baltimore down. He got signed to the practice squad but boy went out there and he goes i pay but he took a loss to the titans in game. Where you know somebody gotta lose. Somebody's gotta lose us. Everybody when lebron's brown's want again around that. Oh no we just win. I tell you did. I can barely keep up but i go. Y'all they have no trouble keeping yanni world at three tenths up algal b- i win this year. Which often do we gotta go round in the playoff. And i bet you the texans. Don't we'll be ratio all getting the same division with the cowboy. You're listening to her mighty morning. Show if you've ever shopped for grass fed free range or wildcard meat. You know how hard it is to find in stores. Butcher box believes everyone deserves access to high-quality humanely source meat. So they make it simple. Just sign up. Select your box and butcher box. Ships a curated selection of high quality. Meat right to your door every month. Each box ships with nine to eleven pounds of meat packed fresh shipped frozen and vacuum sealed. So it stays that way and no added antibiotics hormones ever plus up now to get six free grass-fed grasp finish stakes because the best steak night is free steak night. Butcher box is the most affordable and convenient way to get healthy humanely raised meat for just six dollars per meal for a limited time. New members can get six free grass-fed grass finished stakes. When you sign up at butcher box dot com slash iheart that's to new york strips and four top sirloin attitude. Your first box for free. Act quickly this offer is only good through cyber monday. That's butcher box dot com slash iheart with and if you want to end a relationship. Here's the question. Do you wait until after the holidays or do you get out before having to hang out with their family. So thanksgiving might be more high stakes at the time of kobe but It's probably the safest holiday break up close to so here. Is the question between thanksgiving. Christmas and new year's is there and is there any good time to split up. Yeah why am i looking at you me you know. Why we're you supposed to start breaking up around halloween. The week of right now though thanksgiving so now we're then you might want to break to day of this morning could day break up to date and ride that all the way to like mid january but does the to do this day and you can just come up with them whole argument. This just just don anything. No matter what who the hell put water taller. How does it how to talk. How wanna get taught. I don't say who who who watering the talk. That's all i wanna know. That's an argument. Hogan had argument fan will open denver. Cutlass it's why. Why do you say that. 'cause you ain't got to see the person you could just zoom link at the same room you ain't got no occasionally occasionally and stuff you get and then when he gets away you don't wanna use zoom out eighty nine and you know and just take all of that. You ought to go zoom. I'm a proponent breaking up around thanksgiving does that's the ideal time because normally you don't like her. Yeah thanksgiving his best time but because you don't like her she probably jedi like her family. So i'm pretty sure i don't need to sit around all either people house. Eating people usually have cannot say why. Wait to thanksgiving because if you wait to you giving people hope with no one you don't need to give them hope that laws but see. Sometimes they don't happen that way. And i'm just saying as each holiday approaches. You got to have a player because maybe nothing was wrong halloween. You know maybe maybe lost it. You know you know know. You ain't going to be able to fix that by thanksgiving. If she goes it you on november ten now she bust you like december fifth. You got to get out now for your dog going shopping. Be all been there at that table at macy's looking at all that stuff on admit allowed to for one and all you got to go through. That definitely got a new year's eve get here because you can do year with high. Does his ads on his ass. And again you start argument. Maybe over politics not comment to talk to. You can just like trump and that's why you're wrong accuser. Vote for trump daily. Yeah yes are you on no matter what she does no matter what he or she does you go. That's it that's it right there. it's over it. Keep them guessing about what did you mean that's it. Can you pass me remote like to change the channel mo you after the turn into atlanta housewife. That's wow known for breaking up before the holidays though. Oh yeah yeah all right. We'll have more of the see barbie morning show and trending stories coming up at twenty minutes after the hour right after this. You're listening to morning show. Tell me something good. News and extremely important world figure is immune to the corona virus. Any guesses on who that might be an extremely important world figure. Key words world figure is immune to the corona virus. That's new to catch it. Because i children for thirty eight years. You and santa santa claus. Yes sam. Dr anthony foul ci Said that saint. Nick is exempt from this because santa of all the good qualities has a lot of good innate immunity. He adds that it's good news not just