146 - The Black Dahlia Murder Mystery


on the morning of march twelfth nineteen forty seven the newton severely bludgeoned body of evelyn winters former movie studio musician which found dumped on a vacant lot and there's some railroad tracks just two miles in downtown las angeles her shoes and undergarments were found a block away forty two year old woman had been struck repeatedly with the clever pipe about the head and face and the killer then wrap the victims dress around her neck police believe she been slain elsewhere in her body was it then dragged from an automobile to the dirt lot the cause of death was blunt force trauma causing a concussion in hamburg should bring her murder remains unsolved to this day on may eleventh nineteen forty seven the body of thirty seven year old laura elizabeth trove dad was founder the signal hill oilfields long beach she'd been strangled west a piece of flour cotton cloth believed torn from a man's pajamas or shorts her cause of death with determined to be as fix you do the strangulation in a skull fracture and hammers and contusion of the brain she'd been sexually assaulted she also in slain elsewhere and then her body dumped on the dirt of an open field her murder also remains unsolved on july eighth nineteen forty seven rosendo josephine when dragons nude dead body was found with the silk stocking wrapped around her neck and you're ellie city hall the twenty year old had been strangled her right breast slashed and her dead body thrown from an automobile her murder remains unsolved on the afternoon of thursday july seventeenth nineteen forty seven the body of a thirty six year old marian newton was discovered just north of san diego lines inside of an isolated dirt road she'd been strangled that's what the thin wire record bruce's were found her body and she'd been sexually assaulted as well and you guessed it her murder remains unsolved and there were others many others women strangled beaten sometimes mutilated sometimes raped their new bodies dumped all over southern california in and around nineteen forty seven but i'm guessing you've only heard of one of them and it wasn't any of the murders i just mentioned i'm guessing you're only familiar with one murder they got more attention than all these other murders combined the topic of today's suck the murder we still talk about the murder of a little bit short aj the black dahlia for over seventy years it has remained eli's most infamous unsolved murder the black dahlia murder mystery another chapter in the true crime catalogue of time suck time eight sacks folk an dot folk both welcome here in the goals of the jury's on dan coming the master sucker suck nasty sucks a lot both suck suck solo sucks skywalker suck baka endorse suck in princess suck you were listening in time suck young jedi regarding today the suck engineering quarterlane idaho beating the system pulling the shit off in idaho how thanks to all you new listeners thanks all you oldest are spreading this sucks so much 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walking with her young daughter when she came across what she initially thought with a mannequin line in a vacant lot and then what you look closer she discovered hoover horror that indeed was it mannequin and she thought who would leave a perfectly good mannequin outside like that or you dirty someone could take it with a hell her young daughter jessica did take that mannequins you kerry at home and inspired fired by the plane androgynous figured it almost but not quite hit it settled practical beauty jessica was inspired to create affordable pragmatic working women's clothes that's still had held the slightest touch of femininity until years later she opened a corner store selling these close and she named jc penney's and that's not true origin story of jc penney no a in the south las angeles neighborhood of lynn a marked park one time homa ray charles and ella fitzgerald on the morning january fifteenth nineteen forty seven betty bird injure young mother was walking with her young daughter and they did come across what she initially thought was a mannequin line in a vacant lot but of course would not american much timothy's horror is the body of a young woman who have been murdered brutally murdered order young woman in her early twenties with obviously dead laying flat on her back she'd been cleanly cut in half at the waist her upper torso have been placed approximately twelve inches above her legs and pelvis an offset to the left by approximately six inches both of her arms raised above her head her right arm at a forty five degree angle away from her body then bent at the elbow to form a ninety degree angle her left arm extended a similar angle away from her body and then bent again to form a second ninety degree angle paralleled her body her body had obviously been carefully post place just six inches on the sidewalk or she will certainly be discovered someone in stage what was intended to be a shocking scene for someone else defied the odds house every autopsy report which to describe the victim hooting doored eight horrific and painful death at the hands of one suspect or the hands of multiple suspects who looked at extreme physical punishment upon her before and after her death this young woman had been tied up in bound by her hands and feet she'd been tortured initially someone looking minor custer her body in genitals someone had cut away some of her pubic hair pulled out more over pubic hair by hand inserted this people here enduro china he'd been beaten with a blunt object or objects all over her body she'd been forced to eat eat her own feces or someone else's end trying really really hard to fight off a peanut butter reference right now try not to say showbiz that's how they do it in hollywood oh there's actually did happen around hollywood a not too far despite extensive mutilations and cuts on the body there was a drop of blood of the crime scene indicating she been killed elsewhere thoroughly cleaned then placed outside in the tall grass and we'd for someone define her skin and hair had been washed after her mutilation doctor frederick new bar the corner who conducted the autopsy the chief autopsy surgeon of loss angeles county at that time found fibers on the body but he believed to have originated from a scrub brush and later told one of the newspapers from the nature of the knife cuts the girl was probably in the semis recumbent position in a bathtub most of the damage done seemed to have been done post mortem official cause of death was hemorrhaging shock doodoo concussion on the brain and lacerations of the face one could only hope most of the damage occurred this woman after she knocked unconscious or died of blunt trauma to the head which she made elated to obscure other more telling injuries been one suspect killer and then bring her to someone else to be carved up so much is unknown a few more detailed reports i found out even more horrific information various pieces of reflects have been removed inserted into her vagina and rectum there is also a four inch gaping laceration cut into her lower torso from her on building this down to a spot right above her pubic area with numerous criss cross lacerations cut into that region is well this woman would consist in every respect with a surgeon performing a hysterectomy maybe most horrific her mouth i've been grotesquely cut open back torture ears in a fashion called the glass gal glasgow go smile giving her corpse it look reminiscent of deep that man's joker why take the time to do this had been done while she's still alive based on how precisely the woman have been cut in half the corner with certain then whoever committed this murder or had been surgically trained he'd actually say this is a fine piece of surgery referring her referring to her a ham i corps at half court correct me the big word the word emi court correct me a other medical examiners would say that not only had a surgeon likely done this but a gifted surgeon must have done this dude how cleanly short had been bisected it was clear the sharp assimilated instrument consistent with the surgeon scalpel have been used performed a goose operation incision was performs witty abdomens and then through these vertical disc between the second and third lumbar vertebrae despite the torture the corner found no evidence of rape or sexual assault iser pre or post mortem there is no sperm present on the body however this could have been because the killer wash the body clean antibody so mutilated perhaps the sex crime occurred but they just were able to determined that papers cement bag with small traces what appeared to be water diluted blood on his line just six inches above the victims outstretched right hand detectives would speculate late this amendment used and kerry the two sections of the body from a parked car at the sidewalks edge to the grass and a lot of eagles tire prince where the curves edge close to the body there is also a buddy healed print nearby mullah's believed to be a man's shoe doctrine ooh bars preliminary estimates estimates at the time of death within a twenty four hour period the discovery of the body does establishing the time of the murder of sometime after ten am on january fourteenth nineteen forty seven this young woman turned out to be twenty two year old elisabeth short later dubbed the black dahlia by the press press who killed her in why who felt the need or urge to inflict so much violence on this young woman who was elisabeth short the murder has been found her happy there are suspects a mini think one in particular is for sure the killer after eating way too much about nineteen forties ellie homicides this week i think i'm pretty convinced i know who did it as well the very least i think one of the suspects were gonna go over a today was her killer the space losers voted this topic nimrod and lose a female agree with him and it's a fascinating true crime topic in just a minute we're gonna we're 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time suck used promo code time suck save money while helping others and help herself that's l e s j dot com slash time suck promo code time suck and again thank you lisa supporting the show lincoln the description button in the sponsor section of the time suck app and website now it is time line time trap all those folks soldier were marching down a time suffering tire flying elisabeth short it would come to be commonly known as betty born to cleo her father phoebe may short her mother on july twenty nine nineteen twenty four in hyde park section of boston massachusetts she's a thirty five daughters born of the shorts hyde park is boston southernmost neighborhood an ethnically diverse neighborhood that was once home to these first all african american army unit the fifty fourth massachusetts infantry regiment regiment oh that's the regiment made famous in the movie glory sometime in nineteen twenty seven the short family relocated portland maine living there briefly before moving again in settling in medford massachusetts north eastern suburbs of boston same year medford is a historic medford town of long fellows midnight rider paul revere and this is where elizabeth would spend the majority of her life elizabeth dan quayle worked on designing and building miniature golf courses and he's apparently fairly successful until the great depression shut it all down in late nineteen twenty nine how fucking weird is that elisabeth shorts dad built miniature golf courses for his that was his career as a job how very specific what we found out that's why she gets killer whatever dad owed the mob so much money so much miniature golf show what if what if the mob told her dad cleo but if he didn't give them back the ten granny bar from a nine hole castle in the building eighteenth hole windmill one of his daughters would have to pay the ultimate price how fucking crazy would that be this entire murder mystery revolves around the the cd underbelly of mid twentieth century miniature gulf in his name is cleo short are you kidding me short as manager is this short miniature golf courses only better last name a tiny the internet has no idea how tall clearly by patient by the size revving doctor basically somewhere around four foot tall maybe fifty fifty pounds soaking wet is a cute little fella named cleo short making that sweet mini golf lettuce is a fun loving guy with a tiny hammer pounded out very small hills in one thirty seconds get windmills little cleo slapping hasn't artificial turf fake rocks and some soft serve you know shack some shaved ice stand adorable that's a lot look picture that it's crazy is also center ashley was mini golf boom in the nineteen twenties in america how did i not know this before in nineteen twenty they were roughly zero putt putt courses in new york city you did you ever expect you would get some extra power by trivia and it's a suck by the late twenties or over a hundred and fifty specifically rooftop mini golf courses in new york city alone not counting miniature golf courses not rooftops inventor engulf fanatic thomas mccullough fairbairn created they are artificial green in nineteen twenty two a mixture of cottonseed whole sand oil and die and mini golf took fuck off i love we're details like this after the stock market crash cleo's skills no longer and demand be more able just didn't have the money anymore and he barely lost his ass in his family quickly went broke i picture him trying to shift gears for a second as you try to figure out how to use his skill skill set in a different way just like listen i know i know i know you'll have the money for of course but hold on what about what about making some initial gulf a metro train tracks minutes train set up listen this old before you leave i build you a tiny train down ten percent above caught you're not gonna get a better deal panicky by the late nineteen thirties almost all of america's many golf courses were waiting for you to get the fuck out of here and that there's no real so a it what's also weird means if miniature golf had survived the great depression there's a very good chance at elisabeth short would have not gotten murdered in los angeles faceless five daughters defeat no job prospects no savings cleo does what all fathers have at least considered at one time or another he faked his own death to escape his family in nineteen thirty cleo's cars found abandoned on a bridge although body would never recover to assume he had thrown himself off said brigitte committed suicide elisabeth is only six years old and this is happened when this happens her dad is now pretending to kill himself to avoid the responsibility of raising her and her sisters hello oh daddy issues of cleo hasn't been a cowardly sell this piece of shit his daughter would not have been murdered i'm certain of that he comes backups also in nineteen thirty elisabeth mom cb shift from housewife the bookkeeper after clear abandonment buster asked razor girls on her own during the depression no less champion hailers athena health phoebe phoebe make enough money to provide a decent life earner girls elizabeth was able to enjoy her childhood even a frequent local movie theater where she developed love free movies and dreamed of becoming an actress a dream to and one day take a loss angeles and hollywood she always been told you is beautiful and she dreamed of being a big star betty short schoolmates recall her as being nice attractive girl who turned heads wherever she went bob pack yells who grew up around the corner from the shorts homerun salem street remembers betty as quote by far the prettiest of the five sisters i'm sure i'm sure the surviving sisters loved redone that quote by far yeah when he was interviewed after her death i bet he wasn't just the most beautiful the shortest this do is most beautiful girl by fox but it was like a princess any other girls were like half hunchback misshapen wow that assistance don't leave a wizard they were aggressively unattractive i don't recall the names but i do recall what i said to them when i would say that speak on satan get back from tony moffitt skip back if i take effect here above also said betty slashed elizabeth was unknown flirt saying she knew i was bashful like see my face face turned crimson she would say we go dancing together but we never what elizabeth with also a girl who is still a lot of the time and her use a troubled by bronchitis and severe asthma attacks in nineteen thirty nine in nineteen forty she underwent lung surgery at the age of fifteen after which doctor suggested she relocate to a milder climate during the winter months prevent further respiratory problems this would also help her a get out the l eight hollywood a working mom phoebe phoebe would never remarry set her daughter to spend winters in and around miami florida family friends the next three years elizabeth lives in miami beach during the winter months spent the rest of the year in medford with their mother and