Cool FAB-Racing 2018 - Round 8 - Tattershall Sunday Morning Races


The original and best British championships, but mini bikes. This is cool racing. Cool vibe, race. Lied coverage all season on the hill, bracing Facebook page, and on the website, he'll fabricating dot com. Good morning. Everybody. Welcome to cool five racing British many championships. We are alive for the final time in two thousand eighteen this as rounds of the championship live from Tatchell in Lincolnshire. Sue set so fantastic racist to come today. Then school says, the rest of the twenty championships who's gonna be the winners who's gonna finish aim, what physicians? We just don't know. Quite yet. We'll bring you all that information as devices come starting with the mini g. p. seventies in just a few moments time AC forty pros will then follow them out on to sick at bus. My name is alongside me as ever throughout teeth hundred and eighteen as if I wanna go Mr. key y'all's and Kana Jackson website editor for sport. Radio joins us in the country. About this. We can his first taste of tastic action we get hit from cool. Fab racing will live on motorsport dot radio on the cool five racing website and on social media. Please do tune in social media waking cash, William Bligh, visual radio coverage of all of the races head today, let us know who you're supporting in the comments below will be reading out a few of those over the course of the show as well. Go to bumper program for you today. Two sets of racist come. The mini g. p. seventeen has some fantastic wrestling in yesterday's first encounter. Kiko joyous. Just talk through what happened in that race, lots and lots of action in all of the race yesterday, but you've got to look at GP seven eight was a top broad ready from all of the riders. Evan Belford had a good one district Kumble should evolve. Give Lee one be crushed out the fifty second lead. Bell for taking advantage of that, but all in all great race in dry weather today as well. So hopefully closer racing tonight. Well, hopefully will be closer. We've got twelve laps in prospects as many GP seventies had outs own second. Now Rossi bynum amd Bailey. Stewart Campbell second, and I Don is your front row of the grid, Evan Belford, and James rose will line up on the votes to Harrison. Crosby and Owen maller are on very three with only Walker, Kyle pain. Then it's Taylor, Lawrence and Alfie Davidson. That's how the top ten lineup, Sean able fin smarts suffer motley Joe Fahringer Holly hammers and Thomas Gomez that's runs out to the sixteen strong grades Kona Jackson. They had outs onto the grid just before the start of the race. This the moment when I void as mind really goes into that adrenalin filled nightmare, I suppose. Indeed, then it's going to be an exciting race. Then if it's anything like the opening council we had yesterday, I will be thoroughly in thorough excited about what's going to happen. Yesterday's race. Obviously, we only had six runners believe finish the race in the end. There's a very high adrenalin race in what was quite treacherous conditions, but the weather is dried up today. The track is an awful lot grippier and hopefully we should be in for a good encounter while the this happen awake Brighton early this morning, the first off the warm up sessions. Now, the first of the race is race. Number two of the weekends for the mini GP seventies live from Tatchell in Lincoln share. This is the cool fab racing, British many by championships where the official partner series to the SP and on the votes Emoto GP. These are some of the young writers will be hearing a lot more fun in the as to come, but stay look to world's best turn. They looked to world green flag. We saw the. Fly. It goes up. It goes down again, and we're underway for the first race of the day. They all make their way into one for the first time. Baillie Stewart, Campbell from pole position makes it good. Stop. We'll in a much better start than yesterday fighting for second place ever. Belfair trying to fight also for that podium position. The second step on the podium so far we've got twelve laps in prospects, everyone the first few corners cleaning, but as Bailey Stewart, Campbell from Rossy, then seven Belford in third place. Coming through turns five and six left rice and left against such a tight sweat. A section of have hands, very, very good stock from Lhasa body. Language suggests to me is much determine for it today. Tricky wet weather yesterday and Rossi Benham already looking to try and make a way through on your seat belt, put his head of him. So babies come late, never Belford has competence is on northbound. Bantams slowing era ridden. Join the Mike move too. Early Rossi Bem someone's Iowa, that term one of those Sean able to me think we show also show labels go more on the term one, but your leaders to leading grouper full Bailey shirt Campbell. I never belt with the side by side and Evan bell for takes Seletar good move from Belle for the fifty two. Then in the lead ahead of this jerk Campbell, then it's all see Banham. And then just on the back of that group yards Mela he's looking feisty as well. Evan Belford stanza offside as you say, Kiko really will lead for that just really starts to break away. But here is Belford now really have your Virginia to take the lead and if the yesterday's anything to go by, he will definitely want to win this race on merits. Of course, he did win. However. Event expense of bathing suit. Campbell did make mistake for him to really win it on their day would be a fantastic opportunity and ever Belford always eight hundred eight quake writer over the one point, five seconds silica after the move at ten number five, just dove around the outside in silly, had it happen. They make their way in tight complex. Once again, lap three. The moments are Baillie Stewart, Campbell holding on to second place while see buying them all over the coattails. Search a slow complex corners there making Mia, knowing their way through even as Bailey Stuart Campbell defending second place at the moment. Russi. I remember last shortstop full right sating their way through the final two corners tools, allowing Evan Belford forty six point eight, nine five has played three seconds ahead. Forty eight point three days long, really increasing rather massively Kohner indeed the battle behind them. It's also just as intense as we have just seen fin smart overtake James rose for fifth place that does seem to be a battle could continue on, especially with Ali Walker. Now, closing them both down been smart back in action today at a little bear off yesterday. Good to seize, and okay and ferreting very, very hard hair. But at the moment, your race later, Evan Belfort while is looking easy so far for him, he's streaking clear. The gut must be four seconds this time around when they come across LAN, hey, comes bell for now, starts another lap, both t six, seven, four, seven on round boss this lab of device four and a half seconds over beta should come. Then they see him Melania a little look at the inside of Rossi. By that term on happened, couldn't make the move. All the way down. Phil down. James throws dollar had been smart. Here's the pin smarts made the mistake, but he's back to six and James rose while on backup interfaith only World Cup is right in behind them so that seven five, eight face to me looks like coil pay now is gonna head of Sean able and shown able is another. That's Harrison Cosby moving throat. So good stuff. All the way down this many seventy failed. As the battles continue is Evan bell for the miles. I y out front the spin, smart types back bay. As you say that battle in the midfield is really hotting up. Now five, six riders. I almost in contention now looks to be the vessel for place Sean able as you say, Walter, not However, I believe it is now call pain in the lead of the section upfront. As you say, it's a five point four second out now, but Evan bell, he really has just taken this race by the horns and is running away with it really is running away without getting. One's gonna catch him today. He's miles play of anyone else out there about making it look easy, painter shirt. Campbell has dot a job on here, trying to keep Rossi Bannon behind him and then behind him. Remember those three separated by about six tenths of a second is very, very close. Downfield. Evan Belford starts another lap forty, seven, three that time around. So not the fastest lap still falsely ninety on else as they all stream cost, long Mela fastest in that group for second. So interesting stuff down, failed. Well, failed seventy stretch spreading out the front of it. Five point, nine seconds is the gap between ever Belford and Bailey. Stor Campbell still holding off the attacks. Versi find them at our maller. He's not gonna continue over the course of this race who on select six now. So when they're half distance the moment fence mar v, James rose stealing sake, not fantastic. Patently save. Trading only only walk Taylor, Lawrence house in Crosby, will involved in Sean able bustling away with Harrison is the way make their way returns and five as you say with behind believe it is now Taylor Lawrence in the lead of the battle for eight as he's really taken advantage in that small tank, but the battle for second, I think what we're all going to be watching in the final couple, lots as Bailey suit. Campbell just does not appear to have the speed that he had yesterday ruling significantly back from Evan bell. Rossi random, still giving chase the baby shirt Campbell, Evan bell phase out front. By along way of we got, we gonna fall someone out on the edge of circuit concord sainthood is try and pick them up. I think it's called pine talk to the back of our time monitor now. So Carl paint is pulled off in between in between the panel Twitter on the final turn, very straight Kumble. Just coming past that site now Rossi Benham taking an unusually tight line now. Gary melody rundown stripe. Hopefully if he can, he pulls alongside thing Malysz looking for a wife. Does he get it? Now we'll see just how on James roses, a retirement. He's out the first turn, east joins us attorney has pulled off. So we have people dropping out of the top positions hair. I are paying a now James, I say, such disappointment to both of those riders as they were running in top positions and did have a real opportunity at a strong result. I will say though that battle with Belfort and Mela is really holding the both now and it's allowing Stuart Campbell to just run off into the distance. Well, that certainly can be very helpful. Six point, six seconds was the gap over the line. The last time Bailey strict come where you mentioned seven seconds behind was panelists, his point four of our mala looking at the inside going into turn them among tiny, make the move. No. Why try to leave it late on the. WCHS couldn't outbreak the Rawson final machine. Number thirteen. Staying ahead of one, three, zero intern, three and four to right hunters. Short run. And then leading into the real name field complex here have left or right, and left hairpin as so tight. You're really gonna find their grip. It's one line three day if you're not too committed and doesn't mainly need to fight so hard. At this stage, he's got a good team tries tries tries to pull up on violence lifetime side to no avail. They remains in four plays just briefly three. The final Ponant up and over the line. Once again going to remove the inside no breaking power or how's the inter number one can compete on this nor quite managers, rehearsing something that Donna turmoil, three laps to go enough opportunities jets, Troy something and government term on the line stops not because you give in the Rhondda your pass and opportunity to snap back. So. I personally wouldn't be looking at turmoil having set not many other places on this course. Evan Belford still leading Brady story Campbell in safe. Second, say that safe second. No one's ready threats. But the battle, this final position on the podium, it's going to be AUSSIE volume, or is it going to be over in mala? We've got to go for your leader, Evan melted already crossed the line. I mean, I am concerned about the mood that Mela could make on the lead. He does appear to be setting up very nicely for the first time as we get again on another lab. And again, maybe this time Malik and take. No. Again, he shuts the door from Rossi banner, and I think that is the issue that banned them and are facing infant Mellon just cannot find a way through on the rest of the circuit. And I think he needs to open his options up. He's gonna be bolt down into turn one. If he's gonna make the move. The only place he come as soldiers go for it and he's dot semaine show. They gets the job done Colorado sweet back across their intimate failed now, a not long left. Nonni fraternities, I remarried. I started to get five state. Well, we start get feisty sizing up, but there's not too much time minutes. Race left to go one more lap perks for virus outlet at the moments, Evan bell. Fit has really dominated so far knowing point, six seconds is the advantage over Bailey's to Campbell, very comfortable in second place. Again, looks at the inside going into number one. He's still doing. They wish to try and make frontage turn to turn three left whites Cuckney into the midfield section full of final time in this rise, and then it's gonna be Evan Belford. On course for victory, Evan Belford, Cisco few more corner theory. Gonna worry about backmarkers really. They are there, but he's not leaving to have to get them. He is going to is in the last corner he's going to get the job done. Evan bell foot is a winner. The first race of the day, big Passover third place style, who's it gonna pay Rossi Panama at the moment, holds it in Malysz. Still want to go inside buy side through the final. He's going to be second providing Rousey, valium holds on fourth in fifth place. We should be saying fin smart. He's coming out of the final call, announce through. He comes a brilliant fit based him an only wall a fan way back will be sick by. So top six probably walk good stuff in teed battles. Loyd down seven will be title on sending the big battle fall. Eighth-place dot should go to Harrison Crosby by Mike over shown able and it stayed. I Costa line. Yes, it did. And saffron Walt lay completing the top ten, but water is Evan Belford, Beatty shirt, Campbell Rossi bynum Owen Mellon, pin smart or your top five all the Walker Taylor, Lawrence Harrison closely, Sean able and saffron