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No one's been part of more first days of work than car heart and in the same way rookies earning respect car heart never stops earning the respect of hardworking working people like you from building rugged dear. That's tougher than any. I are worst day of work to reengineering the classics to outworked the future. Trust your car. Hearts is to keep doing their job long after you begin doing yours since eighteen eighty nine car hurts got your back twenty four seven visit car heart dot com forward slash. CFP The college football podcast with Herbie and comic now. Here's here's your host Kevin Gandhi outside the studio the morning starting to get frisked here in the northeast. There's nothing better than the fall season season here in Connecticut sons out but it feels like the air conditioners on outside perfect college football weather week four is upon us and and we got some great matchups David Pollack joining us to break down the big games as he always does on Fridays pollock how you feeling man. It is go Tom. There's there's so many good Games James. It's a buffet this weekend so let's just sit down and enjoy and watch all day long. Don't do chores. You're the wrong Saturday so tell you why if you're GonNa get it done on Sunday sit in front of the TV all day long. Just watch all these games. It's beautiful. We're GONNA we're. GonNa get this Saturday slate in a moment. I WANNA start here for tonight a key matchup. UTAH TRAVELLING TO USC tough loss for the trojans in Provo this past weekend but this is critical. This is critical Michael for the PAC twelve is Utah comes in undefeated. They're favored by four points. What's your initial thoughts when you look at this matchup well. I'll tell you what initially my first I thought would be for for Utah's defense. I I'd love their defense. I love their front seven how physical they are if you can't if you don't have multiple corners again and they can cover all these USC receivers that are going to throw the football the over the yard and listened Slava's Kinda came back down to Earth he had a he looked more like a freshman didn't he looked more human and now now we saw Gabriel by the way you see freshman look out of this world by the way against against Stanford too so we might have to pump the brakes a little bit on what we thought and that's that's why there's more games and more reaction but I just want to see the defense for Utah. This will show me if the defense is real. I have no doubt they'll be able to score some points and they'll be able to be physical go against USC but defensively are they going to be good enough in the secondary in the slots to be able to cover receivers and explosive office because I know they're going to be physical. Michael and I know they're going to be tough. I think this'll tell me if Utah's got a chance to to make the College Football playoff you make a great point though about slow come back to Earth also because he was on the rothe his first road test in that environment in Provo which was great and I thought that fence that game was fantastic the back and forth to me him I'm coming back home and the idea that he looked great in that second half against Stanford. We gotta figure things out on what that really means considering where we've seen Stanford what they've done and so far this season disappointing star for the cardinal for me. I look at Utah's offense and Huntley and loss. Are you comfortable with this team and the idea that they can make a run here to the playoff with the way this offense is constructed. I think it's still growing. I think it will still continue to get better anytime you switch coordinators. It's going to be something that takes some time but I'm very comfortable with what I've seen from huntly I'm not I don't think he's ever going to be a guy that sets the world on on fire but when you talk about completion percentage over eighty one last week you know over seventy three seventy four over seventy eight in week one. I mean you're talking about literally complete at least seven hundred ten passes and being ultra fish. He's not gonNA throw the ball. Byu's formulas not throw the ball fifty five times like we we talked about the other day with Lsu and Alabama just chucking the ball all over the yard. That's not who they are and what they are. That's not what they WANNA be. He didn't have to run this year as much either. He didn't have to take as many shots. What's as we've seen him taking the past. I think he's very efficient within this offense moss as as a physical downhill guy last week you saw receivers making big plays blaze for because it wasn't just Dinka dunk low yardage last week was the first time you saw some explosive plays down the field of of big game big chunk yards but I think that's what you want to see Thompson receiver in Moss at running back and maybe some more explosive elements but yeah I'm comfortable because I think they know who they are and I don't think Huntley