sister's she worked off and on his waitress in both places travel made highschool attendance near impossible so during her sophomore year elizabeth dropped out of medford high school it was in miami in late nineteen forty two where she met her first love do we know about flying tigers pilot named major matt gordon junior who station in nearby homes that air for air reserve base had just been built earlier that year he shortly sent overseas fighting world war two and elizabeth began to correspond with them reportedly sending him twenty seven letters in the first eleven days he was gone she was in love or at least in last year's infatuated then elizabeth mom got a letter is well from elizabeth not so dead but for sure deadbeat father cleal late nineteen forty two eighteen year old phoebe row sorry age and you're a phoebe where win that elizabeth is eighteen years old he received a letter apology from her presumed deceased east husband which revealed he was in fact still alive they just run away to start a new life in california where you say in that letter after all these years right just what twelve years later hello phoebe it's cleo lesson about the whole making and things looked like a jump off a bridge i'm sure you're still upset by that and i get it i get it first off thank you for the funeral i heard you read a loving tribute about me second sorry about leaving you and other five young daughters high and dry doing the worst financial time nation's history i feel terrible for weeks a third and the real reason why this letter pot pot has been picking up none of their economy is recover and i was wondering do you still have that old wouldn't chester mind they kept in the cellar had a lot of valuable mini golf blueprints inside is there any way you could send me those blueprints in of course you know say hi to the girls and how come pat on the back whenever kids were into but the blueprints please send s h p if you do have them saying stall you the best i'll be here send money once up and running again i'll take care of yeah junior college something don't you worry but he went back to a win phoebe told elizabeth her dad with alive elizabeth warren to reconcile with her father the father who district twelve years before father had missed out on basically her entire childhood in parental bonds they are so strong even when parents are complete piece of shit a clear wasn't casey anthony joseph rental whistle bad but he was far from good in december of nineteen forty two elizabeth moved in with their newly resurrected dateable california about thirty miles north of san francisco an after just a few weeks of what it described as various disagreements cleo has the balls to kick her out the guy who faked his own death to get out of rage and elizabeth enter sisters couldn't hang for one fucking months after getting a second chance histories little murky on the exact pilot timeline of this happening this report is a january of nineteen forty three also report is mid year of nineteen forty three either way elizabeth had figure out new ways living around now in california when clearly later questioned after elisabeth murder he was living in l eight at the time of her death working as a refrigerator repairman he said i last saw my daughter elisabeth three years ago and vallejo california i ever tuna dollars and she came out from massachusetts she can deliver mainly how would you spend all their time running around you suppose we keep the house for me so i made her leave i didn't want anything to do with her or the rest of the family then i wish through it all of it is such a piece of shit a boot cleo after banning your entire family twelve years later you don't like how you're daughters keeping your house clean after a few weeks do you wanna say she's eighteen of course he's running around you fucking piece of shit when the going gets tough clearly got this is what he said to investigators no corn about oh my god my poor baby if only i would have been there forever only ever been a decent dad maybe she's still be alive and people just terrible a two years later clear will be out of my the debts within adult size club near the small wooden bridge between eleven and twelve holes of the putt putt course he just finished in bakersfield i wish he actually until nineteen sixty seven indict age of eighty one a in january of nineteen forty three elizabeth had applied for a job at the base exchange james at the clerk at the commissary armies camp cook now known invading berg air force base about an hour off the coast north of santa barbara california just north of lombok she was fingerprinted is part of the application for this job in these fingerprints would later help investigators identify her body while working on the base you briefly liv within air force sergeant who allegedly physically abused her end who investigators have proposed could have possibly been a you know the person who killed her this person this mystery person one later suspects and elizabeth death known only assorted chuck sometime in mid nineteen forty three elizabeth moved to the city of angels released took some extended trip to las angeles possibly the follow her acting dreams on september twenty third nineteen forty three elisabeth with arrested visit underage drinking in a bar frequent frequent and frequent god dammit frequent i can't say it frequent frequent frequented i can't fucking kept his word i've said it before many times i frequented there we go jesus so weird you get a little mental loop drinking in a bar frequented by men for santa barbara california elizabeth loved military man thank you wherever doctor pays even that a this arrest led to her being sent back to medford to her mother's addressed by juvenile authorities according to one source elisabeth did not stick around long in bedford went back in the miami area where she worked as a waitress and as a cashier for promotion two years and then she went back to boston possibly working on the harvard campus campus where she may have also had a romance undergrad there also some evidence you spent time in indianapolis possibly even chicago during this time there's a lot of speculation as to where she went in nineteen thirty forty three forty four and forty five a there is also absolutely see no evidence that she found her father's putt putt blueprints and sold him to a rival baron von buttons died who created it incredibly successful chain of miniature golf courses around the country based on battling hitler and the nazis let's pretend that happened list pretend that they get a hole in one on eighteen you had the snake the ball past windmill arms the roxie swastikas and each arm like us what each each one arm in arm of the swastika in each of those arms had hitler moustache at the end and then and then the windmill building just a giant wouldn't wouldn't cut out of hitler space in the name of this course is choked if you're yes let's living that ultimate reality at a new year's eve party nineteen forty four while back and florida elizabeth reconnected with that fighter pilot major matthew am gordon junior whom she stayed in touch with through the letters during the war in april of nineteen forty five major gordon proposed elisabeth she stepped in his proposal but sadly for both of them they would not get married his the grim reaper made other plants on august tenth nineteen forty five major gordon killed in a plane crash on his way back from india at least as one telling of this event another version is at major gordon survived initial plane crash in india and then died in a second crash a story both of them both stories end with him dying on august tenth nineteen forty five left in a week before the surrender of japan the end of the war did with the hero award of the silver star metal distinguished flying cross bronze star metal his tombstone is in the national memorial cemetery of the pacific in honolulu hawaii and on august fourteenth nineteen forty five elisabeth received saves the tragic news of gordon's death she was devastated she had no idea how much this desk would reshape her life and inadvertently sent her torture own death during the winter of nineteen forty five elizabeth remained on the east coast she can travel the florida she again again took a job as a waitress in miami beach yes he's bouncing around massachusetts florida and possibly other places i said earlier and then in february nineteen forty six she's in medford massachusetts working as a cashier now local movie theater she dreams of becoming a big hollywood star again just two months later on april seventeenth nineteen forty sixty return at the california this time to hollywood give her acting dreams a chance and then for the next nine months nine months period proceeding her death elizabeth life would be a complete and utter shit show i know it's she's already been moving kind of all over the place her life gets really chaotic for the last nine months for her final stay in california elizabeth would have no consistent job no consistent addressed a room would you have dated about half the minute delay this poor kid was lost lost desperately want it to be a big star but unfortunately soda thousands of other attractive girls from all over the nation who were moving hollywood each and every year many of whom also had zero fucking clue how to become a big hollywood star elliott still this is still a city within underbelly the feeds off people's desperation fame student i saw the first hand when i lived and worked a playboy we had three models on on every show we tape four days a week before shows a week twelve different models a week all all of them beautiful basically stunning girls some of them just model fun a some of that one model is satisfy some sort of exhibition is desire because that's just kind of attention they craved a lot of them model because they thought the playboy with a step towards becoming famous i was there for two years problems over a hundred girls and i think only four five that maxi made a living in the world of modeling none of them to my knowledge broken the mainstream film or television none of them it'd become you know quote unquote famous a ever since movies began to be made in hollywood las angeles has had a surplus of incredibly beautiful young women if you're trying to make a big ally based on sex appeal good luck super competitive you have a much better chance of being taken advantage of by some creepy do looking for new flavor of the week then you do becoming famous and from everything i've read useful beauty with all elisabeth had the offer hollywood she wasn't known for being funny she wasn't some amazing dancer she wasn't someone who could seeing she wasn't trained actress who is a beautiful girl from massachusetts who may have been one of the prettiest girls in medford but now she just one of thousands and thousands of young using outlay like many of these other beauty she she struggled and for her struggle led to her gruesome death it's written in a few sources that she got a little day rate work an extra but no sources say what movie she wasn't as and extra if any elisabeth spent time in various boarding houses with a variety of roommate she stayed in a hotel in long beach for several weeks in the summer months returned hollywood's you shared a room in a private residence and living in apartments set seven other young women's you shared rooms and several other hotels in hollywood for a few days here a few days there sometime in july nineteen forty six elizabeth went to long beach division army lieutenant joseph gordon fickling she met pickling during her time living in florida part of it would make her look later murder investigation so difficult to solve with affected there were so many suspects and there were so many south basic issues romantically involved with a lot of different foods and i'm not slut shaming it's just a true to his single more the ratings mangle and that just made it harder to solve a murder it made it harder than if she was somewhat they're much smaller circle of acquaintances at one point nineteen forty six she running room and a boarding house called the chancellor apartments were behind a nightclub called the florentine gardens the boarding house with the basically called the chancellor apartments on officially known eddie home for wanna be actresses the house would also owned by florentine gardens nightclub owner mark hanson a a man who would become one of the prime suspect and elizabeth murder will look at him later so much is unknown about elizabeth live throwing these final months some friends reporter the georgia's waitress other friend data that she never had a job and how close she would any of these quote unquote friends you didn't even living alley for year before her death constantly in a different place of different people some again you know friends friends later said she was quiet and kept to herself some later said to the life of the party not every night some says only data nice men other says you dated deadbeats and shady characters who used her and then she was very reckless and careless with the company she kept some friends remembered a few times where to start today with no cash only to return with cash late at night leading the speculation that she was beginning to prostitute herself shortly before she died end now of course i do hear some footsteps coming towards except on door i believe a here's chicken steps as well mocked by playboy byebye no blame short hollywood rough for so he's playing some bucks to make that renting a house full of brown's got no dona shifted down either say you won't lay splayed get some pay when he got friends and family help you're wasting real shame in this game with the betty didn't have a problem they help straighten out olympic planes in fact there was no hero he goes zero team is short vr people just about gene if you would have been with me djaama's is the pain we would have found that a lotta you'll be free oh okay all right i think i think chicken joe just ended up elisabeth did prostitute herself you understand his life could be hard when you have a shitty dad and no friends or family nearby take care of you and if he would have been a pimp she would still be alive so i guess the thanks chicken joe we've got some interesting character to wander through the suck world new listener you'll get used to it kind of a also with chicken joe we do have a chicken joe shirt finding the time suck store now you throw that my by playboy right across the chest so people know that you're a i dunno insane demanded super super cool each had a redshirt isabella fifty fifty cotton poly blend also made out four hundred eleven percent chicken joe pam juice so much big dick an or big clint energy can't forget about the big clinton energy so maybe wash it the lady went energy in each year countless to chicken joe condoms not i'm kidding chicken joe wants all you playboys oh you play girls to play it safe with wayne's and lady wins now back late nineteen forty six a cording to yet another future suspect captain carl boulder great name bob eiger miserable digger getting here elizabeth moved out of the chance of hotel in december sixth nineteen forty six you went to care a meal with him that nice stated yucca hotel with carl signing his name for and then balls said he took her to a bus depot in hollywood the next day elizabeth claims she's gonna take a bus to see her sister in san francisco one other source said you're gonna see her sister in san diego it appears at san diego was real destination elisabeth moved to san diego on december eighth nineteen forty six where she did not meet up with her sister there who would probably not living there she met dorthy french began staying with her mom vira dorothy had befriended elizabeth after she met her local movie theater when she learned elizabeth had no money no place this day dorothy invite her to stay temporarily with her and her mom because she felt sorry for vira later told journalists elizabeth was a shy and somewhat mysterious person say my daughter dorothy brought her home one night as a friendly act because she went down and out elizabeth told the friends of the she had been married to a major any army who have been killed in action adding that she had born in child the child had died this is the only time the child detailed emerged and i have to wonder if she just added a detailed the gain extra sympathy when she was down and out and he's a place this day you know we just did an episode on homeless just a few weeks ago in by the definition i gave in that suck elizabeth with essentially homeless for these final nine months ever life elizabeth told the fringes all kinds of things that she had a friendship with a hollywood celebrity who is helping her out but never revealed the celebrities name ms french told reporters and also later the lapd the during the month elizabeth stayed at her home in december nineteen forty six she dated a different man each night this is gonna sound