Wortley completing the top ten by great result there for the first race of the day. This. Being the second mini EP seventy race off the weekend. The great was over forever. Belford Bailey, stir Campbell and mossy bynum just holding on to the podium. They have one final ace juicy come out around two o'clock this afternoon. That will be it full their championship. And it does sound quite sad to say. It's going to be an emotional day in a fantastic day of racing pair to come round eight of the two thousand eighteen Kufa bracing, British mini-bike championships. Well out next will be the AC forty pros to go through very quickly invest over the order for the day, the pike. One forty, a motor teams will follow next race edge to be out and around five past eleven, then it will be the junior LC full elites followed by the senior mini motos. Then it's the AC forty rookies the mini g. p. fifties will be our later on this afternoon, the extremes, hundreds and then the mini f on. Cycles Geeta pingers to close at around five to one for beginning for lunch, and then we'll do all of this again. And we across also have a presentation evening from seven fifteen this on this evening. In fact. So plenty of action still to come from touch. So next is the AC forty pros Magritte lineup with Mason foster and Sullivan Mounsey only front row of the grid, Johnny, Garner's and Platon. Edmonds are on to who I three gates Vanni Harris and Luca Hopkins with Ethan sparks, Harrison, McKay Choi, Jeffrey main Jamie. Would that shortstop send many strata how ahead of Taylor's to Campbell with Gregg, Marshall Keats him pain and Jacob Stevenson ju to round out the fifteen strong grade. So as they make their way onto the grid Kona Jackson, you mentioned early on in the program, the temperatures and the entire. Tire when it was a much better than it was yesterday, but does that provide some difficult racing for those who've only rarely hardware running yesterday as you say, Dan, for those who've tested Andrey saucy yesterday they will be issue. However, you gotta remember, they all had woma this morning. So Ashim would Li, they should now be accustomed to these conditions and may be back on form with the sort of pace they're expecting with these fights. Obviously, a lot of riders will be hoping for better results from yesterday, but especially some of the riders did qualify the front of fell back to various mishaps while we brace ourselves for these second AC forty pro race of the weekends. Marshals just making sure everyone's engines are running cleanly marshals also moving to the sides off the circuit look to towards green flag. We don't start with a lighter. We start with the green flag goes up. It goes down as big oak creek from place at monds we believe going to all time on for the. Best time, but everyone into entertain one for the first time. It's a good run for Mason foster Sullivan Mounsey in there as well fighting well dropping down. Actually, third place, the moment, Johnny Gonesse and Clayton Edmonds doing well. So far suze make their way into turn swing full four and five Whiteside infield complex for the first time out of nine so far. So good Mason foster getting a great start so to Sullivan Mounsey onto the back of the battle. But it is Johnny Gonesse Mason foster fighting side by side, Johnny, Garner's, and Mason foster CI, collided there, incredible stuff ally both state on. I do not know the thing. Sullivan mound is really cooperative now right on them anyway, coming through the strike despite Mason your championed in the calls, calls leaving the white and Sullivan Mounsey look at their Donnie gone. It's down into term on nearly makes it work. Only sweep across those three are up and running Mason foster as your race leader. Moment, son of massive, look up the insider, Johnny guarantees at turn three now able to make stick. So gives it a go into turn three plenty of time to make him move. We have eight laps in race remaining so far Mason foster headed gone s and Sullivan Mounsey Connor. Sadly as much as I was going to say, we've had a clean first light with no incidents. We have just seen our first writer run into smooth visual quite tell who does he is back going. Those through everyone is back running back at the front load. We still have those three sauce into pull away from the rest of the field while it's place between the three of them over the line. Once again point six, six is the gap between Mason for certain Johnny, Garner's. He's got the fastest lap. Then another two tenths percent of amounts behind fighting tooth and nail into turns wanted to sell a mousy making going up into second place into turn number one. And now really on its formation foster our champion two thousand eighteen in category, lovely, Mary Sullivan, mounds it turn on the brakes off cruise dot the inside block par- the first apex run wide in the middle of the corner, put Johnny gardens out to the edge of the circuit where Johnny Garner's couldn't do anything about it. One and end of season. Solomon mounds initiate. He's gonna. Be such a such a favorite for next year. If he comes back to, he really has grown in stature. This year is gone on a now. He chases down the champion of two thousand nineteen Mason foster mice to pull out a little bit of a gap leak causing the second fastest lap authorized to fifty point one, four, seven for Mason foster in the battle behind Clayton Edmonds is running, but he is under substantial pressure. Now from Ronnie Harris who is really all over the back of him. Luca hopkins's wealth remains just about in contention as the three of them really don't seem to have too much between them, but it is Clayton Edmonds, just about holding onto fourth. As we go into the middle complex, she should say that Sullivan Manzi second place at the moment would be good enough to put him third overall in the championship standings. He would back that third Bisi would face sales, and he doesn't only needs to finish on the podium in whatever position that is, regardless of what Troy Jeffrey does. He cannot lose more than ten points to joy Jeffrey. And at the moment scoring more points. Troy. Oy Jeffrey goes down in seven Fleiss Mason foster your way Slater home. I second now point nine, five, five ahead of Sullivan. Mounsey Johnny Baroness in place at the moment, place and Edmonds running in fourth are for the race laid having got just a little bit is half a second between Mounsey are in Garner's placing them soaking up that pressure for money. Harris's Khanna mention a few moments ago them into turns for now is the first of the infield happens Chambord slightly shiny track. Now, the sun is starting to shine in Lincolnshire fans with Luke Hopkins, Troy, Jeffrey Ethan, sparks, Harrison McKay on Taylor Stewart, Campbell, rounding out the top ten. I should say though at the front though Mason foster the first rider to drop below the fifty second Mark today, forty nine point nine, seven, four. You can see his starting to pull out that slight advantage over his two rivals. And I think that's just about causing safe for the last couple apps. Now. That Sunday helping and with the fastest lap before point nine, that's not tip indeed faster than anyone else on circuit. The only person with the faucet not only fifty seconds just making your way around the few of the writers in this class. Currently five laps to go, Iran ran about half distance and foster really getting ahead of mounting poster using all of his strength in this race. Now to Holloway used the back is to his advantage as well. Something is not quite done yet and Johnny garnishee gonna film, Johnny, Garner's. He's gonna want to win before the season as outs unease not quite on resolving man's just yet. So it's not all over the funding will though street surely born state. So those straight pulling away the front we most order will finish. We are not want your four price Klay tonight moments. He's stunned fifty point nine now that was only slow in Sullivan Mountie. So good right now pulled away. From running Harrison, Luke Hopkins fit and six respectively. I wouldn't rule out Harris though. His certainly coming back. That loss lot was almost half a second quicker than Edmonds in front and assuming he doesn't get held up too much by Hopkins. I can really see the fight for coming back to them to the end of the rates. We shall say how that will plans out for show Lucar kids top six all year. He has been something very, very consistent, first podium, the back it up, soaking wet race in red lodge. So Luke Hopkins look into end this season on a high Mason foster looking. So endlessly on even bigger heart one time around extensive amount to nearly two seconds. Now, Solomon's second Johnny garner still the top per second between second and said on track, still less than half a second covering only hammett's, Luke Hopkins and Troy. Jeffrey going through turns wanted to entertain seven, three left, and right is really quick run Ronnie Harris battling away, religion, Hopkins, and Troy Jeff. Down. We got so many goes down on the vita turn for that back onto the bike and another one joined five big on its own five, someone lost control of the machine downturn five and not writer is is down on the floor will pick him up later. Hopefully he's not to buy these dot up, very, very quickly. Yellow flags will be waived for now. We are going to retake the lead across large start his panel to Atlanta Mason foster is leaving this one very, very comfortably at the moment from Sullivan mounds a red flag as out. We have a red flag situation for that fallen writer down at five, we believe that will more than likely be racist on my lap, but a red flag is out. It's premature and to rise to the forty pros, a crash that down at ten, five, that's hope everyone is all cable. Another way for Mason foster fantastic form insz dozen again, Sullivan Mounsey in second place, Johnny Ghana's in. So it's been knows three really old year in. Some form of order Ronnie Harris, Luke Hopkins and see the clay Edmonds. Zoe must say though that confirmed someone Mounsey is third in this championship confirms to Jeffrey as full also confirms Luke Hopkins as fit. So that as the top five, we should say, we are going on the basis that that is a race result, which we believe it will. We would just two laps left to run off visual race results and Mason foster winner by two and a half seconds over seven laps in that second junior AC forty pro race of the weekends. Then Sullivan Mounsey in second place ahead of Johnny, Clayton Edmonds warning Harris. That's the top five relieve Hopkins. In fact, he seems to be revoked by one left. So on lap six masive assess still, then your race winner where Sullivan mounting, Johnny garnish your top three, Clayton, Edmunds, and money. Harris may five with Luke Hopkins toy, Jeffrey Ethan, sparks, Howard McKay. I'm Taylor Stewart, Campbell, top ten. Chater how Keaton pain, Greg mile show vantage Tamie would call iron Jacob Stevenson for await full further confirmation of the race results in a team. I mean signed, but shoots out next onto circuits will be the pit bike on forty and Moto teams. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand and eighteen coup fab raising British many bike championships. The official policy is to the BS bay. And on the vote, tomato g. p. s.. S. Lied coverage all season on the fan, bracing Facebook page, and on the website, he'll fabric saying dot com. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool fab racing, British mini-bike championships. This is the final round of the two thousand eighteen season. This is the final day of the two thousand eighteen season. Thank you very much. Full tuning in on motorsport dot radio on the cool fab racing website and on social media. Thank you also for your comments. So far, our house ain't go Jada go. We've got Luli noble saying, come on Clayton Edmonds, which airing view are. She says, good luck sharing a how also saying, good luck Jada number fifty, love mom and a newly saying, come on, say some great support from the guys aren't goes on the stream. So thought, thank you very much for joining us, please to keep showing it let the whole world know how much she loved cool fan bracing. We have had people all over the world on holiday the sitting on the beach in Australia. Pretty much everywhere been tuned in to our streams with great support that your family, your friends, anyone you know in cares has given us. So please keep leaving your comments in at the moment. Of course, we are the official partner savings to the Bennis Bush's superbike championship. And of course, on the way to motor GP over which was racing early on this morning. Well, there's no will have no spoilers here for those of you who are patiently waiting for its to be happening and watching the the actual reviews and the actual steam later on. When you have had some good times they. So we've got plenty of action still to come up. Next will be the pep on fourteen and Moto teams just so mine. My name's Doug Martin long. Siamese as ever throughout two thousand eighteen is Keith Charles Colin Jackson website editor of multiple radio also here with us this weekend. Well, gentlemen has been some fantastic action in the paper. Forty Emoto teams and ready Kiko just summarize your thoughts on yesterday's opening encounter. Who was an interesting because some trials, one, the pit bike on four k. Greenies died. Solomon clouds one, the most team Tigres. Now Simon clouds mathematically hasn't won the championship yet. Realistically he has because he's sitting here to competitors are not in the races this weekend, but the there is a battle on top of that championship between Jamie king and avocados, twenty points between them as a championship is going down to the wire. And I wouldn't wanna call who would win, not because Jimmy is draining champion. We courage as the one chasing Jimmy Downey, here's twenty points and you are nothing to lose. Hopefully we're going to get a good finale later on today. It's probably the closest ship that we've got to decide head today while we're still a few championships to decide head today and well, the paper military teams, they provide some fantastic action. Kiko mentioned father and son winning in the same race. We think it may be the first time in a very long time when the two clauses have had victories in price categories together. So it's great to have them doing so well, but also some more action to becoming. Then there's two mixes of two different championships makes into one which to