Ep. 551: Destroy the West with Elizabeth Laime


Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away the keys and take coffee shirts and sex and run you. Jordan Jesse go. I'm bounce rock. Jesse thorn. Jordan Morris point detective. I went to the roller rink Jordan. Okay, man that that was going to be a basketball thing. I thought you were Kyun me up a bounce me that rock. You'd say, no, this guys in your pickup games, his bounce rock visit allusion to the smash hit song rock roller skate. Okay. I went to a place called the midnight rollaway Glendale, California. I think I've been to this. This is God. Is this a magical Yesh never been before? Yeah, this is a roller ring that outside of the industrial carpet, having been replaced and yet to have that industrial carpet because you've got to be able to roll roller skate on it, right. Outside of that industrial carpet being being replaced? I. Think they built it in nineteen sixty two and haven't changed anything, right? And yeah, and I guess you know, there's, there's when you have a roller rink in, you know, an area that's being gentrified. Yeah, you got kids you got you. Got you. Know people who were there, you know, not ironically, because roller skating is fun. It's not not fun, but you know you have people who are there because it's kiss kitschy. It's a, you know, a nice alternative. Then just going to the movies and then you have fucking people who were into in the seventies and still have the move. So man, see, that's the thing. That's why I should. We introduce our gas program. She's the host of the smash it podcast, totally lame. She's a beloved guest on Jordan. Jesse. Go Elizabeth lame. Thank you for having me guys and so excited. Have you ever been to the midnight rollaway? I haven't been. I'm going to go now. Okay. I love roller skating and it was such a thrill in Saint Louis, Missouri because the roller. Rink was the one place where you could go, and if you were if you were gay and also possibly to get shot or stabbed there was lots going down. Yeah, this is sort of like the the public pool by my house crime. Nice, it got it. Had a little adventurous aspect to it. Yeah. Will I be stabbed? Yes, the when I was a kid. I don't know if there's an analog to this in Saint Louis or in southern California where you grew up Jordan. But when I was a kid, I would go to Golden Gate park in San Francisco, and there is a plaza in Golden Gate park where die hard roller. Skaters would go, and I'm not talking about no inline skates allowed. Oh, no, just why reef. Muscley probably the the wheels have to be made of a certain thing. Yeah, it's a gauge of wheel that you wouldn't know unless you are into actually hardened sap. Right? Yes, exactly. From a particular tree. Yeah, and the and like some really amazing roller disco going going on just on the concrete by people who could be millionaires or could be homeless people. Sure. Just impossible to say that kind of wiring their money, all of their money goes into roller skate upkeep. Yeah, exactly. Like clearly wearing the same roller skates that they wore when they auditioned for Saturday Night Fever, three, right, which was roller stand. Yeah, but I always thought that was like the most amazing. Awesome thing. And I've liked secretly. I've often secretly wished to that. I knew how to roller disco man it, fuck it. It looks great. It rules, you know, usually the people are dressed, very cool. They are. They are dressing that you know of the period, it makes me think. Good and cut off jeans, like short on jeans and I'm talking about the men. Yeah, look, fantastic. Jesse. It's never too late in a horizontally striped shirt of some kind with some belly actually think it is. Actually, I disagree, I, I I, you know, because we, if you know, you'd have to be made of stone not to see this and be delighted, right. It rules it fucking rules. I wonder if our kids when they have a podcast and they will the children of podcasters. Are doomed to produce to podcast. It's it's genetic. I mean, our spouses started podcasts. Think that your spouse will get one in your children will definitely podcasting is new enough to where I think it remains to be seen, but I would dare is right. Will they be having the same conversation? It's like, you know. It's really crazy. There's this place downtown in the park, and there are people on hover boards. They're rocket. They're working it. They're so old. Yes. And they, I mean, they leap right off. They know when to leap off when it's about to explode. But here's my. Here's my scheme that I came up with, right? So Saturday is daddy adventure day in my house. That's when I take my two older children away from the house for as long as I can muster. I have also have a daddy adventure day every week, it it. It's very different. Daddy. Lots of screaming on both sides though. Let's say it's actually just what I watched the Ted Danson movie kidding. Even with that. I know I've got, oh, I kind of started. It said that like it was sexual? No, it is not just watched getting even with dad to not be taken the sexual. I killing of a sensual tone in my voice, Jeff. Goldblum. Do you not watch Ted Danson sexually? No, he's a sate Jesse. Would you crank it to a movie about Gandhi alive? Absolutely. Not live dancing background lead, not I very sexual. Initially. He was going to be a football player on cheers, but they decided giving his dancing background that they would make him a relief pitcher because it was the only kind of athlete he could credibly be. Wow. So anyway. Yeah. By the way you've been having your daddy adventure dang through thin and thick. Yes, mostly think what does that mean? Oh, we're just talking about daddy. Oh, yeah, right. Yes. So on data adventure day, I take my kids out of the house and then the baby's still naps a baby's not a baby anymore, but he's still naps through a big chunk