good either but it's true just like ellie has maybe the most beautiful women per capita of any city in the nation because of all the hopeful stars moving there in hopes of fame and fortune every year it may also have the most gold diggers as well and i'm not saying elizabeth was a gold digger but could you blame her if she was looking for someone to take care of her in the situation she was that i saw a lot of that behavior first hand to again a playboy had a lot of guests on the show or successfully musicians were successful actor in reality star stopping by the plug her new movie or tv show or you know our whatever if they were due to a single and seemingly financially successful many of these models where where would they would fall all over themselves trying to hook up with these do leave the show they do all the time again not all the girls summer very successful in their in their own right some were very successful actually didn't give a fuck what do came through some relationships some didn't win the dude's summer married but i've just i've spent enough time i'm a through years of standup tour and in every state in the nation every single one in every single state in u s no city compares the lapd in terms of people desperately looking for a free ride looking deride somebody kills people who just want that fame and fortune and lifestyle so bad they wanna leave in the big house in the big gated community that they wanna be around the beautiful people in and they will do just about whatever they gotta do to get there and that's a dangerous game to play a when you're financially desperate you're dating laffy do do you're greatly increasingly odds at one of these dues will turn out to be violent fucking sociopath some psychopath predator looking manipulate that desperation and do something horrible to young beautiful woman ballet is full of those do full the predator savages never get tired of taking advantage of the girls were newtown girls you don't realize yet you know thousands of dude promising the moon and the stars with no intention of ever given anything except maybe venereal disease unwanted pregnancy some date rape and then just tossing aside side and move on hunt the next trophy real talk mother fuckers be careful of the company you keep not your fault if you get violent assault and also not why put yourself in harm's way over and over and over again the real world it is what it is it's not fair and it's full quite a few violent dirty shady people anyway ms french also recalled elizabeth had received a hundred dollar money order from a friend lieutenant fickling north carolina which fixing mailed hurt the french residents in december of nineteen forty six misprint also gave detectives i said ms and mrs mrs bernie the details declares a mrs french also gave detectives black hats the elizabeth left behind at the house which she had told hiroshi recede because she had modeled for a loss angeles milliner her hat maker and he gave her the had his payment modeling hats that's when you know you're desperate fork that's when you know you need a new agent when you're when you get when you get in that model and gigs showbiz all the last time dear friend solids bits on january eighth nineteen forty seven which she left her home in the company of a man named read elizabeth had told her it wasn't airline employee elizabeth received a telegram read on january seventh day be a and then yeah the day before he arrived pick her up you patrick two suitcases and they love together in his car the next time they heard about elizabeth was over a week later when she was identified as mutilated murder victim during her stay with the fringes elisabeth frequently spoke of an ex boyfriend from whom she was hiding out of fear but gave no reason why she was afraid unknown name even elisabeth shortlived looted verifies his house in san diego from december twelfth to january eight she had according to the statement of other witnesses also done backed ellie on numerous occasions during those few weeks mostly just four nights out on the town one way this who saw her nellie with glenn chancellor who identified or is the woman he drove to a hotel in downtown los angeles on december twenty ninth chancer the taxi stand manager with the office at one fifteen north garfield avenue in east los angeles he described an incident that occurred on the twenty ninth at approximately seven thirty pm saint saint elizabeth short came running up to his taxi stand seeking help because the man had just assaulted her he said elizabeth ran do stand while died and hysterical bleeding from her knees all set her clothing were torn inner shoes were missing who the fuck which chasing facing her that that close to her murder why would she bleeding why we see so scared again chaotic life those last few months just after january first nineteen forty seven new year's day elizabeth the scene out with a man who is shown chicago pd badge adds to a man named jack egger at the columbia broadcasting company also around the first elizabeth wrote her mother's day in issues work in santa barbara hospital which is not true she also some other friends whose engagement army flyer named george would probably gonna marry him probably not true get so chaotic it feels like elizabeth was telling her mom whatever mom wanna hear her mom thinks she was safe also making a variety of plans with a variety different guys believe in what she wanted to believe she's hot fucking mess you ever been out drinking a party with somebody you just met you're having a great time and suddenly you're the best friend you start making all kinds of crazy plans i just got a young gal yeah although some festival the summer like awesome if you have a boat i love both jesse's fucking this both jetskis festivals all let's do do man now yeah yeah august first fucking yes never third yeah you bet then you wake up the next morning hung over you see much taxing your phone like fucking michael bonnaroo jetskis who oh oh shit i had too much to drink i got a little worked up a little cup of the moment started making crazy plans they have no intention of follow through on bounced around the country was younger and drinking problem too much and too often the all the time meant well the moments leading my own bullshit in a moment's got real excited didn't realize meal plans did make any sense until the next day i feel like elizabeth doing a lot of that in the last months of her life partner with all kinds of people going with all kinds of due to the dreamer why she moved a hollywood dreams plans maybe tom on tuesday taylor's tells me he's got merrier when he's back from being sent overseas the maybe then she has a great time she'd be happy the town you know the next morning you tell everybody on great news time and are getting married and then she goes out with roger that night roger things you know he could get the movie's gonna make her a big star and he tells you know a she tells whoever's you'd what the next morning great news roger's gonna give me the movies the fabulous live in beverly hills with roger roger forever and she had that with patrick that thursday night just living moment to moment being pulled into different people's orbits and over and over little boat cotton the convergence of numerous currents pulled in so many different directions and before she could pick a stream this day inner find a place drop anchor and stay in one spot for a while somebody fucking soccer elizabeth mother phoebe believed elizabeth was in a relationship with gordon fifteen when she died and elizabeth last known address wasn't san diego at the fringes however elisabeth also had an address the correspondence in hollywood the chancellor apartments when she died on january ninth nineteen forty seven robert read manley dropped elisabeth short off at the biltmore hotel in los angeles and this was the last time she was seen life she was last reported being seen at ten pm leaving the hotel walking towards the crown grill after making a phone call in the biltmore hotel lobby to describe is wearing a black suit with no colorado coat white fluffy blouse high heeled shoes nylon stockings white gloves full length based coat black plastic handbag black addressed book and then we pass no sign of elizabeth missing week when she was in during god knows what at the hands of god knows who forgot knows how long and on january fifteenth nineteen forty seven her body was discovered in that vacant lot in los angeles at ten thirty am on january sixteenth doctor frederick new bar for the autopsy we talked about you know lifting her immediate caused the death as i said earlier hemorrhaging shocked at a concussion of brain and laceration of the base basically heart blow to the head and face after initial investigation the crime scene police began quickly attempting together any info they could from residents nearby and hope somebody had seen her new something as well let's figure it out the identity of this currently unknown woman they began sending out two hundred officers and went door to door no one hurt or at least known admitted having heard or seen anything or the police did mention what they heard well that'll come up layer a drawing was released to the papers asking for any information identifying find the victim but nobody came forward and then when ellie police reporting dubbed the victim the black dahlia a media frenzy ensued can't underestimate the power of a catchy title there were plenty of other murders occurring in ellie as i mentioned earlier the very beginning the show but none of them got detention this one did dad would have gathered the same amount of media interest if she was called the turquoise purse or the base petticoat or the lavender juniper bush some other non sexy terrible name the media coverage of this murder was so overwhelming one d f b i agents who was put charged investigation stated that it is not possible and investigators have a confidential telephone conversation or even reader mail without some news reporter looking over to see if it relates the case they ongoing murder investigation remained on page one of the l eight newspapers for record's thirty one consecutive days the january sixteenth first day edition sold more newspapers in any other addition in the history of the loss angeles examiner would be sold exception of v day or victory in europe day the day celebrate any formal acceptance by the allies of nazi germany's unconditional surrender if it's armed forces on may eighth nineteen forty five the black dahlia murder mystery with big big news the biggest news ellie had ever seen the name black dahlia likely came from a combination of the victims affinity for wearing black lace in diner hair back black combined with the nineteen forty six crime new or film called the blue dalia still dancing the minds of many the blue dalia which directed by george marshall start veronica lake alan ladd william bendix in the film the blue dye refers to a nightclub store revolves around infidelity and the likelihood anyone involved could have done it what a perfect fit for this case during the first dave investigation fingerprints were short were sent to the fbi's viet sound photo in early type a fax machine and the results were returning only fifty fifty six minutes identifying the victims elisabeth short her fingerprints were on followed the fbi's thanks that underage drinking arrests in santa barbara in nineteen forty three an because of that job she took it a cashier eddie post exchange in camp cook in early nineteen forty three is well once again or one elizabeth identity with discover reporters in the alley examiner contacted her mother phoebe in boston this this poor woman for phoebe to get her to provide plenty of details about elizabeth the help sell more newspapers some shady ass reporters here's start the conversation by telling phoebe that her daughter had just one eight beauty contest after they'd gotten all the personal information about elizabeth then phoebe when you give them then they told her that elizabeth had been murdered and try to get even more info so that is some cold blooded manipulation great news made a short don't flip waken but you're not elisabeth just want a beauty contest and being a really great it's official she's one of the most beautiful babes and all of hollywood really she hasn't told you well i'm i'm sure she'll be she'll be calling soon she's probably beside herself with the excitement he's probably literally lame beside herself in a band infield that nothing now just i just don't have any who could you be lamb and give me the scoop and what kind of dog she was growing up did she did you dream of being a movie star one day a model making its nineteen forty eight in one piece not having a small delivery stretch from earlier i forget it hey who thinks mr short now some bad news i've been lying to you this entire time she did not win eight beauty contest and she won't be winning one anytime soon and let's just maybe some kind of halloween costume situation january seventeenth elisabeth shorts photograph first appears on the front page of the held express referring to her as the black dahlia january twenty first nineteen forty seven call his place edited examiner james richardson by someone claiming to be the killer congratulating james on the coverage of the case the colors any plan on turned himself in but did they should expect some souvenirs a best short first in the mail great and others dodie type killer someone who wants the top the police someone who thinks a real smart someone wants to the body to make a big media splash someone who wants to the toilet the media toys the cost prove how much smarter they are thinking about that and we talk about who i think is most likely suspect on january twenty fourth and manila envelopes addressed it allow sanders examiner and other loss angeles papers discovered between january twenty fourth in january thirty first nineteen forty seven by postal worker using individual cut out letters and words newspapers letters paste in the paper rating here is dolly his belongings letter to follow on the same day the letter was received by the examiner a handbag and black shoes were found on top of a garbage can two miles from where shorts body was found on february seventeenth the box with delivered v a male the biltmore hotel or short last report is being seen the box with a draft local police and sign the black dahlia avenger also on february seventeenth examiner received box containing elisabeth shorts birth certificate miscellaneous business cards photographs an address book with mark hansen embossed on the cover it appears this mysterious letter writer really was someone close to elizabeth not just some random not try to get attention everything in the packaging and washed in gas gasoline promote traces of anything identifying and over one hundred pages from me addressed book had been torn out the tech the finished brown looked into the two hundred names remained in the book the packers essentially f b i and fabri twentyeight but there is nothing to be found it really helped move investigation further along other than a few extra possible suspects the the highly publicized needed a case in a reward of ten thousand dollars which would be a hundred thousand today offered by city councilman led to many tips unfortunately most tiff were super unhelpful numerous nuts called do or even came into the station to confess her murder people who could not have done it people who just wanna be attention what the fuck people will spend the rest of her life in prison to be on the paper couple times if that's gotta be mental illness writes this anything other than extreme mental illness explain why someone would confessed to murder they never committed i did did what the murder the famous i did it for sure no cell already i okay treated a weapon did you committed oh mama i used all the weapons knives clubs six guns grenades ropes a fifth boots jumper cables beef jerky london cooking looks dryer states fucking baseball's i kill her with everything who do you murder again i andy aaron no a little little buddy doley that a chuck out of whatever nemeth get the fuck out of here hank we'll have time for the say okay see next murder sarge i gotta end up guilty of 'em fuck the deli investigation took another twist a went on february tenth nineteen forty seven the murder of genie french las angeles was also considered by the median detectives to be connected shorts killings genie was no relation i know the french is by the way short stay with the last few weeks where life french his body was discovered in west los angeles on grand boulevard newton badly beaten another dead girl just like all those i mentioned the beginning written on her stomach and lipstick what appeared to say fuck you b d and the letters tax below the herald express cover the story heavily drew comparison to the short murder lesson a month prior summarizing the initial beady stood for black dahlia however