because he'll be able to visit all the good little kids on christmas eve but because santa is not going to be spreading any infections to anyone obviously kids around the world have been concerned nonetheless children. You will still want to stay in your beds and not try to get closer. Look to at santa when he does visit. Okay i'll tell you what better do better have at damn mask on. Actually because cova dishes said he won't be no cookies left out and you don't put your mouth ona glass. Nothing somebody going to give it to santa. we'll have more of a harvey morning show coming up thirty three minutes after the hour right after this. You're listening to morning show time now for. Tell me something good news. Here's some great news. Steve harvey morning show annual turkey. Giveaway is underway. The giving started last week and we'll continue today. And tomorrow we here. At the steve harvey morning show now more than ever We know how important it is to give back. We just do right steve. Absolutely i mean you know. This is something that we do every year. We're committed to it and look it's been especially trying year so we're going to do what we can. It's just a little help to some people that could be in need. That's what we try to do every year. That's right. We're giving away gift cards to some of our listeners. All over the country to try and help out those in need of course this thing so we had to do because of covert because normally we do a big turkey giveaway but because of covid. You can't handle food so cova changes everything man does but it doesn't stop to giving so we did a different way is that's right. That's right we're going to switch gears now here guys Time to have some fun there. One member of your family That's guilty as your one member of your family. That's guilty of just always being a problem. Just being a massive thanksgiving what have they done. So bad people in more going to be there. David ogden j uncle. It's going to be some people that are going to be crimes. Okay wh- when you come to our thanksgiving get in your click. Don't go click you with joe. People begovic families had clicks like that bell ten prisoners. Hang with the prince. They got all the way. You can't be free busy to talk what they talk about over just been locked up. They all car table. domino table. You not there would have no idea talk about going to bed at nine lights out of corn nut but why would you be over now how to get the cell phone in hope you mean to the covid thank you. Nobody unscrewing a lightbulb crushing in a hotel. And what you're doing with you know you don't own about that your pieces it. Put it out in the hallway. That's how to hit a guard about this. I you know a shake in doesn't have been over in that conversation. All right guys coming up in our last break of the day. It is then last break of the damn day baby what. We'll have some closing remarks from the one in e. steve harvey coming up at forty nine minutes after the hour. Right after this. You're listening to morning show waiting for that special package to arrive. Can't be home for the holidays. This holiday season give the gift of peace of mind with smart home security from blink an amazon company for a limited time. Only you can protect what matters. Most day are ni- rain or shine. Starting at just twenty. Four ninety nine blinks smart security cameras offer hd day and night video customizable motion alerts two way audio and more the even work with alexa. So you can control your cameras and systems using your voice from the all new battery powered weather resistant. Blink outdoor camera to blink many a mighty but tiny indoor plug and cam you can see and speak to loved ones and furry ones right from the free blink app on your phone for a limited time only save up to forty percent on select cameras and systems when you visit. Amazon dot com slash blink. Holiday peace of mind is here with blink visit amazon dot com slash blink holiday today. It's time for steve closing remarks but of course before we get to that we gotta remind georgia that the countdown is on for the senate run off dates the georgia senate runoff dates. Request your absentee ballot. Now if you haven't already don't forget that december seven th is the deadline for voter registration if you have not registered yet please do so by december seventh december fourteenth through the thirty first is early voting. And we do. What steve harvey mudd show. We vote early. Yes we do and then january fifth two thousand twenty one is election day so please we want you to vote for reverend raphael. Warnock and jon ossoff okay. We took them to washington. Guess and the reason we need to do this. You all is very very simple This president after spewing lie after lie after lie and i don't know how these followers have just discredited to truth to the point where it doesn't matter. They just allow him to get away with it but what he's been doing of late says he lost election having to michigan aw. Gop elect elect election officials. Come to the white house to talk to him. He wants to talk to him. See if he can find something. They've told him. There is nothing so now. He's trying to demand another recount in the state