another sort of element to the championship. We should say. Indeed it does. As you say, it's it's one of the more open classes to have such. I don't say radically different bikes to have many different styles on track at the same time it. It certainly creates interesting racing, and of course they all have different advantages. The motor, the motor team bikes are a lot quicker in a straight line. However, on a tight twisty, circuit like this tattoo, all it really does play into the pit bikes favor and was seen this weekend actually with the pit bikes really dominating the qualifying sessions, and even the races where they've severe locked out the first six, seven places. Yes. Well, the show say, ending really shooting the pet bike on fourties this we can. We've had merger teams getting a lot closer to the pit bikes in recent race meetings mostly because the circuits have been a bit quicker a bit further failed. And also it's just a bit wider study have more to really racism into whereas tight circuit in which to go to. So quite joy. They've got two different two different. Race meetings for this particular jump ship. And as we curly wasting to head out onto circuits later, one meant just as a minor for those who've only just joined us. Thank you very much for joining us. This is cool fan, bracing, radio round, eight of the championship. We have got the junior Elsie forty elites will be the ones out after the pit bike won't faulty. Moto teams. We've got these senior mini motos not too long after them. They had a very Jurassic first race of the weekend as they always seem to in the wet, especially and the AC forty rookies will be out after them. The g. p. mini g. p. fifties will be after them extremely hundreds. And then the mini f onsite cars, the final race of this morning and and also the finalize office after noon vases to to still to come for most of our categories. And then it will be three starting from two o'clock this afternoon. Well, on the road tomato GP are near Fisher part series. To the BSP. Many of the finest young talents have come from the for racing paddock's. You know, we have Broadway racing with us at cool for blast timeouts. We've had many different names come through the championship and many few more to be going into that kind of savings next season. But Levi, obviously during the business in British superbikes this year in the showdown to our was well, we'll super wildcard. So the amount of telling gets thrown out this product onto the international scene onto the domestic in huge Luke mossy another one. And you know, really, you'll look in now repeat our massive influence in Trump should release for the lawyers, volley Walker in wine Hitchcock Knowle's doing very, very well. So you know the links there accompanied teams are also they say, fin small sport body, unveil higher Tyke team. It's just good to have the big national teams coming back to the grassroots level where most most operations began and supporting the next generation of talent, and we'll we'll have Hugh of blight is from the Kufa products are actually moving into some of the categories in the in the BSP support group for next season, which is really good affiliation for them to get their first steps into what we might describe compared to these bikes. Big bike racing, perhaps another great link. The co fan bracing organization has with championships another great linked to get them big, bark racing. Absolutely. And there is no rush either. You know, lots of artists they develop at different levels. They develop a different rights. No, everyone can be broadly Ryan I can get. So you're a, you know, spectra to supervise team on the twenty eight some, yeah, it's, it's it's not an easy job. It's not not a cheap job either. Soccer, racer wherever the support is here, the bottom route the bottom level of the championship back here. Cool vibe reysen you know, it's great on support where it all begins back at grassroots level. So at greats connection to the BS be and of course to Motoji pay, we've got plenty more action still to come here from touch show in Lincolnshire. This is live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool. Fabri sing, British mini bike championships. The fish on the series to the BS. This is cool fabric saying. British mini bikes championship. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool fab racing, British many championships. We're alive for the final day of the two thousand eighteen season. Foam touches all in Lincolnshire. Plenty more comments flooding in on social media. Thank you very much for joining its own motorsport dot radio on the cool fan, bracing websites. And on social media, we have got pulled going saying, go Zack Shelton screen news and hopefully very well too long saying, go, go could look for today low none. I'm gonna say very nice to see who you're supporting over the course of the day. Please do keep leaving your Coen's. Let us know who your looking out for over the course of today's racing Jose who you think is going to be doing well, who could be a hot tip for the championships and well, the payback on forty and Moto teams are very into. I go in the assembly area before the starts of this race. We've got a fantastic championship challenge between Harvey Claridge and then we've also got a great fights between Harvey Claridge and the number seventy six indeed of Jamie k- we do have a few championships left to decide and we will cover those Ecorse in chew coarse. But the payback one forty and Moto teams about head out onto, say, get in a few moments time as various built at the tension builds an everyone is just desperate to go on. Indeed, it's been, it's been an exciting morning so far and especially as our building up, as we mentioned to the pit bike race, which is always min exciting time to see all the different styles of bikes are on track or see with the grid of Callum. Wybrow does lead the Wybrow does lead the way during this race. He'll be hoping for strong result. It was a bit of a mixed day for him. Yeah. Fame yesterday wasn't a mixed review of ID's, then turn out some clouds winner in yesterday's I race over and in the pit bike on forty class in multi team. The owners went the way of swimming clouds, say the cows, both sharing a podium which has greats. Are soaked to Simon this morning. Apparently they nip down. So I care last night for new trophy competent, none available surge, Jay king already there before them. So interesting rivalry of checkers on. So plenty of ivories going on even the battle for who's got the most IKEA cabinets, but Calamar Brown and Harvey Claridge lead you to be on the first of the grid. Some clouds and shown whisker will be due to line up on the second Felix turn and Jamie king are championship contender in the pit by on forty motor teams. Well, just in the by foresees realistically, hey, starts in sixth place, Scott Deutz in and Blake Ansel on very full head of Henry, jeez and Fraser converts, Simon clouds, and Jason Pugh Arlen VO six at of Adam Sweeney honesty, connect- Neil canals, an iron Glover rounding out the sixteen strong grid, not largest. We've had. Over the course of the season, but still it is very quality entry as per usual hair at lea-. Cool. Fab racing. If you are in for the first time, maybe if seen a few of our events in you wanna know how you can get involved. Maybe you think you're Sono also might be interested in some of the juniors racing if they're the voice today. So maybe they will involved and interested in similar larger bikes racing has such as the payback on fourteen mater motto teams only the senior mini motor races always racing in that category. Well, head over to the cool fab racing websites, and you'll be able to find out all about s- classes here how making involved, how you can start racing in the process. Plenty of ways to get involved in the championship, not just a course an entrant. But as a Marsh, if you wanna come and help our and organize, always looking for fresh races and fresh Hans to get involved. And it's great that we've going new people coming into the. But maybe you want to celebrate someone who has done an exceptional job. This year may be wanna nominate the best young rider, the air, the best rider overall. Best master the awards over on the most awards. Please do go and check out known eight. We've got loads of different categories to nominee, could Bain best commentator the no. I love how you show Shijo non in the I. We would be your first choice as we would be your first choice is press compensates. Air marshal deer would pay forty clouds. I'll make you up to our give her a good shell out all that league clouds, horrible tea. I've never mind so forever liners what Kiko Giles did with Lee Cosmo specifically what he said about poli- clouds, please had over two motorsport dot radio, and the co for bracing website way can check out all of the twenty eighteen commentaries are, and you can go back, listen to them as an audio podcast, digest the hallway season and very remember, and we're cool what happened over the course of the eight round championship. But if you are interested in the motorsport awards had over to my world, got a fantastic social media presence. We've got a great website where you can discuss, go and tell us who you think deserves a nomination is not just for best Marsha, the f. for best maybe. Commentator the year best writers and best those awards. They're pretty standard awards for an award category, but we do have they carnivores we got the best charity campaign best social media and finding gauge during that really inspired you to look at something over the course of this season. The the direct web link is mode, sport dots, radio forward, slash awards. That's is that simple it is that simple to head over motorsport merger what radio slash awards. Just one of the waging search for my awards on on Facebook on Twitter, and of course on just on the into apps and you will find the mice were awards website we can enter for all of the category. So pleased turnover, your nominations for many categories. Plenty of things to nominate. Maybe, you know, particularly interested in knowing eighteen viable driver. We have a water to wills awards for four wheels. He got is universal. Let us know who. He wants to be celebrated. Maybe we could see in a few months time December. The ninth is when we have the awards ceremony, and maybe you'll see a few of the writers and organizes, hey, from the cool fab racing pallets being celebrated for their fantastic work over two thousand eighteen butts. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool bracing British mini by championships where live from touch Zo inning on motorsport dot radio on the cool fab racing website and also show media. Thank you very much for leaving all of your comment so far we will get in getting through to reading a few more of those in a short period of time. My name is dumber alongside Keith jars and Kana Jackson Conor Jackson, your first weekend, really celebrating enjoying cool are bracing championships, and we've had some great racing from the mini g. p. seventies and the forty pros, two of the Gina cassock. Degrees really showing us how some of the racing can be held. This very tight won't kilometre-long circuit indeed than it's been an exciting morning so far. And unlike yesterday, the weather has certainly stayed as bright and sunny as we hope and expected to be for what is a celebratory end to the season for not for a lot of these riders. Obviously, the circuit itself does provide a unique challenge puzzle. Also the Reuters do know how to negotiate the circuit house. We've already been here what's this season for a lot of warm around this, let's say, but we still have an exciting number of races ahead, especially with some championship still to decide towards the end of the day. And of course the awards ceremony that we will do this evening. Yes, we will be at the presentation evening for the cool are bracing at seven fifteen. If you are on site, please do come and join us in the rumors are the moment is going to be in the clubhouse somewhere. Nice and join with a. Lovely log fire to set really nice ambience for the awards evening nineteen eighties. Well, because five eighty will be. And of course, we all we're famous not having any of that anymore. Let's not get. Well, it's funny. You mentioned that my agent rations of my family were coal miners, so where will from salt Lincolnshire in this to the world, but it this of family history. This isn't this isn't that popular television program, but we've got plenty of action still to come here. We would use get away with payback on forty and Moto team raced to at five past eleven. We are running about twenty minutes behind the moment just for a flight, but we will get underway in a short period of time. The junior LC forty elites are to be out after the next race. Then senior mini motos the AC forty Lookie the mini GP fifties fully by the extreme hundreds. And of course, in many cycles that will bring us to the end of this morning's action at around one o'clock that maybe a little later we will keep your dated with the times as an wind. We have them, but we will do this all the game after two o'clock as well. Starting with the mini g. p. seventies once again, that's two o'clock. 