according historian john lewis louis scrawling accurate pd most likely for police department you lose your case continued to be heavily investigating remained unsold on february fifth nineteen forty seven lapd sent a letter they apply asking them to look at california medical students the fingerprints of numerous medical still a medical school of the university of southern california students were taken but none of them would leads to serious suspect on march sixty f b i sent the lapd a list of medical students enrolled at the university of southern california again no says no suspects comes from this search by june nineteen forty seven the lapd at process unlimited seventy five suspects by december of nineteen forty eight lapd i considered a total of one hundred ninety two suspects almost two hundred and justice there's one case events you there would be well over two hundred and we're gonna go over every single one of them in just a few minutes names dates weights heights wits shoe size is i color hair color skin color favorite color for every single one of them a no there'll be some of the most boring tedious you'd ever but we will look at someone in early nineteen forty nine frustrate with a lack of arrests l eight a loss angeles county grand jury convened to discuss lapd handling of the black dahlia case now he little grand jury involve the grand jury stated they were slightly confused by the number of suspects in the case as well as a great deal of contradiction information from the lapd any lapd gangster squad special unit designed by organized crime ellie as well is contradicting testimonies by key witnesses the grand jury report also including notes on deplorable conditions indicating corrupt practices and misconduct by some members of law enforcement agencies in the country alarming increase increase in the number of unsolved murders jurisdictional dispute and jealousies amongst law enforcement agencies yep they nineteen forty nine grand jury brought light to a lot of a lot of things they just weren't going very well but the lapd anneli around that time they also found evidence of a lot of police corruption any lapd is that why elisabeth case wasn't salt what's her death by police corruption late nineteen forties lapd corruption with a huge problem and with also large expose things in the testimony of one man sergeant charles stoker stressed out and still with a no nonsense by the book vice squad officer who believed the lapd with the finest police department whole world and then that you changed with nineteen forty nine arrest of hollywood vice queen brenda allen who newspapers referred to his hollywood madam any queen of hearts and i think it's important talked about for a second you just showed it around the time elisabeth shorts murder lot of corruption lot of corruption that was tied the people who eventually will be i will talk about the suspects in this case allen ran a stable have over a hundred prostitutes she was able to run this business by paying off hollywood vice officers as well as officers from the centralized administrative vice unit which conducted citywide vice investigations rent is monthly income generated plenty of juice with a policeman is found in her friends at city hall corrupt police officials and city officials have come to rely on a steady stream of income repass an were known to have a you know used be prostitutes themselves sergeant stoker's nineteen forty nine testimony also including the discovery of abortion ring within the city of las angeles this run by medical doctors who were paying protection money to members of the lapd gangster squad specialized unit again stoker learned at this ring of abortionist including only medical doctors and each member paid regular do which is titled emma hurt to operate freely and conduct abortions without fear of the rest and who killed elisabeth short someone with medical training what's her death connected to this legal abortion ring that was connected to corrupt cops possibly what's her death connected the grand juries finding the cops were also on the payroll of numerous putt putt moguls ruling the city were small iron clubs and brightly colored and gulf off probably not also still expose the fact that he lapd had listened in on telephone calls coming from gangster mickey killing hollywood residence and done so without a court order mickey with the head of the cohen crime family strong ties the various other mafia families run u s at the time cohen operated jewelry stores ice cream trucks dinner clubs loan sharking operations he shut down businesses labor groups and he allegedly at the center of pornography and blackmail operation nellie penetrated deep in the heart of hollywood community and local government was elisabeth short involved in this pornography operation was this pornography operations connected the police sanction prostitution police police action abortions wasn't all connected perhaps did you learn to much firm one of the many men she was dating possibly against jews running so fast who knows who all these very when all these various mental connected to who knows what elizabeth new in nineteen forty eight several officers posed as construction workers and installed bugging devices cohen's home and it was being built rover year lapd officers maintain audio surveillance on tones operations tape recordings comings and goings of his henchmen is well many guests which include estate agents police officers and investigators investigators and staffing the district attorney's office so many people caught up in this after gathering a years worth of covert intelligence several enterprising lapd vice officers nineteen forty eight approach cone about a shakedown demanding twenty grand for some caught a campaign contributions in nineteen forty nine stoker testified in secret before grand jury to everything he discovered about internal lapd corruption by high ranking police officers included andy cohen shakedown stoker's testimony resulted in indictments and perjury charges against the chief of police his assistant chief of the tenant in several sergeants and many more were expected the follow including some possible a very high profile celebrities when mickey cohen who is rumored to be ready to talk to the nineteen forty nine grand jury and then cohen was persuaded to rethink think his position about testified at three am the morning a delight twenty nineteen forty nine he and his entourage which included nettie herbert new york gangster and tony number one man state attorney general's investigator harry cooper who've been assigned a bodyguard cone after the rumors circulated of planning assassination newspaper economists floral mirror actress de david all walked out the front door of sheri's cocktail lounge on sunset boulevard and hollywood sheri's and the tories meeting place and hang out for local gangsters owned operated by retired new york detective barney rynski as a group saying good night on the sidewalk in front of the bar shotgun blasts fired from across the street cohen nettie harry cooper miss david all hit agent cooper and actress seriously wounded did survive herbert died two days later after they attempted hit cohen refused to make any statements relating to police corruption refuse to provide information to fuel the grand jury investigation and when cohen back down anyone else who might have come forward also fell silent that's crazy shit mob boss violently intimidated into not testifying against the police clearly lapd and late forties was insane lee corrupt is this why numerous dead women's cases went unsolved maybe many their death lead back the same circle of people people lead back to the police people who were protected because if they went down a lot of other people were gonna come down with a considerable we now know about nineteen forty valet that does not seemed very far fetched to me the grand jury well it did get rid of a lot of crooked cops exposed even more corruption and failed to indict anyone for the murder of elisabeth short due to very little an insufficient forensic evidence now let's step out of this time suck timeline look at several suspects and they will dig deeper into the suspect i think is most likely likely to have been elisabeth killer first another sponsor times i brought you again today by our fish who has risen from the dead to recorder new album called fish kills the forties musical showbiz pioneer albert fish has reworked and torture numerous hits nineteen forty including boogie woogie beautiful boy which is been 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tacos lincoln episode description button linked to the deal in times like web and app now let's get out and look at those suspects good job soldier made it back there well while the grand jury failed to charge anyone in need elisabeth short murder no shortage of suspects in the case as i said earlier nearly two hunter suspects suspects were investigated by nineteen forty nine you know that she's been in the early years investigation also round sixty different nuts confessed to her murder out of all of this roughly twenty two people were considered serious suspects by ellie county district attorney lot of suspects considered in recent years varies authors and true crime experts have added in subtracted additional suspects let's look at some of the most talked about suspects now stars robert read manley the last us back to see elisabeth alive for sure the first first be questioned for short murder by investigators interrogated by police just days after a body was found he testified he had known short for one month and then he recently driven her from san diego to ellie read remembered elizabeth saying that she didn't like san diego and she was supposed to meet her sister nellie then go to berkeley for a few days and back to boston see her family just all over the place elizabeth and read stayed in a hotel for night together in in the days before he left her at the biltmore hotel stating that they hadn't had sexual relations shorted claimed it was her time of the month and then she didn't feel feel well after passing to polygraph test and provided a strong alibi for the time of her death manley was cleared of all charges no true crime stories have taken him as a serious suspect since appears who just a guy she saw a few times shortly before she died and then redman finally died on january ninth nineteen eighty six january twenty ninth nineteen forty seven daniel as before he became the first of many men to confess shorts murder i'm just fascinated these people these weird professors his confession came only two weeks after the discovery discover your body more he's claimed he couldn't stand it any longer his fingerprints were not a match to the letter suspected to be sent by the killer today lapd and he was not considered a legitimate kennedy it for the be the killer no one knows what happened at daniel after he was let go by the police wicked pedia puts him on a list of people who died mysteriously someone by his same name with the same name same birth year died in kent washington two thousand four and it does seem he was he a transient i a homeless person who may have not been in his right mind when he made that confession well he's not a serious aspect i i just as important again do include at least one of the people confessor killing on the list so why not you know the first of those although the vast majority of suspects in the case were male authorities did not rule out the possibility of a female killer only one female suspect was taken somewhat seriously she was referred to simply as de quote queer woman surgeon in las angeles district attorneys filed the case you've got ninety four he's america not very pc her actual case well would label somebody type it out queer woman surgeon now they may have been using clear just a say she was strange or they may have used that term because the dodgers lesbian and they thought they'd be allegedly stretch this woman is believed to be wealthy chinese surgeon living in san francisco named madam chang shang entertained quote unquote air force pilot during the war she may have known matt gordon who had relations with short investigators thought maybe madam shanghai posse some other lady doctor possibly move shorts body because you know a woman couldn't possibly be strong enough the move about iran unless he cut into manageable piece again a little less pc back at basically that was the only reason that a woman might have done it is because the bodies into pieces and they're like well maybe there's a woman who did it because you know there's no woman on the planet strong enough to carry in another person's body like yeah they're very different time nineteen forty next up another suspect we've already met captain call balls here can forget that name mr mosaic her question might have police on january twenty nineteen forty seven he said he first met elizabeth on december semper six nineteen forty six at a real estate office when she when she had just moved out of the chancellor hotel carl said he he took her within the care of meal where he's helping people from business sale and dramatic dollywood yucca hotel where he signed his name for room for december seventy claiming took her to a bus depot so she could take a bus system in san francisco then went back loss angeles carl also denied any sexual relations occurring with elizabeth while he knew her guy driving elizabeth around this division this mysterious sister of hers who seems to a move just off and she did or or just some bullshit story she told iot free ride and do it in a lot of these guys driving all of the place just deny a sexual relationship i don't buy it i'm guessing they just want it to get less trouble at their wives as most of these dudes were married bolger had been station at camp cook during nineteen forty three the same time elizabeth employed there who is suspected the two knew each other during that time ballsy ford interesting suspecting that he had a history of violence against women and it was initially believed it even court marshaled ended elisabeth short lake claimed his personal property in effect after he was sent overseas due to a court this course more that dude this court martial those turned out not to be true and some of boulders testimony was incorrect which would suspicious of his field elizabeth not taking a bus until december ninth and there no register with his or her name signed at a hotel in the night he claimed they stayed there under a lie detector tests what'd you learn other stocks isn't the most reliable a type of past it was revealed that he had been with short up until december eight now december seventh cats and carl had also been link to the murder of a woman named lila welsh we had been brutally bashed with a hammer and her throat slashing kansas back in nineteen forty one she was twenty four twenty four year old former beauty queen and leave the wells and carl a boulder had attended the university of kansas city at the same time 'em rc yeah however carl is never a suspect in the university of kansas is out of the city my in my head they attend the university of kansas at the same time over carla's never suspected well smart he's happy go to the same school with a girl who was murdered and then he gave a ride to another girl who's also murdered a like short welsh's murder remains unsolved carla died in nineteen ninety two at the age of seventy two now what about that mysterious sergeant chuck starting chuck a man elisabeth possibly testified against her and her time at camp cook in nineteen forty three that's what she claimed before she died there were reports that she did leave with a man who abused her while working there and it was speculated this man a is there is a do she referred to a sergeant chuck and he was court martialed when she testified against him saying he had assaulted her and he was sent overseas as a result and then she did attempt to take control of his personal effects and possessions however no record's of this hearing have ever been found in it's possible that elizabeth may have made this dude up there are many other stuff that she did not make up though cloud walsh or cloud wells was a suspect in his sister legal well since nineteen forty one kansas murder clause was in hollywood during the time of elizabeth murder however however no evidence he ever met elizabeth he shows up on a lot of maybe she didn't list but he doesn't seem to be a strong suspect next up more promising suspect marvin regardless marvin spend time and he was maybe he took part in invasion of okinawa april april first nineteen forty five sixty five days and he ireland under intense unrelenting bombing in air attack he was involved with sudden have medical station at an airport the bond and straight by the japanese air force were twenty nine days at one point he ordered instead of a hospital in the south he works day and night with little sleep caring for fifteen hundred patients soon