is ever. We're going to be a guy that wants to throw the ball or needs to throw the ball thirty times a game forty times a game like Slovenia. I mean think about it. Slows has seventy five attempts. Huntley has forty five. Ah Excuse me here's fifty four tenths like this completely opposite styles of play and they're going to be all season long. If Huntley throws the ball ball more than twenty five to thirty times then you have to be worried about where the game is and what's going on 'cause that's. That's just not how the style is so who you got in this game this Utah. USC Matchup. I like Utah. I like Utah. Here's here's the thing that we said about the hell error for for USC and and this is not taking shots at anybody what I've seen from this group consistently is not enough grownups in the trenches that are going to slot people around to not enough meanness okay I don't. I don't see enough of that consistently. Utah's got some striking them. They got some. They got some dirt bag and in which is good. That's not a bad thing by the way they got. Some got some people that don't like people like I. I WANNA go recruit guys that don't like people especially defensively you gotta be able to hunt and play hard and and have a little nasty disposition to you and I I just I see more of that with Utah Trust Utah more than I trust. USC SO I give Utah the edge and I think they'll win the ballgame all right huge matchup here as we talk about Saturday games to let's let's dip into that noon. Contest and and Michigan is going on the road at Wisconsin last time we saw Michigan. They were taken to overtime and they were feeling tight fixed. Everything you'd think so just everything there. There's a lot of storylines in this contest to because they're traveling here they're going to Madison and the Wolverines or one in five on the road against ranked opponents under Jim horrible when you see this game and obviously you're being sarcastic with the by and trying to fix some of the things in the offense events. What is the one thing that stands out in this match up you ever started this season at any point in going when Michigan and Wisconsin Played Klay Chapter in week four of college football that shape patterson would have less yards than cone for for no way now with all the high absolutely not right. I mean cone literally. I don't even know his name yet because we hadn't heard about him yet but he was he has been the model of efficiency so far by the away doesn't have to be asked to do a lot hasn't turned the football over yet the opposite of what shape patterson like right now Michigan. I feel like could use this guy. I mean that's how that's how bad shape patterson has been to start the season. I Know Gaddis came over to change the offense. It doesn't look much different than it did not pushing people around upfront so I just I don't know how Michigan's GonNa win this game. I I wonder what they figure out offensively listen. They gotTA RUN SHAPE Patterson Moore. He's running back. I mean use him as in his athleticism if you don't I don't see how you win. Ballgames you have to get that extra advantage with the quarterback either being blocker in the option game and the or in the zone read game or or you. Just you just think you're going to get beat up. I just think you're going to get beat. Wisconsin's defense is better than it's been than it was last year last year. It was a sieve have so I just it's amazing what we're looking at with these two teams so for who you got this. I kinda WanNa see what Michigan does and that I first quarter because the one thing we can we can guarantee in this game. Jonathon Taylor is going to get the ball a lot right. That's the most consistent thing but Michigan's defense done a really good job against Taylor. When you look at what has numbers are against Big Ten teams. I still go Wisconsin because I trust one guy and that is Jonathan Taylor on the field offensively. I know what I'M GONNA get. I have no idea what we're going to get from Michigan. I don't know if that that buys. GonNa give us the opportunity a little bit more Dylan McCaffrey. I had no I know feel for machine and it sounds like you have the same thing you have no feel for what Michigan's offensively now and I would play McCaffrey more I would would in other. Would you shays athleticism. I would just find a way to I also don't think Michigan is what they were defensively in the last couple of years yeah. I don't think there are strong as they've been and I think this offense with Wisconsin. It's done a much better job early in the season not just pounding Jonathan Taylor straight ahead. They've used them in the screen game. They use them in the past game more than they had in the past and I think that's just another way to get that phenomenal freak show in space. That's going to equal good things Wisconsin and I it just it's amazing. It's amazing to see what Jim Harbaugh's offense has become when it used to be a guy that we consider a cut cut above almost everybody in