'cause pass t for the AC forty pros said in final vase of the weekend, the payback four CMO teams again, juicy out at fourteen thirty five, ten to three four. The junior Elsie forty elites senior mini motos are five past three, twenty five pass. Three will be the forty rookies than at quarter to fall. The mini GP fifties. Full hook around for dead is exchange hundreds. The mini onsite cars rounding off for the weekend and for the season at twenty minutes past full. And has. We are just in a brief. Flight period at the moment, waiting for the start of the pit bike one, fourteen and Moto team second race of the weekend. Just as a quick reminder Ovalles you happen to be sat waiting for the next race to come along. Please do head over to the Comanche books is just underneath race control. It is a little bit of a walk, but if you knock on much else to come allegedly stole is lovely on a Sunday morning. It would be great to have a few ideas on the other side of the circuit quick chat with us lettuce, nine, you're thinking before you'll beg racer second race of the one of the more nervous points in the weekend because unlike the first race in a weekend, for example, you might be thinking, okay, well, just get this weekend of to star. The second race is always tentative because you don't want to push too hard because you want to be a good place for three, but then you don't want to be to sleep because you can lose a load of points and cautious over championship potentially want ROY too precarious the law and don't want to tell Venice. Really, it's all about trying to maintain a steady. Inconsistence run. So the to the year you don't wanna be winning and crashing, but you don't want to be. Around eighth or ninth, but finishing writes, yes, there's a balancing act, of course, Kiko. As you say, we've seen the season, especially loss of the championship runners. The results do come down to how well they finished the race. I have seen a number of championships this season where the writers do have an exceptional second half to the year, and that's the result really pulled themselves back into into into championship contention despite having quite a poor opening few rounds. Yes, they can't cancer. Oftentimes, Tom, please ignore my colleague doesn't if you are tune into visual radio stream on social media. Thank you for joining us. Join. We do have to. Remind our listen is we do have a producer talking to us in always, which is being Kiko sometime start giggling because we're being told things is when going completely mad. Although we are point nuts as as less is Coney treating himself to the. Try and tell us what he's talking about? No, he's decided to me. Our producer all of the semester last big, thank you to Forbes over the course of the season. He has been doing very good job producing fantastic coverage hair call, fab racing championships. And if you just tuned in, we are just on a condition at the moments. After the end of the forty pros, we are waiting for the start of the pit bike on force. He and Moto teams. They will be out in just a short period of time, but. We do have the confirmation then off the racers for the pros. It is Mason foster your vase. Winner had of Sullivan. Mounsey Johnny place, an Edmonds Monte Harris, top five, Harvey Claridge. If you're not doing anything, you can come over and join his over in this country. We know you're wasting your time over the talk to your friends coming. Do view with us. Anyone's welcome. Of course, for our coverage, you our preference because. We, we aren't good chat with. Well, yes. How was pleased to head over to the coach, crate word with us. Anyone else. If you do want to have a conversation with us, we do not discriminate case whoever wants to come to the comedy about this great to have your insight into the racing action. I'm well sunshine, as now coming out on a Kana. Jackson websites had to four motorsport radio, the weather, much different compared to yesterday's wet wet and implement weather. Indeed, we've already seen that this morning with the first two races, especially with riders behavioral to stay on track this time. Yesterday was very notable for the fact it was treacherous for all of the costs of varying experience proved to be too much for lots of them, and it's crazy some real drama, especially in couple of the races. The first race of the day we had. We only have six runners that ended up finishing finishing just because of the conditions that we had on track. But no, it's a lot. It is a lot more dry today, a lot more sunny and hopefully we should be able to get the best out of these bikes. Well, I will get the best out of the bikes invite as Jews becoming out in just a few moments time. We believe Kiko joyous your definitely an expert in the bike world. And of course it's not just a coup Fabra saying stuff you do this show join us every Thursday from APM where you can join us in the conversation for all of the fantastic things going on in the world of most cycle racing and well, big highlights coming up in the next few weeks cost finale for the superbike championship next weekend, I believe so it is brands hatch. The British super championship coming to a crescendo at brands. Of course. We'll talk it all things. Tie this week, the Thai Guam, pray, having a brilliant debut say anymore than that. Yes. Well, many of our people in the product during one to know the real reasons or anything that's gone on any spoilers basically. No. Spoilers spoil his hair radio, and please also head over to spot dot radio, plenty of articles on the were in the world of my sake. And of course info plan as well. Conor Jackson. Primarily dealing in junior single seater categories of course, says plenty of variety on our websites to enjoy, isn't there indeed, Dan. And of course, most saga racing is one of the many different aspects we cover over radio. It's been an interesting season, so it's been interesting season so far. And it's certainly one that we're all excited to see come to the end of, especially with all of the championship still yet to be decided Kiko very excited about some international moussaka racing was happening this morning and, and of course. And of course that we've seen in a variety of series this season. We've seen a lot of things. I think I see something on my horizon. Air is the clouds thinking, believe courage put on the screen. Requested them coming to beat his up business law. Those of you who are in on social media, we have three virus walking up to the race can show the very least anyway, we have seen the middle of the screen, very purposeful this they make their way through. We do believe the two clauses is. Talks about them. Now turn by trying to decide whether they're going to go one way or the other way less full runs off from the exit of the cheap. Oh. And we've got. Walking in at the moment. So we may well get the interview that we were hoping for. So who knows? We're going to see if we can grab them on Mike at the moment as they make their way in to the coach about some clouds on his way in an Harvey clarity. So, fantastic. We've got two guests to join us in the Coens books. If we can just relegate our two colleagues shoehorn the pair you in, welcome to some clouds. You are on camera, so please, no sewing Lou Justice of any kind, and we'll just move you guys just say, if you wanna step a little to your left there, Harvey, we'll try and fit your in to. Two guests joining us here around eight of the two thousand eighteen cool Fabri seeing British mini bike championships. We have goes, well, here is in who is who have you come to tell us about some clouds yesterday. And the monster. Next to me is Harvey clarity. So Harvey climate and some clouds come to join us for a very quick chat. First of all, how how much activity is going on in a in the assembly? Are we at the moment? Did you did someone actually come up to you and say, look these guys? These guys are just going to talk about going rescuing. Really, everyone's just getting a little bit for straight in a little bit. Well, just tends to really, as you can probably imagine they're thinking that you're going out next. And then people I'm willing to say, I guess a little bit worrying instaflex while you start getting cold. Yeah. Ready frustrating. Well, I can imagine it's frustrating. UT has an interesting race in the rain. Yesterday, well-done, Sam, I winning rule with Simon winning in the Moto team has is the first time that both of you have won a race in custody at the same time. The first time clouds and clouds of one together. It was very interesting. It was. It was very good experience. When we go back to the the Garrett and I was paying comes in, and it was really excited. Yeah, so it's great that both you had some great success Simon more or less winning the motor team championship is? Well, she was explaining last night over dinner. I, I so low championship one as well, which his feet. Madonna's been racing. Fifty five now and he's been racing since he was about twenty four and is donate Manx, grand prix and all alone and is never actually won a solo championship is one team team championships. He's never want to championship. It was. It was. It was quite excited. Just a little tear in his eye. Maybe. Quite hard to believe Simon. A great character in the cool paddock, but said, is funded sometimes hard to believe Simon having his, I definitely gets quite emotional sometimes I really definitely. Yeah. Well, that was great view. Harvey. Another interesting race fee. Fourteen and motor team championship is one that you coined joy battling through great, fun, fab, and I really love this championship because it's really good, just how some of your friends unaccounte race in various other championships. Just remind our listeners, what else you've been doing this season. This is very singing the tank on the being a stall, how I will. How is the first season of the push talent cowhide fund? It was the organization like is ready, Fuel Development, really good. It's really fun. Not been progressing for the year. It's really good. And you've been enjoying the most of the other in? It's been really good. You look into those again next year, any any firm plans and officejet or just going to see what the winter brings? See what the winter brings. Monifieth. He was Harvey per se. It's good. It's good. Keep it short simple. I think nail that affects infringe vs anymore. They just aren't the facts. I don't know because sometimes see, right, isn't drivers in really professional championships too, because Lewis caused winter phone on vibrate. He. There's only one analogy does music, right? But can we come out with the book of high coups which his eccentric. I wouldn't imagine Valentino Rossi doing until Mark has coming out coming out with the poetry books. Poetry books, especially definitely cats. I imagine he's not as amount of poetry. Kikoko's laughing in the background of that one, but then looking to the rest of the day, two more races for you guys to enjoy. So what things do you are expressing is one of the guesses about join us as well. So she own them in inches second as well. But looking to the rest of the day, then weather condition starts getting warmer. How is I going to fit your hiding? Definitely as the truck warm. You get a lot more Griffin, the circuit, and you should see lap-times tumble, definitely in the days long as the the rain stays away, then they should be. It should prove some good race in Alexa. Max cook can come from the back of the grid of not being out yesterday and and maybe catch alvian. Callum Wybrow. Saying goodbye. So with you, Harvey looking for another good result? Yeah, I'm trying to get a good result because yesterday that wasn't the best after a couple of crashes in the race and gave away samba. It was, I'm hoping for a good result today to hopefully get the championship of Jabe is quite a big gap. Well, that's going to be a China's retain yourself and Jamie king voicing for the championship in the pepper force. Caskey thank you to some clouds onto Harvey. Clarence joining us, hey, in the Bronx. Else. Thanks very much if anyone else wants to come and join us in the box, pleased to head over to just by race control. We go quietly developing at the moment from. We got well seems like half of the paddock coming up, so they comedy boats to come and join us. So if you guys wanna come on John-Paul name, this is probably one of the most things are done in my core eccentric things in my time. If I just want to turquoise ones on the second Sullivan, just put them on that way around and then. Gator scrubber, and we've got one more champion. Say, only get another. Bye. A three now come in. Three riders coming into the. Comedy books. If you do want to come in an interview was which seems like half the pilot wants to have an interview. It's great to see the enthusiasm that the young boys and girls hair are showing for the championships. We'll just get you to introduce yourselves now from left to right on the screen. Let us know who you are, what you've ace in. First of all. Fifty and seventies. From the fifties in the seventies the man in the middle needs no introduction, so, but. Know who you are anyway, name Sullivan, Mounsey race in pro now, see for hind leg power. Wittman Sullivan mount saying, we've also got Mela race in the many GP seventy class. So we've got three of our young writers from few of our junior categories here spin. A an interesting weekend's racing so far for you guys. I suppose some real challenging conditions out yesterday. It was really tough trying to cause in. They'll see my dad said, just keep on going because there's only ten p. who's you'll get still get a decent amount of points. And it was really tough in liquid in pro today. I got to one second today. One second yesterday we chum quite happy about came third in the championship. So congratulations coming third in the championship Sullivan. Thank you. You've been a few times this we can. Nobody in the mini g. p. how's it a suit? Taisho circuits a bit tight and twisty, isn't it? Pretty hard with conditions is is cry. Pay some parts where bumpiest more slippery where you got the careful, very slippery yesterday wasn't. How did he find the wet weather conditions? It was k- have a law consistency and smoothness to stay on the by. Unevenly found that if been able to do that over the course of this season, then. And what's your plan for next year? Then only you're going to be coming back and doing these again or bigger plans to be getting on with. They do fifties and seventies again. Sorry, we're looking forward to having you back next year and then Dylan. First of all, you've been a few times as well, some great bustling yesterday. Yesterday, there was basically ten people didn't finish racers only six people after. So basically after do stay on, but unfortunately on the craft. Saone you managed to stay on and getting good result, but not quite. But that's the challenge of motorcycle racing. No, isn't it so easy to do really well until the very end and then lady looked just take it away from me. Yeah. And looking to the rest of this, we can. It's a lot more sunny than it was yesterday. Isn't it? So hopefully make it a bit better future Ryden. Good today. My first race came full and it was me and Rossi Butler, and I was close race, so very close race in you. Look for two more of the same after noon. I'm next year your plans? Not sure. Really our, I wanna go back. Oh, babe with really afford it. So I think we're just going to stay here either on the seventy on a pit bike best to all three of you over the course of this weekend. We've got guests here in the comedy box. If you are listening here truck side. Thank you very much for sticking with us. Thank you for joining us on