after he was sent to the front line for two weeks he administered aid to to companies with heavy casualties he worked out of a cave which at one point partially collapsed under heavy rain and he's buried to his neck and mud unable to move first full day he's finally able to work himself free afterwards you is described as being amniotic emotional with depression and instability also ended up with a psychiatric report the red sox the suspect is calm quiet and resentful individual who shows ample evidence of open aggression he has trouble adjusting himself navy navy discipline and it's become resentful over this he desired operating room it's kind of weird sense this is what's written he desired operating room technique so it's not written corrected but i don't know exactly what they meant which would never granted him maybe wasn't allowed to operate the way you want it to operate and this is one of the underlying basis for his resentment and disgust margolis one of the men who dated elisabeth during her last nine months now like marvin enter the university of southern california in march of nineteen forty six it was pre med engaged at the time of the black dahlia murder regardless date elizabeth more seriously the most active living with her in a man named bill robinson from october tenth nineteen forty six to october twenty second supposedly elizabeth stay on the sofa walmart dallas robison shared a room this may have been said just to keep up nineteen forties appearances margot and again who's engaged when she got murdered maybe didn't wanna study upset is fiance regardless dallas had left the medical corps the navy diagnosed with a fifty percent mental deficiency psychiatric problems mickey margot's even more suspicious he didn't initially come forward is knowing elizabeth's at all also tried to deny living with her did he do it he had the medical training was he jealous about someone determine she dated did he suffered from some extreme form of ptsd you just snap by the end of the decade marvin guys would move back home to chicago father a son find work any auto supply industry is a stock man and never be a suspect and another violent crime is far as i know as as lisa as recent as two thousand twelve he was still alive in chicago now for a stronger suspect mark hanson and original suspect remains on the current suspect list of most likely killers were a lot researchers it with his address book it was found among the article center the biltmore on february seventeenth hansen on multiple nightclubs in hollywood again including me florentine garden nightclub located in front of that boardinghouse hasn't also owned that elisabeth stayed out shortly before her murder one of two places he listed as her last known address after building up his name and business mark created hanson theaters incorporate which eventually got acquired by paramount nineteen twenty six he was put on the board of directors at paramount became very wealthy when the great depression hit has decided to expand his business ventures to include office space in car dealerships he eventually became the president's another theater chain and the co owner of again florentine gardens suspicion of hanson's guilt obviously began with his address book being found amongst their possessions were sent and police he claim she had stolen is addressed book from him hanson also linked three other original suspects who were all medical doctors doctor patrick o'reilly doctors schwartz doctor arthur mcginnis fought an toast friend of elizabeth miss testified at hanson would try to quote get what the ladies and when they refused him he would kick them out of his boardinghouse hanson later denied accusations of course but toasted elizabeth had definitely denied advances firm hanson is also believed elizabeth with hadn't left florentine gardens by choice but she'd been kicked out by hanson has it also has a history of being a womanizer also he definitely had a history of being womanizer a there is photos of him a with the short you taking photos of her or there's photos you know found in his in his house after the murder during the fall of nineteen forty nine dancer who looks very similar to elizabeth also disappeared in the florentine gardens providing further speculation of the connection between hanson and shorts death hanson's fingerprinted not match those there on the letter sent the police but the case got a little crazy when in nineteen forty eight a man named leslie dylan who will discuss next wrote a letter to the lapd psychologist paul they've they river with specific details about the murder including his confession and he implicated hanson he claimed he carried out the murder on hanson's be half one hands and became a person of interest lapd kept close surveillance on him they tapped his phone followed his movements eventually searched his home but police never got enough evidence to charge him or maybe they did maybe he bottom off again big problems this case was widespread lapd corruption maybe the lapd did have airtight evidence on hanson and they destroyed it because of bribery because it might incriminate some of them accountable keller remember lapd gangster squad believes handsome was the killer killer said hanson had elaborate parties is hollywood boarding house and members of the lapd along with chief of detectives dad brown and his brother finished brown attended these parties he thinks detective later held hands and cover it up hands and also owned a ford lincoln mercury car lot on hollywood boulevard in his lapd friends were later coincidentally seen driving around town and brand new lincoln shortly after elizabeth murder even more incriminating color allegedly discover the hands and it spent time when he was younger at a medical surgical school and swing a hand was from denmark which encounters mind when explaining precise dissection of the corpse of him being able to do that hanson died of natural causes nineteen sixty four at the age of seventy four no charges were ever brought against him in this case he had no criminal record known history of violence lapd but police chief william warton who died in nineteen seventy three told the loss angeles examiner there was absolutely no case against hanson however after chief ward and die evidence surface at hampton had lost a considerable amount of money investing in minnesota golf courses with one cleo short who is trying to get back into the sizzling hot putt putt game of l e in the late nineteen forties the rumor is it clear convince hands in there were more money in part but then there wasn't selling hot rod lincoln's so hands and converted three separate carlos into gigantic thirty six hole miniature golf courses in hampton latest fucking ass clear convince hands and the bigger the windmill the more people will play enhanced ended up dumping a full cool cool one million dollars in building three separate fifteen story high windmills and they were great they were beautiful they were magnificent the problem was it sometimes take a player a full forty five minutes to find out if they made a hole in one and there's less a window of course because the ball is going to basket and one of the windmill blades and then we carried up the top and then you go down this like a fun to watch but elaborate complicated system of tunnels and loops and counterweights and trap doors fake balls and springs and will be trapped inside whistles and lot of times you know a you know part of the grand finale with the ball with jamming breakdown in the putt putt groundskeeper had a walking fucking ten flights of stairs the release the ball and you know that pissed off a lot of people who just want administer their gaming grabs widows world's soft serve and basically the whole fucking shit bang which is a huge money pit enhancing decided the pay cleo back by killing elisabeth i rest my fucking case of course none of that happened as long unnecessary journey but i just can't stop thinking about pot why mother orchards which apples make the puck away another suspect as i said with leslie dylan loves it wasn't drifter who is hard as the bellboy mark hansen on january second nineteen forty nine who's arrested by the lapd after sending that letter we just discussed the lapd psychologist dylan new details in very specific information at only the killer should know including information about a rose tattoo removed from shorts tied dylan reportedly a knowledge about bleeding and bombing bodies thanks to experience he had working in a funeral home in the past doing show the handle is obsessed with short but then grew tired of her and then he hired him to murder short when dealing with released to the strong strong alibis and lack of evidence yet she sued the city ballet this is so crazy you sue the city valley for her thousand dollars per essentially not finding him guilty of being complicit in shorts murder and then the subsequent dylan fiasco led to that nineteen forty nine grand jury dealing fiasco investigation focused on the possibility of lapd cover up in corruption regarding the fact the dylan the carried out the murder on the order of hansen who previously applied for deputy sheriff commissioner nineteen forty three and had many many ties to the lapd gangsters what all this making hands on look pretty guilty see the guy who did it maybe i have him in my top two suspects but he's number two to me let's go over a few other random ones before represent my number one a another one of the black dahlia sauce best at least one that pops up and a lot of internet list is the cleveland butcher and who the fuck with the cleveland butcher possibly a man named jack anderson wilson this serial killer who has never caught by the way there's no shortage of unsolved horrific murder and a sack operated inclusion from nineteen thirty five nineteen thirty eight believed to have killed twelve twenty people both men and women the black dahlia murder and the cleveland butcher similar murderous tendencies the cleveland but you're also saying communication simply an some of the victims were bisected at the waste an drained of blood these victims were also killed quickly and body disposed of hastily because of the way he killed these victims he's also known as he cleveland torso murder the victims of these torso murder were using drifters whose identities were never determined all of the victims were beheaded in many cases cause of death was it decapitation or of the dismemberment itself most of the male victims were also castrated this guy would have gotten along famously with our fish hey there which all powers nobody's together why would make a swell humdinger repair you know somebody says you traveling up and i looked out poop on a much better by showbiz toyota hollywood is cleveland bolger was jack anderson wilson here's a little info on him wilson with the drifter who served in the army from january twelfth nineteen forty four to march fifteenth nineteen forty five he wasn't drifting he would sign hangar and a cook walk to the lamp with an alcoholic had a criminal record of over fifty arrest and supposedly this wilson was part of a robbery took place in alley on january six nineteen forty seven right before elizabeth murder after what you is hiding out the rest of the week near where elisabeth shores body was found that story maybe it's not true wilson in the interview by author john gilmore while he was researching this book severed an after wilson's death on february fourth nineteen eighty two gilmore claimed wilson with the socio elisabeth death in severed gilmore claimed the detective john saint john with about two closing on wilson for the black dahlia case based on information gilmore provided him but it seems like there's just a lie made up to sell some books when fbi's files and some of the las angeles district attorney filed later became invisible to the public is not the case sanford also proposed wilson i've been involved in the murder of a woman named georgette bauer dorf and gilmore claimed elizabeth in georgia had known each other because they both work is hosted at the same nightclub however george jet had been dead for two full years before elizabeth ever moved back ellie so you know doubtful that the rotting corpse of georgette worked alongside short that nightclub also in the two thousand six book the mob the mogul and the murder the transfix loss just author donald wolf not to be confused with critically acclaimed dead novelist thomas will propose the wilson was present for elisabeth shorts murder will also claimed it will also connected to the gangster bugsy siegel there's some smaller gangsters who wilson allegedly new seems me another lie or at least a big stretch the truth doesn't envy any evidence for this other than donald own imagination is if there wasn't already enough suspect's mother fuckers have to make new ones up let's move onto a suspect to at least acsi saul is the short joe scallops with a bartender tender who's working at the crown grill in january ninth the night elisabeth short was seen alive last night as reporters she was seen walking in the direction of the crown grill is as she left the biltmore hotel that night scholars was known for being quote ill nature with women who refused used to leave with him at the end of the night of drinking at the bar that damage so many dirtbags suck known to be ill nature with women who refused to leave with him i hate this guy i remember this date raby mother fucker from high school and college the dude who when the girl was named him you know in some party whatever they wanna do with him is always like boop boop boop it's broken loose been whatever yeah maybe she's a lesbian mr meets active should've been aborted maybe she likes some other guy maybe you're not looking for any sexual jodi with anyone right now everything that or maybe she thinks you're fucking ugly maybe you are ugly once you go home and beat it off you greasy hunchback psychopath why there's so many creeps in the world three straight weeks of creeps in the suck so so easy not to be raby creep please please get moving on a sex robot scientist improving getting ready let's send the crave to the sex robot brothel so they could leave real women an real men whoever they're into the flock alone when shit stains gallus question at his home about elizabeth as he appeared nervous instated yes her body was found right over there you point to where it was found eight blocks away and then he said i was leaving the room across the whole time then he denied recognizing her from the bar he worked at and there's no evidence connecting scouts to elizabeth murder others and him being a dirtbag who is in the right place at the right time and who then lied to police he probably didn't do he he he was never arrested for anything similar problems got nervous and the police questioned him 'cause he thought they were gonna finally catching from one of the many many many date rapes but i imagine he committed another suspect was thought to be an unknown chicago police officer a man named remember that talked about that man named jack egger work at cbs studios southern guy flash a badge she chicago pd bashed him the bypass the line well short something this person did it and nobody has any idea who this person is suspect is never been identified just comes up a through jack eggers testimony nineteen ninety five above name daddy was the black dahlia kelly was published it was written by janas knowlton who claims her father joel george note and killed elisabeth short janas claims she as she witnessed her father beat short to death with the claw hammer and then she would enforce disposed of her body she said listen met their father had been having an affair and the short have been living in the garage during her final days sounds pretty serious right i don't think so i don't buy this first second in nineteen ninety one janis got police detective excavated vacant lot there is a side of her father's for home nothing of significance was found note and then assisted the lapd was covering up her father's involvement involvement in the murder while i'm certainly not opposed to believe in the lapd did cover it up i don't think genesis dad did it who janis then went on to claim that she was sold as a child prostitutes at the age of nine on halloween in nineteen forty six to eight pass dana say panic sex cult pasadena sex tilt both satanists inner stepsister claimed her book was trash not true in two thousand four janice committed suicide viet an overdose of prescription drugs import jaanus is clearly a troubled so if you're eating the reviews every book online the term false memory syndrome comes up quite a bit how many times have we talked about we talked about this on the suck someone who maybe isn't the most psychologically stable person undergo some hypnosis therapy at the hands of some fucking quack black and then suddenly they remember they were sexually abused at the hands of a bunch of say ten a cult members who also happen to be high