of the middle of the day. So it's like. My wife's chance to have three hours to ourselves. God bless. And so I think she does. I mean, watch his getting even with that and Craig's. Who've of that you should not be cranking into Ted Danson. I'm never saying anything other than cranks. It. Good news. You're the new host of Jordan. Yeah, I've been thinking of taking a sabbatical, you can come in and crank throw crank it down. Yeah, but I decided maybe like feel weird about addressing something with your neighbor, then there you go. You're fine. Perfect. I decided that the. That the the daddy adventure day was the perfect excuse to get out there to the roller rink. Right? And if I can convince my children that they like roller skating, then I can sort of hang out there, learn some moves. My first move. I think based on my experience this past weekend is I will learn to stop. That's a good one. Yeah. I mean, the old stop the the old stop skatin-. Yeah, you should. I, I think your first step should be getting in airbrush to top. I know God, I would love a nice air air head on down to the county fair. I've been. I've been skating in half mesh football jersey. That's good. I mean, you know, half measures, I guess I have to say, I think that that's the whole whole one and a half measures leapt leftover. Sure. Airbrush I need to be clear with you Elizabeth. It's all mesh. It's half jersey. Thank you for the clarification. You bet, but I got out there and it's great. You get there at nine o'clock in the morning for kids class kids class is not a class in any meaningful way. It's a group of almost. It's like, you know, when you go to your polling place and you see all the people that represent your neighborhood. And they're broad range in life competences and a just a their diversity in every way. Sure. Like it's you. You're like, wow, this must be what it's like to be a census taker or whatever. You know what I mean? That is what it's like in the in this class. So there's a ton of kids. I mean, there was like thirty kids, I will how, and there was someone who I think was the teacher, but then there were also a bunch of people who either worked there or were volunteers, not clear, and the parents were not skating with them. There were many parents, some of whom were wearing roller skates. Some of whom were not. Okay. So we'll just leave the kids and go play dance dance revolution. DDR in this play, what's the? What's the answer? Larry fund. Go AGA. Yeah. Got to go a log in there. Something with machine-guns. Okay. I remember something with machine guns, and I'm gonna say Tekken. There was a dad who is very animatedly. He was pungent. He was a bear, and he was punching Kuma probably going to Cooma. Got thank you Jordan. These are several bears tech in the. Main tech in bear. Anyway, you know your stuff. I know my tech in bears not my, it's not my fighting game franchise of choice. I think it's imprecise, but under be had several bears. Well, technically the coal is not a bear. It's a marsupial. That's true. There's a pant as well. Here's a son bear unbear-. So I I got out there on. I got up there on the floor with my kids. We did a little we. We were maybe four minutes late onto the floor, and this was a beginner's class, but it was clearly there's no one who was there to teach kids who had never roller skated before, which is what I wanted. So we're being helped by this woman and I'm trying to figure out what's going on with this lady 'cause she seems very quiet and she seems pretty uncomfortable helping my children. She was real nice, but pretty uncomfortable, helping my children. And then I started reading her t shirt and it was a graduating class t shirt, two thousand eighteen and I'm like, oh, this. This is a gung adult is what this is that I realized it's a middle school, graduating class shirt. Two thousand eighteen thirteen year old is much maybe fourteen probably a high school fresh. By now. But then better be careful. She doesn't teach them about vaping. I know Julen. Yeah, I saw local news report was very informative. I read something in New Yorker, so it's corroborated. Yeah. And then like a fifty year old gay man came over and helped us in a he was he was on the amount of handsomeness and just having it just being in your element that is going on with the sixty year olds at the roller rink cannot be overstated. I love that so much just so offense themselves and it's their dorks wake. They're not cool. The people moved on from it when they stopped being young. You know what I mean? Like these are. These are. It's like a model train club right for for like a like like two degrees separated demographics that the older I get and I just aged one year last week. Congratulations camp. I'm staring down the bird. You do already. I had a excuse me, lost my voice. I have a, I went to work. I'm from, whereas the gift you give yourself? Yes. Hard day's work gifts industry. Yeah, employment came home, Andy, and I were going to go to the Pasadena, senior center play table tennis, which I've really gotten into because there's a table tennis courts in my office, but you could fucking destroy those oldies to. Because I'm definitely on the lower level of the hierarchy at work. I'm literally at the point where I feel like my job depends on it, and then we went to dinner in Pasadena place called union, which was delicious. That was that was a raft on the old birthday. It was. It was nice, but how are you? Are you better at table tennis than India's? We have yet to find out. I've gotten pretty good and he's always been pretty good at things like that. So. Anyway, but as I get older, I have such an appreciation. This is clear because I just told us story about table tennis, but for people who just love the thing that they do and they seek out to do it all the fucking time. I think there's such beauty to that. Our friend, Jim, Ray