his professional offensively early. We used to think that and now they can't manufacture anything right. That's what Michigan Desperately Spratly needed when they brought him in it was hey no matter what we know what we're GONNA get. We have an identity now back with this program. That's all the way back to bow right right and now this season the way started. I have no idea what Michigan's identity is on offense and and it's it's it's to me. It's kind of ridiculous Nicholas that we're at this point right now in the horrible tenure at Michigan that we have no concept of what the identity of the program is moving forward. The only identity we have is when it comes to games against ranked teams horrible teams. Don't show up and the change. That's the change this weekend so I think you would I on the same page. We're both picking Wisconsin. We're both picking Utah so far out the gate now really good sneaky good and when I say sneaky because I I think most of the attention is on Michigan Wisconsin at noon and then the the nightcap the Georgia Notre Dame game. We'll be back in a minute with politics preview you auburn and Texan but first a word from allstate because mayhem on Saturdays in the fall is inevitable. Mayhem happens on the field sold off the field and in the polls mayhem lives on the wind in the rain on the foot of an Aaron kick and during a trap game. You'll find mayhem in the parking lot during tailgates charcoal. That's not totally out an arid football through a window a flat tire a loss side view mirror etc etc you get the point allstate protects you for mayhem in the parking lot and outside it at home and away. You can't stop mayhem from happening but you can get better protected from it with all state. The potential for May have during the playoff race is rampant underdogs trap games James in unexpected weather get better protected from mayhem with allstate. Contact your local allstate agent today by the way I wanNA remind everyone for Monday. Our loyal listeners can submit questions that Herbie will answer on the next podcast. Leave a five star review on Apple podcast with your questions and the best questions will make the air now back to the show Auburn. Am and you talk about two teams with brutal Ruutel Schedules and Auburn for the next five games four of them on the road. They're going on the road here to college station. Bo Bonex another big challenge. What do you see in this matchup first of all. I'm not scared of of the moment for Bonex. I think he showed me week one against against Oregon. He's a game where he's a baller. I will say this last week was the first time you saw the running game takeover for Auburn and it was much needed at three guys over over one hundred yards and they look like the Auburn teams. We've seen in the past that used to line up and smash people I just I think this is interesting because take sexy physical upfront. They got a bunch of Buckeye bodies. They can rotate in and out of their physical. They're gonNa hit you in the mouth. I think they can they show you. They can stop the run with Travis T. ended. I think they've shown you that since Jimbo Fisher took over. L. Came with them a year ago. This defense is good. It's really good. It's much improved year. After year from what we've seen. The bodies looked better. They look more in shape. The Defensive Front seven looks better so I I think Auburn it's going to be Bonex. Is he going to be able to play great. Is He. GonNa it'll be able to throw the ball twenty thirty times because if that's a formula him toward the twenty thirty times. I would like a and I think that has a chance in a big opportunity here to beat up on Auburn and I know Auburn fans are GonNa like that and they'll be upset and Gus Malzahn. We'll probably be on the hot seat the day after they lose for God's sakes because that's the way it works with Auburn coaches. He's but I really favor am here. In a lot of the facets of the game I favor you know and and you haven't even mentioned Kelham on is is he. The the difference in a game like this will not the way of putting its Clemson. A played played really poorly yeah yeah he could be the difference in the RAW igloo. Kellyn people got people went over the top crazy last year when they saw him against Clemson because he played out of his mind he played unbelievable. Got Probably three or four brakes. You'll never get again to some tip passes and some some stuff that happened is direction but he he's GonNa. He's GONNA have to be more efficient in the pocket in and more efficient as a passer and still make those plays with his feet when they're there but I mean Callan Mon- I hesitate if people think he's one of the better quarterbacks in college football. He's not I mean he's still he's still learning and growing. Jimbo's definitely done a good job of making that offense more formidable making him better but you know he's not it. It's not like he's setting the world on fire with completions or touched five touchdowns and three interceptions