ranking members of society luminosity overtones all that same of tire fucking bullshit so many tales say they tanic pedophile rings on the web so many people love a tale of satan is molesting kids high ranking people in government and business and so far none of them have been proven to be true you know that none of them like fucking zero none none of that confined some people initially have been found guilty but then later acquitted it's been paranoid superstitious salem witch hunt bullshit time after time and janis was made to believe that in addition to being molested by saying this her dad killed elizabeth in front of her and made her help bury the body hurts therapists should be fucking executed for pushing her and god knows how many other people in the early graves via's suicide people who become haunted by horrific memories of things that never happened remind me never get hypnotized meet sacks my noodle is scrambled plenty already a few celebrities have been suspected of killing elisabeth short orson welles woody guthrie bugsy siegel evidence be on week with all of them but they're on a lot of internet suspect list i feel i should i should mention we'll is what's murdered orson welles going through a divorce with three hayworth i was i wrestlers on his ass he was fighting with columbia pictures over and upcoming film lady from shanghai filming have been shut down on january fourteenth there are supposedly rumors i can't find anywhere of paying off women with rape accusations andy he frequent at a restaurant and elizabeth also sometimes eight at during the same time period in the end it was believed elisabeth who's going out with someone who worked at columbia pictures so well it must have killed her right there's an entire book devoted to this theory is that week for shit get the fuck out of here mary paco's when you're not since childhood shadows fucking garbage you wackadoo guthrie one of the most significant figures in american folk music was investigator shortly after the murder but only very briefly this this story is ridiculous would have basically guthrie sent a few dirty letters to a woman he was left after he lives in northern california the woman who received letters didn't like what he wrote she showed into her sister now light who then contacted the police in those days it was technically illegal descend dirty letters it was obscene illegally abstain you could actually get arrested in be sent to jail for writing something in a letter like smack as we close encounter debts showbiz isn't it crazy i like seriously literally be arrested for that gruesome murders with pictures could be thrown in the front page of the paper but god forbid you talk about come rational pleasure in america the older i get the more insane are society sexual viewpoint is timmy still so messed up it's fine and talk about violence but still dirty did talk about sex what a fucked up cultural perspective i bet you odds are if any must be offended by this episode me saying a slap you're posting come on you're gonna be more offensive than graphic descriptions of fucking murder it's crazy i'm watching vikings on amazon prime which airs originally the history channel and i'm really the show still to suffer characters are blood eagled they get their backs cut open get the ribs busted up with an axe get the lungs pulled out of their back this is shown in gory graphic details so much blood splatter all over the place in the same show has the beep out the word fuck it in sane so stupid if kids watch murder on tv they could hear the word policy anyway i guess nineteen forty police thought that maybe someone who wrote dirty letters might be the same person who's gonna cut up a lady so gotcha was looked at as the suspect then quickly cleared 'cause it's fucking not a finally gangster bugsy siegel celebrity at the time let's on berries website says the suspect is a guy who built the criminal empire through bootlegging gambling assassinations before set up shop in vegas this is a guy who open up the world famous flamingo hotel casino starting his big notorious gambling operation in the middle of the vegas desert and while he's on some list there's really association between him and short at all outside of he was a big organized crime guy other big organized crime guys were in bed with the lapd who may have covered up the murders of maybe somehow in some way bugs he did it nonsense but there's one more suspect who is not nonsense this is the one of his most fascinated by george hodel if not murder certainly a very intriguing care to lead a very unique life in nineteen forty six check this shit out the year before shorts murder george hodel with the top ranked putt putt player he's number one in the world in the nineteen forty seven he fell down a number two and he had an ax to grind with cleo short short gotten back into the game in recently added a four story drag into the seven told the world championship eight you know of course in venice beach it was called the butter in stone king arthur's course and the balls at the round holes and because of the large rock outcropping pond villages koi fish is almost impossible to get like a good reid on this whole from the starting circle if you were a left handed punter and all of south la and he lost five dollars plus the grand prize by one stroke he fucking knew he'd get if he just knew he would get one day and he swore hopefully one day dan cummins will stop taking confusing flights of fancy in this suck i'm gonna refocus now door total with a loss angeles doctor he's one of the top initial priceless suspects in a short murder first time he was he primary suspect in a little sun longtime former lapd officer retire distinguished lapd homicide detective steve total absolutely convinced his dad is a black dahlia killer steve does a on also doesn't think he wants given to pasadena state and it's on halloween that's nice making little more credible to me steve wrote the book black avenger the true story published in two thousand six paint a hell of a portrait of a dad is a killer and to be fair if you're familiar with this book i know not everyone agrees this agrees with steve detective brian car lapd who's in charge of essentially the saudi in a what to investigate eight regarding the black dahlia cold case for many years until he retired in two thousand nine said quote if i ever took a case this week as steve hold onto a prosecutor be laughed out of office in l eight times columnist wrote a book i thought he offered mostly circumstantial she'll evidence then acted like it was case closed however steve also has a lot of fans for at lake county had deputy district attorney stephen r k wrote the book the most haunting murder mystery in las angeles county during the twentieth century has finally been solved a john l brain of the weekly standard wrote total has written in tensely readable account so what's the final version black dahlia avenger it accounts of cover ups civic corruption they're all to believable and much of the circumstantial evidence presented against georgia hodel is persuasive has steve total solve the case i think so and people magazine wrote an ex cop uncovers they painful answer to the notorious nineteen forty seven black dahlia slain total appears to solve one of the most sensational murders in the history of loss angeles and i do know that people magazine zina's borderline tablet but still a lot of people have found this book very compelling valley argument he makes very compelling steve suspicions began when he found a photograph in his father's belongings after his father passed away the he believed the short end to see how this photo led him to thinking of dad your total was in fact a man who murdered elisabeth short let me walk you through the second up today's time suck timelines dammit at around one go back to the right one shrimp all those books soldier were marching down at times suffering time line but nothing like button missed part how were you a little bit although excited all the fucking feeling today but by god not what i was expecting they talk about timely a georgia total porn is an only child on october tenth nineteen o seven at the clear about and hospital in the corner of fifth street and grand avenue downtown los angeles las angeles nineteen o seven already a bustling city of well over a hundred thousand people growing like crazy it would go from just over a hundred thousand nineteen hunter to just under three hundred and twenty thousand nineteen ten at chaotic growth on the birth certificate george senior listeners occupations occupations banker astor listed herself as a dentist they were young well to do couple they came from a lot of money george grew up speaking french in a in a completely frenchspeaking home in nineteen twelve h five his his parents bleed exceptional mental abilities bility's required special development center paris braves enrolled in one of the new montessori school is run by madam montazeri herself in nineteen thirteen nineteen fourteen george returned home to begin his public school in south pasadena a noted piano instructor vernon spencer spencer was hired teach them out of play spencer instantly identified him as a musical prodigy and with a remarkably short period of time georgia become not only an accomplished pianist but was even writing his own competition and it's got it's like i'm writing about my own childhood good except totally different while georgia's being tutored in central paris i was being asked to stop eating bugs 'cause they might be poisonous and i would also be asked about bringing too much water after seven pm so hope that finally stop waiting the bed other that there's so much that's the same by nineteen sixteen only nine years old george had become recognized through southern california's a future concert peanuts yeah he got his his property around the same time to hold those began constructing a huge estate in south pasadena designed by famous russian architect alexander blanco go built in the style of a swiss chalet a i think i think my mom mom tried it with this with shelly now they think about it a ten room residents complete with a detached yes house which would later become their sons private retreat in addition to his musical genius george also tested off the charts intellectually i q of one eighty six place in higher then albert einstein possibly our then me i dunno mike hewitt for some reason no one's ever wanna detested who knows a george advanced rapidly through school you graduated from south pessina high school the age of fourteen nineteen ninety two similar to me i graduated in sanford river high school at the age of eighteen pretty similar nineteen twentythree when he's only fifteen george began attending college in california's through technology in pasadena intent on and pursuing a career as a chemical engineer caltech one of the most important engineering schools in the country after completing only one year george i dropped out or expelled from caltech two versions what happened in version one he left college because he had an affair with the faculty members wife and got her pregnant in the second version is kicked down for playing poker because gambling was prohibited on campus then in nineteen twenty four data sixteen george started working as a crime reporter how strange is that it's sixteen he worked as a crime reporter at the u l eight wreck heard during the most violent years the prohibition witnessing the remains of scores of murder victims his initial beat with lapd vice squad or even road shotgun on the raise downtown raised nightclubs local speaking these this is the kind of stuff you wrote about this for a front page recor story in nineteen twenty four for when he's right about the murder of peggy donovan who've been kicked a death you wrote lost angeles rector june third nineteen forty four two sets the morning after a party the splashes read about the rooms are beginning to change in the brown line in the dust of the floor and be strewn with the fallen fallen ashes installed is innumerable cigarettes are scraps scraps of paper rubbish the lettuce diaries of forgotten years prior books playing cards lying face up on the floor is a card the ace of diamonds over it has fallen a large drop of blood converge birds the printed figure of the red diamond to shape listen blurred blocks of red sheets bloody bloods mayor sheets lie crumpled in tone in the floor of the bungalow a pair of dice the fault of the smash dressing table one of the cuba's has only the splash dreads stain seen rising above their mistake a little older spilled and drying blood are mingling those of liquor jamaica ginned up tobacco he's right now sixteen i got what i write in sixteen and then horon will face lee ogre of mongol hill in they forgotten realms regional nebula he will fight what they felt ill john i like when i was writing eloquent crime scene but there's a lot to think about eight sixteen holy shit what is that duty of brain your brain so forming just witness first hand thinking about writing about all that murder did it imprint on on george some kind of violence fantasies show later possibly later nineteen twentyfour shortstop reporting briefly became a publisher publisher he and a friend decided crate literary magazine living on his own out at a detached duty on his parents south pasadena property he publishes a magazine with his own printing press names fantasia ended explores bizarre off the edge fantasies mostly having to do with forbidden didn't sex and violence magazine lasts only two issues clearly working with those by scots young age warps his mind a bit few months later he applied for a job at a cabdriver lying about his age which was seventeen he manages pass himself off as twentyone in order to obtain of chauffeur's license drive past year the various hotspot hotels including the biltmore out the hollywood by the end of nineteen twentyfive george had switched is scheduled to driving on the night shift only two jobs copywriter first for local army navy store denver a southern california gas company then and lands himself a job as a radio announcer he owes the live show introduces the public the classical music during the early evening hours not even tony he's bouncing boy genius musical prodigy crime report advertising writer publisher public relations officer public radio announcer cabdriver dabbled in poetry vegas in photography there in the mid nineteen tony spent much of a three time it's taking pictures of people places around delay he had his own dark room reprocess film in nineteen twenty five is ass disliked be best of these photographs at a pasadena art gallery gives them a one man show he later you that skill sets and take private and possibly pornographic pictures of elizabeth as some have alleged maybe nineteen twenty seven eighty nine teeny meats and falls in love with an artistic spirit named amelia she pregnant and march twenty eight she gives birth to a boy duncan georgia's first or second child depending on which version of him leaving caltech is true later and twenty eight george million dunk and moved to san francisco where george and rolls any premed program the university of california berkeley during his undergraduate years he got the job of the longshoremen again drives the cab in the spring of thirty two george returns to writing when the san francisco chronicle hires both him in amelia as joint columnists together they write a weekly travel in review column and become quite popular color by june of nineteen thirty two georgia's graduated from berkeley premed immediately enrolled in medical school at the university of california san francisco an falls in love with another woman dorothy anthony somehow talks his wife a million in letting dorothy lou with them a little love triangle and you basically have to live next several years new wife dorothy quickly gets pregnant in the spring of nineteen thirty five thirty five george has a daughter tomar in june of thirty six george graduated from university of california medical school now known as university of california san francisco while in medical school you is highly thought of as a surgeon assistant known for exceptionally i hand her hand eye coordination while operating in nineteen thirty six george completes its internship at san francisco general hospital accepts the position with the new mexico state department of public health as a district health officer for the past four years now he's in love with two different women in a romantic relationship with both of them only amelia made the move to new mexico a she she and are now a seven year old duncan move with george ashley first a two eight small town near prescott arizona where he served at the loan doctor lugging camp he's also moving around la soon after he becomes a public health officer american indian reservations and public near gallup new mexico spend a lotta time arizona and new mexico and soon after that million duncan return without him in san francisco