sports radio on the coup fab racing website and on social media. Thank you very much to only walk Sullivan for joining us and well, we're gonna get a few more of your friends coming in. Now, Sawyer winless joining us too many too many different aims, two different families and family, but thank you very much for joining us. We've got a few more to come in at the moment. Let's see who else waiting for us is a very long line at the moment we do seem to be getting through. It's a bit like going, if you just want to stand in the middle now you should be house on the screen. So why will leave. Celeste evolves to someone going to be long enough. Let's might not be long enough. Let me go just about enough reach. So we got three more joining us in the book's fantastic. The family atmosphere here. Cool. Fab racing, you're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool Fabri sing precision. Many by championships should be Coney. Conditions will get the pit by force forty and Moto team. Second race of the weekend in a short while buts guests joining us in the coin choice, let us know who you are. First of all, what are you? Race in Johnson, risk manager, fifties Mason. John's joining us. Moving on next nineteen dilemma. Mason. So we got joining us. We've also got my name's James Kirk, and I raised in the fifties on our forty. We have three of our young writers joining us, hey, once again, the mini teepee fifties. Well, great action yesterday wasn't very wet, but you managed to just about through the conditions out there if you guys. Sliver a handle. The same. I unfortunately crashed on the third lap. Stay on and get second-place. Congratulations Mason. You are the great race yesterday didn't use some really great moves trying to take the lead really four very well. So as well, I mean the these mini GP fifties guys like about them. While they have like good. And they're not like small the mayonnaise. So, yeah, I like the bigger bikes more. Germany, just slightly bigger, c can can win a bit faster machining you guys going to be looking forward to maybe moving up to the seventies next season or looking to stay back in the fifty s I think I'm going seventies, but maybe the next year after my to the foreign Spain. And tell him what about yourself? I'll be doing some of the Owen. Oh, might be moving so als. As many, he seventies and then just very quickly of your own. If you three of Johann spin off the season, then. Wow. The last round. Three son, I a role, so really happy about that. Rasa very fee, James Dillon and Mason. What what did you even joy by this season. Got second. And this Brown. So far in hoping to get more and the other. Mason? Well, I good season at the star, but then. Crashing than missed one round out. So. Well, we'll for all of the two thousand nineteen hoping for more great resources from you guys in a short period of time. When the next many GP fifty race will be out saying you joining us and still go more to come in. This is absolutely fantastic amounts of support that everyone is showing us. Thank you very much for joining us in the controversy briefly if anyone else wants to come for a quick interview with us in the comedy books, please do come join us and it's great to have is this. This is the only thing our component describing as is when you have the post race post race interviews. When when you go into the big booze and they do all the post race, interview, speaking to divide is and letting us new here, they are severe. Just wanna move slightly further to the left will try squeeze you all in just a little bit to the left. There we go, right? So let us know from right to left lettuce. Let us know who you want one. What do you him to Lawrence Soros in many GP seventy Taylor joining us. Gregg. Marshall h boy. On just on the left paid an I race in the DP fifty and seventy s so we got to GP seventeenth. I race this morning and that must have been about how did you have to wake up this morning. So he could be I, I. Normalize, then. Well, we don't always become morning people. That's the trouble I suppose in in in the sport, you just have to be. I raced three races this weekend. Well, that must be a good feeling. Sort of having having already got most of the way through your weekend. Good. How did your you scare them? Yesterday, I started nine to p four on those chasing after the podium then on on the fast eight hundred dropped and the guest stars again. Oh, that's a shame for then Taylor men all say. The race today, didn't we go that? Well, in the seventies. Oh, how did that happen? That's not good. I mean, yesterday's race had to that. Go for you. Good weekend so far. Hopefully, hopefully raise three is they always say, look, comes in threes. So hopefully you got a third race in the final of the season and for next year, then you to going to be coming back to the GP seventies as well, or you're gonna be doing other of the cool fabric may be pit bikes or something possibly coming back, possibly coming back survey, voice, smile on your face. If you got other plans for next season or maybe maybe e can't say she does not want to tell us concert the minute. Shame. I'm trying. I'm trying to think of itself, but maybe not not best to look for your next season. Then Taylor coil, you're going to be next year in the fifties and seventies again, a year of experience is going to go very help. Your confidence. I bet. So that's good that you'll be coming back, Gregg, Marshall as well. The smaller bikes. You're looking to move up to the big advice on one here. Not not here next year. The era after maybe next year enjoyed the postseason. Started off in rookies open to touch around three, and then our one into the pros and though in quite well. So he continued on with the pros for the rest of the season. The difference then between the rookies in the pros, just the patriots a little bit more power from the engines, a lot more power. And everyone's just that quick. It is very quick championship. The AC forty look for next. Hopefully we have you back in the comedy box very soon, and thank you. Thank you all for joining us. And if you go just let us know what what. Que me might GP than any of you seen the results of the race. All. We're not going to do any spoilers side. We weren't doing any spoilers, make sure we don't do anything for this year's championship is close. Who's you think's going to do. Fink markers is going to do it. With visa win one maybe next year. Marcus Marcus one hundred percent Mark has well, that's good omen there. So thank you guys joining us. Thank you much. Joining us on the social media on Facebook on Twitter, only Kufa bracing websites and on my your listening to live coverage of eight of the two thousand eighteen Kufra bracing, British mini bike championships. If if you just want to put this one on Conor Jackson, we will have one thing you might understand as we now have to readjust the camera. Again, this is not in small trial, but it is corner Jackson, the website editor of motorsport radio. We are just in the period of just in the cameras. So the many different trials and tribulations of country hair. But thank you all of our young writers for joining us. It has been an interesting, very nice waves of understanding haring how young writers guy about that Koreans, basically this careers for many of these young writers. Oh yesterday, and it reminds me very much from personal experience of the days back in the junior karting leagues where a lot of young young myself would be very enthused about the ride ahead of the and of course the journey making it up to that section would be Justice. And of course, these are just the equivalent onto wheels, loss of these rights. We will see in a bigger leagues. In years to come. And of course, these are all name to watch out for. Oversee fantastic day here and it does look like we aren't going to be getting racing in the near future. So hopefully we shouldn't be waiting too much longer for some action back on track. Well, hopefully there will be some action in the not too distant future. We are waiting for the next race. The pepper on forty and Motin rate here from round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool Fabri seeing British many bike championships. Thank you very much. I taking weather's on social media on the motorsport dot radio website, an-and cool fab racing, plenty of action still to come here from touch in Lincolnshire. The final round of two thousand eighteen the sun is shining. And while we are looking forward to some fantastic action here, fab racing. PM, regional and best British championships for mini bikes. This is true racing. Bracing, British mini bikes championship. Facial partner series to the BS. All the two thousand eighteen coup fab racing, British many by championships. We're still in touch in Lincolnshire still in an extended red flag Peres putz. We should be getting away with Racine actually gain. Ain't just a short Royal. Mine aims alongside Kiko, Charles poachers, some more guests. If you haven't join us a few moments ago, you missed out. We had a really big q for writers to have a few entities. You have some clouds how clarity, great, many vines from the mid seventies GP fifties, really Achim premium avoidance to are to the interview collection. I suppose, Colin Jackson, but there is more than just racing to go on today. We have the presentation evening starting from seven fifteen. If you a few hours away from the second open hand. Come see the racing, you can come down for the awards come down for the world's speaking of a world. The may dispose who was see what did that. Somebody. Come head over, go and sign of nominate a few different writers and you kind of put in your information. Let us know who you want to see when a multiple awards, whether they're your favorite and breast wide with the young wine over the perhaps the best martial been working extremely hard over the course of the season own sung heroes, maybe someone behind the scenes to put in all the time and effort. The don't get to see they do so much hard work, but no one can truly appreciate what they do well nominate them and we will see who wins motorsport award on December the ninth, multiple awards dot com or support dot radio slash awarding register, let us know who your tipping for a mole spore award Marshall's best friend campaigns may be best marshals. Well, we going to say a few moments coming in. We've got no Lonzo saying, go play and we've got proud of you always take from Claire clamoring. We call a few people join White House saying, Hello. Hello, JoAnn, thank you for joining us and saying, good mentioned to tie Waffen done. Then the world speedway champion, three time wall speedway champion. So a big mentioned to them the moment. So plenty of action still to come here from touch ky-ko's. We joins us been hunting writers for a few interviews. Hurting them. You responsible for the vapor queue outside. Keep you out in trouble them. Keep me in trouble. The last is warming. What are the conditions out there? Michael fish. Them wet underfoot on the frayed to say. Cheese. Less than full saying, put some shoes on then don't forget Kiko as in talking to his goal producer in his hair. Feeding back to him. Completely lost the plot. To begin with now. Anyway, hopefully the this will end in a short period of time the pit by one four team, oh, thirteen miners starting to make their way back to the assembly area ahead of a race start. Hopefully we get that on the way in not too distant future, plenty of action, and it's great to have some cows can join us in celebrating in the two from cellphone for his father. So proud family isn't it? They are a proud family. I hope they get the covenant situation, so well, I'm sure they'll find, I'm sure they'll find something to to keep yourselves entertain, but we are due to be getting away with the race starts for one, fourteen Moto teams in a few moments time, the weather starts his full degrees. Apparently outside is as four degrees colder than it was yesterday despite the fact that sons out there. So good weather, reliable weather system. I believe as ever whether I actually tells me. Eight degrees. Well, we are underway then with a green flag lap full. The. Is going out there. Forty and motivations out on circuits out the moments. The great role lineup as follows. It is Callum Wybrow and Harvey Claridge on the front, very the great some clouds and Whitaker on very Phoenix. Jamie king on vice three Scott. I'm Blake. And so on four ahead of Harry, meduse Fraser son, Simon, closing fat will be in eleventh place ahead of Jason Kidd with Adam, sweetie. Can ads. Then it's real, are gloves. Sixteen miners going to have to roll plastic, get themselves into. Anything else ahead? All the race starts second race of the weekend by fourteen multi teams at Brown's. Fifty minutes laid say, gee, extended period and see. We should pull back some time later on, say, we will hope for another clean race, twelve up, sending prospect, Kiko, joyous and what he open action. The head of this, this one, it's all about Jamie king versus Harvey. Claritin is that battle for the championship, of course, in the baby. Sarin clouds just needs to score. You put into mathematically confirm that tees jump can. Bumpkin. Cookies outlet. Mexico wasn't Al day is Kevin Griffin as well. Any reason, one of those two you went out yesterday where they just know him. Max cook has been here, but he was not racing, haven't seen where we can muster up tonight. Hey, needs a few is much larger than we've had. I've. We got a few on the. Yesterday, we'll give you information in just a few times going to wall since the rest of the grades. Just just running this vinyl running back to his pike may have been the transponders phone and off trying a image of that only visual radio. Thank you very much for joining us all the social media on the radio websites and all the cool are bracing pages. Thank you for joining us. We've had our our of fitting, and now we already with the racing. Choose to be a football consisting Callum boy at Harvey Claridge surmise coach starting at the Bank. We've, we've. Playing on. So. Kevin Griffin as well as may well, be Harvey client, who's the main fallen off with? We suspect what it was anyway. We don't suggest too much sure. The moment butts the vied is getting its position. A very large, got a few stragglers in the back still making their way through the third and final sector. This office. So it does take a little while yet you on into the place and into position. And. Vardis