and it's not like kill completion percentage been through the roof and big plays. He's been through the roof. He's Kinda. He's Kinda okay but against Clemson he was he was not just okay. Turn the ball over. Turn the ball over and you couldn't go down the field and pleaded less less than sixty percent of his passes and just okay so who you got in this matchup. I got a I'm actually the road game. I think road team in this game is won the last five. I WanNa say something done really well. I think it's six of seven right. I think it's six or seven in this series something like that but I I just I. I think I know Oh. The hard part is when you say and M.'s offense versus Auburn's defense because Auburn's defense is still still absolutely filthy still oh really really good and how much does callum on how much does make plays and not turn the ball over the good news is they've seen somebody very physical already. You know they just saw Clemson. They've seen a really good football team. I think I don't think that ever hurts. I think Jimbo Fisher dials up enough offense plays in variety to make big plays to Osborne Osborne and some of those guys on the outside and the height of those wide receivers they come down with a few balls and and they went by seven yeah. I'm with you on that. I think it's going to be a close game and and we'll see the dynamics of both quarterback that you're with me on three picks fight. I know I know exactly but but I'm with you on this and eh one of the reasons why I think location where they're playing and I'm a big fan of Elko so I I look forward to seeing what he does. Try to to kind kind of confused. I don't want to say magazine but but Bo in that environment I'm with you. I am in a very close game. I don't know if about seven points I'm gonNA say around probably probably a field goal and let's make it even more exciting all right the out there. That's what I get out there on a limb. Oh stop it. Come on. Let's get to the big the big game here in Athens your hometown of course Georgia hosting Notre Dame and I want to talk to you a little bit about. We talked about Georgia on Wednesday. I WanNa talk to you about what's at stake here for Notre Dame because you brought up a point about for Clemson hate. Just put them in the playoff. Because who are they gonNA face from here on out. If Notre Dame were to win this game you can make a case the the way the rest of the schedule shakes out that this is this. This has much bigger playoff implications for Notre Dame than Georgia in a match up like this considering that Georgia down the line. We'll get a shot at potentially Alabama for me this is for this is for Brian Kelly Eighty to get in the playoffs if they get over Georgia they have a clear shot to get into the playoff again like last year Stanford. USC Challenge that really look that difficult does it no it doesn't now and when you look at the end of the season two they got Boston College. I think which leak in Virginia Tech which was a so far too has been looking bad but they have Virginia next week which is a good challenge. I think Virginia's a really really good football team tough to play Virginia right after you play physical Jordan Georgia team too but now you're you're absolutely right. They still got Michigan down the road and Michigan. Maybe turns it around but you know this if they lose. They're probably going to be out of the conversation. I think Notre Dame when you're not in a conference. They're going to be a team every because they lost a game. Last year. They would have been behind people they would have been behind a two loss Georgia. Probably they probably legit whatever I mean. That's they have to be undefeated if they're going to get into this playoff the season and so this is this is a huge cat but listen you go down here and beat. Georgia agenda at their place and you slip up to Virginia whose atop fifteen team Virginia loses a couple more games and you you might still be in the mix but if you lose the Georgia when you get curb stomp the Georgia you can you can put the playoffs to bed yeah. Are you expecting to see that. What do you expect to see. I tell you what here's what I expect back to see. Georgia is better almost every position on the field. Georgia has a far superior defensive line. A superior secondary is superior running back a a quarterback that can do. I think you say superior so why should George Washington this game. Be Really close. It's in Athens. I mean just what points leads to this game. They can keep it close. I don't I don't see Georgia should win this game by fourteen point they should they are clearly clearing away the better team so that's a lot of pressure pressure to and that's a lot of to beat a good emas is tough regardless but you're. Georgia definitely has the talent and they're they have the experience all these guys that have been in big games and Kirby's recruited class after class and this is why they came here and I feel like they should be able take care of business close game. No no I mean I don't consider. Do you consider fourteen to twenty one close. No no not at all and I think Georgia should win this game by two touchdowns again but there could it'd be a late touchdown to make it look like it's a fourteen point game but you know it could be one of those things where it's time for three quarters and then Georgia's just continues to dominate dominate I think with the ground game pound and pound and pound so I'm with you again so right now. We're we're lockstep. Four Four Adam actually think Georgia's I think it's going to be a close game up until the fourth quarter and then George is GonNa extend themselves and win by double digits so right now things are not looking good for US pollock. 