were merely returned to a job as a columnist this time with the san francisco news she'd have a long successful career as a drama critic in san francisco dorthy anthony tomorrow then go to new mexico join george the three that move freely together near house before george sends it back to san francisco without it so now getting the picture of a highly intelligent do quite possibly also extremely selfish and narcissistic didn't seem to care too much about why there's one he could have settled down at the first wife in san francisco words the doctor had a very successful life but he wants a new woman did share their bed he doesn't want a young woman number one to leave talking both of them and the stain seems a wee bit selfindulgent they get tired of san fran bounces arizona new mexico try that wife and kid number one there no thanks now he wants try that wife and kid number two now doesn't feel right i know i'm speculating a lot here both why no about his later life this self indulgent depiction of a man who may not have a lot of respect for women feels pretty accurate nineteen thirty eight thirty year old george takes a job loss angeles county health department is a social hygiene physician he initially moved into his own guest house his father residents south pasadena same takes it postgraduate course and venereal disease control at the university of california medical school in san francisco cisco and become certified as a specialist nineteen thirty nine gets promoted to be head of even mariel disease division in l a county health department and then get deported venereal disease control officer for the whole department and that is when he started teaching people about the dangers of wardi hand jobs still laughing about how many people i freaked out last week's fake std hand job scare one bad hand job one wrong finger blessed and you end up with a face full genital warts laugh about that little life forever nineteen twenty nine george also opens its own private practice in downtown ellie becomes the medical director chief of staff of his own office the first three medical clinic which he hires a full staff positions the main focus with the treatment of venereal disease which that time before introduction of penicillin reach near epidemic numbers in l a county so many face words so many dirty handy's so many lumpy finger bless also in nineteen thirty nine george hooked up with an old friend of his loss angeles girl houston double date with back in high school dorothy harvey dorsey number to dorsey do dorothy do we get pregnant that fall and they'd have a son michael who's born the fallen in july and then george convinces dorsey number two the changed her name to disrobe combination of two greek words door meaning gift in aeros the god of sexual desire in order to avoid confusion with his earlier girlfriend and women he sometimes still seems actually a mother demar dorothy anthony got two doors he's in life now did was fucking persuasive i don't think i could convince landeta changed her name to late lonnie orla verner something just because i had a kid with another lindsey mess with her i should try and convince lindsey that you have sex with another lindsey which maybe maybe i did i can't remember the names everyone outside with face drink a lot as a slut i should tell her the whole time we've been together everytime we have sex i'm thinking about when you everyone i wonder how well that would go i'm gonna guess not well but somehow george pulled this shit off in nineteen forty georgia neuro a dorsey do get married and she gets pregnant with twins john and steve total steve being lapd detective who grows up to believe his dad was the black dahlia murder they're born in nineteen forty one nineteen forty one george and derail have their fourth son a kelvin georgia's six or seven kid i gotta borneo like a irish twins whatever like born shortly after the first guys are the twins who i got a may eighteenth nineteen forty two six months after the u s a world war two thirty four year old george received a commission has a surge in the usa public health service as a reserve officer he resigns independent joint active military service would fail the physical due to chronic chronic heart condition he remains in law santa during the warriors practicing medicine primarily as chief of the division of social hygiene for the loss angeles county health department during this time just a few years before the black dahlia murder his marriage with the railroad falls apart and she filed for divorce in the fall of nineteen forty four citing extreme cruelty nineteen forty six georgia bounces after china following the end of the war to work as a chief regional medical officer officer for the u n r r eight the united nations relief and rehabilitation ministration roughly six months george lives in hand cow china then suddenly resigns on september ninth nineteen forty six has backed away his son steve things you had a heart attack returns to a homemade bomb shortly shortly before he left for asia lloyd wright's soden house on franklin avenue the stonehouse isn't architectural wonder designed and built by lloyd wright son of frank lloyd wright house now list on the historic register of l e homes and there is a fucking weird dark looking at by the way if you see pictures and there's all kinds of speculation the ship got really weird and really dark in his home he would call these franklin house george would leave their nineteen forty five nineteen fifty from the age of thirty seven at age forty two at various times in his five year period he shared this house all three of his baby mamas sometimes several of them all living together first wife amelia first dorothy dorsey do a who who he you know he had divorced from but then reconciled with supposedly george also had affairs with the number of other young women around town who also spent time in this house trying out the free love concept two decades before the hippies there were all kinds of rumors priest pretty substantial rumors of wild orgies at this house an alister crowley sex magic type of cold activities these sex rituals halos if they know all kinds of decadence stuff also rumors that they get insurgent std specials was running secret abortions the lapd was well aware of these rumors seemed feffer sure be true as you remember the george party around the truck officers organized crime members celebrities all sorts of other people also rivers you've seen with elizabeth short surely before her death he dated her more on that in a bit nineteen forty nine in nineteen fifty what may or may not have happened in the franklin house as it was called do a sensational l h filed with george was accused of having sex with his own daughter tomorrow some sort of sex with ritual check this crazy shit out october first nineteen forty nine georgia's and this leads to elizabeth door a short murderer on october first nineteen forty nine georgia's fourteen year old daughter tomorrow runs away from the franklin house disappears she was found and taken into custody by lapd when asked why she run away she told officers because of all the sex parties at the franklin house by the time the questions over she'd implicated not only george but his friend fred sexton artist and creator of the maltese falcon the statue at prop using it famous nineteen forty one film the multi stopping tomorrow also implicated to other adult women is being involved in bizarre sex parties on october seventh de las angeles evening herald unexpressed runs in article about georgia's arrest under the headline doctor nabbed on hollywood incest charge in this article is revealed to the public the tomorrow told officers that her father had been molesting her since eleven four days after george huddles arrest police arrest beverly hills physician doctor francis ballard age thirty six and his associate charles smith also thirty six for performing an abortion on tomorrow the previous month several days after georgia's arrest detectives conduct a search at the franklin house in these these various items deemed pornographic in nature during this trial tomorrow testified they don't eat in july first nineteen forty nine she returned home from a date when somebody by the way things those items they seized might have been picked up some new pictures of the short a tomorrow testifies on the evening of july first ninety forty nine and she returned home from a date changed her closed went into her father's bedroom wearing a green smock blue jeans gold slippers and a brother presented in her father's bedroom where her father were present in her father's bedroom or father friends fred section two adult women barber sherman age twenty two mrs corrine terrain age twenty seven and then or he breaks out tar said she was given a tumbler full sherry and fred sex and then undressed her and committed inactive all population honor he went down on her she's in testified their own father perform both oral sex on her end inactive agile intercourse with her and if this was followed by barbara sherman who early copley with her as well fucking incest orgy had too much incest last week announced back when i say i had too much instead i mean i talked too much about do ingest about somebody else committed it last week suck i need to clarify that since i do have kids doesn't i i experienced knowing just last week or any other week and then relating more directly now to today's topping during testimony tomorrow is asked why the prosecutor tomar do you recall the conversation you had with a roommate at the franklin house by the name of joe beret end do you recall in that conversation making the following statement the him this house has secret passengers my father is the murder of the black dahlia my father is going to kill me and all the rest of the members of the household because he has a lust for blood he is insane documented in court then tomorrow let's have a look directly at george right george george total who stare intensely back at her trembling and fearful with their eyes downcast tomorrow went silent event she she was ordered by the judge just speak then she simply in hesitantly stated i don't remember saying that to joe and during the trial file fred sexton at the multi he's got who's forty two did admit as a witness said he did attempt have intercourse with tomorrow hodel who again was fourteen so in my mind for sure some fucking shady shit going on there but then the defense paying tomorrow is a pathological liar the case will give the jury late in the afternoon on december twenty fourth nineteen forty nine at the lesson for hours of deliberation they found in georgia total not guilty of any charges but almost the sooners investigation into the rape of george total fourteen year old daughter was over a new investigation began as george within one of the suspects since early on and investigation now became suspect number one in the black dahlia murder following the end of incest trout tomar return to san francisco to be with her mother georgia's other children in their mothers were then essentially essentially banned from the franklin house and then lapd plan of surveillance operation and frankly house from february fifteenth of march seventeenth nineteen fifty the franklin house with bugden monitored by eighteen man lapd task force transcripts a recorder conversations this operation but later revealed george total referencing performing legal abortions giving pay off the law enforcement officials end to his possible involvement in the death of both his secretary end elisabeth short he was recorder at saint supposing i did so the black dahlia they can't prove it now they can't talk to my secretary anymore because she's dead they thought there was something fishy anyway now they may have it figured out killed her maybe i did kill my secretary the secretary he's referring to his woman named bruce spalding who died from a drug overdose on may ninth nineteen forty five total us presence at the time secretaries death any any also burned some of her belongings fucking weird prior to the police being called how suspicion is that due to a lack of evidence the case against him regarding responded with a messy dropped later documents were found indicating a spoiled he was possibly planning to blackmail whoville a total of regarding misdiagnosing patients and then building them for unnecessary laboratory tests medical treatments and prescriptions georgia son steven speculates elisabeth short may have also been one of these victimize patients days after the end of the surveillance operation steve little things at the lapd was preparing to arrest george but the murder of of elizabeth short who is tipped off but then george with tipped off to his upcoming arrest and fled the country just me like days days after the summit surveillance ends in late march nineteen fifty george does vanish he learned year later he led to hawaii he didn't even tell all his kids and his his first three a you know wives even if they weren't technically legally married you know of of the of the woman he had kids west doesn't tell them where he's going bounces stole why stays there breeze and bounce into the philippines where he starts yet more successful business ventures makes a ton a ton of money marriage the philippine a woman named or ten shia luda owned who would later become a congresswoman in the philippines has formed more kids with her georgian hortense you divorce in the nineteen sixties and then george you is never actually ashley charged with murder moved to san francisco in nineteen ninety mary's yet again a this time to a woman named june then he dies in san francisco heart failure in the age of ninety one okay so now let's hop out of the second time line and look at more evidence of his relationship with elizabeth short good job soldier made it back barely here's some additional circumstantial evidence a between elizabeth short and george total steve those initial suspicion against starter when he found an old photo photo album of his father's after his father died in nineteen ninety nine in in in amongst berries the family members there were two follows a woman he believed to be elisabeth short and by the way facial recognition software later determined is probably not the shorts but he then went back and found some somebody else you know in any a facial recognition industry street to corroborate that maybe it was just addressing there is some doubt about these photos but the photo did leave to a lot of other things that seem less troublesome to me a relating him do that to her as far as her death on january sixteenth nineteen forty seven the loss angeles examiner examiner printed a map showing the location where the shorts body of in post along with information witnesses at seen a black sedan park near the body for approximately four minutes thanks detail document documentation newly released dj files doctor georgia total owned and drove it black packard sedan the mass that description at the same time there's a nineteen forty six photograph of george wearing what appears to be a black face military watch calmly worn by officers during the war on his left wrist at the time george total love to portray himself as a military officer the photograph was taken soon after georgia's returned from china likely after a statue he stood in front of arrived in mid october nineteen forty six that would mean he's wearing this military watch at the most most a few months prior to is this a murder possibly a few weeks prior when lapd investigators searched near the dolly a crime scene on january nineteenth nineteen forty seven one of them did find man's military type wristwatch on a vacant lot closeddoor the victim's body was originally discovered the watch discovered at the crime scene with the military style seventeen jewel croton with lebron leather bound steel snap band in grades on it where the word swiss made waterproof a stainless steel back george holder was never photographed wearing his military style watched it fit that description after if you're a the murder of the black dahlia he was photographed soon after the murder of wearing ainu watch did he leave his watch at the crime scene i know someone is pretty flimsy but this isn't steve had a handwriting comparison of his father's letters and and that of the letters sent to the lapd by the suppose the black dahlia avenger you know the person who also sending elizabeth birth certificate and other personal items a handwriting expert state of the results comparisons to the letter had a strong likelihood of matching also a receipt was found among georgia's possessions with ten five pound bags of concrete on it a while he's bay matching the bag found by short body which meant purchase only a few days prior to her body being found so again pre suspicious most incriminating this is real new just last summer in july of two thousand eighteen a woman named sandy nichols indianapolis indiana while she would go into her recently deceased mother