to move up. Getting into position Lois Claritin keys that just pushing everyone forward. This is the problem when we get a few coughing in racing yesterday ball today, they will side where they're going to be, but hang on. I turned up six AM six. Does that mean I should be added a properly will be something very flying. All we know is able be very interesting term one for the first higher as well. Keep it clean. As star to build up. Then we have gone to many of our it is ready and looking tools, Lee clouds to start like building back now grief. I goes up hosing creeping, but we get on the way we all the paper one full Motamed entertain for the first time. It's a good start from fanaticism. Billy. Contact going down into turn. Number one. Not sure here they are just trying to the pike, but the race continues, and this is a twelve Braise Reuter as back onto the bike, that fellow tournament one, a big daddy. Harvey Claridge making great stars trying to run away. He didn't yesterday, but we know is same clouds is a real danger and concentrate through the infield sexually going left right? And left again, three very Tara Tara pages and get to bit for comforts. They own just about managed to carry on with. Such a large credit sought. Twenty-one run starting the race. There was always going to be very tight on the opening lap. And as we've seen, however, other than that one, we still have twenty of them in that leading and going side by side into turn one. It is really close in the midfield. Harvey Claridge leading to the chewed of two point six seconds over Kalomo eyebrows. Say what the start as Harvey Claridge Blake. And so they're in third place. Fourth Long, John whisker head of yesterday's winner, Sam clouds, Felix earned. Six doesn't have any bad luck this time. Tell you Simon class. Brilliant star Dow's up to seven place place. Jason gave Bernie hook and Jamie king round out the talk. Now eight days the Jamie king. He would be losing a whole load of points there. In fact, you'd been losing nineteen point nine, two one, isn't it? Well, actually. Eighteen class. So he would be losing seventeen got down to three that might to any prospects for later on today. So race say up to jump shift aside of the daughter, Harvey averaged as leading this way so far have full point, six seconds, ready going very well in the front of the failed countywide, pow, as pressure from Sola to Noseda tanning, turned number rarely iron to rotate the pikes each other down. Going off as well. They both lose the front tires. They both get on back on the way. Sure. Slowing out that never good for them, but they do continue, which is a key thing for them. They stage racist still eleven, go to just completed on top three for Harvey climates. Forty eight point seventy four. He's the time now is seven point three seconds, three ups, Calloway style, but Blake ROY on the back collar. White bow works are sacred place consolidated. As soon as he he's talking to today, they're interns. Two, three left in the pike squiggling around steak. He would not read a little bit of understand is going to be counter wipe out. He's going to be counter cousins, increase pressure, joining round the outside into the time. I can't quite make them. Column Wybrow just about staying in front of the moment, but you get the the needs of master when a full play countries tied through after turn up, turn nine, not quite able to do so take some cheer inside all max cook as well is all over eleventh place or so that was dukes. Eleven twice on this circuit at the moment. The second door to the good Calamar Brown still has any Surrey's days lost to east down into third by snap. Blake, I'm so has got into second light like I'm so is your new silver medallist as starves the background, his Paul, but Blake second place. Now I don't think he's going to do. We're gonna have a great battle now on for the second round second-leg still speaking tested at the moment. Why pile coming through five and six at the moment, giving a good China hobby. Eight seconds up. Has up stakes are left fifty point. Four was so we go, yellow flagstone turned sakes just on the bike that just trying to get the pike restarted much warmer temperatures in yesterday. So Shipley less of a problem. Problem than in the very cool conditions yesterday, but in four months now. Is nearly ten seconds up the road. Calloway bow down to third place of Blake answering second short way to Jamie, Jamie king. Now, key point, some clouds, six, seven, Simon clouds, vice Kirk heavy, comes eighth-place with the foster type of forty eight point four, eight, nine bits between the team as you say, max Cooke, really on the move now with the foster slot even quicker than clouds, but it is closing up now in fifth place on, that's going to be crucial when it comes to deciding who will be all about the ride is pack it out the places between clarity and Jamie kings. Jamie king. He's in class. So he's ninety four team points that would mean he still has championship lead would come down to six, Jamie move on ready within ahead. Stone Winfrey's ROY Trump showing his case. Never turn one common. Asking for the power suit, turn to Jamie king. Look on the inside the left. I'm the nine do so that may have cost him, Timex cook. Now, trying to get Jamie king, he's got to attack as well as the max cook coming alongside Jamie chimes down the inside and show them what you can get the job done term five holds place. Max book follows through. You got fate of a look at Jamie kingdom turned seven, seven laps again is blood enough. Tom might not six full your leaders, Mexico. Jamie king joined to make way through Jayme king looking to join recover any Trump's appointee Conradi ranks cook Scott him neither side by side through the phone of corner, Amax cook, brilliant. Move on the inside. The ROY under that comes onto the strike maximum up to four Feis with a fast race as well, still causing. Far really writing very hard, but Harvey Claridge's eleven point, six seconds ahead of Blake, Blake is also played off to the tune of two seconds added up color. Wipro Callum Nola much pressure at the moment. Matt's cook, then there is trying to basically going to take tune onto eighty making tied through turns five, six, seven one wide Moscow giving it a good move suspects. Yes, she managed to Troy snake. He's way through. Infield section such the pace Kirk house. The last time I was fifty point six. So posing they got they had which was six seconds in around the live site in no way. Surprise. Bihar leads point nine. I had a blackout, so Moscow Cup to eight tenths pay, kind of wipe letty. Facing on soon Mexico. The new fastest as forty eight, three, nine, seven hundred number thirty toes down the number twenty. Now like the gap as two point two seconds. We will monitor that as they come through this rice. Now not long to go ready five ups ago, gully max, good. So ready really with Blake bed traffic to negotiate their way through backs cooks, getting his job done seventies prairie very tight, so you that Josh China, we've your way to trumping not looking to to lose any momentum. Harvey. Clarice still lead it out front that we. Claves in another pipes code Claridge and so cook, Calamar Brown, four, Jamie king, which Sam files seven Simon clouds team on the road Rossi Banham nine ninety launch. He's ten so far as you say about Simon tiles, the top modes team right at that he knows to be has four PB bites between him and his nearest Motorcity writer in the former Jason Pugh that's almost ten seconds down the road, and it must surely seem like a dominant motor team victory. Now from Simon current, Jamie king is headed countywide powerline happy over the line. So nine is now up to fourth place. Jamie came is not losing as many points. This is the critical state. Now Harvey Claridge as well away, but he called overtake anyone else. He's going to get any more points. Jamie king is just working further and further out and gating moral points. So they advantage is going to be lessened for Javy. King is going to be as much as potentially walls. FU three works with Harvey is leading fifteen seconds, ahead of of mice. Kirkman cook six tenths quicker on law, stop knocking me enough to cozy one suspects. Stranger things have happened in the pep. I won't you team race. Blake council still third, three seconds. Our headed Jamie king marks cook as lapping quicker than our because religious. Right. That's good enough. So Harvey coverage, unless he makes mistake argue, did yesterday has this rice done and dusted Jamie king? The problem Jamie's going is the moment the gap would come down to just seven points that would mean if to win them later on Jamie king would have to be second. And third and Jamie king. How second Jamie king would have to be no lower than. Swings and roundabouts. Shame you go crush on soft today. It's going to go down to the wire. He's lead from the majority of this year as king. He's all about whether or not you can maintain that later on. As we go into the final two laps, I think relies have to be now on the battle for fifth place with Sean whisker. Now holding off signed Calloway, bro, and Sam close. Both of them really hounding the number twelve who has really wanted this fifth-placed started the race. The twelve fifty one. Eight hundred m eight tenths getting Calamar center should have been issued as far as that is concerned, but no problem. Harvey coverage comes down towards turn five. Third time, five short. Six. Lookin, like he's going to pinch this championship today. If things go his way, which so far they are. Up towards the left left-hander down into the Ryton return. Nine, he's better traffic, join gets. He shouldn't have too many issues. RV Claridge is going to put a pig, ten, Jamie kings. Jumps charge as he takes the win. Harvey Claridge has done through across the line and a lovely wind fame second-place should be Mexico. He's just coming through the phone call. Now Callum more Brown or so. He's Blake answer should be. Vice salon com now, Blake Ansel as he comes line. Yes, he's four by should be Jamie king. Jaime king. Coming through now he is spoiled. So Jamie Qingming hangs leave? No. No, by a great deal of points for sure. Six, seven plays four some clouds, Simon clouds as your motel team champion. We all but new anyway because no one else is in it for the championship running this year. Bernie hook complete to the top ten. A great run land form. Harvey clarity pitches himself firmly into championship contention which using to Jamie king in the pit bike on forty glass butts number sixteen Harvey Claridge won by thirteen point, five seconds. I had a Matt's cooks, Blake unsold takes another great podium ahead of Jamie king. Rossi PanAm your top six Sam, Simon clouds, finishing seventh and eighth pit by one Moto team race, win respectively. Large, Bernie hook round out the top ten. Jason Pugh score Dussen phrases connect- Nelken honesty, finish law instead and the talk fifteen with Kevin Griffin Felix hands further, two places behind. But now we move to the junior c. forty elites round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool vibe racing British many bike championships. Cool by breaks. Coverage all season on the fan, bracing Facebook page on the website, fab raising dot com. Is time for race. Two of the weekend for the junior Alcee Fortier Lee carbs Peng for this on manual Brinton head of Evan Belford headed up. Very, is ROY Hitchcock. He stood at Mason foster your AC forty pro champion looking for another podium today. Joe Farragut is bit ahead of Sullivan. Mounsey just pans, the seventh journey, Garner's in eight Luca Hopkins shirt, Campbell complete jerk languishing down there and qualifying yesterday, they don't know what's going on down that James Cook at eleven Choi. Jeffrey in twelve only twelve engines for this is one of the shows entrance we've had in this class this year, but I believe we have, I believe we do actually have Goldman. Do. Definitely his levers and. On this practice is hit the woman this morning. So tanks you're gonna be making a surprise appearance hair looking tight back Haza these crime. So we wait for the way star marshalls to the sides of the grades may look towards Clough's with the green flag. It isn't the only when it goes up. It's when it goes down hoisted upon the, then it goes down the game. We get on the way where the LC forty elites. They make their way entertain one. For the first time. It's titled run when nine hundred go. You can't win into the first corner, sadly lose to the first corner a minute. Brinton trying a hold on in second place in the moment. Ready fighting for the race lead. Trying to look at my mind left onsite, couldn't make it stick as they make their way into turns four and five for the first time out of nine, not quite yet the move being made, but it's very tight for the race lead Kiko Royan Hitchcock. The flying star from grade. He's already leading second place at the moment that looks like to me, manure Brinton the place conquest. Another good start off. Start up from top to force now Mason foster as v, k, sir, Gorman already. Six is the work of a champion. So they come across alive, Ron Hitchcock when Johnny gone. Again, he's another star come from Germany, full southern amount. Full Mason foster faith case Goldman from the back of the grid up to six chasing heart Mason foster. Now, looking around the outside the inside at turn three quite make Mason. I hold on, we're going to twelve out front just to complete the grid, though the James cookie, some Josh banister as by Campbell. Ninth, Luke Hopkins is ten. Jove Barroga is in eleventh, but all action out front, six bikes going for a win hair. Indeed, Kiko unfortunately, do appear to have I stop John track, sadly icon who that is. However, they will locate back as you say, six riders all pulling away from the rest of the field. And that's going to be intense as we come down to the final corner on the run to the I, it's three, almost three. The first corner by Ryan Hitchcock has just about kept his position. He has kept his position annual prints and look into tight back first place of which he starts a massive moment coming to turn to just about held on three. From side to side, he lifts up Sullivan man's. That's turn for the tight right-hander. So case O'Gorman audience, third place you've got to favorite with eight laps to go already made up such such low to ground lead in is Ron. Hitchcock's foam is case Coleman. Looking round, the long white cuts to the inside is a classy