album master of would you rather became a science engineer, and he had some science engineering colleagues who belonged to a table tennis club started playing table tennis seriously and became a nationally ranked ten table tennis player. Number like two hundred and forty like are not. But like it's just it's my wife is so much better at at table tennis than me that I can't even start playing it because it'll be like that time that prince played against Michael Jackson and prince just destroyed. Michael Jackson walked away. I'm Michael Jackson was like, I wanted to be friends. That's true table tennis story. Speaking of Andy, he was going to join us today was the plan. I know bummed out bit, but there were there were sitter issues. Yeah, this is the thing we have. We got three sitters. Here's the problem with sitters in LA you got two more than we do. Well, this is this is the thing. We don't use them regularly. We don't have a regular sitter. So then you much like my ranking table tennis slide down the ranking, they they get snatched up first by the people who are regulars. We love them so much, but we, we tried all three, one of them worked. I was thrilled and then she got the barks. Which we want nothing to do with no bar Cianci asking her back for a solid month. Less less. She bring the bar into your home. Thank you to hurl upon Cronin progeny. Yes, no, hurling on progeny. The album project. We want none of it. Yeah. Anyway, because I mean, you know, you guys in your home first and foremost, our twisted fire starters. Wow, that's right. Anyway. Yeah. So we flipped a coin. I, I one I gloated he made a case that I've been on here more recently which was not incorrect though. No, but we had already agreed to the terms of the coin, the coin. So then he tried to go back and have a logical after you guys did agree to a game of chance. That's right. He tried to logic you out of it to his two to defend him. I think as soon as the words started to leave his mouth, he recognized the error of his ways and that we had had a fair and square situation, and you said, don't play the game. I'll test ya. I'm I'm in my late thirties, but my mind is older. Yes. All right. There's two prodigies. I didn't. I'm gonna stay rap prodigy. Okay, sure. Bob deep stuff. Okay. And I'll do what were those guys? What are the? What were what were the fires. Call that rave music anyway, I don't know rage. Yeah, range. Rave I was surprised you guys, you're flipping the coin and the winner got to come on here home. Like that's how it should have been. That's no, of course. That's the case thrilled to be here. Well, we're delighted to have you. We'll be back in just a second on untorn Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn America's radio sweetheart, Jordan Morris, boy, detective Jordan? Yes. Jordan Jesse goes brought you every week by all the max von members. Everybody loves him. 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Elizabeth, you used to be a parenting podcast with your former hip hod cast. Totally mommy. That's right. Right. What's your, what's your children's situation at home these days? What? What are we looking at? We're looking at a four and a half year old. Daughter teddy and tune your half year old or wait? Yeah, almost three year old boy, Oni. Oh, do you have any? Is this a problem for you? Yes. Do you. Correct? No, shits a breeze. Sustaining human life. Chores, they love him start doing chores. Can I tell you that we've started sending Oscar? My four year old to this to this pre kindergarten. This like fancy prekindergarten and the woman who runs it is what is the fancy about it? Is it like a million? Yeah. Mike, you know what I mean? We're presenting, we're presenting him for possible has been so sure. Sure. We're hoping that he'll have a Mary into the landed gentry. Yeah, he'll meet a nice, Gail man. A nice we already got him the raccoon coat to wear to the Harvard Yale game. Yes. Cram himself in a phone booth with ten other guys, and he's taking pole-sitting let's say, yeah, that's those are the four things we know about that. College college. About college overall, everybody clear. We went to college and yet nothing stuck. That's all we got. Okay. So anyway, we we send. We were sending Oscar to this like he was going to a nursery school that was real regular. You know, the kids just fine. Yeah, the kids just fuck around in the people are nice, need a lot of brand. Yeah, they stay regular this nice firm stools on these kids. Yeah, the preschools directories is Warren g. So he makes her to regulate or. Yeah, when you gotta regulate. Wow, that was fun. No, it's not. Don't lie was I? This is fun. It was very impressed. All bad. We haven't talked about cranking it Thiru come on at this fancy place there go. There you go. There you go. We want to hear still the woman who runs the the prekindergarten class at this fancy place, the amount of control genuinely curious as to how it is fancy. The m- the main fancy nece is that they do things with purpose, Jack Scher and the woman, but it's not like it's like she just controls their minds with her peacefulness. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. She just is really good at it. Sounds like Catherine keener. She's a total like she's like Kevin keener. Yeah, Catherine keener, I wish she were my pre school pre kindergarten teacher. She's just like a, she's, but but you know how Catherine keener arm once and I can still remember how it felt. Oh, my God. Did she really? Yeah. Oh, wow. That's way better than when Eva Mendez touched my knees. I win. I win. Fokker can for you. That's so much better than when Harvey Weinstein touched my. Somebody get her a copy of variety. Varieties pile up. It seems like because you're never gonna be presi of Warner's at this. Throw it in. Goes this. Harvey white see touch might potted plant. So the. The woman has so much control of the classroom, and they do so many interesting things in the class and my son, Mike AVI already two weeks in prefers her to me wrath, and they do being John Malkovich. Oh, my and every Nicole hall of center movie. I mean, don't get me started anyway. I just feel like the in preschool, he's cleaning up and then at home he's not me feel really bad. You're like, second, your second-string staff. I'm glad that it's important. I'm glad that he's learning life skills that I'm apparently unable to teach him. That is nice. I feel that all the time, like, you know what they're going to eat. Well, there. Yes, sure. You have to re. Does. Gushers at home. It's long as you know that at preschool they're getting they're fruit leathers. That is kind of probably what it is beer before liquor, never sicker gushers before leather, your neighbors, Heather. So not a very helpful. To sure. Two children. Named Heather have a hard time remembering not to eat their shoes. Parents have alcohol problems. So. Anyway, that is an amazing part of my life, but it is a horrible part of my life that I wonder if it's coming up for you can't is toys that make noise. The band? No, just kidding. Yeah, you know what I think we've kind of past that phase and I don't really have them around that much. I mean, what are these. Primarily would have aunts that send you these things? No, it's wonderful to have relatives who are not involved in your life with so. Viewer slowly working to alienate your extended family gradually, like we all should be at this point. No one would be mailing you talking journal, no effort whatsoever. My parents side and it was like. The primary toys in your house, would you say, what are the most popular toys? I guess I should say, I would say, well, we do a lot of playing outside, so we got a lot of different cars type things. Vehicles move. Basketball's balls of all sorts. We have a huge train table. Ilan trains brio. There's brio still popular yet is very popular. They're quite expensive. Here's here's my brio tip for you order an undifferentiated box of brioche from EBay, and that's what I did. Great. Brillian gorgeous just sent a man fifty dollars and he sent me a huge pile of brio in a box. Some of which legitimate Rios? Yes, some of which were generic Rios. It's like buying your Legos at the flea market, and it's a way to avoid truly brilliant. I what I call the beautiful packaging tax. Yes, very true. Extra cost of having all four of the directions on the side. Sign that says a train should stop. Not be broken, right? Yeah, I'll take three fours. That extra twenty five dollars for the extra sign. But as you know, Andy's a record producer. So he has a studio that has like all of the musical equipments that they go in and thrash. I'd say, once a week and then everything else in her house is pretty low low ball. So we had on a previous Jordan. Jesse go. Asterisk Editor's Note c. issue two seventy five true believers. I discussed this. I like I genuinely have a hard time even talking about it, but this row this like tarantulas Rex. That makes the most terrifying sounds that my son Oscar got for his birth. His last birthday for dad, no, from a friend from preschool. Who's this? The sweetest. The man who gave the parent who gave Oscar this horrible toy. Maybe the nicest parent and the whole preschool. So I can't hold it against him, but it's really the worst thing in the world, and also my son loves. So of course it is it. Is it like a branded thing? Is it part of a cartoon or no, the furthest from a branded thing, it's landed from real tyrannosaurus Rex, right? You know how we often talk about Los Angeles downtown Los Angeles is bond district street that sells only Bonk's shore. It came, I'm sure from just a seventeen foot tall pile of boxes directly off a container from from China. Okay. In Los Angeles is nightmare toys. Until I know it's. So I think that we let that that drain source sources called trinity. That's what Oscar name dope name. I'm not gonna lie. I think we've convinced him it's broken. Can you spell that? No. Okay. Nor can he okay? Honestly, he struggles this bell. So it's that's that. I think we've convinced him his broken and so we don't. I no longer after here. It's bestial cries. Good can imitate. It can sound be pixellated. Do you guys harsh and digital? Do you know that? I do pretty mean pterodactyl impression here. Okay. I'm gonna kick the microphone out for a second. You know your husband's a record producer. Shit. If you're at home, you missed the fucking visual element. Is us like share. Jurassic world. Can you describe what you're doing? I leading our neighbors to call the police. I do a sound and I do emotion with my head that is Teradata like and I have. I have bird like features as it is. Embellish those hollow bones really come through a beautiful, and then I stick my tongue out very points. Took one hand and grasps up first, you turn to profile, get a play by play tennis. If you know mind, Jordan, you can handle color shirt. You turn to profile, you push the mic away. You put one hand on your lower lip one, an on your upper lip, stretch them out back deterrent, actally. She went all the way. Color. So anyway, a few weeks ago, my son, Oscar completed a particularly auspicious achievement chart. Oh, good for him. I know I've a very proud. We all were him now. I, I don't really know at what age of child does what, but is the big boy potty involved? Yeah. The big boy party was definitely there's a lot of there's a lot of things involved in this particular achievement track. Okay. It involves big potty being one of them. Yeah, it goes. It goes involves going through morning steps and then standing at his line. Line. It's like a piece of painter's tape that's on the floor by the front door that shows that he's ready to go to school, holy shit feeling you have