personal effects discovered eight dying declaration letter written by her grandfather w glenn martin seventy seventy years earlier on october twenty six nineteen forty nine the handwritten envelope read in case of margaret ellen's or glenna jeans death and it was initial wgn and apparently this letter was written that martin's fear one or both of his teenage daughters might be killed the three page letter identified w glenn martin as it paid lapd police informant working for one sergeant macaulay of lapd internal affairs division he described his activities is working undercover lapd detective helped identify and arrest corrupt police officers in his words to try and see if other officers could be investigated i'm sorry could be a persuaded the crime the martin letter reproduce in full in the chapter afterward of the latest printing of still steve hotels black avenger three book went onto name g h as in your total on seventeen separate occasions identifying him as their personal acquaintance of martin's as well as a personal acquaintance of storage mccauley's named him as the killer both elizabeth black dahlia short end of a second woman luis springer the green twig murder victim a martin letter claiming both he and g h personally new the springer woman and then he believed g h killed her letter also stated lapd at that time actively investigating lease springer and black dahlia murders in publicly identified them as probably connected springer was strangled on june thirteenth nineteen forty nine and found just two blocks and where they body elisabeth short was found in nineteen forty seven her body was found in the back seat of her car draped in covered with white cape type material which belong to the victim in which as a beautician she used covered protector customers a later autopsy revealed she suffered blow to the head possibly rendering her unconscious afterwards she was strangled to death with the white stash cord and then with a fourteen to fourteen inch long finger a sick tree branch ripped off some small three the killer had violated her body including the letter was the fact the lapd after being informed the g h new victims springer g h was taken in grilled about the springer murder the martin letter made it clear the g h who's known in protected by law enforcement officers and if they let him go martin's instructions were that his letter was to be open only case of harm coming together of his daughters no harm came either them so the letter remain on opened unreported in the families possession for seventy years until discovered in read by martin's granddaughter and there's tons more circumstantial evidence lot of details linking jordan total it's not only the murder of elizabeth short but to the murders of some other women we mentioned the suck lots of other former lapd investigators think this dude did it steve definitely thinks his father george with a serial killer one too smart to connect it'd be caught we do know who is very intelligent stephen also write another book about george hotel a possibly being sodium killer another a link him to be in the lipstick killer an another you know i wrote about him possibly in the summer i taken all that that would be several additional episodes and information but do i think george a committed this murder i do think he probably did he was a surge in get the surgeon he was running a legal abortions he admitted to paying off police there is a weird dark you know we're dark sex shit going on his frank the house he just like elizabeth living pretty recklessly in l eight and that party scene in nineteen forty six nineteen forty seven he was linked to not one suspicious despot several lapd did put him under surveillance he did flee the country right after they did that right after he said basically that maybe he did kill the black dahlia you know a he had just been on trower fucking his own daughter and a weird orgy there is other little details that include where you know this witness or that when it's supposedly saw george with elizabeth out and what seemed to be dates having drinks shortly before she died was george one of the man's who is dating right before her death to his party in a lot now he was having a lot party throwing a lot of parties at the franklin house did he take one of those weird sexual too far with free let's let's talk did he ever elizabeth abbas abortion did he then kill her to keep her from exposing his abortion operation is that why when she was found she had that hysterectomy type laceration on a corpse did he just enjoy cutting up young women so much the will just never know but of all the suspect he seems most likely to me smart enough connected enough with corrupt police get away with it he had the right skill set now that that letter it's pretty damn incriminating we continue investments in it and genetic testing maybe one day we'll know for sure steve hotel has offered to give lapd officers dna samples so they can test these against these old letter sent into detectives firm the deli adventure so far they've declined to do that i wouldn't even be enough saliva on those old letters to possibly provided match would that be enough to prove george hotel was the killer who knows but i'll be like they mystery one out of unsolved mystery thoughts we've done so far we don't you know several of them recently i gotta say this was the one that has the most interesting to me george photo is the best suspect i feel like we've come across in any of these mysteries sucks why flee the country and leave all of your kids behind if you're innocent and kid he didn't see for many many years after that by the way he stay the fuck out of the country why say on the phone maybe you did kill is but i mean he said suppose i did kill the black dahlia they can't prove it now would you say that if it was you and you didn't do it crazy story a safer let's let's wrap up with today's top five take time away number one lot of women were dining alley the nineteen forties lot of new bodies being dumped a lot of horrible crimes gone unsolved me the real mystery of the black dahlia murder is that it very well may have been connected to many other murders all of which you've never been solved to be fair to the lapd murders were a lot harder to solving the daisy for security cameras dna testing dna databases but so lapd supercross nineteen forties will we ever know if they in fact recovering up not only this murder but many murders that is the real mystery i helped get solved sunday number two are culture loves true crime now and it apparently love true crime back in the nineteen forties the black dahlia murder sold more papers than any other event in l a's media history front page news day after day after day number three don't be a shitty dad his dad at least most of the upper in my mind her dark path began when he faked his own suicide just eat away from her in the rest of value when she was just a kid shitty dad's allow for the kind of life elizabeth shows herself as a band emits you'll be affected her feelings of self worth i mean how could it not she definitely saw male attention put her in harm's way if you deserve to be harmed certainly deserve to be killed but also if you don't wanna get fucking eaten by a shark don't go swimming with sharks lifts sharks were all over ellie in nineteen forty seven dads are supposed to teach daughter's shit like that just stay away from those sharks in clio putt putt putt short did not do that number four georgia hotel did it i mean he he did it right i think probably he's a self assess cray surgeon who damn near admitted he may have had sex with a daughter who told someone he did do it in court she admitted she said that if he didn't do it to release all agree he was a multiple family abandoning asshole again that stick the fuck around how many terrible stories that we covered the have some element of shitty dad's in them fucking dirtbag debts how much turmoil in the world can be traced back to dirtbag debts number five new info some good did come out of the black dahlia murder in february of nineteen forty seven as a direct result of all the media coverage of the short murder california became the first date requiring the registration of convicted sex offenders it was eight breakthrough for lapd psychiatrist doctor j paul day river river who've been making recommendations for this exact legislation for number of years so thank you elizabeth i myself you that registration so let my kids know what areas around town differ sure avoid i show them mugshots of people they should never talked to while you're murder remains ends unsolved elizabeth sex offender registration has helped so numerous other murders and i'm sure prevented some murders as well by the way another big true crime job except in one monday hope your entertained thanks the time so team thanks to queen of the sock lindy commons high priest at the comedy cellar camp jesse guardian of grammar donor river doctors you'll paisley time suck high priest alex to the guys lecture danger brain access the pearl safety zach scripture flannery and thank you first time research helper alexis walker forgetting this done a long time ago and giving us a great direction and takes his narrative hope you liked it alexis next week a little breaking through crime unless you britain that'll be discussing a huge crime the theft of a huge part of you're empire american revolutionary war the revolutionary war also known as he american revolution rosen growing tensions between residents have great britain's thirteen north american colonies and the british colonial government which representative british crown skirmishes between british troops and colonial militiamen in lexington and concord in april seventeen seventy five kicked off and armed conflict by the following summer the rebels were waging a full scale warf their independence and their live no wouldn't want it to be executed retreat in france entity american revolution on the side of the callers in seventeen seventy eight turning would essentially been a civil war to this international conflict thank you france infringe assistance healthy continental army force these british surrender at yorktown virginia seventeen eighty one american and that effectively one their independence the fighting would not formally until seventeen eighty three the birth of a nation my nation any events that led up to it explored in sucked next week some time sucker updates including a little more hilarity the normal updates coming up right now time nailed it time sucker dusty coleman with warfare last week does he writes dear master sucker first of all fuck you you fucking fuck you finally got me with all the damn war talk had me so damn nervous i was about to go get all the tests at the at the walk in clinic right when i got done with work thank god you are manipulative co leader with a great sense of humor things role last year you're loyal space dusty coleman i love it love it love it dusty you were sweating you were sweating out some past sweaty palm encounters lead your free and i didn't i didn't get just you time sucker daming will let me know i scared his entire production floor you wrote dear master sucker told a today you manage the trick fifteen people production floor general wars story as i bill machines like to use my bluetooth speaker listen to your podcast it makes the day go by quicker and he gets to juggle some co workers who happened to be walking by and harrier shenanigans ed kemper moser seems to be a crowd favorite as it came to the part about the words i stopped what i was doing and begin listened intently shortly into the story to additional coworkers stop and gave me funny looks in response had rewind at the start of his story so they understood the whole story i haven't even made it to the end yet and kept reminding so more and more people listen as short amount of time i had a crowd in my area lifting you know the story my production supervisor even gathered around to listen in in one fell swoop we collectively side in relief when you said none of that happened and we all had a laugh knowing are made sticks were safe from another question irresponsible handy i wanna share the story and how you laugh rama to keep on sucking appreciate what you do oh so many left they've been so many less you could only imagine what when everyone's heads oh god she oh shit oh my god she did have robbins she had she had very rough hands how could i mean so stupid a bad you guys gotta laugh love you all listen so many of these emails this past week another one now from a from a tie soccer whose name i swear i did not make up this is from richard nutty wrote you cox loaf judge had the positive beginning of the frizzell because you fucking got me again i was seriously sweating bullets thinking at the little ward i have my armpit sexy fit my first thought was fucking gonna veggies right in my face good one times like master play loose athena rafter if she could tell by the way i think you'll get a kick out of my full name oh i sure did we all have my full legal name is richard brian nutting so all through school i was known his dick be nutty it's not but my parents noticed i really hope they didn't at least until they pe teacher in middle school pointing it out while taking role he thought it was a joke being played on him so he goes richard i say present then this fucking meet sex falls out laughing and yells dick dick being nodding it's stuck to say the least so you get a kick out of that and feel free to share my story if you want all shared check radio jangle the best one i pit bull there will ever be in hail nimrod my guts dick being nodding or hear parents think he by the way have you already killed while you're parents or just the one the names you my god i thought you know commons i heard a lot of like come talk guti cummings cummings comes back come saying you know whatever but tickly nutty talk about putting the ball right on the fucking t than everybody else you must have a great sense of humor think of it that story one last ward message from tony non non yeah or known yeah a tony right this one was money i'm gonna say eighty five ninety percent listers immediately shut themselves when they heard you say in std could be contracts from a hand job or finger bang i personally have never listened to a stat more with more intensity and i did that one i ate every word of that horse shit like someone was paying me to do so well done suck master fuck face nailed it thank you tony yeah and again we did get so many messages and i'm strangely so proud of myself freaking so many of you out so glad you meet sacks in the best sense of humor and finally a non ward message to end on a texas texas killing fields update from shannon buck shannon rights league city update the killing fields love your show listen for years first time writing i lives in league city all my life since nineteen seventy one and was a teen and young adult during the spray of adoptions and serial killings the subdivision i grew up in during that time was roughly three miles away from the killing fields my best friend lives not even a quarter mile away interestingly in sadly there were also eight home invading rapist on the loose at the same time a i i went to the same high school is two of those victims additionally there is a spate of teenage suicides in the area in the nineteen nineties as well and then shana provided a link to an article it says in the fall of nineteen for a teenage boy hanged himself october seven in clear lake city is a houston suburb south east of downtown a girlfriend the same school shot herself the death on october eight another teenager hanged himself october ninth then thankfully investigators found on the twenty eighteen at all agreed to a suicide pact seventeen teen more reset the star dine mean for investigators and bailey's found out in stepped in that shit's insane so scary is apparent in the houston area had a lot of darkness going back then i mean we also do the candyman we learned that suck dean coral killing at a houston area between nineteen seventy nineteen seventy three and then shana rights also we had the challenger disaster nice eighty six deeply affected community reminder nasa michigan troll johnson space center is roughly a there is a blank little miles north of the killing fields but yeah nearby the killing fields most scott's lead in those areas well yes houston we did our problems thanks and keep sucking and then a double asterik some of the names of these towns and the pronunciation is rough but unless you were from here knowing you could not no shannon thank you jennifer out of that info thanks to all of you rematch just always appreciate when you send updates critiques shadow request random suck late at the top of possibilities and more tibo jangled at times podcast cats dot com thank you again for all you're wonderful messages i mean we all have a wonderful week meet sacks don't dump

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