of georgia and he just keeps trying to find something he can hang his head on and what he's doing and everybody starting to say it he's trying to discredit the black vote. Donald trump now the one who's the most least racist person you've ever met donald trump the one who says he's done more for african americans than any president since abraham lincoln disguised right here. This the one. I'm talking to you about he now. Wants to discredit the black vote that he wasn counting on doing what the black vote did to him this election. They did not know the movement of stacey. Abrams and how she has been working for years behind the scenes registering voters. Lindsey graham and mitch. Mcconnell said they find it difficult to believe that more people voted for joe biden than barack obama. What they were saying in code was because it came down to milwaukee wisconsin detroit in michigan atlanta area in georgia and philadelphia area in philly. What he was saying was he couldn't believe that more black people turn out and voted for joe biden then voted for president obama. Here's what they don't know. Is there more of us are registered to vote now. then were registered to vote. When president obama took office over twelve years ago it was just more of us registered. And i'll tell you something else about black people that you don't know we turned out for president obama because we wanted to see a change. We turn out for president obama because we knew it would make history. We wanted to. We wanted to see ourselves the way you've been allowed to see through the history of this country we want to see ourself in the highest office in the land. We wanted to be able to point this out to our children and grandchildren. But let me tell you why we came out in this election. Mr president and everybody listened. Officials came figured out. See y'all got it wrong about black people. And i'm not a spokesman for black people but i do know how we feel because i've been one sixty three years matter of fact the entire time i've been alive i bill one so i know what i'm talking about. We don't want you to do nothing for us. But we do want you to stop doing what you've been doing to us. And we turned out in large numbers because we sick of your racism. We sick of your social injustice. We sick of your system. Systemic racism we sick of your police. Brutality we're sick of your reds zoning laws we're sick of you saying over and over and over that black lives don't matter even when we keep pleading with you to see our lives the same as yours but you soheil bit being righteous that you can't even see what we say when we say black lives matter you so busy telling us that white lives matter that all lives matter that blue lives matter that you're missing the whole point of what we keep been screaming to you about black lives. Matter is not a either all. We don't care all lives matter. We got no problem with police lives matter matter of fact we get along with white america news flash. Another news flash. We built america news flash so with all of our contributions to america. We want our lives matter just like everybody else's lives matter. That's what we want. But since you don't think black lives matter how 'bout this damn vote now. Though i bet yo ass understand us a little bit better now. I bet you can't play us the next election. Play us no more because we prove something to you. You don't think black lives matter. How about these day votes matter. Because of your refusal to say anything calming to the forces of black lives matter black votes now matted in detroit in atlanta in philly in milwaukee to the point where you sir you out of office now and i got one mo parting gift for you to take which we let you leave and cindy's too damn senate seats which you this is my parting gift and partying prayer to donald trump. We go win georgia rafael. Wanted and jon ossoff for senate in georgia. We go show up again. We met at in home. For all steve harvey contests no purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal. Us residents at least eighteen years old. Unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit steve harvey fm dot com. You're listening to morning show about a girl is a new podcast about the women behind musical jains. The ones who inspired loved supportive in challenge these icons on the way to greatness. These are twelve incredible influential women. Without whom the landscape of popular music might be very different. It's hosted by me. Eleanor wells and executive produced by brennan. Graceland twenty seven club and blood on the tracks about a girl premieres november thirtieth subscribe. Now the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Get ready to laugh and learn. I'm nick smith. I am flame in a row. I am busy week. He cashed the check. She makes money. We spend it laughing. Learn as a weekly podcast bringing you the latest headlines keeping you politically informed mixed in with the little pop culture. You never know what you're going to hear. Subscribe and listen to laugh and learn on the iheartradio app or apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen podcasts.

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