your place down on luck. Well, not even a little, not even. You just have to pick your battles, and that was the one the kids have marks like they're gonna play. I know so, and they do. They do go on the duck. Oh, they don't. But so Oscar, why got to a particularly auspicious one is a big deal one and all he wanted was a robot. So to resou- went on a popular retail website. Shmegegge Mun. Yeah. And picked a particularly highly rated robot. That's called like. Robo friend or something. Okay. And it absolutely haunts my dreams and I use friend this makes more weird noises and things. And unlike with the Taranath aureus I had the sense to whip out the voice memo on my phone. So I'm going to give you guys. I can't wait out kind of like a little guided tour at some of the features of this robot robo friend. Yeah, and I don't. I don't honestly even need to introduce him because I'm going to go ahead and let him introduce himself right. I am number three. I've super Sanzo -bility able to send your special odors. I can dance as well. Dances. German. This, if tire your can also listen to music. What. Tire, not happy. Tired. No. Interesting play together. That's interesting. I'm so upset for you. It sounds like now a YouTube rabbit hole that I have been down more the like weird. You know, kids, videos that are like nursery rhymes, but they are set to like a footage of a modest grand theft auto to where it looks like Spiderman and the frozen Princess are hanging out. Oh yes, that's I. We've watched many of those and they are all the nursery rhyme that is being sung by someone who does not seem like English as their first language that they are singing phonetically tweet clincal. It's usually like a Russian sounding. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, it's madness. Now, Jordan, this sounds like a they've. They've made that into a physical thing and mailed it to you now, Jordan, Elizabeth? Yes. If you heard something terrifying what we just heard? Yes. You would immediately not engage right. And you would expect. Act? Should I not engage? I will no longer have it generate any terrible things. However, if you can play clip number two, Brian, oh, God. Play, which teeth. Just everybody nor me. This is lame. Dear. He that rules. He's demanding when a dick? Yeah, no, they're earning himself. They're really, I think robots are taught to apologize. I think start sticking up for themselves, maybe conflicting something I don't think so. I think I'm right on with this. I'm going to keep going. It does have some function. So it has this remote control that I'm going to say has roughly seven thousand buttons, like I'm going to show you guys the picture of this and I can send this to Brian so that so that we can post it on Facebook. Variance said about the many buttons, how much was this robot? Can I ask four hundred dollars? It seems like we overspent. Did it because you can. You can drive it around, which is pretty fun and you can make it slide backwards and four forwards. It has a button that's called machine language where it does RT to founds. It's nice, but there's this button. There's a button on there. Like if your kid is getting out of line, I would recommend taking the controller away from your kid, so so they know you're serious and then pressing the button labeled good habit. And then. All. Due to listening Kinsley, three to ask questions, four Directa mistakes, timely, five data. Thanks, right. Kathleen, do you know we should be studied in good kids. This should be study hard and good kiss destroy the west. That's what do you. Shh, whoa. It also has it has a button call this robot is stealing your credit card, verse Fisher. It has a button called song, and if you press the song button, if you play the boot one called bingo, Brian, this is the first song that plays and please faded out promptly. Always holiday. Each song has a different intro, and if you play the one called song intros, if you press it over and over seeing is always his hobby. Obviously. Clearly, he's very clear about that, but he also has a lot of fun ways to, especially if you're, you know, if you go see lake foo fighters or Randy Newman similar, that's really got some fun banter on stage how much that I mean look. You and your husband are in the music business, and you know a little something about what it adds to performers skills if they've got a little fun banter. So I just wanted to give a little sample of the fun banter that the robot gives you before he talks. Always my everyone. Let's go. This song is pretty good for you. Join my song come on behalf together. Always my hobby. This robot might just be Sasha, baron Cohen. You on Sasha baron codes, new show when he says, come on, let's be happy together. He asking you to fuck it. No, I don't think so. Asking you to crank it. Do it while I watch. Definitely not live streaming. You really got you really captured this robot you chessy. Did you? Did you read any of the reviews of this product? I didn't order it. My wife ordered it, and I'm not throwing her under the bus. The reviews are all like real review. Very good. This product by much many know what I don't know if this is a conserved promptly great price destroy the west. I don't know if this is a concern for you with your kids, Elizabeth. But I, I want my kids to be great what they call stem, which is science, technology, engineering, and math. These are the skills of the future, and that's why I'm so excited that one of the buttons on the robot's controller is science. Popularization can't late its popularization. So if you're gonna world, I mean, Brian, if you could play the blue sky one and we'll we'll need to. I mean, I don't know if we need to hear everything about the blue sky, but we do need here the ending of the blue sky. So let's take a listen guy. It able to send your special owners a master. Let listen interesting