move are when you get done his well thumbed turned seven short bursts into turn nine. It's dining alongside hates eight and takes case. Yo Gorman is I wonder he's a champion. In fun east coming here to face your Gorman. Well, my goodness me out front already. The well on point four one, three. Well, not unsurprisingly the off the race, nearly a second quicker than the rest of the writers. Faith on the previous. Now in the laid all this race point one, six zero the moment, but it is raining Hitchcock second-place defending annual Brinson. Third Sullivan Mounsey in fourth, there will scrapping silver medal as rely to mention it entered seventy. Second of the toilet left-hander happens alone world run continue turning though through eight hundred nine point difficult to really make a move national absolutely committed. These young writers are the venue printing just about holds on the place because there's a q. Sullivan mounds he's in. He's not too close, but he's going to try and make late move up inside into turn. One almost guests. The conchords stop pick quite doing so Sullivan Mounsey stays in fourth place. Brinton lines up, Ryan heads Kobe's could lead to positions. He weaves left to right. Let's just across the nose carries it out continues. They will find Sullivan. Housi- Emmanuel Brinton goes for the move at turned for couldn't make it work for interns. Five and six, nor quite either manual Brinton in third place to attack as well as defend Ron h cook, easy job in the moment. He's gonna ride races, basically the leader of the pack enough room in front of his tripping out by anyone manual Brinton as giving sullen manly, the charts. I come to this very, very fast and scabby some on the side by side down in the area. He was had look at Ryan. Hitchcock couldn't quite make you. I hate spoke holds onto second-place by some annual fourth fourth-place as Sullivan Mounsey hit Brinton. Again, looking between turns two and free. The flip flop, saying, turn to look into executing, turn sleep and not quite being able to do not turn five now all stations as they were case Gorman cruise. Race, four, eight, one, seven, four. The kid is flying off. I do fear for Emmanuel Brinton. He is making these lunges in such and such unusual places up three inches, you say, coming down into the tight chicanes. These not making the most about run into the first corner, and that is where a lot of the writers have really been making the overtakes again as we come down now. Again, he looks appear to have the run. I don't know if he's got the speed to take it through the corner. Any doesn't again, I don't think Brinton is making the most of the position that he's in rehearsing a long way around. I between turns two and three. Solomon mounds is all over the back of the battling Hitchcock Brinton scrap Brinton on the inside this time at turned five. Now not Li, starving takes discretionary time around, but Casey Gaumont still lead by a country mile account. You specifically defined as four point three, four, nine seconds. Fantastic. Return for champion of. Two thousand eighteen in the junior l. c. four tilles coaches doesn't know where he's gone anymore might as well be back for holy knows putting money Brinton really ready being pulled pointing really hard on. Mine has trying to go inside. Sullivan. Mounsey has a look at the inside is still count. They're just bringing Johnny Gomez, hey, interest price anti Mason foster as well. So the battles getting screwed hastily withdrew finally, Herman, you Brinton Mesa movie couldn't quite make his steak. He toys again though onto the inside at turn them the first of the happens. He does make it through this time. He does say ahead, sir, intersect complaints goes a mining Brinson and now maybe furious Caesar admits in front of Ryan Hayes caucus together position, but he might well lose on Sullivan Mounsey as well. Hitchcock Scott, the position back, but he warned that was attorney nine now than we coming down towards his scary Farnell corner, ROY, and the flat-out hitch, both reading. Second. Second in the group is Brinton side by side by Somme's Sullivan man's joining through. Still Casey govern lead in the second is all about Ryan hates peas. Got to defendthem Brinson prints and look at move at turn three again, trying to push each way to. He tried it last time. Couldn't make it work side by side down into turn five or to happen water with two laps to go tell you what though Brenton will certainly be told about that overtake l. w. couldn't make it stick. Certainly going to give him the confidence in these laws to lapse. And I tell you who else is being brought into this ride in the back Mason foster Dan mentioned it just minutes ago, but I really can see him making real headway on the front four as it's five now five bikes all in line per second place moves. So sorry to Sullivan just ahead of manual, Princeton at the final corner, and he's going to get ahead of Ryan, hey, downturn one as well. Manzi to posses to take my Johnny garden retired. He's not happy with that. Johnny. Johnny sees out smooth mistake into the turn there, and I think he just run off the barrier. He'll looks okay. I was thinking the bikes broken down. He's put the put the down eight technical issue. We're gonna take you long. Just a second. He's going to win this race. He's got enough of a lead. He's coming out of turn nine. You've got one more fast, right? And onto the strike is going to be his case governor comes up with the goods surprise that special goal, which I think is very, very nice coming to the line. It looks like it is going to be Sullivan Mounsey after all valley. Valley. Heyday. Solomon mandate who takes second third by survive. Hitchcock fourth-place menu. India enforce off the podium place to Mason. Foster six is going to be Josh earnest. Seven should be destroyed. Campbell is Johnny, darnest drops down the order, then it should be Hopkins, Joe fire, James, Kirk. But one about that, what a great race that was aimed folding action in that battle for second Gorman won't small, the man to beat. We didn't think we say his name again, this season case the number seven writer wins in the junior c forty lease. Specifically, eight points, eight seconds ahead of Sullivan, mouse. That was great bathroom between the full. The forty three heads coach and the ninety over my new printed. They really very, could not help scrap all throughout that race every single corner. They were trying to make moves on each other. But in the end Sullivan Mounsey very widely took second place. I had a hedge coke manual Brinson try so hard just off the podium Mason foster not far behind either Spanish. The sixth, I headed Bailey. Stuart Campbell, Luca canes, joy, Farag gone without technically, she we suspect James Cook finishing in eleventh place and not see second last race of the weekend for the junior LC forty elites. They will be back out later on this afternoon of next round. Eight of the two thousand eighteen cool five racing British many championships. We have got the senior mini MO, they will be out in just a few moments time. Now the fish upon the series to the BS. This is cool fabric saying. Up next second outing for the senior mini motos. These guys are always passionate into each other. The Ryan ground fan club I hear is out in full force. He ten job on ends, but he can actually win the championship today. If all things go his way, a Ryan grown looking to. Take it on. Think of that pole position just Birkin is along Saudi fund rice. So wrong gone on pole position, Josh Burke in in second place, Richard Ames Williams as your leader. Richard Williams can win the championship in this race. If he the forget my permutations to hand, he can actually win it. If he scores more points finishes, just ahead of him. And it's that simple. Chris is alongside him in fourth lights. Sarma hunters and good hunting for as long saw Nick Bennett in sixth, Bernie hook, seven, a map Birkin complacent grid in eight, Josh Birkin letdown. It's saying let the majority of the rice, but who's going to beat today. We just haven't gone. Well, we'll find out in just a moment. Nine laps in prospects for the second senior mini motel vase of the weekend, and you're listening to live coverage of round eight. Of the two thousand eighteen cool fab racing, British mini-bike championship own the cool five racing websites on motorsport dot radio and on social media. Thank you very much for joining us through our Senate period racing, and we thank you will say, for all of your comments readouts few of them in a few moments signed, but I seem to they look towards the green flag. This race will get underway Durant spelled hose up. Eight goes down Richard. I where they. Domino starts trying to second place baby China's for the vase lead going into Tomo. For the first time we're gonna fall down turn. When we go to phone is on the bike up and getting up. We suspect that was ROY in grants. But as they make their way through add up to world turns three and four. For the first time I actually going into the ROY leads at just ahead of Williams mar Perkin in there as well. Trying to challenge for getting better pressure. Now, everyone thrown the middle of this circuit safety gone leader, Mitch Williams. I is the battle for the championship as it stands is just enough for Richardo to be found champion in this race. It doesn't need to beat. Glance just to not lose fourteen points or more in this. Right? So a top four finish top five finish rated regard. We'll talk about the Mets play will do it for Richard. Hi trillion. Side-by-side down at term on moves, looking to remain inside the rich who is of near was that Matt Birkin maybe we're just waiting on the time update themselves as we comes through looking down my jump ships, honesty, you can't see is out front, it's as wrong grounds. So very happy with that one at the moment. Good stop. They've still got eight more lobster this race to go. So quite a while until we can find here is going to win this race in front tasks. Discrepancy going on further down the field side by side, actually going into turn sixty seven really no-holds-barred racing. But as they continue along in this race, ROY grant is the race leader. Richard Williams just. It is changing. It's really deposed, Bernie hug, great, Hugh laps in this one is just in second place. He's challenging. Six nine was over the line that last time is not that now site by site always coming into turn three, Bernie Khokar. White is ROY on-site joy to the inside at ten three couldn't make steak, but Ryan going grabs a bit of understood through turns for an inter five. The infield section could be where Bernie hook takes race victory in terms of the race lead. As you say, with Bernie hook, he has such a poor qualifying start ROY at the back of the grid on the final road, but he's made his way up in this race and it's been an exceptional run in that law slap. He gained eight tenths of a second on race leader wrong, and that's despite having to overtake Richard Holmes Williams, designing up Ryan gardens. I come onto the straight now then. So wrong gone under pressure from berry hope. Will you go to the state law stern made rowing on homes on from Bernie hook, line ground needs burning place as Richard. I'm Williams who is actually very, very slow on that lap that Matt Burke is catching him as as marching blessed NAFTA is to get past them then. Well, we may well have race deciding championships later on today. We'll get to that one. We do. Matt, Matt Burke and his rights on the back of which Williams and Bernie hook is challenging. ROY blunt leads come through, turned seventy hoax background to all the hook at the top of the circuit night and nine Bundy hoax going for the inside. He's gonna, pass them on this fall back over and under doesn't quite work to and onto the strike going gone as leading still from Bernie hope. Harry stays Matt Burke and is going to head off Richard homes forever. The issue which is is a big one that Nomi stealing in full the championship in this round. Turn number three heart moved to and not quite able to do so Costa couple of machine links going into turn three. You can make committed move. Its thank countering the follows, but he gets a fantastic ride out of turn. Number five, using the right hand side of the Seika to could've ou- couldn't quite make the move through, but it's every single corner trying to make me you probably gonna notice if you're glum he's trying to take you. Samsung procedures. But as they go through corners, he just knows how to place the bike. He knows how to defend Ryan gone leases, race from Bernie hook map. Perkin still got the great pastry yesterday and is starting maybe just clues into the race is a fifty point. Seven is opposed to fifty one point eight. So we is closing in to the race lead battle. And in all of this ROY ground holding on Bernie hurricane three, turns two and three. They're side by side. Again, entertained three can't make the move Colonel. Make stag. No, make steak. Bridget Holmes. Williams has fallen back. Yes. Another position now in Glossop and honestly, this is really going to the championship in the air with Ryan grants up front knowing he has to hold off Bernie hook. This really going to incentivize the number sixteen to keep that position during that his championship rival is struggling. Lohman Ryan would take this jumps chip rights to race, stray because fourteen points is the difference. The gap would be twenty four main Ryan gone. If he wins and. Rich to be having a catastrophe lights on the Trump was going back to Ron class. Ironic on doing what he needs to do. Richard Williams are not doing what he needs to be is still up in quicken the Nick Bennett in six place out front, no, Benny hill still chasing down Ryan, gone Matt Burke, and he's closing the Param. In fact, mar in Glossop is closing all of them down Lansing. Glossop was quicker than anyone else on last time around. I mean, the good news for homes Williams is that there is a twelve second gap back to Nick Bennett and six place. So I think even unless he has some sort of disastrous problem, I do believe homes Williams does have fifth-place wrapped up. So championship leads really would be a case of him retiring in the final race. But it really is a case of that fight for the lead with grant. Now being pressured all over by Bernie, as we go into the first corner, absolutely is absolutely being pressured at the moment, but it's about. A is going to come from from two to three at the moment because