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This was the matchup it was one of the best matchups and of course the coaches back then in the background and spurrier taking Jabs Tennessee at Florida the the the reason why I bring this up is because the gators coming off a thrilling win against Kentucky where they lose sleep. Franks and Kyle trask now gets the star. We're talking about a guy that doesn't have a lot of Reps but stuck around Dan Mullen. We'll talk about the transfer portal and Kyle Kyle stuck with us. He could've left left what he's stuck with us but kyle is a history of injuries when you look at Kyle trask and you look at him in this offense up against Tennessee in the swamp. What's your first impression. I think first of all the kids so much credit and not just for sticking around and being a team guy because he's shown that too 'cause he could've transferred went somewhere else but how about how about just the the toughness in their ability come in. I mean you still slow this week when he first came in for JT. Dan He didn't look like no. It's hard to not be ready for a moment. Kevin and be inserted in how about being down eleven like just your down eleven. Hey Trust let's get in there and sling the pill around a little bit but unbelievable job being ready at at the gates. You can tell he's got a little ability. He's not he's not as mobile as Franks is. He's got he's got a good arm. You could tell he can throw the football down. The field awesome story story on him was in the athletic this past week of he sat behind the Eric King in in the state of Texas Played High School football and didn't complain didn't transfer Sir always came in and a half and half the people out and came in and always played well just talked to king talked about how he was always the the first one of the building and he pushed him to be better. He's that kind of guy and so very interested to see this fourteen. I think there's a lot of teams Kevin if you point to Alabama. Lsu Georgia yeah all these teams. I can point to oh you. I will not say put in that category. All these teams Texas if their quarterback starting quarterback got hurt. I would say they're done. USC. I said they were done when when jt Daniel got hurt Florida's not done. I don't think takes Florida out of the equation. I don't think Lupe Franks put himself in that kind of category as a guy. That is a baller consistently. He showed flashes but he also should flashes of inconsistency. I think Florida I I think you're GONNA see too by the way I don't think it's just GONNA be trask. I think you're GONNA see Dan. Mullen used creativity US emory his backup. WHO's a freshman a year ago. It got some time but dudes. Dynamic lie can really really run. I think you'll that can't hurt your your run game at all. When you've got a guy that you can enter like that. It hurts hurt your throat game obviously but they need. Tony back healthy as well. He's got the shoulder and he's a guy that can fly and do things in the wildcat and help you run game but this doesn't vary Florida for me. Okay so you're mentioning Emory Jones and and mullins been super high on this kid he's the he's the perfect quarterback in mullins system. The one thing that is stunned on me about Florida is they're not running the ball consistently I mean he's got one hundred twenty yards on the ground but they don't when you look at the town of that backfield they have not been able to be consistent running the football early in the season and you say you got Florida's still. You're not counting them out. Are you talking about the East and the battle against Georgia. What what are you talking about what you're not counting them out. I'm not counting him out to be exactly what I thought. They'd be to be a nine ten one team. I think they have they're. They're not going to beat Georgia. I mean I don't. I don't think anybody thought that some people might have thought that coming into the season but I mean I think they still have the ability to be the second best team in the SEC east and still have a productive season in a productive year for for Dan Mullen those guys. I just don't think offensively offensively. I don't think they're going to be able to be as dynamic as they need to be. Now listen maybe every Jones comes in