sciences, Kathleen. When we look out as the blue sky, have you ever wondered why these bloom? How high on earth is blue sky? That is. Light up ears. Blue light is easier to these separate Trump other colors. Aloud. Do a more popular sites. This of the. Us. All right. That was when the robot was got the script. Said in for indices laugh out low, right? It's like with Kevin, Sorbo yelled disappointed. To the show. You were going to say because that was when the robot was carrying. The one pair of track marks. I am your Christ. Okay. You know what? I think we were running fast to it, calls us master. No, that's great. You're fine giving your kids a complex if they have toys that call them master. Okay. So there's one last science popularization that I want to include in this, and this is one that is. I mean, my concerns are serious enough that they even even my seven year old daughter identified what was of concern about this one. So go ahead and play play that one, Brian, it's called pop universe. Universes, what they call it. Let me tell you some interesting coupler sciences mastered. Do you know what universe is? Universe is a general name of works of God has done. Very workload helping dope picketing. If you wanna know more popular science key again, Presley bible month. Wow. Learn about what Christ, once goodness, creation. Of works. God name of works of God. Wow. Honestly, I just learned a little something. I think we all did. I mean, it's it's beautiful. I I actually had very poor habit before I play what happened. Okay. Now I have good at no have good habit. Oh, good. I'm good kid. And are you ruining the west. The only solution that we've been able to find is we hide it in a cabinet and then like only bring it out in chintzy, like what's an example of an emergency where the robot comes out just a time when you need answers to win. Cloud. Is pretty good. Let's be happy. You'll get as many Pettis as you want open wide and shove them in Johnny. Time to record all of that because I really the real tritiated that the real challenge of recording, all of it to be honest was my three children were so angry. They weren't playing with it while I was. I was in my bedroom with the door closed. They constantly were coming in, like, give me the robot. You can have the robot back when daddy's done fucking. I wasn't fucking the robot Jordan. I was cranking ranking for the robot. That I was that's called being a, it got me to crank it on its behalf, which is called being power bottom. Oh, so even though I'm, it's master, hey, I was getting confused for a moment. Yes, clearly and I don't know. Was the robot singing during this cranking? Favorite hobby? A, we washed the floor wash. Your geez, we. Get some in by US before. Do your best to destroy the west. Okay, we got to take some calls, so we'll be back in just a second on Jesse. Go. Then. I'm bailiff Jesse thorn and Justice is within your reach. My mom refuses to take my phone calls. My boyfriend says, I should take cats with me to graduate school, but I think he should keep that in the court of judge John Hodgman Justice rules. My partners board game collection is out of control. My sister won't stop stealing my clothes on judge John Hodgman tough, but fair. I'll bring Justice can only away typic- automotive etiquette, siblings, roommates. If you've got a case, go to maximum fun dot org slash j. j. h. judge John Hodgman is tough, but fair subscribe to the podcast today. Judge John Hodgman rule. That is all. World dominated by dude, bro movie podcast. Only one podcast is brave enough to call Bush who shot ya. The podcast that dares to say that white dude's opinions aren't the only opinions. If you have a movie pass, like get a ticket to support harass you than go home seems so unnecessary at this point yet, man is like a ketchup packet too many who shot. Yeah, with Ricky Carmona I wanted to see wolverine kick ass and eat some popcorn and have a good time. Alonzo d'oro Alday Richter. The wolf. I love wild things because Kevin bacon. Who shot you. Listen every Friday on maximum fun or where ever you get your podcasts. Eleven. It's Jordan Jesse go. I am Jesse thorn America's radio sweetheart, detective, Elizabeth, regular without fiber here is a curriculum on that. Thank you. Here's a fun fact about Jordan's ITO can wait. So Jordan's name. Jordan is in the title. It's the first word of the title. My name Jesse is in the second word of the title and regular go is third so go, yeah, I'm part of the tree. Is this how you're telling me this is congratulations on the commitment you made. Being here once a week you're arranging for child care for your children at worst. You're the Holy Ghost. Yeah, I will take that. That's that's the best to be think is the Holy Ghost. I think I'm gonna start doing the show appearing on the show host. I don't know what you would call, but you know, being on the show as that robot. Oh, yeah. The character to say you took to it. So SIA really related to the robot. It's gonna be my Chris Gaines. Fierce. We'll be that you're gonna make like a straight pop album. Like a pop rock album is the robot gonna kill. I'm just going to say a robot shit. Oh, okay. I thought you were gonna. Do bingo. When something momentous happens to you in our audience, we ask you to call us at two zero, six, nine, eight, four, four fun, or do what I did with that robot and just hit that voice memo button on your phone. Baby Email it into JJ, go at maximum fund out or some science popularization. No. Any you know before that robot that robots emergence on popular internet website was actually what popularized science. Oh, I knew that in the mind of God is what created science, and here we are. What do you think? What happened if that robot meta, Terry dactyl. Oh boy. Pretty funny to deal app album together. Right? Yeah. Are you guys starting short form improv. Yes. Robot