you got wrong leading money. Okay. Juanita money. Okay. Matt Burke again, what was his lap time? Yes, much quicker. I'm round as well for Martin Glossop, so I'm not sure if my gossips going to get there. Two point, four seconds. It's not catching quick enough. The moment these bottling them banging into each other's bikes. Then we may have an issue. We've got someone pulled off somewhere on the Circe on the infield. He's been there for four laps. He's just got back on his bike, so don't think that's going to go anywhere any thing in the back. So either way out front row in second place now is burning hook, Bernie hit with the fastest. This rights Birkin is third. As well and truly roles in personnel starting to close in days and going to take too long until the next few moments rather move made. It was four tenths come to mind. Using it again, ROY and growing as the leader second-place Bernie hook attacking like everything else. And as they make their way around turns five. Now. I mean, the thing is third-place Matt Burke, and he is falling back now to the front to, and that is not doing him with the has just managed to pull up a little in the in the infield sexual, but Burkin disappears not be able to keep up with them throughout the straits more Glossop fastest lap off device Iran, just one point. Seven vying grown under pressure now, Bernie hope, looking everywhere. Trae around these going to get the stream is going to go alongside that connect down in the breaking area. Who's on the brakes? ROY, does he keep? Yes, he does. So ironic, lawn just hold it on then from Bernie hook than Birkin Bernie Hooker sleep through on the inside. Now, Estonian championship, darn. I make in a different winery hasn't because Ryan ground is going back on the hook is round, turn stray and for unusual price pass. But Ryan Braun determined to take this jump ship down to the final race of the diet pay for these mini motos. Vine grant leads burning hook, second one, the last lap as well. So Ryan ground, easy going to hold on here. We've got long left four of them in the battle for rice, Wayne, Ryan ground. If he's turning on the coals right now, they're coming to Ryan ground. He's gonna hold on. Brian runs championship down to the last round. He is going to have a huge chance later on Waller ice one of the best rates. As we say in the senior anyway, old year, Ryan gone Bernie Bernie hope map in a Martin Glossop separated by just a second, limping home. Richard Williams is faith is not good enough to take the championship in not rice six. We are expecting Chris yeoman's. The line, seven, Toby, Nick Bennett and sarin Huntingford we'll complete the all that. No, and no. Elliot lodge, eight finishes from ten race to the senior mini motos. Thrilla well, four in the bustle full the race lead, right? The very end of race in the second CD motel race of the weekend has been fairly. We will have one more race for them. This season will be at around five minutes past three. This afternoon. We all a little bit today. Today's standard red flag periods, but thank short joining us on the cool fat bracing websites on motorsport dot radio and on social media. This is live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool racing British main point championships out onto circuit. Next. It is the AC forty rookies thank you, which will leaving all of your comments on social media. We will get round to beating those in just a few moments, but the full the next race, which is the AC forty rookies and it will be some Uelmen sin who is on pole position once again with Ruben Bray. Lining up on the front, right? The grid fin and warranty on Charlie hunting fit on vote, safe with white Radi. Only holder only SIMS William Harris Archie and Henry mccown Ristic ten nine. We go, Blake Wilson ahead of maturity. Harry Payne any Jones. Luke Fitchet, Joshua Williams and Lou Scofield. That is how you're seventeen older will line up. Why is just make any way our product up to the grades of the marshalls, just making sure everyone is in the point position, Kona Jackson website editor for motorsport radio. This is a very nerve wracking time. If you go any very quick word to wisdom for young writers. Well, as you say, it's looks like it's going to be a very close effects. The conditions also being a lot different than yesterday. Obviously, I would not put anything past Samuel Munson pole position yesterday and really made the most of his -tunities in race. One further back. There are some notable names that we have seen perform in other categories this year, but it really is going to be a case of tying it up at the front for several months in the flame of pope position when it being other victory collection for two thousand eighteen, we will find out in eight laps time the marshalls just make sure everyone is in the correct position, and there will. Very nervously waiting for the green flag. Leaving to the signs of the grids, we will get the race start race. Two of the foresee rookies this is the second straight season as they make their way looking to start line. Marsh, only green flag will go pay just time the event spelled the impatience pills are load creeping from Samuel familiar with Brennan, the front with a grid entertain one for the first time out of eight though, and they seem to be all getting through cleaning a good start by if you on entertains two and three much different conditions compared to yesterday's action Samuel Munson. With work Brady. Both fighting extremely hard coming into turns four and five for the first time, and everyone has made it three cleaning that is the best news. We can have the top two really are pulling away in this first opening lap, and I'm impressed at the speed Ruben Bray and Munson both appear to have very, of course, will be determined to take it to the number seventy two as he looks for maybe another race, victory while looking for another race picture handing over the line. Could we set for that as we take to the line for the first time outs of ace, your AC? It is Samuel Munson. Braying second fall, then two point two seconds behind his only hold his Charlie hunting company growing Brady. He Henry McCarty online down at turn. Number one yelling flags. Riders will is a basket onto the bike so they carry on. But that eliminates one from that battle. But the race leader's Munson Bray followed by only Horner Munson umbrella leading only honing in third, I'm the lonely race inter cyber nonetheless podium Charlie, I'm on the podium. Yes, they want fantastic podium. It was for him as well. In fourth work Brady v. Mckearney seven William Harris, eighth, all these SIMS in place, but out front Samuel Munson under pressure. Now for moving Ruben, bright building and building all the way soon right to the strike pulls out. They are side by side down the straight Rouvray on the brakes outbreak, Munson base time Samuel months, champion of this class. This year wrapped up yesterday of course, will be determined to take that position. But the thing to be aware of the coaching all eat Horner who is managing to match the mostly on laptops. Porno started system, the grades qualifying pencils and what he wanted amazing opening lap from the number seventy s ensured that he is currently running. Third, third is very, very good. Indeed, in his far as Trump she permutations, guy will only horn is already been won by Samuel Munson believe there is a place change for third place. Looking out now only now should piece erred. Third, where is, hey, now is that the well? We will see just a moment. Samuel f. you say, Kiko jaws is the champion base leading this race, three tenths now ahead of bravery, even Bray following into turmoil, no place to make him as on lap three stops after go only Horno in third, had a hunting Henry Connie, moving up to fifth just ahead of February. I want him IRAs with Ruben price second at the moment and only Horner stirred. It would take the battle for the runner up position in this Trump ship down to race. Three later on, of course, jump ship already started up. McCartney down. Downing. Fifth-placed place is not. He needs to be. He's on one hundred thirty eight points at the moment. Eight hundred difficult to see him. Take second place in the Trump Chipper. He is still in with a shout at the moment. For the time being in the very least Samuel months and wet the foster slob fifty four point zero, four or five point three, six, six hour ahead of river, bright the line. Again, the gal extents seven per second nearly eight. All your own extremely learn is saying in third place on the moment. Charlie Huntingford. Here's a fairway, three point, four seconds behind. You know has lost out on fifth-place Bennett where it returns the fifth place, Henry county, just three tenths behind sake. William Harris. A few seconds adrift is well. Then he only gives an Blake Wilson, the top ten five seventy guy on max in eleven ahead of Elliot Jones. Just ahead of Jones. Harry pain fits thirteen, fourteen Josh. You're Williams of our point scores Samuel months. Your still your race leader fifty three nine eight to wanna. Great. LAPD is Yoni wider in the fifty three second bracket as it stands at the moment. So Samuel Munson the title of yesterday, as we've said already, he's looking to enforce that right back home here today at the moment. Samuel Munson was not as fast as even bright law right. About three tenths quicker that got back down to half seconds race on with false ago. It is notable further back with loop Scofield. Having had a poor start doing a very good job. Actually keep me out of the way of the bathroom v as fit as you say fin. Whereas he is continuing to hold that position in front of the charging. Henry McCarty just wants to Jordan. Everyone's attention to fourteenth place. Luke Fitch look pitcher, of course, health and are there mental. These definitely helped by Martine. Women was invited by the family to go over to the Wilton mill Circe on the last year, a multi women joined this company bucks and nuts who he came to see that base Ekstrom pre-start all eyes on this Trump can ship. And well, now three laps Tico Samuel Munson posing in little bit through the first two corners. Munson is is just six times ahead now is not so much, but isn't too little either. It's just enough to have already comfortable gap body Horner remains third Huntingford and where is he a top five Hemi McCarthy, six tenths behind as though Conor Jackson is starting to close in again, it is not walls. Swo- feud, bike Markaz, but other than one just ahead of them, I believe they are actually free for what should be the last three laps. And so it could actually be all the way down to whether Ruben break hand get the run on Munson in these few laps might come down to tile might just come down to brace determination determinations, a great word that we like to see co, five racing British remark championships, RT Gibbs also determined to get past only SAM's last for eighth place radio, and he germs likewise trying to get past Maxwell team, but now sticking to second between months Bray, the race lead really starting to become charter jet side-by-side, going into turn. One was the way going into that Kiko just looking a thing group and brain may have got from Samuel moments, and we will see shortly. I was looking at only hone anytime with Charlie Huntingford so backmarkers. In the way and all sorts as well. So all action down this failed. Most of action still together laugh of the half and is several investors raven pray Paso in the moment. The last night flag is Bank prepared fall are to race leaders. They're making their way up to the line gained star that final half a second. Now is they make their way down the long straight into turn one. They can't quite close upon the brakes. We've been praying giving it absolutely everything, desperate fall, race, victory. But in terms two and three alone, left alone, ROY, very quick runs. They can't maintain they are maintaining the position so far. North thing Samuel munches done enough hair is a little bit traffic to get help, proven Brady's coming up right now, turned six. The horseshoe coming back down towards turns seven. One of the three happens Samuel Munson is being hurts here really been helped. That's all traffic. He can't get through Ruben, Brian May well, have a John traffic moves out. Traffic moves out of the way. Now, I think some you months done just enough coming down to the line for the final time Samuel Munson. Takes another win stands up, takes the plaudit second-place goes to Ruben Bray. All will be, and that makes team battled for the championship all one to watch as well. So only homeowner in third place, four place where tell young, but yet another superb result from tardy, he's going to be one to watch thousand nineteen. Warranty completes five. Henry McCartney in six by snap, doesn't have a chance to win to tighten the second place in the championship some William Harris. All Simmons. Eight. Blake Wilson should be nine to head of our kids. Yes, he's right Jones will be next up in eleventh Samuel Munson wins. Again, he is. Fantastic victory gained from Samuel Munson the number seventy two writer against the number one. Nine is no surprise hair cool five up. Next we have the mini GP fifties book. I, it will be Samuel Munson ahead of even brain only on that ship for the rookies Charlie Huntingford ahead of Finn and wear t. McCartney William Harris only SIMS, Blake Wilson, and all she gives out the top ten Maxwell Elliott Jones. Harry Payne Luke Fitchet Joshua Williams Brady are Lou Scofield. Lattes is your top seventeen order. Run dates of the two thousand eighteen cool vibe racing, British mini-van championships. And as we move on in just a few moments time to their many GP fifties, they had out onto circuits, create role lineup, something like this. It is ROY Hitchcock on pole position ahead of Eddie O'Shea in Crosby and Mason Johnson on the second row of the grid. We've got Mela and Emmanuel. Brinton on three hundred. Lucas Brown only walk coil pain and our Davidson Sandra, say how McKay followed by James Cook just Taylor Stewart, Campbell Torres, Gomez. Cameron soul, and banjo leaf is how the order will be the eighteen strong writers as they make their way. Now up to the great thing corner, Jackson, how do you think this one is going to pan out. Well, as you say, it is going to be another close affair. Ryan Hitchcock, of course, will be determined to take the victory from pole position, but.

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