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Bills the PODCAST. The Blazers they lose kings last night with Fox or Bagley. They bought a foreign seven. And we've been talking talking about them for a while scowl about potentially being a little bit in trouble this season with the injuries and just kind of the way that Rauscher's built the guys that they've already lost some of them had free agency Amino Harkness and and so honestly it's a perfect time to welcome in our next guest and for the first time Jamie Hudson she's From NBC Sports Their Blazers reporter joining us. And we have her pitcher on skype. Appear Jamie what's going on in this Gal pal. Thanks for hopping on this morning. Hey thanks guys. I'd be on the show. Thanks for having me. So it's a way this straight you're at the airport right now. The image looks good. So we're not. We're not dealing with any kind of a any lag time with a Wifi. So you're our first person person that we've had on like in this market. We're trying to kind of experiment with this. We now know we can have people dial in from the airport so thanks for anything we can get from this. We know from a production standpoint. Jamie your home run with the first guest on downtown save at least the Sacramento Airport. We gotta give it a thumbs up for its why five I'm incred reprimands Aga- sweatshirt I but that's your Alma Mater right there you go nice nice awesome from are you from Ellensburg L. Ellensburg. Yeah we'll technically kit attest washing tech ten minutes from now. I know that's like we're Katya. Media is and stuff like that right all right so so when I when I contacted Jamie state I saw the five. Oh nine and for you guys. That don't I don't know. I grew up in Washington western Washington but I love eastern Washington so where she grew up. It's a really good spot we go. Hey well we. It's the perfect time to have you on Jamie because as I mentioned before we have been talking a lot about the blazers struggles and just kind of you know dame as having a career year in a lot of senses. Cj been a little bit more disappointing. But it's been a lot of the injuries it's been a lot of the guys that they lost. They sit at four and seven. I mean how much. How much is the panic? Nick meter going off there for those guys in Portland the front office the players or are they just kind of like. Hey We've been here before we'll turn this thing around. Yeah they're kind of thinking. Hey it's still small sample sample size. not worried. And it's one of those things where it's not as if they're really missing the play of Alfred Camino and Maurice Harper. It's more so the continuity I mean there with Damian Lillard. CJ mccollum Daimler Core Group with Amino and heartless for a a few seasons. They really gelled. They talked about how their team chemistry was amazing. And now they've got seven new faces not to mention all the injuries so really really. The Blazers are trying to figure each other out Damian. Lillard and Hassan whiteside. Still trying to figure out that connection zone whiteside is a very different player than abusiveness blazer fans or finding out and so that picking oldest blazers love to go to it. It really hasn't been working between alert and a fight side. At least not yet as there are a lot of talk because I guess nationwide a lot of Kevin love for Hassan. Whiteside Talk I. I can't how much does that have got into back to the players or has Damian Lillard even mentioned or lean towards like what are you. What are you guys here? And as far as I know this this conversation. Yeah no deem doesn't mention that he's a one of these leaders that's always about. Hey I got my guys. We're GONNA work through this Everything's fine one game at a time right and for Dame I know he's been shouldering a lot of the offense sixty point game and they still lose. Oh so right now. They're trying to figure out offensively. Who else can bring the buckets in? It's funny you guys because before the season started looked at the Rauscher and it was like. Oh okay this is one of the talented. Most talented groups players were talking about it's NBA finals or buses. The season and I think that's where the fans are really struggling because there were really expectations in Portland for this team bringing in Hassan Assan. whiteside bringing in guys like Kim as more and getting rid of guys that couldn't shoot from deep. That was the big thing is blazer. Fans really didn't like like that. Either meaning or heartless couldn't be that consistent knocked down three point shooter so everyone thought. Hey David has more they have more help and now it's not showing up I. It's it's interesting that you bring up the expectations and cascal and I talked about all the time on the show like I. You know. There's pressure from the media. There's pressure from fans there's pressure from people around the League and the pressure that the blazers put on themselves after making the Western Conference finals last year. But I kinda went back to you I go. I like their core. I think one of the most well run organizations in the NBA. But I kinda feel like that. That Western Conference Finals Strip last year like they kind a peak the little bit and that might not have been where they were and then on top of that. The Western Conference has gotten better overnight. I it was already. It was already soured and somehow gotten better adding Anthony. Anthony Davis is the Lakers and what the clippers did not mention. The nuggets are still there and even the jazz adding Mike Conley so like I understand the expectations should be there. You always want to like improve upon what you did last year. But I I WANNA get your. was that a realistic expectation for this team. Given given all the injuries that they've had and all the people they lost. Yeah that pawns and use a veteran veteran guys. Don't have those two guys in seven or seven three. I should say seven footers knows that Collins no use of snark age you're cages. Timetable is about around the all star break. He should be back after rehabbing left leg. Injury and soul is still displays was roster. There's no kind of talk of win. He will actually make it out on the court art but I mean you gotta think assault could still bring you something. He's obviously bringing that so mentor ship. I know he's been a big key piece in this blazes Locker Room But the blazers are missing their bigs and last night without two of their forwards. They're starting forward. The rotations have been in Korea. You guys and so things are just so different right now with the injuries and still trying to figure out what works. Hey with Hassan why. I'm obsessed with Hassan whiteside negative standpoint like as soon as he went there on Portland's not GonNa win. He's not a winning player but back if they're kind of relying they have to rely on him. There's really nothing they can do right. And what does the expertise on how long this thing is going Take before dame. Cj and Hassan whiteside could put it together. We'll never had a guy that they could slob. You you really. I mean it's never been lob city and rip city and people thinking okay that happened we got sucked at might happen this year. and we have been you've he probably seen relapse this year. So just aren't figuring out. I feel like the strengths. Quite yet of what I saw John can bring. And I'm with you. I know he definitely is a player that takes possession saw. I've already written about how it was. A tale of two halves ver- The white side. He really wasn't in the game mentally at all for the first half last week and then you came on strong. Actually it was the Tunechi game. I'm sure you guys breath Charles Barkley and shack what they had to say about lights. I honestly pretty sure he heard about that. After the they had said that at halftime any turned it on you can do you can get you so many rebounds. He can get buckets. But it's not consistent Jamie molasses dot here for you I want you know. Put your put your prediction had on like do they do they have you know. Can't dig themselves out of this with all all the injuries as you said in the people that they're missing. Is it realistic for them to still like are they still a favorite to make the playoffs in the western conference. Think when you have Damian Lillard alert is GonNa will them to the playoffs and then to see what happens when you circuit Zach Collins. Come back so guests. I still think they can sneak into with the play offs. Just I think Blazer fans need to buckle up for a while yeah especially coming up. I'm looking at your schedule Joel. Toronto back home in Senate at San Antonio at Houston Avenue Orleans at Milwaukee. ACT CLEVELAND AT CHICAGO. You'll be we all over the place to Jamie. Thanks for joining us. Good luck during that trip and We'll probably be calling on you guys. Things started to go sideways. Thanks thanks guys. Thanks for listening to this scale. Impels podcast wants your listen to scale impels weekdays from eleven to one. PM Eastern Talk Radio Dot Com digital work.

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