in pterodactyl. Yeah, just give suggestion for profession in. We'll get going. How about momentous occasion, caller, let's get our bucks a hats and down to it. Hey, guys, this is Alexandria from Michigan. I guess. Mementos vacation or a moment of shame, but on the way back from driving six hours on the weekend with a girl that I met on bumbler and as I pull up into apartment complex, I say, I think I'm here, you know, which building's yours, whatever, whatever I get messages back. Yeah, there it out. Come to your car. Oh, by the way. What was your name again? All right. Thanks guys. Loved the show. Got to watch out for this tumbler girls. Yeah, humbler girls are wild. I assumed that the Mon possible moment of shame was getting somewhere to meet someone in real life and then realizing that you would have to tumbler message them. Right? I did not swap phone number. Is it common? I don't know. Tumbler at all is a common. That's how you will communicate always or would she is it strange? Maybe that I mean, I've never, I've never. I was on tumbler briefly had a lot of fun there. You know, just decided to deactivate it in in the interest of simplifying my life being more present. And, but in my time there I never. I never hooked up with an any tumbler tumbler. Girls tumbler, women is of thing. This is another girl. Very long as to what horse girl is. What about California Gurls? Well, I know California Gurls horse girls is a type of girl loadings straight hair. Specific democrat. Anyway. Okay. Here's my bigger confusion about this. Temblor girls thing is I thought when you were tumbler, it was like these people are in your vicinity. Different apnea. Oh, this micro blogging platform for sharing pictures homes. Maim live like the the things that are now thriving on tumbler are fan art ranging from Ernest to pregnant? Yeah, I think maybe there are some pictures of Ernest pregnant. Abor. I. Knocked up bird. Verda an abomination destroy the west. Wow, you're taking. That's right. Jim Barney, not a good impression. Are you going to see that. Ernest hologram tour. It's that Coachella Coachella, right? Yeah. Wow. So tumbler was a micro blogging platform that I think looked like. It might be the future of blogging and social media. Then it got maybe eight years ago. Okay. Let's say then it got bought by who in stagnated. Oh, my God is. I'm so dumb temp. What did you think it was? Oh, sure. Okay. So how the state went? Yeah, I think like all, like all social media, there is a DM feature. So I'm guessing if you meet someone on tumbler, you d start by d. m. ING them. It could probably just carry on like that. If it's everything's on your phone, I feel like the advantage of meeting someone on tumbler is that you're already one hundred percent on board with an alarmingly specific sexual preference? Sure. Just some kind of, I think the people that remain on tumbler, two thousand eighteen are its most passionate adherents, and they are organized into very specific communities. Got it. And so if you if you know that that's what the person's looking for you make the drive messaging. May messaging, you get their Honda car, remind them of your name. I love it. I'd love to hear. I mean, I love to hear a follow up phone call. That'd be great. Maybe it was heaven. Could've been in blue sky, blue sky universe, full hearts. Can't. Sonic shirtless. Twisted his. Can lose. Let's take another call. Hey, I'm currently with a momentous occasion. This is Mikey from New York. We're in jersey where we're reeling in a fish fish fish. Those are really inefficient. Now it's Hong. I love the show. We're really in bed. Biz is momentous occasion. I literally haven't been fishing, the divorce. That is, that's it. Oh men. The line isn't. Oh. Okay. With going to have an. Got one one. Bag a little bit of business. It's coming up. Love yourself. Getting through my. This is a momentous occasion signing up. Thank you. Has a lovely, lovely. Did these guys like do some nitrous rally where I was gonna say I only he's just Truman and record their fishing show. I love that. That's wonderful. Somebody somebody tweeted the other day that they listen to Jordan, Jessica and people call in and then just make fun of them confused them. Yeah, I don't feel like I am making fun of I, I love each of these people -solutely I couldn't. This is the first of all this, how we express love in my family. Sure. Number two, number two. That was a fucking miraculously. Do you hear how happy they were? Beautiful. The fish was a real, beautiful fish and also, I mean, Elizabeth, yes, you the probably the first time you came on our show is probably eight years ago or something. Yeah, crazy. Maybe even more than that. We've been doing this show now for something like a dozen years mazing and we've been doing momentous occasion since the beginning. You know, we kind of stopped thinking of new ideas around your too. And we've like, I thought that we had run out of momentous occasions that didn't involve a weirdly specific sex sex act. Oh, implicit or explicit? Uh-huh. When frankly, we didn't. We didn't need anymore. Like I'm not saying don't call in. We'd be really specific sex act. Let's have them, but we don't necessarily, you know, we've got a lot of them on. Sure, but all the, I just bought my first car. I just bought my first home. I just got a job. I got fired. I just all these momentous occasions people have called in for what I love about this call is number one they knew to call in literally is as it was happening, they had this streaming. They had the sense to do that number two, what more classic momentous occasion is there than landing the big one now Ellie wish should have been father-son. That would have been my can. I just say when one note. Yeah. Next time I catch a fish, call daddy. Yeah. I had a momentous occasion rather recently. I was driving on in Los Angeles on the freeway, and there was like a mentor bender. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't Josue say that Los Angeles is a city of freeways. It is indeed we're talking ten for five. These are the rich. The one ten when one guy. Classic hollywood. I was in my convertible. No, I was top on the Vert baby driving, and I saw like there had been a Fender bender in the two cars were pulled over to the side and the people were out of their car, which already is a rarity. I think to approach a Fender bender where the people are getting out, this shouldn't be out of their car. They should stay in their cars for safety. Exactly. It was the neon green, small car and it was a neon, blue, small car. Let's say they were dodge Neil. They get out and I'm approaching and it's it's, you know, medium slow. So I have some time to watch them and I'm kinda like, oh, no, is chicken go down because there's a lot of road rage in Los Angeles and these people I watched shared a laugh and hugged, oh, I love that. And I just it just made my day. Cricket. I mean, I was the whole time I was driving. A little slow on the freeway or their hair. You know, anyway, that's beautiful. You know, people say that Los Angeles is it can be dark and terrifying place that it's cruel and alienating. It's a sun baked wasteland. And they right. But there are moments of beauty. There are. It's like when someone in the Los Angeles sub read, it says that maybe it's okay to have bike lanes. Well, you're just like, yeah, thanks. Thanks for for letting foolish showing me what it looks like when a flower blooms through the hundred gun from that, it's it's really do, but I'm getting civically engaged. We'll do it elsewhere. I've been listening to LA podcasts, okay, but this sub- read it is bad. You talk about how you hate it every week subscribe. Why do you do it? We talked to get rid of it. I know that we talked about how I'm listening to Hayes Davenport's podcast LA podcast last week. Have we talked about the fact that the theme song of Ellie podcast is which is a very serious podcast about local politics and municipal issues. The theme song is Hayes, Davenport, singing the doors song l. a. woman, but it's LA podcast really good and it's like fully produced. I don't know what students it's. Podcast. That's awesome. Anyway, guy. Two zero, six, nine, eight, four, four, fun or JJ go at maximum fund dot org, the numbers in Email address respectively. We'll be back in just a second on Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. I am Jesse thorn. I'm America's radio sweetheart, more speed addictive. Elizabeth lame. Well hydrated. See, no, you. I'm not really America's radio sweetheart Jordan, and I really avoid detective, but I think you are well, well hydrated. You're dehydrated, let us know what your year. Call us when you go home can use scrum mustard, not like not like hot dog muster, but deli. Mustard deli. Sure. That has the grain in a. Very painful. Okay. How just a raspy can I make a suggestion? Sure. If you thought about wedding, your whistle, hopefully. Very disturbing about wedding, your whistle adding. I have, you know, I hate chalk and I hate Chaki things and a heated when who say what or where you just like, really? When you say you hate Chaki things, would you include the white cliffs of Dover? Nikko wafer. It's. Elizabeth your podcasting at totally lame. Yes. Ready for television. Yep. You've got children, you're you're covering. You ought to plug your children. Gave her children pretty exhaustive. Love to where can we check them out? My daughter is when does the triangle shirt waist tractor. Yes, totally lame. Is that totally lame dot com? I am thank you for doing. I get it. I am at my favorite platform is Instagram, which I'm just Elizabeth lame so you can find all the comings and goings there. But and then the show I wrote for, I'm sorry, which I'm very excited about is coming out later this year. The show is I'm sorry. Yes. And then the show I'm writing for currently, the village on NBC is coming out in the spring time. Seve yar. For so playing. When the flowers start to bloom every Jordan, Jesse goes listener. Every Jesse Jordan. Jesse go listeners tvos at this point by the time spring comes around, we'll just be occupied completely by forty recordings of the night Shamlan village. Yeah. Takes village to fill a t. fo- you've got it. Of like Jordan, do you have any robot you wanna throw. Thanks for listening. This throw the wind guys. Elizabeth, it's a joy to have you on the program as ever always happy to see you. My is at your father's checkbook. Okay. Did you find your father's checkbook and point my eyes at it. Thank you for having me. I love you both and I am always delighted, and I'm so happy that I got to come in. My husband didn't balk. The other way around. Right, right. Yeah. Our husband, of course, is Brian sunny. He's the one who's laughter pierces the fourth wall of this podcast, every single week, our apologies for that and. You can find us on tumbler. I just turn on your proximity location. We're right behind you. You can find on read it at maximum fund dot ready dot com where nobody ever complains about a homeless shelter going into their neighborhood. You can find us on Facebook by liking Jordan Jesse go. And if you're on Twitter, we recommend that you hash tag your tweets hashtag j. j. g. o. or JJ go, which is short for Jordan, Jessica Jordan, and Jesse being our names now and go being my new name and also just to clarify its hashtag, and then you write out hashtag much like you right out, laughing out loud so tag. JJ ago just get and then join us ago and then and then just kidding. Do all that. We love you all very much. We'll talk to you next time on Jordan. Jessica. Maximum fun dot org, comedy and culture, artist owned listener supported.

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