here and sets the world on fire and everybody everybody and everything changes and Dan Mullen system instant becomes just nuts crazy wilde's freaky good and Freaky Dak Prescott Nick Fitzgerald looking looking offense and things change but I don't. I think Florida's gotTa be good but I don't think they're going to be Georgia. Good all right so I imagine we're going to be five for five here. We're both going gators here. In the swamp. Yes unfortunately dramatic. Pause set it up another matchup and we may differ here. Oklahoma state in Austin against Texas cowboys have won five straight in Austin the longest winning streak ever by any school at Texas and Oklahoma State. They can score some points. How are you looking at this matchup. Well who you got so. You said we might not about telling you I WANNA do Saudi listened at first of all Texas Texas defense does not show me anything and they're backed up in the secondary. There's not show me anything consistently make me believe in them but as long as Sam elegance quarterback I'm going with Texas. I mean they just he's just a tough sucker in just makes things very difficult on offenses and he's just he's he's just everything you want and in that position man and he's not everything you want from a throwing perspective but he's got all the intangibles he's Super Dadgum smart. He's super-efficient. He's throwing the ball already this season better than he has in the past and he's going to continue to in the weapons are. GonNa Continue to develop for this team but I mean as long as you're GonNa give me Sam Etlinger. I'm going to take him. They've got eagle on the outside that starting to develop them and we talked about Johnson and we've talked about WHO's GonNa pick up the slack for little Jordan Humphry but do rene has been on fire. I mean he's showing you some serious ability to take small passes and and go the distance and he's had breakouts and Ingram in the backfield has created. It's some big plays not not a whole lot but he's more than capable of making big plays an eagle in the outside. You saw them against. LSU Big six foot four target that they can catch and make plays. Can you know listen. If you go to Oklahoma state. They can make them place to now. I mean trouble. Hubbard's been amazing. He's got I think he's got almost they almost five hundred fifty yards rushing in in a couple of games this season season for goodness sakes. He's gotten over two hundred twice at a three games and that's crazy and then wallace on the outside touts. He's averaging like twenty nine yards a reception and so so Oklahoma state has the firepower. This is not going to be a low scoring affair but in the end I just have a hard time going against Sam Allender so tell me you're going Oklahoma. Oklahoma state please. I'm not actually and that's the difference because Etlinger can answer back when you look at his numbers eleven touchdowns no picks. I I know that he has the loss or his team has the loss against Lsu but he should still be in the heisman conversation and we're going to learn a lot more about Texas and how they can handle some adversity and with does defense because I think Oklahoma's it's going. It's going to be a shootout. I think that's the one thing that we can guarantee in a game like this. We're not going to see a lot of defense because you mentioned Hubbard Hubbard's been fantastic and they're averaging nearly fifty points a game and now you get a chance to face at Texas defense. This could could be one of those fifty five fifty two games and we're in our third overtime in Austin that that's what I'm expecting. ABC Brian Time. I'm going Oklahoma. State all everything about it. Sanders is amazing Wallace. I mean there's no. They're winning Austin every time they go there. I'm going Oklahoma state. No just just just to go against the way I'm with you. I'm with you what Texas because I know deep down what Texas and you're not. GonNa Argue elders just way too good in a situation like that so we can't escape us. We're going to go six for six. We're GONNA go of six hundred zero this week on our matchups and honestly I think we're GONNA have a lot of answers when it comes to playoff shakeup here when it comes to Georgia Notre Dame and and and potentially Auburn Auburn an and a little bit a little bit more with Michigan. We'll we'll have some. We'll have an idea between Michigan Wisconsin. pollock enjoy enjoy everybody. Come into your house this weekend. Enjoy all the game day stuff and looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday. You may appreciate it appreciate pollock. Joining us cannot wait for these match-ups coming your way we also want to thank our sponsors allstate and Cintas and a reminder for you on Monday. Our loyal listeners can submit questions that Herbie will answer on the very next podcast Leva five star review on Apple podcast with your questions and the best questions will make the Air Herbie will provide the answers big. 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